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Waving Through A Window

Jughead x Reader

Request: Hey could I request a Jughead imagine where the reader gets upset because she doesn’t think she’s smart enough/good enough? Based on the song: Waving Through A Window from Dear Evan Hansen

Warnings: Reader Anxiety, negative self-image

Word Count: 3,449 (promise it’s worth it)

A/N: This wasn’t originally based on a song but I’m obsessed with Dear Evan Hansen so here’s a thing. ALSO I JUST FINISHED EPISODE 11 AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF. I stand by my ship of Jughead x Happiness bc BOI (this is not based on the episode, so it is spoiler free my babes)


I walk through the hallway with my head down, and my backpack slamming against me with each step to propel me forward. I don’t talk to anyone except my best friend Betty. Well, okay, she’s not exactly my best friend. Her family is a friend of my family and so in all technicality, she’s the only one I’ve got, ergo my best friend. On particularly not-so-bad days when I mumble to her in the hallway, she’ll be standing next to my long-time crush Jughead, who I would probably never be able to speak to otherwise.

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Complicated / Bother!Reggie & Jughead

Prompt: Ooh can i request one where the reader has liked jughead for a while and she’s reggie’s sister and bc of him she can’t talk to him but one day betty tells her that jughead likes her and go from there? Idk if you wanna do it, but if you do, please tag me!

A/N: Here it is, hope you will like it even if it isn’t really great. I wrote this very quickly.
English isn’t my first language so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes.

Originally posted by marorra

You were in the student lounge, rolling your eyes at any stupid jokes your brother Reggie and his friends were making when suddenly Archie and his gang entered into the room. No one of the football players focused on them but you kept staring at the tall raven-haired boy with the grey beanie, Jughead. If it was possible, he looked even more beautiful than usual. You have had a crush on him for as long as you could remember but you couldn’t even talk to him cause of your brother who hated him for no reason. Despite it, you were great friend with Betty and she didn’t know you liked Jughead cause then she would probably tell him.
-Hey Suicide Squad!- Reggie started laughing with the others for the nickname while you glared at him. You were really tired of his provocations, but Jughead just glared at him.
-Y/N, are you okay?- one of them asked loudly. Now all the people in the room were looking at you, included him.
-Yeah, I’m fine.- you just walked out of the room as soon as you could, not wanting to stay there a minute more.

-I hate biology.- you moaned while Betty was repeating you the same passage for the third time.
-You can do it.- she said. -You just need to focus.-
-No, I need to stop because if I keep studying I will scream.-
-Okay, five minutes.- she laughed softly. You two have studied for two hours now and you couldn’t concentrate on it anymore, even if tomorrow it would be the test and you didn’t know anything.
-How is going with Archie?- you asked from nowhere to break the silence.
-Oh pretty good, we’re friends again.- Her voice was a little sad on her last sentence but you decided not to investigate. -And what about you?-
-What do you mean?-
-Is there any special guy in your life?- she smirked. -Despite your brother, of course.-
-Oh, not at all.- you blushed, thinking about Jughead even if you weren’t together.
-Oh, please! I want tell anyone.- she pleased me with a puppy face.
-Okay fine but you promised.- You sighted and then smiled before saying it: -I like… Jughead. But you can’t tell the others, especially Reggie because he won’t let me date him… and of course Jughead cause I know he doesn’t like me in that way. We barely speak to each other.-
For all the time Betty had a shocked expression on her face and you were a little scared that maybe she liked Jughead too. But then she smiled and you relaxed a little.
-Y/N, this is fantastic!-
-Which part? The one where my brother hate him or the one where he doesn’t know me?-
-Definitely the one where you like him, because he likes you too!- she yelled happily. You kept looking at her to see if she was lying. You just couldn’t believe that your biggest crush liked you back.
-Tell me you’re not joking.- you whispered.
-I’m not, really. He always talks about you and how he just can’t talk to you cause of Reggie. Today he was really pissed when you left: he were there just because he knew you would be there too!-
Your heart start beating faster and you couldn’t help but smile back. Jughead liked you. But then you thought about Reggie and how disappointed he would be.
-It’s complicated.-
-Y/N,- she took one of my hand -you can’t let Reggie decide for you. You could be happy together, so please do what you want to do and not what people pretend you to.- she smiled sweetly.
-I will.-

The next day you were determined to approach Jughead, even if you would go against your big, overprotective and narcissistic brother. You were at your locker and when you saw him with Archie you couldn’t help but stare. And then you started thinking that maybe he didn’t really like you in that way and he would say no to you.
You saw Veronica with Betty who was looking at you with a cheering smile and you felt a little better, so you started walking to him and the ginger-haired boy.
-Hi.- you greeted them while they looked at you with a confused expressions. You have never really spoken to them before if it wasn’t for school stuff. -May I talk with Jughead? Alone…-
Archie tried to hide his smirk. He nodded at me before leaving and walking to the girls.
-Y/N, right?- he asked blushing a little, fixing his adorable beanie.
-Yeah,- you answered a little downcast -I, ehm, I was wondering if you wanted to…-
-Y/N, what are you doing with that creepy vampire?- You heard the voice of your brother down the hallway and your little smile died. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder in a protective way. You rolled your eyes at his gesture.
-Something I should have done before.- you said feeling a little braver and determined.
-What do you mean?- he asked confused. Jughead for all the time hasn’t told a word.
-Jughead, I know we don’t really know each other but I like you and I did it for a long time, so I was wondering if…?-
-Y/N, stop.- Reggie tried to say, but you didn’t care anymore.
-… if you wanted to go on a date with me?- you smiled softly at him. You waited for a reply but he didn’t say anything, just stood there with a shocked face.
-So?- you turned your head to face Reggie, who was looking at Jughead with furious eyes. -Are you going to answer or do I have to punch you?-
-I’d really love to.- Jughead whispered, staring at my big brother.
-Then, I think you should tell her instead of me.-
Jughead turned his face to me and blushed, then he added: -I’ve liked you for as long as I couldn’t remember too and I’d like to go on a date with you.- He smiled at you. Then he spoke again, this time a little scared: -But Reggie won’t be there.-
You laughed at his last sentence.
You Fall Asleep While Studying - Seventeen reaction

@mariaseemsgood: I need to satisfy my thrist for Seventeen reactions… so how about they come back home to see you sleeping in one of his jumpers while drooling in your text book? (sorry for the cliché, but I love this scenario)

Absolutely loved this scenario, thank you so much for requesting <3 but now my feels hurt Hope you like it! x

S. Coups:

He’d be kind of conflicted: should he wake you up and get you to lay down somewhere more comfortable? or should he just leave you there to sleep? You looked so peaceful - no, adorable - with your face literally buried in your textbook, drool pooling between the pages and your cheek, and body swimming in his shirt. Instead, he’d gently pick you up and bring you over to the couch, gently kissing your cheek as you woke up, before gathering some blankets and cuddling you to sleep.

Originally posted by letmebangteen


His first thought would be “oh no”; the way you were slumped in your chair, arms crossed so that your head rested on them couldn’t have been comfortable. He’d wake you up and guide you somewhere more comfortable like the couch or a bed, gently wiping the corner of your damp mouth and lightly scolding you for not giving yourself a break, though he found the way you waddled in his oversized sweatshirt and leggings absolutely adorable.

Originally posted by 12fools


He’d start giggling right away; the way your face was smooshed against your notebook, little snores coming from your mouth, and the sweater he had left out on the bed keeping your body from the cold, it was all too much. He’d walk right over to you and place a gently kiss on your cheek. You’d wake up at the light touch and give him a small smile, to which he’d respond with a hug. “I thought you told me you wouldn’t be studying today,” he’d lightly scold you.

Originally posted by lovejoshua17


He wouldn’t be all that surprised to see you asleep surrounded by your numerous text and note books, but just because he half expected it didn’t mean he was anymore pleased. Yes, he did find you absolutely adorable with your hair looking a bit like a bird’s nest, the corner of your mouth wet, and his grey turtleneck practically swallowing your body. Still, he told you to take a break for the day and you instead overworked yourself again. He’d take the time to hide all your books before waking you up, forcing you to relax fora bit.

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coffee shop!au haechan

Originally posted by nctinfo

a/n: jai here!!!here’s an example of what i write <33 aljhjhhefh this was quickly written ok but i enjoyed writing it so ^^ also if u wanna request something, my inbox is open!!<3

