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Min Yoongi

REQUEST: **So like can I please get a smutty smut smut scenario of s/o skyping with Yoongi (cos he’s overseas) and he tells s/o how or what to do while using a dildo in the shape and mold of Yoongi’s dick…..hope that makes sense. Sorry if it doesnt. :(

Type: Smut

Word Count: 1553

*I do not own this gif, credit to its owner*

It was late, almost too late when you received a text from him. It made you smile softly to see his name on your phone. He had been gone for four weeks now and you missed him like crazy. You’d find yourself stopping anything you were doing just to see him on your screen. Even when it was late.

You up?

yeah I’m still awake

i miss you so much.

i miss you more, yoongi.

I know its late, but can we talk?

i really want to see you

of course, I’m ready when you are.

You flicked the light on and opened your computer, your Skype already up from the last time you talked to Yoongi. It didn’t take long for the familiar ringing sound to fill your room. You excitedly bit your lip as you answered and held  your breath, it always seemed to take years to connect, but when it did you smiled. He was laid in bed, his cheek pressed to his pillow and a sad look on his face that immediately changed when your face appeared on his screen. You looked at him for a minute and remembered the last time you saw him.

There was twenty minutes till he had to leave, but the way his arms were wrapped around your shoulders tightly  and had been for the past hour. You couldn’t help the silent tears that ran down your face. You didnt know why you were crying, you were so proud of him and so excited for his upcoming tour. You’d miss him, sure, but you supported him with his work more than you have ever supported anything else.

He held you tightly, kisses placed gently on your temple. You chuckled remember something and sat up, causing his arms to fall around your waist.

‘I got something in the mail the other day.’ You said, wiping your tears as you smiled. He rose an eyebrow showing he was listning and you shifted to look at him better. You got up tapping his knee before chuckling though a soft sniffle and stood up, walking to your room.

'So remember the other week when I asked you to… you know?’ You said getting shy, circling your hand around your lower half. He nodded amused. 'Well, this is why.’ You said opening the shoe like box and pulled out a flesh colored dildo, your cheeks instantly turning red.

'Is that mine?’ He said pointing at it, smiling for the first time all day.

You bit your lip and nodded, smiling at the sight of him laughing. You squealed as he stood, pulling you into his chest as he kissed you.

'I would ask you if you were going to think of me when you use it but.’ He laughed taking it out of your hand and wiggling it in your face.

'Could I have the real thing before you leave?’ You said making him bite his lip before kissing you roughly.

“What time is it there?” His voice brought you back.

“Almost 2am” You said watching as he rolled onto his back.

“You need to stop staying up so late.” He smiled sadly.

“If it means I get to see you I can live with it.” You said smiling softly.

“Well I wish I was there. I miss holding you.” He said, chuckling lightly afterwards. “Ive started sleeping like Tae, where I hold onto a pillow its embarrassing.”

“You’re so cute.” You said biting your lip as he giggled again.

“God, I always forget how pretty you are little one.” He said licking his bottom lips slowly. “Id give anything to be there with you.”

“I know, I miss you so much. Its driving me crazy not to have you here.” You said biting your lip. Just the sight of him always made your core heat.

“Even with your toy?” He teased.

“Especially with my toy. Its not the same.” You said. “ I mean it feels like you, but it doesn’t have your warmth… or your voice.” You said, your cheeks turning red.

“You miss my voice? You hear me every day.” He chuckled.

“You know what I mean.” You said, your eyes watching his lips now.

“I wish I was there… The things Id do to you if I was.”

“You can’t talk like that.” You said with a light laugh.

“Why not? I thought you missed my voice.”

“I do. But you talk like that and theres no way I’m going to be able to keep up with the conversation.” You all but whispered.

“You’re naughty.” He said smirking, the same smirk he got before the two of you ever fooled around. “What would you do if I told you I missed the way you tasted?”

“Yoongi…” You said, your knees pressing together now. He raised an eyebrow waiting for you to answer him. “I would tell you that I missed the way your tongue feels.” You bit your lip, your thighs pressing even tighter together.

“You’re squirming.” he said, his eyes growing dark.

“I miss you.”

