so i decided to do it myself



decided to try something different and do some digital painting for the new star ep! i actually think this turned out really good to so im pretty proud of myself tbh, anywayyyyyyy yea i fucking loved the new ep and i want to know everything there is to know about there family now, which sucks cause we don’t know shit!!

another little espersquad zine update

So yeah, I am planning on making/running a super casual Mob Psycho 100 zine with the theme ‘esper squad’ some time over the next few months. Blog is still under construction but I plan to open applications soon, in a few weeks time. 

Though the final product will likely be a digital download PDF, which shouldn’t cost anything to make and distribute, I’m very keen on having it be for a good cause, so I’m thinking of having a pay-what-you-want system where any  proceeds are donated to charity (still deciding on which charity). The issue with this is that if I am hosting the zine I will likely have to make the donation of whatever proceeds we get myself, and I am worried about the complications of doing so, for example donating to a US charity when I live in the UK. So basically still I need to do more research on the boring scary finance stuff haha  

I Pampered Myself Today!

For the last week of my holiday I decided to get a spa treatment. I had a massage, my nails done, and tomorrow we are going again so we can get our hair done and a facial. I’ve done this before and I love it. I want massages all the time!!!

I hope you all are doing lovely and you guys get pampered sometime soon!!! Drink some water and get lots of rest. Love you all!!!!!

I think one reason my guilt is so great is because I feel guilty just for being alive.

Like for every mistake that saddens me, it is very upsetting when I realise that I only made it, because I decided to keep living. All these mistakes, just because I decided to live, all the things I could have saved myself from had I not been so selfish; why did I ever feel like I could have ever done something good, despite knowing how evil I am?

And everyone seems to think I am too hard on myself, but no, I am too easy on myself, giving myself all these chances I do not deserve. How strange that sometimes one’s greatest regret is not giving up..

For Me

I’ve decided to go on a trip I’ve always wanted to go on. I have to spread out the payments, but I make okay money with the three jobs, so I’m going to do it. I rarely do anything for myself, and when I do, it’s traveling. Next year, I’m off to Ireland, Scotland and Iceland (NORTHERN LIGHTS)! <3

Warrior Cats Characters That Have Vanished

So, this has been something I’ve wondered about for a while, and I couldn’t find any other compiled list, so I decided to make one myself. ThunderClan wasn’t included though since they’re Protagonist Clan™ and so I didn’t think quite as many cats would disappear (I may do them eventually though).

Please note what I count as vanished is showing up in at least the allegiances at least once and then not showing up in the allegiances and books later on, without being mentioned as dying/in StarClan.

Also, I used the wiki for all of this, and there’s probably some mistakes since that’s just how I am. If you find anything, or see that I missed someone, feel free to let me know and I’ll correct it!


  • Stumpytail
  • Dawncloud
  • Brightflower
  • Ashfur
  • Wetfoot
  • Brownpaw
  • Jaggedtooth
  • Smokefoot
  • Talonpaw
  • Nightwing
  • Owlclaw
  • Ivytail
  • Snaketail
  • Whitewater
  • Ferretclaw
  • Marshkit


  • Morningflower
  • Crowfur
  • Tawnyfur
  • Robinwing
  • Weaselfur
  • Thistlepaw
  • Oatwhisker
  • Gorsetail
  • Dewspots
  • Willowclaw
  • Whiskernose


  • Silverpaw
  • Greenflower
  • Swallowtail
  • Splashpaw
  • Stonestream
  • Beechfur
  • Tumblekit
  • Pouncetail
  • Graymist
  • Otterheart
  • Pinefur
  • Rainstorm
  • Copperpaw
  • Nettlepaw
  • Mossyfoot
  • Rushtail

anonymous asked:

why did you decide to recover? other than your mom making you

I’ve actually been wanting to recover for awhile. I just realized what I was doing to myself and how bad it had gotten, also I have so much of my life ahead of me and I didn’t want to continue the way I had been.

Taking A Breather

Okay so you guys most likely don’t know this but the reason I write a lot (or usually do) is because I can’t work. I have problems with my joints (fibromyalgia) and severe anxiety however recently with the cold my right hand has been getting stiff and rather painful. So I have decided to take a break for a few days.

I didn’t want to take a break but I have a feeling if I keep pushing myself it’s going to get a lot worse.

I tend to let myself suffer because I hate complaining but my best friend pointed out that if I keep pushing I may end up not being able to write for even longer.

I am truly sorry I feel I take too many breaks recently so for that I’m sorry 😥

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Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

Finally! I wasted more time than expected doing this trash. Now I need to sleep. I mean, I literally fell asleep over it several times. And the funniest part is that I don’t even like how it came out. At this point I don’t even know why I made it. I realized, awfuly late, that it wasn’t worth it to illustrate such a tiny HC in such a long thing. Three drawings could have been enough. Also, I’m sorry if you’re disappointed (and if you’re not, be sure I’m disappointed on myself) bc I’m sure you were expecting something better, but I said it was the trash I always do but bigger. Sorry for the bad quality, the bad english and the messy coloring. Oh, and forgive my horrible handwritting.

Some people seemed to like that HC I had about Scrooge’s reaction to the news about the triplets so I decided to illustrate it. I’m actually 99.9% sure Scrooge wouldn’t react like this. He would be all like “oh, so you had children. That means other three beaks to feed”. And very deep inside himself he would be happy and proud but he wouldn’t want anyone to know. But that’s why this is just fan trash, shhh. Anyways, I did it and it’s awful, so here it is.

