so i did something stupid

you know what sucks? when you really enjoyed a fic in the early chapters, and then you get further in and it just makes you miserable and you kind of hate it. 


Draco was tired of waiting.

He came to the conclusion that waiting was the biggest waste one could do with their life.

And he had wasted a lot of his life already.

He had waited for his father to acknowledge him, to show him he was proud of his son.

He had waited for his mother to stand up to his father, whenever he had talked her down, whenever he had treated her like less than his wife.

He had waited for his friends to come to his rescue when he had needed them most, to save him from himself.

And he had waited for the stupid prat to notice him. Really notice him. To look beyond the petty insults and his sneering.

For years Draco had been waiting.

He had waited in vain. But not anymore.

Draco was sick of waiting.

What had he even waited for? For him to come to the right conclusion, when Draco hid his true intentions so well? For him to realise what was really going on?

He probably would have to wait forever.

No. He would have to take matters into his own hands. And whyever should he not?

Yes, it was time to act.

Draco focused on the mop of black hair across the Great Hall.

He was sick of waiting.

He got up, marched over to the Gryffindor table and grabbed Potter by his robes. Without waiting for his reaction, Draco started dragging him out of his seat.

There was a yelp and shouts of protest, but Draco didn’t care.

He was so sick of waiting.

“Malfoy, what are you doing?” Potter shouted, shoving at Draco’s hands.

Draco ignored him and dragged him out of the Great Hall.

He could hear Weasley and Granger shout something at him. He heard footsteps behind him, indicating that several people were following him. Potter was still trying to get out of his grip.

Draco had wanted to find a more secluded place to do what he wanted to do next, but when the shouts behind him only got louder, he turned around and glared at them.

“You want to watch? FINE! I don’t even care anymore!”

He tightened his grip on Potter’s robes as he pulled him towards him forcefully.

Because he was so tired of waiting.

His mouth crashed with Potter’s and suddenly everything went silent.

Draco had thought it would be rougher, that Potter would try to fight him more. Apparently he was just shocked. He stiffened as Draco moved his lips against the other boy’s. He buried his hands in his hair like he had dreamed of so many times.

He had waited for this so long. This was it.

Or was it?

Draco suddenly noticed Potter moving and braced himself to be pushed away at any second. Instead, tentative fingers curled around his hips to pull him closer.

Draco was sure there were gasps and murmuring, but he didn’t hear any of it.

His whole mind, his whole body was so consumed by Potter. Potter, who was kissing him back.

Yes. This was what he had been waiting for all this time.

If only he had stopped waiting sooner.

Princess of Hearts

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Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Word count: 2,221

A/N: this is my first descendants imagine, I hope you enjoy!!

No one dared enter the fish and chips shop after Uma returned from her failed attempt at getting revenge on Mal.  Only her and her crew went inside, hence causing business to be at an all-time low.  Not that it was usually busy, but Uma needed the money to satisfy her mother, and Harry’s petty theft was not enough to sustain them.

So when a girl in a torn up, bright red dress and white leather jacket walked into the shop, it took everyone by surprise.  All the pirates suspiciously eyed her as she entered.

It wasn’t a mystery who this girl was: (Y/N) Heart, the daughter of the Queen of Hearts, was notoriously different from her mother.  While the Queen of Hearts was tempestuous, loud, and violent, (Y/N) was a mysteriously quiet and patient girl.

“Well, well,” Harry was the first to approach her, wearing his iconic smirk. He leaned against the wall and brushed a strand of her hair out of her face with his hook. “What ‘cha doin’ here, princess?”

“Just getting some lunch, Hook,” she answered simply as she grabbed his hook, moving it away from her face.

Harry chuckled to himself as he stepped out of her way, mockingly bowing as she walked past him.  She sat down at an empty table.

Uma stormed up to Harry and grabbed his collar to whisper in his ear.

“I don’t trust her,” she muttered.

“She’s just getting some food, Uma,” Harry quietly countered her, keeping his eyes glued to (Y/N).  "There’s nothing to be suspicious of.“

“She used to be friendly with Mal,” Uma spat.  "I don’t care if she’s just here for the chips.  Keep an eye on her.“  She slammed a tray with fish and chips on it in Harry’s chest and pushed him towards (Y/N).  He approached her table and carelessly tossed the tray onto the table.  When she looked up at him, she watched as Harry turned around the chair across from her and sat down in it.

"The waiters don’t usually keep the customers company,” (Y/N) noted as she grabbed a chip.

Harry smirked.  "Do I look like a waiter to you, sweetheart?“

"You did bring me my food.”


They sat in silence as (Y/N) ate her fish and chips with Harry occasionally stealing a chip.

When her meal was finished, (Y/N) nonchalantly tossed a random amount of cash on the table and stood up.  Harry immediately followed suit and shot up from his seat.

“Thanks for the food,” she sarcastically thanked with a tight smile, and she turned on her heel, exiting the shop.  Harry turned and glanced at Uma, who signaled for him to follow her.  He groaned as he went after her.

“You know, villains don’t normally use manners,” he said once he caught up with her.  He attempted to wrap his arm around her shoulder, which she immediately shrugged off.

“I’m not a villain,” she responded.  "My mother is.“

"But you’re her daughter,” Harry replied, furrowing his brows.  "Don’t you at least think you’re evil?“

"Evil?  No.” She shook her head.  "I’m unpleasant, sure, but not evil.  I’m not gonna try to fool myself like Mal did and try to convince myself that I’m evil.  I’ll do what I have to do to protect myself in this place, but that’s it.“

"Then I guess you’re on that list to get more VK’s into Auradon,” Harry snorted, rolling his eyes at the mere thought.  To his surprise, (Y/N) laughed.

“Oh god no,” she scoffed.  "Just because I’m not evil doesn’t mean I’m gonna go to the land of preppy princes and princesses.“

Harry found himself genuinely laughing at that.  Before he could utter a response, (Y/N) stopped in her tracks.

"Well, this is my place,” she announced, gesturing to the building covered in red paint.  "Thanks for walking me home.  It was very gentlemanly of you.“

She walked into her house before Harry could argue that he was definitely not a gentleman.  For a moment, he almost forgot that the only reason that he walked her home was because Uma wanted him to follow her.

The next morning, Harry found himself wandering in the general vicinity of (Y/N)’s house, waiting to "accidentally” bump into her.  His opportunity presented itself when (Y/N) stood by a fruit stand, examining the apples.

“What a coincidence,” Harry whispered into her ear as he approached her from behind, “finding you here.”

“Didn’t think this was your area, Hook,” (Y/N) quipped, not looking away from the fruit.  She didn’t bother to tell him off as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

“I’m just full of surprises, aren’t I?”

“You certainly are,” she agreed with sarcasm dripping from each word.  She filled her bag with apples, not paying attention to Harry, who had his chin resting on her shoulder and his arm wrapped around her waist.  She handed some cash to the lady behind the cart and began to walk home, Harry’s arm still resting in the same place.

“Why do you always pay for things?” he questioned.

(Y/N) shrugged.  "Because people need it,“ she answered.

"That’s not a very evil-”

“Unpleasant,” she corrected.

Harry rolled his eyes.  "Right, unpleasant.  That’s not a very unpleasant thing to do.“

"It’s not my life mission to be an unpleasant person, Hook.”

