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It's like Jimin knows exactly what his hand on Kook's neck does to him, because Kookie just goes pliant. I'm still..? I don't even know, I'm speechless. This moment says so many things, oh God.

《● I am not saying this is becoming my favourite Jikook moment , but this is becoming my favourite Jikook moment (Before it was properly the one where Jungkook closed his eyes when he back hugged Jimin). Did you see how Jimin slowly rub his hand across his neck forward then back Jimin’s fingers applying pressure on Jungkook’s neck ?! It was near his vein I think. I lost it at that point ! And then he ajdbdhbfjg , I can’t get enough of Jikook!

● Im so.. the way jimin slides his hand slowly across jk’s neck and kinda digs his fingers in is just wow.. i can’t blame jk when he reacted instantly like that and closed his eyes… and it looked so natural for them and jin kinda freaked out omg.. makes me wonder what are the actual boundaries those two have crossed.. they always have some sort of vibe between them that makes me feel some type of way. there’s definitely something going on between them whether they told one another or not. Shit 》
Is his reaction due to the fact that it was Jimin touching him or is his neck one of his sensitive points or both.. the way Jimin lightly slided his hand and then the pressure he put, i guess he would know about it. Gonna stop talking about that hand on neck thing cause it was…yeah.
The whole thing seemed natural though and its not the first time jimin leans on him like that faces really close (he actually did it in the middle of a concert) so I guess it’s normal for them whatever it means (it’s probably how he greets him in the morning go figure). Jimin kinda wandered to the side a bit like “did i just do that in public” when the fans screamed but Jungkook definitely doesn’t have any boundaries when he is the one initiating skinship with Jimin.
Jungkook’s face though…. I could talk about it for hours. As soon as he felt jimin’s hand on his ear the boy was gone. Did he have to close his eyes and smile like that, that utter enjoyment on his face sends me.

phillip hamilton things, for people who haven't or can't see the show.

-during his rap in take a break, he starts out nervous and then kid gets WAY IN TO IT, bending his knees and flexing his arms and yelling. alex hugs him and looks so proud and phillip is so pleased with himself. it’s precious.

-during reynolds pamphlet, jefferson, madison, and burr take him up front, surround him, and show him the paper. they point and say “at his own house? at his own house? damn.” out loud to him and oh my god his face, he’s shattered. you can physically see his father get taken down a peg in his eyes. I can’t even describe it. it was heartbreaking.

- I always pictured his argument with george eaker happening up close, like he pushed past a bunch of people and was up his face. but no, eaker is up on the balcony and in true hamilton fashion, phillip is making a scene and shouting at him from below. the actors in the “play” even stop to watch, and you’re like damn this really is alex’s son.

-when he’s telling his dad about the duel, alex is standing with his arms folded (and using his “dad” voice) and phillip looks so sheepish but also defiant and it reminds me so much of “meet me inside.”

-“stay alive reprise.” tore. my. heart. out. which I knew it would but jesus. no mercy. I was full on sobbing. (eliza screams at the end of it and I can’t even describe that. it’s so horrible and your breath catches in your throat and she sounds so worn down and destroyed. she’s held it together throughout all the shit alex put her through but in that moment it all comes crashing down and you can hear so much pain. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful. the acting is amazing.)

Batfamily at some point of their lives

-Forget a kid in the school.
“Hey it feels calm today, ‘da fuck where’s Damian?”

-Alfred putting drugs on Tim’s coffe so he could sleep for a while.

-“He’s Jason my broth… my.
butler” -Damian Wayne

-Hugs at midnight from little and scared Damian.

-“Damian what the hell, why did you bring another pet?”

-“I died once and you didn’t average me, so at least you.can…” Jason 24/7.

- Jason would put eyeshadow under his eyes in Halloween and would say “My Tim Drake’s cosplay, where’s my coffee?”

-Make fun of their old costumes.

-Be the smartest kids in the class.

-“Who was first, the chicken or the egg?” Dick Grayson at some point of the night.

-Damian would close all the windows so Jason would use the door, or better, he would not enter.

-Bruce would be proud to call them his sons.

-Besides all the jokes, they will support each others, no matter what.

