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Percy Weasley

they have something in common… either that, or this is the prequel to my drawing of Hans from last May

I’ve had this idea for the longest but now that it’s winter (for pretty much everyone else in the northern hemisphere), now was a good time to draw it. This was my first time drawing Marshmallow and I noticed some mistakes I made in my May drawing so I may go back to fix them. I know that Hans would actually be smaller next to Marshmallow but my cartoons have the head-to-body ratio of a stylized chibi and Hans already looks pretty tiny right now, imagine if I had kept the proportions correct XD

well! (O    v O) <3 this is the OTP i was talking about in >this< post earlier… heheh… (^   3 ^);; at the outset of this piece i was feeling really down, and thought it might turn out quite depressing… but (o    w  o) it was actually really cathartic <3 and i think it ended up kind of bittersweet (^    v ^) so~ i’m feeling oddly peaceful now. i… i really just want the angry boy and the sweet boy to be happy… *so much sighs* i’m being facetious of course~ lol ~ but i do hope at least some of you enjoy this. it makes me think a lot about the people i value and how much i hope they know i love them <3

Hangovers and Potential Regret

Pairing: Harry Osborn x reader

Request: we drunk-kissed but you forgot about it and i don’t know how to act around you anymore wtf with Harry Osborn (because I always read the tags)

Word Count: 2,521 (aka why the fuck can i do this with no problem but still struggle to write a 1,000 word essay for school)

Warnings: Terrible hangovers and the things that come with them (i.e. nausea and headaches.) and a lot of cussing because i no longer have any self control.

A/N: I’m SOOOOO happy someone requested this bc im in actual love with Harry Osborn. Also, this is the longest fic i’ve ever written let’s celebrate my productivity (actually dont bc the only reason i finished this today is bc im avoiding homework)

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Greetings, I hope to be of help here.

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19 weeks of captain swan

week 8: captain swan in season two

For anyone who wishes to look further into their characters’ past in this verse / world, this is something that was brought up to my IM so I will clarify it here as an option: whatever happens post-DPOE is, of course, your choice as far as what your muses do. However, pre-DPOE, you have these options:

  • Your muse was either a member of Concordia, obviously. They bore the sun tattoo as a symbol of their allegiance to Ikki’s cause and what they stood for prior to Utopia’s fall.
  • Your muse was a member of Memento Vivere who lost favor with their Queen. If you choose this route, the explanation for your muse taking part in the game is through Kyu’s doing. She likely would’ve held some animosity towards your muse or just looked down on them in a way that led to her nominating them to take part in the D-isney killing game. M.onokuma accepted her proposal, your muse’s memories were wiped and they were implanted as regular prisoners alongside former Concordia members. They were not working with the Jury as traitors, but they would’ve been made aware of their previous allegiance during the final trial. The reason they wear the sun tattoo is because Memento Vivere stole the symbol, thus it marks them as a former member of MV rather than Concordia. What they do after DPOE, of course, once again, is up to you. Remember that being affiliated with MV automatically makes you part of The Alliance.
  • The third option is that your muse was a civilian / independent survivor of some sort that was picked up and forced into the killing game unaffiliated with either group. Although many participants in these games are former Concordia members or members of Memento Vivere the Queen has decided to “purify,” that doesn’t mean everyone is. Some people were just survivors who got picked up and thrown into this purification process as a means of deciding whether or not they were “worthy” to continue existing in the New World.

finger guns

Pokeddexy challenge for December - Day 6: Favourite fighting type Pokemon

Lopunny using focus punch! (with transparent background)

Ironically, for the day of my least favourite pkmn type I actually drew my so far favourite drawing from this challenge.

Check out other ‘mons from my pokeddexy challenge! (I experiment a lot.)

#ChallengeYourShelf February 19: LGBTQ+

I have a ton of LGBTQ+ books on my TBR list, and I’m always looking for more. I’m so glad that more and more diverse books are becoming available and that I can read books with kickass LGBTQ+ characters. I wonder if having those books available when I was a teenager would have helped me figure myself out a lot earlier than I did.


Annnnd here’s another one I noticed while posting that. So, in the first picture, (which is a terrible quality gif screencap, sorry) we see that the protagonist character portrait shows up when she talks. This happens earlier in the trailer when she enters that monitor room. That’s really awesome! More protagonist sprites is more than welcome in my eyes. Though, in the previous trailer from December, Leon Kirigiri has the same portrait display while talking to the girl with the red eyes.

So, I dunno. This could be confirmation of multiple protagonists, or it could be a red herring. They completely hid Kaede in that trailer, so that wouldn’t surprise me.

Wedding Crashers

A/N Kind of forgot to post this after I wrote it a few weeks ago…

Marlene and Lily crash a wedding. Jily

When Lily agreed tocrashing a wedding, she didn’t think that it would get quite so chaotic.Marlene had approached her with the idea a week earlier. Apparently Sirius was getting married and she was pissed that she hadn’t been invited to the wedding. Lily tried to explain to her that people typically didn’t invite their exes to their weddings but Marlene insisted that they were “still friends” and she should’ve been invited. Lily figured that Marlene would go with or without her, so she might as well tag along and try to minimize the damage her friend may cause.

They missed the ceremony because Lily couldn’t figure out how to style her hair and Marlene misplaced her shoes. Lily should’ve taken those things as signs that they should stay home. However, she was too invested to back out now.

It was surprisingly easy to slip into the reception and that gave Lily false hope that the night would go smoothly. She and Marlene sat at an empty table in a corner of the hall and waited for Sirius and his bride to make their grand entrance. They were rather shocked when his bride turned out to be a groom.

“He didn’t seem gay to me…” Marlene whispered.

“Bisexual, Mar, ever hear of it?”

“Huh… good for him. Remus of all people too. I guess that makes sense.”

Marlene kept muttering about the surprising turn of events as people started taking their places for dinner. Lily noticed a couple circling their table and frowning. As they approached the bridal party’s table and started gesturing towards her and Marlene she realized that they were in their seats.

“Marlene let’s go to the bathroom,” Lily quickly dragged Marlene away from the table. A quick glance back at the table and Lily saw a man staring at them suspiciously. She wasn’t sure who he was and while she’d want to find out in any other circumstance, because damn was he fine, she didn’t want to find out now.

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