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Screenshots from A LONG EMOTIONAL NIGHT | Far From Noise.

Oh my god guys I literally don’t even know where to start right now, I have so many thoughts running through my brain because of this game. 

I just zoned out while watching this video because this game just pulled me in with the themes and just the atmosphere that surrounded it. I was just so into it. I’ve seriously been needing something like this lately because ever since the end of October my brain and mental health have just been all over the place because of things that happened in my life that are out of my control and I’ve been getting these weird negative thoughts about my life lately. My anxiety has been all over the place and I’ve just felt so incredibly off and exhausted lately. So I needed something like this that could make me stop for a little while and breathe and think with a much clearer head about my life and my current situation. Which is what this game and video did and it meant a lot to me because of that. Some of things that were said in this game and from Seán in this video (especially at the end) was stuff that I’ve seriously really need to hear. 

Honestly how I interpreted this game was I feel like it was saying that no matter what happens in your life or what your situation is, your life and your existence is what you make of it. In my opinion your life automatically matters just by existing and being alive at this moment in time. But you yourself make the meaning come out of that. We’re all experiencing the same scary, strange but absolutely amazing adventure that’s called life through our own interpretation and perspective of it. That’s why I like that the kept the ending ambiguous because I think the game wants you to come to your own conclusion. Even if you’re in the worst scenario ever, is that really the end? Is that really what the rest of your life will be like? The answer to those questions is no. It doesn’t have to be the end and it never is the end because there’s always better times down the road you just need to find that. Unfortunately it can take a long time to get there depending on your circumstances but it always happens eventually even when it doesn’t feel like it ever will. There’s so many things in life that we all have yet yo see and experience, what you’re going through right now is not the be all and end all of your life. Like what Seán said in this video life is worth fighting for. I believe that you all can get through anything that you’re going through because  I think that life is 100% worth living.  

These kind of videos become some of my all time favorites from Seán because they just stick with me because they make me think and they just open my mind. It becomes more then just watching someone else play a super meaningful game. It’s sharing an unforgettable experience with the person you’re that watching play the game. :) 

@therealjacksepticeye  Seán if you see this post, there’s something that I want to say to you. I know that it’s probably weird that I’m kind of shoving this into the end of this post and I highly doubt you’ll read this because I already have made this post way too fucking long and I don’t want to waste your time. But I want to say this to you anyway, I need to say this to you anyway because I think you need to hear this. 

You are smart enough and you are creative enough to do whatever it is that you want to do in your life!

Which I know that you know that but still I’m saying it to try and reassure you a little bit. I know that you can get through the anxiety you have about starting something new! You are so much stronger then the doubts and insecurities you have about yourself. You capable of so much more then you think and you can push past those barriers that you have in your head! You said in this video that our moments are right around the corner and that you believe in us but please remember to believe in yourself too. I know that you can do ANYTHING that you set your mind to, more moments are coming to you too! I believe in you Seán, like I said before you are smart enough and you are creative enough to do whatever it is you want to do in your life. :) 

This is dedicated to @mormoc and @percyyoulittleshit 

Because I went through a funk and they sent me such sweet messages and they’re just amazing people in general and I want to thank them for being just the best girls and the best of friends a girl could ask for. I love them and I just want to say thank you guys!




Happy 22nd birthday, Jeon Wonwoo! Thank you for all the hard work that you do for Seventeen and us Carats. Thank you (along with your fellow members, whom you work so harmoniously with) for providing us with a constant source of joy and motivation. Watching you achieve your dream inspires us to work hard towards our own, seeing you smile (with that beautiful nose crinkle) brightens our own moods. For all that you’ve given us, we wish you happiness in return. We admire that you are able to pull through after times of sickness and adversity and are always open to learning new things. Although an “idol,” it is the everyday admirable human traits that you possess that are what make you awe-inspiring in our eyes. That your success was mostly due to blood, sweat, and tears, along with love and passion for what you do. Stay healthy and may your birthday wishes be fulfilled ^^.


The Witch and the Demon

*slips another au over the counter*

 An AU where teru and mob are partners and novices of an organization that deals with supernatural beings that have gone out of control. but a witch and a demon?? what a peculiar pair. 



hearts: spring, home, heart, emotions, love, vulnerability, water

clubs: summer, education, mind, intellect, musings, literature, air

diamonds: fall, career, values, security, judgement, responsibility, fire

spades: winter, environment, wisdom, old age, transformation, earth

Mafioso Cas, again.

“I’m serious, Yu. You don’t realize how terrifying humans are.”


Alex Danvers, 14, 15 and 16 for @fiddleabout 


“What could you possibly do to me? I can easily extinguish a life as puny as yours.”

i can’t sleep 💤


You’re a s m a r t man Jack, but I don’t entirely t r u s t you

                                 Peas in a pod, darling.


“Sam, you and dad, you’re the most important people in my life. And now… I never should have come back Sam, it wasn’t natural, and now look whats come of it. I was dead and I should’ve stayed dead. You wanted to know I was feeling, well thats it. So tell me, what could you possibly say to make that alright?“


Happy 34th Birthday, Ninomiya Kazunari! ♥


TY’s hair flipping ♥ through the 2016 year : January> August>October>December