so i decided to bring a good camera to a concert

Hard Feelings

After this concept being stuck in my mind and not have the words written in the way I wanted it to be not until now; the very pieces that kept me up thinking and possibly have made my vision detoriate more.

Inspired by Lorde’s song, ‘Hard Feelings / Loveless’, I present to you this mini-series.

  “Harry — smile.”


  Your shot went through unfortunately after Harry purposely moved a split second before you were actually going to take it just because he already promised he’s going to cooperate this time.

  This time, he decided to playfully piss you off by moving excessively every time you point your canera at him and knows he succeeded when he saw your annoyed but amused look with your lips pursed, your eyebrows furrowing and your eyes narrowing.

  You heavily sighed, hand going through your hair before resting it on your hip, slightly getting irritated at the moment since the pressure’s on again, the nervousness rising in your stomach since it’s mere minutes away before Harry goes on stage and you would too in a way.

  “I presume you haven’t told anyone then, Y/N?”

  Jeff asked, smiling courteously as he looked up from the papers in his desk and to you, obviously referring to the non-disclosure agreement you’ve signed in the last meeting.

  “Not a single soul.”

  He chuckled, mumbling something in reply as he digged through his pocket for the letter Harry wrote himself in a hurry that morning for him to read even though they’re headed to the same studio.

  “So about last week’s meeting. Well, obviously, you’re here because you’re the one who got the job.”

  Your mouth slightly fell agape since there was an instinct in your gut that you were called yesterday to come here today because you’re the one who’s chosen but refused to not hope too much because it may be jinxed, thinking of other factors such as they needed a clarification of your resume.

  “Oh my god. Thank you so much, sir. Th-…”

  “Call me Jeff,” he waved off, a little smile as his eyes were fixed on Harry’s writing that was messy, squinting his eyes as is if it would help.

  “Any questions?”

  You straightened, flattening the pencil skirt you’re wearing to look professional before opening your mouth from the numerous questions lingering in your mind.

  “Who are the others that are picked?”

  Jeff looked up, chuckling before shaking his head and pointing a finger at you, making you nervous of the possible answer.

  “See, this is where this comes in,” he stated, slightly waving the piece of paper he’s holdig with his hand that looked like it was teared off even the page itself was perforated.

  “You, Miss Y/N, will be working solo.”

  An inaudible sound came out of your lips, Jeff taking this as as sign before talking ahead of you for you to know he understood.

  “Harry’s seen your videos — the SDEs, the pre-nups, the wedding shots. Celebrity or not, he’s been watching them.”

  He paused to make sure you caught on, a slight nod coming from you for him to continue since you’re still confusion and surprise-stricken.

  “Harry hand-picked the tour details. He’s the one who told me to send you an e-mail since you were his first choice. Told me he adores your work. That it wasn’t all that fancy but it was simple yet elegant, and you know, personal instead.”

  He stopped, knowing this was hassling for him to go with Harry’s specific requests since he wanted to be hands-on with how the tour will go.

  “Correct the both of us if we’re wrong but you’re a photographer, a videographer and an editor, right?”

  “Right. But-…”

  “How about when it comes to the coverage for the whole concert?” Jeff finished for you, snatching the words right out of your mouth that made you nod eagerly.

  “When it comes to the concerts, we’re gonna book some photographers and all the people that would capture the crowd and all that. But as per you,” he drawled out, sucking in a breath before putting the paper down.

  Your heart skipped a bear, feeling the pressure now from the things you’ll be doing.

  “You’re gonna be his companion, almost. Where he goes, you go. He said you could take some of the videos of him with your phone like what you did on this one video. He thought you’d be best since the both of you would click with all his persona. Then again, that lad isn’t a fan of those extravagant things sometimes.”

  You silently nodded, hard on thinking as you thought of it over and over again.

  “It would be two things. First thing’s a short tour diary per country — we’ll give you the passowrd of the Youtube channel and all and added benefits. Then, second’s a documentary — would be released in Netflix.”

  You rubbed your knees with your hands tentatively, shakily exhaling from all the sudden information you were sure wasn’t all said in the e-mail nor the first meeting.

  “Sounds good.”

  Jeff grinned, clapping his hands up as he averted his eyes to the backpack and the camera bag that’s on the chair across yoy which he told you to bring.


  The door clicked, a figure emerging from it who you used to see in pictures and in your timeline now at the past, dressed in nothing but a black shirt tucked into his dress pants and a smile, standing sheepishly on the doorway.

  “Because Harry’s here and the both of you will be starting now.”

  The sudden flashback stopped in queue just as Harry slightly shook you since you weren’t paying attention when the tour manager popped in the dressing room then left, slightly chuckling to himself since this is now one of the numerous times he’s caught you in a daze.

  “It’s time.”

  He clicked his tongue from the roof of his mouth, already discarding his gum on the trash can beside the couch and going ahead of you to open the door for you from what his mum taught.

  “How do you remain so calm?”

  You asked silently as he walked ahead of you, laughing from the question since he hasn’t been asked that surprisingly ever, his hand going over his nose before gliding through his hair.

  “Time, maybe. Got used to this. But it’s still overwhelming at the end of the day.”

  You hummed in response, trying not to take notice of your shaking hands to make them stop even if you did this multiple times, still not being able to get over the facts.

  “Good luck, love. Ya could do it good like you always do.”

  Harry said, ruffling your hair as he smiled, already climbing up the steps that made you remember you took a clip of that yesterday and would again for the next few days, giving you a grin as he put his ear pieces in.

  You yelled a ‘thank you’ as response, going over to the entrance to near the stage that you mapped out awhile ago, security letting you pass through with a nod because of your ID and that they knew you.

  Screams immediately rose up when the stage was adorned with a bright spotlight that sounded mellow because of what Harry gave to you which were earplugs, not kidding the slightest bit that the screams could be a little too much to handle.

  You paused for a moment since you’re still caught in reality that was going along well, wanting to be in the moment being higher compared to capturing it.


  You paused and looked at the picture displayed in your camera in black and white since Harry requested it to be, a figure you love more than ever on the side of it, a smile on his face with his eyes squinting.

  Your thumb glided over the screen, a smile on your face as you felt the little drop of your heart to your stomach since this is reality, knowing that the thing happening between the two of you was unofficial and unnamed and would stay that way which he somehow made clear.

  You looked up, Harry’s eyes passing over yours with a little smirk, going back to the crowd once again, whispering to yourself something you’ve noticed and adore.

  “You smile so good, love.”

P R E S S U R E { 1 }


{Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5}  {Part 6}

Pairing: Reader X Yoongi

Word Count: 6,748

Genre: Romance, Smut

Warnings: Smut, daddy kink, cursing

Summary: After dating for almost 3 years, the armys and Yoongi’s label have found out about your relationship. Now you have to deal with it in your extraordinarily normal life.

I didn’t mean to start dating Min Yoongi. I’d simply gone into New York City. I had taken the day off from work weeks in advance and gone in with my friends then ran into him at Bryant Park. I’d heard BTS before, but honestly, I had no clue that they were there at that time. I later learned it was for some meeting, but we never really talked about the details of one of our favorite days.

We’d made eye contact. He was in front of the fountain taking pictures of it and himself, and I’d noticed him out of the corner of my eye. When we tell this story, he likes to say that I was staring at him with heart eyes. In reality, I watched him for 10 seconds and within that time he’d notice me and given me a coy smile. Then he jogged back over to Jimin and Namjoon and I shook my head clear of that and back into my friends conversation.

I hadn’t noticed the 3 boys following us across the street into Kinokuniya Bookstore. We simply went across the street to look at the manga, figures, and all of the cute stationary. I was there with my two best friends, Alicia and Julianna. They had wandered off, crying about some manga about stray dogs and I was alone in the basement of the store, looking at the stationary when I felt a heat on the back of my neck. I always got nervous when I was alone, simply because I had some terrible anxiety.

I was the mom friend in the group, so I had to take charge in certain situations. For some reason, inside of flight I choose fight. Boy, was it the right choice. I’d turned around the see who was staring at me and it was him, Him with his blonde hair. Him with his soft face. Him with his all black outfit and snapback, hiding from the world.

Before I got the chance to ask why he was staring at me, he stepped closer and held out his hand.

“Min Yoongi.” he introduced and I shook it.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N). Can I asked why a perfectly good stranger has been watching me like some creep.”

He chuckled. I melted. “Well, I can’t help myself to do anything, but to look at you. You kind of have my full attention and I also thought it was a little creepy. Obviously, you noticed me. So, I thought I would introduce myself.”

“What a gentleman.”

“You know, they have this cute little cafe on the top floor. Wanna come get lunch with me?”

His english was a little broken, but I managed to catch his drift and pick up on what he was saying. The way he spoke was almost rehearsed. Later, I found out that Namjoon helped him learn this little monologue so he could speak to me.

Then it was all a part of history. Our history. The six of us had a lunch together and Yoongi and I hit it off. He was trying so hard to speak my language, even though Namjoon had to help him a bunch. He was so… into me. It was crazy. I’d never had such an instant spark with someone, especially someone so reserved at first. I had always had this weird outgoing, loud guy type.

He was so captivating. He still is. Anyways, that’s how it started. After that lunch, he’d invited us to their concert that night. When I carried on, stressing out about how I had nothing to wear, he just waved me off. My girlfriends laughed at my constant need to worry about the silliest things in the world, just stating “This is how I was.” and that “he’d have to get used to it”. Which he responded with, “I plan on it.”.

On the way out of the store, he grabbed my hand and led me down the avenue. We were both totally aware he had no idea where he was off to, but he’d decided I was going to get a whole new outfit then stay at his hotel. I’d felt like I’d known Min Yoongi for years. His personality just vibed with me and the hotel part didn’t even come across in a creepy way? Then we shopped and went to his show.

Obviously, the next day he was gone. Off to some other city. But he never left me. My days were full of constant texts and calls. My weeks became filled with him flying in whenever he had a day off. My months were made up of stolen kisses and my year ended up in a relationship. It was a secret and we could handle it. The constant separation made keeping this secret from his record label so much easier.

Until 2 years later. 2 years into my bliss, we were caught by one of his fans. He’d flown in for the weekend and one of them had followed the car he got picked up in from the airport all the way to a parking lot of a Mcdonald’s where he hopped into my car. We were in for some shit, let me tell you. My mentions were filled and so was my phone. BigHit now owned me in a way, sadly. After signing a bunch of contracts about how I wasn’t playing Yoongi and that I couldn’t run away with his money and I couldn’t reveal more intimate parts of him and if we got married I had none of his BTS assets and all of that dumb shit, I thought it had died down.

The armys didn’t hate me. Well, obviously some did, but the others made me feel welcome. Made me feel less scared about going public with my relationship with my boyfriend of almost 3 years. I was very straight forward with the things I could talk about and did whatever his record label asked me to. At first, it started with an hour long interview, talking about myself and us. Why we kept this all a secret and such. It ended with them surprising me with what I thought was a skype call, but Yoongi ended up being there. After 4 months.

When we were on the skype call, he told me to close my eyes for a moment so he could put on something silly or whatever. Then I smelt him, as weird as it sounds. He wore my favorite cologne and I started crying before he wrapped his arms around me. Within seconds I was buried into his chest, sobbing, as he held his hands on my face. He wiped away my tears for camera effect, but he also made sure to block my face from the limelight. He knew I’d be even more upset if there were suddenly gifs of me hysterical on the internet.

So, blah blah blah, right? Now, I’ll bring us to today. Currently, I was hiding in the fridge at my job at a super market deli. My manager knew I was in here and I was even preparing food in here to go in the showcase. Currently there were a bunch of pre-teen girls standing at the counter, all looking for me. It’d been like this for the past week and my manager Steve happened to feel bad for me today.

A few hours earlier, my twitter started to go crazy. The Big Hit account had decided to use me for some retweets and tweeted out my work address. So now it looked like I was having a fucking meet and greet, so I decided to be trapped in the fridge. Yep.

Steve walked in and kind of chuckled at me as I packed some yams into a dinner container. “I know you’re having a hard time out there, but we could really use you. It’s a little busy out there. It’s your meet and greet after all.” Then he broke into a full on laughter, patting his chest, to make sure he could still breathe at the end of it. I didn’t laugh because it wasn’t funny. Not funny at all. “I’m glad you’re sticking this out, you know, taking one for the team back here.”

In all reality, I wanted to ask to go home. It was starting to get cold and I forgot a jacket, but I needed the money. Not all of us could be K-pop idols and I didn’t want to really want to have to rely on him for money. Well, he sort of ruined my job. And my life. Maybe I could bill him for work interruption. I’ll sue him. That’s it, I’ll sue him. I’m not exactly sure for what yet, but I texted informing him about the lawsuit. He didn’t respond.

He also didn’t respond to my 20 other texts messages freaking out about the armys at my job or about how his record label was trying to sabotage our relationship. He was probably in the middle of overworking himself in whatever country he was in today. I had stopped trying to keep up with each individual one and just knew the basic area of where he was. I think it was Korea. Or maybe Japan. I knew it wasn’t America. That was in half a week.

They had a 2 weeks vacation and he’d decided to spend it with me. Every time he got a break, he tried to waste it all on me. I always bullied him into going home to be with his family or spend time with the band and the last 4 days would be reserved for us. This time he’d convinced me to let him stay with me the whole time. He’d even called my store and requested the two weeks off for me as he planned whatever he was going to do. So, starting Monday I would no longer be trapped here, I guess.

As soon as all of the dinner were packed, I stacked them onto a tray and kicked open the fridge door, subsequently hitting one of the chef’s, Mike, with it. “Ahh, she emerges.” he joked, pushing my hat lower over my eyes. “Maybe you should go say hi to them. They’ve been here since your shift started.” He nodded at the 50 girls filling up the coffee lounge outside of the deli. I swished my mouth back and forth, debating the situation. “I’ll go with you, if that’s what you need. I know you want to, nervous nelly.”

I put the dinners down and grabbed my bag on my way back to my tundra. I pulled up the step ladder and took out my makeup bag, deciding now would be a good time to look good. Of course I wanted to go meet the girls. They made my boyfriend happy and support him. They support us. I guess it really did look bad if I hid all day. I was just so anxious about the entire situation. I wasn’t the famous one. I was kind of just riding along with the love of my life who happened to be a bit popular.

I pulled off my hat and took out the ponytail within my hair. I ran my hands through it and of course it was already a bit knotted. Nothing could ever be easy in my life. Whatever, this was for him. For his label. In the back of my mind I couldn’t shake the horrible feeling that everyone out there would jump me for dating him, but they were there. Here to see me. Hell, what do I even do? I work, I’m not even in school, and I sing in a band that purely plays in my friends garage because we can’t get our act together to even have a name.

I stood up and cleared my throat a bunch. When I got nervous my voice seemed to crack and I stepped out of my tomb. “Wish me luck.” I said to the guys I worked with and they just laughed and waved me off.

I pushed open the double doors and heard a few noises come from the direction I was headed in. “H-Hey guys.” I smiled, giving a little wave to the girls as they proceeded to run over to me and surround me. First, it started slow. I thought maybe they’d kind of stare at me from a distance, but oh no. Of course nothing can be civil and easy with me, can it?

They started getting closer to me and snapping selfies all around me, throwing out questions about Yoongi.

“What’s he like in bed?” I can’t discuss that. I legally can’t.

“Is this just a publicity thing? So the armys can feel like they have a chance?” No, I’m in love with him. He’s in love with me.

“You’re so fucking pretty. It makes me feel so shitty.” I’m so sorry. I’m so so so sorry. Please, don’t feel that way. You’re absolutely beautiful.

“Is BTS gonna tour here soon?” I don’t know.

“Why have you been hiding from us? What exactly are you hiding, Y/N?” Nothing. I was so scared. I’m so scared.

I wanted to respond to everything. I wanted to defend myself. I couldn’t get a word out edgewise, everything was trapped in my thoughts. I just smiled for all of the pictures and videos they were taking of and with me. I didn’t start to cry until I heard Steve yell for me behind the deli counter, asking if I was alright. Then I became hysterical. I covered my face and closed my eyes, only to hear him running across the wooden floor. He lightly pushed through the girls and pulled me out of there, back to my safe haven of the deli fridge.


I’d been excused to leave work early after that and Steve told me not to come in the next day either. After a little bit of a fight about it, he told me to start my days off early and that he’d talk to his boss about asking if those can be paid vacation days. I knew he’d say no however. The store manager had been pushing for me to work more because of all of the business I’d been bringing in by simply working there. We were up by around half a grand a day and boy did that make him look good.

