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Moose and Me

Happy Birthday Jared!! It’s cute and fluffy and smushy! Jared and the Reader find out their expecting and get a huge surprised on his birthday! This is the start of my first Jared and Reader series! Let me know what you think here!

Jared Padalecki and Reader, Jensen and Danneel Ackles, JJ Ackles, The twins

Warnings: It’s just super adorable and fluffy

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              Jared Padalecki was an amazing man, amazing husband and amazing person to be with. He was there with my dark days as I was with him. He and Jensen had just come home from London and really wanted to just chill out before he had was going to Italy for JIBcon. I told him this year that I would stay home to help Danneel with the JJ and the twins. I loved JJ, we had a very special relationship and I always treasured that.

              I decided to make dinner for us and the Ackles, Dani was always cooking so now it was my turn. I loved to cook, I always wanted to go to culinary school but things just didn’t work out. So, I took community classes. My specialty was steak, and the boys loved my steaks. I always had a special seasoning that they had tried to bribe me to get it but I wouldn’t budge.

              Tonight, I was making steaks, corn on the cob, roasted broccoli and for dessert my bourbon pecan pie. The pie was already cooling and the grill was getting nice and hot. I grabbed a couple beers and headed to the back yard to check on my husband. I stood there a couple minutes and watched him. I never knew what I did right to get a man like him but I was blessed. “Working hard or hardly working?” He started laughing and beckoned me over to him. I handed him the beer but before he opened it he pulled me to him kissing me with all the passion he had. “I would say hardly working babe”

              I giggled and just shook my head, “Whatever moose” I dramatically stepped away, he grabbed my hips and pulled me back. “That’s Mr. Moose to you” I giggled and just enjoyed him just holding me. His arms were my escape from the cruelty of the world outside. We were in our own little bubble just happy and blissed out in that moment. “Hey! There are kids here” I rolled my eyes and walked over giving him a hug. “Yes squirrel” I heard Dani laughing and rushed over to hug her too.

              “Auntie Y/n” “Hey Doodle bug” I picked her up swinging her around making her laugh and hold on tighter. I went in to grab the steaks from the counter, I also grabbed the tin foil with the broccoli and the corn as well. Once everything was cooking, we sat down and just talked about everything we could. I was holding onto Zep and just watched him smile at me. Jensen just watched me, he always told me I was a pro with kids. I would smile and nod my head, Jare and I had talked about having kids. We decided to just have fun and when it happened it happened.

              Once everything was finished and ready, Jay said the prayer and dug in. Dani and I just sat and watched them hoover the food on their plates. I looked at Dani and we just rolled our eyes and laughed. After the food was consumed, Dani had put the kids down in the guest bedroom. I grabbed ‘Suicide Squad’ and put it in. I was head over heels with the movie and it helped that I loved the actors as well as the characters. Everyone loved the movie and I asked if they saw the Hillywood parody.

              I connected my phone to our television and pushed play. I was a giggling kid and sang along, Lady Gaga was a pretty awesome singer at least to me. The boys loved to pick on me about the music I listened to but it never bothered me. I could see Jen and Danneel were getting tired, so I sent them upstairs even though they lived right next door. I was exhausted myself, I decided to get a quick shower before bed and of course Jared joined making sure that I didn’t fall.

              I was so tired that once my head hit the pillow I was out. I started waking up to little kisses all over my face and knew it was JJ. I started tickling her making her giggle like crazy, opening one eye I scooped her up and kissed her all over. “Daddy says brekfwast is weady” “Sounds good kiddo” I started to get out of bed when I felt really nauseated. “I’ll be down in a minute ok?” She nodded and skipped out of the room and I rushed over to the bathroom to empty the contents of my stomach. I never had any issues with my cooking before. I felt a hand on my back and a soothing voice that belonged to my husband. Once I was finally done, he grabbed a wet washcloth and wiped my face. “You ok baby?” “I don’t know, I’ve never had any issues before”

              He helped me down stairs, I sat down at the table and had concerning looks from Jensen and Danneel. “I’m good, I was really nauseated”. “Auntie y/n can I sit in your lap?” “Of course, doodle bug” I lifted her onto my lap and helped her color a picture. I could only dream of having a little girl or boy on my lap like JJ coloring away. “Can I ask you a question JJ” She just nodded and looked at me. “Do you think I would be a good mommy?” “Well duh! You’re my auntie and I already think your awesome” “Well ok then” We decided to have an adult night out, so I asked Danni to go to the drugstore with me.

              Danni was really excited at the idea of me being pregnant. I was really nervous about it, for the simple I had health issues that could make it a difficult pregnancy. “I’m excited but I’m also nervous Danni, I have health issues that could make it a difficult pregnancy” She reached across and grasped my hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. “As long as you have us you’ll never be alone” We pulled into Walgreens and headed to the section we needed picking out four assorted brands making sure I would get the right answer.

