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Percy Weasley

Hangovers and Potential Regret

Pairing: Harry Osborn x reader

Request: we drunk-kissed but you forgot about it and i don’t know how to act around you anymore wtf with Harry Osborn (because I always read the tags)

Word Count: 2,521 (aka why the fuck can i do this with no problem but still struggle to write a 1,000 word essay for school)

Warnings: Terrible hangovers and the things that come with them (i.e. nausea and headaches.) and a lot of cussing because i no longer have any self control.

A/N: I’m SOOOOO happy someone requested this bc im in actual love with Harry Osborn. Also, this is the longest fic i’ve ever written let’s celebrate my productivity (actually dont bc the only reason i finished this today is bc im avoiding homework)

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they have something in common… either that, or this is the prequel to my drawing of Hans from last May

I’ve had this idea for the longest but now that it’s winter (for pretty much everyone else in the northern hemisphere), now was a good time to draw it. This was my first time drawing Marshmallow and I noticed some mistakes I made in my May drawing so I may go back to fix them. I know that Hans would actually be smaller next to Marshmallow but my cartoons have the head-to-body ratio of a stylized chibi and Hans already looks pretty tiny right now, imagine if I had kept the proportions correct XD

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Hi Kaz! You said in a previous post that I can't dig out to reference properly that Yuuri's hate and Victor's love at the start of the story are two sides of the same coin and both were not healthy for them so it got me thinking... if Yuuri wasn't so obsessed with his hatred he would realize he loved Victor earlier and the story wouldn't be so angsty (probably) but if Victor wasn't so in love with Yuuri and chose to step back when he thought he couldn't be with Yuuri in the way he wanted 1/2

Would they still get together in the end? It will be so sad if they didn’t :( 2/2


They would still get together in the end and it would have saved them both a lot of pain. Just like how in the early chapter Yuuri’s hatred and obsession is unhealthy and damaging for them both, so to is Viktor’s love. He’s in love with the idea of being in love and in love with the image of Yuuri he has created in his own mind. Granted it’s closer to who Yuuri really is then Yuuri’s image of Viktor but it’s still an idealised version. Viktor’s perspective in some ways is just as biased as Yuuri’s and he keeps telling himself this pretty little story about seeing Yuuri and instantly connecting with him on some level (which we all know is complete BS) and he’s in love with Yuuri without really knowing Yuuri as a person at all. That’s not healthy and it certainly isn’t a good basis for a relationship. It means that Viktor keeps coming back even when it hurts him and it’d be better just to stay away and let things grow naturally between them rather than keeping on sleeping with Yuuri and accepting the love he thinks is all he can get rather than the love that he deserves. Part of Viktor’s journey, just like Yuuri coming to let go of his hatred and love Viktor as the person not the image, is Viktor letting go of his preconceived notions of how love is supposed to be and learning the reality and falling in love with Yuuri as a person once he gets to know him rather than falling in love with the idea of Yuuri and the idea of love. Once they both let go in their respective ways, only then does the relationship start to grow into something healthy that could actually be long lasting. 

So in answer to your question, if Viktor had loved less like Yuuri hated less the relationship would have taken longer to develop between the two of them but they would have eventually come to see each other for who they really were and come to love each other for that and only that rather then the complicated mess they get into in the earlier parts of the series 

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Hi again!, so this is the idea, Tom goes through something similar the mewberty but for demons, basically for a short period of time their features changes, they get bigger, sharper and devilish (claws, teeth, horns, etc). Tom gets self conscious about it and hides away from Marco (he couldn't bear the idea of Marco finding him hideous), for the other hand Marcos is worried about the abrupt change in Tom's behavior (making excuses, cancelling plans).

Here you go! Sorry this took longer than i said, but my wifi is broken, I’m posting this at work lol. requests are still closed!!! I’m just posting some ones from earlier that got submitted. Enjoy!

Marco dialed the phone for the fourth time and made a face when he got sent straight to voicemail. Star entered the room, chewing on her wand and looked confused. “Hey what’s going on?” She asked, at seeing Marco’s stressed face.

“Well… Tom hasn’t answered his phone on a while. At first I thought he was just busy, but now I’m starting to get worried.” Marco explained. Star rolled her eyes.

“Oh Marco, what’s a few hours?” Star asked, flopping down on the bed. Marco shook his head and sat down.

“Star, it’s been a few days.” Marco told her. This was concerning, making Star sit up. “I think something is wrong. He won’t talk to me, but a few days ago he texted me and said he couldn’t go on our date we had planned.” He told her. “I’m starting to get really worried about him, that something bad happened.” Marco expressed.

