so i decided to make something black and white too


Clexa AU - Clarke and Lexa are paired together after Kane’s orders and they have to share the same room/bed.

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I feel like I can't get into bnha yet because of the whole villain and heroes thing. Ultimate good vs ultimate evil feels dehumanizing for reasons I can't properly explain. Like even the kindest people make mistakes or cruel things and the the worst people aren't complete monsters, most of the time. It's probably too early for me to say that bnha would forever stay black and white.

But have you tried reading it? I understand if you decide that it’s not your cup of tea, but my advice would be to give it a chance. Sure, it’s a story meant to be lighthearted, but everything is not completely black and white. Characters still make mistakes. Take Bakugou, for example, and he’s meant to be a hero! 

And the hypocrisy of such a society is fully addressed in canon, so there’s still the chance that something might turn a bit darker later on, though not impossibly so…(?)

TJ COMBO: Killer Instinct Concept

I thought it would be cool this time to lay out my thought process breakdown for the design:

  • US Flag Tank Top: It’s not TJ without this. I tried to design one that didn’t look as corny as just a flag on a shirt. Kind of proud of the Combo logo lol.
  • Eye Patch: Because I fucking love eye patches. I always thought that was one of the coolest things about his design from KI2. He definitely needs this because.
  • Flat Top: I always liked the silhouette this made in the old games. You could shave his head sure, but that’s no fun. Video games don’t need more bald dudes.
  • Pants: Probably spent more time thinking about this than anything else lol. I feel like shorts (like his black one’s from KI1 and the new game’s design) make him look too much like a basketball player when combined with the tank top. You could make them shorter boxing shorts but then he starts to look too much like a Balrog knock off. Alternatively, his camo pants (from KI2) never really made sense to me and clash with his red, white, and blue shirt so in the end I met in the middle with black pants. I had toyed with the idea of sweat pants that I could put some more flag motifs on but decided to pull back and stick to jeans. I see TJ as a street fighter since he can’t box professionally anymore so I think his outfit should look like something he would just wear casually and he gets challenged on the street all the time. A full shirt and pants flag outfit doesn’t really fit with that since it starts to look like a corny uniform.
  • Sneakers: Along those lines, that’s why I went with sneakers instead of boxing shoes which most people aren’t going to wear outside the ring.
  • MMA Gloves: TJ was a boxer but let’s be real. One of this dude’s special moves is a tiger knee and he does grappling moves in the new one so I see him as a MMA fighter with a specialty in boxing. The MMA gloves then serve as a nod to KI1’s boxing gloves while not looking comical. The new design came to the same conclusion.
  • Beard: Kind of stole this idea from the new game’s design. I think it does make sense to age him up a bit and some facial hair is a good way to do that. TJ has always been flashy though, so I think an overly manicured beard makes more sense than a straight goatee. Plus it gives him a little more character.
  • Bionic Arms: I know I’m continuing the “cyborg black dude” cliche but fuck it. I like cyber arms. Since it’s something that’s always been hidden under his skin, I thought it would be cool if you just saw the circuitry glowing from under his skin. It’s funny because I thought this up independently before realizing the new design has more or less the same concept (except with scars). I imagine it working almost exactly the same where they’re mostly visible during special moves and glow/pulse more intensely during Instinct.
youngstilinski said: "ugh teach me how to gif/edit and all that bullshit pls"

I’m probably not even qualified to answer this question, but here goes.

Nick I don’t even remember if you were joking I just saw this in my inbox and now I was like “oh okay here goes”.

The most important thing in editing and gifs is the coloring, so that’s what I’m going to give a tutorial of.