When I pulled into my driveway, I unplugged the aux cord from my car and dialed one of the numbers I knew by heart. Yoongi’s international number. I rarely called him without asking, but I knew he had my phone call volume on. Only when it was an emergency I’d phone him right away.

It rang three times. “Mmmm, baby? What’s up?” Oh, he sounded so sleepy. I felt bad for about 5 seconds before I started yelling.

“How could you sleep through all of my messages? Boy, have I had a day.” I unlocked my door and slammed it behind me, only locking the top lock. I threw myself on the couch as I heard him groaning about sitting up to check his phone.

“Facetime.” Then he hung up and face timed me this time. By this point, I was upside down on my couch with a red face and an angry expression. I hit the green button. “You look so grumpy.” He chuckled.

“I am grumpy. Please don’t go on twitter for a few days?”

“So, armys were at your job.” I saw his face sink a little as he leaned against the wall.

I sat upright and fixed my hair in the camera mirror. “I kind of started crying and I got excused from work until after my vacation days. They probably think I’m crazy, Gloongs.”

“You’re calling me Gloongs? Look at you. The new dwarf in Snow White. Mopey.”

“I’m gonna hang–”

“No. Please no. You’re not okay. I’m sorry this is happening. I’ll fix it.” Then he hung up.

The way he went about his life was so weird to me sometimes. Knowing him, he was back asleep already too. Sleeping sounded like a pretty good idea, actually. I knew I could never take a nap, it was something I had learned to deal with. I’d always wished I could just pass out like my boyfriend. He had this uncanny ability to simply close his eyes and be somewhere else.

I stood from the purple couch in my living room and walked the total 10 feet to my bedroom. I swung open the door and fell straight onto my bed. The phone charger I kept next to my bed was gone and then I just let out my anger by screaming. I didn’t give a fuck about my upstairs neighbor in this moment or the 5 open windows in the little apartment my mother and I stayed in.  I was just frustrated.

The plug had fallen on the floor off of my mattress, luckily. Once my phone was charging, I called up my best friend Alicia. She didn’t pick up and I knew she was also asleep. Of course two of the most important people in my life had these weird sleeping habits I couldn’t get myself into. I could barely sleep as it was, let alone throughout the day.

I called her again as fast as I could. Normally after the first phone call, she grabbed her phone to turn off the volume for the second call. I always begged her not to because if there was a second call it was important, but she didn’t give a shit. It was almost crazy to me how my boyfriend and best friend were so alike. I really couldn’t fathom how I could handle two of them let alone one, but I did it. I guess my type had changed.

I must have called fast enough because I was met with a groan and a, “Ugh, what do you need?”

“Hey,” I almost choked up? I wasn’t sad, just stressed. “Can we do something?”

“Guardians 2 just came out, if you can get us tickets.” Usually, I was met with a no and that she was going back to bed. “What’s wrong with you?”

I put my phone on speaker and opened up the Chrome browser, typing in showtimes near us. “Oh, you know. I’m just casually getting stalked.”

“Yeah? Well, that’s karma.”

“For what?!”

“Dating a superstar. A hot, lazy version of me though. Yeah. Karma.” she broke into a fit of chuckles and I heard her get up and start rummaging through her clothes. “Do I have to dress nice? Am I going to get followed by some paparazzi?” I could hear her trying not to laugh.

“I’m wearing jeans and a fucking hoodie. The next show time is in 40 minutes, I got us side seats. I’m coming to pick you up.” Then I hung up, grabbed my keys, and ran out my door.

The movie was amazing, but my phone call with Yoongi later was not. Halfway through the movie, I remembered that he had wanted to see it with me. Boy, I wasn’t ready for the angry rant I was about to get, but I stayed up til 2 am for it anyways.

“Hey, baby.” I could hear the smile in his voice. He was in the arena in whatever place he was in now, getting ready for his show. “How are you, what’d you do after our call last night? Or your day time.”

“I went to the movies with Ali-”

“No you didn’t.” Oh no. He interrupted me. He was onto me, he knew. “Are you kidding me? I planned the tour around us seeing this movie during my vacation days!” He was screaming now. I heard Hoseok in the background asking him to calm down and heard my precious boyfriend slapping him away. “You know what? I’m done.”

“Done? Dude, come on.”

“You’re fucking coming to Korea on the next flight and we’re seeing it together. You’re off from work anyways, I’m not taking no as an answer. Hoseok, please take my card and find her a flight. I’d do it, but she won’t pack anything that she needs if I hang up to look.”

He was right, sadly. For such a put together person I over packed unessential stuff no matter where I was going. Day trips, week trips, I packed my entire room up for those.  “Don’t make him book me a ticket. I can buy my own.”

He broke into a fit of laughter. “Shut up, no you can’t. I got you out of work, so let me compensate by paying. You also can’t argue with me because it’s done. Check your email.”

He was right, I couldn’t. The flight was in about 3 hours and I was an hour away from the airport, so I started to pack. He scolded me about packing 3 times the clothes I needed when it only a four day trip. They had three more shows left to end their tour and would be in the same area for all of them. So I didn’t have to feel guilty about more travel expenses and such like I always did.

Of course I knew he had the money to spend and such, but that was the thing. I didn’t want to be pampered by him at all times just because he could. I liked being able to support myself and not feeling like I was using him for his money. I was so in love with this kid and I had been for the last few years and that was the last thing I wanted him to believe.

Yeah, I was working a part time minimum wage job and he was touring the world, but I didn’t need him for such small expenses. Even though I guess a plane ticket wasn’t small. On the cab ride to JFK airport, I was just enveloped in my thoughts about him that I didn’t even realize when we had arrived. I was forced out of my head by a loud honk and the man in the front seat telling me to get out. I passed up a 50 dollar bill and grabbed my larger than I should have suit case out of the trunk.

I never really began going to airports and flying before Yoongi. It was such a normal thing to him, but to me it was so extravagant. Not even including where you’re going, flying on an airplane was just such a cool concept to me. So I took it all in every time. Even if it fucked me over in the end. Which you already knew it did. I never slept, so my jet lag was extra bad during these. I just watched movie after movie, every time. There was truly nothing else to do for me than take advantage of that. I got too anxious sleeping in front of people, even if they were perfectly good strangers.

Whenever my plane landed in South Korea, I always regretted not paying too much attention when Yoongi tried to teach me the language in depth. I knew some basic terms to get me around, but he had practiced English for so long and so hard for me, that I really did feel guilty for not learning his native tongue. It seemed to always be a lingering thought whenever I was in his homeland, but he made me feel silly for thinking that. Stating that I had no true reason to learn Korean and that he didn’t want me to get good at it so he could always talk shit about me without me truly understanding. As much as I wanted to believe that was a joke, I knew it wasn’t.

After grabbing my luggage, I looked around for one of the security guards I knew would be getting me. I pulled my hood lower on my head and looked for the sign that Yoongi probably wrote. Knowing him it would say something embarrassing.  There it was. Booboo buns. He even drew hearts around it. He was such a dick, even when he wasn’t here.

I gripped my rolling suitcase with a hard fist as I walked over to the burly man and waved. He complimented me with a smile and turned his back on me to follow to the car outside. He attempted to take my suitcase from me and I just responded with, “Aniyo gwaenchanhseubnida.” Meaning no thank you. One of the few terms I made sure to know along with where is the bathroom and a few other phrases.

Once I was in the familiar black van, I finally closed my eyes. I didn’t know how far the hotel was and I didn’t bother to ask. Well, I didn’t know how to ask and I had no service here to even text Yoongi I was on my way. He definitely knew though. For a lazy fuck he was on top of important shit; like getting me around a place where I could easily end up lost. As much as I prided myself on having good direction value.

Of course I didn’t sleep on the way to the hotel when that was purely all I wanted to do. The security guard parked the car in front of the hotel and left the hazards on. He simply walked me inside and I said thank you and he passed me a card with the room number and key. From the lack of people around here, I figured the boys were at their show. It was around 8 pm here now, so it was almost a perfect time for me to sleep.

I power walked to the elevator and once it dinged I went inside up to the 18th floor. I closed my eyes on the way up as I leaned against the mirror on the side of the elevator. I hope I didn’t leave a mark or anything. I was probably all gross from that plane ride. If I had the energy I’d shower, but I just wanted to knock out and I bet that the bed here was super comfortable. Nothing like my mattress on the floor back at home. Ding. I was here. Floor 18, room 22. Of course it was at the end of a long hallway. Of course.

At this point I was almost ready to crawl down the hallway, but instead I jogged. I figured I was alone, but I was wrong. During my sprint, I ran into random man and completely ate shit and fell. He said, “Sorry, sorry.” but continued running in the opposite direction of me. Awesome. Now I was tired and bruised and probably had fucking rug burn, but I was over it.  I stood up and just pushed the thought that I got to see Yoongi when I woke up. I swiped the card through room 22 and saw it. The beautiful, big bed. The door slammed behind me and I kicked off the moccasins I’d been wearing for the past almost 16 hours. A smile loomed over my face as I tiptoed over to the empty bed and stuffed myself into it. Within a minute, I was out like a light.

I was awoken by the light turning on, but the thing that pushed me into being awake was the stench that followed it. I coughed to clear my throat and sat up. I opened my eyes to a smiling Yoongi at the foot of the bed. My eyes were still adjusting to the change, so he was a little blurry to me. “Why didn’t you shower there?” I asked. It totally wasn’t the first thing I wanted to say, but I kind of hurt a bit too much to move or yell.

“I wanted to see my girl.” His smile turned into one of my favorites. The gummy one. Then he crawled over to me, rubbing his fingers across the dimple that lined my face. “You’re so pretty… and bloody?” He chuckled, “Did you fall or something?” He peeled the blanket off of me and I was as confused as the look on his face. “Oh, come on. You fell?”

I couldn’t help but to laugh. There were a bunch of scratches on my arm from the carpet that had torn just enough to bleed. Then I just ignored it, so here we were. “Yeah, I fell. I was super tired and ran into this guy-”

“Someone ran into you?” He pulled me into his smelly arms and squeezed me. “You didn’t yell at him? Shame. I love it when you’re a firecracker.” He kissed at my cheek, towards the corner of my mouth. “Wow, I missed you.”

He continued to leave small kisses around my face and I knew I wasn’t sleeping anytime soon. I turned around so that I was looking at him and he had changed his hair. “Green?” My face lit up, “You did my favorite hair color again?!”

He bit at my nose, “Yeah. I gotta make sure this vacation is perfect for you.” He went back to kissing around my face. Whenever we met up, it always started like this. He missed the physical interaction, but never pushed me into anything, He always started slow.

“How was the show?”

“Amazing, as always, but I was so distracted knowing you were here and laying in my bed without me.” His kisses began to trail down the side of my face to my neck, his second favorite place to be at for a while.

“Can we shower? I don’t want to fuck you- No, that’s a lie. I want to fuck you really bad.”

“Blunt today?” he breathed hot air down my neck as he spoke in a sexy whisper.

“I’m gross and so are you, let’s shower.”

We both walked into the bathroom and started stripping each other. Nothing too sensual at first, until we were both in our undergarments. We both just looked at each other for a minute. Observed each other’s flaws and imperfections as if it was the first time seeing each other naked, but boy was it not. Honestly, I think that’s what made us love each other so much. Everything was always the same, but it was always new.

“God, I’ve missed you so much.” Yoongi breathed. He undid the clasp on my bra and as I took that off I felt his long fingers slide down my back to pull down my lacy panties I’d been in for probably the last day. I breathed out a gasped when he touched me. His fingers were cold even though the bathroom was slowly heating up. I pulled on the waistline of Yoongi’s boxers, suggesting for him to take them off. Even if we were caught in a moment, he couldn’t help but to slightly laugh at my little motions. I was never truly the one in charge of these situations, but considering it’s been about 3 months since we’d last seen each other, I was getting a little antsy.

He grabbed onto my hand and led me into the shower. As soon as I turned the shower on he started attacking my neck with little kisses. Nothing too aggressive, but hard enough to leave a faint bruise after each kiss. I turned around to face him. God, he was beautiful. We moved closer to each other and our lips finally connected. The kiss was soft and sweet. Then of course leave it to Yoongi become aggressive. With one swift motion, he lifted me off of the ground and made me wrap my legs around him. He pushed me into the tiled wall and I could feel him against my heat.

“You came all this way for me, I figured I might as well do something for you.” He said.

“That’s fine by me, daddy.” I teased. I could feel him fucking harden against me. It was really hot. I knew it was one of his kinks. He would never admit it to me but whenever I called him that it would almost instantaneously turn him on. Now that I did that, I knew I was in for a world of trouble. Aka, him getting mad if I called him anything other than that or sir. I did it anyways, him being mad was pretty hot in these cases.

“Yeah?” his voice was raspier now.

“Okay, Yoongi.” I smirked, excited for the outcome.

“Don’t you dare call me that now. You started this,” Yoongi growled. He let me sink a little bit again the wall, only to duck his shoulder under my left leg and put it on top. My breathing hitched as he got me into one of his favorite positions. Also because this was dangerous. We could die. Then it would be all my fault and his army would kill me.

I was taken back to the moment as he kitten licked up my slit and pulled away right before he got to my clit. He chuckled at the little gasping noise I made when he stopped and lifted up to touch me, but instead of going where I thought he cupped my chin. He smirked and kissed me so hard that I could almost feel the purple that my lip was going to be. He let go of my chin and began to lazily trail his hand down my body, making sure to go over my most sensitive parts in his little teasing session.

His eyes never left yours as he teased a digit inside, but quickly pulled it out. Before he started anything else he made sure I was secure against the wall and in his left hand. He did the same motion again with his middle finger and I gasped as the loss of touch.

“Please-” I begged, reaching for his wrist.

He slapped my hand away and squinted his eyes at me telling me to stop. This time he put in two fingers and curled them inside of me, my eyes closed from habit.  “I want you to look at me while I touch you, princess.” He scolded. I could literally feel my insides turn to mush with his words as I bit onto my lip. His two fingers slowly moved inside of me while his thumb reached up to rub my clit. He kept curling and uncurling his fingers while rubbing little circles. All I wanted right now was to moan loud and sink to my knees, but I couldn’t lose my voice yet and I was pinned to the shower.

At this point he lowered me onto the ground, still keeping my leg on his shoulder. I gripped the shower handle as he moved his mouth onto my clit, lightly sucking on it while keeping his fingers inside of me. I wrapped my leg over my shoulder. He added a third finger and continued to curl them. I reached my other hand out and ran my fingers through his hair, being careful not to pull the green too hard. I pushed my hips down and mumbled a fuck. He hummed into me as he removed his fingers and licked up me one final time.

He pulled his fingers into his mouth, sucking on them while not breaking eye contact. “Better than ever.” He let my leg down and I still needed some support. I reached my arms up lazily and wrapped them around his neck, kissing him softly. He, however, didn’t want soft. The kiss quickly became intense as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. He ran his hands up and down my back, eventually landing on my ass and gripped it like he was holding on for dear life.

The kissing stopped for a moment. “Are you sure you don’t want me to-” I pulled one arm off of him and brought it toward his hip. He reached out for it with his own, lacing our fingers together. It felt less intense in this moment, as he smiled purely and took his other hand to my cheek.

“Let me take care of you for once. Let me fuck you til you beg me to stop, (Y/N).” He spoke in is normal voice, except a little bit higher. I simply bit my lip in response. Leave it to Yoongi to always know what to say to make me wet.

He lifted my leg back up again and placed himself at my entrance. In typical Yoongi fashion, he rubbed the head up and down my folds, barely dipping inside. “Please.” I begged, barely audible. He just smiled and slowly pushed into me. Within seconds, he picked up speed. He went at a mild tempo at first then as I put my hand onto his shoulder he lifted my leg higher and all you could hear was muffled moans and groans along with the slapping of skin.

He gripped my thigh as he thrusted in and out. He never broke eye contact with me and as much as I wanted to close my eyes, I stared right at him. When I reached my high, he knew. I knew he was close too. “Can I?” his eyes darted down to his cock. I nodded as I was unable to even speak. He fucked me right through my orgasm and my nails scratched through his skin. As soon as I was done, he moaned out my name as he came inside me. He lowered my leg to a more comfortable position and then pulled out.

Before putting me back onto the ground he made sure I was leaning on him and had my hand somewhere else. Fuck, he knew me too well. He hummed into my ear as my back leaned against his bare body. He ran his fingers through my hair and I felt a stinging in my eye. “Yoongi stop!” I yelled, squeezing it shut to try to comfort my pain.

“What’s wrong? Was I being too aggressive? I know it’s been a bit and I know you can barely walk right now but maybe y-”

“No, it’s not that-”

“Then what’s wrong?” He wrapped his arms around me, turning me in towards him.

