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mikeycarvajal: “When I was a kid I always wanted to visit Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, FL. It’s a sad thing to a 90s kid that it’s not there anymore. After the show tonight, I had a moment to wander the park. So I decided to see if the door was unlocked to the old building where the studios once were. It was totally unlocked. So I went inside and found a wall covered in orange paint and old Nickelodeon art. So there you have it folks. Pieces of our childhood abandoned.”

So I work with a mixed bag of people.

I sit right next to this older guy, Bill. And he’s had this children’s book on his desk for a while.

And we all thought nothing of it. Maybe he got it for a niece or something.

Until he overheard us talking about politics. He pulled this book off his desk and proudly showed it to us. Looks like a normal kid’s book. Until you open it.

It’s got Trump as this pumpkin man.

So the pumpkin man decides to run for mayor. Who does he get help from?

Russia. Portrayed as a bear in a tutu.

And that’s how I learned that the guy who looked the most like a stereotype conservative had a picture book that portrayed Trump as a Pumpkin Puppet controlled by a Russian Circus Bear.

Parent Trap | E. Dolan

Summary: Grayson decides to trick his brother and his best friend into a cabin to bond and get over their hatred towards each other.

Requested: Yes

Request: Can you do an imagine where y/n hates one of the twins(I don’t care which one) for some reason but then ends up falling in love?

“What’s up guys, We’re back!” Grayson says, looking into the camera that he is holding up to show his face. “Well, I’m back.” He says, shaking his head. “So, as many of you know, one of my closest friends, Y/N, and Ethan don’t get along, at all. So, I’m going to parent trap them.” Grayson says. He cuts the videos and sets it up on a tripod to explain whats going to happen. “So, basically, I’m going to tell them each that I want to go on a trip up to Big Bear to escape from L.A. It’s going to be a little more difficult to convince Y/N to go, because I do everything with E, but I’m just going to say that E has been getting on my nerves and that he has plans or something. And I’m going to book a cabin for them and I’ll tell Y/N I’m going to go up the day before to get everything settled and for E, we will plan on going together and then I’ll tell him something last minute came up and I’ll meet him out there.” Grayson explains coming up with a classic parent trap.

“So, let’s call Y/N.” Grayson says, pulling out his phone and clicking on your contact.

“Hey, Gray.” You answer.

“Hey, Y/N/N” Grayson replies.

“What’s up?” You ask, over the phone.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go up to Big Bear this weekend?”

“Um… I don’t know, G.”

“It’d be just us.” Grayson adds.

“Us as in? You, Ethan and me?”

“No. Just you and me.” Grayson pauses. “I just want to get away for a bit, and Ethan keeps getting on my nerves with our filming schedules.”

“I’m busy until like 5 on Friday, but we can go up after?” You ask, feeling bad for him.

“I think I’ll have to get the cabin all ready on Thursday for reservations, so you want to meet there?”

“Sounds good, G.”

“Okay– Hey, Ethan just got home so I’ll text you, okay?”

“Okay. Talk to you later.” You say and Grayson ends the call. “AHHH! Guys! I feel so bad.” Grayson exclaims. “Okay, I’m going to call Ethan, who will be ten times more easy to convince.

"What’s up, Gray?” Ethan answers.

“Hey, I was just wondering if you wanted to head up to Big Bear this weekend, get away from L.A. for the weekend?”

“Um, sure?” Ethan says, questioningly.

“Great, I’ll get everything booked.”

“Okay, I’ll be home soon.”

“Okay. I’ll see you then, than.”
“Okay, bye.” Grayson hangs up again, letting out a silent scream.

“Okay guys, so. It’s been a couple of days and I’ve just now realized that there won’t be any footage from when they are inside, by themselves, since I’m not going, but I’ll interview them after the fact or just scrap the video and hope for the best. Um, but so Ethan is about to leave and I’m going to tell him that Y/N needs help with something and that I’ll follow him in a couple of hours.”

Eventually, Ethan gets to the cabin and gets settled in, waiting for his brother to show up.

“Are you ready?” Ethan asks, popping his head onto Grayson’s room.

“Um.. I actually need to run to Y/N’s. You want to just meet there?” Grayson asks, looking up from his phone.

“Are you serious? What does she want now?” Ethan asks, leaning on the door frame. “Ugh, Whatever. Make it fast and I’ll wait.”

“It might be a while… and someone needs to go get the cabin sorted before they close and we lose our reservation.”

“Okay. Don’t take forever. This is exactly the things we need a break from.” Ethan sighs, picking up his bag and going out to his car.

Ethan sighs, taking his pick of the his room, since Grayson wasn’t there to choose first.

Meanwhile, you were halfway there. You decided to call Grayson, seeing if he wanted you to stop to get dinner, since you were starving.

