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I have survived so many fires, I can no longer tell if I am alive or if I’m still burning.

I’m running on OC fuel again, so uuuuhm… here you go!
I actually just wanted to draw Connor because of his messy hair but I just couldn’t see it as finished without adding Jack. I can’t explain why. I also can’t explain why Jack is wearing sunglasses.
…Aaaanyways @mrevaunit42 @nova-friends

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If you don't mind my asking, what's one thing you're self conscious of?

You mean besides everything? Nah, I’m playing. I’m self-conscious about a lot of things but mostly my smile and my laugh…people say that I smile too widely and laugh too loudly so everytime that I do smile or laugh I cover my mouth with my hand…

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How do you feel about our relationship?

“ Everything’s going to be alright, as long as we stick together ”

“The day you told me you loved me was the greatest day of my life”

Always knew there was something special about you. Glad I found it”

“It’ll be a cold day in hell before I let anything bad happen to you”

“Don’t know what karma I cashed, but I definitely don’t deserve someone as good as you” 


NCT main dancing team ♥TaeTen♥

Les Cactus [Jacques Dutronc Cover]
  • Les Cactus [Jacques Dutronc Cover]
  • The Last Shadow Puppets
  • Rock en Seine 2016

Les Cactus | Rock en Seine

ugh i’m trying to compose an eloquent text post about this but i’ve erased it like four times now but like. there’s nothing wrong with being a moderate - in politics and in cultural stuff like fandom and everything else. a person doesn’t need to be Dead To You for saying one wrong thing. and on the flipside (and this is more my point), a generally shitty person (like jason kenney, or fucking like john mccain or someone) shouldn’t be Your God & Bae now for saying one right thing. don’t be reactionary, and don’t be polemic. don’t be inflammatory when you’re arguing with someone; they’re not an enemy to be destroyed. the end.

  • me: *purposefully avoids one of my rituals/obsessions bc I don't feel like doing it*
  • OCD: no
  • Me: *mentally whines and throws mini tantrum* but wHY
  • OCD: bc you gotta, you dont make the rules, i do
  • Me: but it takes so much time i'd really like to not just this once
  • OCD: aha, cute, you think you actually have a choice
  • Me: but-
  • OCD: no buts, if you dont that bad thing you've been thinking about lately will most definitely happen
  • Me, as i reluctantly begin to do the ritual/compulsion: uGH

Max + girls || Run Back To Me

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(Here’s a quick colored doodle of Yuri because he’s literally my spirit animal don’t ask)