so i decided to do it myself

I used to do this thing when I would find myself so far gone into a ship that it was probably unhealthy so I would basically decide that I will read every piece of fanfic that exists and look at every piece of fanart and rewatch every scene 29384792019 times

When i say EVERY i fucking mean it

But its cool everyone does that


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Your Liam is a daddy now

you are all fishing for my reaction for like days now oh my god. okay to settle this, first of all - congrats liam, I hope this child makes you very happy. I’ll be super honest here, and won’t discuss this after saying it once so here we go: I do not understand this decision of his, I think it’s ridiculous, and the weirdest thing he could have done with his life, I don’t think it’s a smart move for his career at all. he is twenty-three and as a 23-year-old myself… I’m baffled by him, such a romantic guy and a person who is really into commitment and giving his all to a relationship and then to decide to have a baby after such a short time with a girl who is so much older than him, and then not even marry her before or at least get engaged. it’s weird, it’s not like him, it’s something I don’t understand but accept as a thing that happened. that said, most of my interest and deep longing for liam was based on thirst. there’s no point in me pretending it wasn’t because there is way too much proof of it on my blog for everyone to discover. so him having a baby… I knew that it was coming and all but like the actual photo kind of made any and all interest I had in him evaporate. I still love him, I still wish him the best, I still think the world of him, but the attraction is gone, and my interest was mainly based on me being attracted to him. this will sound shallow and I will get shit for this (I don’t care, I have zero policy for bullshit here so this is what I think and what you’ll get) but it’s the truth and it’s going to be visible in his sales and in his future projects because stars in the genre he is aiming at that are in the making should be available… you can’t be singing something like “just grab a room I swear no one will interfere girl bring your friends if you want we can share” (not saying it will be that explicit but still) and holding a baby bottle in the other hand. I will always support him, I think that goes for all of them as I love them dearly, but that extraness I had for him is gone and I cannot make myself be into him being a dad however I look at it. 

my first post -- an intro to my studyblr

hello everyone!

i decided to start a studyblr as a way to motivate me to focus and excel in my studies better as well as stay inspired by what the this whole studyblr community has to offer.

i’m currently on spring break so i will begin posting my own original posts beginning next week once the new quarter starts.

for now, i’m planning on:

  •  participating in a “70 days of productivity” challenge
    • i’m doing 70 instead of 100 days since there are 75 days in this upcoming quarter so i’m giving myself 5 days off due to plans such as my birthday and friends visiting
  • starting a bullet journal of some sort
  • posting my class notes
  • sharing personal posts related to school

the classes i’ll be taking are:

  • introduction to programming: java
  • pre-calculus
  • organismic and evolutionary biology

let’s make this study blogging successful!

thanks for reading :)

i know this girl who’s a freshman in high school and she’s touring colleges over spring break because her mom wants her to know exactly where she wants to go so that she can take the right classes and do the right stuff in high school to get into her goal school and honestly? that shit makes me so sad. if she decides on a school and bases her high school career around one college and then doesn’t get in she’s gonna feel like her life is over… and even if she does get in it’s unlikely that the school could possibly live up to her expectations after 4 years of working towards it in high school. idk like i’m not quite 17 now and my feelings about myself and what i want to do with my life are so incredibly different than how i felt when i was 14 (and some of y'all who have known me or at least followed me since then can attest to that) and i’m sure i’ll feel totally different again in another 2-3 years and that’s how people grow and it’s ok and it makes me sad when parents/teachers/other adults try to tell kids or young adults that they should know what they want to do with their lives or spend their entire teenagehood working toward some educational or professional goal that will probably fall through anyway

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Katherine turned herself into a vampire, because she figured Klaus couldn't use a vampire but that meant she died anyway. I always thought she could have just gone ahead and drank vampire blood before the ritual, because she would have come back a vampire that way - so either way she would have become a vampire. Elena's whole thing was that she wanted to stay human, not come back a vampire.

maybe she wanted to remain human also, but when Rose decided to deliver her to Klaus she saw no escape so she was like “nah fam, i won’t satisfy this dude, i would rather turn myself into a vampire than do that”


28th March 2017

Just had my music exam today. It was stressful, especially when the teacher decides that you have to do an extra thing you haven’t studied for. Absolutely brilliant.
I have my Mathematics exam tomorrow so for today, I’m getting myself prepared for those two hours of suffering.