“You got shampoo in my eye.”

He gulped. “I wasn’t holding the shampoo-”

“Then what’s in my eye?!” I yelled, reaching one hand up to rub it. He started to laugh.

“Babe, I am so sorry.”

For the rest of the shower, I just leaned into him after getting whatever was in my eye out. I missed being with him like this in such a personal way. We didn’t even speak, but we were so in tune with each other when we were together. He took care of me and I took care of him. In this moment, it was his turn. He knew I’d been hurting lately, mentally and now physically thanks to him. It was moments like these I was so grateful for him. I was always grateful for him.

He reached over me to turn off the water and pulled a towel off of the rack outside of it. He twirled it around me and then one around his own waist. He kept one arm around me as he patted some of the water off of himself. “You tired?” He whispered, patting me down a little bit before lifting me bridal style out of the shower.

He laid me onto the bed still wrapped up despite me still being well covered in water. He got in next to me and covered us with the warm blanket, pulling me close to his chest. He liked to sleep while in contact with me, despite what it may be. Tonight his arm was around me, but most nights his hand was on my hip or thigh . Tonight was different, he wanted to closer than usual. We which we already were. Our usual is across the world.

“Hey, Yoongs.” I whispered into his chest. He made a noise signaling he heard me. “I love you. I love you. I’m so in love with you.”

He ruffled my hair. “Shh, go to sleep.”

“Reassure me.” my unnecessary anxiety spoke out.

“I’m so in love with you. I’ve loved you since I’ve known you. You’re the strongest woman I know. You’re my sun and I love you. Darling, am I in love with you.”

Authors Note: Hey! I hope you enjoyed chapter 1 of Pressure! If you guys liked it, I’d appreciate if you let me know! I have lots of plans for this and would love to continue writing it! Thank you guys.

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GD: “What are you doing?”

Words: 1463

Short summary:

The famous group BIG BANG had a concert in Japan… They all knew about one surpirse just not their leader G-Dragon. 

Was he surprised? What was the surprise?


As you saw yesterday I made a post about my trip to Germany and I shared it on Facebook and one of the older students at my school told me I should be ashamed of how poorly I made the post so I deleted it…

Please wish me all the luck for the exams in this month because there are a lot. 

btw will you watch Eurovision song contest tonight? I’m so excited about it!

Let me know who are you cheering on!

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My EXO’rDIUM in Manila Experience!

[Personal Blog Post]

Hi guys, this is Admin J, the sole admin of EXO CHART RECORDS. I thought it would be fun to share my EXO’rDIUM experience from Manila, Philippines.

It was a 2-Day concert, for Day 1 I was seated in the Upper Box section, had a nice view of EXO and got to enjoy the performances as a whole, everything went smoothly and my heart was captured by EXO from start to finish. 

Now let’s talk about Day 2, because this is 100% the most unique concert experience I have ever had in my life. 

  1. I lined up at 3PM, entered around 4PM and the concert started at 5:15 PM. The concert ended around 8:45, it lasted 3.5 hours.
  2. I was in VIP Section, Floor B, Standing (AKA the pit - right side). So I was standing for 6 hours straight, but it was worth it.
  3. Lay was not present during the shows in Manila. The political climate between China & The Philippines is still complicated and he has endorsements, contracts, etc. I understand his situation, I’ve seen EXO 5 times without Lay, so hopefully, one day, I hope to see you on stage with your brothers soon Zhang Yixing. <3
  4. I was extremely close to the stage, only 2 people were in front of me, which I was totally satisfied with, considering I’m very tall and broad, so no problem.
  5. 2 people fainted, 1 Filipino girl & 1 Chinese girl, I need to applaud my fellow Filipinos for handling the crisis with compassion, holding up the girl, calling for bouncers quickly and feeding her water. That’s why, if you are planning to watch inside the pit, DRINK UP AND STAY HYDRATED, very important!
  6. Concert started and boom, they push.
  7. See this is where I don’t play, I like to consider myself a gentleman, so I’m not going to push this tiny girl in front of me just to get closer. Good thing I’m strong because those in the back are not going to push me out.
  8. FANSITE MASTERS EVERYWHERE. At one point during the concert, there was a huge camera lens to my left shoulder, a huge lens to my right shoulder, and another lens right in front of me. They were so close, I could hear the rapid sniping of their cameras, photo after photo. 

I need to make a pause here and kinda highlight my experience with these fansites. Disclaimer: If you like fansite photos (because I do as well) that’s okay, if you don’t like them, that’s okay too. It’s up to you to decide if you like them or not. 

MY EXPERIENCE however, was both Good & Bad, let me start with the bad first. The fansite girl to my LEFT, was… for the lack of a better word, a complete beast. She was pushing me so hard to get closer that I would have fallen, but NO, SORRY GIRL, you were NOT going to ruin this night for me. I pushed her back so hard, she tumbled back and looked at me, and I gave her the biggest death glare of my life. The people around beside me saw us and if you search on twitter, MANY Filipino fans had less than stellar experiences with these girls. Listen, as a man, I’m not going to put my hands on a woman, but you aren’t going to elbow your way to the front and you will NOT DISRESPECT ANYONE to get there. 

My advice when dealing with them is, if you can, stand your ground. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a guy and I’m tall that she didn’t try and come for me, because I’ve read experiences online of them pulling on the hair of female fans. If you feel threatened, call the bouncer right away and have them escorted out because these cameras are not permitted. Don’t allow them to touch your personal property (your camera, phone or lightstick), some will try to push your hands, grab your phone, do anything to get a nice shot. Don’t allow them, try and get the bouncer’s attention.

I’m not the type to retaliate, God tells us to never take revenge and to leave it to the Lord. So around 15 minutes later, a bouncer parts our section like the red sea, grabs her around the waist and hauls her OUT of the pit! I’m happy that happened during around the start of the concert, because everything after that was amazing!

My Good experience with a fansite, was a shorter girl who was pretty nice! She had a fellow fansite girl with her and they weren’t being disrespectful or rude. She was talking to me, but I couldn’t understand her, sorry bes. :( But at one point, she thought I was leaving or something, and lightly grabbed me to stay and I think she wanted me to hide her cause I’m tall and I was like “lol ok”. When she wasn’t taking photos, there was a short fan beside her trying to film EXO on stage, but her arms couldn’t really reach EXO since they were on the extended stage; so the fansite girl took her phone and started filming EXO for her since she had longer arms, it was cute. She gave it back and then left, but grabbed me to get into her spot, and I ended up even nearer to EXO. 

Overall, I’m happy my experience with these fansite girls was both positive and negative. It showed me two different sides. My guardian who was waiting outside saw a girl leaving a decoy camera lens before entering the arena but her real lens was strapped to her leg, underneath a long skirt. (She saw it when the girl ran). And then AS SOON as the concert ended, all the Korean fansites RAN LIKE WILD, they were probably the first ones to leave. On Day 1, my guardian saw 5 girls, caught, having to leave their lenses before entering. She couldn’t believe it.

OK! So, back to EXO! I will highlight each member.

  • Suho: Leader Kim! He gave THE most fan service. He’s so grateful, it didn’t matter whether it was a ballad, a dance track, an acoustic session, or whatever, the guy is always waving to the fans. His English is incredibly thoughtful and cute. Please support our leader, he’s someone to be cherished. 
  • Xiumin: SEXY.  When ‘White Noise’ came on and he was elevated right in front of my face. Winding down, and body rolling, and everything was EXTRA. Extra face, extra body, extra everything. That’s a man, yet, also a child because 3.6.5 would come on and if you were next to me, you would think that was my favorite song with Xiumin jumping in my face. I haven’t played that song on my iPod in 2 years and I KNEW ALL THE DAMN WORDS.  
  • Chen: FAN SERVICE KING. I know he saw me, we had a connection, I’m currently in his mind as of this moment. But seriously, he was such a performer! Everyone I know thought he was the most handsome that night. His arms too. And his voice, the vocals were on point. It’s such an experience to watch him hit those high notes up close. 
  • Chanyeol: TOBEN HAIR, is a Q-T-PA-2-T, is a real life human puppy. But suddenly transforms and slays the electric guitar while eye body slamming me. His guitar skills were SO GOOD! What a multi-talented king. Last January 2016, for EXO’luXion, he was serving sex with arms that could choke and straight hair. This time, he was too cute, all cuddly and his tummy was FLUFFY, I LOVED IT. His shirt would raise and I would see glory, I’m happy you enjoyed the lechon babe. 
  • Baekhyun: When EXO first appeared, the first person I saw was Baekhyun, and I immediately thought “Shet, the pit is worth it, I see the eyeliner, I see heaven”. There was a fan who got hurt on the middle side of our section, and Baekhyun was staring at the scene the whole time. He was concerned, you could see it in his face. I think a Korean fansite was escorted out after that. His vocals were perfect, not a single imperfection, and he’s an amazing dancer. He really is.
  • D.O.: I feel like I saw D.O. the most, I probably made the most eye contact with him. He looks like and felt like a man you could bring home and everyone would love him. He had a really beautiful aura around him. He was so beautiful in person, sang like an angel and he also looked so manly in person, all I saw was TopD.O. I’ve converted.
  • Kai: Absolutely… I need to take my time, because words cannot describe how this human being exists. Photos, Videos, do not do Kai justice, NO JUSTICE AT ALL. His body moves and curves in all the right places, I was stunned, truly the Dancing King. The stairs were right in front of me, so when he came down after performing, I saw his face up close, and God, he’s so handsome. 
  • Sehun: My Pyak Pyak. TT_TT My UB, oh how perfect you were last night. You danced like an angel and I heard your wonderful voice. You had the tiniest waist, the longest limbs and the cutest smile. During ‘Run’, you would jump and I would see your tummy and UGH you killed me. I honestly didn’t care I was probably the only fanboy in my area screaming your name, an Introvert who starts using his voice when you appear. 
  • Lay: He wasn’t there, but he wasn’t forgotten. Lots of EXO-Ls still had their Lay banners, headbands, and screams would become even LOUDER when his face would appear in the screen. Trust and believe, I will see you one day!

My EXO’rDIUM experience is something I will always remember and cherish. EXO sang ‘Hawak Kamay’ again, Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ was suddenly included in the setlist, Baekhyun’s PHIXO made another cameo, Kai did some kind of Chicken themed rain dance, which inspired me to order Jollibee for today’s lunch, thanks KimKai, and the Philippines will always love EXO. The loyalty of a Filipino fan will always be with you. I know you guys will come back, probably next year, so until then, I will continue to support my loves. <3 Thank you for a wonderful 2 nights.

Thanks for reading! Now back to your regular programming. 

Character Development- Part 1- April

Description: Dan’s gay. Phil’s straight. They meet when Phil dates one of Dan’s friends. When everyone but Dan betrays Phil, they manage to become best friends. Then, it’s up to them to brave the first year of high school together. However, Dan has some underlying feelings he just can’t shake. And Phil… Well, that’s where the character development comes in.

Genre: Fluff, some angst in the future 

Word Count: 1254

A/N: This first chapter is kinda boring to be honest but I swear it starts getting much better in the next chapter this is kinda just like the introduction with necessary information to push the story forward just stick with me okay 

“Louise, Dan, you’ll be upstairs decorating the locker.” Dan nodded, ecstatic about the birthday surprise for Janice. He found it so cute that Phil was organizing the whole thing for his girlfriend. “And I’ll be downstairs in the band room with Janice, distracting her.” Dan watched as Phil jotted down the entire plan in his notebook.

“But I always go to the band room with Janice in the morning as soon as we get off the bus. Won’t she be suspicious if I leave her?” Louise questioned.

“Just say you need to use the bathroom. She’ll be fine, I’ll be with her.” Louise nodded, satisfied with Phil’s response. Dan didn’t blame her for questioning, though. Everything had to be perfect for Janice’s 13th birthday.

“So…” Dan could sense the devious tone in Louise’s voice when she spoke to Phil. “Are you going to kiss her?”

Phil went red. “I don’t know… I want to, but I also don’t, you know? I don’t know if we’re ready.”

Dan decided to butt in before this went too far. “It’s your choice, Phil. Do what you think is right.”

“I do have this ring to give her, though. I don’t have it now, but I’ll bring it for her birthday tomorrow. If I’m going to do it, that would be the time.” Phil slammed his notebook shut as Janice walked up to the lunch table with her tray.

“Hey, guys!”

“Oh, hey, Janice.” She sat down beside Phil, digging into her lunch.

“Funny story,” Janice said. “This morning, on the bus, a little kid blew a snot rocket all over Jared.” The entire group burst out laughing. Jared was the most annoying kid in the 7th grade, and it was always hilarious when he finally met his downfall.

“Little kids…” Dan sighed. His school system kinda was a piece of shit. The county was so small that they didn’t have a middle school; only an elementary school and a high school. The next year they would finally escape. But until then, they were stuck with kindergarteners and their snot rockets.

“Are you excited for your birthday tomorrow, Janice?” Louise asked, trying to make conversation.

“I guess so. It’s just… Growing up is so weird.”

“True that,” Phil chimed in.

“But I am excited for the party you’re all invited to Saturday. Except you, Phil.”

“What? Why?” Phil retorted, offended.

“My parents won’t let me have boys over.”

“What about Dan?”

“Well, he’s gay.”

The group laughed. “She’s not wrong,” Dan responded. It was common knowledge that he was incredibly gay. It was quite obvious. He’d been hanging out with girls and swooning over boys since the second grade. Although he couldn’t quite remember what, or who, for that matter, made him realize he was gay.

“How rude!” Phil said, jokingly angry about not being invited to Janice’s party.

“Hey.” Dan grinned. “Sometimes it pays to be fabulous.”

“You didn’t kiss her?” Louise said as the three walked down the hallway at the end of Janice’s birthday.

“It just didn’t seem like the right time.” Phil shrugged.

“Lay off him!” said Dan. “It’ll happen eventually. Besides, we’ve got more important things to worry about. In case you’ve forgotten, tomorrow is the band concert!”

“True that.” If there was one phrase that described Dan’s entire group of friends, it would be ‘band nerds’. Dan, Phil, and Janice all played percussion, and Louise played flute. With their spring concert the next day, they could only hope they were ready. And if they weren’t, they’d have a whole day at the high school the next day to prepare. Bless the all day band day.

“Did I hear band concert?” Janice came up from behind the three, squeezing in between Dan and Phil as they walked. “Oh yeah, that reminds me. I won’t be there for the all day band day. I have to get my spacer put in. I’ll be there around lunch though.”

“You’ll be fine,” Phil said. “Before lunch is just sectionals anyway. “Dan and I can survive alone through that bullshit.”

“Yeah. We’ll see you after lunch!”

“Okay, cool. See you guys tomorrow!” The four diverged to their buses and Dan took his usual seat in the back after wading through a sea of snotty, tiny children. Only one more month, he reminded himself. Only one more month.

It wasn’t until they arrived at the high school and set up their sectionals that Dan realized how little time he’d spent with Phil one on one. Phil had just joined their friend group when he started dating Janice a few weeks ago, and since then the entire group was together. But since Janice wasn’t there for sectionals and Dan didn’t know anyone else there, he ended up spending the morning with Phil.

Dan rolled his eyes as the percussion instructor told them to play on the backs of chairs. “Oh great. More trash.” Phil chuckled.

They were told to play straight eighth notes, but instead Dan played one of the rhythms from one of the songs they would be playing in the concert. Phil took notice and began playing a rhythm of his own. The two rocked out in the far corner as the instructor corrected the sixth graders. Laughing, they stopped as they were cut off by the conductor. Phil was actually pretty cool, Dan realized. For a straight guy, he was really accepting and nice, and Dan appreciated it. Finishing up their exercise, they broke for lunch.

“Where’s Janice? She said she’d be back for lunch and lunch is almost over.” Twenty minutes later, Dan and Phil were both starting to become concerned.

“There she is!” Dan said, pointing down to the gym floor as he took a bite of his sandwich. They were eating antisocially at the top of the bleachers.

“Hey, guys!” Janice climbed the bleachers and sat down with her lunch. “How’s it going?”

“Good,” Phil replied. “Sectionals were boring. The actual runthroughs start this afternoon. Can’t wait for the concert, man!”

“Me neither,” Dan said. “Only a few more hours…”

“Where’s Phil?” Dan asked Louise. “I hear he’s wearing a purple bow tie.”

“Oh my gosh, I need to see this. Let’s find him and touch the bow tie. It has to be done.”


“Dan, check the bathroom.” Dan went into the boys’ bathroom and made his way through all the boys changing into their concert clothes. Finally, he found Phil combing his hair.