“Hello?” Grayson answers, not expecting you to call so soon.

“Hey, are you at the cabin?”

“Yeah, why what’s up?”

“Just wanted to know if you wanted me to pick something up for dinner.” You wonder.

“Uh, yeah. I’ll order a pizza, you pick it up?”

“Yeah just send me the place. Under Dolan?”

“Yeah. Pineapple?”

“Sounds good. See you soon.”

After picking up the pizza, you head to the cabin. You notice Ethan’s car in the drive, but you just assume that Grayson borrowed it, not wanting to get the Bronco dirty, not to mention the problems with it recently. You try to open the door to the cabin, but the door was locked, so you knock. When the door opens, you can’t help but roll your eyes.

“What are you doing here?” Ethan asks, looking behind you for Grayson.

“What am I doing here? I was invited, what are you doing here? Where’s Grayson?” You ask, pushing Ethan aside and going inside where it was warm.

“He was supposed to be with you, in Los Angeles.” Ethan says.

“No. He was supposed to be here, without you.”

“No. Grayson said he’d meet me here after he delt with whatever problem you had this morning.”

“I didn’t have any problems this morning. I hadn’t talked to him until an hour or so ago.”  You explain, setting the pizza on the table.

“He said you needed his help and that he would come a couple hours after I left.”

“No, he said that he’d come yesterday and get the cabin.”

“Well, we both got played.” Ethan sighs, sitting on the couch.

“Well, He payed for pizza, so…” You say flipping the lid of the pizza box open for Ethan to see pineapple pizza. You sit down on the couch next to him, taking a slice of the pizza.

“You like pineapple pizza?” Ethan asks.

“Grayson makes me eat it… I like it though.” You shrug.

“Why do you hate me so much?” Ethan asks, looking at you, causing you to chock on your pizza.

“I mean I don’t.. I just…You can act douche-ey sometimes. I don’t like that.”

“What? No I don’t.”

“When we we’re younger?” Ethan sighs in agreement.

“I guess you’re right.” Ethan says, taking his own piece.

The two of you sat eating the pizza, falling into Grayson’s trap, without even realizing it. You sat there eating the pizza and talking about anything and everything.

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Alice, thank you so so much for deciding not to show Elle going through transition as her storyline in Heartstopper. Trans characters are so often reduced to that storyline and to their bodies in order to help curious cis audiences and it means so much that you want to show her in another light. You rock <3

aw no worries pal!! i mean, if people wanna read about trans characters going through transition, just let me know and i can recommend a bunch of books written by trans people that explore that! :)


Poldark Families Appreciation Week - Day 7: The Penvenen Family 

‘It is very odd – you know that old saying about blood being thicker than water? Well… I was thrown upon my uncles when I was ten years old, and I do not think in the years they had legal charge of me that I could claim to have been an obedient or grateful niece. Indeed, I should not be surprised if they both wear a few grey hairs the more for having had this care thrust upon them. But… when one of them is ill, and sick to death – indeed, certainly doomed to death by the sugar sickness, then I am surprised to find myself drawn into defending him against these unfair attacks. It is like a husband and wife quarrelling, when, against an assault from outside, they patch up their differences and stand shoulder to shoulder. So… I am standing shoulder to shoulder with Uncle Ray – so far as I can, that is – which is difficult physically since he now never stands at all.’ - The Black Moon, Book I, Chapter 12.

what does brockhampton mean to you?

so my good pal @nicklenzinis had an idea to get people in the bh fandom to write about what brockhampton means to u personally. it can be short or long, abt any way they’ve impacted your life, why you care about them so much, what it is about them that keeps u going, etc like whatever feels right to u. and my pal auden’s gonna compile it into a book to give to the guys at the last show of the lyp tour in phoenix in march with @mindwinders :)

so if you’d like to be a part of that you can either drop me or auden or miranda a submission (it can be anon if you’re more comfortable with that) and anything/everything will be slapped in there. the concert is march 7 so submissions will be taken until a week or two beforehand to allow adequate time for putting it together cohesively/printing it. pls reblog to spread the word !! and i hope y’all decide to participate


Hey hey @shiroyoh ! As I’ve said in the messages sent to you before posting this I am very very sorry that your secret santa gift has taken this long!

From what I know, your gifter will be posting theirs anyway but as the Mod for vncsecretsanta I felt the need to make you a gift as an apology for the delay!

I hope you enjoy this gift! You had Roland on your list so I decided to draw him but couldn’t decide on the background color ;;;;;

The Missing Piece (part 5)


Reader x Mitch Rapp

Wordcount: +/- 1.3K

(part 4) part 5 (part 6)

A/N: HAHAHAHAHA this chapter wasn’t hard to edit at all. Originally everything that happened in the restaurant was one part but I decided “you know, the conversation in this seems kind of random and nothing is really fleshed out well. I should work on that.” Catch me a few hours later with a headache I thought was gone but three parts to show for it! Honestly, at this point, I feel like I’m rewriting the entire thing I used to have, but I’m so excited about it so I guess that’s okay!

