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Practical Lessons in Love

Request: “Hi! Draco Malfoy smut? Reader has body issues and severe depression, but masks it with sarcasm and humor, and Draco can see right through it, so he decides to show her how much he loves her? I love your blog thank you so much! + Any character of your choice reacting to an s/o who is insecure about their stretch marks and/or their cellulite? Fluff or smut or whatever your want, sweetheart”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: SMUT!! Mentions of self-harm and depression

You lounged comfortably with your boyfriend, spending an easy Sunday afternoon in each other’s arms. Draco was fiddling with a strand of your hair, twirling it into tendrils, then letting it unfurl back into place. His legs housed you as you sat, absentmindedly humming along to the song on the radio as you lay there, in complete bliss.

“Your hair is so soft.” He uttered, breaking the silence. “Everything about you is so… just- soft. It’s as if you were made by angels.”

You turned, a small smile on your face.

“You’re so sweet.” You said softly, then pressed a kiss on his lips.

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A friend showed me the image of Rick and Morty while we talking in chat, and for a weird reason, when I saw that picture, I thought in Error, Ink and PJ so, I decided to re draw this scene but with them.
I know, this is really silly, but anyway, hope you like it (?

Ink!Sans belongs to @comyet / @myebi

Error!Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies

PaperJam belongs to @7goodangel

Redraw by me~

Since I uploaded the lineart and you have seen the horrendous doodle as well, I might just show you the step-by-step process of my mammoth project.

Seriously, why do I do always make it so hard on myself and decide to draw on such a big canvas that you can see every little mistake? Am I a masochist and just don’t know it yet? Probably. 

Excuse my rambling. This is basically just the basic colouration for Lest and Krul, their most prominent features being their sharp eyes that pierce the dark surroundings with ease.

i’m sorry for being such a bitch and i’m sorry for treating you like shit and i’m sorry for not being the person you deserve but i’m stupid sometimes, i act like i don’t care but i really do care, it seems like i’m better off without you but i’m just better when i’m with you, and i’m sorry for not being able to show my feelings and the love i feel for you but i didn’t decide to be like this, i just became this. so baby please don’t leave me, because i’m not brave enough to ask you if you wanna stay

One of my followers* commented on that long ace/aro post that I reblogged with “but this is all on the internet” as if that lessens the harm evident in those posts.

Imagine being so cold-hearted that your response to a post showing people harassing and bullying other people specifically for being ace/aro is “well it’s on the internet [so it doesn’t matter]”.

Regardless of where you stand on ace/aro discourse, people being harassed for being ace/aro and trying to live their lives should worry you.

Even if it’s “just” online.

I can’t control your opinions on whether ace/aro people are in any way oppressed for their identities. I can’t stop folks on tumblr from linking queerness inextricably with suffering only to decide that some forms of suffering don’t matter.

And I won’t trauma-vomit to prove a point about how it’s not “just” online. (Even though I actually could…)

But at the very least, it shouldn’t be hard to understand that dismissing harassment isn’t acceptable. I’m not okay with that kind of mindset and it’s something I block for on this blog.

If you don’t know my feelings on the kinds of ace/aro discourse on this hellsite by now, here’s a hint: I am not a fan of the dismissive discourse, people describing themselves as a-phobes because it’s funny to them, and I am not interested in discussing or dissecting anyone else’s queerness.

If that’s a problem for you, feel free to unfollow me or mute related terms.

(* I soft-blocked and will be moving on.)

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Hello, I sent you an ask a while ago about a girl that bullies me at the workplace. So I decided to tell my supervisor about it and she agreed to adjust my schedule so that I don't have to see her again but she also tried to talk to my bully... Without making me anonymous. The bully confronted me and not only name called me but also told my coworkers what I did. I feel so awkward going to work now that everyone knows i'm a snitch. Which leads me to question where or not I did the right thing.

you go to work to work and collect a pay check. what you did shows people that you’re not someone that they can walk all over and expect no repercussions. this isn’t pre-k when you get teased for being a tattle tale. you work a job, and anything that stops you from doing your work has to be addressed. you got your hours changed, you can focus on work.

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So I wanna know if you're gonna keep watching supergirl, or if you're jumping ship. Tbh I'm gonna wait and see what happens before I decide if I'm gonna leave, like I did with the 100, but I really wanna know where you stand.

