so i decided to make one myself really quick

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If you don't mind me asking how do you write kanji so well and neat?

Thanks for your message!

You must be looking at an old post as I haven’t been active for a while, but anyway: it’s practice. My kanji still look too much like a font and are too angular, resulting in handwriting that is easy to read but looks really unnatural to native speakers.

I trained myself to write kanji smaller by using 2cm gridded paper, then going down to 1cm gridded paper, or 0.5mm square paper. Writing on gridded paper really helped my kanji balance (they were all too short and too wide before). I wanted to make sure I could write in a practical way, so I don’t need an A3 page to leave someone a quick memo, which is why I decided to actively write smaller.

Following stroke order and learning radicals also helps my writing to flow a bit, though it is still undoubtedly one of my weakest areas. 

I found it helpful to keep writing until radicals become more automatic, or I can write a kanji without really thinking about it (which I can only do with some of the simpler ones, or ones in my address, which I regularly need to handwrite on forms etc).

Mostly it’s just repetition, I have hundreds of pages of writing practice in notebooks. I have spent hundreds of hours writing. I’ve timed it as I keep a study time log, it honestly is hundred of hours.

I honestly think almost everything about language learning is just the number of hours you spend with your nose to the grindstone.


so, sometimes i ask myself how the armors i design work, and sometimes i came up with something really stupid to explain it that happens to expand the character of the person wearing it, for example something like this, i really liked the idea of one of the commanders of the army being a super softie that loves to make peoples life easier, so i think some rookies where having troubles with the kinda complex armor that they are obligated to wear as an uniform, so she decided to make a quick guideline, she drew herself putting her armor on so the newer people can stop asking this very basic question, she feels extremely proud when she sees literally day one soldiers wearing the uniform flawlessly, she did around 200 papers by herself and distributed it to all the barracks of the army

I think a part of me still wishes you’ll walk through that figurative door. Subconsciously I know I’ve left it open a bit, and I hope one day you’ll just come back saying ‘I’m sorry,’ and all the other things usually said to reconstruct a burned bridge. You’ll look at me with those garden green eyes and I will forget about it all; like two words and three syllables can make up for the rest of the ones I hate admitting out loud. I honestly didn’t want to end it between us, you know, but I tried to do what seems right for my mental health. In my own mind, I see the world through romanticized rose colored glasses - I remember only the good about you and never the bad. That’s precisely it though, the bad always outweighs the good. To this day, I refuse to accept that you are simply and obviously wrong for me. We are incompatible. I am here writing about you and you are there calling me your 'friend.’ Well, I told you I have enough fucking friends and I truly meant it. I can’t keep bashing my head into this wall hoping that you’ll stop me, like you’ll wake up one day and decide you actually care about me. I need to tell myself that if you really did care about me, you wouldn’t have let go so quick, right? What person who actually cares would fuck it up like that? My friends would do anything to keep me away from you. I mean they would literally do anything to make sure that I don’t fling myself back down that rabbit hole; yet here I am genuinely at peace with the fact that seeing your face again would completely unravel three months of significant progress I’ve made. Do you get that? You’re like a fucking disease. I am wholeheartedly accepting that your existence can set me in retrograde. I am willing to throw away everything just to have you, and you probably deleted my number by now because you’ve been lured into the next nice smile. I want to say that I am done feeling sorry for myself. I very much want to say that I’ve left it behind - but neither is true. I can’t move on. Can you guess how many guys I’ve been through this year? All of these characters, put together, I may add, do not compare to the magnetic pull that somehow has me drawn to you with the simultaneous angst I try to escape from. I need you to stop me, please - for the sake of everything that has ever meant anything to you throughout your short-lived shallow life. On 16 May 2016 I said I was going to close the door and I didn’t. It is 16 July 2016 and I need you to slam it in my face. Do not leave the key somewhere I can find it.  Swallow it if you have to and never let me see it or you ever again.

As you can tell I’m conflicted,

(P.S the door is my favorite metaphor)

Capella's Promise: Progess Report #2

Still making progress on translating Capella’s Promise, so I guess I will report it. What a concept. See, this is the real RPG, Capella’s Progress, which lasts weeks instead of hours.

(Note: This post gets into a couple of game mechanics, and has some teaser screens which may be slightly spoilery, if only for the characters in them. I’ll avoid anything major, of course, but moreso than the first report, you may not want to read this if you prefer to play the game “fresh” when the translation is done.)

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