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A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 52

A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 52

I lie in bed, beginning to think about Harry’s tour. Maybe I should go, at least for a few weeks, I should be supportive and see Harry perform, like Luke said. “Harry?” I grab his attention as he searches through the wardrobe, “yeah?”
“Do you want me to come on tour.”
“It’s your decision.”
“But do you want me to?” I press, wanting to know what he wants. “Yes, but if you can’t come, I understand.”
“I don’t know.” I sigh, weighing up the options. I feel that Harry might want to time away to just be him, without the worries of me or anything, but I also feel as if things will go south if we are separated too long. “We will take it slow and see what happens when I’m on my tour.”
“Okay, are you getting ready for tomorrow?”
“Yes.” Harry nods, grabbing an over night bag and some clothes.
“Do you think we can watch a movie together?”
“Hmm what movie?”
“Whatever is on.” I reply, grabbing the remote and looking at the TV guide. “There’s, Frozen, fifty first dates, can we watch the bachelorette?”
“No, no, no and no.”
“Why not?” I whine, putting it on the bachelorette anyway. “This show is so stupid.” Harry groans, placing his over night bag on the ground and taking off his top. “Why do you think it is stupid? Because they want to get married?”
“Yes, and because she goes around kissing all the guys, making out with them, but some how only loves one. If she loved one, she wouldn’t kiss the others. It’s like she’s doing a trial and error thing.” Harry comments and I laugh. “Trial and error?”
“Yes, tasting her sweets before she buys it.”
“She’s trying to see who she has a connection with.”
“You can do that without kissing.” Harry shrugs, looking at his phone as he pushes the covers back. “If you had the chance you’d do the trial and error too.”
“Mmm maybe, but I am perfectly happy with you.”
“Aww good comment.” I roll my eyes, just as he climbs onto the bed. “How’s that knee of yours?”
“It’s still a bit painful, but there’s no use complaining.”
“Take an Advil for it.”
“If I take an Advil I can’t take my other meds.”
“You didn’t take them today anyway.”
“How do you know?”
“Hayley, I woke up before you and watched you get up and by pass your pills.”
“Will you get me an Advil?”
“Will you please start taking your meds properly?”
“I am, I am trying.” I sigh. Harry gets up and goes to the bathroom to fetch me an Advil to dull the pain in my knee. He hands it to me, grabbing the water bottle from my side table and unscrewing the cap. “Thanks.” I take the bottle and take the pill while he gets in bed. “You’re not going to the dance studio are you?”
“No, I canceled the day to rest my knee.”
“What did your parents say about the studio?”
“I haven’t told them.”
“They won’t care.” I reply, continuing to watch the TV show. “This show is annoying.” Harry groans, pulling at the covers, “go to sleep then, you have quite a drive tomorrow.”
“I’ll take the hint.” He sighs, moving away from me and closing his eyes. “Uh-ah don’t pull this on me the night before you leave, you’re not going to get mad at me.” I comment, refusing to let him start this. “Pull what? You’re the one that hinted that you rather watch it alone.”
“I didn’t say that, we are not starting this.” I shake my head, turning the TV off. “Hayley just watch the show.”
“No.” I simply reply, “will you turn this way?” I question and he rolls onto his side to face me. “You can watch the show.” He softly says,
“I don’t want you upset.”
“I’m not upset.”
“It seems like it.”
“I’m not, honestly.” He assures me, “you realise that I don’t take everything to heart. I don’t give a fuck that you told me to sleep, it doesn’t bother me much.”
“You make it sound like it.”
“It doesn’t. Turn the TV back on and watch then rest of the show.” He instructs but I still refuse. “I want to just cuddle with you.”
“Okay then.” He sighs allowing me closer to him.