Weiss asks for Yangs permission to date Ruby
  • Weiss: Excuse me,yang.
  • Yang: Sup Ice Queen.
  • Weiss: As you know Ruby and I have grown close these past few months to the point where I have grown very fond of her company.
  • Yang: *squints eyes* Hmmmhmm. Spit it out Weissicle. What are you trying to say?
  • Weiss: *coughs* Oh well, I would like to ask for your permission to date Ruby?
  • Yang: ...What?
  • Weiss: I'm asking for Ruby's hand I am very fond of he-
  • Yang: No, no. I got that. I'm wondering why you're asking me of all people. Really Weiss, You don't need my permission to date Rubbles, so long as she likes you. *starts laughing* This isn't the 50's.
  • Weiss: *blushes* Excuse me for having enough common courtesy to ask the eldest of the family if I could date her sister.
  • Yang: *muffles laughter* Hey Ruby, Weiss just asked me if she could date you!! What do you want me to say?
  • Ruby: *jokingly replies* Why I never would of thought ms. Schnee would want to date little ol' me! Tell Weiss I would love too!
  • Weiss: I regret ever asking you.
  • Yang: *puts her hand on Weiss's shoulder* Weiss I just want you to know I give you my blessing to date my youngest.
Avengers Preference: How You Meet

Steven Grant Rogers (Captain America):

I sighed as I continued to punch the punching bag, and I grit my teeth as I clenched my fist. This was so frustrating. Clint was officially the most annoying agent in S.H.I.E.L.D.

I closed my eyes as I tried to block out his voice, but he continued to tease me, “Hey, (Y/N). Did you fall into a pile of sugar? Because you’ve got one sweet ass!”

I groaned, and I face palmed. I heard Clint cracking up, and I glared at him.

“This is the training room, Bird Boy. Either train or leave!”

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Just a piece of paper

I wrote this one-shot in response to my sister’s engagement and the way she handled some things while planning her wedding. It actually shows my point of view on marriage and wedding that has only been reinforced since my sister got engaged. Since literature is the best way to think about those things, I figured why not voice my opinion through my favorite characters?

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“Ollie, I need to apologize.”

His best friend put his arms around his shoulders and pulled him close, so the smell of beer on Tommy’s breath met him right in the face. Oliver turned his eyes from the redheaded stripper to his slightly drunk friend. He quickly drank the rest of the beer in his glass and perked up his eyebrows.

“Apologize for what?” Oliver asked.

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godDAMMIT why do sterek feels ALWAYS hit me just as I close my eyes to go to sleep? No brain, I need rest, not angst about how after years of being together, Stiles no longer needs his pillow, not when when he has Derek to hold and drool on. Nor do I need to think about how Derek comes to associate the scent of Stiles with home to the point he feels so safe not even Stiles’ incessant sleep talking keeps him awake anymore.


…I can’t see a thing because my eyes are closed. All I care about the cosmos is happening here on this roof. I think how to respond so his hand stays on that lever, so he remains this close to me, so close I can feel his breathing on the back of my neck. If I say yes, he’ll probably step backward. If I say no, maybe he’ll adjust the telescope again and we can stay like this a minute longer. “I don’t think I see them,” I say, my voice rough, unsteady. This was the right answer, because he says, “Okay, here,” and he does something that brings not only the stars but him a breath closer. 

My heart stops beating.


So I have debated writing this. part of me just wanted to close my eyes and ignore it but…

Anyway - I am getting close to 325. This weight is 150 lbs off my highest weight and is my point of failure the last two times. Twice I have fought hard and gotten down to 325 only to stall - give up and go back toward 500. 

I keep trying to convince myself things are different this time (and they are) but part of me is freaking out, sure I am going to hit some magic setpoint or find some way to sabotage myself yet again.

So, hopefully in about a month - I will pass this number once and for all and I can move forward, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t more than a little freaked out right now. 


sooo thanks to reading heartstrings by @taylordraws i was up til 3am doodling this garbage. god help my lost soul.

also i’d been talking to @littleblackchat all day about it and she was designing up what she imagined Mari’s dress from chapter 3 looked like, and I doodled this version based on her descriptions and early doodles of it xD so it’s a little different from the one she posted. Also I pointed out that the keyhole in the dress was perfect for Adrien in that scene, since he put his hand there and gyid7573943778hsjdfj IMAGINE IT GUYS imagine it

Keep it or Leave it (Part 9)

Prompt: When an early bird and a womanizer are roommates, they come up with a scheme that favors both of them. But some things are not as clear as they seem