I never watched supergirl live or legally and I’ll proudly say that. I’m also not planning to start now or to buy anything like DVDs or so. I will not support a show that excuses slavery, abuse, racism and now has a cast profiting from mocking their LGBT fans who pay their fucking paychecks. The CW, the writers and the cast do not care about LGBT people, that much is clear. The show did not even apologize for what happened. They simply did damage control by having a short panel with like 4 or 5 fan questions because they knew they would get called out. I think it is irresponsible to continue to support the show in any way. I say watch it illegally. Watch only the scenes of your ship on YouTube. Do not do it legally. You might think it’s petty but there needs to be real consequences for these actions and also for the writing of the show. Which has become even more awful if you haven’t noticed. They really compared Kara losing her entire family but Clark and her world to losing her abusive boyfriend who btw is still alive, just away from her. It’s gross. I do not support this. I love Katie and I Stan David and Odette but I can’t let go of my morals and support something created by people who hate me and my community.

Yes? (Carl-Shameless)

Request: I loved your Carl imagine so i was wondering if i can get one? A smut one?Where Carl and the reader are best friends and he’s in love with her, they had some sort of relationship. When he decides to clean up his act and go to military school, it’s all for her. So when he gets back, he finds out she’s barely seeing someone to try and replace Carl’s love and he gets jealous, and shows her that she’s all his just as much as he’s all hers

Firstly i wanna say thank you for understanding i don’t feel comfortable writing a smut about a 15/16 year old and settling for a normal imagine with a tiny bit of fluff :)


“Hello there gangsta.” Y/N said sarcastically after sitting down next to the boy  on the couch.

“Ai Honey!” The 15 year old boy  said wrapping his arm around his childhood best friend.
“Dude, seriously?” She couldn’t help but to roll her eyes. “How long are you gonna keep up this act?”
“This ain’t no act baby, this is the real me.” He said, his hair pulled back in little braids, his loose jeans hanging off his hips and a white tank top, making him look like a caricature from a cartoon.
“Well I don’t like the ‘new you’.” She said before slapping away his arm and standing up. “Not only  do you look ridiculous, it’s also inappropriate and rude.’' 

She felt furious as she walked out of the house. Carl has been her best friend for practically her whole life. And now? Now she didn’t even recognize  the boy she once knew better  than herself. 


Weeks have passed. Y/N and Carl bleary talked. He tried to, many times, but she had made up her mind. As long as  he is acting like an asshole she has nothing to say to him.


It was his birthday today. She has always spent his birthdays at his house, eating the cheapest cake from the department store and laughing at the position his dad  has passed out drunk the night before. 

She couldn’t bare the thought of this year not being with him, oh his birthday of all days. 

She walked up to the Gallanger house and knocked on the door. After such a long time of  not being here it didn’t seem right to just enter, like she used to.

’'Y/N, hey.” Fiona greeted the girl  standing in front of her. 

“Hey, is Carl home?” The younger girl smiled upat the tall brunette. 

“Oh, you didn’t hear? He went to a military school.’' 

’'When?” Y/N couldn’t hide her shock.

“Two days ago.’' 

’'Oh. Um..” She didn’t know what to say or what to do. “Will you tell him i wish him a happy birthday, if you hear from him?”

“Sure.” Fiona smiled before the girl walked away.


 Ten months have passed since Y/N last seen Carl and boy, did she miss him. 

The school was finally out and she started working at Kevin’s bar. Sure she wasn’t old enough to serve alcoholic drinks, but no one really cared. 

“Two beers.” A familiar voice said from behind her. 

“Coming right up, Lip.” The girl turned around almost doping the beers. “Carl?!”

“Hey.” The boy she hardly recognised said. He was wearing a white button down shirt and what seemed to be pants that were a part of some sort of uniform.

“W-when did you come back?” She asked giving them their beers. 

“This morning.”

“Are you done with military school?” She couldn’t help but look at the boy in front of her. Those god awful braids were gone. His hair washed and combed back, he looked like a man. 

“For the summer, yeah.” He said nodding. The girl in front of him changed a lot since he saw her. She let her hair grow out,started wearing make up and started to dress… Like a girl. She was always more of a tom boy, but now, she looked beautiful. 

“I’m glad you’re back.” She walked around the bar and hugged him.

“I’m glad to be back as well.” He smiled in to her neck, hugging her back. 

“Okay, okay. You two love birds need to stop or imma vomit my beer out.” Lip teased.