“Oh my gosh, the bow tie!” Dan poked it before bringing Phil out to Louise and letting her do the same.

“Yeah, yeah. The bow tie is great, I know. Let’s just get out of this madhouse and get some fresh air.” Agreeing with Phil, they all walked outside to find Janice and a few of their other friends chatting. Dan pulled out his phone, pulling up the camera.

“Hey guys! Smile!” Dan took a selfie of them all before Phil stole the phone out of his hand. “Hey!”

He held the phone up, taking a picture of him and Janice. She took it and took a few of herself before taking a picture of the whole group. “Hey, Kaden! Take a picture of us all!” The group lined up and pointed cheesily at the camera as Kaden, an outsider who Janice knew, took the pictures.

Taking his phone back, Dan smiled as he looked through the pictures. The one of Janice and Phil was especially cute. The filter they had put on it looked great, and the two looked wonderful in their concert clothes. Dan was happy his friend had finally found such a great guy. The future looked bright for them all. After all, they only had one month left before the summer before high school. What could possibly go wrong?

Connected — Jung Hoseok (01)

Words: 2345

Warnings: Fluff, Internet best friend!Hoseok :)

Description: You and Hoseok are internet friends with secret feelings for each other. The only problem (besides the distance) is that you’re both in relationships with other people.

[01] [02]


A familiar sound came from your laptop, signalling that someone was video chatting you.

You probably should’ve ignored it since it was late at night and you should be sleeping, but you were curious as to who it was.

Sitting up on your bed, and you looked at the ID of whoever was calling you.

A bright smile emerged on your face as you looked at the name and quickly pressed the answer button.

“Y/n!” He cheered through the phone. He was always so hyper.

“Hoseok!” You tried to cheer back with the same amount of energy, but you were tired. “What are you doing?” You asked him.

It was 12:45 a.m. where you were, meaning that it was 1:45 p.m. in Korea, where he was.

“I was about to go to the dance studio, but then I remembered that I had to tell you goodnight.” He smiles. He’s so sweet.

“I feel like I haven’t spoken to you in forever. We haven’t video chatted for the past three days. How’s everything in with you?” He asks.

“We’ve been texting nonstop since our last video chat.” You point out. “But everything’s fine here. I have a huge test that I have to take soon, so most of my days are spent studying.” You explained.

“You’re so smart, I know you’ll pass the test.” Hoseok smiles.

The day that you and Hoseok first started texting was one of the best days of your life.

You remember the day like it was yesterday. You had posted a picture of yourself with an army bomb that you had gotten from the concert you attended.

You tagged BTS in the picture, not because you thought they would see it, but because it related to them.

Honestly, you’ll never forget the day that the two messages popped up on your phone screen.

bts_twt is now following you!

bts_twt has sent you a message!
Thanks for being a fan! A pretty one too :)

“Y/n,” Hoseok called through the computer. He had probably been calling you for a while now, but you weren’t paying attention.

“Sorry,” You apologized. “I’m really tired.”

“Go to bed then.” He tells you.

“But I want to keep talking to you. Who knows when we’ll be able to video chat again? You’re always busy with being an idol, and I’m always busy with school.” You groaned. Hoseok is a korean idol, so it’s not easy to get in contact with him. That just makes the little time you do have to talk more valuable which makes you feel guilty when you’re tired or have something to do when he calls.

“Just go to sleep. I’ll make time for you in my schedule okay? We can video chat tomorrow before you go to bed.” He explains.

“Okay, goodnight Hoseok.”

“Goodnight, Y/n. Love you.” He smiles, waving to the camera.

“Love you too. Bye.” You waved back before ending the call.

Even though you and Hoseok have never met, he was one of your closest friends. You could tell him anything.

Putting your laptop on the bedside table, you turned your light off before getting back into bed and covered covered yourself with the blanket. Although, just as you were about to fall asleep, your phone started ringing.

“Hello?” You asked without even checking to see who had called you.

“Y/n? Hey, babe. I’m sorry to call you so late, but I miss you.” A familiar voice says through the phone. You didn’t even have to check to know who it was.

“I was about to fall asleep, Joshua.” You tell your boyfriend.

“Don’t you miss me too?” He asks. You could tell that he was probably pouting.

“Yes, but you interrupted what could’ve been my sleep.” You say.

“Want to go out somewhere tomorrow? We can go somewhere to eat after school.” Josh suggests.

“I have to babysit Olivia after school.” You tell him.

Olivia is your niece. Your sister is a single mom, so you and your parents help her take care of Olivia.

Since your parents and sister had to be at work tomorrow, you had to babysit.

“Okay, then I’ll just come to your house.” He says.

“No way. If my parents found out that you were here, they’d kill me.” You say.

It wasn’t that your parents didn’t like Josh, but they didn’t want you to be with him. They said they didn’t trust him for some reason.

“Won’t they be at work? They’ll never find out.” Josh tells you.

“Josh, no. It’s too risky.”

You heard him sigh through the phone. “I haven’t seen you since Friday. All I want is to spend some time with you.”

“And we will spend time together, in school.” You explain.

Josh sighed once again.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, okay? I’m really tired. I was just on video chat with Hoseok and—” You spoke, but Josh cut you off mid sentence.

“I asked you to video chat me earlier and you said no, but you video chatted with him?” He asks.

“I said no to you because my parents were up. If they heard me talking to you, they wouldn’t like it. They want me to stop talking to you.” You explained.

“So what? They’re not in control of your love life. You shouldn’t care what they think about me.” Josh defends himself.

“But they’re my parents. I—”

“If your parents don’t trust me, that’s fine, but if you don’t want to date me just because of them, then just tell me.”

“Josh, that’s not it. I do want to date you.” You say.

“Then act like it.”

You rolled your eyes. “We’re not going to argue about this. I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight.” You say before hanging up the phone, not giving him anytime to speak.

Joshua was a good boyfriend. Sure, you got into arguments, but what couple doesn’t? He just gets really mad when you bring up the fact that your parents don’t trust him.

Your arguments have never gotten to the point where you’re screaming your heads off and ready to call it quits, but you can still tell that he’s mad.

You don’t blame him though, because if the roles were switched, You’d feel the same exact way, if not worse. You would want his parents to accept you and want you to be with him as much as he wants to be with you.

Unfortunately for you guys, that’s not how things went, and it was just something that you both had to deal with.

“Have fun at school.” Your mom says as you put your book bag on.

“I’ll try.” You said before walking out of the front door and closing it behind you.

You saw the familiar red sports car parked in front of your house and you entered it.

“Hey, Joshua.” You say, closing the door after you got in and kissed his cheek.

“Hey, babe.” He says before driving off.

The ride to school was about 30 minutes long. It was only 7:30 a.m, so you decided to call Hoseok.

“Hello?” He asked, answering the phone.

“Hey, how are you?” You asked.

“I’m good. I’m about to eat dinner with all of the boys.” He explains. “Are you going to school?”

“Yes, of course. I’m a scholar.” You laughed and you heard Hoseok laugh through the phone. “Tell all of the boys that I said hi.” You add.

“Are you with Josh? Tell him I said hi.” Hoseok says.

“Josh, Hoseok says hi.” You say to Josh.

“Tell him I said hey.” Josh says, keeping his eyes on the road.

Josh wasn’t really focused on our conversation because he didn’t speak Korean. He had no idea what you and Hoseok were saying on the phone.

You talked for a few more minutes until you reached the school. After you hung up, you got ready to leave the car, but then you noticed something.

“Why did you park behind the school?” You asked Joshua. He usually parked in front of the school so it was easier for you guys to get inside.

“Because we’re early and I don’t want to go in right now.” He says, turning off the car.

“Well, what do you want to do?” You asked, putting your book bag down.

Suddenly, Josh leaned over and kissed your lips.

You smiled into the kiss and started kissing back almost immediately.

You let your phone fall into the seat as Josh pulled you to straddle his lap. It was a bit uncomfortable since the steering wheel kept touching your back, but you were fine with it.

You placed your hands on Josh’s shoulders as he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer.

You stayed like this for a while until I stopped him.

“If we don’t stop now, we’ll be late.” You said, pulling apart and pulling on your bottom lip with your teeth.

Josh nodded as you got off of him before you both got out of the car and headed into school.

“Auntie, your phone.” You hear Olivia say as she tugged the hem of your shirt.

“What does it say?” You asked her as you flipped the grilled cheese that you were making.

Olivia was only in kindergarten, so you knew she mostly likely wouldn’t be able to pronounce the name, but she could spell it.

“It says H-O-B-I. F-A-C-E-T-I-M-E.” Liv spells.

“Good girl.” You smile. “Answer it while I finish making your sandwich, okay?”

Liv nodded at you and answered the phone, putting it on speaker.

“Hello?” Olivia asked.

“Oh, hi Olivia.” Hoseok says in English.

“Hi Hobi.” She says. “Where’s your aunt?” He asked.

“Auntie is making me a sandwich.” She says.

You zoned out of the rest of their conversation to finish making her sandwich.

When you finished, you put it on a plate and made Liv sit on her little chair that was next to the coffee table in the living room.

You gave her the sandwich and took the phone away from her.

“Hobi says he’s going to take me to Korea with him when he comes here!” Liv says.

You smiled and giggled.

“If you’re going to take her to Korea, you better take me too.” You laughed into the phone.

“Of course. I can’t wait until I come to New York and finally see you.” He says, smiling.

“I can’t wait either. Unfortunately, that’s not for another two months.” You reminded him. 

“Ah, but those two months are gonna go by fast. I can tell.” He speaks.

Suddenly, the sound of a door opening was heard through the phone and Hoseok turned his head as another boy walked into the camera’s view.

“Is that Y/n? Hi Y/n!” Jungkook says, waving to you.

“Hi Jungkook.” You waved back.

Jungkook whispered something in Hoseok’s ear and Hoseok pulled away, hitting him. “Get out.” Hoseok says to his friend.

Jungkook just laughed and walked away.

“What did he say?” You asked, curious as you sat down on the couch.

“Nothing. Something stupid.” He says, shaking his head.

You shrugged it off and asked him another question.

“So, how’s Jae-eun? I texted her last night, but she never responded.” You asked.

Jae-eun was Hoseok’s girlfriend. They had been dating for about a month, but Hoseok was always telling you that they had a lot of problems and a lot of arguments.

Jae-eun was a friend of yours. You two met through Hoseok and became friends after that.

“I don’t know really know.” He answers, rubbed the back of his neck with his hand.

“Oh no. Did you two get in another argument?” You ask.

Hoseok nodded. You didn’t even need to ask him was the argument was about, because he told you anyways.

“She got mad at me because I chose to go to dance practice instead of going to her house. I told her not to be mad at me because I had a dance to learn, and I wasn’t going to stop until I learned it. Then she got more angry at me and said that I didn’t think she was important.” He explains. “She’s overreacting, isn’t she?”

“Yes. I mean, I see were she’s coming from, but she should understand that you’re an idol and you need to put your work before her.” You say.

“Exactly. I wish she would understand everything like you do.” Hoseok says. “Joshua is a lucky boy.”

You smiled at his comment. “You guys are doing good, aren’t you?” He asks.

“Yeah, I guess. He’s still really upset that we can’t do most couple stuff because of my parents.” You explain.

“Ah, because they don’t like him?” Hobi asks and you nodded.

“He got really mad at me last night because I told him he couldn’t come over.” You say. “But we’re fine.”

“Auntie, I’m finished.” Olivia says. “Can I talk to Hobi again?” She asks.

“Sure, Liv. Tell him about what you did in school today.” You said, giving her the phone and taking her plate to the kitchen.

You put her plate in the sink and washed it out. When you finished, you heard the sound of the front door opening.

Your mother walked through the door.

“Hi mom.” You say.

“Grandma!” Liv exclaimed as she ran to your mother, hugging her.

“Hi girls. Liv, who are you on the phone with?” Mom asks, seeing your phone in her hand.

“It’s Hobi.” Liv answered.

“Hi, Mrs. Y/n.” Hoseok says as your mother took the phone out of Liv’s hand.

“Hello, Hoseok.” Your mom smiles. She really liked Hoseok for some reason.

You’re sure that she’d rather you date him than Josh.

“How are you?” Hoseok asked your mother.

“I’m okay, how are you?” She asks.

“I’m good, thank you.” Hoseok says before you took the phone from your mom.

You went upstairs and Hoseok and you spoke for the rest of the night until you fell asleep.

First Love || Yoongi

Pairing - Min Yoongi x Reader (ft. Bangtan Boys)

Genre - Angst

Summary - You did everything for his happiness and he was deserving of much more.

You remembered how he would always flash you a gummy smile, showing off the crinkles that formed at the tips of his eyes as they turned into twinkling crescents, at your arrival.

You always knew what he would want for that day, and you would bring that to him. His trainee days were hard, for him, as he had to undergo vigorous training; for you, to watch him come home, exhausted and out of breath, ready to collapse.

But you knew it would pay off. And as much of a pessimist he was adamant to be, you would never stop countering his pessimistic self with your wise and motivating words.

‘You know much better than this, my love. One more month and you are going to get what you have dreamed of.’ You caressed his cheek as he lay on your lap, with half lidded eyes. A groan was all he responded with before sleeping.

That one month flew by, and it was the day for their debut stage. He was amazing on that platform, as you admired him, from head to toe, as a part of the audience in the venue. You knew you wouldn’t miss out on such an important day, and watch the love of your life perform live for the first time on T.V - no, he deserved more attention than that from you.

You met the other boys, and they were just as lovely. The staff and them were the only people who knew of you and Yoongi, and you understood. It wouldn’t be right to expose one of the member of a rookie group as someone in a relationship.

Then passed six months, a year, and it was another whole year of success, as they held a tour around the country. He would rarely call you, but he made sure you knew of what they were doing, whether it be via their account on Twitter, or through text.

You would watch his performances like a proud mother, happy for her son, as he achieved his dreams. And as his girlfriend, you knew he deserved a lot more happiness. There were days that you would actually forget the fact that you were dating an idol, because it didn’t feel like it. Neither would he be there at home, and nor did anybody ask you about him or you both. Months would pass by before you would finally get to feel his arms around your waist or your lips on his. But you were still thankful, that he came home to you.

‘I missed you so much, Y/N.’ He trailed kisses down your neck and to your chest as his hands roamed your figure. Clothes would be ripped, you would be nothing less than fucked and exhausted by the time it was morning. He turned to you with a small smile on his adorable face as he wished a good morning and sealed it with a heart fluttering kiss.

Another year went by; schedules got tougher and more hectic, and seeing him every three months decreased to seeing him every six months or so. Still, you kept your love for him alive in your mind and heart, as you would watch him interact blissfully with his loving fans and the members. He would smile at the camera during concerts and you would know right then, that those were meant for you. Your stomach would flip and your heart would soar, your cheeks tinting with a red hue.

After their performances he would subtly reach out to you through their Twitter as he would express his gratitude and love to all his fans around the world, especially from his hometown.

The day he came home to you was nothing less than exciting as he took you to your favorite beach, and having a candlelight dinner under the stars with the roaring waves of the ocean to calm you, as he would admire you for your patience and undying love for him.

'It’s really no big deal, Yoongi.’ You would blush as he would keep telling you about how much he owed you for the time you both lost to spend together.

'No, Y/N. You are mine and there’s yet nothing I have done to thank you enough for staying with me, throughout our hectic schedules and tougher times. You are one to keep, and I’ll never let go of you.’ He kissed your lips feverishly as he let you know of how much he really loved you.

The year went by, with you being able to meet Yoongi around three times in the whole year. The new year, was the year Big Hit had decided to let Yoongi come clean, of his relationship with you, and the members were endlessly supportive.

But if you had known how much of loss and havoc that one reveal would have cost you and Yoongi, you would have never agreed to it in the first place.

“Yoongi Oppa deserves much better.”

“They’ve been dating for the past five years and they tell us now? He’s not trustworthy.”

“I stop stanning them.”

And endless hate comments were what you would come across every single day, hour and minute of your life. Your entire existence now became just a joke, being flawed or laughed at by the rest of the fandom. Peace became non existent in your life as you had to now roam around the supermarket with a face mask on.

What had you ever done to them but take care of their favorite idol for them?

You did not deserve so much of hate; you knew that much. And Yoongi didn’t deserve that either. It was either this or that. Sensing your hesitance, Yoongi, who had come over after a tour that day, spoke up in what felt like for the first time in hours.

'I- I think we should..’ He began and your teary eyes looked up at him. He avoided your gaze and he didn’t have to look at you to know how torn apart you were. And instead of being there for you, like you were for him, he deemed himself as a coward and decided something that he knew he would regret about throughout his career and life.

