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AU where you’re best friends with Lin-Manuel Miranda

Summary: you come home after a bad day at high school, only to be surprised by your best friend, Lin-Manuel Miranda

Words: 1382

(this is my first time writing fanfics in about 3 years! just wanna get back into it <3 )

Slamming the door of your bedroom behind you, you throw yourself on the bed. Breathing heavily you lie on your back and close your eyes. If today wasn’t already bad enough with your least favourite classes, you were turned down by the girl you’ve long held a crush on and received back too many negative grades. Two weeks ago you were trapped in your room for hours on end writing this biology paper which now stood in front of you with a large, red C- on it.

Chest heaving you took the paper and ripped it to shreds, letting it fall on the floor strip by strip. If the day wasn’t already shit enough, now you’ve possibly lost a friend and arriving closer at failing a subject. It was moments like these you needed your best friend, Lin-Manuel Miranda, more than anything. And he was there. He was always there. Now, however, he was constantly travelling the world filming and whatnot for various projects he was working on.

Sure, being best friends with one of the world’s most successful broadway writers and performers had its perks. You were closely known to the primary Hamilton cast and crew members. You could be guaranteed a spot in your favourite seat, the fourth row from the stage and 8th seat from the left. Lin was a lovely man, it seemed beyond the stars that you were fortunate enough to meet him through your parents. Growing up knowing Lin was like having a second parent. He was always there for you, regardless the 20 year age gap you had.

Now seeing how far Lin had come in his successions drew tears to your eyes, knowing the man you once considered another father was a sought-after writer and composer. Through the course of his time in Hamilton, you frequently babysat his young son when you weren’t drowned in homework. However, since moving to England for his filming of the Mary Poppins revival, you were lucky enough to Skype him once a week, usually on a Saturday evening.

This Friday afternoon you sat there, letting your mind trick and deceive you as you shook and broke down. You knew Lin would be off filming, with his family or seeing the world as he so often did, but you needed to hear his voice more than ever.

People laughed it off that you were friends with Lin-Manuel. They would say you were bragging, or your friendship was too close for a teenager and man with a family. But you and Lin knew nothing of that. Through thick and thin, he knew your darkest feelings and secrets and was there through the highs and lows of it.

Breathing deeply to slow your trembling hands, you opened your phone to see a spam of messages from your friends. They read

“I cannot believe you would just risk tearing us apart, telling ____ you like her and all that!!”

“I’m disgusted at how selfish you are, this is going to make lunchtimes all the more awkward”

“I need some space from you for a while. See you in a few weeks.”

Tears welled in your eyes, heart beating faster and faster. Throwing your feelings aside you clicked Lin’s contact, trembling more and more as the dial went on.  As your phone rang, you swore you could hear a phone ringing downstairs but ignored it, pushing it aside as one of your parent’s spare phones. After calling Lin twice to receive no pickup and leaving one long voice mail, you throw your earphones in and head downstairs to scavenge the leftover pizza for an emotion-healing treat. Walking down the stairs, you put on the In The Heights broadway cast album and begin to jam along as “The Club” plays.

Lipsyncing and dancing downstairs would traditionally not be a safe choice of movement, but you’ve discovered that a quick listen to ITH can change any mood in a matter of moments.

You slowly stumble to the kitchen, your mood returning to its former state as Breathe begins to play. Opening the fridge door you feel tears behind your eyes. Although not directly relatable, the lyrics hold a strong meaning of living up to others exceptions, something you are currently struggling with. The song continues and the pizza reheats. As the climax is reached, you are overcome with emotion and throw yourself down on the kitchen counter. shaking with emotion. Lin always knew how to write a good song. A relatable song. In that moment, you were Nina. Caught in a mix and feeling like a disappointment, unsure of what to do next.

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Meant to be pt.2

Summary :  A world, a world where people have soulmates, each and every person on earth is connected, bonded to another one, wherever this person is. A world where soulmates can communicate with each other through skin, everything wrote/sketched/drew on the skin, will appear on the soulmate’s and disappear few minutes later.

Word count : 1400

Genre : SoulMate!AU - Fluff - kind of a little mini bit of angst

I apologize for every grammar or spelling mistake, keep in mind that English isn’t my first language ♥

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6

End of school, beginning of the Summer, but for her, it was also the beginning of troubles.

She managed to ignore him for a few weeks, well in fact, right after the drawing spam she got on her arms, she asked, begged him to stop, at least until Summer and that’s what he did. But now there was no turning back, school is over, and he will definitely communicate with her again, and even thought she hates admitting it, she was really excited about it.