  • -the sweetest and most handsome barista :“((
  • -honestly you’d have a crush on him the moment u saw him in the coffee shop he made ur heart srsly go!!!!
  • -he’s so nice to everyone and it’s just ??wow bless??
  • -and when he’s brewing coffee, u can always hear him humming to a song and u think it’s so cute!!
  • -donghyuck’s pretty famous w the older regulars bc they think he’s such a sweet boy!!
  • -"ah donghyuck looking handsome again ^^” - one of the older ladies
  • -sometimes parents come in w their kids too
  • -and then u see him interacting w the kids and it’s just so adorable!!
  • -he’s always got sweets with him and it’s just,,,heart attack.
  • -and when he’s on break, he loves to play w the kids and the kids all jump on his back
  • -most of the time he pretends to be the big bad dragon
  • -but sometimes the smol ones tell him to be the handsome prince and honestly it’s just :“)))
  • -first time meeting him tho
  • -u probably discovered the coffee shop bc of a friend who recommended u to go there since most of the time it’s a chil place to study
  • -so ofc u checked out the place and bam!!heart attack!!u saw the handsome tanned barista standing there and u were honestly about to faint!!
  • -the moment he saw u walk in he immediately smiled at u and trust me u almost fainted bc of it
  • -when he took ur order he tried to make a small talk w u bc u kno he kind of thought ur pretty cute and it doesnt hurt to talk a bit
  • -ngl michael jackson was probably playing in the bg and ofc he asked u if u like michael jackson which led to u both talking about ur fave artists
  • -he kept smiling through the whole convo and srsly his smile left u blushing
  • -everytime he came to ur table to refill ur cup he talked a little bit w u
  • -asking u what ur studying and sometimes even helping u w some things!!
  • -except for science bc he hates science
  • -ljefhjgh he helps u w anything else tho when u need help
  • -you both probs became best friends damn
  • -he likes to tease u sm 
  • -w teasing i mean randomly poking u when ur v focused on studying
  • -or pinching ur cheeks saying u look cute
  • -aljhfrhg he’s trying to make it so obvious that he likes u in more than just a friends way but u still won’t notice!!notice him already!!
  • -ofc it makes him quite :( bc he thinks that maybe u just dont like him in that way which is y u dont do anything
  • -but he gathers up all his courage and he’s like "donghyuck lee,ur gonna tell her how u feel instead of sulking like this”
  • -akflehg but then he realises
  • -damn,, how am i gonna do this
  • -so ofc he goes to his best friend/big brother mark
  • -and he’s like “bro,,i like someone,,but u kno i like them in that way,,but idk how to tell them,,,”
  • -mark just pats donghyuck’s head and he’s like “lemme help u out”
  • -mark helps donghyuck w finding a way to confess to u and donghyuck’s a bit nervous but ofc u cant rlly see it
  • -askhzefuhgr dude his confession is so cheesy tho, i mean mark helped him what do u expect
  • -as usual,u just walked into the coffee shop and greeted donghyuck w a smile and he smiled back at u duh
  • -so donghyuck made ur coffee as usual
  • -this time tho!!
  • -he bought a piece of ur fave cake too
  • -which u didn’t order but he still gave it to u??
  • -so he comes up to ur table w ur coffee and ur fave cake and ur like “donghyuck i didnt order cake??”
  • -and he’s like “i know ^^”
  • -ofc ur quite confused but ??ok then hyuck??
  • -as usual, music was playing in the bg
  • -alhfeufhjf donghyuck was acting strangely quiet tho and he was kind of staring at u and when u catched him staring he immediately looked away
  • -ya ur pretty much confused af
  • -mind u it was v early in the morning, so there was pretty much no one in the coffee shop but u two
  • -u decided to ask him what’s wrong and he just replied w “nothing~” and he smiles shyly at u so it made u even Extra Confused
  • -so ur sipping on ur cup of coffee and eyeing him when suddenly ‘love never felt so good’ by michael jackson started playing in the bg
  • -and hyuck was singing along ofc :“))
  • -at some point tho he suddenly gets up and he pulls u by ur hand w him and he’s like "let’s dance~”
  • -u end up dancing w him through the coffee shop w him singing along and it’s just so zlhjfhleu
  • -ur both v giggly and ur basically just both laughing at ur silliness
  • -even after ur little dance party tho, he kept staring at u and so u asked him “what’re u looking at”
  • -slowly, he wrapped his arms around ur waist and leaned a bit closer
  • -not too close, but close enough to leave u kind of blushing
  • -he pokes ur cheek when u blush and he mumbles “be mine?”
  • -donghyuck’s a blushing mess too ok, he’s usually not like this but he is rn bc he’s so scared you’ll say no
  • -akfhjrghr it left u quite shocked to see hyuck being like this
  • -after u got over the shock, u pulled him in for a hug and said “yes” and he’s so relieved dude he hugs u back so tightly
  • -when u pull away from the hug, he suddenly asks “,,can i kiss u?” and ur like uhm ok yes sure haha bc ‘oh damn he’s gonna kiss me o shit efljrjhgjr’
  • -this boi tho 
  • -he leans in v slowly and rite when u were about to close ur eyes, he kisses ur nose quickly
  • -akfjhrh which made u whine a bit bc u rlly thought he was gonna kiss u but ofc if he’s not ready, he’s not ready so u didn’t rlly mind
  • -he just chuckles and told u to go back to studying, since ppl started coming in now
  • -w a bit of a pout u sat back down, but it’s ok bc now u have a wonderful bf aka lee donghyuck who will take good care of u <3
  • -u better take good care of him too
  • -or else
  • - :)

anonymous asked:

Mc trying to seduce rfa + v &Saeran using the virgin killing sweater 😂😂🍑🍑👀👀

Oh my goddd. I had never heard of the virgin killing sweater before (if you haven’t either, I highly suggest looking it up - my first introduction into it was this article) and everything I’ve seen on it is just the girl wearing the sweater and nothing else so that’s kind of what I had in mind when I wrote these lolol. I swear this is totally something I would illustrate if I actually could art. Thank you, anon, this was genuinely a joy to write! I hope I did it justice!

I mean…MC really does love her sweaters.

Requests are open.~


  • he’s been practicing for rehearsal all day
  • at this point he has everything down but he’s still going
    • “Zenny…you’ve been at it all day…come take a break with me.~”
    • “I just need to practice a little more, I have to do a good job.”
  • well…drastic times call for drastic measures
  • you had heard the craze and bought one…just in case
  • the virgin killing sweater now time to see if it works
  • you come out of the room wearing it
    • “Are you sure you can’t take just a little break, Zenny?”  
  • something in your tone of voice makes him turn around
  • and he FREEZES
  • you have unleashed The BEAST™
  • has you pinned to the wall so fast omg what rehearsal?
  • doesn’t even make it to the bedroom tbh
    • “You’re going to be the death of me someday, MC” said after the sweater is long forgotten on the floor, of course
  • makes sure the sweater is folded on the top of other clothes in the drawer hoping you decide to use it again soon


  • between studying to be a veterinarian, after school clubs, and you, this boy has been busy
  • so it’s really understandable that when he has a day to relax, he wants to play LOLOL
  • but he has been playing for five hours it really had been a long time since he played
  • so you decide to play a little dirty literally?
  • you come up behind him wearing the virgin killing sweater and wrap your arms around him
    • “Oh, MC, just one more round–”
    • “Are you sure that’s what you want, Yoosung?”
  • then you spin his chair around to face you he’s eye level with “the girls” omg omg what happened to his brain
  • Yoosung.exe has stopped working
  • his face is so red
  • his friends are yelling into his headset, they are under attack
  • then he recovers a little
    • “If you were looking at what I’m looking at, you’d ditch LOLOL in a heartbeat too” and then he logs out with no other explanation
  • he’s still blushing like mad but he pulls you into his lap omg you’re not even wearing pants, he’s the luckiest guy ever???
  • he ends up carrying you to the bedroom bridal style after making out on the chair for a while


  • owning a bakery is exhausting
  • she’s much happier than when she was working for Jumin but seems no less tired?
  • so it had been a little while since you two had been intimate
  • …and tbh you were thirsty
  • so you bought the sweater and put it on the second it came in
  • when she gets home, you are going about your usual business
  • not even acknowledging the virgin killing sweater
  • she’s standing in the doorway, blushing and open-mouthed
  • when you bend down in an over-exaggerated way, bend & snap anyone? she drops her purse
  • suddenly she’s grabbing your hand to lead you to the bedroom
    • “You’re not too tired?” what’s with that innocent tone of voice
    • “On the contrary, I am feeling quite energized, thanks to you.”
  • tbh she’d heard of the sweater and thought it was ridiculous but consider her mind changed now


  • he had been working late all week
  • you decided to order the virgin killing sweater without telling him
  • you had showed him in amusement when you first discovered it and he had been unimpressed
    • “That woman must be freezing. The sweater has no arms…or a back…or even sides. It is barely even clothing.” sweetheart that’s the point
  • it’s around noon when it comes in and you decide to text Jumin
    • “Can’t you come home early today? You’ve been there late all week and my new sweater came in. I want your opinion.”
    • “I wish I could, you know that, my love. Is a new sweater really a reason to cut work short?”
    • “Hmm…you tell me, Mr. Han.~” [sent with a selfie you took while wearing it]
    • “…I’ll be right there.”
  • Jaehee had to cancel the rest of his day you promise her you’ll make it up to her later
  • Driver Kim knows that look; he is speeding on the way home
  • you are waiting at the door when he arrives
  • he immediately kisses you
    • “I was wrong about the sweater. It is…very effective. I hope you don’t have plans for the next two days…”
  • carries you to the bedroom, closing the door behind you
    • “I love the sweater, but you look best wearing nothing at all…”


  • tbh you bought it bc you thought it would be hilarious
  • then you put it on and hey you don’t look half bad
  • and you decide you are definitely going to use it today
  • when Saeyoung gets home, you’re in the bedroom waiting for him
  • on the bed, with this absolutely ridiculous pose
  • so he’s laughing at first
  • but then you turn just so and omg you went from funny to ridiculously hot in .5 seconds flat
  • no more laughter
  • he jumps on the bed and starts kissing you
  • did you really just seduce him with a meme you two are perfect together
  • he really enjoys running his hands underneath the sweater tbh so it takes a while for it to actually come off
  • later on, he’s picking it up from the floor and putting it on
    • “Hey, this looks pretty good on me! We should get one in every color!”


  • he can’t…really see what you’re wearing too well
  • but you actually kind of prefer that?
  • you have a plan
  • he comes home and you’re wearing the sweater and ofc he makes no comment
  • so you sit in his lap and rest your head on his shoulder nothing out of the ordinary, you two do this all the time
  • it isn’t until his hand rests on your leg that he realizes something is different
    • “MC…you aren’t wearing pants?”
  • suddenly he’s exploring a little more closely just what you wanted
  • he runs his hands down your sides and back and feels loose-fitting fabric and lots of skin
  • he’s breathing quite a bit heavier now
  • continues running his hands all over you until you can’t take it anymore
  • you grab his face and kiss him which makes him chuckle
    • “Taking too long for your tastes, love?”
    • “You are such a tease.”
    • “Only returning the favor. Shall we move to the bedroom?”