Yeah. This doesn’t even have a context. It’s just… let’s call it a practice. Y'know, maybe Scrooge didn’t even meet HD&L because, you know, The Spear of Selene and I better shut up beacuse this can turn into angst. Anyways, I did it with love but I ruined it and I’m missing the sketch vertion. P.S. I know, poor Ludwig. I don’t want to be mean to him, he’s my other fave. Scrooge, stop being a miser and let him hold his nephews.

thanks for inviting me to the party. if you need me, i’ll be in the corner, drinking & trying not to make eye contact
will byers is gay: a thorough character analysis

disclaimer: this is not me “forcing sexuality” on will. if you think him being gay is inappropriate but have no problem with mileven and/or lumax (who are all the same age as will), i’ve got some news for you.

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Septicart Entry #1

So I’m making an official post for what I am entering into the Septicart event by @therealjacksepticeye!!! 

#1: The Hero & The Villain 

First time ever drawing Jackaboy Man and since there are plenty of theories of how Jack and Anti share a body I decided to through in a little Jekyll and Hyde on this one! Spoop-tacular is I do say so myself. XD

How I cope with my Emotional Nonsense

My brain comes with the fun little perk of really intense, overwhelming emotional reactions. My emotions are a series of on/off switches and it’s either blinding painful intensity or complete numbness. So here’s how I try to manage it:

  • Clean my room. Not like… calm gentle reorganization. No. I dump as much as I think I can handle onto the floor and put it back in its place. It’s intense. There’s usually loud angry music. Things almost always end up only slightly cleaner than they were but I feel way fuckin better afterwards.
  • Play video games. Preferably those ones where you’re way OP and just slice through enemies like butter. Or something you just plain can’t lose at, like Stardew Valley.
  • Watch vine compilations. Seriously, just search RIP Vine in youtube, click on the mix playlist, and you’re set forever.
  • Listen to podcasts. I like audio dramas. If you want recs, message me. I’ve got a list.
  • Take a walk. I’m confident in my ability to keep myself safe in doing so, so I will start walking and just not stop until I calm down. Usually I’m doing better after about half an hour for me.
  • Make something. Draw, knit, write, paint, make a fucking hand turkey. No one cares if it’s good. And even if I decide to throw it out, I usually feel better once I’ve actually made a thing.
  • Blanket fort. Really. It helps. Use a paper towel tube as a fake sword. Just… be silly and childish and imaginative. Those aren’t bad things to be.
  • Cut/dye my hair. Usually this takes a little planning but I always wind up deciding to do it during a breakdown of some sort.
  • Eat something. Sometimes a bag of gummy worms is all it takes to remember that the world isn’t entirely awful.
  • Go back to bed. Sometimes, I just don’t have the energy to put up with the world’s bullshit. And that’s okay. It’s not wise to pick this one every time, but sometimes the world can wait. I bury myself under the covers, put my phone on do not disturb, and either take a nap or listen to music.

Sometimes, I’m stuck. I can’t distract myself, and I can feel the wave coming, about to pull me under and turn me into a massive shitlord. Because I am an absolutely AWFUL person to be around when I’m in emotion-hell. Believe me, I hate myself during it too. Haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet, but if I’m with someone I try to warn them that I’m really upset and just need a moment to freak out a bit. Then I try to just… let it pass. It’s a bad idea to talk to people you have strong feelings about, no matter the feelings, when you’re in this. Impulses are hard to manage. I tend to just ramble my feelings in a private post on tumblr or I talk to someone I don’t know that well and consequently don’t have strong feelings about. Just… keep breathing. It passes.

So yeah. Things I try to keep in mind:

  • Nothing is permanent. Our lives are short and, on a cosmic scale, relatively insignificant. The decisions I make aren’t actually that important, so I may as well have fun.
  • Our lives are the most important thing we experience. This is how we are, right now. It is so very real, so very vivid and meaningful and shapes future iterations of us. We are very much here.
  • Two opposing statements can be true at the same time. We are complex, beautiful creatures capable of complex planning and deep thought. We’re also  bumbling apes who will ingest toxic substances because we like how they feel and frequently giggle at the thought of farts.
  • People in general are too busy worrying about what everyone else thinks of them to actually notice that a bit of someone else’s hair is sticking up or that their shirt was on inside out. It happens. We’ve all had those days.
  • There is no such thing as grown-ups. Only people who have gotten very good at pretending they know what they’re doing. We learn the rules by conformity, by watching everyone else and doing what they’re doing, even if we don’t actually know what the fuck is going on. It’s okay. There’s probably someone else just as confused as you in the same room. You’ll be fine, and if you’re too lost to pretend you know what’s going on, either ask someone who looks like they know, or bullshit it and hope for the best.
  • There is good in the world. If you need evidence, look at this dog. All dogs are good.

One(?) gifset per episode || Arrival at Kraghammer

An enormous underground metropolis sprawls out before you—the dark earth and shadows creating beautiful stonework, marble columns, archways, and labyrinthine bridges climbing across the vertical city-scape. All warmed with the red glow of some strange, crimson rock peppered throughout the town as a light source. A large metal forge envelops the center of this cylindrical city. The entire city is a three tiered cylindrical city that is built into the ground of the mountain itself. Welcome to Kraghammer!