“Did you go to his house?” Star asked. “Maybe he’s just home.” She suggested. Marco ran his fingers through his hair and picked his phone back up, gripping it.

“You don’t think I’m overreacting?” Marco asked. Star shook her head.

“To has never been this elusive. Especially not towards you. Just go check up on him.” Star urged. Marco nodded and grabbed the dimensional scissors off the table. He cut a hole in the air and dashed through to find his demon.


Tom balled his hand up into fists, when he uncurled them he made a little whine when he saw his claws had grown longer and razor sharp. Tom put a hand over his mouth and felt the sharper teeth that were showing over his lip. He had teeth like an actual shark that were harder to hide than his normal ones. He tried to make his way to his feet but collapsed again when he felt the same pain in his back, two black and red, spiky wings were growing out and the feeling was incredibly painful.

Tom curled upon the floor like a cat and shut his eyes tightly, trying to block all of this out. It was becoming hard to see. And he was disoriented. Everything was sort of blurry and red, and every noise he heard set him off, wanting to attack or pounce. The last thing Tom wanted was to be some sort of demonic monster, so he tried to shut these urges out.

“Tom?” Tom’s head shot up at the noise and he growled, but when the figure stepped closer he gasped, trying to hold himself back. “Tom what happened to you!?” Marco cried, in fear. He tried to move closer to the demon but Tom hissed at him and backed away.

“Stay away Marco.” He growled through gritted teeth. Marco’s eyes widened.

“T-Tom? What’s wrong? Please let me help you.” Marco begged. Tom hissed again and retreated further into the dark corner. He didn’t want Marco to see him like this. He looked like a monster. He WAS a monster. To held his eyes shut and tried his best not to attack the human. He didn’t want to attack the human! But all these strange urges were forcing him to become more and more feral. His powers were stronger, and they were hard to control. Marco shouldn’t be around him now, he was dangerous.

“Leave. Now.” Tom hissed. “I don’t want you here.” He growled. Marco narrowed his eyes.

“That’s not true. You’re in pain, please let me help you. Tom, tell me what’s happening to you.” Marco took a step closer and Tom hissed at Marco, causing him to take a step back. Tom smiled sickly and growled.

“See, you’re afraid!” He hissed. “Go.” Tom commanded. Marco shook his head.

“No! I don’t want to go! I love you!” He insisted. Tom growled and ran forward on all fours, tackling Marco and seething, in an attempt to scare him away. Marco looked up and saw Tom had two extra eyes than normal, and his teeth were sharper, bigger and more jagged.

“HoW dO yOu LikE mE NOw?” Tom’s voice was disoriented and had some sort of echo. His eyes were lit up an angry red, but Marco didn’t buy it.

“I think  you’re just as scared as I am.” Marco spoke, his voice didn’t waver at all. Tom growled furiously and got up off the human. He stood to his feet and thrust his hand out, a force wrapped Marco up and he floated in the air upside down. Tom was surrounded by fire and had a large flame under Marco’s head.

“WhAt AboUT nOw?” Tom hissed, forcing a smile that made him look deranged. Marco smiled at the demon.

“I think we have a date to reschedule.” He beamed. Tom yelled and dropped Marco, setting the fire out so he wasn’t hurt. Marco smiled and looked up at the demon. “See? If you were a monster or something dangerous, you would have hurt me just now. But you put the fire out and let me down gently.”

“I DROPPED you!” Tom corrected.

“You tried to.” Marco added. “But you couldn’t really bring yourself to hurt me, could you?” He asked. Tom had more fire flare up around him and he raised a second set of arms that just appeared without notice. His giant evil looking wings spread and his eyes glowed up. Marco took a step closer. “I know you’re afraid, and you’re embarrassed about what’s happening to you.” He took a step forward and Tom seethed. “Let me help you, please Tommy.” Marco begged, tear welled up in his eyes.

At seeing this Tom gasped and his eyes dimmed. “Marco!” He cried. He landed in front of the human and gasped. “Please don’t cry! Marco please don’t cry!” He begged. Marco looked up and smiled through his tears.

“I knew you still cared about me.” He smiled. Tom stopped and took a step back. Marco smiled warmly and reached a hand out to him. “I know you still love me. Please let me help.” Marco begged this same plea again. Tom’s eyes watered and he dashed into the human’s arms, sobbing. Marco rubbed his back and smiled.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me.” He blubbered. Marco held him closer and Tom hiccuped.