  • he is not prepared
  • you’d had a little spat that hasn’t quite been resolved yet
  • and then you come home with a shopping bag and a smirk on your face
  • and you change immediately
  • and now you’re standing in front of him…wearing that
  • he never really understood the point of dressing a certain way to seduce someone
  • and yet…he can’t deny the effectiveness of it
  • like…wow
  • tbh part of him wants to leave out of protest this isn’t fair
  • legit stands there warring with himself for several good minutes
  • while you just stand there waiting for the virgin killing sweater to work its magic
    • “…fuck it.”
  • then he pushes you against the wall and starts kissing you
    • “Does this mean we aren’t fighting anymore?”
    • “Ask me later.”
skinship!au ft jaeno/nomin (jaemin & jeno)

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

( a/n ; hello! so this is my first take on writing this kind of imagines. i always have plots in my mind but i’m not sure how to write it out as a fanfic because of the lack in my english writing :^) i took 2 weeks to write this bc i kept changing plots and stuffs o u o ; anyways, i hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it! + i’m sorry but i don’t take requests, however you can still suggest here~ i only do gay/yaoi/boxboy ships that i approve c: )


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If I Could Do It All Over Again

All Parts: {x}

Part: 15/?

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: mentions of sexual arousal

Word Count: 4,671

Dedication: @starfallen-keys bc they cool af

Tags: @bunny-yams , @ufo-pearl , @sullkid700 , @aswimmerlife , @nefarism , @mishaisakitten, @embershine0521, @tellchickfilaimqueer , @woahtherebuddyfriend , @gum-and-chips , @tinymugs , @waitwhat-24601 , @hell-yes-puns-and-ships , @jeffersonwiki , @burr-ito , @xfallingsnowx , @aswimmerlife , @bad-l-ands , @firejearthm ,  @cutebridge , @hamil-fandom , @pipindaae , @beafayette , @karmana-stevens-569 , @starfreckledlaurens , @thedisneyderp, @aleciamagic, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @elizahamilton1776, @seiteixnalaicos, @isntthisenoughwhatwouldbeenough, @ichbindeindod, @sassyrickgrimes, @cheerioscheerios, @qwertyfries , @weareallhamiltontrash , @starfallen-keys, @betweeneverytwopines, @drunkenkid

A/N: Sorry for the wait! I’ve been busy all weekend!

“Eliza, you must get ready. The general desires our attendance to supper. ‘Tis early to leave, but it will take many an hour to get there.” Alexander spoke urgently as he adjusted the cravat hanging from his neck. Out of his vanity, he peered into the mirror, slicking back his ginger, but powdered hair.

Glancing up, Eliza smiled slightly. He looked handsome both in uniform and formal wear, but since the war ended, she more often saw him in nothing but common clothing. It was nice that he took a break, but he still kept himself busy. Between caring for Philip and studying to be a lawyer, he always found something to do. Having Alexander home was the best. She actually got to enjoy their marriage and admire him as a father.

After appreciating Alexander’s presence for a moment, she decided to stand up, but the task proved to be a bit difficult. With her belly being what felt like a yard in front of her, it was incredibly hard to hoist herself up. So, to draw Alexander’s attention, she cleared her throat.

Alexander turned to his wife, a humorous smile making its way onto his face when he glanced down at her stomach. Clothing could no longer mask her pregnancy and when some thought of it as obscene, Alexander enjoyed feeling his child squirm under his hand.

“You may have to hoist me up,” she laughed when she noticed the smile on his face.

“I can see,” Alexander chuckled himself, making his way over to his wife. Once reaching her, he pulled her up from the bed and rested one hand on the small of her back and the other on her stomach. From what he could tell, the baby was napping and wasn’t moving. “How is my son today, Eliza?”

“It could be a girl, my love,” Eliza replied, placing a hand on top of his. “She is amazing.”

Before Alexander could say much else, an amused scream came from the other room. The only person it could’ve been was Philip.

Letting out a sigh, Alexander pulled away from his wife. It was rare they had any time to themselves, but it was okay. Eliza squeezed his hand out of endearment, letting him know that she would get him without any words. She went to leave, but Alexander nudged her towards the bed.

“You get ready, my dear. I shall get our naughty son.” He flashed an entertained smile at her before exiting the room.

Eliza was glad that she was no longer so helpless.

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Originally posted by jackandjael

  • first off, yuygeom is a demon
  • jk jk he’s a lil shit but he is a form of spirit and demons are also technically spirits too, tho he isn’t one
  • yugyeom is a… special spirit
  • most spirits are kind of tied to something you know? and the most popular are elemental spirits and whatnot
  • well yugyeom is tied to a messed up ouija board
  • basically, somehow, he is now connected to this damn board and no matter how hard you try, the only spirit you can talk to is him and the only spirit you can summon is him
  • this board is sitting in an antique shop so yugyeom has been kinda dormant for a while
  • but one day, you come in
  • you were dared by your friends to get a ouija board so you could communicate with ghosts
  • if you could make it happen and record the experience, you’d pass
  • you hate your friends now
  • the number one thing you’re scared of is channelling a demon or some malevolent spirit or what the heck ever so knowing that there’s a good chance you will just. damn
  • what’s worse is that they requested you purchase a real one, aka an old one bc apparently that makes it all the more serious i guess
  • when you come into the fourth antique shop that day and spot it, you’re at the register and getting it rung up in record time
  • the little old lady who runs the place is super sweet and mentions how the board had been there since she was a teenager, and that many had bought it but many had taken it back, saying it was faulty
  • of course you’re intrigued and also this is your life on the line so you’re like what??
  • she giggles and is like “its kinda funny but apparently people are only able to communicate with one spirit using this board. i’ve heard he’s harmless but i should warn you, in case you were hoping to speak with your dead grandmother or something”
  • you raise your eyebrow but bid the old woman ado and head off home, ready to get this shit over with
  • at least if the spirit is “friendly” then you have nothing to worry about
  • your family is out so you head up to your room and pull out the board, dropping it onto your bed before you get everything ready, propping your phone up to record you as you begin
  • You do everything you’re supposed to, and then you go, “is anyone there?”
  • you’re expecting the planchette to move or better yet do nothing, so hopefully you can get this over with
  • and then
  • poof
  • you scream when a (admittedly handsome) teenage boy suddenly appears before you, legs crossed and his face in his palm as his eyes stay closed 
  • once you’ve finished screaming, the boy slowly opens his eyes and murmurs, “hey”
  • you’re not sure what to say
  • this is the only spirit you can talk to? dont the spirits usually stay in the board and talk through that? why did it appear in front of you like this, and bored looking nonetheless?
  • you blink for a bit, unsure of what to do next when the spirit sighs “if you’re not gonna ask me any questions, can you end the session? i was having a good dream”
  • “spirits dream?” you ask him, and his eyes rise to lock with yours before he shrugs “something like that. any who, what’s up? im yugyeom”
  • you tell him your name reluctantly, and he simply nods, thinking you’re about to ask him all the usual questions like “will i get married to (insert heartthrob here)?” ”will i ever get rich?” “who’s gonna win the Super Bowl?”
  • but then you go “my… my friends dared me to do this. t-to call a spirit and ask you some questions, so… um… why dont witches ride their brooms when they’re angry?”
  • yugyeom’s interest is piqued and he sits up, thinking long and hard to answer, “because… road rage?”
  • you giggle nervously, looking at the list of things your friends forced you to ask him “so they don’t fly off the handle”
  • you’re not expecting yugyeom to find it as funny as he does but he’s bent over laughing like you’ve told the best joke he’s ever heard
  • “tell me more!” he demands, eyes alight and all the boredom wiped off his face
  • quickly, you start listing off jokes from the top of your head, all of them tickling him in one way or another
  • you don’t even realize that your phone has died of battery or that it’s suddenly gotten late until you turn to grab your phone and see the moon high in the sky
  • “oh, i didn’t think we talked that long… I dont even think they’ll see you show up on camera”
  • “they won’t, but i can help you make it look like you did the dare, and prank them too”
  • you furrow your eyebrows and listen in and he grins, telling you to charge your phone and that you’ll find out soon
  • ten minutes later, you’re sat with the phone before you and the board out, yugyeom having disappeared from sight
  • he’s told you to ask the questions they’ve given you, and he’ll do the rest
  • once you’ve finished telling the first lame joke they’ve given you, the pillow on your bed flies across the room and starts hovering over your head, and its so unexpected that you react pretty well for the camera
  • yugyeom is grinning above you, having appeared above you with a finger raised to his lips
  • you have to bite your lip to keep from laughing as you continue to ask questions, and in response he makes the planchette move and gives you weird answers like “haunted horse party” or all out flips the board to appear like an angry spirit
  • he shuts off the recording in the middle of making it hover “in thin air”, and you’ve got your elaborate prank
  • “this is the most fun I’ve had in years” yugyeom laughs
  • “im gonna have to thank that old lady when i return the board”
  • you’re pretty surprised to see yugyeom’s expression turn sad and he just kinda pouts at you like a kicked puppy
  • you feel bad instantly
  • “you… can’t you keep me- i mean, the board? i promise im fun to talk to!! ill never possess you or anything… unless you want to be possessed by a spirit then i’ll definitely make sure we make a fair deal or something-” “yugyeom i can keep the board calm down” 
  • hes so happy and tells you that if you ever need someone to talk to you or whatever you can just take out the board and talk to him
  • you’re kinda surprised that you’ve unintentionally made friends with a spirit but hey, he’s cute and he’s almost definitely not going to kill you
  • so this goes on for a while
  • you lock yourself into the privacy of your room and take out the board and honestly you and yugyeom just hang
  • he tells you about all of the weird experiences he’s had with people who try to channel him and you sometimes use him to spook your friends bc its pretty funny ngl
  • he makes you into a lil shit too
  • sometimes you just open the ouija board and let him follow you around the house
  • he’ll bother your family, move things onto high shelves, take things and hide them in new places, and overall just entertain himself
  • you accidentally left the board open once and when a guy in your class came over to study he spent the whole time tugging on the guy’s gelled hair
  • when the guy went to the bathroom, yugyeom snuck in and made fog appear on the mirror before he wrote for him to “get lost or get possessed”
  • needless to say that guy ran away from your house and never talked to you again
  • “i dont like that guy” “oh wow, i didn’t notice with how you repeatedly whispered in my ear ‘i dont like this guy’”
  • technically, if you keep the ouija board open, yugyeom can go anywhere with you, but only so far or the connection gets kinda weak
  • so sometimes you take a backpack and open the board inside when you go places and you want him to be there with you
  • one time you took the board with you to a horror movie and sat it up in the seat next to you and people thought you were crazy but yugyeom was right next to you making fun of the fake ghosts
  • one time you’re really curious so you go “yugyeom, has anyone ever tried to release you?”
  • yugyeom is pretty shocked that you’ve asked and tells you that no, no one has ever cared abt him enough to stick around after the first few sessions, let alone to release him from the board altogether
  • you decide that you’ve formed a pretty strong relationship with yugyeom so you offer to let him out
  • yugyeom is really apprehensive and you are too bc obviously its dangerous and he doesn’t know what will happen to him if he is released
  • will people see him? will he inhabit something else? will he live a normal life or remain a spirit?
  • “i’d… think i’d like that. but i can’t promise that everything will go right afterwards”
  • you know, you’ve known for a while, but you want to try for him
  • you can’t help daydreaming of being with him in other ways bc he’s so sweet and really cares for you
  • he knows you so well its kind of crazy
  • you’ve even caught yourself day dreaming about kissing those pretty lips every time he laughs, or whispers in you ear late into the night
  • the fact that he has no problem being close and intimate with you already leaves you pretty flustered as it is
  • you’ve grown impossibly attached to this goofy spirit and if you can free him from the board, you’d love to
  • the only thing is that the only way to free his spirit from the board is to break it
  • either you’d free him or you’d lose him forever, and that’s what scares you
  • you make up your mind and summon him to get his permission, and when he gives you the go ahead with a shaky smile, you snap it in half with all your might
  • its silent afterwards
  • you don’t feel yugyeom’s warm presence like usual
  • you call out his name softly, sadly, thinking that you’ve done it and lost his spirit forever
  • your hands hold the broken pieces of the board and you’re moved near to tears now, knowing you’ve messed up for real and you’d never see yugyeom again
  • then two warm arms wrap around you from behind and you flinch, eyes wet as you turn to observe who’s there, and you smile when you make eye contact with yugyeom
  • hes grinning at you too, but something feels,,, off
  • its not like his usual, carefree smiles
  • his canines look a little sharper
  • his grip feels a little rougher
  • his lips a little more red than soft pink
  • his arms tighten that much more around your middle and you blink, your smile faltering as he says nothing
  • “y-yugy?” you ask softly, and you watch as his grin melts into something of a smirk
  • the smirk is different too bc unlike his usual playful smirks after he’s scared you coming out of the bathroom or pulled a successful prank on someone, it’s hidden with intentions you’ve never seen on him
  • it doesn’t fit the yugyeom you know
  • “you know… when they tell you not to play with spirits, you should probably listen” he says, his pupils glinting a blood red as his fingernails, no, claws dig into your hips
  • your hands shake as he twists you around, shoving you up against the nearest wall as one of his hands encircles your wrist and the other grasps your chin
  • you’re nearly shitting your pants at this point, staring at who you once thought was the kind, caring spirit that you’d grown to love
  • he leans in impossibly close, taking up all the air in your lungs as his breath fans across your lips 
  • his tongue glides out, licking his lips slowly before he whispers teasingly against your trembling mouth
  • “they might just be demons in disguise”
  • remember when i said he wasn’t a demon :)))) i lied