’..break it off.’ Your eyes let go of the tears that struggled to stay in, your emotions pouring out completely.

'You know I don’t want this, Y/N.’ He cupped your cheeks as he knelt beside you on the floor you were sitting on, your eyes silently pleading for him to be lying. But he wasn’t, he wanted his dream to be more important than you.

You being you, stayed patient and understood. You wiped your eyes, your hands rubbing at them so harshly that Yoongi had to pry them away from your face.

'It’s okay.’ You chirped, and flashed a smile which would have seemed as happy and bright to anybody else looking at you - but Yoongi. He knew very, very well that you more than just broken inside, the tiny pieces breaking into much more tinier ones. Something which made it impossible to stick it back together.

'Don’t worry about me, Yoongi.’ You didn’t mean to say it in a way that would sound as an overly dramatic and emotionally betrayed person would. And he understood. He knew you really wanted the best for him.

'I’ve always been with you to help you make your dream come true. And even now, as we both will go our separate ways-’ You stopped to let a sob out before continuing like you just had a slip of tongue and it was no big deal, ’- I will still continue to be your number one fan and support you until the end of your career.’ You smiled gracefully, your eyes devoid of tears as your system felt dried and worked up.

Yoongi could hear the breaking of your heart from where he was standing, as he silently wished for being able to make everything okay again. He hugged you one last time, knowing that was the best he could ever gift you with, before walking out the door, never to see you again.

And you watched him leave, his raven black hair flying in the wind as he got into the black van that would take him back to his dorm, where he would be staying and not returning from.

That memory stayed implanted in your head as you watched him receive the award with the rest of the group; an award which he and Namjoon had been dreaming of since their trainee days and you recollected the days when he would speak of them to you saying 'I can’t wait to get that award one day.’

You clapped along with the others, as Namjoon spoke on behalf of the members, when you noticed Yoongi ready to break down. And when he did, your cried along with the rest, as you silently spoke to him, asking him to stay strong.

You watched him from the audience as he performed in one of the biggest arenas, performing his solo track from their best selling album, pride written all over your face, as he rapped beautifully alongside the melody. His eyes scanned the crowd, and for a brief moment, they met yours, a small smile made to his face and you noticed tears in his eyes before he blinked them away and walked around the stage, with a more powerful kick in his voice.

As you left, now only to see them after their tour, which would be seven months later, you noticed people whispering and pointing at you - 'Isn’t she Yoongi’s ex?’

Maybe now you weren’t hated on, maybe now the fandom was much more happy with the boys, and maybe now you were known as his ex girlfriend and not as somebody who took care of him. But in your heart you knew, and so did Yoongi, that you would do anything for his happiness, as he deserved much more than what he got. And he would always love you.

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RFA, V, and Saeran - Best Friends/Platonic Relationships Headcanons

A/N: Okay, I was going to make an edit aND I DELETED THE POST WITH THIS PROMPT ON IT. I’M SO SORRY TO THE NONNIE THAT REQUESTED THIS. I hope you see it!!! As I said, it was tons of fun to write!!! ~ Admin 626

TW: death mention, needle mention


  • You love playing video games with this little dude!!!
  • Pokémon? Smash Bros? and of course LOLOL
  • youtwotagteamandtrytobreatSaeyoung
    • talkaboutafailedmission
  • MC stop knocking the controller out of my hand when I’m about to win”
    • youreanaggressivegamer
  • Outside of video games, you’re both avid plushie collectors
    • youbothowneverysingleTsumTsumthatisavailable
    • “MC I can see the plushies stuffed in ur purse please give them back”
    • byviolentmeanshemeansanerfgunthislittlecutie
  • You both take a cooking and baking class together!
    • You cook better than him but no one can beat this boy’s baking skills
    • Notreallyasurprisethisboiisugarsweet
    • You both have competitions to see who can cook/bake the better dish!!!
    • S A B O T A G E
  • “Oops, sorry MC, really didn’t mean to break your bowl with cake batter in it…”
    • damnthosepuppydogeyes
    • listen,,, u may think this boy can’t put up a fight bUT HE WILL KILL FOR HIS BAKING SKILLS
  • He’s super supportive of yours and Zen’s relationship!!
    • He goes with you and Jaehee to watch Zen’s shows!!!
    • Hopesthatzenwilleventuallytonedownthenarcissism
  • Youtryhookinghimupwithsaranwrap
    • Anotherfailedmission*cri*
    • orsotheyleadyoutothink*winkwonk*


  • It was super hard to become friends with this dramatic ass hoe at first
    • Howcanhetalkabouthimselfsomuchwth
  • But when he learns that you’re a hairdress and makeup artist he wants to hire you!!!
  • You’re a little annoyed at first but cmon, a job is a job!
    • You slowly figure out there’s so much more to zenny boy than just his narcissism when you’re doing his hair and makeup???
    • Who knew he was actually sweet and worked so hard???
    • This lil boi offers to be your instagram model when you wanna show off new makeup looks!
    • Since he’s so popular you gain a huge following so you end up teaching classes about makeup???
    • No matter how busy he is, he comes to every class to be ur model!!! That little sweeatheart
  • Youtrytopairhimandjaeheetogether
    • yourhoeassissittinginthebackrowwatchingandhopeZenwillpullthedumbyawnmove
    • heactuallydoes
  • urns out you love riding his motorcycle???
    • “listen zen,,, I am the greatest good…you’re ever gonna get,,,”
    • “I can’t tell if you lost the keys or if you stole them to make that stupid reference”


  • You bonded with jaehee over the amount of work you both have to do!
  • You’re in med school and ur supervisor LOVES to run you ragged
    • You’re pager pretty much goes off every time u get home
  • Getting five hours of sleep is a godsend for you both???
    • You precious beans don’t deserved to be treated this way
  • She loves watching Zen movies with you!
    • You always have something super insightful to say
    • And if you ever criticize something, ur super nice about it, it doesn’t even sound like criticism
    • You’rethankfultoherforshowingyouZennyinallhishotness
  • “Jaehee… did you just lick your poster of Zen..?”
    • “No, MC, I believe you are just high”
    • “Pretty sure I’m not”
    • “You’ll catch these hands if you mention this to anyone again”
    • youfindoutjaeheesecretlylovesmemes
  • After a super sappy Zen movie where the moral was to pursue your dreams, you’re able to push jaehee into pursuing hers!!
    • You help her with so much even with your busy schedule!
    • Food tasting, coffee tasting, finding a good place to open at, etc
  • You’re pretty much her assistant and you LOVE it
    • Maybeyoushouldhavemajoredinbusiness
  • this little cinnamon roll always has a cup of coffee and a piece of cake ready for you when you get out of the hospital
  • you even have your own armchair in the shop that you always sometimes fall asleep in
  • theentireRFAtakespicturesofucauseyoudroolLMAOthosehoes 


    • He’s so glad to have someone in the group who understands his love for cats
    • Otherthansaeyoungthatboyiscreepy
  • But it turns out, you’re not just a cat lover, you’re an animal lover!
    • You drag this hoe to a zoo to teach him about all the other animals in the world!!
    • He becomes fascinated with them and you two go to ever famous zoo/safari there is in the world???
  • “There’s so much in the world I haven’t seen, MC, how could I be so blind?”
    • “Haha, are you making fun of V?”
    • “MC no”
  • You two binge watch Netflix documentaries!!!
    • “wow MC the birds are so beautiful”
    • “Do you have a fetish for them like your fetish with cats?”
    • MC what”
  • He even considers getting a doggo???
    • You two both go to the shelter and adopt dogs!!!
    • Of course he brings Elizabeth the 3rd, he needs to make sure his princess gets along with the new addition to the family
  • He gets a black lab!!!
    • Her name is Coco!!! What a cutie
  • You two have playdates with your dogs ofc
  • You show this trustfund boy many commoner things
    • Itslikeouranhighschoolhostcluballoveragain
    • “wait…so a microwave heats leftovers…but why would anyone have leftovers?”
    • “a public library is where people go to rent a book for a few days? Why don’t they just get their own library?”
  • honestly ur such a good, healthy friend for him unlikethatrikahoe u show him so many things the world has to offer


  • No one, not even jumin’s body guards, can stop this memelording duo
  • But one day you’re show up at his door sobbing
    • W H A T
    • This boy is so out of his element he has no idea what to do!!!
  • Turns out you’re a nurse and someone just died on your watch?
    • You couldn’t have prevented it but why does it hurt so much
    • Ohgodohgodwhatishesupposedtodoishesupposedtohugyou??
    • Yeahdumbassthatskindawhatudo
  • He hugs you and says “Listen, MC, your job saves so many lives. There will be deaths but just remember the many that you’ve saved. I wish I could have a job that saved people’s lives.” omgbbysaeyoungnoooo
  • This a super deep bonding moment for you two that solidified your friendship forever!!!
    • When Saeyoung is feeling super down about his job, he comes to you
    • “I’m hurting so many people but I can’t escape it”
  • He’s afraid he’s revealed way too much to you and someone will come after you
  • You two nerd out together now!!!!
    • Stars Wars? Midnight Premiere plus cosplay hetotallyhackedthecinema’swebsitetogetthetickets
    • Doctor Who? marATHONS!!!
    • youbothlovedatingsimsgames


  • ·You never though in a million years that Edgelord would become your best friend
  • But for his birthday, you got him tickets to his favorite band because this precious emo deserves happiness
  • He has no one to take though???Whydidyouthinkhehadfriendsudumbass
    • No one in the RFA wants to go (emomusic?nothx) and there’s no way in hell he’s taking Saeyoung sorrynotsorry
    • “Since there’s no one better, wanna go with me?”
    • Thanks saran wrap, thanks
  • You actually really love the music at the concert!!
    • You ask saran wrap for more music recommendations and he gives you a couple of CDs and tells u his fave songs
    • One day you return his CDs and he’s napping on the couch?
  • Ho my god he sTARS THRASHING AROUND???
    • He’s probably having a nightmare but you don’t know what to do???
    • You wake him up but he grabs your wrist REALLY tightly because he thinks you’re an enemy
    • Neverwakethisboyup
    • Of course this goth bean has nightmares, he was subjected to so many years of mental torture!!!
  • He’s not ready for any sort of human contact so hugging to comfort him is out of the question
    • You tell him that he can go back to sleep and that you’ll stay here til he wakes up
    • “No one will go after you while I’m here!!!
    • realfierceMC
    • He smiles smirks because you’re like a hissing kitten
  • Having you there is actually super comforting??? Kittensareveryuseful
  • You become a huge part in his road to recovery
    • You help him learn how to socialize! Ofc he’s still an asshole but at least he’s not a murdering asshole
    • You get him a cat!! Pet therapy!!!
    • Youteachhimhowtodressalittlelessedgy
  • He cracks so many jokes about you???
    • “Hey MC you’re almost tall enough to be taken seriously”
    • hemysteriouslygetsblackeye 

V (he’s a lil blind in this one)

  • You’ve actually been SUPER cautious of V
  • He doesn’t seem like a bad guy but…there was just so much he wasn’t telling the group???
  • You decide to take a photography class because you got a Canon camera as a birthday gift from your parents!
    • V is teaching the class?
    • Theyletblindpeopleteach??? Youlearnsomethingneweveryday
  • You’re a good student and you actually have a knack for this!
  • You two start eating dinner together after the class on the way home
  • You may be quiet in class bUT YOU SASS HIM SO MUCH AFTERWARDS
    • “V, we should give you a broomstick instead of a cane, the world would be a much cleaner place!”
    • “A blind man walks into a bar..and a table…and a chair”
    • “When you and Rika broke up, did she say “we should see other people?” haha get it cause you can’t see”
    • MCWHY
  • He’s honestly loving it though?
    • Everyone tiptoes around him, it’s annoying
  • But you just keep making jokes! It’s so refreshing
  • He recognizes your talent and starts giving you one on one lessons!!! He wants to take you one as an apprentice, what a cute giraffe
  • In return, you teach him Braille!
    • “Where did you learn this from?”
    • “Oh one of my other friends is blind, why do you think I know so many blind jokes?” youtotallydidntusegoogleliketheAdmindid
  • As V begins losing more of his sight, cutie you starts helping him around the house
    • You make sure everything in his house is always where it’s supposed to be
    • Thisisoutofthewellbeingofyourheartandnotbecausehemadeasaltybirthdaycakeforyou
    • Sevenisanassholewholikestomovethingsaround
  • As much as you don’t like Rika, you don’t push V into trying to fall out of love with her, you recognize that something like that will take time and he has to want to get over her
    • He’s very thankful for you
Heaven Lost An Angel - Part 1

First series from the Cringe-Worthy Spideychelle AUs Collection

Prompt: Trying to create the cheesiest, most unfortunate Spideychelle story possible.

Michelle Jones is a triple threat pop star that misses her old non-famous life. Peter Parker is an unemployed starving artist who is offered the chance to be her assistant.

Image credit: here Betas: @female-overlord-3  & @smileholland 

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The Bet

The Bet

It was a couple of hours before the Super Bowl and Billie felt like she was running around like a chicken with her head cut off. She and Chris had arrived in Houston a few days ago and it was hard for her to keep up with his manic energy. Chris was on cloud nine because his precious Patriots were on the verge of winning their fifth championship ring. 

And since they didn’t bring the baby that weekend, he wanted to party his ass off. But Billie felt like a third wheel because he was spending most of his time with his brother Scott and last night he went out with Jeremy Renner to the Super Bowl pre-show concert. But as luck would have it, he had also sprung for her parents to join them for the big game. Yet when she picked them up from the airport, she hated that her mom was bombarding her with questions about the baby. And she explained that Leila was better off with Chris’s family so they wouldn’t screw up her sleep schedule.  

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I’d just like to say I appreciate every read and every one of you who takes the time to look at any of the things I write. It means a lot and thank you so much! Anyway here is the list of my works so far! More to come!-Ash

Spencer Reid:

Family Matters: Reader is Spencer’s younger half sister and antics occur!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

A Sign Part 1 Request: Reader is a ASL interpreter who was brought along to communicate with deaf witnesses. Spencer ends up taking a bullet for her and she doesn’t leave his side during recovery. He ends up admitting his feelings for her.

A Sign Part 2

Love Lost: Request: The reader and Spence are best friends and she starts to think that he has a girlfriend ‘cause the way he’s acting but she has feelings for him and is sad

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Cover Your Ears. Request:  Reid is scared of thunderstorms and the reader wakes up in the middle of the night and comforts him.

Never Again Request: Reid x reader where they are married and the reader finds Spence’s Dilaudid stash and starts worry as his mood changes and she feels so bad that to help understand she takes some and Spence finds her collapsed and takes care of her and fluff fluff.

PIP PIP  Request: Spence brings his girlfriend to meet the team for the first time and she’s British, but he never disclosed it to the team so she talks for the first time and they’re all just like whaaat?!

Nightmare  Request: Spencer wakes up with a nightmare in the middle of the night and the reader is out of the room for some reason and he panics and she comforts him?

She  Request: He is in relationship with the reader, but he always hurts her, maybe about his secret about drugs and cheating with Maeve. The reader and Spencer are in love each actually, and I hope for happy ending. (This is a hard one.)

Charlie  Request: They are married and they have a son, but while Spence is away on a case the reader is taken. 

Period Request: An imagine where the reader and Reid have been married for a little while and lost a baby and she finds some Dilaudid in his drawer/bag and confronts him about it and it ends in fluff and she going to rehab with him to help.

Here  ByKara Reader had a hard breakup with her boyfriend a couple weeks ago, and her teammate on the BAU Spencer comes to comfort her.

Moving Day  Request: Prompt List: “It could be worse”. 

Dance with me  Request: From the prompt list, a combination of “Please don’t go” and “Dance with me” with Spencer Reid?

Please   Request: Spencer is upset and refusing to let the reader see him because he’s bald from cancer treatment.

Drink! Request: An imagine with Reid where the reader and him are best friends and the reader ends up joining the BAU.

Librarian   Request: Imagine you’re a librarian and Reid and the team walk in and the books in your hands fall and Reid rushes to help you and you both get all blushing and while they’re going through the security cameras Reid keeps glancing at you and smiling and Morgan and Emily notice and won’t leave until he asks you on a date

Sleeping Beauty From the Prompt List: 6. Fun Fact: Passionate kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute 21. 5 years ago I probably would’ve run from that. 17. I estimate we’ve got about 12 minutes.

