so i definitely have a wing!kink

Blown Away

Blown Away by FictionalNutter

Pairings: Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Background Castiel/Dean Winchester

Rating: G

Length: 1355

Warnings/Tags: Wing Fic, Wing!Kink, Fluff

Summary: Originally posted to Tumblr, based on a prompt from firefly124 asking for some Sabriel wing!fic.


Wing!kink is one of my all-time favorite tropes, and this fic really hit the spot! Love the way that Gabriel was not expecting for his wings to be anything more than a flashy display of power, and how Sam inevitably showed him that they could be so much more than that. Very sweet, I love it! - Gisselle

Oh my, do I love wing!kink. Sam is such a sweet guy in this and I just adore how caught off guard Gabriel gets when Sam starts touching his feathers. You should definitely give this a read. -Tyler  

I agree with both Tyler and Gisselle, Wing Kinks are some of my absolute favorite fics and this one is especially good. I would have liked a little more in the way of smut, but that’s just my perverted self. I really adore Sam trying to describe Gabriel’s wings. Great job! - Lauren 

sphxa  asked:

maybe some slow, emotional bottom!cas..? Both art and fics if u can.... Love u and ur blog!!!! XOXO


If you haven’t read Hunting for Faith, you should, you definitely should. In that fic, Cas is a priest and Dean and Sam are angels. A+ fic. All of the feels and it is the slowest of slow burns. 

Next up we have A Little Patients which is kind of a dom/sub fic. I haven’t actually finished that one, but from what I’ve read it’s fantastic. 

I haven’t read Angel’s Wild, but I feel pretty comfortable recommending it, since all of riseofthefallenone’s fics are wonderful. In this one they switch top and bottom, so if you’re not into bottom!Dean this might not be the fic for you. Also it has wing kink which is always good in my opinion. 

As for the art, Hunting for Faith is actually illustrated! Which is wonderful.

Hump Day Smut!

Happy Wednesday, friends!! The coming week is finals for me, so next week may have no Hump Day Smut (boo) or just a short one. We’ll see how much procrastinating I do :) Writers, if you tag me in your smut, it’s way easier for me to put the post together. I definitely won’t have time to go digging for smut this coming week. Also, my birthday is the 12th so if you feel so inclined, you can write smut for it. *Shamelessly begs you all for smut*

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My Girl by @unadulteratedstorycollector (A little bit of praise!kink Dean.)

Stay Here With Me by @unadulteratedstorycollector (Oh my gosh this made me so happy I don’t even know just read it it’s so good and I can’t.)

Hidden Wings by @sexysupernaturalfics (Reader has wings and Cas shows her his wings… and his weiner. I need to grow up.)

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Cardigan Delights by @fingersinsamshair (Omgggg Sammy plus dat cardigan from Just My Imagination…. I think I came.)

Sexy little Dean ask by @fingersinsamshair (Talking Dean and mutual masturbation and is it hot in here?)

Rest Up by @dreamsfromthebunker (Reader takes care of Sammy since he hasn’t been taking care of himself.)

In the Backseat of My Brother’s 67 Chevy by @fingersinsamshair (Sam shows you some of his night moves.)

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For A Good Time by @deandoesthingstome (Um. I think my car is broken. Can someone get me mechanic!Dean’s number please? I’m gonna need that.)

Read My Mind by @sexysupernaturalfics (Drunken confession of feelings for Dean, but ever the gentleman, he waits until you’re sober to act on it.)

Bed Rest by @snowballackles (After surgery, reader was put on bed rest for 4 weeks. No sex for 4 weeks builds up a lot of tension for her and Dean.)

Why Do You Love Me? by @abaddonwithyall (Sammy feels and some smut.)

Push and Shove by @pepermint-pada-ackles (After pushing you too hard in your training, Dean makes it up to you.)

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