so i did a photoshoot

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James Potter to Mrs. Wife: lily can we have another baby?

Lily Potter to Wears Socks to Bed: R u going to text me that every time Harry does something cute?

James Potter: yes

Lily Potter: U know if we got one every time u asked we’d have like 35 babies by now??

James Potter: i’d be okay with that

James Potter: they might give us our own tv programme

James Potter: lil and jim and their kin 

Lily Potter: Ur right what’s the point of having children if not to pimp them out for reality television

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❣️Because of the thorns
A beautiful rose 🌹 can bloom
Dark red flowers 🌺 it means I love you
Even if I bleed everywhere I wanna know you
Cause I think about you err-day
I’m already addicted to you❣️🎵🎵🎶


How is she so perfect?


Opposite Gender Challenge - Havoc

Rules: Take a photo of your favorite sim in their usual gender/look/makeup/style etc and then take an after photo of them completely genderbended. You may edit their features to match the original sim’s face if needed. Tag 10 other people & tag your challenge with #simsgbd

Tagged by @ninjaofthepurplethings. I may or may not have also done the two sets of gen 3 twins for this too XD And taken loads of pictures of them all >> (Don’t worry Ninja, I’ll only tag you in this one, promise XD) I’ll try to spread the posts out so not to spam everyone with these ;P

I was so happy to see all of Hav’s tattoos actually moved over perfectly! So of course Male!Havoc had to wear a top that shows them off ;)

Don’t know who to tag, seen so many people already doing these. Feel free to tag yourselves if you wanna do it!

anonymous asked:

Fingers crossed that someone on set took a proper wedding photo for Captain Swan!

God I hope so!  I really hope they did a professional photoshoot for it.  ABC skimped out on promo material in 6A, and now I’m hoping that they did that so they could put all their resources into promoting 6B and the wedding! 

Tsukiuta Drama CD #6 Procellarum [Mada Mada Saki Wa Nagai] (Everyone) Translation

Finally done~ I tought it would take me around 2 days but I made it to 4 and a half. Translating a 41 minute drama CD takes sure a lot of time ;u; I’m happy that I finished it though~

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Zelda Photoshoot @ Anime North 2017!!!

So I did something crazy and booked a Legend of Zelda Photoshoot on Saturday at Anime North this year, and I couldn’t be more nervous but I’m so excited to be doing this!!!

The photoshoot will be at 4:00PM, located at TCC3. That’s on the patch of grass between the Double Tree Hotel and the convention centre! Check this map to see exactly where:

even if youre not cosplaying anything zelda but youre still a big fan, please drop on in!! i’d love to say hi and get some great photos of/with everybody!! <3 i’ll see y’all there!!