other ghost!got7



imaginary friend!mark



waddup, it me, ur local poc princess/trash queen raja! here go some random plots based off of partynextdoor songs for u and ur friends (or ;> for u and me) to make some threads for!!

  • high hopes: ‘everything’s still good with me, i got high hopes when i’m checking on you.’ — muse a and muse b once were involved with each other, whether there had been a serious relationship or the two were simply platonic. after a falling out on relatively good terms, the two find themselves back in each other’s lives once more, catching up on their ventures despite how much time has passed with hopes that nothing between them has changed.
  • let’s get married: ‘all i need, is to make it feel like forever when it’s temporary, let’s get married.’ — muse a and muse b are currently best friends, and both live similar fast paced lives - with one being a hopeless romantic, and the other flying through relationships trying to find the right one. after a long night of talking and drinking, the two come to a very obvious conclusion: why don’t they just marry each other?
  • girl from oakland: ‘you’re the reason you’re lonely tonight, but it’s the season to get back your life.’ — muse a is ready and willing to devote themselves into a relationship with muse b, but b is more than reluctant. heartbreak after heartbreak seems to have plagued muse b, and despite sharing the same feelings for muse a, they can’t help worrying if things will only end up going wrong. muse a loves muse b, but they don’t want to wait any longer.
  • jus know: ‘i see you then look away, just know, ‘cause i remember what you took away.’ — muse a and muse b were once together throughout their school days and through college, when muse a had been young and struggling to make a living. muse b had been better off, therefore paid for their outings and drove them everywhere - leading muse b to cheat on muse a and eventually leave them. years later, muse a has made themselves incredibly successful, and after running into muse b, there’s nothing but the cold shoulder.
  • east liberty: ‘the summer’s over, and i feel the same way you do.’ — muse a and muse b have decided to spend their summer vacation travelling together, being that muse a doesn’t have a stable home to return to and muse b is more than fond of muse a. throughout their vacation, muse b slowly comes to terms with the feelings they have for muse a, and on the very last day of their vacation, muse b works the courage to tell them exactly how they feel before it’s too late.
  • tbh: ‘it’s all over your face, there’s someone taking my place.’ — muse a and muse b’s relationship has been practically nonexistent lately, with a lack of communication and nights often spent apart instead of together. after months of suspicion and questions without answers, muse a decides to confront muse b to confirm their assumptions.
  • thirsty: ‘am i moving too fast? fuck that.’  — muse a and muse b were once in a relationship, but after rushing into their relationship and experiencing bumps in the road, the two drifted apart aside from the occasional subtweets and likes via instagram. muse a never lost their feelings for muse b however, and after risky texts and DMs, muse a vows to make up for the lost time.
  • don’t run: ‘your mother just called my phone up, sounds like your party is over.’ — muse a always lived their life recklessly, often staying out all night and even going as far as disappearing for days at a time with a bad crowd. enter muse b, the one person who’s constantly saving them from themselves and making sure to look after them to make sure they recover. one night, when muse a parties too hard for the weekend, muse b gets a phone call from muse a’s mother - and it doesn’t sound too promising.
  • you’ve been missed: ‘i just want peace, babe, and i just want you.’ — muse a once led a gritty life of crime, something that shortly caught up with them when they eventually served a lengthy term in prison. however, their significant other muse b never once left their side, often writing letters and visiting whenever it was possible. now that muse a is out, they’re trying to change their life for the better, but their past often gets in the way of a chance they have at a fresh start. the only thing that keeps them going is muse b, and the life they’ve always dreamed of starting with them.
  • spiteful: ‘what we had wasn’t love, so don’t be spiteful, and i won’t be spiteful.’ — muse a and muse b once had a thing for each other, but neither of them could actually call it a relationship. after exhaustion of putting their energy into something that couldn’t and wouldn’t last, muse a decides to stop their involvement with muse b. this only leads to an unspoken competition of who could make the other more jealous, going through partners and constantly arguing over who had been better at what.
  • nothing easy to please: ‘i’m nothing easy to please, and i don’t fall easily.’ — after pressure from friends to break from studying, muse a decides to spend the night out partying with friends. there, they run into muse b, a fairly attractive person with lots to offer - but they’re more than skeptical of muse b’s intentions. muse b makes constant attempts to woo muse a, but with dreams that outweigh a relationship, muse a hardly gives them time of day, hoping that muse b eventually gets the hint.
Connor McDavid #1.1

Requested by Anon:  Hey! Could you do a Connor Mcdavid imagine where you broke up when he left for Edmonton bc you’re going to university in your home town and the long distance would be too much and you see him again somehow. End it however. Thanks Xx

Part 2 here. Part 3 here.

Word count: 885

You opened the door to your parents’ house and lugged your heavy textbooks in before calling out for your mom. This is the first time since school started that you’re here this early on a Saturday morning. Since you moved out of their house a few years ago, you limited your visits to strictly lunch and dinner on the weekends but your roommate’s watching hockey reruns from last night and you had to get out of there. You couldn’t stand one more second listening to how great Connor McDavid, ex-boyfriend extraordinaire, is doing as the newest and youngest captain for the Edmonton Oilers.