“Oh shut up and go fuck Mendy or  Karen or that professor or-’' 

’'We get it, I’m a slut.” Lip cut Y/N off making her and Carl laugh. 

“First step of overcoming the problem is admitting you have a problem. Good job Lip.” The girl patted his knee before getting back to work behind the bar. 

“When do you get off?” Carl asked once Lip left. 

“In about,” She looked at the clock, “2 minutes.’' 

’'Wanna come over?” He asked hopefully. 

“Yeah, I’d like that. We have a lot to catch up on.” She smiled just as Kevin walked in.

“I have came to safe you from the cage that is work.” Kevin said hugging the younger girl.

“Thank’s Kev. See you tomorrow.” She jumped over the bad and grabbed Carl’s hand. “Leggo.”

“Lets.” He smiled walking behind her.

While  walking they never let go of each others hands. They kept talking, like he never left. Like best friend. 


Before they realised it was dark and they were sitting on top of the van behind the Gallanger house looking up at the sky. 

“I thought about you, you know.” He said lying on his back with Y/N’s head on his chest. 

“I’ve thought about you too. I missed you.” She said turning around so she was resting on her elbows, facing him.

“I don’t want to…” Carl didn’t know what to say, how to tell her how he feels. 

“You don’t want to what?” She asked, her words soft and gentle.

“I don’t want to be friends.” He said, not realising how it sounded. 

“What?” The girl was shocked and Carl must of noticed. 

“No! No, i didn’t mean it like that.” He said quickly. “I like you, Y/N, I wanna be more than friends.’' 

’'Wh-” She  was in even bigger shock now. 

“Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?” He asked, a semi confident smile on his face.

“Yes!” She finally smiled before leaning down and kissing him.

“Yes?” Joy colouring his voice.

“Yes!’'She repeated before he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her on top of him and kissing her again. 


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AN: hope the fluffy part made up for the long wait :)

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okay so since i hit 500 followers last night, i’ve decided to celebrate by creating some lil aesthetic photo grids for you guys.

if you’d like one, this is what you need to do:
- be following me
- reblog this post (likes don’t count)
- send me an ask with your fave emoji or your fave thing about tom/harrison (or both) 
- include in the ask whether you want a tom/harrison grid
- include any relevant things you want me to include in your grid, such as things you’re interested in, hobbies, etc.

i did these 2 examples quickly to show you guys what i mean!

Does anybody else like to think that whoever this Professor Time is that they knew Phineas and Ferb? Like, it’s not clear when time travel was invented, but we KNOW Phineas and Ferb did it first. I can totally imagine Phineas and Ferb as old men, going to seminars to talk about research they’ve been doing, and having a young inventor come up to them afterward and start chatting them up, gushing and whatnot. He mentions he really wants to figure out time travel and:

Phineas: Time travel? Oh, we did that ages ago.

Professor Time: … What?

Phineas: Yeah, the summer when we were eight we time traveled… Twice, I think. Man, that was cool. But it was pretty dangerous so we decided not to do it again. Besides, who wants to do the same thing all the time? We can show you some old blueprints if you want.

Professor Time: Wha- can I really?

Phineas: Sure! You seem like bright guy, maybe you can find a way to make it more practical. It’s no problem.

I don’t know about you guys, but I can really picture it XD


Hey everybody. It’s been a really tough week for me health-wise, so there won’t be a new chapter for Homeward today. I decided to relax and distract myself with shows/movies/Comic Con content, and the writing got away from me. Barring my health getting worse, there should be a new chapter up next week. I’m sorry to do this to you guys, and I really appreciate your patience. Thank you. <3

Hey everyone! How are you holding up with the hiatus? I know… I know… I’m barely surviving myself. And this is why I’m making this post… Because I have this idea that with your help could turn into something so much cool and fun!

I guess you’ve already read the title; Role Play Fandom Game. Okay, before you shut me down, let me explain! Imagine this:

People from here, having their own character and belonging to a clan. A world, like the one from the show, but not that similar. And an ‘Organizer’ (probably me and anyone else that wants to help me) creating a story about this world and the people/clans deciding on stuff like wars, alliances or trades.

Imagine having a map of this imaginary world where we know where everything is (villages, forests, rivers, mountains etc.) and where you can plan your attack or cut down trees to build a trading post for your clan!

