so i didnt cry or anything


so this is my FIRST post ever

and i actually didnt want to post because i´m very, very, VERY shy. Anyway it´s fanart, which i drew like a couple of days ago. I drew Juvia Jockser from Fairy Tail, which belongs to Hiro Mashima, since she is my current favourite character (beside queen Sakura Uchiha <3) and the sole reason i still keep up with Fairy Tail.

(if anything happens to my baby i will cry, Mashima pls…)

The backround looks kind of weird and i liked her outfit in white, that´s why i decided to post two versions of Juvia. Why a military theme? I don´t know either =D

anyway hope somebody likes it ~(°u°)~


This morning when I saw that it was out I was so pumped for it. Along with an amazing music video and amazingly hot Min Yoongi we also got a story that was The Last. People were saying that they were crying and all this and i said that too. But it is the internet and I wasn’t actually crying. Until i read through  the lyrics of The Last with the song playing in the back ground. I didnt cry during. Only after once my brain was able to process the information. I felt weight on my shoulders and a heaviness in my heart. It was hard to breathe. It was such raw emotion and it was really just amazing to see that side of Yoongi. After finishing the whole mixtape instead of being super pumped and excited like the crazy fangirl that I am, I’m more proud than anything. All the hard work Yoongi put into this mixtape, for free, and we get to experience it. I am honestly so shocked and i dont know how ive been able to get this much thought out. I am in such shock im surprised i can even process anything. Yoongi has certainly exceeded my expectations. I just hope he is just as proud of it as we are.

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Omg, this is the one anon who had the ask about noodle hanzo and he shoots out hanzos instead of dragons- and id never expect it to have been received so well?? Like I thought it was just gonna be posted and it wouldn't be that popular I just wROTE IT DOWN REALLY QUICKLY BECAUSE IT MADE ME CHUCKLE AND YOU DREW ART OF IT IM GONNA START CRYING THANK YOU

wait i didnt draw anything it was a submission
but yeah it was a really funny ask you should be proud

i dont follow this one person but theyre my mutual in law and id follow if i didnt know a double but i check on them sometimes and something happened to them recently and i feel so sad for them it makes me wanna cry and it sucks more bc i cant do anything to make it better

listen… you should know exactly why i blocked you. i literally told you to stop putting your comments on my posts. yet you still went and tried to start a boycott revolution whatever. i only blocked u for a little while so maybe you would get the idea. and i didnt say anything because i have no intention of hurting anyone, i thought maybe you wouldn’t notice anyway. that said… i cant stand anyone insulting one of my closest mutuals so openly in such a dramatic manner. literally you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. this is another reason i blocked you. i HATE people who make drama. im straightforward and i only have arguments like this when it comes to social justice…. for you to sit there and talk about emily to all of her mutuals, like directly message her closest friends (when you know who they are)…? if emily really did what you’re saying she did… are you really better than her? and tbh i dont care that much abt following/unfollowing ppl, im only talking because you decided to make such a big deal out of this. you know exactly what you’re doing, and i can’t stand people who play victim.

someone @ her idk i cant @ her

When Sonia’s crying, I feel like dying

My heart is broken, I just can’t. My 3 cinnamon rolls got expeled, and now Chisa is gone too. Frickin’ amazing, yeah.
And still, Sondam isn’t happening, and i’m really frustrated. ok, SONIA CRYED, LIKE JESUS CHRIST NO. and gundham didnt even said anything about it. mmmm. but Souda tho, just do it, man. comfort her. i just don’t care anymore.

And oooohh, yeaahh. Nagito, you’re fucking up. Fucking thank you. Blow up the gym? HOooWW RAAaad. *insert 9/11 joke*  

So, okey, the episode is great an’ all, but stilll. Give us sondam, please

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I don't want to be here anymore...

sometimes i dont either, anon. but the universe has compensated me for being patient. 2 years ago i had planned exactly when i would kill myself. i didnt see a future, but most importantly i didnt fucking want one. but guess what? next april im moving to freaking france with my family. and just thinking about it makes me so fucking happy i want to cry. when i left college i felt like such a failure, like i would  never be capable of accomplishing anything. but yesterday was my first day at a new job. no, it wasnt perfect, but nothing is. i gotta teach myself everday that things take time and there will always be imperfections in everything you do in life, but that’s perfectly fine and natural.

im not exactly happy yet, anon, to be honest. but i have hope and that’s what keeps me going. i really believe that in some time i will be so much fucking better. and compared to what i felt months ago im having a blast.

i dont know you, but i want to tell you to not pressure yourself into being happy all the time, because that doesnt exist. there are good days and bad days. and bad days can be fucking brutal. but there are good days. they are rare at first but if you just keep going they will be more and more frequent.

im not gonna tell you that in a few years “you’ll realise nothing mattered” because thats bullshit. you’ll always remember the shitty stuff. but with time, you handle them better. every day you survive, becoming a stronger and better version of yourself, you find better things to focus on. and all the bullshit becomes a background view instead of the center of attention, becoming smaller and smaller until you can only see it just because you know its there.

so please, please, stay. 