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Onto our lil bundle of preciousness, Park Jimin

  • He’s another one of the social workers
  • He always sings while he makes the coffee and people melt bc his voice is so niCE
  • He smiles at everyone when they come in and they can’t help but smile back bc when an angel smiles at you, you have to smile back how do you not
  • He sometimes gets shifts with Taehyung and they just giggle to each other and spell people’s names wrong on purpose like when Jin comes in, they spell his name “Jim”
  • He’s literally just like “we’ve known each other since we were children, you know how to spell my name” and they just burst into laughter and he just has to laugh along bc they’re way too amused at this
  • They sometimes end up cleaning up together and honestly they end up making an even bigger mess before they have to call the boys over to help and eventually the owner stops giving them clean up duty
  • You met him during high school and dated him all the way through it and when he told you he took a job as a barista, you immediately assigned him coffee maker in the morning
  • He always wakes you up with a freshly brewed cup of coffee but sometimes you wake up before he can finish it and you just come out to see him making it shirtless
  • He gets all whiny bc “jagiya I wanted to wake you up with breakfast in bed that’s not fair”
  • His favorite thing is when you come visit him at work bc you always bring him lunch to have during his break
  • You end up staying there after hours this one night and chims cleaning up the tables while you’re sipping at the hot chocolate he made for you and working on your essay but he gets bored and decides to pull you away from your studying
  • “I’ll teach you how to make a latte and make a design in it, come here”
  • You have no choice but to go along bc he literally grabs your hand and pulls you behind the counter like you don’t even have time to grab your hot cocoa
  • He basically uses it an excuse to back hug you bc at one point he’s not even instructing you, he’s just got his head on your shoulder and is humming your favorite song and rocking you two back and forth and you’re like trying to hide the fact that you just wanna turn around and kiss his lil cheeks bc c u t e
  • He does snap in to help when it comes to the design and his hand just takes yours and shows you what to do and he makes you a lil heart bc he’s cheesy and cute like that
  • When he hands you the cup, he says “you now have my heart” and it’s just like oh my god
  • Whenever you hang out at the café he’s always that much more smiley and you can just hear how happy he is in his voice bc his “what can I get for you?” is that much more cheery and his laugh is louder
  • The customers all know who you are bc he’s forever pointing at you and being like “that’s my bby over there”
  • Whenever he sweeps up after work, he always ends up dancing along to the songs you have playing off of your phone  
  • He occasionally dances as horribly as he can bc he just likes to hear you laugh
  • He always sings along to the songs you play as well and he purposely makes his voice crack and sings off tune and you’re honestly out of breath from laughing so hard
  • He proposes in the café
  • It’s your sixth anniversary and you two had already decided to just celebrate it on the weekend bc you both had work and school to deal with that day
  • You’re not thinking much of it when he invites you over to help him clean up bc Tae had to leave early
  • You just head over with food and you walk in to see the café dimmed down with nothing but some fairy lights lighting it up
  • There’s this pretty bouquet of your favorite flowers sitting on the counter and you’re just so ???
  • You read the card and it turns out to be a lil scavenger hunt clue and it just tells you to find the bag of your favorite coffee
  • The clues are all things that have to do with you and him, his favorite sweet that they sell, the table you two always sit at, the cup he always gives you
  • It finally leads you back to the very middle table and there’s just a lil post it that says “turn around”
  • When you do, you see him standing there with that infamous box in his hand (he’d actually been hiding by the bathroom the entire time and once you’d gotten to the last hint he’d run out as quietly as he could)
  • He takes one of your hands in his and you can feel just how much they’re shaking so you give his a lil squeeze and you smile at him bc you already know what’s happening and you both already know your answer but he still goes through with the small speech he prepared
  • It’s all about how much he loves you and he promises he’ll make you coffee or tea or hot chocolate or anything you want him to every single day for the rest of his life
  • He’s already got a few tears welling up in his eyes but when he sees you already crying, he has to let a few out
  • You’re already saying yes before he can even fully kneel down and he just laughs and slides the ring onto your finger and jokingly whines about how you didn’t let him finish
  • You don’t care though bc w o w the ring’s pretty and it feels like it was made for you
  • The lil café ends up holding a lot of great memories for you two
A Break From Studying

Request: *shyly pokes my head in* begging your pardon, but could i possibly have a little Alexander x reader fic with the Library AU? (i really like the idea of the reader being concerned about Alexander as he’s constantly studying - the dark circles growing a deeper shade of purple each time he comes in and he’s obviously exhausted and miserable but he pushes on anyway) 

Pairing: Alexander x reader

Prompt/AU: Library AU, “I work in the library and I’m a little concerned for your health bc you never stop studying”

Setting: Modern college AU

Warnings: alcohol

Word count: 1833 (this got out of hand, and is about much more than the library AU, it kind of develops from it, sorry if this isn’t what you wanted hahah, I might write another one focusing only on the library thing if I have time)

Being a college student was hard. You had to keep up your grades and work to make a living. However, your job was actually kind of nice. You worked in the local library, and with your love for books, it was perfect for you.

You recognized most of the people who came to the library, but there was one person who stuck out, for you saw him every single day. He came in just a little while after you started your shift, and on the worst days, he stayed until closing time.

At first you didn’t think much of it, assuming he had some big project going on, but it never ended. Each day he looked more tired, and you considered if you should ask him if he was okay. You eventually agreed with yourself, that if this continued out the week, and he didn’t look any better, you’d confront him about it.


It was now Saturday. You had a shift then, so you decided to ask the man who was studying constantly about his well being if he was to be found.

You went to look in the politics section, and there he was. Asleep. He was leaning his back against one of the shelves, and his legs stretched almost all the way to the shelf on the other side of the aisle. His hair was a mess, his face just looked more tired than you had ever seen it, he was drooling a bit, and was surrounded by books and papers, with a computer on his lap. Even though it couldn’t be healthy, you had to smile at the sight.

“Hey”, you whispered, and gently nudged his shoulder a few times. Ugh, did he have to be a heavy sleeper? You tried once again, shaking him now, and suddenly a pair of confused brown eyes was looking at you.

“Hi?” he said, not sure what was going on. A nervous laugh escaped your mouth, as you realized you hadn’t thought about what to say to him.

“Hi. Uhm, I work here, and I just wanted to check if you’re okay. I’m a little concerned for you because you never stop studying”, you said uncertain if that was the right approach to make.

“Oh! I’m fine, I just have so much work to do”, he explained with a fatigued smile on his lips. He was not convincing at all.

“I think you’re gonna have to come up with a more convincing story, …” you joked, and trailed off at the end, in an attempt to get his name. He seemed to catch on quickly.

“Alexander Hamilton, but you can just call me Alex”, he said, introducing himself. “Okay, Alex, I’m [Y/N]”, you responded. He nodded in acknowledgement.

“Now, back to the reason I approached you. You seriously look more tired every time you walk in here, do you even sleep or eat?” you questioned him, wanting an honest answer.

“I don’t really sleep that much, I’m a triple-major. But I have gotten better at eating regularly lately”, he explained, obviously proud of that last part.

“A triple-major? Jeez, how are you alive?” you joked, and now understood why he worked as much as he did. “But still, it isn’t healthy to work that much, maybe you should try to cut it down a little? Then maybe you can get some sleep, or go out with your friends or something?” you suggested.

“No, I’m fine, I just need to finish this as soon as possible, but thanks for your concern”, he yawned, which only proved to you even more how much in need of a break he was. However, he was a stranger, and you didn’t want to nag too much, afraid he’d think you a freak.

“Alright, I know we don’t know each other, but I’m seriously concerned. I understand that this is important, I’m a student too, but you really need a break. Doesn’t matter if you go home and sleep, or hang out with friends. Just anything but this, okay?” you demanded, but with an uncertain look on your face, hoping you hadn’t crossed a line.

“Okay”, he said rather quickly, earning a confused look from you, “but only if you come.”

You raised your eyebrows in surprise, but if that was what it took to help someone from working himself to death, you’d gladly do it. Mind you, he was quite attractive as well, so you didn’t mind.

“Sure”, you responded with confidence and a playful grin on your face. “My shift is over in like 20 minutes, meet me outside then?” you proposed, and he happily agreed.

20 minutes passed quickly, and before you knew it, you were headed out the door to meet Alex. He was standing there; waiting for you, phone in his hand.

“Hi, [Y/N], we’re gonna meet up with some of my friends, and go to the pub, is that alright with you?” he asked, looking up from his phone.

“Yeah, that sounds great!” you replied, and you started walking to the pub, which coincidentally was both yours and Alex’s favourite in town. Inside, music was playing, people were talking and it was an overall pleasant atmosphere. You let Alex guide the way, seeing as you had no idea what his friends looked like.

Almost immediately he spotted them, and made way towards them. They were rather loud, but you assumed they were nice, and you were absolutely right. Alex introduced them all to you; Hercules Mulligan, John Laurens and Lafayette. They all greeted you in their way; Lafayette kissing the back of your hand, John gave you a high five, and Hercules who sat the furthest away waved at you.

In a matter of just a few minutes, you felt quite comfortable around them; laughing at their jokes, talking out loud and just having a generally good time.

The night went on for hours, and you had all gotten drunk to some degree. You, being kind of a lightweight when it came to alcohol, were the drunkest of them all. Alexander was less drunk than you’d expected from his small frame compared to the others. The only one less drunk than him was Lafayette who had stopped drinking earlier than the rest of you.

“Do you wanna stay with us tonight? We live in an apartment nearby”, Alex asked, not wanting you to be alone wile being this drunk.

“Yeah, sure”, you giggled, tripping over thin air, and leaned even more into Alex who had his arm around you to support you. He helped you all the way back to the apartment, and then even up the stairs to his bedroom, which was quite the feat. You couldn’t seem to place one foot in front of the other in the right order.

Eventually, you found yourself sitting on Alex’s bed. “Sooo, this is where you live?” you slurred, stroking his bed because you found it soft and nice. Wanting to feel the entire bed, for some reason, you stretched to the very end of it, and tumbled off, landing on the floor, startling Alex slightly.