Aaron Hotchner:

FBI’s First: Reader is the victim of a cyber attack and a compromising video is leaked of her.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5 (The End)

Alternate Ending

Hotch Drabble  Request: short Hotch Drabble? Be creative :)

67 Minutes  Request: Hotch and the reader where the reader goes into a hostage situation alone and he gets angry at her and shouts after and stuff but she shouts back at him and she cried and then just some fluff.

Prentiss   Request: Hotch and Prentiss fanfiction? Like where she almost dies so he confesses his love to her even in front of the team?

Loving Aaron  Request: another non BAU member and moments she gets to have with Hotch through their relationship. Like him surprising her with breakfast, days at the park with jack.

Back it up by Ironblaze  Aaron takes the team to a concert that stars a new love interest.

“P-Please, just… put that down, and we can talk, okay?”

Shhh Request:  Hotch has a horrible nightmare about his girlfriend so he goes to her for comfort.

Derek Morgan:

Pig  Request: “Dam it feels good to be a gangsta” 😎

Arm Day  Request: She isn’t an agent.They meet up at the gym. She’s a bit bigger but healthy and sees Morgan every now and again, and makes a comment about his comings and goings to where they start flirting and talking.

Stapler  Request: the team is haphazardly trying to set Morgan and Reader up on a date because “SERIOUSLY YOU TWO, IT’S TIME"

Blurred Lights: Request:After a long, gruesome case, you and Derek finally admit your feelings for each other/ Can you make one where Morgan gets mad at you because you got hurt, and he just really loves you?

We all have Secrets By twinklebug Derek and reader are in love and there is secrets and such!

Valentine  Request: Morgan x Reader. Derek and reader are dating Different women from all over the FBI building are sending Morgan gifts and chocolates (one night stands), and are using reader as the delivery person. Not knowing she’s dating Morgan

Pillow fight  Request: Imagine a pillow fight with Derek before intimacy.

Loving Derek: A lickle Drabble about loving Derek! 

“N-No, idiot! Of course I’m not afraid…”

Mr and Mrs Request: Derek and the agent are married and the agent is somewhat jealous of Pen and Derek’s relationship and you can decide the outcome. 

Wife for a Day Request: A Drabble where Morgan asks reader to accompany him to his high school reunion as his pretend wife and reader is baffled. Real feelings revealed.

Emily Prentiss:

Safety: A teenage girl is rescued from a life in captivity and is taken in by one of the team. I will write this one on request.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Sleeping Stranger: Reader wakes up and heads to a new job at the BAU where they bump into last nights one night stand.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Drugged: Reader and Emily have an argument and the reader goes to a bar in order to get over it!

Drowned Sorrows:  Emily ‘dies’ and you go to Hotch for comfort and he’s the only one who knew about the readers and Emily’s secret love? And maybe the reader drank heavily with Hotch.

Lonely Bride:  From the Prompt list: 7. Every time you do that I think I fall in love a little more. 10. It would be a lot easier if you weren’t so attractive.

Jennifer Jareau:

JJ Reader has a crush on JJ and Morgan and Prentiss find out.

Just a little JJ Imagine Reader finds JJ crying in her office.

Pants-less  Request: 1 shot  where you where JJs roomie and she’s talking bout you always being pantless/etc and Derek says ‘any old photos’ and he wants to know why she calls you flirty nicks about nudity

Penelope Garcia:

Coffee Swap   Request: An imagine for Garcia, her and the reader meet in a coffee shop and they’ve been dating for a short time? Like they’re still pretty nervous around one another! 

Illusions Request: An imagine where reader is the youngest tech analyst in the BAU? (Like she’s in mid 20’s, still in college but super genius like Reid) and everyone treats/thinks of her like sister/daughter, but when working on a case she’s taken by the current unsub.

Illusions Part 2

David Rossi:

The Hunt  Request: Rossi meets a woman about his age who hunts just as well as he does and she takes down whatever he was going to kill to annoy him. Even Mudgie likes her.

Reasons I love You   Request: a David Rossi one, Where the reader is a bit younger than him and he is always avoiding her because he thinks she’s after him for his money and it hurts her, but she explains her love for him and fluffy cuteness 


Old Friend Request: Reader is the top agent and is known as number one in the country for her physical and mental elite ability. She joins the BAU and Spencer feels overshadowed because she is ten times the agent he is. She and Morgan were friends in college so they hang out a lot. Spencer gets hella jealous. {they don’t end up together}

Naked Sunday: Reader is the unsub the team are searching for and um I don’t know…just read it if you want :/

Part 1 

Part 2

Serious Lovin The team debate whether or not Hotch is in a relationship or nah? by Ironblaze

Stripper  Request: an imagine where you have to go undercover as a stripper for a case and you’re waiting around in the bau for your time to go and Derek and reid are staring at u and u jokingly dance and hotch walks in too lmao 

New Girl Request: Can you please do one where when you join the bau EVERYONE is flirting with you?

SSA’s Got Talent!  Request: a one shot where the reader has to carpool with one of the members of the BAU and it leads to the radio and them singing and them being really impressed so they ask the reader to sing in the BAU and the rest of the team love their singing

Tough Enough  Reader × bau (friendship), where the reader is the youngest out of all the agents and also the newest, but everyone’s kinda rude to ‘toughen them up a bit, even though they all really like the reader. And something big happens (kidnapping, torture, beating, etcetera) because her parents did it to her?

Requests closed…For now!

Submissions open!

The Best Q&A

(Sammy’s pov)
Y/N and I are at my house. We’ve been dating for about 5 months and we don’t live together but she’s almost always at my house or I’m at hers because we live pretty far apart. She’s in the kitchen fixing lunch while I’m on the couch watching tv. I look over at her just to see a beautiful view. My stunning girlfriend wearing my shirt, I love it when she wears my clothes. I dont know why, maybe it’s the fact that it assures me that she’s mine or maybe it’s because they’re huge on her and it’s cute. I just love her, but she doesn’t know that.
(Y/N pov)
I’m in the middle of cutting the sandwiches I made for Sammy and myself when I feel two arms snake around my waist. I giggle as Sammy starts to kiss my cheeks repeatedly. I turn around to face him, both of us smiling insanely. He goes in for a kiss but I quickly dodge it and dash for the living room. “Ooooh no you didn’t” he says as he chases after me. I laugh as I’m at one end of the couch while he’s at the other, both of us ready for movement. I look at the stairs, then Sammy figuring the distance was far enough to get by him. I quickly try to dash for the stairs but Sammy latches his arm around me throwing me on the couch. I spring up grabbing his arms and pinning him down on the couch, straddling him. Panting from all the sudden movement, we stare at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Until I loosen my grip on him and he sits up. Still straddling him from the previous position, I put my arms around his neck. He puts his hands on my waist.
(Sammy’s pov)
“Babe?” I ask Y/N who’s on my lap facing me, arms around my neck. “Yea?” She responds staring into my eyes. “Can I ask you something?” I say “yea of course” she responds hopping off my lap and on the the couch beside me. “So there’s this friend I have-” I clear my throat and continue, “so my friend he um, he’s been dating this girl for almost a year and uh-” I try to make not so obvious that I’m talking about myself, and Y/N and my’s relationship. “Mhm go on” she says putting her hand on my thigh “basically he was telling me that he likes her a lot” I say “I would hope so if they’ve been together for that long” she laughs. “Haha” I nervously chuckle and continue “well he said that he thinks- he knows he loves her and he doesn’t know if he should tell her or not because he doesn’t know if she feels the same way and he thinks the period of time in which they’ve been together is too short to pull that love card. So my question is what should I- what should I tell him to do?” I quickly finish. She looks me dead in the eye, it was like she was staring into my soul. She studies my face for a bit more until she starts to jump back into the conversation saying “well Sammy, my advice is. To tell your friend, that love has no due date, and there are some people who fall in love after the first hello-” she smiles and continues “so when he’s ready, he should tell her because I guarantee that she is in love with him too and has been waiting for him this whole time.” She finishes kissing my cheek and walking off to the kitchen. I start to think long and hard about what Y/N said. Until she arrives back with the sandwiches she made earlier. We proceed to eat and watch some tv, until the time comes where I have to go to the studio.
(Y/N pov)
Sammy and I finish eating. While I’m bringing the plates to the kitchen Sammy comes up from behind me again hugging me “ohhhhh not again” I say turning around to face him. “You know I’m still missing that kiss from earlier” he says wiggling his eyebrows, I look at the stove clock to see it’s about time for Sammy’s studio session. “Isn’t it time for you to go to the studio?” I ask, he looks at the clock and jumps “OH SHIT! FUCK, yeah” he races to grab his belongings while I finish cleaning up the kitchen. Once I’m done which was fairly quick, I see Sammy is about to leave. As I’m grabbing a water bottle from the fridge, Sammy grabs my butt spinning me around and smashing his lips into mine. He grabs my waist bringing me closer to him if that was even possible, after about 15 seconds we pull apart breathing a bit heavily. “Bye baby oh and when I come back we have to make a Q&A for my channel, the fans wanna see wassup” he says laughing a bit “Ok, I might have to go run a few errands, stop by my house and meet up with some people but I’ll be here by the time you come back” I say. He smiles and nods leaving off to the studio.
(Sammy’s pov)
*at the studio*
Johnson gets out of the booth once he finishes his verse, “that was straight fire bro!” I say giving him the handshake as he approaches me Skate and Gilinsky. “Yeah man this songs gonna be dope” Gilinsky adds on, we all agree as Skate gets the weed out starting to roll up a few joints. “Yo G how’s Madison?” I ask him “she’s good why do you ask?” He questions “well ahh I was just wonderin’, when did you tell her you loved her?” I ask him my head facing downward avoiding eye contact. “Ooohh looks like someone got bit by the love bug, not surprised” Johnson says “yeah yeah whatever” I say taking a hit from a joint Skate passed to me. “You think you love Y/N bro?” Gilinsky asks “I mean I know I do, it’s just I don’t know if it’s the right time and-” Gilisnky cuts me off saying “and if she loves you back or if it’s too early, trust me I’ve been there” he takes a hit continuing “let me tell you this, when I told Mads I loved her all the weight came off my shoulders, it was by far the best decision I’ve made. We were friends for a while and one day we sat each other down and I was just like look I’m in love with you. And she felt the exact same.” “yeah but Y/N and I haven’t been together that long, isn’t it too soon tell her I’m IN LOVE?” I say “so? If you love her now why wait?” Gilinsky says. Then Johnson chimes in saying “I guarantee she loves you back bro, it’s all about the connection and how you guys feel. I may be single but I know about love”. “Johnson does know wassup and that’s a whole fact” Skate says. “Soooo what should I do?” I ask them. They all look at each other for a second and then say “do what you think is right”. I sigh as we change the subject, yet Y/N is always on my mind. After about a three hour studio session I notice it’s about time for me to head home. “Alright guys imma head out” I say. “Aight cool see ya later Sammy” Skate says “see ya Wilk” Gilinsky says “let us know how that Y/N thing goes” Johnson says. Suddenly an idea pops into my head “bye guys” I say as I rush out the studio on my way home. I text Y/N to see if she’s at my place.
Me: baby u home?
Babe❤:at your place yeah
Babe❤: hurry!
Me:why what’s wrong??
Babe❤️: I miss you :(
(Y/N pov)
I was setting up everything for Sammy’s video when he walks in the door, panting as if he ran a mile. “Hey…Sam you good?” I ask confused “yeah,” he pants and continues “I’m just so excited for this Q&A, there are some great questions” he says “yea I started setting up the camera” I say gesturing to the camera. “Ohh I got that just sit riggggghhhttt here” he says placing me on the couch in front of the camera. He goes to turn the camera on adjusting it a bit until he comes and sits down next to me. “Ready?” He asks “yup” I smile and he starts the intro. “What’s up everybody it is your boy Sam Wilkinson and I’m here today with my girl Y/N” he says smiling at me throwing his arm around my shoulders. I smile at the camera as he continues “and today we are doing a Q&A which is what y'all asked for”. Sammy taps my shoulder slightly indicating that I should continue on “we got the questions off of Twitter by tweeting the hashtag ‘Ask Sammy&Y/N’ and thank you so much for trending WORLD WIDE, we appreciate the love and dedication, we love you all so much annnddddd first question Sammy?” I say and he starts. “What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you at a concert” he says chuckling. “Well, this one time-” I decide to cut him off “SAMMY FUCKING RIPPED HIS PANTS ON STAGE IT WAS HILARIOUS!” I yell laughing. Sammy being embarrassed, sticks his head in the crook in my neck and mumbles “stooopp, I wore these really tight pants and when I got on I was really hype and jumpy and….” he starts to fade out. “It’s ok baby it happens sometimes” I say but I gesture 'no it doesn’t’ to the camera, he’ll find that out once he starts editing. “And I had to go out on stage and help him get off without being exposed because keep in mind he ripped his underwear too, not that everyone hasn’t seen his nudes alrea-” Sammy cuts me off “OK OK that’s enough, next question”.
We get through many questions about tours and social media and the occasional relationship questions until some… unusual ones start to pop up.
(Sammy’s pov)
I decide after about 10min to start throwing in the serious questions. “What do you think about Y/N?” Y/N reads “Hmmm Sammy whatcha think about meh?” She adds on giggling. I smile and respond “I think you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid my eyes on”. She smiles at me, as if for a moment she forgot we were supposed to be filming because we were staring at each other for what seemed like hours. I then decided to speak “in fact,” I pause and look at the camera “Y/N is the probably the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me” “oh stoooooopp” she says blushing “No, actually I have to say something.” I say looking at Y/N then the camera then back to her and I continue “Y/N, you are so goddam beautiful, like I don’t think you understand how fucking stunning you are. You’re always talkin’ 'oh Sam I look so ugly today or wow I wish I was as pretty as her’, bullshit. If you could see yourself for a day in the way everyone else sees you, I think you’d finally understand how fucking gorgeous you are.” “Sammyyyyyyy” she says putting her head in my chest out of embarrassment. “Wait baby I’m not done” I say as she lifts her head, her glistening eyes gazing into mine. “I hope you know that every time I tell you to text me when you get home, put on your seat belt, watch your step, stay warm, sweet dreams or have a good day what I’m really saying is I love you. I love you so damn much that it’s starting to steal other words meanings. I didn’t want to fall in love or need someone
I really didn’t want anything 6 months ago, but then you came along and I wanted everything. So Y/N I’m telling you that I Samuel Wilkinson am in love with you, and when I tell you this it’ll be a forever reminder that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me” I finally finish. From the moment I said the words 'I love you’ her eyes lit up, she engulfs me in the best hug. Not just any hug, one of those tight 'lift me up off the floor mama bear hugs’ the hugs were you can feel the other persons heartbeat and a sense of care and love flows. Still hugging me she speaks “Sammy, baby, my love. I’ve been waiting to hear those words for the longest time, ever since we met I’ve known we were special. That the way we talk and laugh around each other is different than everyone else, that I will never meet anyone I trust as much as I do you. And I think most people search their whole lives searching for the thing that we’ve already found.” She pauses and lets go from our previous hugging position, holding my hands “Truthfully I could talk to you all night and day and still have a billion words to say, but too many words become meaningless. So I’ll leave it at that you Samuel Wilkinson are the most wonderful person I’ve ever met, and I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.” She finishes. We stare into each others eyes both smiling from ear to ear. It’s like we read each other’s minds when we both leaned in for a kiss.
(Y/N pov)
It was like our first kiss all over again, the rhythm perfect, the sensation of each others lips unimaginable. But there was one big difference, it was out of love and that had to be the best feeling in the world. After we break apart I turn around to see the camera still sitting there, I walk closer to it to turn it off. I look to see that the camera is already off. Confused, I look up to see a grinning Sammy looking back at me.

For anon

The First Night

Today was the end of every woman’s dream day, your wedding and you were proud to announce that you were finally married to the one only Bang Yongguk. You can’t stop calling him hubby and he can’t stop calling you Mrs. Bang, it might seem a bit cheesy to others but you were both too happy to care.

Now usually married couples decide where they’ll be going for their honeymoon together but your husband decided something completely different. He told you that you could have full command over the wedding plans and you could involve him whenever you like if he got to plan your honeymoon. Since it was Yongguk and he knew you better than you knew yourself sometimes you allowed him to do the whole honeymoon planning.

Up until a few hours ago you had no clue where Yongguk was panning on taking you that is until the end of your reception where Yongguk handed you a little book about Japan. He didn’t even have to say anything more than that as a huge smile was spread across your face. Yongguk flashed you his gummy smile and at the back of your head you just thought that you could always trust Yongguk.