Sacrificing my daily squats because of these exams. I cry. (The picture above is my goal book)

take a look 👀👀👀 at this! that ➡️right ➡️ there is the mail. ✉️✉️ can we talk about the mail ✉️✉️ please, mac 💻? i’ve been dying 🤒🤢 to talk about the mail ✉️✉️ with you all day, okay 👌🏽? pepe 🐸🐸 silvia. this name keeps coming ⬆️up ⬆️ over and over again. every day, pepe’s mail ✉️ is getting sent 📪 back to me. pepe 🐸🐸silvia. pepe 🐸🐸 silvia. i look 👀 in the mail ✉️, well THIS WHOLE BOX 📦 IS PEPE 🐸 SILVIA!! so i say to myself, i gotta 🔎find 🔎 this guy. i gotta go ⬆️up⬆️ to his office 🏢. i gotta put his mail ✉️ in the guy’s goddamn ✋🏽hands ✋🏽otherwise he’s never gonna get it. he’s gonna keep coming ⬇️down⬇️ here. so i go ⬆️up⬆️ to pepe’s office 🏢 and what do i 🔎find🔎 out, mac 🍔? what do i 🔎find🔎 out? there is no 🐸pepe🐸 silvia. THE 👨🏻MAN 👨🏻DOES NOT ❌❌ EXIST. okay, so i decided ohhh 💩shit💩buddy. i gotta ⚒dig⚒ a little deeper📉. there’s no 🐸pepe 🐸silvia? you gotta be 😂kidding 😂 me. i got boxes📦📦 full of 🐸pepe🐸. alright, so i start 🏃🏽marching 🏃🏽my way ⬇️down ⬇️to carol💁🏽 in HR. and i ✊🏻knock✊🏻 on her door🚪 and i say “💁🏽💁🏽CAAAROL💁🏽. 💁🏽💁🏽CAAAAAAAROL. 💁🏽💁🏽 i gotta talk to you about 🐸pepe🐸.” and when i open the 🚪door, 🚪what do i find? 🤔🤔🤔there’s ❌not ❌a single goddamn 🗄desk 🗄in that office🏢! THERE. IS. ❌NO. ❌CAROL 💁🏽IN💁🏽 HR. 🍔mac💻, half the employees in this 🏢building 🏢 have been made up. this office is a goddamn 👻ghost👻 town.

Fandom Fic Rec Days

The Fandom Fic Rec Days are back!

It is easy to make people look at art; all you need is a reblog. But when it comes to make people want to read fanfiction, it can get just a little more tricky.

To give writers more recognition, and to celebrate their stories, we’ve decided to organize the Fic Rec Days.

On February 10th, 11th, and 12th, you’re invited to rec your favourite fics, from the all time faves to the WIPs you’re currently enjoying.

How? In any way you want!

  • Create a post saying why people should read the fic!
  • Draw some fanart!
  • Create graphics/aesthetics!
  • Make a fic rec list!
  • Make a mix!
  • And so on.

Anything, really; there’s no way of rec’ing worth less than another.

This way, you will:

  1. Promote writers’ fics, and maybe get them new readers.
  2. Make their day, they will be super happy!
  3. Maybe encourage them to write more (win-win!)

Any rules/extra information?

  • Tag your posts with #ficrecdays
  • Tag your fandom/ship.
  • You can always queue if you’re not available!
  • Readers, please consider leaving a comment on the fics you liked!

Above all else, have fun, make people happy (writers and new readers alike!)

Reblog to spread the word, and see you then! :D

I know Adrien and Chat are the same character, but in my mind it’s been difficult to see them that way. It’s not like that with Marienette, and I think it has to do with the fact that she looks the same in both her casual and superhero attire. Adrien just looks different enough as Chat, combined with his personality change, where it’s hard for me to merge them. 

So I decided to help myself by switching his features around.