“Jeez, [Y/N]. And, yes, this is where I live”, he chuckled before walking over, and basically lifting you back onto the bed. Keep in mind, Alex was a little drunk too, and almost fell on top of you after putting you down, a string of almost inaudible swears escaping his mouth, but you just giggled.

“Here, you can sleep in this, and you can change in the bathroom, it’s just right across the hall”, Alex said, throwing one of his t-shirts at you, which you absolutely didn’t manage to catch.

“Thanks”, you said, getting up and stumbling to the bathroom where you changed, went to the toilet and splashed some water in your face before you went back to his bedroom.

He was sitting on a chair, playing on his phone when you walked in. “Where do you want me to sleep?” you wondered, leaning against the wall so you wouldn’t fall.

“Just take the bed, and I’ll use the couch or something”, Alex responded, standing up to exit the room. You slumped down on the bed, annoyed with his answer.

“No, please stay here with me”, you whined. When drunk, you were clingy, and didn’t care at all. Alex didn’t seem to mind one bit, because in a matter of seconds, he slumped down on the bed next to you. Yearning contact, you cuddled up to him, and he just smiled, holding you tight, and the two of you fell asleep like that.


The morning after, you woke up with a raging headache and someone’s arms around you. Confused, you looked up at the face of the person holding you, and discovered it was Alexander. Your face expressed shock and embarrassment. What had you said last night? Had you done something humiliating?

Before you could wriggle yourself out of Alex’s arms, he opened his eyes and looked down at you. You widened your eyes, and he did the same.

“Oh”, he suddenly said, in an unidentifiable tone.

“Oh”, you responded, having no clue as what to say.

“I’m really sorry for everything stupid I did last night, I can’t remember anything”, you mumbled, very embarrassed. That obviously made Alex remember something, as he laughed at your apology, making your cheeks turn bright red, and you sat up in bed.

“You didn’t do anything crazy, but you were really drunk. I had to help you walk, and at one point last night you managed to fall out of the bed even though you were sitting in the middle of it”, he laughed, finding this whole situation very funny, “and then I tried to leave for the couch but you started whining, and wanted me in bed with you, so I stayed.”

“I can’t believe myself. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable”, you apologised, ashamed of your drunk actions.

“I didn’t mind at all, it’s completely okay, I found it quite amusing”, Alex assured you. How could he be so kind? You had made a fool of yourself the first night you met him; he must be lying. And now that he had had a good nights rest, you noticed that he was, to put it short, beautiful.

“Do you wanna stay for breakfast?” he asked, uncertain if the request was too much. This put a smile on your face, and you nodded eagerly. Suddenly he seemed more confident, and signalled for you to follow him to the kitchen.

Obviously wanting to impress you, he dished up the most delicious pancakes you had ever had in your life.

“This is so good, I can’t believe it”, you said, mouth full of pancakes, which made him chuckle.

“Maybe we should do this more often, then”, he responded, making you blush a tad bit.

“I think we should”, you giggled softly, and for the rest of the meal, you talked about everything, the first of countless mornings spent together.

KAKAOBI | This is the way I say ‘I love you’

AN: Incomplete, written just before writer’s block hit me in the face. I acutally had to rewrite this, but I still find it unsatisfactory and I will leave it at that. Explanation at the bottom.

Notes: Incomplete, Unedited, Full of holes in the plot bc I wasn’t thinking and had a hard time trying to tie everything together. A lot of explanations and stuff I wanted to add in couldn’t be placed inside so… explanation at the bottom :3

IT’S A SOULMATE AU whoop whoop

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Listening to: Sing Sing by Mariana’s Trench


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On the Steps of the Tower (Avengers x Reader)

A/N: Loosely inspired by the song On the Steps of the Palace from Into the Woods. I don’t have Internet at home for the time being and have way too much time on my hands so I wanted to start a drabble series on my phone. (The things I waste my data on lol) I haven’t decided on a pairing for this reader so I’m open to suggestions~ Also I can’t add this to my masterlist until I can get on desktop so that won’t get updated for a while. OH and if the formatting on this is wonky, I apologize bc again I’m doing this from my phone and there’s only so much HTML I can tolerate.

Word Count: ~1000

Warning(s): blood mention but it’s minimal, nothing other than that? 

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Your chest heaved as you caught your breath on top of a random building. This was the third time in a week that a certain ragtag band of superheroes had decided to crash in on your nighttime escapades. Thus, it was also the third time this week that you had to run away from said superheroes as they were really keen on stopping you for some reason.

Your brain felt like it was going to burst out of your skull with how much of your powers you had to use. You had been dealing with an eerily well-orchestrated bank robbery when they burst in through the front door. You wiped at your mouth and, ugh, yup your lip was bleeding under your mask.


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The Clabbert Sketcher

Request: “Hello! Could you write NewtxMuggle!artist? She is sitting in some public place (park/cafe/etc) sketching in her notebook. One of the creatures gets existed and goes to see what’s she doing. Or any other plot, really)) Thank you, have a nice day c:”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1255

Warnings: None

A/n: kinda wavered from the original “public place” setting, but I wanted to introduce an unfamiliar creature and have Newt be cute about it and yeah :) this is short and shitty n i’m sorry bc i’m sick affffffffffffff

“Now be sure to drink lots of water, folks. Hottest day of the year!”

You grumbled, switching the radio off. You stood from your bed, deciding that being cooped up in your tiny apartment with nearly no windows was to suffer a fate worse than burning at the stake. The small, stiff windows provided little airflow, and even though you had set up 3 fans around your bedroom, you could almost hear the paint melting off the walls. You collected your small sketchbook and pencils, throwing them carelessly into your bag, heading out the door with a huff.

You walked out onto the somewhat quiet streets of New Orleans, eyes peering curiously through the many windows that were flung open, watching people red from the uncomfortable heat fanning themselves desperately. It didn’t help that the area you currently lived in was near a large swamp, and in this type of heat, it wasn’t unusual to see an alligator bathing in the running fountains in town square.

You decided to take this opportunity, of quiet and stillness, to try to find some wildlife to draw. It seemed like a good idea, since when the temperature was soaring it was a lot easier to find the wild fauna taking a dip in the cool swamp water. You only hoped that you wouldn’t come across an alligator.

You trudged through the dense mud, the humidity of the swamp making you extremely light headed. But you wanted so desperately to sketch out the likeness of all the brilliant creatures, since a camera in this day and age was far too expensive for a young person like yourself. You sighed, taking a break to sit down on a fallen log, wiping the condensation from your forehead. You jumped slightly when an unfamiliar croak chimed.

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Requested by anonymous: what about frank and the reader falling in love but like SO HARD DESPERATELY IN LOVE and she’s like a normal girl but when frank starts killing ppl and all (which she knows about and is 100% ok with it) she begins taking first aid classes or something so she can patch him up whenever he comes back I DUNNO I LOVE FRANK I WANT LOVE AND FLUFF AND KISSES OH GOD
omfg frank castle imagine where the reader sleeps COMPLETELY on top of him always bc of two reasons. 1) he loves to be connected skin to skin like that to her and 2) because not only can he feel every one of her movements and it makes him feel like he can protect her better BUT HE ALSO FEELS SAFE AND PROTECTED BY HER WHEN THEY SLEEP LIKE THAT AND SHE KNOWS IT AND LOVES IT frank castle is my everything ok

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

Rating: T

Word count: 1.7k

Warnings: blood, fluff, swears

A/N: decided to combine these two requests, so, enjoy!

“Goddamn it,” you heard a grunt at the front door and immediately knew who it was. You heard the door slam shut and then there was a crash. “Fucking shit!

“Babe,” you called out, closing the book you were reading. “You okay?”

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terpsikeraunos  asked:

Your Roman history posts are so great! I'm going to ask - why do you like Tiberius?


This is going to be long. All the references are off the top of my head (as in, I remembered the Latin phrase so I could ctrl+f to find it) so I haven’t included some but I hope this will do, if there’s anything anyone would really like me to prove then let me know and I’ll find it XD

  • Tiberius did not want to be emperor
  • Tacitus described Tiberius (Annals 1.80) as ‘talented and intelligent, but paralysed by lack of confidence’ (that is a loose translation of a single phrase, based on Tacitus’ overall portrayal)
  • Tiberius was emotionally abused by his family all his life. He spoke slowly, and walked quite strangely, and dressed quite unusually; Suetonius records that Augustus, ‘as if to excuse Tiberius but really to mock him’ said in the senate, ‘They’re not vices of personality, they’re defects he was born with.’ (Suetonius, Tiberius 68)
  • Augustus forced Tiberius to divorce his wife Vipsania, whom he truly loved and who was pregnant with their second child, and marry Augustus’ own daughter Julia to keep things in the family and present a pair of power couples [i.e. Augustus & Livia, Tiberius & Julia] to the gossip-loving Roman people (Velleius, Roman History 2.96; Suetonius, Tiberius 7; Dio, Roman History 54.31; Tacitus, Annals 1.12). Vipsania miscarried their child. When Tiberius next saw her, he broke down in the street and ran after her in hysterics. (I don’t think I can overstate how public emotion, especially public demonstration of love for one’s wife, was Not a Roman Thing to Do.) Augustus had Vipsania married to one of his (Augustus’) aides and took measures to ensure Tiberius never set eyes on her again.
  • Two years after Tiberius’ divorce from Vipsania, Tiberius’ beloved younger brother Drusus was mortally wounded and Tiberius journeyed from Rome to Germany in two days and one night to be at his side when he died, and then walked the body all the way back to Rome. In Lament for Drusus, attributed to Ovid, the speaker describes the funeral at which the people ‘beheld [Tiberius] utterly unlike himself — dazed and sobbing, his face ashen with grief’.
  • Another two years later Augustus tried to make Tiberius his co-ruler. Tiberius suddenly asked to retire to study in Rhodes. Augustus refused. Tiberius attempted suicide (Suetonius, Tiberius 7). (I put this in bold because scholars have spent years arguing over why Tiberius asked to go to Rhodes. I don’t understand what the issue is. Suetonius, for once, spells it out.)
  • Tacitus, Annals 3.56 writes ‘Augustus was confident in power because he knew he was great, and he knew that Tiberius wouldn’t abuse the power of the emperor either, because Tiberius had a low opinion of himself.’
  • When Augustus died, Tiberius, while reading his will in the senate, broke down in the middle of it and said he wished he was dead (Suetonius, Tiberius 23).
  • The senate tried to make Tiberius accept sole power. Tiberius tried to get out of it, begging for help and saying that he lacked the self-confidence and the mental strength, but the senate pretended to think he just wanted their approval. Tacitus says (Annals 1.11), ‘The senate’s greatest fear was that they should seem to understand his meaning.’