I walk around the quiet house, unaware of what to do. I’ve already cleaned the house and done the rest of the washing, and it is only noon. Harry left at five this morning, and it feels so weird without him. Usually when he’s out for a few hours it doesn’t feel weird, or different, it just feels normal, but right now, it feels so odd. I lean on the counter of the kitchen and sigh heavily. I look around the living room, seeing Oreo curled up on the floor cutely. All the puppy wants to do is sleep and whine when Harry leaves him outside. I sit down on the couch, grabbing the boom I was reading the other night, opening up to my page. I’m distracted to the sound of the puppy waking up, letting out a noise as he stretches his tiny body out, sprawling his legs out on the floor. “Oreo come here.” I call and he looks at me weirdly, twitching his little nose before scratching his little body. “Come cuddle with me.” I coo, managing to get him to come to me. I pick him up and place him on then couch. He steps onto my stomach and rests down, resting his head on my chest, “you’re a cute puppy.” I chuckle, starting to read my book while the dog sleeps on me adorably. I begin to get bored of the book, reading words in black and white to picture someone else’s picture in colour has managed to bore me. I pet the puppy, feeling his soft fur as I glide my hand from his head to his body gently. “I must be clingy if I miss him.” I mumble to the dog, knowing I’m not going to get any sort of response, “and I am nuts talking to a sleeping dog.” I sigh, looking around then living room that is so quiet. I decide to get up, and make something to eat for dinner, only settling on two minute noodles because I am too lazy to make anything better. I place the noodles in a bowl and travel to our room, I sit on the bed, turning the TV on to occupy myself while I eat. As my eyes stay glued to the TV, the puppy sprawls out on the bed and my noodles slowly demolish as I eat them; my phone rings. I pry my eyes away from the TV and answer my phone. “Hello?”
“Hi.” Harry’s voice travels through my ear, “hey, how are you?”
“I’m okay, how are you?”
“I’m good, just watching TV and eating dinner.”
“Oh, what did you cook?”
“Two minute noodles, what are you doing?”
“I’m looking out that window at the fans.”
“Oh, where are you? The hotel?”
“The studio, they haven’t noticed I am looking.”
“Stalker.” I joke,
“They followed me, I’m just sitting back and watching them as they cluelessly look around, waiting for one of us.” Harry replies with amusement in his voice. “Are you having fun?”
“A little, it’d be better if it was so bloody cold out here and the heating would work.”
“That cold huh?”
“Yep, I have to get going, we’re about to attempt to write again.”
“Okay, bye.” I sigh.

Harry’s p.o.v

“Alright, goodnight I probably won’t get to call you.” I say over the phone to Hayley as I continue to peer out the window. “Goodnight, I love you.”
“I love you too.” I let out before I hang the phone up and turn around. I have all eight eyes staring at me as if I have just walked onto a crime scene. “What?” I ask, placing my phone in my pocket. “Goodnights, and I love yous. Geez you must be high.” Niall laughs,
“Oh ha ha, funny. You should be a stand up comedian.” I roll my eyes,
“I love you too.” Niall mocks, making a few kissing sounds. “You’re just jealous.” I shrug, sitting down on the couch next to Liam. “Jealous? No, I just enjoy mocking you.” Niall smirks,
“Come on, leave him alone, I think we all agree that we rather him settle down with a girl and love her than to be with some girl we can’t stand and who he doesn’t love.” Liam pipes in,
“Exactly, but it’s funny and odd hearing him say he loves a girl.” Louis comments, “can we change the subject?” I groan,
“No, do you miss her?”
“I saw her this morning, we don’t cling to each other like leaches.” I defend, not wanting to admit that I do slightly miss her and it has only been a few hours, wait until I tell her I won’t be back for another two to three days. “Are you bringing her on tour?” Zayns asks and I shake my head. “Why?” Liam asks,
“She’s a little unsure about it for some reason, not really talking about it, so I’m not pushing her to talk.” I shrug,
“You should get her to come.” Niall comments, “maybe, so are we going to write or sit here discussing my relationship?”
“You never talk about your relationship so I think you should keep talking.” Niall answers, “the last time I spoke about the relationship I believe it ended up in her being mad. Remember the night we watched the football game and I stupidly told you lot what happened with her breathing?”
“Ohh yeah, well you don’t need to tell us about those details.” Louis shrugs,
“What do you want to know?” I sigh,
“Does she cook? How’s it like living with her?”
“She cooks, and cleans and she’s basically a house wife, which annoys me, she’s great to live with.”
“How does her cooking and cleaning annoy you?” Niall asks,
“She does too much for me, I feel as if she’s being my mother sometimes. She doesn’t have to fix the bed every morning, I can do it, or she can just leave it messy.”
“Wow you’re complaining because she’s being a great girlfriend.” Liam rolls his eyes, “but I don’t need her to do everything.”
“What do you want her to do, go out and get pedicures and be all messy?” Louis questions, scribbling on a piece of paper. “Well no”
“Stop complaining, she does what she does for you because she loves you.” Liam crosses his arms,
“But, there’s no need to always cook and clean.”
“Well when you get home, you tell her not to cook and clean, and you do it yourself to make yourself feel better.” Liam suggests and I nod, wanting to change the subject before they all start annoying me with my relationship.