~2017 Bullet Journal and Planner~

Hi everyone! A lovely anon asked if I could post the inside of my Typo planner that’s been floating around the studyblr sphere (768 notes :O) but I’m actually going to be using a two planner system this year, so I decided to show you guys this as well! I’m still in the process of decorating it, but here’s a peek inside :D

I’m going to have a separate bullet journal that I use for whole year planning and habit tracking, as well as various other lists like a careers to do list, assessment weightings and a list of things to revise. I’ve tried to make it look cheerful, because this year might not be ^^”

I’ve digitalised the cover (which I made myself using some origami paper I picked up in Japan back in 2010), so now I can just print it off whenever I need to! I’ll upload it and update this post with the link to download the printable ^__^

Here’s the monthly view - I’ve colour coded my placements this year by ‘mild’lining each week that I’m away. For May, I’ve got Red Eye Clinic and a placement down at the Australian College of Optometry in Melbourne. Decorated with lovely succulents and washi tape of course ^__^

Here I’ve got a weekly view, appropriately striped with the relevant placement colour. I’m going to be using this for day-to-day homework tasks and other chores that I have to get done, and I’ll also be adding a song of the day. I have tried Typo’s day-to-a-page planners before, but found that I didn’t need the space. Decorated by some watercolour gemstones that I’ve hand painted ^__^ 

As well as that, here’s a look at my future log/yearly overview/not sure what to call it. I had a look at other systems and nothing really seemed to suit what I needed or had enough space to accommodate all the assessment tasks and due dates. So, I decided to make a weekly breakdown roughly based around the 6-8 week rotations we have in 5th year. Luckily, it split fairly evenly and neatly when I divided it into 8 :)

I’m also going to be habit tracking this year. I first identified a list of around 21 habits that I wanted to track. Then I grouped and narrowed it down into target areas:

  1. cups of water (the only numerical one)
  2. sleeping early and waking early (as opposed to a set number of hours)
  3. exercising half an hour in the morning and afternoon
  4. no junk food, eating healthy meals with lots of vegetables :)
  5. completing homework/assignments, and studying/revising
  6. morning and night skin care routines
  7. no arguments with my parents and doing the chores

Except for cups of water, these are all two-fold habits.

  • So I am going to use a forward slash /
  • or a backwards slash \ depending on which one I complete,
  • with a full cross X indicating that I did both that day.

Wishing everyone the best with their studies for the year ahead! Thanks for being such a welcoming community!!




It was a bad day today but then I heard Jack played The Last Guardian and immediately watched him play some of it. So I decided to draw a nervous Jack saying “Hi” to Trico! He so cute! I’m already felling in love with the game! I really want to buy it and play for myself! :D <3

Also there are mistakes on the tattoos. Sorry I can’t draw tattoos.^^: I’m gonna do a seperate drawing of Trico cause he cute!

Hope ya like it! Even though the background is a bit sloppy! ;W;

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Pash! 2016/12 (p15)

Yet another interview from Pash! Dec. issue. This is also with Mitsurou Kubo, it’s basically an “extra” of the commentary that I posted the other day, with a few other random questions & facts all very interesting as usual. By the way, this is were it was first confirmed that Yuuri and Victor speak English to each other (which is something Japanese people had been wondering for a while).

Same as in the last translation, italic/bold parts are recreating how the original article was, I didn’t decide where to add them myself.

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***
***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

Mitsurou Kubo Q&A
There’s still more behind the scenes! We are bringing you a few more curiosities and anecdotes in Q&A format.

Q: Why are there so many scenes about SNS?
A: Actual skaters love SNS too, and there are quite a few of them who post really often. The director and I always enjoy looking at their posts every day. We created the ED in the image of Instagram and photos posted on the SNS. We are also thinking of ending some episodes with SNS style pictures, I hope you’ll enjoy.

Q: Is Yuuri on the SNS too?
A: Yuuri is the type who gets an account but then never updates it. He doesn’t really check it. He doesn’t want to be bashed, and thinks that the fans’ passionate cheering is a bit annoying. He’s really terrible at dealing with fans. But lots of people around him are SNS lovers, so you can spot him in their posts (LOL).