Harry stopped before (Y/N), this time, upon recognizing her house.  She lightly smirked as he unwrapped his arm from her waist.

“You know,” she leaned in to whisper in his ear, “it’s not a very unpleasant thing for you to always walk me home, too.”  She quickly kissed Harry’s cheek before dashing inside, leaving him standing outside as he fought the blush creeping into his cheeks.

Harry continued to follow (Y/N), as Uma ordered, throughout the rest of the week.  Although, for him, it felt less and less like following every day.

He was about to leave the fish and chip shop that day to begin “following” (Y/N), but before he could exit, Uma stopped him.

“Where are you going?” she inquired.

“To follow (Y/N),” he answered as if it was obvious.

“You’ve been following her for a week,” Uma said, “and you’ve found nothing suspicious.  I think it’s safe to say she’s not a threat.”

“I said that to you when she came in, but you still made me follow her,” Harry argued.

Uma rolled her eyes.  "Whatever, it’s not a concern anymore.  Go train instead, you’re gonna get out of shape if you keep spending all your time following this girl.“

Harry longingly stared at the exit for a moment before reluctantly nodding and heading towards the ship, grabbing a sword on his trek there.

He trained with Gil for a few hours before declaring that he needed a break.  When he turned around to leave the ship, he spotted (Y/N) standing by the bridge.  He smirked as he noticed her gaze scanning his shirtless figure.

"What brings you here, princess?” he asked, grabbing a towel.

She bit her lip and avoided eye contact with him.  "I-“ she stopped, choking on her own embarrassment.

"Yes?” Harry couldn’t help but allow the grin that was exponentially growing on his face.

“I came here because you weren’t by my house today,” she muttered, keeping her gaze focused on the ground.

“What was that?” he questioned as he inched closer to her.  He knew exactly what she said the first time.

“You weren’t by my house today,” she repeated a bit louder this time.

“But why did you come here?” Harry pressed, continuously moving closer to (Y/N) until her back was pressed against a wall.

“I told you-”

“But that wasn’t really why,” he interrupted her.  Her gaze was still focused on the floor, so he grabbed her chin and tilted her head up.  "Look at me, princess.“

"I like walking around with you, okay?” she finally burst.

Harry smirked.  "That’s all I needed to hear, princess.“  He began to lean in, still gripping her chin, and their lips were millimeters apart when they were interrupted.

"Harry!” Uma yelled, storming towards the ship.  Harry groaned as he moved away from (Y/N), resting an arm above her head.

“Sorry, love,” he quietly apologized before turning to Uma.  "Yes, Uma?“

"What are you doing?” she demanded.

“Taking a break from training.”

“With her?”  She angrily gestured towards (Y/N).  "I told you that you don’t have to follow her anymore!“

"Follow me?” (Y/N) echoed, stepping back from Harry.  "What does she mean, follow me?“

"Princess, I-”

“You only walked with me because Uma ordered you to keep an eye on me,” she didn’t allow Harry to explain.  "You never wanted to spend any time with me.“

"No, no, sweetheart,” Harry tried to cup her face, but she tore it away. “I-”

“All that flirting,” she spat, backing away from him.  "God, I’m so stupid, I actually thought that meant something.“

"It did, (Y/N)-” He grabbed her wrist in an attempt to prevent her from leaving.

“Congratulations, Harry Hook,” she scoffed, and Harry watched a single tear roll down her cheek.  "You are truly evil.“  She ripped her wrist out of his grasp and ran off.

He stood frozen in his spot, watching her figure fade.  When she was out of sight, he started to scream incoherently, punching the wall that he pinned (Y/N) to minutes ago.

"Come on, Harry, you haven’t trained with me for days!” Gil exclaimed after Harry rejected his offer to train for the seventh time.  "Uma’s gonna be mad if you get too far out of shape.“

"This is Uma’s fault,” Harry seethed.  "If she hadn’t ordered me to follow (Y/N), none of this would’ve happened.“

"Dude, get over her,” he waved the thought off.  "Sure, she was hot, but she was kinda lame.  I mean, she paid for her food.  Who does that?“

"Someone who’s not evil,” Harry muttered and stormed out of the shop.  He headed towards the fruit stand that he knew (Y/N) went to, the stand he went to every day since that incident at the ship, hoping that one day she’d be there.  Once he arrived and scanned the area, he learned that she, again, was not there.

“Damnit,” he mumbled under his breath.  He bided his time by perusing the selection of fruits.  By the time Harry felt like he had examined every piece of fruit at the cart, he was starting to give up hope.  He was about to leave when a voice caused him to perk up.

“Yeah, we ran out of apples this morning, so I’m just running a quick errand and grabbing them,” (Y/N) was explaining to the lady running the stand.  Hook’s eyes widened as he silently moved towards her.  

(Y/N) reached into her pocket to pay for the apples, but Harry, who stood directly behind her, beat her to it.

“Allow me, princess,” he said, handing some cash to the lady.  Both the lady and (Y/N) stared at him with confused expressions, shocked that the notorious thief Harry Hook actually paid for something.  “Come on, love, I want to talk,” Harry whispered in (Y/N)’s ear before dragging her off.

They wound up in a dark, quiet alleyway.  When Harry finally stopped walking, (Y/N) found a chance to rip her arm out of his grip. She began to run away, but Harry caught her wrist.

“Just give me a minute to explain, please,” he begged her.  Taken aback by his usage of manner, she silently obliged and stopped trying to escape.  “I messed up.”

“Yeah you did.”  It was the first time she had actually spoken to him.

“I know, I know, and I’m a total idiot,” he agreed with her, “and I’m sorry.  When you walked in the shop that first day, Uma was suspicious of you. I told her that there was nothing going on, but she insisted that I follow you.  I didn’t want to, I swear, but I had to.  And every day that I spent with you, it felt less and less like following and more and more like… like-”

“Like what?” (Y/N) questioned, subconsciously inching closer to Harry.

“It felt like we were just spending time together, you know?  Actually enjoying it.”

“That still doesn’t justify you leading me on like that just as an attempt to get information,” she huffed, crossing her arms.

“Get information?”  He stared at her quizzically.  “I didn’t flirt with you to get information.”

“Then what was it?  Am I just a game to you?  Harry Hook, the infamous flirt on the Isle, just had to have a crack at me to see if he could do it. Well congrats, you did it.  Now you can move on and go pursue some other-”

Before she could finish her ramble, Harry frustratedly grabbed her face and smashed his lips against hers.  He slowly moved forward, backing (Y/N) into the wall.

“What,” she tore away from Harry, breathing heavily, “was that?”

“You never seem to let me speak, do you, princess?”  Harry grinned before pressing his lips on (Y/N)’s once again, this time allowing her to reciprocate faster.  She knocked his hat off his head and tangled her fingers in his hair.

“I’m still mad at you,” she reminded him after she pulled away, fighting a smile.  

Harry grinned.  “No you’re not.”