“Touch yourself.” He commanded.


“Please. I need to see you, Im going crazy.” He said shifting himself again.

You bit your lip and rolled to your back to remove your shorts. Looking at him you smiled before letting your fingers find your sopping folds.

“How wet are you?” He asked darkly.

You smiled and stroked yourself, wetting your fingers with your own natural lubricant. You got enough on your hands that when you lifted them up for him to see and spread your fingers he could see the webbing caused by your wet. He groaned deeply from his chest as he watched you bring your fingers to your lips to lick the mess off your hands.

“God, y/n.” He said shifting again. “Im hard.”

“Show me.” You said in a breathy voice, still stroking yourself. Without hesitation he flipped the camera on his phone so you could see him palming his erection though his sweatpants. You couldn’t help the soft moan that left your lips as he dipped his hand under the band of his pants.

“Look at what you do to me.” he said releasing himself from his pants.

“Its the same thing you do to me.” You whispered, your fingers  starting to circle your clit as the sight of him made you pool even more.

“I want to see you.” He said, getting tired of only being able to see your face softning as you pleasured yourself. You pushed your computer back before taking of the shirt you had stolen from him to expose your now naked body. You looked at him to she he had propped his phone up so you could see him stroking himself.

“I need you so bad Yoongi.” You whined as your circling became faster.

“Baby I’d give anything to have you wrapped around me.” He said, matching your pace.

Your eyes that had closed snapped open and you smiled looking back at him. Removing your hand you lent over your computer and opened you bed side table.

“Picture this is you.” You said waving the mold of him in front of the camera, his face lighting up.

You place it on your stomach and rubbed on your clit a few more times, trying to get yourself as wet as possible.

“Put it in baby.” He said in a demanding tone.

You took the tip and placed it on your tongue and let it slide down your throat, wetting it with your own saliva. He groaned loudly seeing the mold make your throat buldge slightly. Bringing it down to your core you circled it around your clit a few times before slowly sliding it in with a light moan. He grunted again at the sight of you tilting your head back and quickened his pace. You matched his speed while trying to keep your eyes open to see the way his face contorted.

“Yoongi…” You moaned.

“God, baby.” He grunted, his pace moving even faster.

Once again you matched it and added your other hand to circle your clit again. You looked at the ceiling before closing your eyes, your breaths becoming short and forced as the tension in your stomach built. You called his name again and was welcomed with the sound of his heavy breathing. The breathing that you longed so much to hear.

“Yoongi Im… I need to…”

“Cum for me baby.” He said pumping himself even harder.

Your back arched and the pumping coming from the toy staggered in the way he did when he was about to come sending you over the edge.

“Oh, Ugh!” You moaned your body twitching sweetly as you unraveled around yourself.

“Fuck!” Yoongi said causing your head to turn, still pumping yourself softly, just in time to see his  load release all over his hands.

“Fuck.” He said again with a shaky laugh as his eyes closed.

“Im buying a plane ticket.” You said, still breathless.

“What?” He said looking over to you.

“Im buying a plane ticket for your next show. I need you even more now.” You said making him chuckle.

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what are your favorite jaeyong moments hmmm

1. Linking arms at the Asian Model Awards 2015 - (fhjhjsdfkh look at them how cute)

2. Taeyong letting the world know how sexy he finds Jaehyun - (tbh, same Taeyong)

3. I dont even think this needs any explaining- (jesus christ not infront of the cameras you two)

4. Shenanigans at the MAMA’s 2016 (cr. centerpieces, bloncprinz) - (🎶 cause space is just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get too..CLOSE 🎶)

5. This photoshoot - (kill me now)

6. Taeyong looking like that one girlfriend whose trying to convince her boyfriend to buy her something - (im crying taeyong is such a cutie)

7. fhkjdhdkjg bless the person (cr. painkiller) who caught this:

8. Taeyong feeding Jaehyun - (such domestic???)

9. Playing twister together - (rip me)

10.  Secret links: x x x x x x x 

Live Life Golden Part 9

Jungkook x reader

Warnings: strong language

Words: 2789

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He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.

