so i decided to make one myself really quick


so, sometimes i ask myself how the armors i design work, and sometimes i came up with something really stupid to explain it that happens to expand the character of the person wearing it, for example something like this, i really liked the idea of one of the commanders of the army being a super softie that loves to make peoples life easier, so i think some rookies where having troubles with the kinda complex armor that they are obligated to wear as an uniform, so she decided to make a quick guideline, she drew herself putting her armor on so the newer people can stop asking this very basic question, she feels extremely proud when she sees literally day one soldiers wearing the uniform flawlessly, she did around 200 papers by herself and distributed it to all the barracks of the army

When the Car Became Your Baby

Request:  Would you please write a Dean x reader one shot where Dean is Y/Ns big brother and he decides to teach her how to fix up cars. Dean smiles with pride as he watches her catch on quick.

Author’s Note: I knew absolutely nothing about cars before I started this one shot (and it is debatable whether I really learned anything worthwhile), so I decided to make the reader clueless at the beginning as well in order to have a laugh at myself. Also, I have realized that family fics are much more in my comfort zone than fluff (gasp of shock), so thank you for the request!

Words: 1759

Written by: Castielle

Pairing: Dean x Reader (family)

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The day after you turned sixteen, you begged Dean to let you drive the Impala.

“I’ve got my license now!” you told your big brother proudly.

“That’s great, Y/N,” Dean answered, but you could tell his mind was focused on the engine of the 67 Chevy Impala rather than you.

He was rebuilding it, or at least that’s what he had told Sam over breakfast. Whatever that meant. How could you rebuild an engine, anyway?

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