Q: What do you especially pay attention to in this work?
A: First of all, we were talking with director Yamamoto about the fact that no matter how you perfectly animate the skating scenes, if viewers don’t feel like cheering for an athlete they will never sympathize with them. That’s why until episode 4 we have spent time meticulously showing the interaction between Yuuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov in Yuuri’s hometown.

Q: What language do Yuuri and the others speak with each other?
A: Yuuri and Victor fundamentally speak English with each other. Yuuri studied in Detroit, so actually he can speak English very well. Isn’t that cool? (LOL)

Q: Tell us something about the episode titles, which are always quite striking.
A: I thought them all before writing the storyboards. The flow of the story was already roughly decided, but we had to present the titles at the meeting first of all. If I remember correctly, director Yamamoto and I thought up all 12 titles in Tokyo station, after returning from a trip to collect data (LOL). We decided episode 1 because it sounded nice, and since we had started with that kind of title we felt like we should continue with the same trend for all others too. But I guess it’s no use to act cool in the end (LOL).

Q: About “that” line.
A: The lines centered around “(the theme is) love” in episode 5 are actually something that I came up with for the recording script that was used in the cast audition, before writing the storyboard. I used the same words in the actual episode.

Q: What memories do you have of the location hunting?
A: I really like the Russian representative pair skater Yuko Kavaguti. I had never gotten an autograph from an athlete before, but when we went to see the GP Final in Barcelona last year, after the exhibition the director and I spotted her signing autographs, and we got one too. We told her “We really like you!!” (LOL), and she replied “ooh, really?” with a lovely voice like a little bird, that made me so happy.

Q: Where did you go location hunting?
A: We went to China, Russia and Spain, also to watch the matches. It was about 5 days for each match.

Q: What did you have trouble with during location hunting?
A: We could never get appointments. In Russia we went to see the tournament in Moscow and we also went to St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg there is a famous sport club called Yubileyny, to which Plushenko and Yagudin also belong, and we tried going there even though we weren’t expecting much. Director Yamamoto was really nice and asked whether we could take a look inside, but of course… they didn’t allow us to… While we were taking pictures of the exterior we were told that now it was being remodeled and the main athletes were in another place. We tried to go there too, but again we were told that the public is not allowed inside. We still tried searching for some place we could take a look at, and we came upon a dining room. Inside there were a few Russian female athletes. We got a little hyper and were like “skaters training inside actually come here too!!” “they’re only drinking water!!”. We kept on visiting the place, trying to see all areas that were accessible to the public. In Moscow we went to CSKA, which is where Radionova is based, but here too we were not allowed to visit. So basically in the whole GP series we weren’t able to see even one back yard. Overseas you can take pictures in the main arena, so director Yamamoto, the manager and I positioned ourselves in different spots and did our best to take as many pictures as possible. We seriously had to do everything by ourselves. When we tried to go at the back we got excited because once again we could enter the dining room (LOL). Every time it was like that.

Q: What kind of place is Hasetsu?
A: Hasetsu is a fictional town in Kyushu. In Kyushu there are actual skate rinks too, but we reckoned that if we used one of those it would become difficult to distinguish between reality and fiction. We did most of the location hunting in Karatsu, Saga prefecture. There’s a castle too because we figured a foreigner would like that. In Saga there is a film commission, so we also went there to officially ask for cooperation. As soon as we enter the GP series they never go back to Hasetsu, but in the beginning we showed a lot of “rural*” life. We wanted it to become a place that you could look back at and think “those were fun times”.
[*translator’s note: You may think that Hasetsu is a normal town, but in Japan everything that’s not big metropolitan city is basically considered “countryside”]

Q: We would like to know how you created the performances in the series!
A: We first had a meeting with the composer (Keisuke) Tominaga-san, in which the director and I participated too, and afterwards he sent us samples of about 200 songs. Kenji-sensei then gave us comments for all the songs, like “this sounds European”, “this is something an American skater would use”, “this one won’t work”. It sounds very convincing when it’s a choreographer saying it. After that the director and I did a further brush-up and chose the songs among the existing samples that sounded more similar to what we were looking for, we asked to create the actual songs, then we asked Kenji-sensei to create choreographies for them, and finally we had him perform said choreographies and filmed him with lots of cameras. Kenji-sensei listened to our explanation and told us to tell him if we had anything to say about the choreographies. He created all of them within a limited amount of time, even though the story was not fully decided in detail yet. And despite that, in the tournament scenes it happened a lot of times that the choreographies perfectly matched the scenes and made the monologues sound even more fitting, it was really magical. When I got to the point of writing the storyboard I realized once again how important the role of Kenji-sensei has been.