“It’s all going to be okay. I’m here for you.” Marco hushed. “I’ll help you figure this out, I’m not going anywhere.” He pledged.

“What if I hurt you too?” Tom asked, in fear.

“You won’t, I trust you.” Marco assured. Tom snuggled closer to Marco and his sobs became less.

“You-you still like me… even like this?” Tom asked, unsure. Marco grabbed the demon and pulled him down into a kiss.

“I still LOVE you.”

Gift for @galaxy-craft just bc I think you’re cool. I’m about a year late but here’s some Undertale roleplay

Kyle: Well Stan is my super best friend so there’s lots of things I like about him. But if I have to pick one thing it would probably be…he’s always there for me I guess, I mean Kenny can be supportive. And Cartman is……Cartman. So Stan is my one friend I can usually rely on.

Kyle: Kenny is… well I worry about him sometimes. But what’s great about him is that even when really shitty stuff happens to him he almost always bounces back. He has a terrible home life, but always puts on a smile for us. Which in my book is really awesome. Maybe not so much for him but there isn’t much I can do about it.

There are a lot of things I feel about Cartman. I think he’s a fat, short, asshole who doesn’t know how to mind his own business. He’s always ruining shit and getting in the way of of everything. If something bad happens it’s usually because of something this dumbass did. But I figure you weirdos won’t leave me alone until I say something positive about him..So I guess he has nice hair. Are you happy now?


19 weeks of captain swan

week 8: captain swan in season two

Don't buy from So Aesthetic.

For the love of all that is good don’t buy from them… all in all their stuff is cute but extremely cheap. Some of my things came in a take out bag (Which I unfortunately no longer have, my cleaning people threw the packaging out)… and I ordered their banana shorts (that are no longer listed on the site.)

Do these look like Bananas to you? And their Iridescent Windbreaker:

Looks cute right? Made out of plastic and not at all itchy… but it looks way different in real life. 

It’s mesh, not plastic.

Next one is a skirt I bought, they didn’t have a model wearing this on the site. I would show you myself wearing this but it would show my butt… There’s no extra fabric on the end of it like on most skirts. The next skirt I thought looked super cute!

Looks cute right? I thought so too!(Once again no model wearing this on the website either) Especially with that button hole on the right…

Which mine didn’t come with… when I emailed them thinking it was a product defect this is what they said:

Uh… okay…? Even I thought this was a bit strange… but then I emailed them about their numerous spelling errors on the back of their lazy hoodie. Which is actually pretty high quality and nice, until I noticed the spelling errors.

‘Wathching TV’, ‘Engrgy’, ‘Eat Potato Chip’ (that ones more grammar-ish but still), and ‘dependind’. I thought this was an error so of course I e-mailed them! This was their response:

Oh yea I guess it is-

So they showed a photo of it but no where in their description do they say anything about misspellings on purpose. Their return policies are even worse… (I realized this after the order.)

So sorry if your stuff is too small! Can’t return it. Don’t like it? Can’t return it. Luckily I go a hole in the banana shorts mentioned earlier so I emailed them in which they asked for a photo which I happily provided…

They also wanted a video… which of course I provided and I haven’t gotten a response back yet… 

Just don’t buy from them… it’s not worth your money… just a scam. Poor quality and all too expensive… (Seriously that skirt was like $50 and you couldn't cut a button hole in it?)

Please reblog if you can to warn others and feel free to add in your own experiences with this shop.

New Studyblr

Hey guys and welcome to my new studyblr  🎀📓

Let me introduce myself:

  • My name is Paulina
  • I am 17 years old and live in Germany
  • English is not my first language so bear with me 
  • The Sea is only 10 minutes from my house and I love it
  • But I love my dog even more, 🐶 she is a welsh terrier and the cutest being   on earth 🌏 
  • most social events are just very awkward for me


I am a senior, which on my school means that I am in grade 13 (starting in August ‘17)
  • I love history, politics and English, those three are also my advanced classes. Other than that I will be tested in biology and maths.

Why a studyblr?