There was someone in my inbox talking about Kaminari in a skirt and tbh I usually don’t draw bnha suggestions but the pun came to me and how do you ignore a pun 

(you don’t, that’s how)

artist with bpd problems:

• basing your identity and self worth on your ability to create
• being afraid to start things in case it doesn’t go perfectly
• feeling like a worthless failure when you don’t make art 
• when you show off art online and people don’t validate your efforts/give you attention
• when you fuck up a project you are a fuckup

chlorine kisses

word count: 1k

summary: basically uh dnp are in the maldives, and their wedding is tomorrow, so they share a few kisses by the poolside. very fluffy a lil nostalgic. also quite cheesy

a/n: a short fluffy thing !!! that i wrote !!! for real !!! no baguettes !!! based off my holiday wedding trip theoru !! enjoy !!! under the cut !!!!

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i feel so stupid i just started watching samurai jack from the start and realized that “jack” isn’t his real name?? it’s just a nickname that was given to him by some street boys. he just said fuck it and called himself jack

Frozen in Placed

As I said that there was gonna fluff one, it ain’t happening until I get this angst one out of the way. I’ve been on @shinyzango livestream (It’s based on the 2D Bendy AU she did and my god it’s giving me too many ideas) 

So this will involve around winter time, there can be good things and then there are bad things. 

So here we go! 

Bendy laughed as he was playing monkey in the middle with a couple of children in the snow. Henry took Bendy to the park, since he has a day off from work, but he monitored of how long hey stayed out because he was made out of ink. 

But Bendy seemed to be having fun, hearing the children giggling. 

“This is fun, guys!” A little girl laughed, tossing the ball above Bendy’s head as he tried to catch it. The other child failed to catch it as the ball starts to roll down a small hill and into a small part of the woods. 

“Our ball!” 

“Sorry, guys…I didn’t think that Susie would throw it that far.” The boy apologized, looking down. Bendy smiled and pats his shoulder. “Hey, it’s okay, Johnny. I’ll go get it and we can keep playing.” Bendy smiled. 

“I’ll go with you, Bendy.” Susie smiled, which made Bendy smile and nods. Susie and Bendy made their way through the small woods, looking for the ball. “Okay…if I was a ball, where will I roll to?” Bendy said, having a hand over his eyes to look around the area. 

“There it is!” Susie smiled, pointing at the ball that was a few feet away. Bendy smiled as he rushed over, but then was stopped when Susie pulled his arm. “Bendy, no! It’s on lake!” She said. 

Bendy seemed confused, looking at her, then at the place where the ball is at. “…seems fine to me. I don’t see water.” Bendy said. Susie shook her head. 

“It is on a lake, but it’s frozen…maybe we should get someone to get it for us.” She said, looking at the ball on the frozen lake. Bendy looks at Susie, then back at the ball again. 

Hey, don’t worry. I’ll get it. The ice will probably will not break on me.” He said, slowly going over to the edge of the lake. He could see fish swimming under the ice of the lake. Bendy gulped and tugged at his scarf before pressing one foot on the ice. 

It seemed fine so far, so he placed more pressure on the ice. 

So far so good. Bendy took a deep breath before standing on the ice. He had his eyes clench shut when he did, then cracked one eye open to look. He was standing on the frozen lake. 

Bendy smiled, then looks back at Susie. “See? I’m fine!” He smiled, waving his hands before slowly walking to the middle of the lake. Susie clenched her hands together, very scared for her friend. 

Bendy smiled as he got the ball in his hands. “I got it!” He smiled–


Bendy stilled when he heard the sound.

He slowly looks down to see the ice cracking slowly from underneath him. He starts to shake, looking at Susie. She also was scared when she saw the ice cracking. 

“D-Don’t move, Bendy! I-I’ll get Mr. Ross!” She said before she starts to run the fastest her legs could take her. Bendy gulped as he kept still, looking at the ice slowly cracking underneath him. 


“MR. ROSS!!” 

Henry jolted out of his thoughts when he saw a tiny girl run up to him, frowning when he saw the worried look on his face. “Susie? What’s wrong?” He asked, standing up before kneeling down to look at her. 

“It-It’s Bendy, he’s–he’s on a–and-and the ball, and–” 

“Susie, slow down. Tell me what’s going on?” Henry said, placing both hands on her shoulders. “M-Me, Bendy and Johnny were playing monkey in the middle, and I-I threw the ball too far. So me and bendy went to find the ball and it was on a lake–” 

Henry stilled when he heard lake, knowing where he is now. “Where’s the lake at?” He asked. Susie choked on a sob and points to the small woods and he nods. “Stay here.” 

Henry stood up and ran the fastest he could muster to the small woods. “Please, please be okay, Bendy…please, god let him live!” Henry thought, going through the small woods. 

After mere minutes, he was at the lake and stilled at the sight. 

Bendy was clinging onto a large piece of ice as the lake was now apart, the ice drifting apart. “BENDY!!” 

Bendy looks up, inky tears rolling down his cheeks. “H-HENRY! HELP ME!! I’M SCARED!” Bendy cried out, clinging onto the ice he was on. 

“Bendy, don’t move! I’ll get you, I promise!” He said, looking around to find something to get Bendy out from the lake. He didn’t have a lot of time because he knew that the ice wouldn’t hold Bendy for long and he was going to freeze up from being made out of ink. 

Henry then saw a large branch at the shore of the lake. Henry nods as he ran over to gran the branch. When he picked it up, he looks over at Bendy. “Bendy, can you reach for this!?” He asked, outstretching his hand out, the stick inches away from Bendy. 

Bendy looks up at the stick and shakily tries to reach out to grab it. He nearly shrieked when the ice nearly tipped over. “H-Henry, I can’t!” Bendy cried out, clenching to the ice he was holding onto.

“Bendy, look at me.” 

Bendy looks up at Henry, shaking with inky tears rolling down his cheeks. “…I know your scared…but you have to trust me…I know you can do it.” Henry said calmly. 

He made the branch reach out to him again. “You can do it, Bendy…I know you can….” Henry said. Bendy looks at the branch, then back at Henry. The little devil took a deep breath and tries to reach out to the branch again. He can feel the ice tipping again. 

Bendy clenched his eyes shut and managed to grab the branch. 

This made Henry pull Bendy to shore, the ice cracking when he picked Bendy up from it. When Bendy felt himself pulled into a tight hug by Henry, he immediately wrapped his arms tightly around his neck, his fingers gripping the back of his coat tightly. Bendy sobbed hard into Henry’s shoulder, his entire body shaking. 

Henry held him tightly in return, his eyes clenched shut with one hand on the back of Bendy’s head. He fell to his knees while holding onto Bendy tightly to his chest. 

“It’s okay…I got you, you’re okay.” Henry whispered, rocking him back and forth, rubbing the back of his head and in between of his horns. But this seem to make the sobbing worse. 

“….c’mon….we better get you home…” He whispered. Bendy didn’t say anything, Henry slowly standing up while holding Bendy, who refused to pull away from his shoulder, still sobbing. 

As the night came, Bendy was sitting his his room, hugging his knees as he sat on his bed. Ink stains were on his cheek from his crying earlier. He hadn’t made a peep ever since he’s been home. 

A knock was heard on his door. 

Henry poked his head in through the cracked door. “….hey…” He slowly walked over to him with a plate. “Brought you some pizza, in case you’re hungry…” He said. Bendy didn’t say anything. 

Henry sighed softly and sat down on the bed next to him. “…Bendy, you can talk to me, bud…” He said, wrapping one arm around Bendy. 