June 14th, already two weeks and he still haven’t done anything, no drawings, no words, no “P.J”’s. What if he didn’t want to know her anymore ? What if he got tired of waiting ? What if he got hurt when she said she didn’t want to know him ?

A lot of questions were stuck in her head and it drove her crazy. Crazy to the point she was ready to do the first step. She turned arounf in her apartment for a few minutes before finally grabbing a pen and settling down on her couch. It was 7pm, “he shouldn’t be asleep, it’s too early, he has to see it right ?”

She stayed there, with her pen in one hand, facing the wall with a blank expression, thinking about what to write. It was her really first time writing something first, and she was nervous. She never thought this would ever happened, she never thought she would be in this situation, stressing over what word to write on her arm, trying to talk with her supposed soulmate, but here she was, pressing gently the point of her pen on her right wrist.


It may be the end of school, but to him, the beginning of summer meant more work, because of the cool weather and the sea near the shop, many more customers would stop by to get something to drink. It has only been two weeks, and yet he never saw that amount of people in the shop before. Sadly, like him and Jungkook were the only two working there, days were long and tiring, and he had really no time to think about his soulmate.

That’s why he didn’t answer to her. He didn’t even saw her name on his wrist, too busy, serving iced teas and lemonades while smiling even thought he was so tired.

And it was like this for about a month, him working hard, and her trying now everyday to talk to him, name, city, age, she tried everything, but he never answered, and that made her heart ache everytime.

“Why must I be this freaking stupid ?! I knew this was bullshit ! I knew it was impossible !” she screamed, throwing the pen as far as she could, fighting against the tears that were threatening to fall.

She always knew that a foolish thing such as “soulmates” couldn’t really exist, that it was just something to make people feel less lonely, to make even the saddest person feel  loved. But it was all fake, there were no true feelings behind all of this, just some weird genetic shit that connected your body to another one somewhere.

The days have passed and it was already the end of June, Lucy came back from her parent’s house in Ilsan and surprised her with two tickets for Busan, convincing her with some “Think about the beautiful beach that Busan has ! The cafés ! And who knows, maybe you’ll find a boy there ..”

“FINE, fine, I need to change my mind anyways, when are we leaving ?”

“I may have bought the ticket because like they were for tonight it was cheaper… so yeah tonight !”

Her eyes widened, shocked by the news, before running to her bedroom, packing her things with her best friend. And in the blink of an eye, they found themselves boarding into their plane, in direction of Busan.

July 2nd, Jimin had a day off, finally, he could take some time for himself, and for her. He surprised himself looking at the calendar, noticing the date, and remembering that school has ended a month ago, and that he totally forgot about her due to his work. Without thinking about it twice he grabbed his usual black pen and started to write something on his arm.

“How are you ?”

It was simple, but he couldn’t think of anything else at the moment, it was all so new to him. He waited patiently, as the minute passed by, the writing slowly faded away, and no answer was in sight, nowhere. “Maybe she just didn’t see, maybe I should write it somewhere more noticeable”

So he did it again, this time he wrote it on his hand, but once again, it slowly faded away, with no response.

He tried, again and again, but nothing. “Why ? Why me ? Why can’t I find a lovely soulmate just like Jungkook did ? Why is she ignoring me ? And why is this hurting me so much ?! I don’t even know her ! AISH”

He quickly put on a white T-shirt and walked angrily toward the front door, he was about to go out, when he found them behind front of the door, Jungkook and his soulmate, in each other arms, eyes closed, clearly enjoying each other presence. Jungkook was smiling, he couldn’t see his bestfriend’s soulmate’s face, but he could swear she was too. Even if he was angry and sad, he couldn’t help but smile in front of the scene, slowly and silently walking away, exiting the quiet building.

The moon was showing, and it was the beginning of a beautiful summer night.

He walked toward the beach near his work place silently, headphones on with his favourite song, feeling the fresh and salty air getting closer and closer, until he was there.

He took off his shoes and started walking in the sand, each step in rhythm with the song, and without noticing it, he found himself starting to dance, his passion. He danced thinking about her, he never put this amount of emotion in a choreography before, but this felt right, this was appeasing his heartache.

It was night already when they landed, but they didn’t want to go to their hotel yet, and decided to go to the place they wanted to see the most, the beach.