              We came back to their house and I had made sure to drink enough water for all four tests. I walked out and Danni set the timer. I felt really nauseated so she made some hot water for tea to settle my stomach. It was a tense silence, but then the timers went off and I went to see what my future was going to hold. I looked at all four tests and saw all plus signs, telling me that I was indeed pregnant. I walked down the stairs and lifted her hands in air. “There’s a mini moose on the way”

              She pulled me to her, hugging me close telling me that I was going to make an amazing mother. “How should I tell Jared?” “Oooh…” We got to talking and working on a plan.

Later that night…

              We decided to head to San Jac for barbecue and music, I couldn’t drink but I also planned on revealing my surprise tonight. Danni and I had found a shirt that had ‘ICE ICE’ right over my barely there bump. Both of us cracked up and knew this was the shirt for tonight, I did grab one of his flannels he had stolen on set so that I could reveal it at the right time.

              I walked into the kitchen to see that he poured two glasses of wine, and I was panicking at how I was going to dodge it. “Hey babe, thought you might like a glass before we head out” “I’m still not feeling well, can I pass?” “Yeah sure, do you want to cancel tonight?” “Nope! I really need food!” I wrapped his arms around his neck kissing him sweetly then grabbing his hand and pulling him out the door. Jensen and Danni were waiting for us, and we just shared a look of pure excitement.

              We grabbed our usual booth while the boys were signing some autographs for a few fans, I was always happy to meet fans of the show. We knew what the boys would order so we just gave our order and ordered our drinks. It was time to reveal the secret, I took off the flannel just as the boys reached the table, hoping they would get it. Both stood there for a couple of minutes trying to figure it out. “Wait I know the song but…” “HOLY CRAP!!! REALLY?” I nodded at my husband who had tears forming in his eyes. “That’s why you haven’t felt good”

              Jensen was over the moon for us completely, I could see tears in his eyes as well at how happy he was for both of us. For some reason, the food tonight tasted so much better than before, Jared kept saying it was because I had a Padalecki growing inside. I just giggled and shook my head, kissing him on the cheek. The whole night was amazing, we were celebrating after all. Before we got into the car, Jensen hugged me tight and whispered how happy he was for us.

              I started tearing up immediately, Jensen was like a brother to me and to hear that made me the happiest person ever. “I didn’t mean to make you cry” “they’re happy tears” He kissed me on the cheek and walked over to Jared giving him the same hug. We got in the car and headed home, the whole time Jared had his hand on my stomach the whole time. I could feel the joy and excitement radiating off him.

              We said our goodnights and then went into the house happy but tired. Jared stayed by my side the whole night, looking at me with awe in his eyes. I stepped into the hot water and sighed at the near scalding water. I heard the door open then close, felling arms wrap around me hands landing on my barely there bump. “I’m so happy baby, thank you” “Jare I should be the one thanking you, you gave me so much love and understanding. You’ve been there when no one else was.” He kissed me sweetly and had this look of pure adornment on his face.

              When he left for Italy, he felt terrible about leaving me and I had to get Jensen to drag his butt out of the house. I saw some of the YouTube videos and just laughed at the antics of those boys. When he came back home we decided to wait until the second trimester to tell the fandom. It was getting close to his birthday and I told him that his birthday present would be the gender reveal and he was more than happy to do that but with that plan he became a kid waiting for Christmas morning.

              It was finally his birthday and I woke him up in the best way possible, but we didn’t get out of bed until early afternoon. We didn’t have to leave until later so it was a good way to celebrate the day that he was born. We finally got out around three and got showered then dressed, excited that we would find out what we were having. Then we would do live stream and announce that there was a mini moose on the way.  Danni offered to do the reveal cake, I kept telling her that she didn’t have to but once she had made up her mind I couldn’t argue.

              When we walked in we could hear the laughter and music, happy to see our friends and family there to celebrate with us. We greeted everyone there hugging and kissing, happy to see them here to celebrate. Everything was amazing, the food, the music and the company all made the day. Danni brought the cake out as we sang ‘Happy Birthday’. Jared cut into the cake got the shock of our lives to see pink and blue. “Jared does that mean?” He nodded “We’re having twins” I could feel the tears filling my eyes, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

              He kissed me sweetly then noticing the tears in his eyes as well, Jensen just hugged me tightly and kept whispering how happy he was for us. Jared did the live stream and announced that we were expecting twins and that we loved everyone. Both of us were so happy and blessed to be where we were happy and starting our own family.

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If you don't mind me asking how do you write kanji so well and neat?

Thanks for your message!