….why aren’t you mad at me?” He asked, leaning into his side. Henry looks down at him. “I did something so stupid and you’re not yelling at me for it.” Bendy sniffed. Henry sighed deeply. 

He gathered Bendy into his arms as he leaned back on the bed a bit. “Bendy, you didn’t know it would happen. It’s my fault that I didn’t warn you about the ice around winter.” He said, rubbing his back gently. Bendy sniffed as he leaned his head against Henry’s chest. 

But-But I nearly got myself killed for not being careful…” Bendy choked, hiding his face into Henry’s chest as he starts to sob again. Henry sighed deeply as he held him close again. 

Henry hushed him gently, rocking him gently. He lets Bendy sob until he felt better, rubbing the space in between Bendy’s horn. “It’s okay….it’s okay….” He said, but Bendy shook his head, clenching to his shirt. “N-No, it’s not! It’s not okay!” Bendy sobbed. 

Henry just held him for the longest time. When he heard Bendy calmed down, he pulled away to look down at Bendy. His heart heaved when he saw Bendy’s face, inky tears staining his cheeks. 

So Henry could think of one thing. 

Henry leaned forward and pressed his forehead against Bendy’s. The little demon seemed to froze in place, but he clenched his eyes shut and lets him, clinging to one of his hands. 

“…you okay now, bud?” He asked. 

Bendy was silent for a moment, but he nods. Henry pulled away to glance at him, rubbing the top of Bendy’s head gently. “You want me stay with you for the night, bud?” He asked. 

Bendy nods, sniffing as he wiped his eyes with his arm. 

Henry nods, smiling sadly as he held Bendy to his chest, laying down on the bed. Bendy had his head resting against Henry’s chest, listening to his heart beat. 

It was silent for them both. 

“…Thanks for saving me, Henry…” 

You’re welcome, bud.” He said softly, closing his eyes. 

They were both soon asleep, Henry snoring softly as the small demon was snuggled up against Henry’s chest, breathing softly. 

This was gonna be the death of me, but I managed to write another one out. So here ya go, another angst fanfic and this AU is gonna be the death of me.

Actual Things that have Happened to Me in College

aka, why I used to say I lived in a sitcom

1. Forgot to go to the caf and eat so many times during college (they kept oddly specific hours, which didn’t match my body clock’s idea of when dinnertime was) that my roommate once conspired with my sister to physically drag me out of my room and lock the door. She didn’t let me back in until she knew I’d eaten something

2. Woke up in the middle of the night my freshman year. Four boys (undoubtedly from the dorm hall known for its pranks) were marching in single file around the entire campus, with penny whistles and banging garbage can lids together shouting “The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming! One if by land and two if by sea!” while they played “Concerning Hobbits”.

3. Sunday nights me, my sister, and one other girl used to just show up in one of the guys’ dorms and be like “Hey guys, let’s play Sardines”, because most of our friends were guys. We found out that you can fit like six people underneath the stairwell. Seven if you’re not claustrophobic. And nobody can see you at all unless you actually go under there. The downside is that there are Spiders.

4. A ten year old Japanese boy solemnly told me that if I were a Pokemon, I’d be Squirtle. Squirtle is, in fact, my favorite starter Pokemon, so I was rather flattered.

5. That One Time I Did Something Stupid And Almost Met A Bobcat

6. Looked out my window one night sophomore year with a crowd of baffled girls to discover a guy in a penguin costume and a guy in a Jar Jar Binks mask staging a mock fight on our front lawn.

7. Went on a walk with a friend in the woods, accidentally saved the life of a small fish that had gotten stuck. Proceeded to have a half-serious discussion with said friend over whether or not the fish would return someday to pay back a debt.

8. Snuck into classes before the teachers so I could draw on the chalkboard/write weird parodies of poems. Eventually the Lit Teacher figured out it was me. I don’t remember if he recognized my handwriting or if someone ratted me out.

Make Up (Ethan)

It was 3:30 in the morning, the darkness outside haunted you as the thunderstorm outside raged on. You hadn’t slept in a week, hell you don’t even remember the last time you had eaten a decent meal. Ethan walked out of your life, what seemed like for good about two weeks ago. He had no explanation, he just said things weren’t working out and that he needed time for himself. It left you in almost a permanent state of shock and sadness. Things with E were great, beyond amazing if you wanted to be honest.

The spontaneous Target runs at 4 in the morning, date night every Friday where you both had a new idea each week, acting like two little school kids in love, it was truly something. You never thought someone would just up and walk away from all of that without an explanation. But he did and it broke you, mentally, emotionally and physically. Grayson tried to reach out to you numerous times, Cameron as well. Guess they wanted just as much of an explanation as you did. It was odd for everyone seeing Ethan walk away from what he described you as, “the best thing that has ever happened to him.”

You sat up slowly, not daring to think yourself into crying again. Unsure if you even had anymore tears to shed. Zombie walking to the bathroom you cut on the shower and shed your clothes, sliding inside and that’s when it started. The water works, your head completely hidden under the warm stream as you let it all out. Guess you did have more tears to cry. It just didn’t make sense, nothing made sense. Everywhere you went you were reminded of Ethan, even the scent of his body wash still lingered in your once shared shower.

You and Ethan even stepped out on a limb and bought your own place together. It wasn’t anything spectacular, just a studio apartment with a horrible 70′s paint job. You didn’t mind it, you both had so many plans to make this place into your own. Your home. But it’s been put on hold since he left and packed up his things, moving back in with Grayson and leaving you behind. After pulling yourself together and washing off your body you wrapped yourself in your robe and climbed back into the bed.

Jesus even the bed still had his scent lingering on it. Your lip trembled and you quickly shook your head, “Get it together.” Before you could pull the covers over your body to try and make yourself fall asleep, there was a knock on your door, well more like a pounding. It alarmed you no doubt, who the hell is here at 3 in the morning, pounding on the door like a crazed individual? Most likely your best friend who got shit faced at a party and needed somewhere to crash for the night and someone to nurse her hangover in the morning. Your friend knocked again and you groaned, “I’m coming, calm down.”

Opening the door you chuckled, the first real smile you had in a long time. “Girl, what did I tell you ab-” it was not in fact your friend, it was Ethan. You couldn’t believe he was actually standing here, in front of you. His hair was all over the place, eye bags prominent, and a remorseful look on his face. You were so tempted to pull him in for a kiss and a huge hug, but you had to keep your composure. “W-What are you doing here?” You finally choked out, your voice failing you and the sentence coming out hoarse.

He stood in silence before shoving his hands into his hoodie pocket, sighing. “I, uh, came to see you.” His eyes never left the floor as he spoke. It killed you knowing he couldn’t even look you in the eyes. “Why are you here to see me? Ethan you left me.” He leaned against the doorframe, finally looking up and meeting your eyes. Your knees came so close to locking together so you had to cross your legs at the ankles to keep from toppling over. “I know, dammit I know. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I love you so fucking much, I can’t believe I did something so stupid.”

Deciding not to give your nosey neighbors something else to listen in on, you pulled him in and shut the door quietly behind you. “Why did you leave?” Once again silence fell over the place, the only thing to be heard was the rumbling of the storm outside. Once again, he sighed, “Y/N, I honestly have no explanation for me leaving. It was a dumb, stupid thing to do. If I could take it back I would. I never meant to hurt you. I don’t want time for myself, I don’t want to live this life if you’re not by my side. Please please take me back, let me come home.”