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the pics came out kind of blurry, but this is the best i could do because i’m shaking from excitement so badly 

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can't wait to hear you thoughts on dream daddy leela <333

hihihihi ifjsodifsdf well you’ve probably heard wayyy more of my thoughts on this vid than u bargained for but here’s one last post of things i loved in particular. as i said in so many previous ask responses, i found dnp’s demeanor in this to be so lovely and natural and enthusiastic. they were perhaps less outwardly energetic but to me that just felt like a product of their being reasonably immersed and into the game itself and all the reading that comes with it. i loved so many bits and to make it a little easier i decided to break them up by person. i also did this bc of the volume of people who were concerned about phil being ‘off’ or seeming disinterested or irritated or any number of negative things. i just kind of wanted to make a point of the fact that so many of my fav moments were actually little things from phil as opposed to dan. also i should say ,, shout out to this game itself bc i’m genuinely loving watching it unfold. i’ve not seen any part of the game before so i had no idea what to expect. i wasn’t prepared for how uplifting the concept would be and how interesting all the characters are and i’m genuinely so excited for the next episode not jst bc it’s dan and phil content and i want to watch them play, but bc i just simply want to know what happens next!!!!!!!! so with that being said here are some of my fav moments of the vid, just a small selection of the reasons why i really adored the video overall <3

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Sam's heaven

(A/N): So I really miss writing supernatural and I had just watched the dark side of the moon and I wanted to write a lil something about it 

Summary: Sam and Dean are trapped in heaven, forced to relive their memories but what they both see is not what they expected 

 Warnings: angst? Swearing, that’s it :) 

Originally posted by adaav

   Dean and Sam were trapped in heaven; no big deal, they just had to avoid any and all angels, traverse through their best moments, and make it back home. That wasn’t too hard, was it?

    Dean’s memories had all been of family, of a time much happier than the one now. Even Sam couldn’t help the small smile that remained on his face as he watched Dean interact with people from his past; Like their own mother Watching Dean with his mom pulled at Sam’s heart strings; he wondered if they had lived a normal life if maybe he would’ve been dressed up in small flannel and horrendously ugly t-shirts, maybe he’d have had the crusts cut off of his pb&j, maybe he would have actually had a nice, functioning family. But that’s not the way it played out and he was stupid to hope for such a thing anyways. 

   Everything had been smooth until they reached sam’s memories; his best moments. There was one with his dog, only weeks after he left John and Dean, there was another on thanksgiving with a family that had been much kinder to him than his own, but the ones that really stuck with him were the ones with (Y/N). They had been his significant other since the day he left John, not really, but that was the day he met them. He’d gone to a diner, plopped down and ordered himself the most expensive burger he could, he deserved to celebrate after all. 

    “Looks like something’s got Mr. Sasquatch down,” His waiter- (Y/N)- smiled at him softly. “You okay?” Sam’s nose crinkled a bit as he looked at the menu. Did they- had they just asked if he was okay? No one ever cared enough about him to ask if he was okay. This person had even noticed that he wasn’t feeling okay and they asked him about it.

    “Uh yeah- just a bit of a hard day really,” (Y/N) smiled as they set their little notepad down, instead taking a seat right across from Sam. 

   "Wanna tell me about it? I’ll even buy your food for you,“ No one had ever been that kind to Sam, no one but (Y/N). It felt nice to finally have someone care, even if it was just a stranger. So that day Sam poured his heart and soul into his conversation with (Y/N), telling them all about his shitty childhood, about his father, about dean. For hours he talked with them and during some point the conversation had drifted from his past to other things, things like law school, art, nature, even animals. Not once in his life had Sam felt so comfortable around someone, (Y/N) was different like that and Sam absolutely loved it. But for now that wasn’t the memory he was reliving, in fact, it was a memory from months after they first met. 

    "Who the hell is that?” Dean whispered as he watched the memory unfold. 

   It dark outside, but the stars above seemed to illuminate everything splendidly. It was a large field, much like the one from Dean’s memory and in the middle of it was (Y/N). Sam’s throat choked up a bit as he looked at them, at their curious eyes, and beautiful smile. 