Lucy told her that she would join later on, because they still needed to drop their luggages before enjoying themselves. While her friend made her way to the hotel, she called a taxi, which drove her directly toward the beach.

It was amazingly beautiful, the sky was clear and the stars were blindly beautiful. She inhaled deeply, smelling the wet sand mixed up with the salty sea, and got closer to the shore, but suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Right in front of her, lighten up by the reflection of the moon, a man was dancing.

He was wearing a large white T shirt with ripped jeans and was bare foot. His arms and legs were moving smoothly and his hair followed the movements of his body perfectly. Without realizing it, she got closer to the man, and sat down, few meters away from him. From where she was, she could see him perfectly with the calm water in the background. She never felt this before, just seeing this guy made her smile and calm down, forgetting all about that stupid “soulmate” of hers.

He knew, he knew someone was looking at him, but he didn’t care, he kept dancing, and he kept thinking about her, which made him more and more angry seconds by seconds, until he couldn’t take it anymore and fell on his knees, screaming in front of the calm and relaxing water like he never did before, letting his emotion get the best of him.

And she was still there, looking at him, scared and intrigued at the same time, until he looked behind him and locked eyes with her.

Both of them instantly tensing and relaxing at the same time, and they stayed like that, until Lucy got back, breaking the sudden connection between the two, and making him leave.

He just looked at her, and she just looked at him, and that’s all it took to capture each other hearts without them even knowing.

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Jeremy and Alvarez are bffs and Jean and Laila are bffs and when Alvarez decides she wants to propose to Laila she gets Jean to take Laila out while Jeremy helps al set up something super fuckin cute. Laila cries when al proposes.

Yeeeessssss OMG yes!

Jean and Laila are totally bffs and even when they graduate they keep going out on these super lovely lil arty lunch dates whenever Jean has the time off from training with his new team (so like quite frequently because these people are sane and have lives outside their professional sport)

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jinki-bunny fan-account: SHINee "The Wizard" Concert

Seriously this is the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

The below is all written from my own point of view! Sorry for the text spam ahead! I hope to share this with everyone so that you can read it and relate to the awesome fancam pictures circulating on tumblr right now, so please pardon me for any mistakes or typos (i’m still spazzing from the experience seriously. Plus im not fluent in Korean so..)

It is also not easy for me to attend a SHINee concert as well so I kinda understand how it feels.. I hope this can help my awesome tumblr international fan friends feel like they were there with me at the concert~ xD


Before the concert started, SM rookies performed many songs and dances. Seriously they are good! They even did items like Lucifer and Bonamana!

SHINee boys entered wearing pure white (my fav) and started with Hitchhiking, followed by Nitemare. Then Dream girl (Onew condition appeared and Jinki dropped his mic stand while spinning it. The performance still went on smoothly though!)

The boys then introduced themselves. (Minho said Merry Christmas!)

They performed Sherlock next. I am forever in awe of their perfect sync and coordination.

Then the boys went in to change and concert MV started. It was a magic show put up by the boys dressed in top hats n black suits (too handsome omg *squealing just by recalling*)

Followed by Jongkey performance! they started off really silly.. Jonghyun had a rudolph nose and they came on stage in tiny cars. (when getting out of the car jjong’s leg got stuck lol) They then walked out onto the extended stage to sing and dance and they threw things to the fans! (Did I mention that jjong’s jacket was open and you can see his torso?! It was covered with kiss marks omg. He even topped the sexy time by taking off his coat at the end while exiting I almost died.)

Then it was a solo by Minho. That boy is so full of aegyo and overflowing with cuteness. His charisma is really no joke! I managed to get a clear shot here yay! Then he suddenly pulled out a girl? from the fans and turns out it’s the 6th member of SHINee Jun Hyun Moo cross dressed LOL too cute seriously they all~

Taemin did a solo slow song next.. This boy’s singing is really good!

Finally the moment i was waiting for - Jinki’s solo performance. He sang In your eyes omg! He was wearing a suit.. so so so handsome kyahh!!! Then suddenly he exited the stage abruptly acting like he was crying (lol?)

And Minho appeared with a real messy wig and started dancing to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. After a few silly antics, suddenly he discovers a bag. And he drew out a Mexican hat and stuck 2 black duct tape to his face to make a moustache LOL! And Jinki re-appeared with a similar hat and lots of duct tape on his face to make a moustache. Then they performed Macarena I almost died laughing they are so hilarious! Jinki looked so lost towards the end he’s really so cute!