You couldn’t believe the hold this man had on you but you couldn’t deny, seeing him here in front of you right now, begging for your forgiveness tugged at your heartstrings in ways you couldn’t explain. Without saying anything you hugged him, his arms instinctively grabbing you back and holding you so tight you feared you’d lose consciousness. “I love you so fucking much.” He whispered into your neck, lightly kissing the skin there. You dug your head into his hoodie, trying to discreetly wipe the tears away.

After a few minutes of hugging, he pulled back and cupped your face in his hands. “Let me make it up to you.” He leaned forward and kissed both your cheeks, your nose, forehead and chin before half smiling, “Please?” Without hesitation you nodded, closing the gap and kissing him. Thank god you were holding onto him because the kiss made you weak to your knees, literally. His tongue slid easily into your mouth, his hands sliding down your body to the front of your robe, undoing it with ease and letting it fall to the floor revealing your bare body underneath.

He sucked in a breath and pulled back to admire you, “Fuck.” Deciding to not let him have all the fun, you pulled off his hoodie and threw it behind him. He bit his lip and lifted his arms so you could pull off his shirt next. Your nails ran gently down his torso to his belt loops, undoing it and never taking your eyes off of him. He kissed you again and helped aid you in getting his pants and boxers off. “Here?” He asked, dipping down to pick you up, letting your legs wrap around his waist. “No. Bedroom.” Nodding he started the walk down the hall to your bedroom, lying you on the bed like a fine piece of china.

You couldn’t deny the reddening of your cheeks as he spread your legs and thank god it was dark in this room because he always loved to comment how easily he could make you blush. Moments passed before you felt kisses trailing down your belly to your sex, his tongue licking languidly up and down causing your back to arch and hand to reach for a fistful of his hair.  He shook his head back and forth and wrapped his lips around you and started sucking, knowing that trick always had your eyes rolling back.

“Ethaaaan.” You drawled out his name and whimpered, the storm still raging outside making this moment even more intimate. He moaned against you, his tongue beginning to flick your clit and you knew if he kept this up, you would be coming in no time. He licked, flicked and sucked at you until you got to the edge and pulled back. “You taste so sweet.” You pulled him down for a kiss, moaning when you tasted yourself on his tongue. Ethan didn’t want to admit it, but that was always his favorite part. Seeing how eager you were to taste yourself on his tongue.

“Ready for me, baby girl?” You whimpered out a short, “Yes” and that was all he needed. He stood by the bed, pulling you to the edge and smiling. Even though he couldn’t see you, he knew how ready you were. He stroked himself a few times before sliding in slowly, letting you feel every inch before he was fully seated. He stayed still for a second, because if he moved this intimate affair would be over quicker than it started. Once he was settled, he started to move back and forth slowly, your mouth dropping open to let out a series of moans.

“God, you feel so damn good.” He grunted out, turning his head so he could kiss your leg, his arms wrapped around your thighs so he could pick up his pace. Ethan let your moans fuel him to keep going, harder and faster. Your body jerked each time he fucked you harder and faster. The headboard started to hit the walls and the mattress squeaked underneath you. Maybe the headboard would chip the paint on the wall so you could urge Ethan to finally get a move on with redecorating this place.

He moved your legs and wrapped them around his waist, leaning over you and going back to his slow, grinding pace that had you letting out a series of whimpers in his ear. “God I love you so fucking much baby.” He whispered into your skin, lightly sucking and causing purple marks to arise on your body. “I-I love you too. Fuck.” You were coming to close to your release and by the way Ethan’s thrusts were getting sloppy and how heavy and labored his breathing got, you knew he was close too.

He angled his hips so he was hitting deeper and your moans got louder. “Ethan, I’m close.” “Me too baby, hang on, let’s come together.” With a nod you held out as long as you could before he bit down on your earlobe and groaned out a command to let go. Your mind went foggy as you came, him releasing with you was such a euphoric feeling. It was something you could never tire of. You both layed there, trying to catch your breath and just enjoying being in each other’s presence again.

Ethan was the first to move, slipping out of you and picking you up bridal style, placing you in the bed and covering you up, sliding in behind you and pulling you into his warm embrace. With a kiss to the back of your neck, he sighed happily. “I meant it when I said I was sorry and that I loved you. I’ll never stop loving someone like you. So, I’m free to come back home?” With another giggle, you nodded but then hesitated, “Under one condition?” He nodded, “I’ll do anything.” Turning a little you were lucky that the darkness was hiding your devilish smile.

“We have to go paint shopping to get this place more, homey feeling.”

With a deep chuckle, Ethan nodded, “Anything for my queen. Goodnight you goober.”

Would Never Call It Love Part 6 | Calum Hood

Inspired by the break up scene between Ross and Rachel in Friends. THIS IS NOT THE LAST PART. Part 7 will be the last part of this story. Hopefully you all enjoy. Inbox me your thoughts!

Previous parts 1 2 3 4 5

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After more thrilling shows with Ashton’s sweaty hugs and the exhilarating crowd heard from miles away, we all found ourselves here back at the hotel we were all staying at after the most recent show. All except, of course, Calum and Nia. Arzalyea and I were perched on the comfy bed near the edge, while the rest of the boys were sitting on the ground in a mini circle. Michael thought it would be fun to play a drinking game, a twist on spin the bottle. Instead of kissing someone that the bottle lands on, that person gets to mix a drink for you in private and you have to drink the whole thing. We had ingredients from things like vodka to horseradish. So, by midnight my throat was burning, eyes watering, and I felt the giggles come along as time went on. 

“Y/N, since you’re the most adventurous, how about we steam it up a little?” Luke suggested.

“And how are you proposing we mix it up?” I said, then continued to drink my orange juice chaser.

“Next person the bottle lands on, you have to take a body shot from.” My face cringed at the thought, but the already coursing rum and vodka running through my body made me nod my head, wanting to prove that I don’t back down. 

“Fine Hemmings, I just hope your girlfriend won’t kill me if it lands on you sucker.” I smirked to Arz who just pretend puked, and then laughed.

I spun the bottle at a moderate pace and it started to slow near the boys side. Once the bottle stopped, it landed on my now boyfriend, Ashton. He smiled proudly, already pulled off his shirt and laying down horizontally on the bed. I covered my mouth, embarrassed, as Luke poured a sloppy shot into Ashton’s bellybutton. He giggled at the odd feeling, but his eyes dug into mine, wanting to so badly feel my lips on a pretty sensitive part of his body.

“Now drink, sucker.” Luke mocked, and I pulled my hair back using my hand. As my lips pressed into his firm stomach, my lips rounded around the hole filled with liquor, and slurped it up, even using my tongue to clean it all up. I could feel Ashton tightened under me, and I swore I could hear a faint moan escape his mouth, even over the noises of everyone in the room. I sat up setting my hair in place and cleaned my mouth with the back of my hand, smiling proudly. But the room died down in commotion when we all heard the hotel door open. I was facing away from the door while everyone was facing it dead on, and bulging eyes told me it could only be one person. My head slowly turned around before my body, meeting his eyes. 