I struggle with unlocking the front door of the house while I hold myself up, and carry the items in my hands. I manage to unlock the door and walk into the house at the ungodly hour. I drag my feet down the hall to the living room and kitchen area. I place my things down on the kitchen table, making sure to keep my keys in my hand. I hear the small patter of feet and see the dark shadow of the annoying puppy. He lets out a bark and I groan, “shhh, Hayleys sleeping.” I nudge the dog with my foot, turning the light on so he realises it’s me, he lifts himself off his front paws, placing them on my leg, trying to jump on me. “I don’t want to play.” I groan as he struggles to hold himself up on his back legs while his front legs rest on my leg, begging for my attention. I roll my eyes and pick the ball of fur up before I turn the light off and walk to Hayley and I’s bedroom. I quietly walk in, anxious to let my body fall on the bed, and fall asleep beside Hayley. What was meant to be a one night trip, turned into a three night trip. I haven’t slept in twenty-four hours and I’m beyond the feeling of exhaustion. I place the puppy on the bed, watching it curl at Hayleys legs without waking her up. I kick off my shoes and slide my jacket off, placing it on the edge of the bed, my stomach growls but I ignore it, feeling too tired to go make myself something to eat. I climb into bed and put my arm around Hayley lightly, I feel her move and I hold my breath not wanting to wake her. Her head moves slightly before I see her eyes open, “you’re home.” She sleepily smiles,
“Mhm.” I sound, feeling her kiss my dry lips, “I missed you.” She whispers sweetly, “I missed you too.” I admit, pulling her closer to me. “What time is it?” She asks, my stomach growling again. “The last time I checked the time it was three-thirty.” I mumble,
“Are you hungry?” She questions,
“I’ll wait until I wake back up.”
“When was the last time you ate?” Hayley questions, “Mmm lunch time.” I reply, thinking long and hard about when I last ate and what I had. “You have to eat something, you’re hungry.” Hayley presses, moving away from my grip and pushing the covers off her. “I want to just sleep.”
“After you eat.” Hayley replies, walking out of the room, causing me to huff. I get out of bed and walk into then kitchen. “Hayley, you don’t need to make me anything.”
“I know, but you need to eat, you look tired.”
“I am tired.” I nod, sitting on the kitchen stool. “I can tell.” Hayley comments, walking around the kitchen, I rest my head in my arms as they rest on the counter top. My eyes close, just wanting to rest and get rid of the burning in them, but my body has other plans, pulling me quickly to sleep. I feel a soothing sensation on my back, Hayleys voice softly echoing within my sleep. My body slowly wakes up and I lift my head, realising I wasn’t dreaming Hayleys voice. “Here you go.” Hayley softly encourages, pushing the toasted sandwich closer to me. “Thanks love.” I sleepily smile, enjoying the feeling of her hand rubbing my back. “Will you keep going?”
“What do you mean?” Hayley questions as she kisses my cheek, “rub my back.” I mumble, “of course, as long as you don’t fall asleep while eating.” She chuckles, and I nod, too tired to break a grin. I eat the toasted sandwich she made me, before turning to her with tired eyes. “Thank you.” I yawn,
“You’re welcome sleepy, lets get in bed.” She smiles adorably, her eyes lit up perfectly. We walk to our room and get in bed, I get comfortable with my head on the pillow, and Hayley cuddled up to me, “hey, Hayley?” I whisper as my eyes close. “Yeah?” She softly answers,
“I love you.” I mumble out, falling asleep before I can hear her reply.