i was sitting near a pokestop and there was a paper in the ground. it was an invitation to a father’s day party at a store or something. the thing is, there was a picture of a boy and two men. two dads. and it wasn’t saying anything. just fathers’ day. i dont even know the store, but it made me so happy because my country seems to be finally accepting lgbtq+ people and now i am crying

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hehehe i know , this’s her family now ! and she cares about them all ;w;
what would she get if she talk to keith about it , so she just  let it go , it didn’t matter after all

omg i went to victorias secret today with the intention of looking at everything & crying then leaving without buying anything bc im so broke then this girl who was working there who was super nice was like hey do u kno ur bra size and i actually didnt and she measured me and im a f*cking 34DD and she brought me all these bras and when i tried them on it was just….so .. magical… amazing… I’ve never felt so goood and comfortable and hot and amazing…. i spent all this months money on a bra but it looks so good and it’s so comfy soo #worthit

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i want to be powerful and happy like i was, but at this point it feels like ill never stop crying. i just want to go home. i didnt know how good i had it. i wanna go back to the mindscape i dont wanna feel this anymore im sorry, ill give anything, im sorry. i dont wanna hurt pinetree again, they love me and itd kill them if i left but my lungs are aching and im scared. its so pathetic that im stooping low enough to cry about it here. theres nowhere to go. im sorry.

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this actually still really bothers me?? is pretty obvious she didnt put any or very little logic into it

LIKE WHERE WAS SHE GONNA PEE???———-but yeah i blame bad writing—but yeah. i can name a ton of things from with the movie—-just opinions of mine of why i dislike it. good things? anna is a kickass princess ( like my fave merida ), kristoff picks his nose & eats it ( which is gross yes but it’s the first time disney has ever mentioned anything like that in one of their films & it totally had be crying i was laughing so hard ), SISTERLY LOVE, elsa deals with a hella lotta emotional mental stuff that a lot of normal rl ppl face. don’t even get me started on “let it go” & what it’s actually telling ppl ( kids ) to do; fucking run away from your problems.—-which is why “try everything” from zootopia was so much better.

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Star sign:Capricorn
Height: 5′6.5
My last dream: My BestFriend was going to date this girl i didnt like so I started crying and he said he didnt care so i went back to tucson and these weird bears were fighting and i was trying to drive a stickshift but i left my permit at home and the cops were there. The car turned to a stick shift bike??? I ended up in Beyonces dressing room that was connected to a weird chuck e cheese. Rhianna told me she liked dressing up as a snake bc she thought it was sexy
Favorite food: Spicy hummus with pita chips
Food you hate:Coleslaw
Favorite movie: Reservoir Dogs, Labyrinth
Favorite animal: Foxes, anything weird that makes a weird noise besides owls bc owls scare me
Favorite quote: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” -JFK just because I like how he says it thanks
Chocolate or vanilla: Choglate vanilla swirl
Are you watching cartoons: Not right now
Tea or coffee: Coffee for mornings tea for after dinner
Caramel or cream: Caramel
Any pets ?: 2 puppers and a Betta fish!
Aliens ?: I’ve seen a UFO and kissed an alien on the mouth once
Ghosts ?: Left over energies from high energy events
Do you belive in life after death?: Reincarnation? Yeah you turn into bug food and then soil, then flowers and stuff
Disney or Pixar ?: Pixar bc of Rat patootie
Cupcake or donut ?: Donuts
Birthday ?: December 31. Everyone celebrates

I tag whoever wants to do this!

body image & what not

so today i went into aerie to get bralettes and i got my friends to see how they looked even tho im so self conscious of my body and my rolls and my hairy stomach and whatever. i was kind of freaking out bc i usually never change in front of other people and always cover my stomach but when they saw it they didnt say anything rude which is kind of expected bc theyre my friends but anyways lol it was a happy moment bc they didnt shame me or stare or do anything weird (i realize its stupid to think they would bc ??? why would i associate with ppl like that) and so it was a happy body pos+ day 4 me :-) im still going to start eating better and working out for health reasons but im also learning to love and appreciate my body throughout this process bc i deserve it. tgis was such a dramatic first post lmfao but its my personal so like…. idc

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i think i accidentally came out in a not so safe environment lmao so my friend started saying 'i dont like guys who cry' and i loudly added 'i dont like guys' and all the ppl we were hanging out with laughed and said thats a genius way to get sexuality out of the way real fast but im worried since i knew 1 guy there was a homophobe?? and he seemed fine with it maybe he grew up a bit since we were p young when he said that he doesnt support/like gay ppl and stuff like that

Dont be too worried. If he didnt say anything, hopefully he did grow out of it. But if he hasnt, and no one else in the group said anything, just know that if your friends actually care at all about you, theyll either talk to him about it, or push him out. No one wants a homophobe in their friend group. Not anymore, at least. Lmao. Good luck though, and if you run into trouble, feel free to message us again. ♡ (also, men suck, agreed)


weird how 2 years ago i heard shake it off for the first time and i was like “ok so im never going to care about what anyone ever thinks of me ever again im just gonna SHAKE IT OFF” and yet here i am 2 years later with crippling anxiety and i live only to please others and to ensure everybody is in love with me and everyone gives me attention and i also cry when anybody ever so much as criticises anything i do ever…..WELL THAT DIDNT LAST