   "Sam, the hell is this?“ But Sam wasn’t listening, he was too focused on (Y/N). "Sam- Sammy, the hell are you doing?” Dean whispered as Sam walked forward, completely ignoring his brother. He was almost dazed really to see (Y/N) after all this time, even if it was just his own memory. 

   "Sorry I’m late,“ Sam breathes out as he sits down beside (Y/N), still in awe over how beautiful they looked. "I got lost on the way here,” (Y/N) smiled and laughed softly, their nose crinkling in a way that had his heart aching. 

   "It’s okay, you’re actually right on time,“ (Y/N) pointed to the sky, directing Sam’s gaze upwards. Above them millions of stars shined brightly, creating a sight too beautiful for words.

    It was their annual date night (every Friday to be exact) but rather than stay inside and watch some shitty tv shows (as per they usually did. They were poor college students after all) (Y/N) had hauled Sam along to watch the stars; They had always been a bit of an astronomy geek so they were more than excited to show Sam the starry sky.

    "Isn’t it beautiful?” (Y/N) asked softly as they looked to the sky in awe, their eyes twinkling so brightly that Sam wanted to cry. 

   "Yeah,“ Sam nodded as he stared at them. "It sure is," 

    "Who the hell was that?” Dean asked as they traveled along, coming to Sam’s next memory. 

   "I dated them in college,“ Sam Shrugs a bit. "Just a fling really," 

   "That sure as hell didn’t look like a fling,” Dean scrutinized as he glared at Sam, eyes narrowed and lips pursed. “We’re you in love?" 

   "Dean-” Sam sighed as he smiled just a bit. “I’m telling you, it was nothing," 

   "Uh huh,” Dean clicked his tongue as they walked along. “I’m sure," 

  "I promise you, it was nothing-" 

   "Sam!” Sam was interrupted by yet another memory and by no surprise it was another one involving (Y/N). 

   They pounced upon him like cat, pulling him into a nearly bonecrushing hug. 

   "I was so worried, where have you been?“ Sam had gone away for a day or two, just for a little getaway from Stamford. He hadn’t told anyone where he was going and he stupidly left his phone at home. He wouldn’t need to contact anyone, he knew how to fend for himself after all. It was such a peaceful trip that Sam honestly didn’t even think about the consequences that was until (Y/N) was cupping his cheeks and staring at him with tear filled eyes. 

   "I’m sorry (Y/N),” Sam whispers, his heart clenching as he stared at (Y/N). Even after all these years seeing their expression still hurt him, seeing their worried face and pained eyes still had the same reaction as it did years ago. “I was jus out on a trip, I didn’t think to tell anyone,”

    “You fucking idiot,” (Y/N) chides although their watery chuckled completely betrayed their words. “I was so fucking scared, I was damn near close to calling the police. God- fuck you you fucking prick.” Without any warning (Y/N) leaned in, connecting their lips to Sam’s. It was their first kiss and god it had been amazing. (Y/N)’s lips felt absolutely perfect against Sam’s and if he could he’d have let them linger there all day but there was something pulling him away, forcing their lips apart. 

   "I love you (Y/N),“ Sam spews, like word vomit that he simply could not control. "I love you so much,” It was the first time he’d ever admitted to loving someone. He hadn’t even ever told his father or brother that he directly loved them, (Y/N) was a first. Sam’s breath was shaky as he looked at (Y/N), his heart pounding wildly just as it had the day he said those three words to them for real.

    “I love you too Sammy,” (Y/N) sobbed happily as they threw their arms around his neck (or at least the best they could). “I love you so fucking much,” Sam sighed again as he wrapped his arms around their waist, tugging them impossibly closer to him. His scruffy face nuzzled into their neck and he couldn’t help it when his own soft little cry fell from his lips. God- he missed (Y/N) so much, more than anyone ever; he’d give anything to be back there, back in their arms, safe and happy, oblivious to the evil around him- 

    “Sam.” Sean’s voice is softer now than it was the first time. “Sam c'mon on, we gotta go,” Sam didnt want to leave, he couldn’t leave (Y/N) a second time but he knew he had to. So with the utmost reluctancy Sam let go, letting Dean drag him away from the best thing to ever happen to him. 