  • I always loved back to school shopping and cute stationary makes me very happy 🤓
  • The studyblr community helped me to stay motivated through the last school year 
  • I want to be a part of that community 
  • I hope that I can help you guys with pictures and tips 
  • It just looks like its fun and I want to try it 😇

Oh and if you are wondering about the name: I like the word ineffable for some reason, and I couldn’t find a cute pun with the word study😋

This post might look familiar to you… I had a little problem because earlier it-is-ineffable wasn't my main blog and I couldn't properly answer your question. Because of that I created a new account and here we are :)

My favourite study blogs are @emmastudies  @stvdybuddies   @elkstudies @determinedstudy @studyblr @eintsein @universi-tea and @the-girlygeek @studyign  @studyplants @azrstudies @athenastudying

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I hope you will like my posts and I am always open for blog recommendations!

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Robin has been advertising the LOT Rewrite since May/June and had several chats, all of which we reblogged and some weeks she had three chats because everyone couldn't all be available at the same time. If you felt so strongly, could you have joined in then? Otherwise, there's only so much we can do after the episodes are already in their final edits, rather than back between June and July 31st when we had the outlines up or shortly after July 31st when we had posted our 1st drafts.

That’s great and I’m glad you did all that, but if I don’t follow your blog or Robin’s, how am I supposed to find out about the project or chats? I wish I’d known about this earlier, I’d have loved to have been involved from the start. I only found out about it this week, when some artwork did the rounds and I thought it looked like a fun project. But if it hadn’t been for that then I probably wouldn’t have seen anything about it until it was posted on AO3.

It’s a real problem with Tumblr. The way it works, it’s hard to come across anything that isn’t directly in your area of interest. I don’t follow many general LoT blogs and I’m relatively new to Tumblr. So I think the advertising for this was probably a lot more narrow than was thought.


Heya, @lackadaisical-plebeian was the one who helped me out a ton with the dialogues for the recent post about Nanny!Frisk’s past, and unfortunately I posted the earlier version of the work cos she had lost the edited version.


So wholesome and pure s m f h

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

“My past huh? It’s kind of a long story. I was born with the quote unquote silver spoon in my mouth. I had two very loving parents though. They loved me to bits and spoiled me rotten. I remember their faces lighting up as they told me to chase my dreams fiercely. To explore the world once I was older. At the time however, I appreciated the consistency my life had more than anything else.

But then they uh died when I turned 18. The sudden turn of events was jarring to say the least, and well, I had a tough time. Their company was gifted to me and my less than capable hands. While any 18 year old would be ecstatic to be the business owner of such a renowned company, it left me bitter. What was the point of all this money if i didnt have anyone to spend it with? What was the point in going on adventures if they weren’t with me?
I - I’m sorry, this isn’t supposed to be a tragic back story. There is a happy end to this, I promise. My parents lived their whole life with vigor and passion thrumming through their veins. I couldn’t possibly just stay in such a slump all my life, not when all they ever talked about was having adventure after adventure.
They’d left me a letter with their will and the first time I read it, well, I clearly wasn’t in the right state of mind to go out and adventure. Tried reading it again after three years but, I still did not have it in me to just abandon all that my parents had worked on.
And after seven years of just reminiscing, I found myself holding the journal mom used to write in once again….and finally I understood. My parents loved me dearly. They did… I love them too. To them, my happiness was more important than the future of their company.
So it was decided. I sold the company and the money I had I gave away to charity. It was time for my very own adventure.
Legends spoke of a race of monsters trapped underground. Mt. Ebott they said was the place to go. My mother used to tell me stories about the place. I figured it’d be a fun first adventure. And with a twist of fate, ill footing and a fall, I found my second adventure.
So here I am today, enjoying everyday to the fullest as my parents wanted me to.”

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


Smh I have such talented friends, Y'ALL GO CHECK HER OUT SHE REBLOGS VERY NICE AND PRETTY THINGS, ALL ABOUT THE AESTHETICS AND SHIT, also she is super into kpop, spn and anime so if ya want a really cool person

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 👉 @lackadaisical-plebeian 👈


To shuukyo, whose tag ramblings got me really intrigued in the Tsukkiyama dynamic in the first place - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THERE’S A FOURTH PERSON TURNING TWENTY IN AUGUST IN THE TSUKKIYAMA FANDOM (that I know of anyways) PFFFT — 

You wanted them being science nerds, so have this lame comic about Tsukki teaching Yama how to love his freckles a little more through constellations LMAO IDK. IT ISN’T EVEN DONE YET. THERE’RE 4 MORE PAGES TO GO /CRIES FOREVER. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T TELL PEOPLE YOUR BIRTHDAY EARLIER, SHUU. I CAN’T FINISH IN TIME —

But I wanted to post something in time for your birthday, so have the first three pages pffft.

Also, please forgive any lousy, inaccurate constellation drawings LMAO