so i decided to make another manip

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can you recommend your favorite harry potter blogs? :) ones with nice tagging systems and that update frequently?

Sorry it took me so long to answer this. I went through my Following list three times to make sure I didn’t forget anyone. To avoid listing half of the people I follow, I narrowed it down to my favourite TEN blogs who make Harry Potter edits of their own, not just blog about the series. They all have organised tagging system and update reasonably often, as well. (In no particular order.)

  • seerspirit: She’s one of my favourite gif-makers ever. We also have a lot of similar tastes when it comes to fancasts, colouring, font usage, favourite characters etc… so I never once regretted following her, and I doubt you would either.
  • foundersofhogwarts: A blog dedicated to the founders of Hogwarts (obviously) that I love.
  • asheathes: She’s so incredibly talented and creative. Just her Wizarding Schools Around The World series is enough to follow her, if you ask me. 
  • nevillles: Her gifs always ooze so much quality that I’m beginning to think she’s found a way to download movies 107482037217392p HD. 
  • wandkeepers: Ariele is the reason why I’m so fond of the doomed ship of Fremione. I’m still mad at her for that, even though it’s been over a year. (Because this path can only end up in tears and pain.)
  • pragmatique: Her manips are simply art. She doesn’t post edits very frequently but when she does, you can’t decide if they’re manips, or if she actually kidnapped the actors and forced them to have a photoshoot or something.
  • ohremus: She’s always been one of my favourite Harry Potter bloggers, but her colourings of late especially are killing me here.
  • ophelies: I always have mad respect for people who can make good graphics, because I just can’t pull them off. And hers are really cool.
  • aaronpaules: Just another person whose gifs look so crisp and quality that it makes me want to cry.
  • buckbeakisback: I absolutely love her Colour Palette gifsets. Most Colour Palette stuff (including the ones I’ve attempted) look awkward and forced but somehow she manages to colour them perfectly. Witchcraft.

Layahna Mahariel, grey warden, hero and first elven queen of Ferelden, a.k.a. my darling bab I love her so much ;^;

I used the Inquisition Character Creator (image I used for comparison) to make a base for this, then decided to photo-manip it a bit to put her vallaslin on her correctly and one thing let to another… and here she is in all her glory <3

i keep seeing people spamming chris and kat’ mentions with ‘grahamwood’ things. (you heared me right, grahamwood not bonkai)

and then another one tweeting him

stuff like this (and this is only one example)

this shit is not okay.

like wtf is wrong with some people. leave them alone. the way some people are acting in this fandom makes me want to leave it tbh. *screams to abyss* THOSE ARE REAL PEOPLE. You don’t get to decide who they date. Their love life is none of your fucking’s their private life so just stop. and stop spamming their mentions with manips of each other some of you are so fucking embarassing!!!!! No wonder kat made her instagram private it’s probably because she’s sick of these people.