Hey, guys, since I just made the second last exam of the semester, I decided to create a post where I will explain a bit how I get prepare for an exam, specifically for the oral tests. So…let’s start:

★ 1. Planning materials and hours of study.

    The first thing I do when I have to prepare myself for an exam is get hold of       the program of study and then calculate the time that could potentially use to     study everything and repeat. So in this case I recommend that you do not         arrive at the last second, but start as soon as possible to collect the study         material. I personally started studying at least one month before the exam         takes place, if we speak of course of oral exam. For already written it is             different, because I, personally, can pass a test written just reading many         times the topics to bring . But then again, it depends from person to person,     so … take your agenda or your calendar and start to establish which days or     hours where you can devote yourself to the study, and once established it         tries to respect your program , but rest assured, it’s not a problem if                   sometimes jump!

★ 2. Organize your notes.

    Another important thing to do before you really start to study is to place the       notes taken during the lessons.You can fix them or from time to time, or all       at once when you have finished all the lessons. The right thing to do would       be the first, but I do not always succeed, especially because often my               university classes end up about six o'clock in the evening, so I get home not     before seven. 

★ 3. Read your textbook and highlights the most important things,                   helping with the notes, then unite it all.

    Here I don’t think there needs to be an explanation, usually I’m used to             help me with the notes I previously organized, so that I both easier to                 read and understand what are the most important things to learn. Usually         I join the notes taken in class with the textbook doing a summary or by               writing in pencil on the book, it depends on the amount of                                   notes. I also use a lot of highlighters of different colors to highlight, of                 course, each of them has different meanings depending on use and color.

★ 4. Repeat aloud.

    Regarding this point i don’t think there is much to say; usually I  repeat aloud     to better fix things and above all helps me a lot to prepare for the oral.

★ 5. Review.

    Regarding the revision I’m used to repeat aloud, but above all to do mind         maps or summary, however, I recommend these methods especially for           written exams.

                       TIPS TO OVERCOME ANXIETY PRE-EXAM

Another thing I wanted to deal with is the question of anxiety, I suffer and I wanted to tell you a bit ‘my tricks to “overcome”.

★ 1. Estrange the mind.

The first thing I can tell you to do before you do anything else is to alienate the mind. In moments of leisure, stay away from the study, thinks of nothing else, watch a movie or a funny television series, go out with friends, read a book or whatever makes you relax. This will help you above all not to go under stress, and it is important for your mental health.

★ 2. Don’t drink coffe.

Before an exam is important not to drink coffee, or who does not drink too much, at least for me. The coffee, in fact, even if it has the property to raise the level of concentration, can also, if taken in excessive doses bring a widespread state of anxiety as well as insomnia. This could result in a bad performance on the exam day (what we do not).A good substitute is the green or black tea.

★ 3. Chamomile or Calming herbal teas.

This more than advice is my pre-exam ritual. In fact, usually, when I am particularly anxious or scared for an exam, I like to drink a chamomile or calming herbal tea, or a simple red fruit tea. Help to calm down and let me rest.

★ 4. Inhale and Exhale.

Another tip is to breathe. It happened to me sometimes to have some mild panic attacks before an exam, so before you take medication, you should simply exhale and inhale slowly filling and emptying the stomach, this way your mind will become calm.

★ 5. Believe in yourself.

Last but not least, believe in yourself. You are your only limit, and only you can overcome them. Only you know what you did and what you’re worth, so do not make you throw down, life is a great challenge!

Today, I fucked up... by not sampling a new product.