Warnings: The restaurant in this chapter, while based on a real place, is entirely fictional and should not be looked for while in Paris. You’ll find a Les Ombres but it won’t at all be the same as depicted in this chapter. Also, I’m back at it again with the bad French. And the reader might be a little Bi. I might decide whilst editing later parts that she’s gonna be a lot Bi.

Summary: The reader is sent to recruit former agent Rapp for a mission and finds herself going along to Paris, where a group of cultists is planning a revolution.

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Mitch was not a suit guy. Although he looked pretty damn good in one–which I wasn’t going to tell him–he was very uncomfortable, and it showed. He kept tugging at his navy blue tie as if he didn’t understand that doing so just made it tighter, and pulling his hand through his hair, messing up the way he’d slicked it back.

But he looked good. He was wearing a black suit that was fastened with only one button and a white undershirt. He’d shaved again, his cheeks for once completely smooth. His hair had become kind of messy again, but not necessarily in a bad way.

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Knight of the Night (Modern Superhero/Vigilante Au!Matt)

Originally posted by adamblessdriver

A/N: Hi everyone, just want to thank everyone for the support you’ve given me and my family. I’m not fully 100% ready to come back on this site full time, but I very much miss you guys. I haven’t really been compelled to write, but this was done since before so I’m just posting it so you guys don’t forget about me and also to show how much I appreciate all the kind words. I’ve decided to just focus on series and completing them so I apologize if anyone had made any request, I don’t even have the mental capacity to even come up with ideas chapters that are 90% done. I don’t know when I’ll be back on, probably after February, it’s been really hectic and I just need to try and get myself together. Thanks for everything and I hope you enjoy this.

Summary: Matt Organa-Solo, a 21-year old psychology student at Academia: University of First Order. He was the only child of Senator Leia Organa-Solo and Retired Chief of Police Han Organa-Solo. It was a problematic community, but not as terrible as some other towns and colleges. But somehow, he always found himself always somehow saving someone, literally. After a crazy night, will Matt dare venture to become the hero this place needs?

Knight of the Night Collection

Vol. #5- A Knight of Fun

“Are you doing anything for Halloween?” Your sharp (y/e/c) eyes pierced into his brown eyes and he was so lost in them, he had to ask you to repeat yourself. “Are you doing anything for Halloween?” Matt shook his head continuing to untangle the paper thin chain. “Just a couple of movies and that’s about it.” Even though he was looking down, he saw you move your shoulders back and forth which he discovered was your nervous tick after about a week. “I’m going to party at this place near RCC with some of my old buddies.” You said as your hands were placed over his so he could stop what he was doing. He lifted his head to see your eyes staring at him once again. “And…I want you to come.” Matt was taken aback that you just asked him out, well not like that, but still! His heart beat so loud he was pretty sure that even you can hear it. “You want me to come?” Matt’s voice went up an octave; he coughed to try and make sure you couldn’t tell. But you did and you mocked him. “Of course I want you to come, why would I ask you?” You smiled and he swore he was about to have a heart attack. “So it’s like a costume party?” Matt asked fingers still fumbling with the chain. “Yes, but you don’t have to get all dressed up.” “Good, I hate how people go all out and I hate couple costumes they’re so corny. And don’t get me started on girls group costumes.” He rolled his eyes. “Yeah,” you awkwardly laughed.

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Hi Admins! I'm looking for a fanfic where baek owns a porn blog and is a camboy but never shows his face. One night he got drunk, decided to do a session wearing female school uniform & accidentally exposed his face. yeol found him because of that. Pretty sure its on AFF. Thank you so much for your help!

hi anon! 

the closest i can think of is this:
Straight A+ (pornstar au, nc17)
the plotline is p similar!

- Admin Summer

February 14th, 1997

Dear Dylan,

I saw my older sister writing one of these cards for her boyfriend and asked her what she was doing. She told me that today was Valentine’s Day and that you’re suppose to show the people that you love how much they mean to you.

You’re the only boy friend I’ve got, so I figured I’d make you one of these cards and ask you to be my Valentine.

My sister told me not to.

She told me I should give one to everyone else in our class or else people with think that I like you, which is definitely not the case because everyone knows that boys have cooties.

I guess I just wanted to thank you for being my best friend and for deciding to meet me by the swings.

You’re a really great friend.

Your pal, Y/N/N


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I’m thinking of watching the end of the f****ing world but it seems kind of scary....but also really good. What do you think of it?