I wake up feeling as if I have over slept. I look over at the time and see it is five-fifty. I stretch my legs out before getting out of bed. I walk to the living room where I see Hayley reading some kind of book. I walk over to her, leaning down and kissing her lips, “look who finally woke up.”
“I’m sorry Hayley, I was so tired, I still am.”
“Don’t be sorry, it’s okay, have something to eat and go back to sleep” Hayley instructs, “I think I might.” I comment before smirking, “you could come with me.” I comment with a slight grin on my face. “I’m not tired, I have a question for you.” She chimes, closing her book and standing to her feet, “oh God, here we go.” I sigh, not sure where this is going to end. “Don’t worry.” She sighs, walking away. I grab her wrist gently and pull her back to me, kissing her lips gently, “go ahead and ask.” I proceed and she half smiles. “My patents house is having water issues, and they were going to get a hotel, but I was wondering if they can stay here for a few days, a week the max instead of paying for a hotel?” Hayley bites her lip as she waits for my answer. “I don’t see a problem with it.” I shrug, not minding if they stay with us for a week tops. Her family were there for me when I was younger, always watching my sister and I while my patents worked, allowing me to sit in the attic and write in my journal or whatnot as I got older and needed and escape. “You don’t mind?” Hayley asks me, seeming surprised. “No.” I shake my head, looking in her eyes. “Okay, I’ll tell them.” She goes to walk away but I again grab her. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
“Did you miss me?” I ask and she nods, slightly blushing. “Aww I’m making you blush.”
“Don’t.” She whines and I laugh, bringing her close for a kiss, her arms wrap around my neck quite quickly and we work together to create a much needed make out session. Hayleys phone goes off and I pull away and she sighs, placing her head on my chest. “We could ignore it?” I suggest as she pulls away from me completely and walks to her phone. “Not when it is my parents.” She replies, answering her phone. I take a few steps towards her and place kisses on her neck, making her shiver as she talks on then phone. “Hang on mum.” She says, taking then phone from her ear and covering the speakers, “don’t.” She whispers with a cheeky smile, I wink at her before continuing to kiss her neck and she sighs, continuing to talk to her mum. Hayley moves away from me and walks to our room where she closes the door. I roll my eyes and open it, crawling onto the bed while she lies on her back, listening to whatever her mum has to say. I hover over Hayley and she smiles. I lean down and trail kisses on her neck again, making her a little jumpy, I bite down gently on her neck, and she surprisingly allows me. I pull away and look at her, only to see her giving me a glare. I smile cheekily at her, mouthing “I love you” before kissing her jawline, moving to her lips. I press kisses to her lips, trying to get allowed entry but she doesn’t allow me. I furrow my eyebrows, as if I am confused on how to work out a puzzle. “Hey mum, I have to go, just let me know before you come over so I can get things ready.” Hayley comments as I kiss her neck again, “no, no, I’m not busy, Harry just needs me to help him with something because he is a pest.” Hayley comments and I pull away from her neck, and give her a playful pout, “pest?” I softly question before cheekily pushing her top up and kissing her stomach, making her gasp. “Sorry I sore a spider, I have to go, I’ll call you later.” Hayley says to her mum over the phone before hanging up. “You’re cheeky.” She lets out in a sigh,
“I believe your exact words were I’m a pest.” I comment,
“You are, I’m trying to talk to my mum and I have you kissing me and making me jumpy.”
“I can’t help that you’re jumpy.”
“I can’t help you’re a pest.”
“I can’t help that I want you.” I shrug, looking directly into her eyes. “Most guys try butter things up, be sweet and sweet talk girls, but you, you just get straight to the point of what you want.” Hayley brings to my attention.
“Ohh so you want me to sweet talk you?”
“I didn’t say that.”
“You kinda did, okay, let me use my charm on you.”
“Oh please, you have no bloody charm.” Hayley comments and I take her comment as a challenge that I accept. I lean down and kiss her lips lightly, just as a little tease before moving her to sit up slightly, I place my arm at her back for support before I manage to get her top off quite easily. “Why do you always take it off so quickly?” Hayley questions. “It has no use to me being on, am I going too fast?” I ask, not wanting to go too fast with her. I know she still likes to go slow, which I am fine with, I know she’s still not fully use to everything, she’s probably still a little nervous. I know I used to be when I first started exploring the adult life. “No, I’m curious.” Hayley shrugs and I silence her further with another kiss before I move to her neck, only leaving a small bite, “You’re so beautiful, you have no idea what you do to me, and I love you.” I whisper against her warm skin and she laughs, “every inch of you is part of what I love.” I continue with sweet kisses to her collar bone. “Okay no more sweet talking it’s weird.” Hayley laughs, and I look at her. “How so?”
“You never call me beautiful, and you’re giving me butterflies with being sweet, I take it back, you do have a charm.”
“Ha, told you.” I laugh with a twinkle in my eye before I kiss her passionately, her arms move around my neck as usual, and I lift her up a little so she’s not uncomfortable. I can feel when she’s a little uncomfortable while she’s under me, so I lift her a little, supporting her with my hand or arm. Hayley pulls away and she start to kiss my neck, giving me the weird, happy, butterfly feeling she usually gives me. I feel her bite my skin and I smirk knowing I have corrupted her, biting the skin softly is something she barely does, something I do to her when I want to give her butterflies. “I’ve taught you well.”
“Mhm.” She hums happily, moving to my lips as my hand travels to the waste of her leggings. I hear the doorbell ring and I groan falling to the side of Hayley. “Damn it.” I mutter, irritated by out interruption. “Can you get it?” Hayley asks as she sighs, just as disappointed as me. I get off the bed and adjust my top, walking down the hallway. I walk to the front door and open it to Hayleys parents. This is the second time they have manages to show up just as we were getting busy. “Hi.” I greet, wishing they had of called first, I was in the middle of corrupting their daughter. “I was meant to call but my phone died, Hayley said you didn’t mind if he stayed here.” Her mum blurts out seeming a little stressed. “It’s fine, just come in.” I step aside, allowing her parents in then house. “Uhm, well I just need to fix the guest room up for you guys.” I awkwardly announce, feeling a little weird about my girlfriends parents staying with us. Hayley walks in and smiles at her parents, saving me from the awkwardness.