He was clutching his phone, water bottle, and wallet all in one hand, and all stared at us with a straight face. There’s a certain way you can tell when Calum is mad. His shoulders are far more back and brooding than a normal man, his brows hand low on his face with a slight downward curve, and his bottom lip juts out more along with his chin. To make the whole situation not seem awkward, I turned back around, as Ashton brought his hand to my knee to calm me down.

“Hey bro, thought you were gonna be with Nia the entire night?” Michael asked, and stuffed his hands into his pockets.

“I broke up with her.” The whole room seemed as if someone pressed the paused button on a remote, and the whole room fell silent. The only noise to be heard was the slight ringing in the air. Everyone’s eyes, even Ashton’s, fell upon me, as if I was suppose to have some response or reaction to this statement. However, I didn’t budge, and kept my ‘non-concerned’ composure. Deep down, though, my heart began to race in my chest and got louder with each pump to the point where I almost couldn’t hear anything else.

“Nobody ask any questions, I’m going to bed. Hope you all are having fun.” He said sternly. I could feel his eyes digging into the back of my head, as he left the room to the second bedroom next door that was connected to the room we were in. As the door slammed shut, I jumped, and Ashton placed his hands on my shoulders. I heard everyone let out a shaky breathe, and the room seemed quieter than before.

“So, I think we’re going to head out, probably down at the lobby to the bar, you’re open to join us but until then, night Y/N, night Ashton.” Luke said, more hushed than his normal voice, and all 3 slipped out of the room without a single peep.

I could feel my mouth hanging open, and the build up in my chest that contemplated coming out in the form of tears, as I stared at the messy comforter beneath me.

“I think you should talk to him Y/N…” Ashton whispered, both of our heads now hanging. I trembled feeling his hands dropping from the comfortable position on my shoulders. I could feel the lump in my throat growing by the second, knowing exactly what was bound to happen either in this moment, or very very soon.

“You’re the only one who could get through to him in this time.”

“But what about us…” I looked up to find Ashton already wiping away stray tears, and sniffled.

“We both know you never really felt anything for me. Well…I personally know now.” He looked up at me with red eyes. “But I know you’ve never liked me more than a best friend.”


“It stings. It hurts. it’s…heartbreaking. But I mostly blame myself.” More tears lunged from his eyes, as I sat up and grabbed his cheeks, making sure to wipe them away as they fell, some being stopped by his growing beard.

“Don’t-don’t say that please…”

“But I do. I blame myself for taking you away from him and making you question your feelings. I blame myself for confusing you. I blame myself for taking you for my own when I didn’t even think about you, I practically took advantage of you. But mostly, I blame myself from breaking Calum’s heart.”

“W-what, do you mean? I broke him Ashton, I told him I didn’t love him when I did, it was all my fault you hear me?” He shook his head, shutting his eyes.

“No, he loved you even after all of that. And I, being the extremely selfish best friend, took his girl for myself, not even blinking an eye. And I miss him, I mean we’re Cashton. We’re best friends, bandmates, brothers. And now, I think I completely ruined our relationship for good.” He smothered his face into my palm, holding onto my hand for needed strength. I felt my own tears well up in my eyes, but held myself together for Ashton’s sake. Even though he couldn’t see me, I nodded my head to his request from before.

“I’ll do it, I’ll talk to him.” He cracked his eyes open, and began using his cotton tee to wipe around his tears. He sniffled a couple of times, before giving me a slight smile and a final kiss on the forehead.

“So I guess this is it, huh?” I asked questioningly.

“Unfortunately so.” He combed through my hair, staring at me the loving way he always has. This was the last time he’d be able to, this close, this intimately. 

“I’m going to catch up with the others. Let me know how things go with Calum please.” I nodded, watching him get up, grab his coat, and smile at me one last time before closing the door, leaving me and the Maori boy separated.

I had the courage from the fading liquor to fully open his door without a knock, and saw him lazily lounging on the bed with only his sweatpants on. The room was dark, except for his phone light on his face. I flipped the switch next to the door, and walked in further to shut the door. His eyes squinted, and he did not look at all pleased to see me of all people.

“I was trying to sleep.”

“Obviously not, you were on your phone.”

He huffed out a chuckle, and threw his phone against the plush chair in the corner of the room with enough force to see the veins in his bicep protrude. 

“Look, Calum I didn’t come in here to fight I came in to talk.”

“No, leave. Get out. I don’t even want to see you right now, I can’t look at you.”

“You have no problem looking at me when you’re basically tonguing Nia down in front of me, or giving me a death glare when I’m in Ashton’s arms!”

“Oh yeah how’s your little boyfriend? You’re little fuck buddy?”

“We just broke up Calum!” His eyes caught mine as he sat on the edge of his bed.

I strolled over to sit on the front of the bed, while he remained facing away from me on the side. “Calum, we’ve had our fair share of mistakes. I made the mistake of sleeping with Ashton while I still loved you. And even though he was different, my mind never strolled away from you. It’s always been you.” I tried to slowly lay my hand on his defined back, but he jumped up, swatting me away as if I were a fly.

“Don’t, touch me. You don’t get to come in here, tell me you love me and expect things to get better, none of what you said makes it any better, it doesn’t work that way!”

I couldn’t say anything, I knew I was the one in the wrong when it came to him and I. If I never would’ve told him I didn’t love him, and then try to jeopardize his new found relationship with my own selfish feelings, this all wouldn’t have unraveled this way.

“You’re the one who bailed, you’re the one who ran away from your feelings when I broke our most implemented rule. And besides the lying problem, we have this whole problem to fix! How are you going to solve it? If you really love me like you say you do, how do you plan to make things better!”

“Calum…I did something, so incredibly stupid and selfish of me. I lied to you, I slept with someone else to get over you, I ruined your obviously better relationship because of my own love for you which isn’t fair to you or Nia. And as much as I would jump at the chance to redo everything…I can’t.” My voice was now cracking at this point due to fast hot tears flowing down my cheeks.

“But in the end I know that what we have is so much better than any other connection we could have with anyone else. What we have is something more than just a good fuck here and there, it was a growing friendship and genuine love for one another. In reality you are my best friend Cal, and the only person I’ve ever felt anything like this before. I love you Calum…”

I swiftly grabbed his hand, and brought it to my lips but again he jumped even farther away from me.

“I won’t just fall limp in your arms like I always have this time Y/N! I have always came back to you! Not again! ” He pointed a solid pointer finger at me, emphasizing his words directly toward me. “I think you need to leave, and I think you should get back together with Ashton.” He slowly walked toward the door to open it for me, but I quickly got up and pulled his shoulder to look at me but he didn’t even flinch, but however did stop in his tracks.

“No, no Cal we can work this out, the love we have for each other will help us work this out, finally, together!”

“Well that love fading.” My heart cracked at his words, hearing that he could possibly be falling out of love with me because of my own actions completely ripped me apart.

“Look, we have to work this out. There’s got to be a way Calum…please…” I ran in front of him and placed my pleading hands on his visible pecks, feeling his rapidly beating heart against my palms. “I don’t know what to do without you, I have nothing without you. There’s a void in my heart that can only be filled with you, I need you so badly…” My crying eyes looked deep into his now deep brown ones, feeling as if our souls were connecting as his bottom lip began to quiver.