I honestly love it so hecking much but I will say that it’s disturbing for sure.. it’s hard to give warnings because it also spoils important parts of the show but just know that there are things in it that can be triggering

that being said, honestly I cannot believe that Netflix pulled this off. It’s very blunt and I like that about it, the characters are interesting and it gives me a feeling as if i’m there almost.

If you decide to watch it feel free to message me your opinion on it! :)

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you know what's also evil? Thst they made joan sleep with mycroft or whatever his name is spelled in canon and im just why no

i know…… don’t remind me i’m trying so hard to forget hhfhfhh the writers and the heterosexual demons watching this show just decided to torture the women on the show by forcing them with this uh bald magic guy from hp and this is why heterosexuals Need To Be Stopped

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Oh I have one that's not that good but I think about.... Like Evil knows his girl is watching backstage and kind of puts the straps of his ring gear down to show a bit what he got.... (Has that ever happened that his straps went down..... Idk... And yes I'm feeling Evil at the moment a lot ✌)

(I think it might have)

Sanada was holding back a laugh. He was watching Evil as he peacocked in the ring. He was showing off, trying to impress you, but really he looked a bit ridiculous. He watched as Evil pulled the straps of his gear off and decided that he may as well join in. They could both look like fools together.
Back in the locker room you and the other boys had no qualms about laughing your heads off. Evil looked so damn proud as he pinned Okada and Sanada just looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there. You were rolling around in stitches as Hiromu and Bushi imitated them when they walked through the door. Evil scoffed at his brothers before making a beeline for you.

Have you guys ever been compared to someone your whole life?? I’m shopping right now and I found these really cute floral leg-slit pants. My mom said they were cute also so she told me to show my grandma. So I did because I was proud I found something. Then my grandma liked them and decided to buy them for my cousin. I don’t wanna match with her again because through most of my life I was compared to her and they made us twin.

The comparing started because we look very similar. Then I entered elementary and they explained how she was never stubborn and how she would listen to them. When I entered middle school they said I she get goods grade like her and join these extracurricular activities that I didn’t enjoy. Then in high school they expect my to graduate and get into a top university. I’m trying but the want me to reach certain standards. I’m my own individual person and they don’t get that. Then I told my dad the story and he made fun of me and this random kid started to laugh at me. Now I’m about to burst into tears at the mall. This is not how I wanted to spend my day.

Hello! so i made a video showing the drawings of the challenge!
warnings: there’s a second of nsfw art but the quality of the video is so poor that you won’t even see it, and good luck if you decide to watch it ahhh
also, i filmed this before i had drawn that last Sai i posted xD

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Unpopular? Opinion: I really don't like the Buffy's-the-only-girl-on-the-team storyline. Not for any particular rational reason, I just get really uncomfortable when the girl HAS to prove herself in a team of boys, it almost always ends badly in terms of the writing, where either the boys are like "wow you're cool I guess girls are alright" or she decides to leave because they "don't appreciate her" and thus makes them think that they were right...

True! I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case for this show, as it is Andi Mack after all, but then we’ve had Tj x Buffy introduced recently which is the classic Enemies to Friends to Lovers cliche so…yeah, hoping they actually write this storyline well.

So, as you might know, I have many issues with the latest episodes of Steven Universe, therefore, I decided to show my thoughts in the form of little panels because I’m better at drawing than speaking.

So, what would I change if I could? First of all, I think we needed a scene in which Steven (not Sadie) talked with Lars’ parents:

We also needed a scene in which Greg finally got upset, putted his foot down, and talked to the gems about his child, just like he did on Space Race.

Then, a scene in which the gems tell Steven that he needs to trust them, that they care about the earth as much as he does, and that he’s not alone.

Then Steven apologizes with Connie and all of that…

And THEN, they all (including Peridot, who, at this point, is not exactly over her relationship with Lapis, but is getting there) go to save Lars as a team:

We got our reunion, Lars gets to read a letter from his parents and the Crystal Gems meet the Off Colors (no Lars of the Stars bullsh*t):

They plan on hijacking Emerald’s ship, but this time we get to see it:

Peridot is useful:

We get our fight:

At some point the team gets in trouble (the engine fails or something), everyone starts to panick, but Lars is the one who puts everyone in place:

They destroy the ship, escape succesfully, and Lars gets encouragement from the gems:

They get to earth, have their reunion, etcetera:

And then they all celebrate, for now. Maybe Sadie became a rock star and Mayor Dewey lost the election off screen, or those acts could’ve been placed directly after this, who knows. I’m not good with words, but this is sorta what I wanted (and expected) from the show. 

Now why did we get a nonsensical space opera that went too fast; another Stevonnie episode, but this time without actual character development; and a random Pink Diamond appearence that really wasn’t necesary at that moment?… I honestly don’t know.