I sit at the dinner table, quietly waiting for the meal to be over. Nobody is talking and there’s a weird vibe I can feel. “So Hayley have you gotten your scores back from your exams?” Her mum asks, “no I haven’t checked online.” Hayley shakes her head as she plays with her food. “You know your friend Eric scored in the top percentile of his age group.”
“He’s not my friend, and that’s great.” Hayley shrugs, “He’s even transferring to a higher ranked University.” Hayleys mum comments, “who’s Eric?” I ask and Hayley sighs, “nobody.”
“Okay.” I shrug, deciding it isn’t good to ask too many questions while her parents are here. “He’s someone who was in love with her and who are family friends, but Hayley over here broke up with him.” Hayleys mum informs me, “I thought you didn’t date much?” I raise a brow,
“I didn’t, I barely dated him.”
“You were with him for two years.”
“No, we were together three months, he wouldn’t leave me alone for two years.” Hayley corrects her mother before taking a drink. “Whatever you say.” Her mum smiles and I awkwardly stand up and wash my plate, not wanting to continue a discussion about my girlfriends ex boyfriend. Everyone else follows and Hayleys mum insists on washing up, so I step out of the kitchen and walk down the hall to our room. I check my phone before Hayley walks in. “I’m sorry about that.”
“It’s fine, I’m going to take a quick shower.” I press my lips on Hayleys before walking to the bathroom.

My p.o.v

I shiver as I walk down the hall to the living room where my mum has just turned on the light, “did we make him uncomfortable?” She asks me,
“No.” I shake my head, getting a blanket from under the couch and sitting down with the blanket. “We appreciate you letting us stay.”
“It’s fine honestly.” I smile, picking up my book. “We’ll try stay out of your way.”
“Alright.” I nod, starting to read my book while my mum occupies herself with the TV.