“I don’t know what I would do without these gorgeous arms that protected me and kept me safe,’ I placed a kiss on his bicep, ‘without these hands that kept mine warm even if your own were frozen,’ I kissed his fingers, ‘without this cheeks that held a smile so bright and alive that I didn’t need to look at another art piece in the world,’ I kissed his cheek, ‘without these eyes that spoke to me when words weren’t needed,’ I kissed his eyelashes, ‘and without your heart, your amazing love-filled heart Calum.” I ended with kissing his chest, my lips longing to stay on his heated skin. For a minute, I could feel him want to grab me and hold me there for eternity, afraid of ever losing me again, but instead, he just stayed lifeless in front of me, his arms staying down by his sides.

“I can’t do it…you’re so different from when I first met you, you’re like this completely different person I don’t even know anymore. Whenever I look at you, I see Ashton,,,lying above you like when I caught you two…” 

At this point, Calum Hood had finally cracked.

“Just like I’m sure you see Nia’s face when you look into mine…”

“No, Calum no. All I see is you. Your beautiful, fun loving, kind hearted soul. You’re the best person there is and I’ll always see you, as you.”

“These couple months have completely changed everything Y/N…whether you like it or not…I just can’t keep doing this with you. All the lying, the sleeping around, the putting yourself before anyone else.” I looked up at him, trying to find in his eyes if he was telling the truth. He was.

“I would have given up everything I have, for you. I would’ve put myself in danger before I let so much as a finger lay on you. But now…those feelings are fading, because for once I am going to put myself before anybody else. It’s my turn to have some happiness.”

I pulled away, hand covering my mouth while the other laid on my hip.

“But this can’t be it I mean…this can’t be the end of us Calum…”

His never left my figure as he took in my physique one last time. The way my hair fell onto one side as I flipped it, the way my foot twitched because of my anxiousness, the way I bit my nail trying to for-see what was to come after this moment.

“Then how come it is?”

And this was the moment, I finally cracked.

Part 7 if y’all really want to know how this ends! I left this at a stand off point, but I have plans for a part 7. This part actually made me choke up because this Friends scene kills me. Request loves!

Wet myself at the University!

You guys know the drill now, right? Lolol, old story from the fall of 2015, my first year at university that I wrote for I hope you all like it! Even though these are old, feedback is welcome. Feel free to shoot me a message any time. :)


Hey guys! It’s me again. I’m sure that judging from the topic title you can tell I did something stupid again, so let’s just get into it.

I was doing a hold yesterday. You know, drinking some soda, some water, the usual stuff, just waiting around for it all to start kicking in. The problem was at some point I realized I had to turn in a paper I had due to one of my professors. Looking at the clock, I hadn’t gotten too far into the whole hold thing, I was feeling it but I wasn’t unbearably desperate. I estimated that I shouldn’t be more than an hour, and by the time I got back I’d probably REALLY be feeling it, so I said what the hell, let’s go turn it in now. So I got to the nearest transit stop, knowing it would be there any second, and took it to a friends place. I had a water bottle filled with lemonade on me and continually sipped from it as the trip progressed. Eventually I got to my friends place, and bugged her for a ride, given the University is all but 5 minutes away from where she lives. She had to go to the store anyway so she let me off in the Uni lot, and said she was going to pick up some groceries and would be in the lot again by the time I got out. Perfect. At this point I was definitely starting to feel twitchy. I’d clench my thighs or bounce around a little every now and again from the discomfort.

Obligatory description paragraph! To reiterate very simply, I’m between 5'8-5'9, 116 pounds, pale as ash, and long black hair that reaches past my shoulders. For my trip out I was wearing a white Avengers T-shirt, a small jean jacket over it, a black miniskirt, and black tights. Just a white bra and panties set, nothing special.

So I get to the University. At this point I need to pee pretty solidly, but I’m not in danger. At this moment, everything was going according to plan. When I get in I ask for directions to the professor offices of that general category, and I get some really vague ones so I get sort of lost. I find my way there eventually by pure accident.

I get to her office and I knock. She tells me to come in and I hand in my assignment. Thing is about this particular teacher, she’s chatty. Which I don’t mind at all! She’s sweet, funny, and well-versed in her subject which is something I happen to find very interesting. I’m also overly nervous and polite, so I won’t often excuse myself from a conversation even if I need to.

She kept me in that office talking for about an hour. In this time, my need for the bathroom rose to DANGER levels. She was so into our conversation she didn’t even notice my constant fidgeting, or any of the usual telltale signs. And to be fair, I was really into the conversation too. It was during this conversation the first leak happened, and I visibly stiffened, thinking to myself something along the lines of “Shiiiiiiiiiit.” Eventually she let me go, saying she had some stuff to get done, and I politely excused myself from the office. The moment I shut the door I looked around and shoved my hand between my legs. Bathroom. NOW. I could let out enough and continue the hold at home, but if I didn’t do something I wouldn’t make it home to finish holding. Almost the moment I finished that thought I leaked a little into my panties, like my body was adding an exclamation point.

I looked around the entire floor for the bathroom. Campus is three or four buildings altogether, I haven’t gotten used to the grounds yet so I can’t say for sure. But its big. And not knowing where I am often, I get lost easy. Like some Omorashi cliche, the bathroom on this floor was out of order. I dribbled a bit more, as I had been doing every little bit. I actually took another sip of my lemonade, almost reflexively. Then I slapped myself mentally…Muscle memory isn’t always a good thing. I did end up coming across an elevator in my desperate waddling, and ended up on the second floor (I had been on the third). I was almost starting to get my bearings here, some of the area looked familiar. I felt a familiar warmth and immediately gripped at myself again under my skirt, clenching my legs together. The spurts had definitely soaked through my underwear, I felt the tights between my legs growing increasingly damp as time went on. I didn’t have much time left. Another spurt or two happened before I regained control, my hand coming away wet. I wiped it off on my knee and continued my desperate journey. Luckily for me, it being the weekend, there weren’t a ton of students around, especially given that here in Canada, thanksgiving was Sunday. The day I’m posting this actually, so happy thanksgiving everyone!

After much exploring I found a staircase, the kind that goes down to a landing, and then turns around to finish going down in the opposite direction. The staircase was familiar to me, at the bottom was an area I usually frequent so once I got down there I knew where the nearest bathroom was. My bladder evidently didn’t like the fact that I was close to making it, as every step down to the first landing, I leaked. My hands were buried between my legs and I could feel them catching drops. I was sweating, my muscles straining, but I couldn’t give up, I was so close! I reached the landing and made my way down the second set of steps, slowly but steadily dribbling all the way. About midway down I started leaking heavily, and one large spurt in particular I felt stream down the back of my leg a little. This was bad. I felt more urine travel down the insides of my legs and begin to gently patter onto the stairs. I was losing control I was increasingly doubting I would get back. It was also at this moment I heard voices coming from the top of the stairs coming down, and voices from ahead of me, on the ground floor. In front of the stairs, maybe 10 feet, there was a door leading outside and a hallway going left, and I could hear people coming from around the corner. I was about to be surrounded, and judging from the absolute straining feeling in my bladder as I dribbled and leaked on the stairs, I might be absolutely peeing myself during said time. So I did the only thing I could do…I dashed down the remainder of the stairs, did a 180, hid under them, and slammed my back against the wall and covered my mouth. I could hear people coming around the corner and more coming down the stairs. I shoved my hand down my tights and gripped my crotch outside of my now soaking wet panties, with my other hand covering my mouth trying to stay as quiet as possible. There was just one issue….I couldn’t hold it. I gripped, and crossed my legs, and braced as hard as I could, but I just couldn’t hold it anymore, no matter how hard I tried.