Imagine having a certain number of villagers and army that more are ‘born’ every week and choosing your commander/leader!

Imagine writing stories of your character and sharing them with everyone! (It is an RP game after all)

I know it sounds a lot like a Strategy PC games but it’s more! You will get to meet new people, make friends and have fun all together! I know it will be very hard to organize the whole thing but I strongly believe that if you wants something, you can make it happen. And I really believe in this project… But only if you’re interested too.

Please, let me know what you think! Let me know if you have any questions (of course I will explains it further if I see that people want to be part of it). I’ve started creating some maps but I want to know what you guys think before I spend more time to it :)

So, for anyone that is interested: like this post or send me an ask/message

Please, even if you’re not interested, reblog this post and give your followers the chance to hear about it anyway! Thank you anyway <3

PS. I will not allow any ship war to ruin this. If you start a fight, I will be kicked out of the game. Fair warning…

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A headcanon of Harriet teaching Harry to swim

Awwwwwwww, yes! I’ve been waiting for an excuse to write about Harriet. You just made my night.

- Harry was like 3 and Harriet was maybe 6? She was bored and it was summer and hot out so she decided to take the babies swimming. 

- Okay, so ‘swimming’ was more like the very shallow tides. BUT STILL.

- Harriet was helping CJ and Harry STILL sank like a rock.

- Harriet FREAKED and yanked him out of the water immediately.

- She had CJ get out of the water for a bit and then showed Harry how to float and tread water and move his arms and she didn’t go back to helping CJ until he had it.

- Harriet ranted and raved for five minutes. Seriously Harry those were the SHALLOWS how did you manage to sink?!? She can’t take you anywhere. Harry kinda got bored and tuned her out after a minute or two - big sister’s just mad, whatever, she’ll get over it.

- Harry’d been complaining it was hot all day but when he got in the water he pouted and said ‘Hettie, it’s cold’. She almost smacked him over the head.

- Once everyone was swimming, things were pretty fun. They spent a couple hours splashing around and wading in the water before Harriet brought them home. 

Important Announcement

Girls can like ninjago. It doesn’t matter how old they are. So what if girls show up in line in September? So what if they have Lego sets? Female ninjago fans are important. All ninjago fans are important. If you think Legos are for boys then you’re gonna have to deal with it. It doesn’t matter who we are. We shouldn’t let other people decide what we like. Let’s all just watch them ninjas go… Together.

(I’ve been teased for liking ninja go for six years lol. It never stopped me though.)


Okay so these are the two outfits I’m trying to choose between for the ROH show! I really like them both but I’m just not sure. I like the first one but I’m worried that it’s…I dunno…too much maybe? But I’ll let you guys help me decide. Option 1 (left) or Option 2 (right)?

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(1/2) Hey. I'm one of the people who unfollowed you recently. I want to say sorry and also explain myself. The season 12 was the last straw in a long series of frustrations as a cas fan. It left me actually hating the show. The thing is, life is hard enough and when I watch a show, I don't won't it to make me more miserable. So I've decided to say goodbye to canon spn completely. I still love the characters and most of all Cas but from now on I'm only interested in fanon works.

(2/2) Your blog is awesome. I agree a hundred percent with everything you write, but it also drags up all that I want to leave behind, now that I’ve quit the show. I simply need to protect myself from these negative feelings. I have enough of those in real life. Please, keep doing what you’re doing! Be a loud voice on behalf of all Cas fans and never take the shit that the spn writers are presenting us lying down! :)

Thank you for this lovely message (and sorry for being so late to reply) don’t be sorry it’s ok, you have the right to and actually that post wasn’t about people like you, thinking back about it i shouldn’t have said anything, as people have the right to follow or unfollow however they please, but i just meant massive unfollows after defending cas rants/photosets i saw surprised like “this is a cas stan blog the whole purpose of it is to love cas but also defend him” 

reading this and i can tell you, A LOT OF CAS STANS feel that way including me,  you are right, if something makes you more upset than entertained you should leave it behind, it’s all fiction and while it’s heartbreaking to see something you love for so long be ruined/treated badly it’s not worth sticking around to feel even more bad about it

thank you so much ♥ I’m happy to hear this, but yes you are completely right and honestly? i’m in the same position, i no longer care about canon at this point and just try to make edits

you’re amazing and as long as we can that’s exactly what we’ll do, your support means a lot thank you ♥♥♥