So Tiberius did become emperor, and then what? According to the conventional picture of Tiberius (exemplified in I, Claudius), he went off the rails and turned into a bloodthirsty, sexually depraved monster because of all the above trauma. Is that what happened? NO.

  • As soon as he became emperor he immediately abolished Augustus’ private council and insisted that all proposals be taken to the senate. Sallustius Crispus (son of the historian Sallust), who had been Augustus’ legal advisor, had already told Livia ‘not to let Tiberius dismantle the foundations of monarchy by letting the senate decide everything’ (Tacitus, Annals 1.6).
  • He intervened on several occasions to stop an execution ordered by the senate, and when the senate executed someone while he was away, he introduced a statutory ten-day delay between sentencing and execution to allow for appeals.
  • He instituted one of the ONLY sensible financial policies in Rome’s economic history since Mithridates of Pontus fucked up all Rome’s shit in the 80s BC. (I don’t know jack shit about economics but source)
  • He personally remunerated all the victims of any natural disaster that happened during his reign (earthquakes, fires, etc).
  • He dedicated only a few buildings (dedicating buildings was something rich Romans did to assert their power over the populace and make themselves look good) and one was a public museum (which was still quite a new thing) dedicated to marital and family solidarity, on the site where the ancestor of Julia’s chief lover was murdered, inscribed with his own name and the name of his brother who had been dead for 20 years… (Dio 55.27)
  • …but he undertook more building works than the record tells us, because he restored several public buildings but left them in the name of the original dedicator (i.e. he declined to take prestige away from other families).
  • He went out of his way to promote senators of non-traditional backgrounds, even though he was from a privileged family himself (unlike Augustus, who was from an obscure family but promoted people from privileged families)… (Tacitus, Annals 13.21)
  • …and he told senators of traditional backgrounds to fuck off if they spent all their money on parties and expected to get it back from the public treasury just because their family was famous. (Tacitus, Annals 2.38)
  • After his divorce from Julia he never remarried. He supported the careers of the sons that his first wife, Vipsania, had with her new husband (even though the new husband liked to taunt Tiberius about their marriage, which even Tacitus admits was cruel), and when Vipsania died he had her buried in the imperial mausoleum.
  • Despite public insinuations, Tiberius actually had a very good relationship with his heir Germanicus, who was the son of Tiberius’ brother Drusus. Tiberius wrote Greek poems and Germanicus translated them into Latin. Tiberius trained Germanicus as a soldier. When Germanicus died, Tiberius wrote a verse elegy for him and ordered that he be honoured on the same level as the adopted sons of Augustus who had died young also. He didn’t appear in public (which led to the populace saying he had Germanicus murdered…) but he insisted on going to the senate, and the senate published a decree (the SCPP) which basically said that seeing him in such an awful state was embarrassing them.
  • Tiberius fired provincial governors who tried to exploit their subjects or didn’t respect the local customs, and he arranged the administration of the provinces to make life better for the people who lived there (which pissed off the senators back home who thought all non-Romans were second-class citizens). (You can read about how great the provincials thought he was in Philo’s Embassy to Gaius)
  • He refused to engage in offensive wars, and any wars that were going on before Augustus died, he ended them by diplomacy. (I can’t remember where but Tacitus says that Tiberius was very proud of his record for diplomacy)
  • He refused (unlike… oh, every other emperor ever) to be worshipped as a god. He said, ‘No one is allowed to set up a cult in my name unless I give permission. I won’t give it.’ (Dio 57.9) He also said, ‘[I don’t want a temple, that shit is pointless because] only monuments in the heart last forever.’ (*melts*) (Tacitus, Annals 4.38)
  • He said to his (biological) son Drusus, ‘You will never break the laws or commit violence against anybody while I’m alive, and if you try it, you won’t do it when I’m dead, either.’
  • He was constantly subject to extremely cruel insults from his stepdaughter Agrippina (daughter of Julia) who even wrote a pamphlet about how awful he was, but most of the time he just listened to her in silence and then walked away. On one occasion she screamed after him, ‘Who do you think you are? Don’t you know I’m related to the divine Augustus?’ Tiberius said bitterly, ‘Do you think you are wronged because you don’t rule, child?’ (Suetonius, Tiberius 53; Tacitus records this somewhere too)
  • He was offered an ovation (celebratory pageant) when he took a tour of the local area, and he responded, ‘Do you think I need to be congratulated for that? Do you know how many wars I won when I was younger?’ *cracks knuckles*
  • He spoke Greek so well that sometimes he wrote Latin according to Greek grammar rules and once he issued a public apology because he’d accidentally put a Greek word in an official edict because he couldn’t think of the Latin equivalent, and he got a group of senators to consult a bunch of dictionaries to find one (Suetonius, Tiberius 71).
  • He, alone of all the Julio-Claudian emperors, was never accused of using his position to blackmail women into sleeping with him. In fact there is only one credible sexual allegation made against Tiberius: that he enjoyed performing oral sex on women (Suetonius, Tiberius 45 although it’s quite difficult to work out what is meant here, I read it in a book on Roman sexuality).
  • He refused to introduce anti-freedom-of-speech or blasphemy laws; he said ‘insults to the gods are the gods’ concern’ (Tacitus, Annals 1.73; incidentally, he was the emperor during the lifetime of Jesus, who said more or less the same thing).
  • He blocked an attempt by the senate to punish people who accused senators who were later acquitted, in case fear of punishment made real victims too scared to come forward.
  • He refused to let crimes against his family be treated differently from crimes against anyone else, and if anyone tried to prosecute someone for insulting him, he dismissed the case.
  • (He tried to listen to petitions with a blank expression so he remained impartial, but once after a particularly long day, someone tried to prosecute a citizen for putting up a second-hand statue of him, and he suddenly got up and screamed ‘ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS’, which scared the shit out of everyone and gave him a reputation as a tyrant) (Tacitus, Annals 1.74)
  • He attended the courts and ‘his presence meant that justice increased but the senators’ prerogatives were restricted’, grumbles Tacitus, a senator (Tac. Ann. 1.75). (If a senator prosecuted someone and won, the senator got that person’s property.)
  • He was bombarded with whiny messages from senators and his response (Tac. Ann. 6.6 and Suet. Tib. 67) started ‘I am surrounded by idiots’ in such elaborate and obscure language that it took 2000 years for anyone to understand what he meant.
  • He stopped public gladiator shows because he disliked gratuitous violence. His idea of a good time was holding dinner parties for his friends (soldiers and Greeks, people that most rich people scorned) and asking them really obscure questions about his favourite books (Suetonius, Tiberius 70).
  • Again when his son Drusus died, Tiberius continued to attend the senate, and the senators tried to make him go home because they were embarrassed, but he said, ‘I just can’t stand to see people crying all the time. I find solace by burying myself in work.’ (Tacitus, Annals 4.8)

I haven’t actually answered the question: why do I like Tiberius? Because he gave up everything he ever wanted so that his talents could be used for the good of Rome. Because he could not stand the abuse of power. Because he used his power to help deserving people of lower birth who could not succeed because they lacked connexions. 

Because he found it hard to get out of bed in the morning and yet he fought and fought and fought to make Rome a better place for ordinary people. He never wallowed in self-pity or made it about himself, he just kept going. He was not comfortable in social situations (the clearest occasion is when someone approached him suddenly and he panicked so badly that he fell over) and on several occasions he had minor breakdowns in public and yet he kept going. On several occasions he tried to tell the senate he wasn’t well enough to rule on his own, and the senate just mocked him and said he was being an attention-seeking hypocrite (e.g. Tacitus, Annals 4.8-9). I just can’t imagine what it must have been like to go through that when everyone in the city was looking at you. He showed immense bravery and dignity in the face of a callous and uncomprehending senate. He was too good for them.

Because he said (repeatedly and in many different ways: see e.g. Tac. Ann. 4.38; Suet. Tib. 59; Velleius 2.115), ‘I don’t care what people think of me as long as I know I’ve done the right thing.’ 

Because he never wanted honour for himself; ‘I ask the gods to give me peace of mind, and when I am gone, I ask my peers to think of me with a smile.’ The latter I can do.


Ship: Philip Hamilton x Reader

Prompt: #101 “I guess I was wrong about you. You aren’t so bad after all” and #106 “I just need you to do this one thing for me”

Trigger: this is so cliche I had to write it, otherwise nothing 

W/C: 1276 

Modern Highschool AU bc imagine anthony ramos walking down ur school’s halls hell yes

You said bye to your friends with a smile as you approached the front doors of the school, the bell had rung five minutes ago and you were ready to get out of there. However, your plans were foiled as you bumped into a muscular chest. Irritated, you looked up at the student in front of you while adjusting your backpack “Excuse m- oh, hi Philip, goodbye Philip!” you said with a sarcastic smile as you made contact with his bright brown eyes and childish smirk. You started to move around him, trying to find an escape. Still smiling a bit, “Now, wait wait wait (Y/N)! I wanna talk to you!” he pleaded while following you out of the old brick building.  