I was having one of those pampering days and I was AMPED about it. It’s never usually planned, at least for me, when I decide to treat myself to a little extra beauty care. I was doing my teeth whitening routine (a usual thing) and got some new moisturizer I was applying, fresh out the shower, and I was just feeling myself? I was planning a trip that weekend to visit some friends a few states away so I needed to look my best.

I decide I’ll do a facial mask to top off the evening. Circa Summer 2016, my boss had these sample face masks he wanted to use and it was a very nice experience. My ONLY complaint was this was a peel-off mask that was VERY difficult to take off, so I knew right away I didn’t want to go through that again. 

I’m looking for a non-peel off mask through these sample packets and I come across this soothing banana mask. I read the warnings and directions as you should (seriously, always do this) and it says it’s a 7 minute mask, it’ll make your face feel cool and replenished, and if you feel irritation, wash off. These are pretty normal warnings.
So I slab this stuff on. Right away. WHILE I am doing this, I thought, very briefly to myself, “I should test this before just throwing every last bit on my face.” A sample test is a very crucial step that was probably on the back off the product in the warnings that I blatantly ignored. I am reckless, I thought. I am woman, and I will throw caution to the damn wind and I literally blasted this shit on every square inch of my face with a ring around my eyes, nostrils, eyebrows and lips. At first it feels like a dream. It’s cool and tingly, smells incredible. I am enjoying this ride. I’m three minutes in and feeling mild irritation, but my skin has been known to be a little sensitive, so I’m like aight whatever. 

Another 30 seconds goes by and NOW it feels like every bit of my skin that this mask was touching was being kiSSED BY A VOLCANO GOD. I am distressed, and instead of rushing right to the bathroom to wash it off, I go on a detour discovery mission to see if I can see anything unusual. By the way, don’t do that. If it’s burning, get it the FUCK off of you. I’m not sure what looking at my melting flesh would do to benefit me whatsoever, but clearly I thought this to be important. This mask is completely clear, and I can SEE A COMPLETELY CRISP LINE OF REDNESS WHEREVER THIS MASK IS MAKING CONTACT WITH MY SKIN.

Now I decide it to be pressing enough to wash this off. I rush to my upstairs bathroom and there’s only hand soap in there. It’s not a fully equipped bathroom like my downstairs bathroom. But I wanted to avoid downstairs as long as I could since my dad was down there and I knew he’d panic if he saw me in bad condition. So I wash it off with water, I look at my reflection and it looks like a legitimate sunburn. You could see defined, crisp, clean lines wherever the mask rested on my skin and my face feels like it is swelling to the size of a watermelon with elephantiasis.

I think the worst is over, but I’m really not thinking properly among the stress of the situation. I just sort of sat on the floor in the hallway, my hands pressed to my face trying to cool down, while it feels like my cheeks have a pulse. Me washing it off with water wasn’t going to cut it. I needed to completely wash my face of this residue with a face wash or soap (ANYTHING), but I needed the time to catch my brain up with what was happening. 

Once I did, I was like “Dude, I need to properly WASH my face.” It was mostly gone, but I could still feel it in the deeper parts of my skin. At this point, there’s no avoiding my father who, conveniently was stationed at the bottom of my stairs on a phone call. We went through the whole rigamarole of a worried father, conveniently chatting on the phone with my worried mother. He gave me a solid “What the complete fuck did you do to your face?” Classic pops.

Anyway, after briefing him on the situation, I shuffled embarrassed to the bathroom to wash it off and spent the next few hours applying aloe and waiting to make sure the swelling went down before I sought medical attention. I was grateful that it didn’t progress and my skin went completely back to normal by the morning, but the entire experience was a dark and regretful time in my life. So, I guess you can take this with you: sample, sample, sample. Don’t be like me.
TLDR; I used a Satan’s Semen facemask and burned the shit out of my skin
Drabble List

So I just finished posting the last of the previous volley of drabbles so I decided to come up with a new prompt list. It’s mostly a hodge-podge of stuff from my own brain or inspired by songs or different shows and stuff but there are some from other prompt lists so, if anyone wants me to give credit, drop me a message and I’ll be sure to do so.