I walk into our room and see Harry propped up in bed on his phone. I tilt my head slightly, a little unsure why he is staying quiet in here. “Is something wrong?” I softly ask, climbing onto the bed and sitting in front of him. “No, why?”
“You’re quiet and weird.”
“I don’t know, you are quiet and it’s bothering me.” I sigh, he playfully rolls his eyes before placing his phone down and pulling me into his lap. “Me being quiet bothers you?” He asks and I nod. “Yes, because I don’t know what’s going through that mind of yours, and I don’t like when you’re so quiet that I have to remind myself you’re not out.”
“Well I’m a bit tired still.”
“Is that why you’re quiet?”
“I guess so.” He nods, looking at me with his gorgeous eyes, “alright, I’ll leave you alone to do whatever and sleep.” I kissing his cheek, moving away from him. “You don’t have to leave.”
“Do you want to watch a movie with me?” I offer,
“As long as it isn’t some chick flick.”
“Pretty Little Liars is on, can we watch it?” I smile, he groans before turning the TV to Pretty Little Liars. “You love me.” I smile, “mhm, I do.” He nods, “come get in bed and watch your show.” He adds, and I do exactly that. I rest my head on his chest, his arm around me, keeping me close and more comfortable. “Does your arm not go numb when we lie like this?” I question, looking away from the show for a minute. “Sometimes.”
“I can move.”
“No, it doesn’t bother me.” He replies, allowing me to stay on his arm, holding me close. Harry’s head ends up on my shoulder and I hear his soft snores indicating he is asleep. I keep my eyes on the TV intrigued by the action and drama. I feel Harry’s arm tense a little in his sleep, holding my tighter and pulling me closer to his body as he mumbles something. A knock on the door sounds and Harry’s legs move slightly, “come in.” I call, not wanting to wake Harry up. My mum opens the door slowly, and Harry stirs awake, “I’m sorry did I wake him?” She asks softly,
“He’ll go back to sleep in a minute.” I reply, “what?” Harry sleepily asks not moving his head from my shoulder, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean too.”
“Don’t worry.” I give her a reassuring smile just as Harry falls back asleep as if on queue. “What’s up?” I ask,
“Wow he fell asleep quickly.”
“He wasn’t fully awake, and he’s tired.” I reply, pausing the Television. “Oh, well is it okay if we stay up and watch TV in the living room?”
“Yeah it’s fine, you don’t have to ask, we don’t care.” I reply,
“Just making sure, this isn’t our house.”
“Go watch TV, raid the cupboards for all we care.”
“He doesn’t mind?”
“Nope, as long as you let him sleep, you can literally get away with murder right now.” I reply,
“That pun is not necessary considering your father and I are lawyers and deal with cases like that.” My mum explains,
“Lighten up, and go watch TV.” I groan, and she closes the door.

I wake up to Harry moving in the bed, I nudge him and he rolls over to face me. “I woke you, didn’t I?”
“Yes.” I pout, “but I wouldn’t want to wake up any other way than to you beside me.” I add, making him chuckle,
“That was cute, I have to admit.” He smirks, pulling me in for a cuddle. “Are you off today?” I question,
“Maybe, depends what you want to do today.” Harry replies resting his forehead on mine. “Kiss me and we’ll find out.” I whisper, his lips touching mine as requested. I pull away and rest in his arms, our bodies close together, relaxing and embracing the cuddle. The door suddenly opens, neither Harry nor I move, we stay cuddled together, “oh sorry, I uh.” My dad awkwardly comments, I lift my head and over look Harry’s shoulder to look at my dad nervously standing at the door. “I, I didn’t mean to intrude.”
“You’re not intruding, what do you need?”
“There’s no towels in the guest bathroom, I should have knocked.”
“I’ll get you one, and yes you should have knocked but calm down; we were just cuddling.” I comment,
“Your mother would freak if she saw.”
“When are you two going to learn I’m growing up.”
“But, you’re too young still.”
“You’re still our baby.” He sighs as I get up and get a towel from the bathroom. “Aww you’re the baby.” Harry coos, and I roll my eyes. “You’re still a baby too.” My dad points to Harry. “I like to think otherwise.” Harry clears his throat, not getting out of bed. I hand my dad a few towels before he walks out and closes the door. “I think he is semi okay with us living together.” Harry states a little unsure, “I don’t know, my mum isn’t I don’t think.”
“I can kind of understand why.”
“They can’t keep me cooped up forever.”
“Well if it was me, and my daughter there would be no way she would be living with a boy.”
“First, how can you say that if we are living together at a young age, and second, for someone who doesn’t want children you seem a little protective.”
“We’re different, and I still don’t want children but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have some sense. I wouldn’t let my daughter being with any guy.”
“How are we different?” I press, getting comfortable again in his arms.
“You haven’t been with many other guys, I’m the only one you’ve slept with, and I believe that you love me. Other people our age, are sleeping with anyone and not loving each other”
“That’s how you used to be.”
“Which is why my daughter would be confined to our house and not leaving until she’s forty.”
“Wow, over exaggerate much?”
“I need a tea, do you want one?” Harry changes the subject as he gets up. “Can you bring me breakfast?”
“Cereal? Of course.”
“No you idiot, a real breakfast.” I whine, “I love you, but I don’t feel like cooking a gourmet breakfast.” Harry explains, before he walks out of the room.