You must be looking at an old post as I haven’t been active for a while, but anyway: it’s practice. My kanji still look too much like a font and are too angular, resulting in handwriting that is easy to read but looks really unnatural to native speakers.

I trained myself to write kanji smaller by using 2cm gridded paper, then going down to 1cm gridded paper, or 0.5mm square paper. Writing on gridded paper really helped my kanji balance (they were all too short and too wide before). I wanted to make sure I could write in a practical way, so I don’t need an A3 page to leave someone a quick memo, which is why I decided to actively write smaller.

Following stroke order and learning radicals also helps my writing to flow a bit, though it is still undoubtedly one of my weakest areas. 

I found it helpful to keep writing until radicals become more automatic, or I can write a kanji without really thinking about it (which I can only do with some of the simpler ones, or ones in my address, which I regularly need to handwrite on forms etc).

Mostly it’s just repetition, I have hundreds of pages of writing practice in notebooks. I have spent hundreds of hours writing. I’ve timed it as I keep a study time log, it honestly is hundred of hours.

I honestly think almost everything about language learning is just the number of hours you spend with your nose to the grindstone.


so, sometimes i ask myself how the armors i design work, and sometimes i came up with something really stupid to explain it that happens to expand the character of the person wearing it, for example something like this, i really liked the idea of one of the commanders of the army being a super softie that loves to make peoples life easier, so i think some rookies where having troubles with the kinda complex armor that they are obligated to wear as an uniform, so she decided to make a quick guideline, she drew herself putting her armor on so the newer people can stop asking this very basic question, she feels extremely proud when she sees literally day one soldiers wearing the uniform flawlessly, she did around 200 papers by herself and distributed it to all the barracks of the army

I think a part of me still wishes you’ll walk through that figurative door. Subconsciously I know I’ve left it open a bit, and I hope one day you’ll just come back saying ‘I’m sorry,’ and all the other things usually said to reconstruct a burned bridge. You’ll look at me with those garden green eyes and I will forget about it all; like two words and three syllables can make up for the rest of the ones I hate admitting out loud. I honestly didn’t want to end it between us, you know, but I tried to do what seems right for my mental health. In my own mind, I see the world through romanticized rose colored glasses - I remember only the good about you and never the bad. That’s precisely it though, the bad always outweighs the good. To this day, I refuse to accept that you are simply and obviously wrong for me. We are incompatible. I am here writing about you and you are there calling me your 'friend.’ Well, I told you I have enough fucking friends and I truly meant it. I can’t keep bashing my head into this wall hoping that you’ll stop me, like you’ll wake up one day and decide you actually care about me. I need to tell myself that if you really did care about me, you wouldn’t have let go so quick, right? What person who actually cares would fuck it up like that? My friends would do anything to keep me away from you. I mean they would literally do anything to make sure that I don’t fling myself back down that rabbit hole; yet here I am genuinely at peace with the fact that seeing your face again would completely unravel three months of significant progress I’ve made. Do you get that? You’re like a fucking disease. I am wholeheartedly accepting that your existence can set me in retrograde. I am willing to throw away everything just to have you, and you probably deleted my number by now because you’ve been lured into the next nice smile. I want to say that I am done feeling sorry for myself. I very much want to say that I’ve left it behind - but neither is true. I can’t move on. Can you guess how many guys I’ve been through this year? All of these characters, put together, I may add, do not compare to the magnetic pull that somehow has me drawn to you with the simultaneous angst I try to escape from. I need you to stop me, please - for the sake of everything that has ever meant anything to you throughout your short-lived shallow life. On 16 May 2016 I said I was going to close the door and I didn’t. It is 16 July 2016 and I need you to slam it in my face. Do not leave the key somewhere I can find it.  Swallow it if you have to and never let me see it or you ever again.

As you can tell I’m conflicted,

(P.S the door is my favorite metaphor)

Confession: I can never bring myself to rewatch videos of my BODYPUMP class (except for one quick go over right after class to catch all the not so ideal moments that the mentor has pointed out in his feedback). Because cringe, I can’t stand hearing my own voice.

Pretty thankful I didn’t decide to jettison them; I just shoved all those horrific videos into cold storage. I finally got around to reviewing them (cringe still though) to look for consistent mistakes I make, and I realized that I really have come a long way from being this super new, super awkward and super shy person on stage to being at least competent enough to drive a BODYPUMP class.

Yay me.

Capella's Promise: Progess Report #2

Still making progress on translating Capella’s Promise, so I guess I will report it. What a concept. See, this is the real RPG, Capella’s Progress, which lasts weeks instead of hours.

(Note: This post gets into a couple of game mechanics, and has some teaser screens which may be slightly spoilery, if only for the characters in them. I’ll avoid anything major, of course, but moreso than the first report, you may not want to read this if you prefer to play the game “fresh” when the translation is done.)

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