You had been wanting to go to Japan ever since you were young, it was actually a dream of yours and now Yongguk was finally making it come true. You remember telling him about this dream of yours when you had both just started dating and to think that he remembered was probably one of the reasons you married him. Now you were on a plane to your dream destination with the man you love.

“Hey, you ok?” Yongguk asked snapping you out from your thoughts.

“Yeah I’m fine” you said as you turned your head away from the window to look at him. He smiled and took your hand in his and laced his fingers with yours. He gave the back of your hand a kiss bringing a smile to your face.

“How’s your nausea? I know you get sick every time we travel cause of your motion sickness” Yongguk said as his thumb rubbed against the back of your hand.

“Well considering it’s only a two hour flight and that we’re traveling first class I’d say it’s not so bad” you said as you moved a few strands of hair out of his eyes.

“That’s good to know” Yongguk said as he closed his eyes and sighed in bliss “I can’t wait to be alone with you” he whispered making you smiled at the thought as Yongguk rested his head on your shoulder and nuzzled his face up into your neck.

Before you knew anything your flight had landed and you and your newly wed husband were greeted by a swarm of fans at the airport. They congratulated you and even have you flowers which you thought was very sweet of them. Yongguk had a tight grip around your hand as the two of you were guided out from the airport and into a car that would take you to your hotel.

“Well that was quite the welcome” you said as the car began to drive off “I’ve traveled a lot but I’ve never been greeted at the airport like that before” Yongguk smiled as he gave your hand a light squeeze and kissed your cheek.

“I’ve forgotten what it’s like to land at an airport and not be swarmed by a thousand girls and cameras” Yongguk said as you playfully hit his shoulder. He laughed before pulling you into his arms and kissing the top of your head.

The drive was taking longer than you thought, you knew Tokyo was a big city but it still shouldn’t take this long. You got a little worried though when you noticed that the driver had driven right past your hotel and Yongguk didn’t even flinch to stop him.

“Yongguk we just drove past our hotel” you said as you sat up and looked at him.

“I know” Yongguk said with a smile like it was nothing. You shot him a confused look as be decided to explain “I canceled our honeymoon suite and decided on something a little more traditional” once again you were completely confused but decided to just trust Yongguk like you always do.

Around half an hour later the car finally stopped outside this traditional Japanese house. Yongguk rubbed your back as you turned away from the window to look at him.

“Do you like it?” Yongguk asked “one of the stage mangers that works with us during our Japan concerts owns this place, I asked him if he could rent it out to me for a few days and he said yes. And the best part is that we have the whole place to ourselves” you wanted to cry but you had done enough of that today at the alter so you opted to just crush him into a hug.

“Yongguk I love it! Thank you so much!” You said as he wrapped his arms around you and hugged you back.

“Anything for you my dear wife” Yongguk said as you laughed at his greasiness.

The driver was kind enough to bring your luggage all the way into the house. Yongguk payed the man as you entered and began to explore. It was truly amazing and beautiful, from the garden to the rooms to the whole house it was just too good to be true. Yongguk took your hand and laced his fingers with yours as he guided you around the house considering he had been here many times before.

Finally Yongguk shows you the room that the two of you will staying in. It’s a pretty big room with a sliding door that opens out into the garden, the room is decorated with candles and flowers which of course was not traditional in Japanese homes but it’s your honeymoon so something is needed to set the romantic mood. You dump your purse and coat on the floor as you walk towards the sliding doors and open them out to look at the garden.

You took a deep breath and smiled it was truly beautiful, better than any hotels honeymoon suite which you were glad Yongguk cancelled. You felt a pair of strong arms wrap themselves around your waist causing you to smile as Yonnguk rested his chin on your shoulder.

“Did I tell you how beautiful you looked today?” Yongguk asked before placing a kiss on your shoulder, leaving his lips to linger.

“Almost a thousand times” you said with a smile as you felt him smile against your shoulder.

“Well it doesn’t feel like I’ve said it enough so I’m gonna say it again” Yongguk said as he rested his head against the back of yours and closed his eyes “you’re so beautiful and I love you so much” you smiled and and rubbed the back of his hand, that was still wrapped around you, with your thumb.

“I love you too my Gukkie monster” you said as Yongguk laughed at the nickname you had given him years ago when you two had only started dating. You had baked him cookies for the first time and he had devoured them in a matter of three days hence the nickname.

“You’re never gonna let me live that down are you?” Yongguk asked making you giggle.

“I just can’t get over how you managed to eat fifty cookies in less than three days, you managed to outdo even Daehyun” you said as he laughed “you never even shared any with the guys, they bugged me for months to make them another batch” he didn’t say anything as he just nuzzled his face up into your neck as he swayed your body from side to side.

“I just don’t like sharing you or anything you make, especially your cookies they’re just too damn good! Only our children and grandchildren will be able to eat cookies apart from me of course” Yongguk said as his hot breath tickled your skin, you laughed at his comment he was such a child sometimes.

“I’m pretty sure the boys are like our kids especially Jongup and Zelo” you said as Yongguk placed a kiss on your neck before pulling away with a smile and resting his chin on your shoulder once again.

“I can’t argue with you on that” Yongguk said making you both laugh.

There was a peaceful silence between the two of you as Yongguk just held you in his arms. The silence made you realize that tonight was the night, after all these years tonight would be the night that you finally lose your virginity. You had come from a slightly more traditional family and it was of course your choice to remain a virgin till you got married.

You had told this to Yongguk about a month or two into your relationship and he had said that he understood and respected your decision. He never forced you into anything or ever did anything that would make you feel uncomfortable. You had seen and heard him take care of himself before especially when you two moved in together. You always chose to act as if you hadn’t seen or heard anything cause you knew that Yongguk would feel pretty weird if you had ever brought it up.

Tonight though he wouldn’t have to do that, you were going to become completely his.

You turned around in his arms and placed your hands on his chest. His arms remained around you as his thumbs gently rubbed your back. You fiddled with his shirt a little as he just stared at you waiting for you to say something.

“Umm…Gukkie tonight…is umm…tonight is the night that we…you know…and I’m just really nervous but excited and umm…I just want you to know that I trust you and I love you and I’m ready to completely become yours” you said in a voice only audible to the two of you. He smiled to himself as he noticed the blush on your cheeks as he rested his forehead against yours.

“What are you talking about?” Yongguk said as he pulled you closer to his body “you’ve always been completely mine! I didn’t need to have sex to know that” you bit your lower lip and smiled, your husband was such a goofball.

“You’re such a grease ball!” You said as you playfully hit his chest making him laugh.

“Yeah but I’m your grease ball” Yongguk said making you smile silly before he pressed his lips against yours.

The kiss was slow and sweet, his slightly chapped lips blended well with your soft pair. He pulled you even closer as his embrace around you tightened, your arms moved up to wrap themselves around his neck pulling closer to you. He titled his head slightly in an attempted to deepen the kiss while his tongue slid across your lips asking for permission which you humbly granted as you parted your lips.

Not wasting even a second his tongue invaded your wet cavern as your tongues danced a symphony only known to the two of you. Your hands found their way into Yongguk’s soft locks as he tilted his head to the other side changing the angle. It felt like he had been kissing you for hours when really it had only been a few minutes when he had finally pulled away giving you both a chance to catch your breaths.

You were both panting, cheeks flushed and mouths open as his forehead rested against yours. You both smiled at each other as he kissed you once again before picking you up bridal style which caught you by surprise and made you giggle as you nuzzled your face into his neck.

Yongguk gently placed you down onto the tatami mat as he hovered above you. He rested his weight on his elbows as his fingers caressed the sides of your head and occasionally played with your hair. Your hands rested on his chest before you moved them up to cup his cheeks as you pulled him in for a kiss. He smiled against your lips and kissed you back although the kiss didn’t last very long as they soon began to travel down your neck.

You tilted your head back giving him more of your skin to kiss till he grabbed your flesh between his teeth and began sucking on it leaving a glorious hickey behind. You felt his hands slide up the sides of your shirt to caress your warm skin till it suddenly hit you as you abruptly stopped him.

“Y-Yongguk wait a second” you said as he sat up to look at you, concern looming over his face.

“What’s wrong? Are you ok?” He asked with a slight frown.

“I umm…bought something to wear and I-” you said as Yongguk interrupted you by placing a chaste kiss on your lips.

“Thought that you could go put it on now” Yongguk finished your sentence as you nodded with an evident blush on your cheeks “it doesn’t matter what it is I’m gonna end up ripping it off of you anyway” he said as he kissed your nose “and besides we’re gonna be here for a while I’m sure you can wear it another day since we’ll be doing a lot of what we’re about to do” you couldn’t help but laugh, your husband really was something else.

“Fine but don’t complain that I didn’t wear anything nice for you later” you said.

“The nicest thing you could ever wear for me is nothing” Yongguk said in that low and deep voice of his making you blush yet again “may we continue now?” He asked as you nodded.

His lips were once again on your skin, his hands dating to ride up your shirt once more to feel your soft skin. A slight moan left your lips giving him more of a confidence boost than you could possibly imagine. He lifted your shirt over your head leaving you in your lacy nude bra. You crossed your hands over your chest as he just stared at them, as if he had never seen breasts before.

“See I told you I should’ve changed, this one is so plain and boring” you said in slightly whiny tone. He pried your hands away from your chest and laced his fingers with yours, his eyes never leaving yours.

“Once again my love I mist as my what’re you talking about? It’s absolutely perfect” Yongguk said with a smile, one that could make panties drop “and I’m not just talking about the lingerie” he whispered in your ear. Did he have any idea of how wet he just made you? Probably not but he was sure as hell gonna find out pretty soon.

His hands were still laced with yours, his lips trailing from your ear down your neck till they reached the valley between your breasts. He kissed them through the material of your bra which of course made you moan. He let go of your hands as they traveled behind your back to unclasp it only to find there was no clasp.

“It’s a front hook” you said as unclasped it yourself and finally set your breasts free from the frustrating contraption. Yongguk gave you a genuine smile as you pulled your bra off and lay bare chested in front of him “stop staring so much, it’s not like you’ve never seen boobs before” you grumbled with a tint of blush resting on your cheeks.

“I can’t help it, they’re just so perfect and while I may have seen boobs before this is my first time seeing yours” Yongguk said.

“Yeah well these are last pair of boobs you’re ever gonna see so get used to it” you said making Yongguk smile.

“Darling I could stare at them for the rest of my life and still not get enough of them” Yongguk said with a smirk spread across his lips.

You were about to retaliate with another remark but the feeling of his lips suddenly engulfing your nipple into his mouth silenced you. You threw your head back as you began to make sounds that was music to his ears. He fondled with your other nipple as he sucked, bit and even pulled your nipple with his teeth, he was ruthless yet somehow loving. He pulled away and bestowed the other nipple with same treatment before moving on.

He left a trail of sloppy kisses down your abdomen occasionally saying things like “I love you” or “you’re so beautiful” in between kisses. He went to remove your pants but you stopped him saying he had to remove his shirt first. He humbly obliged as he sat up and ripped his shirt off, his well toned abs and slightly muscular body finally coming to view. You ran your hands over his abs and toned chest as you grabbed him by the neck and pulled him in for a kiss. It was sloppy and hot and you’ve definitely never kissed him like that before.

While his lips entertained yours his hand was busy sneaking into pants. He slipped his hand into your panties as his fingers ran up and down your heated core. He was surprised by how wet you were, given it was your first time to be this aroused. Yongguk pulled his lips away from yours as you felt his finger seep into you slowly and somewhat painfully. You closed your eyes and continuously moaned out in both pleasure and pain as he slipped in another finger.

He rested his forehead against yours and he somehow managed to pull your pants down till your knees while you finished the job by completely taking them off. You were now completely naked in front of him like you had never been before. You were somewhat self conscious but having his fingers penetrate your womanhood was a good enough distraction. His fingers slid in and out of you making you feel things you had never felt before.

“You’re so beautiful! I love you so damn much!” Yongguk said softly, loud enough only for you to hear “are you ok does it hurt?” He asked putting a small smile on your face as you shook your head.

Your moans kept flowing as his fingers kept thrusting in and out of you and as if it wasn’t enough he decided on adding a third finger making your cry out his name. He kept at his pace till you felt an unfamiliar feeling in your stomach and you knew all to well what it was but so did Yongguk. He pulled his fingers out from you as you whined at the loss and felt a little annoyed that he pulled out just before you could orgasm.

You opened your eyes to complain to him but the sight of his licking your juices off his fingers shut you up.

“You taste so sweet, but we shall leave that for another day” Yongguk said as he winked at you before standing up and unbuckling his belt. He yanked his pants off along with his underwear as his erect member sprung into action. You had vaguely seen it before but you never knew he was this big.

He climbed back on top of you as you felt his erection brush against your skin. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed you, it was a lazy yet gentle and loving kiss, like he was reassuring you. He pulled away from the kiss as he caressed your cheeks with a smile.

“This might hurt a little but I promise I’ll be gentle and if the pain gets too unbearable stop me” Yongguk said barely over a whisper as you silently nodded.

His member began to spread your walls as he entered you slowly and cautiously. You dug your nails into shoulders as Yongguk filled you up completely, it was definitely painful but because his fingers had spread your walls a little already it wasn’t so bad. You cried out in pain as Yongguk shushed you and kept whispering sweet nothings to you to distract you from the pain. You could feel his member throbbing inside of you as he was waiting for you to tell him when he could move.

From his face alone you could tell that it was taking a lot of will power to restrain himself from moving. You cupped his cheeks and pulled his face towards yours as you kissed his lips. Your lips were barely an inch away from each other as you nodded and smiled at him which was your signal to him that he could finally move.

He slowly pulled out before slamming himself right back in making you moan out his name rather loudly. His thrusts were slow at first with frustrated both of you as you begged him to go faster. They picked up pace till they reached a somewhat inhuman pace in your opinion. You were clawing his back whilst moaning uncontrollably as he slammed into you with everything that he’s got.

The same feeling began to churn in your stomach and you swore that if Yongguk stopped this time you were gonna kill him. However his pace just quickened as he too felt his climax just around the corner. The sweat was glistening on his body as you just thought to yourself about how much you loved this man before you. Then suddenly like a ton of bricks your orgasm hit you making your body feel completely weak yet happy.

Yongguk came with you as he moaned out your while continuing to ride out both your orgasms to the max, giving you complete and utter pleasure. Too tired to hold up any longer Yongguk collapsed on top of you, sweaty and breathless. You just smiled as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and ran your fingers through his hair.

A few minutes later, after he had managed to catch his breath, Yongguk pulled himself out from you and gave you a kiss on the cheek as he stood up and walked towards one of the inbuilt closets. You noticed him pulling out a blanket and a pillow before returning to your side. The room was dully lit since the only light came from the candles, it was a little chilly since you had opened out the sliding doors to the garden but Yongguk’s body heat made up for that.

He lay the pillow down before lying down next to you and pulling you into his arms as he covered both your bare bodies with the rather warm and thick blanket.

“Are you ok? Does it hurt anywhere?” Yongguk asked as he drew circles on your back. You just smiled and shook your head making him frown a little “why aren’t you talking?” You smiled and wrapped your arms around him pulling yourself closer to him.

“Cause I’m so happy I don’t know what to say” you said making him smile.

“And you say I’m the greasy one” Yongguk said as he kissed your forehead regardless of all the sweat.

“What? Are you saying you’re not happy?” You asked teasingly as you felt Yongguk roll you onto his body so that you could lay on top of him.

“I’m so happy that I can’t even find the right words to express it! I feel like there isn’t a word out there in any language that could explain how happy and how in love I am with you” Yongguk said as you buried your face into his chest, he was definitely the greasier one.

“Oh my God Yongguk!” You said while laughing at your greasy husband.

“Y/n” Yongguk said as you looked at him “I love you” he said genuinely as you smiled and kissed him.

“I love you too, Gukkie monster” you said as it was his turn to smile silly. He held you closely and tightly in his arms as you rested your head against his chest.

“I’m gonna hold you in my arms like this forever, close, tight and securely so don’t even think about moving cause I’m never gonna let you go, my dear wife” Yongguk said as you could sense the smile in his voice.

“I wouldn’t even dream of it my darling husband” you said as you kissed his bare chest. You both smiled and dozed off knowing that today was just the start of a whole new chapter in your lives as husband and wife.

Mistake pt. 2 [Jimin Angst]

Originally posted by hoseokijn

“Forgiving someone is easy, 

but being able to trust them again is a totally different story.”

Part 1

You thought that after years of being away from him would make it easier for you to come back to Korea as a stronger person. You thought that you were strong enough to get back to where you once got your heart broken. You thought that you had moved on but once you stepped out of the airport and was met with the sight that you still remembered when you left Korea three years ago.