I lie in bed, keeping nice and warm as the rain starts to comes down heavily, my mum walks in holding a cup. “So, Harry’s got a butterfly.”
“What?” I question, pulling at the covers, “he has a butterfly tattoo.”
“Uhm, how do you know that? And why does it matter?”
“He just walked into the kitchen in his boxes, does he usually sleep like that?”
“What do you sleep in?” She asks, and I sigh knowing she’s getting at something. “My normal pajamas that you bought me.” I reply, and she frowns,
“Why doesn’t he wear any?”
“It gets too hot for him and why are you asking? I don’t ask what you and dad sleep in.”
“We’re married darling, does he try anything?” She asks and I laugh,
“If you’re trying to ask if I have sex with your daughter or any kind of sexual relations, aside from kissing, no.” Harry interrupts as he walks in with a cup of tea in his hand. “I didn’t hear you walk in.” My mums eyes widen,
“I’m light on my feet in the mornings when Hayley is still in bed. Does me wearing my boxes make you uncomfortable?” Harry questions, sitting on the bed and pulling the covers to rest in his lap. “No, I just, okay look, I just don’t want to have to find out through the great vine that you two are being intimate, I want you to just tell me.”
“Mum, first, it isn’t really something you talk to your mum about, and you won’t be hearing anything from the grate vine because there is nothing to be heard.” I comment with a heavy sigh, hating the fact that I lie to her about this, but I don’t want to see her reaction to us being intimate.

My p.o.v

I slip on a pair of heels before adjusting my top. “I’m going to go now, your sister is here.” I chime, looking towards Harry. “Hayley, I don’t want you to go.”
“At a bar, with just a group of girls, I just don’t like the idea.”
“Don’t be possessive.”
“Hayley love I really don’t like this idea.”
“I’ll be fine, it’s just a night out with your sister and a few friends.” I sigh, picking up my bag. “I don’t like this.”
“Just because you weren’t invited.”
“No because I can’t keep an eye on you.”
“You’re not my baby sitter, you don’t keep and eye on me anyway.” I shrug,
“Babe, I really don’t like this idea of you going tonight.” Harry sighs, making me huff.
“Fine, be careful.”
“I will, I’ll only dance on the bar top.” I joke and he gives me a look. “I’m kidding, you’re so moody this evening.”
“You better hope I don’t hear about any Bar top dancing.” Harry warns me just like my father would. “I don’t like you being stern, and acting like my dad. You’re so blah.” I mumble,
“Go have fun then you pest.” Harry sighs, giving me a kiss to the cheek. “I will, go hang out with the boys.”
“They’re busy, I’ll stay in and work on a few things for the band.” Harry smiles,
“Alright, have fun.” I kiss his cheek, leaning a lipstick stain on his cheek. I walk out of the room and see Gemma in the living room. “I’m ready now.” I smile, grabbing the spare set of keys to the house. “Lets go then.” She smiles,
“Watch her.” Harry warns his sister,
“She’s fine with me.”
“I’m serious.”
“So am I.” His sister smiles, walking out.