You rolled your eyes and kept walking home, not making eye contact with anyone. You could hear him following, and an assortment of “Hey Philip!” “Where’s the fire?” “Hamilton! What’s up?!” and it just motivated you to walk faster. But eventually the teenage boy caught up to you, his curls bouncing on his shoulders. “I just need you to do this one thing for me” he explained while working through the crowd so he can walk by your side.

You rolled your eyes for what felt like the millionth time. “What do you want?” You asked, although you knew you wouldn’t say yes to his request. Philip Hamilton was one of the most popular boys in school and he carried a sense of entitlement on his shoulders. Always talking about “my father did this, my father does that, my father is going to this” every single day whenever he could. Sure, family pride is nice - but he had his ego stroked daily by girls in every classroom. It was stomach-churning to you.

“Well, I was hoping you would give me a quick tutoring, studying, whatever lesson on chemistry, I need to get a B on our final in order to pass” He explained quickly, looking far at the distance with a straight face. You stopped in your tracks and looked at your classmate, “The son of oh so brilliant Alexander Hamilton isn’t reaching academic excellence?” you said to him in a sarcastic tone. His jaw clenched for a second, and after a pause he looked at you “I’m not perfect, alright? And don’t say my fathers name like that. He’s a good man.” Philip started walking again. You had to double your pace to catch up to him. You didn’t think badly of Hamilton at all you just knew it would hit a nerve if you said his name like that, but now you felt a pang of regret in your chest.

“Sorry” you replied, only loud enough for him to hear. There was a small pause, but Philip still walked next to you with his hands in his jeans. “How about you come over and I can go over the textbook with you and after that I can just be the one girl in that school that doesn’t swoon over you again” you suggested lightly. His bright smile appeared again “Or you could become my girlfriend who swoons over me and only me?” he joked. You shook your head but still smiled a bit “Come on” you laughed as you led him to your house.

The universe decided to cut you a break, and no one was home to say “Philip Hamilton?? What are YOU doing here with (Y/N)? She despises you!” which while that was true, something in your gut was telling you that Philip wasn’t such an egotistical heartbreaker like you thought. You turned around to the freckle-faced boy, “do you wanna study in the backyard?” you suggested. He nodded with a nervous smile.

The backyard had plenty of open space, and Philip complimented you on the garden. You smiled softly “Oh, thanks my um mom does a majority of that” you laughed. Why were you so nervous around him all the sudden? He was just Philip, who you’d known since grade school and who occasionally lost his hair ties.

“Are you staring at me?” Philip asked innocently while grabbing his textbook out of his black bookbag. You blushed, feeling all the blood rush to your face “Sorry, I was just … thinking about something” you told him. He shook it off and opened his notes to the same chapter as the textbook. He explained to you what he was confused about and how his notes weren’t clear about some things, but you weren’t listening at all.

Why did he ask you to help him? He could’ve asked Dolly or Martha couldn’t he? Was he embarrassed? Were you just sympathetic towards him this one time or has something in the cosmos changed? Did he change his hair? “(Y/N) …” Philip muttered. You brought yourself back to reality. “Um, right sorry okay well let’s compare notes.”

It took hours for you to explain to Philip what he didn’t understand about chemistry. He groaned and laid down in the grass with his heavy notebook on his face. “This is useless I am going to get a 76% on this test and then I will just die. Just like that. My heart will stop.” he whined. It hurt to see him so defeated, and you never thought you would think that in your life. You sighed and closed the textbook. “Okay, just list out everything you know about chemistry and we can go on from there.” you suggested to him, trying to stay positive.

He took the notebook off of his face and sat up with blades of grass sticking to the back of his gray v-neck. “I know you and I have chemistry” he winked. You had to firmly command every being in your body to stop you from blushing. “Thanks for the stand-up but that’s not science!” you retorted, throwing a handful of grass at him. He moved over to sit next to you and looked at your open notebook. “Yeahhh your notes are great but let me give you a study question” He said in a superior tone while taking your notebook. He took your pen and flipped to an open page and scribbled

If I could kiss my life-long crush just once would that be enough?

You looked at him with disbelief, “But ever since we were little you would always have girls following you and texting you and calling you and-?” he twisted his body towards you. “But I never dated one or ask for one of their hair ties.” he added, shining his bright smile. You couldn’t hold back an extreme blush and when you made eye contact with him he pressed his lips on yours. 

Your mind started whirling and his arms were around you and his lips were soft and precise and suddenly your fingers were tangled in his hair and the entire neighborhood was quiet until your kiss stopped. When it stopped you heard the birds chirp again and the cars speed down the road. You let out an exasperated breath with a smile, ”I guess I was wrong about you. You aren’t so bad after all.” Philip fell back into the grass and sighed, “That feels better … by the way you explained almost everything wrong, have you even paid attention in class?”

Ok so in rgak au when Kara is studying abroad I can kind of see her using her powers a lot? And not just to fly to another country to see the sights and eat her body weight in European food, the main reason the Danvers tell her not to use her powers is bc of fear of discovery. It’s not just for her own safety too, it’s also for theirs. And she doesn’t at home, or anywhere near where she studies. But when she’s traveling abroad, by herself, outside of the country she’s studying in at the time? Yeah, she helps people. Not huge things, things that would get her noticed, because she’s still at least somewhat trying to fly under the radar. But if she hears someone who needs help, a mugging, a little girl about to be hit in the street by a car, an almost homicide, maybe using her superspeed to save a few people from suicide-both to save them as they jump, and to get to them fast enough to talk them off the ledge. Little (big) things, doing what she can, and anyway she’s leaving the country in a day or so, it’s not like they can identify her, she’d be long gone.

And adding to that, I’ve mentioned before headcanon about Kara and languages, how she enjoys learning them or at least has like the bare bones of language implanted in her mind by subliminals in her pod-I mean who knows what Kryptonians were capable of, stranger things have happened. But anyway, it’s one thing to know the proper grammar and vocabulary and a very different thing to know the slang and the pronunciation, because intellectually you could know how a language is supposed to sound??? And then to try and speak it and use the correct accent??? Seriously like listen to a bunch of 2nd year college students trying to learn a language for the first time even if it’s been 2 years for the most part they will still sound horrible you’re just like Enough. And while Kara does try with the accent, it’s not immediately 100% great, and the thing is she doesn’t have an American accent she has a Kryptonian accent, not always heavily but it’s there, strange and otherworldly and like nothing anyone’s ever heard before and sure it makes her unique, makes her memorable, a pretty tall blonde girl with blue eyes and stronger than she should be, but no one can really identify her as American.

Except, there’s a certain General, going from city to city where all of Kara’s books are published. Her first real lead is not with the publishing company, but overhearing 2 Interpol officers talking about a strange rumor going around European law enforcement, about girls—age ranging from mid-30’s to late teens, all blonde, height varies (trauma sometimes warp people’s perceptions of events, just a little, and ‘tall’ is relative concept. And some people are bad at faces, at placing people’s ages)—stopping would be murderers, appearing in a new city almost every week and get this, I heard from local police that last week she took out Pepe the Butcher—guy was almost 7 feet and almost 140 kilos and she broke his arm. The girl she saved definitely said she was on the thin side, and the swears she’s never heard that accent before in her life.

So now Astra still doesn’t know what Kara looks like exactly, but she knows that Kara’s probably tall (is Kara taller than her now? Her Little One isn’t so little any more), blonde hair, and quickly moving throughout Europe, saving people as she goes. So now along with going from publishing branch to branch, she needs to hack into every major city in Europe and read the police reports for any unusual activity, but hey at least she now doesn’t have to look at other continents.

And then there’s just kind of a complete lull with the reports? Like it’s Christmas time and for a few weeks there’s just nothing? At all? Astra still monitors the European reports but she starts looking around all over and like a month or two after Kara goes silent she reads a report about a girl in Buenos Aires. Kara’s in fucking South America Astra was so close to finding Kara, she was figuring out a pattern to Kara’s movements god fucking dammit Kara you useless lesbian just let Astra live she just wants to find you of all the traits you have that you take after from your father why couldn’t this have been one of them but no you take after Astra and Alura “we made judge and general before we even turned 35” In-Ze clearly Kal-El took after his father why can’t you Astra is a Very Tired Kryptonians general and this has been going on for months so what if she sometimes faceplants into the bed. And maybe it breaks. A lot. And she still doesn’t move, just groans a little. It’s not her fault she’s just doing her best. Fucking Kara deciding to study abroad for 2 semesters in a row like Astra Cries a tiny bit when Kara moves to South America she was So Close to finding her niece and then she switches up her routine.

Astra sleep very little those months like to monitor those reports she needs to learn the languages and goddammit Kara she’s a motherfucking soldier not a diplomat she’s intelligent for a Kryptonian but she’s a general not an academic, what she primarily knows are swears in other languages before reading the first report in Latin America she spent 3 weeks trying to learn Latin before she opened up the first report and found out this is not Latin this is Spanish she’s trying ok do you know how many of these god damn fucking languages she’s had to learn in the past year a lot a lot of languages why the fuck would they call it Latin America and not speak Latin that’s not her fault.

(a year and a half later, after Kara’s graduated and spending the year teaching children in Asia, Astra will deny that she walked through a fucking wall in her frustration but the wall will disagree. Don’t even get her started on the next year. In fucking Africa. Home of like a gazillion languages. The things Astra does for her loved ones goddammit Kara just let Astra find you and give you a hug and never have to learn another Earth language).