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[TRANS] BTS’ New Year wishes & autographs at Miniso

Jin: “Hope BTS will receive more love from the public ♡”
Rap Monster: “A society where everyone has the rights to hope, 2017. Our health, prosper, love ♡”
Suga: “The Wings Tour to wrap up successfully!!”
Jungkook: “Bangtan, don’t get hurtㅠㅠ”
V: “Please let everyone around me be healthy and happy in May.”
J-Hope: “My family’s health, Bangtan’s health, ARMY’s health!! Let’s be healthy everyone~♡”
Jimin: “Please let our BTS always be healthy and full of happiness only.”

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When [the destined person] has reached the lowest point in their life,
the BEHELIT will find its way them.

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ShootWeek: Day 3 ↳ favorite Root friendship (s)

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Can you do a Kyungsoo's tummy spam because it's so beautiful. ♡

Absolutely ❤ 

For all people who love Kyungsoo for who he is and who support his beautiful tummy ❤

And the most recent one ^^


Some doodles I saved up of the HTTYD girls

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I wanted to give my friend a crystal to help me with his dysphoria. Do you have any advice?

Oof, dysphoria sucks. It’s nice of you for wanting to help him, though!

Here are some crystals that may be useful:

(Legal stuff: Don’t use crystals instead of seeing a doctor or getting proper care or help with something you’re going through. Kay? Cool.)

Amethyst: Protection, spirituality, peace, happiness

Aventurine: Mental strength, courage, independence, peace

Fluorite: Stability, balance, soothing, mental clarity, reduces fear

Labradorite: Connection to destiny, transformation, personal development

Moldavite: Helps along important changes in life, enhances other stones

Obsidian: Grounding, removes negativity, lessens depression

Rose Quartz: Self-love, inner warmth, calming, self-esteem, self-worth

Tourmalated Quartz: Helps with stress, anxiety, and depression

was looking through my mini library and found something from my childhood:

Look at this thing! Copyright says 1959 and I’d read it so much in my childhood the spine was really coming off~ 

But the artwork!! is so old school and amazing?? I flipped through the thing and remembered they printed art in the cover

and in the pages

and it reminded me that mystery stories really need to up their game because these were one of the greatest things about the original Nancy Drew