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None that I can think of…
*If you do feel triggered by something, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 539

Author’s Note: As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

Part 1 Part 8 Part 9

You excused yourself, brushing your arm against your eyes to dry your tears, and went straight to your bedroom

Bucky kept looking at you, his gaze following you until you had closed your bedroom door. Only then he noticed Dot was close by

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Scrambled (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: I really want one were peter falls for the reader but he doesn’t know that she’s completely emotionally gone so when it comes to his knowledge he helps her get better :)

Word count: 1,362

Warnings: fluff, angst (just a bit)

A/N: I hope this is okay and is close to what you had in mind :)

She seemed so peaceful, calm even, just minding her own business sitting in the corner of a little coffee shop on a street in Queens. Her eyes were soft, she seemed caring, like if she saw a baby bird all alone she would help it.

I’ve been admiring this girl from a distance for a while now to shy to get up and talk to her, Ned has kept pressuring me and today was the day.

It was easy to say me Peter Parker a shy boy who you wouldn’t believe to be Spiderman actually mustered the courage to talk to her. I felt bad, like I was bursting her little peaceful bubble by me being my clumsy self and tripping over multiple chairs on the way to her.

But I got there.

“Ah, h-hi, um, is, is this seat taken?” I say standing just next to the table.

She looks around as if wondering if I was actually talking to her or not. Her eyes settle back on me, I honestly could of melted.

“Oh, sorry! No it’s not” she says, putting her book down.

I slip into the seat across from her, coffee in my hand. For a minute we sit there awkwardly, before she goes to pick her book up.

“The Chronicles of Narnia” I speak up.

She looks up at me just over her book, “yeah it’s pretty good, my favourite actually” she says before going back to reading.

“I’m Peter by the way”

She looks at me over her book again not saying anything.

“You are?” I question.

“(Y/n)” she says softly.

“That’s a lovely name” I give her a soft smile and she returns one to me.

“I’m sorry, I’m making an absolute fool of myself” I say standing up, she marks her page putting the book down.

“And why would that be?” She looks up.

“I-I was gonna ask if you wanted to go out sometime and I don’t know, get some food a drink maybe or just hang out” I look at her with hopeful eyes but she just stairs blankly at me.

“I-I’m just asking you on a date” I clarify.

“Oh no, I mean you seem like a lovely guy Peter but you, you wouldn’t want to get involved with someone like me. I’m scrambled” she says the last part so quietly I almost didn’t hear it.

“But I do wanna get involved with you” I say sitting back down.

“I want to get to know you (y/n) you seem like an amazing person” I look at her with pleading eyes, I can tell she is thinking about it, “please” I say.

She lets out a sigh, “ok”.

2 Weeks Later

(Y/n) was certainly different she was shy, very shy and not very open but God she is amazing to me. The way her smile glistened in the sunlight and her laugh whenever I tell a really lame, corny math or science joke, her eyes would slightly squint and she’d tilt her head back.

It was safe to say I had fallen hard for this girl I still knew nothing about.

Today was different, me and (y/n) had planned to hang out again but she didn’t turn up. I waited and waited but she never showed. If she wasn’t feeling well or had to cancel she would always text or call me but today, nothing. I decided to take it into my own hands and go round to hers to see if she was okay.

I’m standing outside her apartment door now, rethinking my choice about coming here. What if she was with someone else? What if she genuinely forgot and made other plans? That would be awkward….

Before I realised what I was doing I had knocked on the door.

I waited for a bit before I hear some stuffing coming from the other side. I hear her undo two maybe three locks before she opens the door an inch peeping out.

She looked tired, bags under her eyes, they looked red and puffy. Her hair was lose knotted, unkept, she was in her PJ’s.

“I’m sorry Peter I can’t do this today” she says going to close the door.

“(Y/n). No. Stop. What’s wrong? Did I do something?” I say stopping the door with my hand.

She looks down at her feet, “please Peter, just go” she softly speaks.

“No. Now please just let me in (y/n)” I wait a bit but she doesn’t move, “(y/n)… please”.

She lets out a barely hear able sigh “give me a sec”.

She closes the door fully unlocking it before she opens it again letting me in. I walk into her apartment, just standing by the front door waiting for her. She walks right past me and into her room flopping down onto her bed.

“(Y/n) w-what’s wrong?” I say sitting by her.