  1. “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”
  2. “You’re too good for this world.”
  3. “Could you be happy, here, with me?”
  4. “How long do we have?”
  5. “Do you think we’re bad people?”
  6. “How did we become this?”
  7. “I can hardly stand myself.”
  8. “Go to hell.”
  9. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I’m going to take care of you.”
  10. “There was a time before all of this.”
  11. “No one will ever believe us.”
  12. “Don’t come near me or I swear I’ll kill you.”
  13. “My hobby is making fun of you when you talk.”
  14. “I used to do a lot of things.”
  15. “It doesn’t matter. You’ve moved on and I have to be okay with that.”
  16. “Do you wish things had happened differently?”
  17. “Don’t you dare look him in the eye.”
  18. “I’ll be here as long as it takes.”
  19. “We were never meant to fight on our own.”
  20. “Something’s clearly wrong.”
  21. “There’s nothing I can do anymore.”
  22. “This is going to hurt.”
  23. “I don’t need to be the hero tonight.”
  24. “Am I ever going to see you again?”
  25. “We always have a choice.”
  26. “You’re holding back.”
  27. “I don’t want to feel like this tomorrow.”
  28. “Is that a threat?”
  29. “If you don’t like this world then change it.”
  30. “Are you kidding me? We’re not fine!”
  31. “You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.”
  32. “Keep your eyes on me.”
  33. “You can lie to yourself but don’t lie to me.”
  34. “I wish I couldn’t feel a damn thing.”
  35. “If you make one more stupid pun, I will literally stab you.”
  36. “I wasn’t going to mention it.”
  37. “I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.”
  38. “I’m here for you.”
  39. “What are you so happy about?”
  40. “That’s not what I meant and you know it!”
  41. “You’re putting words in my mouth!”
  42. “We have to stick together.”
  43. “We’ll get through this. I promise.”
  44. “Don’t leave me behind.”
  45. “What are you looking at?”
  46. “How did you find me?”
  47. “Who did this to you?”
  48. “I don’t want to be alone right now.”
  49. “I have to tell you something.”
  50. “I need more time.”
  51. “You deserve better than me.”
  52. “This isn’t fair!”
  53. “If you kill them, you’d better kill me too, because otherwise I’m going to kill you.”
  54. “Please don’t shut me out.”
  55. “You are my best friend in the whole world, okay?”
  56. “Don’t you dare die on me!”
  57. “I don’t want to talk about it.”
  58. “You’re out of your damn mind.”
  59. “No one can hurt me like you can.”
  60. “You are my sunshine.”
  61. “This is all my fault.”
  62. “Please, don’t cry.”
  63. “Maybe I can’t fix you but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try.”
  64. “You should see this.”
  65. “You make me feel invincible.”
  66. “I’ll keep you safe.”
  67. “Don’t look at me like that.”
  68. “Let’s do something crazy.”
  69. “We are not going to steal someone’s dog.”
  70. “Do you trust me?”
  71. “You don’t get to pick and choose. You’re stuck with me.”
  72. “You know I’m gonna win, right?”
  73. “Don’t underestimate what a person can do to protect those they care about.”
  74. “I didn’t mean what I said.”
  75. “Do you ever follow directions?”

Tadashi Hamada + Icons

Free to use!

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Big Hero 6!!!

Art Source

I’ve been pretty stressed about recent….political events and found myself very distracted and unable to work on my comic. So, as a way of venting and inspired by a promo I saw for this year’s Pride parade, I created THIS! Featuring some of the entertainment industry’s LGBT+ Canon Characters! I know I know, there are obviously more….but I can only draw so many characters okay? But I decided to go with the ones I’m more familiar with. I’m hoping to do a male version as well. :) Let me know what you think!

From Left to Right:

Lena Oxton A.K.A. “Tracer” (Overwatch)

Korra (Avatar: Legend of Korra)

Garnet (Steven Universe)

 Katherine Kane A.K.A. “Batwoman” (DC Comics)

America Chavez A.K.A. “Miss America” (Marvel Comics)

Edit: For those saying that Garnet isn’t gay and that she’s an “Alien robot”…
1. She’s a gem (so more like a rock alien), 2. Garnet is literally the physical manifestation of light born from Ruby & Sapphire’s “gayness.”