   Now they were walking down a lonely stretch of road, different from either one of their memories. The air felt heavy, depressed really, so much so that it was nearly impossible for Sam to breathe, or perhaps those were the tears building behind his eyes that were making functioning so hard. 

   "So what happened to them?“ Dean asks softly, his hands stuffed in his pockets. Sam sighs as he walks on, heart heavier than it had been in a long time.

    "After a run in with a ghost I decided that it was too dangerous, the whole together thing." 

   "So you left them?" 

   "Yep, left them heartbroken too.”

   "I’d imagine so, seems like you two were really close.“

    "Yeah,” Sam sighs as he looks behind him, back at his happiest memories, or at least where they used to be, for now it was just the same never ending stretch of road. 

   "So- did you really love them?“ Dean knew he was treading on thin ice but he was curious, mighty curious.

    "Yes,” Sam nods, looking down at the water covered asphalt to avoid looking at anything else. “More than anything in this world," 

    "Y'know…if we ever get out of here you should give them call, get some closure.” Sam chuckles dryly, a harsh sound that hurt his throat.

    “They probably hate me now or some shit.”

    “Never too late to try,” Dean smiled softly as he walked on, down the endless stretch of highway that only seemed to get longer as they walked. Yeah…maybe Sam would give them a call if he ever got out. That was his motivation now, a phone call to (Y/N) if he survived.

    Sam sighed as he picked up his phone, eyeing the small thing warily.

    “Come on man,” Dean said trough a mouth of food. “You promised yourself," 

   "Yeah, yeah,” Sam dials in their number, or the number they had previously used years ago. “I know,” He stared at the numbers hesitantly, his heart racing uncontrollably. This was it. If no one answered that would be it, that’s the last time he’d ever try to contact (Y/N). 

  So with a shaking hand Sam pressed call, waiting for some message stating that the number was now disconnected or something but to Sam’s surprise the thing actually began to ring. The number was still up and running, that meant either (Y/N) hadn’t ever changed their number or someone else was now using it. 

   Sam gulped as it continued to ring again and again and again, it was almost to the last ring when it suddenly stopped, meaning that someone had finally picked up.


    “Hi, uh (Y/N)? This is Sam Winchester-”

Fights w the Boys (headcanons)

Not to be like ~angsty~ but maybe headcanons for what fights with the individual Sincerely Three boys x reader are like pls?

dont worry abt being angsty lmao i live and breath for some angst 

under the cut bc its long

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pidge’s brother was so important to her and he’s been gone for so long and pidge was in complete anguish when she thought he was dead and SO happy when they reunited!

how you guys are taking this as an opportunity to shit on matt is completely beyond me. matt didnt do anything wrong. he’s been nothing but helpful and supportive and proud of his sister this whole time.

if you have grievances with the new season then I get it. but dont take it out on matt just because you arent interested in him. after watching pidge cry her heart out for him, seeing pointless character hate towards matt really sucks!!! ESPECIALLY if you insult his fans too. :/

Dating Diana Prince and Feeling Insecure Would Include...

anon ask : Hey! Can you do a Diana head cannon “Dating Diana and being insecure about yourself”? Tysm(btw i love your headcannons)

A/N : aww im glad you liked my headcannons!! even though they suck lmao.. im sorry this took so long but i was pretty busy at school and with life (who isn’t) but uhh anyways, this sucks bc i did this during biology but anyways here you gooo!!


Masterlist / Ask me

Originally posted by dcvertigodaily

  • you love diana so much but sometimes when she talks about wonder woman it just makes you feel insecure?? 
  • like you know she doesn’t mean it 
  • but still she just talks so passionately about her days in the war with her war pals, especially steve 
  • you know that steve meant a lot to her but you can’t help but feel like she deserves better 
  • bc steve is the one who pushed her to become wonder woman, to believe in this world and believe in love and what have you done?? 
  • when you feel like this you become all distant because you think that it’ll hurt her less 

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Okay so Tyler made excuses against not saying anything good when same sex marriage was legalised, which is kinda yikes. He brushes off fans coming out to him and gets uncomfortable. Also every time he's told not to climb at concerts because of the safety risks he gets SO MARDY and kinda horrid to the venue. Also lyrics like 'i wasn't raised in the hood' and 'gangsters don't cry' is appropriating poc struggles and he's saying he suffers as much as racism.