It started to come out, regardless of how badly I was trying to hold it or not. A hissing came from under my hand, streaming down my locked legs onto the floor, my other hand muffling moans and whines. I tried so hard but the more I tried the harder it came, my panties and tights were soaked. I could feel it gathering in my shoes, and my legs becoming warm and wet all over. I let out a muffled squeal into my palm as my bladder just felt like it dropped, and the stream grew so powerful it sprayed between my fingers onto the floor. The voices were growing distant now, like it even mattered anymore. I felt it streaming down my legs, my breathing becoming ragged as it made its own trails and waterfalls down my legs and thighs. There was a massive puddle beneath me on the ground. I just stood there, unsure of how to react. I had just pissed myself at University.

Me being me, I immediately went into Solid Snake mode. I whipped out a napkin and wiped off the back of my tights. Being black, they wouldn’t show much. I darted out the aforementioned door and out into the sun. It was rather warm. My panties and tights were damp but its not like anyone could tell, especially given the distance between me and anyone else. A LITTLE bit had gotten on the skirt, but as that was black too, I was currently semi-safe. I looped around campus from the outside, hoping to dry a little. I saw the car in the parking lot, but my friend wasn’t in it. I found out later she went to the convenience store across the street while waiting for me.

I hopped into the car, and reclined the passenger seat back. I kicked off my shoes and pulled my tights off. I put them in my backpack and pulled out a pair of knee highs (I go everywhere with spare socks. You never know people!) and put them on. Bam. Nobody would even be the wiser. I could even feel my panties were no longer sopping wet. Eventually she came back to the car to find me. She looked at my legs, and then at me, asking why I changed like that. I told her it was hot, while smiling like an idiot. She claimed it made no sense but didn’t pursue it further after I said I felt the socks were cuter. I then managed to get home and reflect on my day.

Well there you have it! As always, feel free to give feedback and ask me anything! I love hearing from everyone :)

Sweet Creature

Pairing: Anthony Trujillo x reader 

Word Count: 945 words

Warnings: The Jake Paul in this imagine is fitted to the request. I doubt he’s like this and I don’t know him so I can’t say. This is purely to make the story fit.

Requests: ello I love your writing can you do an Anthony Trujillo imagine where Jake’s blogging and in the back you and Anthony are kissing and Jake didn’t notice. Anonymous

Can you do an Anthony Trujillo imagine where Jake does something to you that makes Anthony mad and he flips? Anonymous

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You’re fooling around with Anthony in the kitchen as you cook breakfast. This is one of your first nights staying over at the Team 10 house. You’ve always stayed at your apartment because while Anthony loves his Team 10 family, he likes to keep his love life a little private. At least while it’s new. But now you’ve been together for almost a year and it’s time you start getting to know his family here in LA. 

“We’re never going to finish if you keep this up,” you say flicking flour his way. He makes a surprised face and grabs some flour. 

“Don’t do it,” you giggle as you hold out your hand to keep him away. But he’s much faster than you and suddenly you’re covered in flour. The floor looks like a mess and you can’t help but wonder if this is what true happiness feels like. 

“We need to get cleaned up,” you say looking into his eyes. He pulls you in and kisses you. 

“I say we jump in the pool,” he whispers against your lips. It takes a second before you realise what he just said. He flings you over his shoulder and carries you to the pool. 

“Please don’t!” you scream but it’s too late. He’s already thrown you. The only good thing is that he slips and falls in himself. 

“You’re such an idiot,” you laugh removing some wet hair from your face. The rest of the day is banter between you and Anthony. You notice the Team 10 looking your way quite a lot mainly because you make a lot of noise. You decide to stay the night but when you wake up you notice that your phone is blowing up. 

“Babe,” you say waking up Anthony. Everyone is talking about how cute a couple you and Anthony is and you furrow your brows wondering how they found out. Someone has tweeted you a screenshot and you realise that Jake’s new vlog has you and Anthony kissing in the background. You doubt he’s even noticed it while editing. Lately, he’s been a little down after parting with Disney. His heart hasn’t been in it. 

“Jake has kind of outed us,” you say biting your lip. You don’t really have a problem with it but you know that Anthony wants to keep it private. He thinks for a moment before kissing you. 

“It’s good. Now everyone knows your mine,” he smiles making you relax. You let out a breath you didn’t even realise you’ve been holding. He’s not mad about it, you think to yourself in relief. 

“You up?” Jake asks coming into the room. You sit up so he can sit on the edge of the bed. 

“I did something really stupid,” he starts out but Anthony cuts him off. 

“We already know, bro. It’s fine,” he grins looking over at you, “now I can do a lot more of this.” He leans in and kisses you making Jake cheer you on. 

“So maybe we could do a couples video then? You against me and Erika,” Jake laughs and you nod not really feeling sure. You didn’t like how he pushed Tessa when he lost the last one. But you don’t want to be the one holding a grudge when Tessa feels fine about it. An hour later he’s done all these kinds of challenges and you’re getting a bad feeling. But Anthony seems really excited so you don’t want to ruin that. 

“First challenge is a speed round. Y/N and Erika have already given me the answers to all their favourites. So the one who gets the most rights in 30 seconds wins,” Chad says once again acting as the host. You win this round easily. By the end, you and Anthony have the lead even though you’re only one point ahead. You notice Jake getting a little angry and you know he hates losing. You win the last round and you can just tell Jake is pissed off. But it’s not until later that day he lets it out. 

“So Y/N, is it true that you’re already milking the fame of being Anthony’s girlfriend?” He holds up his phone showing your latest Instagram post of you and Anthony. 

“Come on, Jake. That’s not fair,” Erika says but Jake isn’t listening. You stay quiet because you don’t want an argument. 

“Aren’t you going to stick up for yourself?” he asks coming closer to you. Still keeping quiet you turn around to leave when he grabs you by the arm. He pushes you a little and you catch on to the counter to stay on your feet.

“Let her go,” you hear Anthony say and you know without looking at him that he’s so angry he’s about to explode. But Jake doesn’t realise that so he doesn’t let you go. 

“I’m going to ask you one more time,” Anthony says and he’s almost shaking with rage. Jake still doesn’t let you go and before you know it, Anthony has punched him right in the face. 

“Are you okay?” he asks removing you from the situation. His jaw is clenched and you know he wants to go in there and fight Jake. 

“I’m fine. Don’t be mad,” you whisper hugging him tightly.

“Let’s get out of here,” you say dragging him with you. An hour later you’re at your apartment and you can tell that Anthony has cooled down. 

“Don’t be too mad at him. He’s your best friend,” you say and Anthony smiles. 

“The guy practically assaulted you and you’re still defending him? You’re too good for me,” he whispers hugging him. 

“Shut up and kiss me.”


In case you’ve forgotten, Mr. Rory, you volunteered to be part of this boarding party.

I volunteered to get away from my partner, who hasn’t been acting like my partner ever since you fed his head with fairy tales about saving the world.