Jonghyun, Taemin and key entered to start talking while OnHo went in to change. Key and Jonghyun danced the SHINee Macarena too~ xD *fangirls*

Then Minho and Onew came out together with their arms around each other’s shoulders!! They then talked a lot more but sadly I couldn’t understand korean well and there was no translation. =\ *mental note to self to really learn my korean more diligently*

They then performed Sleepless night, Honesty (Jinki asked the fans to sing along *i think!* and everyone sang together it was really such a beautiful moment), and In my room (all acoustic so so awesome really!) The boys are so sweet they thanked the guitarist and pianist every time!

The boys continued talking and Jonghyun seems to be saying something about him mixing up Japanese and Korean lyrics~ (I might be wrong but my korean is really level zero!)

Then they performed Run with me, followed by Dazzling girl (one of my favourites omg and Key waved in my direction during the song!!!!! *dies from happiness*)

Then it was the MV of Wizard of Oz! (LOL I really laughed so hard watching this) Jonghyun is sassy Dorothy with long red hair (he keep bashing the other boys lol), Onew is the tin man (who is forever in love with everyone omg damn cute seriously and playing around with that ax of his), Min Ho is the scarecrow (it was a cutout cos I think he was busy with filming to do this MV together) Taemin is the lion (omg he is sooooo adorable with that whiskers and all!) and Key is the witch (Now we know what his instagram pic means! It was the make up for this concert MV).. and best part, they defeated the witch (Key) by removing his eyeliner HAHAHA!! xD Best ever!

The boys then re-entered and performed 3(?) dance songs (Ready or not was one of the songs). (By then I was seriously so high and standing up jumping and dancing around at my seat with the boys. I think it was at this point (honestly I forgot when exactly) that they entered by the aisle near the fans OMG MINHO CAME BY MINE! Halfway through the performance Jonghyun came by my side on a moving platform OMG HE WAS SO NEAR!! I got a decent shot of him yay!!!)

After that there was a DJ stand in the middle of the stage, and Jonghyun re-entered first, followed by the rest of the boys and they did a remix of Lucifer followed by a remix of 아름다워 (Beautiful).

The boys changed into sweaters and coats, and they entered by the moving platform at the sides. They sang Haru while travelling around the concert area on that small moving platform OMFG they were so near me like 2-3m away only OMG OMG OMG I seriously can’t. I really died a little inside when I saw Jinki. He even high-fived some of the fans who ran down to the railing (urgh I din!)

Then they sang Bodyguard, followed by a slow song, then it was the end of the concert and they exited.

All the fans started chanting Encore~ followed by “SHINee, SHINee” non stop. We really carried on for a long while and then the boys came back!

They performed Everybody!!!!!!! IT WAS SO DAMN AWESOME TO SEE IT LIVE. Jinki did the propeller move but can tell that it is not as vigorous as before (im glad actually).

They then sat down to talk (Jinki was tying his shoe lace at one point, and he did the little bunny nose action that he tends to do!!! *kyahhhh!*) At one point I think they talked about hair color, and they kept repeating the word “colourful” in between their convos. I’m guessing they are talking about the MV released yesterday cos they mentioned something about merry Christmas as well.

They performed Green rain, followed by (OMG MY FAV) Colorful! Their dance is so simple, cute and sweet! After the performance, Jinki said something about his coat when he was turning around during colorful dance (I think he meant that it kept swinging around hehe)

Finally, the boys ended off with a speech each, starting with Onew (he was so cute he did some kind of aegyo voice at one point), followed by Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho and then Key.

And then, they sang Selene 6.23 (*AFDHKJDF~*)

The boys are so sweet they went on to thank the fans on each part of the concert hall and along the way Jinki picked up this red bunny ears hairband and wore it *aww!!! Jinki bunny!*

At some point of their talking all the fans started chanting Saranghae and Minho (some of the other boys may have chanted too) chanted together with the fans omg so cute!!!

Then it’s the final end and the boys left. They then played a “Behind the scenes” video of their preparation for this concert. (LOL Key and the bird was so funny and cute xD)


(OK this post is the first thing I did when I got back to my hotel. Time to get some food and rest up and continue spazzing over this experience. It feels so .. urgh I cant even put it into words I’m just so happy! This Korea trip is really full of wonderful experiences and this SHINee concert was way unexpected and I can only say that I am a really lucky girl and I just want to share my joy and love for SHINee with all of you. Thank you if you reached this point (and is still alive reading). And once again pardon me for any poor descriptions or grammar.)