I remember people getting pissed that he didnt tweet #LoveIsLove or somethin when gay marriage got legalised in the US but I was like ???? Just because he doesnt tweet a fuckin hashtag doesnt mean he’s not happy about it?? I didnt tweet anything and I was over the moon?? Also gangsters aren’t exclusively poc. They’re actually traditionally white new yorkers. I get ur thoughts on the hood line though. 

Ultimately you don’t know whether or not he’s racist. U dont know what’s in his head. Some things he does may seem suggestive to u but  it’s likely you’re reading too much into it. I’m not a fan of top anymore ((not for any bad reason my taste in music just evolved away from them)) and I dont really care about what tyler does but I feel strongly about people accusing famous people of being prejudice, just because they’re in the public eye and people think that means they should become an activist. Some people just aren’t about that. Maybe he just chillin

Idk just give him a break he’s a person

car kisses (pt 2) ♥ ethan

(a/n – well then long time no see lifes been busy at one point i was thinking of giving this account away but I decided it was waaaay too important to me for me to give it up so here I am with a car kisses pt 2 (kinda short but dont kill me)! hope you enjoy!!!)


word count: 1064

“Pam!” Your smile widens when you see her, running up to hug her as soon as you enter the doors of your favorite small diner,

“It hasn’t been that long, Y/N!” She give you a grin and takes you toward your favorite table, which was right near the window with a nice view of the parking lot. It wasn’t all that pretty, no, but it made the whole place seem bigger than it really was.

You sit down as you wait for Ethan to come, as he was being dropped off by Grayson because he was, ‘doing something important’. Of course, you were anxious to find out what it was considering Ethan sounded rather excited but- you could be pretty patient when it came down to it, and you knew you could just wait to ask him what was up. After all, Ethan never kept anything from you.

You sigh as you think about how long you two have coming to this tiny little diner. It’d been two years and almost once a month you would come visit pam and get your usual number one, just as you had your first date. And each time the amount of fun and laughter coming from your table doubled.

As you daydreamed about all the good times you and Ethan had in this cafe and in these very seats, you almost didn’t notice the quiet ding of the door that signaled that someone entered.

You could feel your face grow into one of delight when you saw your handsome boyfriends face.  

“E!” You say happily and stand up to embrace him and he happily lets you, wrapping his strong arms around you and placing a thoughtful kiss on top of your head.

“My love.” He says, almost bowing making you smile and laugh. He rushed to your side of the table to pull out your chair, although it was already pulled out enough, and once you did he slid you forward so that you were in a comfortable position in front of the table.

“Such a gentlemen.” you say, and he sits down only to reply with,

“Only for you.” Giving you major deja vu.

“Wait wait do the thing!” You say and he looks at you with a face that screams, 'really?’. You respond to his facial expression with your famous plea, “Pleeeeeaaaasseee” You drag out the word making him sigh.

A few moments later he made the most hilarious face you’ve ever seen, making you laugh hysterically. You and Ethan would have face wars all the time to see who could make a funnier face and, of course, Ethan always won.

“H-How do you do that?” You manage to let out  through all of your laughter. Everyone in the diner had pretty much gotten used to you and Ethan’s loud and craziness. One time Pam caught you making out in the bathroom hallway and just shrugged it off, so, you could say you and this particular diner had some history.

“Its a natural talent!” He shrugs and you stick your tongue out at him playfully making him grab your face gently and giving you a quick kiss on the lips. You didn’t realize how much you’d missed his lips against yours until he actually did it, even though you hadn’t even been away from each other for more than a day. You were about to lean in for one more kiss until Pam arrived.

“Number ones for my number ones.” She winked making you and Ethan laugh,

“Oh pam, you shouldnt show favoritism.” Ethan says loudly making Pam narrow her eyes playfully, and then he whispers, “Don’t worry we know we’re your favorites!”

You shake your head at your goof of a boyfriend and then look at him and shrug, “Bone Apple tea.” You tell him jokingly and he chokes on his water.

