so i decided to watch this having absolutely no idea what's it about

I went on a first date yesterday with this absolutely lovely guy called Jack and I literally had the best first date I’ve ever had. I met up with him at 1pm and I didn’t get home til 1am in the morning because we just had so much to talk about and then eventually we decided to go eat ice cream for dinner (which was his amazing idea cause I can’t hold down much else) when it got dark and then watch a movie. And we held hands and it was amazing and I haven’t smiled this much in literally forever. I’m totally not writing this down well but I’m so happy and so excited that I’ve found someone who is so easy to talk to and I have so much in common with (he’s a designer too) and I’ve connected with so quickly.

Like I’ve felt really reserved about all the dates I’ve been on this last year and I thought maybe that I’d just forgotten what it felt like to like someone new but it’s so nice now to really feel it and be so happy and excited about someone!

(This is what I wore on my date)

I reckon, the Feds sent them anyway. Government probably bred those things to kill black boys. First they sent in drugs, then they sent guns and now they’re sending monsters in to kill us. They don’t care man. We ain’t killing each other fast enough. So they decided to speed up the process.