Three years later, not only have you grown into an independent woman, you also have the thoughts of coming back to forgive.

Through the years that you were gone, you had traveled and had seen more than you ever could have imagined. To forgive was something on your to do list before it was too late. You wanted to forgive him for breaking your heart because you thought that forgiving him and accepting that people make mistakes would make it easier for you to move on and it would make you realize that life really does go on after letting the past be the past.

But reality was still reality. You still loved him and you still thought about him, every single day. The only way you could see how he was doing was through social medias. Where he was. What he was doing. How he was doing. Everything you got to know about him since you left was through a little screen.

“Come on, Jimin. We need to leave soon”, he heard them shout for him behind his closed door. How could he let himself to move when he couldn’t even stand up? How could he go out there and meet the people that saw up to him when he was in this kind of state?

These past years have been nothing but hell. Jimin tried to come up with other excuses than you. But you were the reason why he drank himself drunk every night. The reason why he only smiled in front of the camera but was crying himself to sleep.

Three years.

Three years since he got your text. 3 years, 1095 days, he never missed one day to text you back. He didn’t know if you ever got those texts through these years but he kept texting. He told you he misses you. He told you to come back. He told you that he needs you. And he told you that he loves you.

He would repeat those sentences everyday. There was not a day where he would go without thinking about you. How wrong he was for mistaking you as a mistake in his life. This was so typical to those stories in books. But this was reality and he could now understand how it felt to let go of someone so important and someone who meant, still means, so much to him.

Would you ever come back?

Would you ever want to see him again?

And the most important question, would you forgive him?

You were standing in front of their dorm. Last time you were here, you remembered meeting Taehyung. It was also the same day you saw him with her. The same day you got your heart broken and the same day you thought your heart would never be able to heal. Not even a little.

With a deep breath, you let yourself knock on the door twice before taking a step back, waiting for someone to open the door.

“Y/N? Oh my God, it’s you. Oh shit, JIMIN!”

Taehyung always found a way to bring a smile to your face which you were grateful for. He was a good friend, to you and to Jimin. He was someone that everyone needed in their lives.

“Hi, can I come in?”

“Yeah, yes, come in. You look… great!” You chuckled before stepping inside the warm apartment. It still felt the same. Still not so clean and it still had the “I am finally home” feeling.

“Thank you. Where’s everyone?”

Your mind didn’t think about the rest, six, of them. You only thought about Jimin. Where was he? Was he perhaps out with her? Was this really a smart idea, to come here the first thing you do after a long flight?

“The rest are out eating, Jimin… he’s still in his room. He didn’t want to go out so I decided to stay with him. But it’s more like I’m staying with myself.” Taehyung said truthfully. He cared about his best friend. He knew how much the break up and you leaving had affected Jimin. But he also understood why you did what you did, it wasn’t your fault. Nothing of it was your fault. Jimin was the one to blame, but it still hurt him and everyone who knew Jimin behind the cameras and scenes. He was no longer the happy, out going boy.

You sat down next to Taehyung on the couch after that he had helped you with your jacket and suitcase.

“To be honest with you, nothing has been the same since you left. I don’t want you to feel like it’s all your fault, because it’s not. He was wrong for doing what he did to you and I won’t blame you for anything. But it’s just been three tough years for him, for us.” Taehyung said looking at you as he thought back to these past three years.

“Jimin is destroyed. It didn’t take long before he realized that him letting you go and cheating on you was the biggest mistake in his life. I don’t know if you know, but he still sends you texts, everyday. It’s been hard for us to see him, so broken. We really thought that you would never come back again and that he would stay like this for the rest of his life, regretting everything he had done to you.”

It broke you to hear Taehyung telling you about how Jimin had been doing behind the smiles that you would see him wearing during fansigns and concerts. You thought he was happy now, when you no longer was by his side. You thought that he could finally love the one he wanted to love. To get a second chance to, this time, choose the right perosn to love and that person was not you.

“Tae, I’m happy Jimin has you, and the rest of the boys as well. But for me, I- I’m here to forgive, yes, but I won’t be able to forget what he did or how it felt to live with a broken heart.”

“I understand that, believe me, I do. He’s just really destroyed. His heart is probably just as broken, Y/N. In this world, love doesn’t come easy. It needs time. It needs two people to fight for each other.  He misses you. He still loves you. He needs you, Y/N. Please, just talk to him.”

But even if you wanted to talk to him, you were still unsure about yourself and you were afraid of falling in love again. Getting your heart broken once was more than enough. It was something that you didn’t want to experience again and absolutely not by the same person. It was hard not to fall in love with someone like Jimin. He had it all. Eveything that a girl would want in a boy, he had it all.

You still loved him.

But you could only admit it for yourself. You couldn’t tell other perople about it. Because in their eyes, you had become strong. You had become independent and you could stand up for yourself. Or maybe it was just a way to protect yourself form getting hurt.

“I will talk to him.”

As you made your way to his room, you felt your heart bumping faster. You felt yourself wanting to stop and turn around to leave. But you told yourself not to give up. You had let yourself come this far. You was going to forgive him, to let him explain and to try to understand him.

“What is it, Tae? PLease just leave me alone.” You heard him say the moment you knocked on the door.

“It’s me.”

And then the door flung open and there he was.

His hair messy and the bags under his eyes were terrible. He needed sleep, he needed a lot of that and he needed to gain some weight. Jimin looked unhealthy. He was so weak, from top to toes and the worst part was, his eyes were covered with tears.

“Hi.” You said.

But he didn’t say anything back. Instead, he grabbed your hand and dragged you into his arms before giving you a hug and letting his face bury in the crook of your neck.

“Y/N, don’t leave me again. I’m begging you - please don’t leave me again.” Those two sentences made your heart break a little. It was so hard fro you to listen to his broken voice. It was heartbreaking to see him struggle with the words while you felt wet tears landing on your skin. He was crying.

“Don’t leave me again. I am sorry. I’m so sorry, Y/N. I missed you so much. I’m sorry for everything I’ve put you through.” His arms around your waist got tighter but you didn’t care. He needed this and you let him.

“I love you.” He said.

But you couldn’t tell him your true feelings. You weren’t ready and you didn’t know if you were ever going to be. But what you didn knew was that you still loved him.

I love you too.

Thank you so much for all the positive feed backs I got for Mistake pt. 1! You guys I have no idea how happy and tahnkful I am for all the love I received. I read every comment and it just makes me so happy that so many people liked the story and wanted part two. 

And as promised, to those who wanted part 2 and to those who reads my one shots, this is part 2 of “Mistake” and also an one shot that I promised to post today.
I hope liked it and thank you again for reading!


Sun and clouds

x Kim Taehyung

  • Fluff (+ Very subtle smut; Dirty talk + stripping)

Being away from each other has it’s ups and downs just like sunny vs. cloudy days. Taehyung goes away on tour for a month and it’s the first time you two spend a longer time apart from each other and not seeing someone you normally see every day has it’s struggle. Like when clouds cover the sky for days, so long you notice how much being able to see the sun actually matters.

Warnings: Very cute boyfriend.

Words: 2.8K | Masterlist | Read on AO3

Originally posted by booptae

He sneaked away in the middle of the night, making sure not to wake you up as he tip toed over the floor to pack the last items in his suitcase before getting picked up by his manager.

You said your good byes the evening before, Taehyung insisting that you shouldn’t wake up to wave him off.

He zipped the zip of the suitcase and put on his shoes, as he reached out to the door handle he hesitated. His hand missed the handle and he let go of his suitcase, walking back in to your shared apartment. He carefully opened the bedroom door and walked over to your side of the bed, where you were laying, deep in dreamland. He gently brushed a few strands of hair away from your forehead before leaning down and kissing you softly on your temple.

You woke up bright and early the next morning, well rested and in a good mood. Normally you would’ve spooned up behind Taehyung if he had not done so to you first but you were alone in the big bed. You sighed, remembering you wouldn’t see him for a month. Not seeing a person you normally see every day for a longer sudden time can be very discomforting. You stretched your arms out and sat up in bed followed by a brush through your hair with your hand. You looked over to your nightstand to grab your phone and noticed a small folded piece of paper. You smiled in anticipation thinking your dorky boyfriend had done something dorky again, and indeed he had.

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I Want You

Request: Can you write one where when James cordon says him and camila make out and he doesn’t believe they don’t Shawn tells him he has a girlfriend thank you it can be y/n

I kind of combined Shawn’s latest Corden interview with the one where they speak about IKWYDLS. Hope this is okay… Sorry xo

Words: 1484

Today, Shawn is doing a talk show. A show that is quite commonly known for making celebrities do and answer some crazy things. The Late Late Show, yes the one with James Cordon and I get go. I don’t get to sit in the audience or anything, I’ll be out the back in Shawn’s dressing room but still it counts, right?

As filming is completed in the afternoon before premiering at night, we were required to be there at 12noon. Which meant Shawn’s management gave him the morning off. Of course, Shawn was still doing business. He actually called up Camila, they had been rumored dating. It was quite hard to watch. She is a lovely girl and all but it didn’t make it suck any less.

I’m not usually the jealous type but I will admit I did get a little jealous when they ‘worked’ on the song. It was like gushing over a puppy. The person that has the puppy is full of excitement and can’t wait to tell everyone and anyone who’ll listen and there is one person who constantly gets to hear about it. I’ll let you decide who was who in this situation.

It never got easier, especially when the media got in on it. I don’t know what they were talking about and I can’t even remember for how long but I do know it was a very long time. Whenever Shawn brought Camila up I tried my hardest not to let it phase me and for the most part it worked. Others turned a little sour real quick and it wasn’t pretty. I’m still not 100% sold on their stories but I’ve got to trust Shawn, that is what our relationship is built off. Trust.

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I Want To Write You A Song - A Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 4)

Harry Styles New Hookup? Harry Styles was seen leaving the home of a young woman, in the wee hours of the morning, after the couple had spent the previous night at a Kings Of Leon concert and dinner. This isn’t the first time the two have reportedly been seen with one another either. 

We’re not sure what’s going on with these two or who this mysterious girl is, but we can’t wait to find out! 


Everywhere you went, especially online, you saw pictures of Harry leaving your house earlier in the week. You had no clue why or how someone was getting the pictures and posting them. You hadn’t really spoke to Harry since your date and his little sleepover, that is nothing like what the media believes it to be. He only stayed the night because the two of you had fallen asleep on the couch while watching a movie. Nothing had happened between you two, not even a kiss. 

Today you were supposed to go and meet Harry at the studio and start recording your demo. You were nervous for that and for seeing Harry again after everything that was going out outside of the two of you. You pull up to the studio and park your car. You noticed there was some people with cameras across the street and you sigh. You quickly grab everything you need and hurry inside before they could possibly get a picture.

You had gotten there before Harry, so you started to warm up and tune up your guitar a bit. When he finally came in, you felt your face start to blush a bit. He walks into the booth with you and smiles. 

“Hey.” He says. 

“Hi.” You say. 

“Look, I just… I want to say I’m sorry.” He says. 

“For what?” You ask confused. 

“For what’s going on in the media with us.. or me.. and you.. technically I guess.” He says. 

“It’s not your fault unless you’re the one who had someone taking pictures.” You laugh. 

“Yeah, I didn’t do that.” He says. “I was just saying that I felt like because of me you’re being talked about, even though no one really knows it’s you.” 

“Well, I don’t blame you.” You smile. “So, don’t worry about it, okay?” 

He nods and the two of you get ready to record. 


After you finished recording, you and Harry decided to grab some Chinese takeout and head over to his house. He really wanted to take you out for dinner, but didn’t want to chance it with the paps. 

You were eating some lo mein, when you noticed Harry was staring at you. 

“What? Is there something my face?” you laugh. 

“No, No, I was just thinking about something.” He says. 

“And what’s that?” you ask. 

“Well, after our session today and listening to the playback, I just I really don’t want to record the duet with anyone else and I was wondering if you would be okay being on my album.” He says. 

You sigh. “Harry you know I don’t sing my own songs or at all really.” You say. 

“I know, but I wouldn’t release it as a single or anything so you wouldn’t have to perform it… I just It doesn’t feel right to sing it with someone else and quite honestly there is no one damn near good enough to sing your part.” He says. 

“Um, Demi Lovato? Ariana Grande? Perrie Edwards? Like there are loads more good enough if not better.” You say. 

“You’re better than all three of them put together, Y/N. You’re so fucking talented.” He says. 

You just shake your head. “I can’t.” 

“Why not?” He asks. 

“Because if I do a song with you, then my name is going to be out there and then people are going to know who I am and I don’t want that or the fame that would go with it. I would never be able to be just me like I am now.” You say. 

“What’s so bad about getting recognized for your talent?” He asks. 

“Because I don’t want it! I like being able to go to shop or out with friends and not being hassled everywhere I go or being able to go online and not see my picture everywhere..” You sigh.

“It doesn’t have to be like that.” He says. “You have this perception about fame and that’s what’s keeping you from living out your dream, but Y/N, it doesn’t have to be that way. Trust me.. if anyone knows it’s me.” 

“You couldn’t even leave my house without getting photographed and then assumed that you were hooking up with someone.” You say. 

“I know, but that was my mistake. Apparently the driver we had that night, wasn’t exactly the best at keeping to the confidentially   agreement.” He sighs.

“See! I don’t have that problem” You say. 

“Do you honestly think that you’re going to be able to keep your identity a secret forever Y/N?” Harry asks. “I mean practically every fucking hit on the radio right now, you either wrote or co-wrote, you’re one of the most successful songwriters out there and no one knows you are, but do you really think that’s going to always be the case?” 

“No, I don’t expect it to be forever, but I’m not just willing come out like that!” you say. 

He sighs. “I just don’t get it.” He says shaking his head. 

“You don’t have to get it, you just need to respect it.” You say getting up from your spot on the floor. 

“Y/N, don’t go.”  Harry says. “We can just drop the subject.. I’m sorry.” 

“It’s getting late. I should be going anyway.” You say. 

“Y/N.” Harry sighs grabbing your arms gently. 

You sigh turning around to face him. “What?” 

“You’re right, it’s your decision and I should respect it. I won’t bring it up anymore.” He says. 

“Thank you.” You say. 

“Now, we’ll you stay at least through dessert? I got some chocolate covered fruit from a place nearby. IT’s really good.” He says. 

You sigh. “Okay, but only because I love chocolate covered strawberries.” You say putting your bag back down. 

He smiles and you both walk into the kitchen were he gets them out of fridge. He picks up a strawberry and practically shoves it into your face. You laugh and grab one to shove in his face. You both laugh and end up standing quite close together. He looks down at you and you look up at him. His gaze lowers down to your lips and he leans down to kiss you. You respond to the kiss by wrapping your arms around his neck as he pulls you closer. 

Seokjin Scenario: Rain Drops.

Request:  I love your blog so much❤️❤️❤️ I want to request a Seokjin scenario, where he and reader go to a date concert and when you go out its raining so he gives you his jacket!

Genre: Fluff

It was true that you were maybe too excited for this, but nobody could really blame you and it wasn’t like you were ashamed for openly saying that you still got super excited when you were going on a date with your boyfriend.

You giggled a little while picking two water bottles from the fridge, maybe that’s what was so nice about your relationship with Jin, it was still exciting to spend time with him and do lovely couple things together.

You let the bottles on top of the table next to a few snacks and walked back to your room. It was about time to get going and Seokjin could have written you. The first thing you did was to search for your phone and check it was charged, there was a message of your boyfriend saying he was almost at your place to pick you up.

The smile was instantly back to your face and you turned towards the mirror to do the last touches of your makeup, putting a little more of eyeliner and a pretty bright lipstick to match the edgy look you’d chosen for the day; it was an Arctic Monkeys concert after all.

Running a hand through your hair to smooth it down a bit, you took a final look at your reflection and smiled satisfied. You hoped Jin liked your look as much as you did because you were in love, at the mere moment he had surprised you with the tickets and the offer to go and watch the band together you knew you had to pick your looks for that day, and it didn’t take much for you to coax Jin to wear a couple outfit, one that matched a little at least.

You’d gone for a cute high waisted skirt, with black and white squares print and two little openings on the lower edge, it was comfy and really fashionable, and you decided to pair it with a black crop top, sandals, round sunglasses and a small black leather back pack.

You threw your phone inside the bag, sprayed some of your favorite perfume and ran downstairs to pick the water bottles and the snacks. By the time you were halfway into the living room you heard a claxon outside announcing Seokjin’s arrival.

Stepping outside you saw him already walking towards you and your heart did that funny thing it always did whenever Jin was into view, jumping a little inside your chest.

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