“Bon Appetite?” He corrects you and you giggle,

“Same thing!” You say and dig in. You expected Ethan to dig in, as well, but really he was just staring at you, taking in your beauty. He couldnt even understand how you still managed to look beautiful while shoving food down your throat, and just looking at you made him smile. Being with you made his day better by a long shot and just the look on his face gave that all away.

“I really can’t wait any longer.” Ethan lets out while you were engulfing pancakes. Suddenly he gets up and then gets on one knee making you stop chewing. You were pretty sure your heart skipped a beat and your eyes went wide.

“Y/N, you are definitely the love of my life and I am honestly not sure how I managed to hold off this long. I love you…I love you more than anything and…” He stops for a second, probably recalling the speech he most definitely prepared, “Oh screw that, Y/N, will you marry me?” He asks, looking the most vulnerable you’d ever seen him.

“Yes!” You say with a mouth full of pancakes, tears threatening to fall down your cheeks. He laughs as you quickly swallow your delicious pancakes and rush to kiss him. Ethan broke the kiss and grabbed your hand, sliding the most beautiful ring you’d ever seen onto your ring finger.

“I was late because I was freaking out. I’m really glad you didnt suspect anything.” He smiles and you smile back, happy tears now rolling down your face like a waterfall. You were so happy, and so excited that you jumped into his arms for another kiss. You both smile into the kiss and Ethan mumbles,

“Why’re you crying, baby?” He laughs and you pull away for a moment to respond,

“I’m just so happy!” You laugh, “God Ethan took you long enough!” And pull him into one more passionate kiss.

You were forced apart by the sound of plates breaking behind you. Ethan turns his head and you look over his shoulder to see Pam standing there with broken plates surrounding her. You look at her surprised face, confused until she screams,

“I missed it?”

hehe hope you enjoyedddddd

Reasons I Love You (Ashton Irwin)

Gunnar wasn’t the greatest boyfriend in the world – he would constantly forget dates, make you pay for everything when you did go out, and ditch Saturday plans with you to hang out with his friends – but he was still yours and you cared about him more than anything. So it was no surprise that you immediately ran into the bathroom crying when you got to school and found him making out with another girl at his locker.

You had actually been excited to go to school that day – it was the one-year anniversary of when you and Gunnar officially became boyfriend and girlfriend, so you got him a nice gift in honor of it. It was just a simple little book of ‘Reasons I Love You’ that you’d made yourself – it admittedly wasn’t as nice as you wanted to get him since you didn’t exactly have your own source of income – but it was as nice as you could get with the money your parents allowed you to have to buy the things to make it.

You held it tightly in your hands after pulling it out of your backpack, closing your locker door and making your way to where Gunnar’s locker was to give it to him. You were nervous about whether or not he would like it – he wasn’t a particularly sentimental kind of guy – but you were sure it’d still make him smile.

But the moment you turned the corner and his locker came into view, your heart dropped.

There he was, your boyfriend of one year, making out with some girl you’d never even seen before.

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As much as I’d like to say I’ve been strong about how this went down and I’ll be able to love and support the boys on the unit.. Im a big sobbing mess right now. I knew this was coming but I didnt think I’d wake up this morning to losing 4 of my boys when we’d lost so many already. I have no idea how I’m going to feel… I didnt like the idea of the unit, but if it helps them I’ll support it… anything for my boys.

I cant even think that far ahead right now.. rn I’m listening to their music and crying uncontrollably. I just ugh sorry this is a rambled messy post.. I just didnt expect it so soon…

I hope my love Hansol and Sehyuk come from the army safely and that Nakta’s DJ career becomes successful. And I hope Sanggyun doesnt forget where he came from and finds his success even after JBJ

Monsta X reaction to you crying while watching a movie

Anon asked: “reaction to their gf watching a movie and crying with shownu, minhyuk, kihyun, and wonho?”

A/N: I think most of us can relate to this. I cry watching movies too, which is why I used my personal experience in this reaction. I hope you like it. Enjoy and Happy reading 😊 

no gifs for this one because my computer decided to be an asshole.


Shownu would find it so adorable that I think he would start laughing and smiling to himself. He would give you tissues if he could find some, and let you snuggle into him and cry. 

His snapped in your direction as he heard you sniffle. He saw you trying to cook back your tears behind your hand that covered your mouth. “Here” he offered you a tissue. You took it wiped your face. “You know they say that people who cry during movies are very emotionally connected to others” he smiled and put his arm around your shoulder and pulled you in. “Sorry” you said in a hoarse voice. “It’s cute” he chuckled. 


Wonho would cry with you but try to hide it. He would try his best to divert your attention to anything other than him crying 

Tears were pooling in his eyes, but he kept them trained on yours. He had a warm smile on his face as he saw the tears fall on your cheeks. “What?” you asked him. “You are cute” he laughed. “Dont lie, you cried too” you pointed out. “I didnt look as adorable and cute as you now did I?” you ignored his reply. “ I so want to kiss you right now” he smiled again. “Don’t”. you said. “I know. You have snot on your nose missy” he laughed at which point you slapped him on his arm, forgetting that you could also blackmail him.


Minhyuk would find it so adorable he wouldn’t be able to control his excitement. He would probably take a few pictures of here and there , and would probably suggest watching something more positive because he wouldn’t want you to cry.

“Aigoo, is my jagi crying?” he asked as he saw tears fall down your cheeks. “So cute” he would whisper to himself in astonishment and put a hand over his chest because he couldn’t take how cute he found it. He took out his phone and took a few pictures of you lightly sobbing, and laughed to himself at how weirdly beautiful you looked in each picture. “Its okay. Its alright” he pulled you into himself and stroked your hair lightly. “Lets watch something happy because I don’t want my baby to cry hmm?” he put forth. You gladly agreed because you didn’t want him to think stupid of you. 


I think he would laugh, but hidden in his laugh would be his urge to kiss you and hug you and baby you because to him it was very sweet. 

When he saw you crying while watching the movie he started snickering .“Y/n are you really crying?” he asked in amusement. You wiped your tears and shook your head. “Then what is this?” he said as he pointed to the tears that fell on your cheek. You ignored him. “I just realized that you have your very cute charms and this is one of them” he said as his thumbs grazed your cheeks and wiped away your tears. He didn’t want to seem “weak” for you so he resisted the urge to kiss you, but he compensated that be cuddling with you and wiping away your tears here and there as he saw them fall.


Hyungwon would initially be surprised because he wouldn’t think you were the type. But to him either way it would be endearing. Most likely the type to pass you tissues throughout the movie after finding out. 

He was trying to hold in his laughter when he saw you crying. “Its not that depressing y/n” he said without looking at you. You glared at him and said “My favourite character just died. This is terrible.” “Okay fine” he replied. He passed you a tissue and he did that throughout the movie. “At this rate I will have to go to store to get more of these boxes if you don’t stop” he teased.  


Jooheon would most likely have tears in his eyes as well, but he would focus more on you and try to comfort you. 

“Oh nooo I am sorry y/n” he would say as he saw you crying. He had tears in his eyes that he tried to blink away. He took out his handkerchief and dabbed at the tears that stained your cheeks. He pulled you into his arms and rocked you back ad forth as you cried harder. “Aww my poor baby” he cooed as he hugged you tighter. “Lets never watch sad movies again” he suggested and smiled down at you. “This is so sad” you whispered. “I know. Do you want to watching something else? Need some water?” he asked. You shook your head in response so he let you watch the movie but he made sure afterwards that you were okay. 


He would very playful and teasing about the whole situation. But nonetheless he would find it very adorable and very cute. He wouldn’t really know how to comfort you, so he would try to make you laugh.

“Oh my god I have a crybaby for a partner” he would be very over dramatic.He would tease you about it. “What have you done to my very strong and amazing y/n. Who are you?” he laughed. You hit  him upside on the head. “Sorry sorry. I don’t mean it. But please don’t cry because I suck at this kind of thing” he pouted. You nodded your head. He ruffled your hair and messed it up. He pulled you into his side, and locked an arm around your waist and cuddled up to you. 

I hope its good! 

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