I hear her sniffle and she lifts up her head, it looks like she could start crying and second but nothing comes out. She props herself up on her elbows and just looks at me.

“(Y/n), please just talk to me”

She drags her bottom lip between her teeth.

“I-I’m j-just so done. I’m absolutely emotionally spent” she stutters out, another sniffle close following.

She sits up, but not facing me. “Honestly, I’m done Peter. I, I feel s-so emotionally gone, I-It’s like there is nothing left in me. I-I’m just a hollow shell of a once, put together p-person”.

My heart sinks and thinks back to one of the first things she said to me, ‘I’m scramble ’. If I had just caught on I could of helped her and she wouldn’t be this ruined. I get up and walk round to her kneeling in front taking her hands in mine. She flitches at my touch but eventually relaxes.

“(Y/n) I-I’m so so sorry, I should have seen this, I-I could have helped you….I can help you” I say looking up into her eyes but her mood quickly changes after those last four words.

“No!” She rips her hands out of my grip shooting up and pacing to the other side of the room.

“Y-you can’t help me Peter. Y-you don’t want to help someone like me. God I told you, you don’t want to get involved with someone like me!” She yells.

“I’m a mess. I can barely feel emotions anymore. I feel nothing! I don’t know what you saw in me! I don’t know what you still see in me! Why are you even still here! Why do you care Peter! Why do you care!” She starts to scream, I just look at her.

“I’m still hear because I care (y/n). I care so much about you. Let me help you, I can help you” I say walking towards her a little.

“Ha! That’s what they all say though Peter. They all say they can help me but then there gone, they give up and just leave me even more ruined then before”.

“But I won’t and I promise that (y/n)” I walk closer.

“How, how can I tell you’re not lying? Tell me Peter. Tell me!” She yells bursting into tears.

I can’t stop myself in two long strides I’ve wrapped my arms around her small fragile frame, embracing her in a tight hug. Her arms automatically wrap around my neck as her head sinks into my chest. I sush her trying to calm her down, eventually she stops crying.

I unwrap my arms from around her gently placing my hand on either side of her face lifting of up so our eyes lock. I wipe away the stray tears with my thumbs before gently leaning into her.

Both of our eyes flutter closed as our lips mound together perfectly. The kiss is gentle yet passionate and loving. Eventually we break away from the kiss.

“Trust me (y/n) I will help you threw this and I will be there every step of the way because I care for you so so much” she cracks a light smile before she snuggles back into my chest.



Okay I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that I will never be on time for the prompts ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

Anyway at some point @ghostofcrux and i made an AU where everything is happy, Wells is Wells, and they meet in a very embarrassing manner. 

This was supposed to be for Day 2: Awkward Situations.


Hundreds of girls aggressively wave their phones in attempt to preserve the image of my boyfriend and his twin brother Ethan. I have to admit they looked godly under the dazzling lights and their confidence boosted from the screams from their adoring fans. I stand towards the back of the venue remaining close to security so that they could lead me away quickly after the show. I allow myself to zone out while looking at Gray, and that’s when a pretty girl with sleek blonde hair shouted in my direction. “Is this you?” she glares at me while handing me her phone. Completely puzzled she rolls her eyes and points at the screen. It was a picture from the last city the boys had taken me to, however; the picture captured a private moment between Grayson and I while we waited outside a restaurant. We were both bundled up in puffy winter jackets and my arms fit securely around his waist, and he had his arms slung around my shoulders. I glance up hesitantly at the girl as she makes a sweeping motion with her finger. So I do as she says and the next photo is of Grayson kissing my nose, and then in the following picture he has is head tucked into my neck in attempt to warm us both up. She begins to smirk as my hands tremble due to the impending anxiety attack rising in my body. “See, this is when it gets interesting. The next photo shows you in the front row of the twins Dallas show, and you seem to be very fanatic.” She continues “So here’s how I see the situation, you are a whore.” I almost drop her phone before she snatched it from my sweaty palms.“Wait why-” I manage to stutter out before she continued her accusations. “Because I also have this picture as evidence that you also have been slutting around with Ethan too.” I feel an expression of shock and misbelief flood my features before she shows me a picture of Ethan’s girlfriend hugging him outside a hotel. The only resemblance we both bore was brown hair, and apparently to her that meant it was me. But before I could explain myself to the girl she finished by stating “If you don’t break up with Grayson then I will leak all this.” Then she rushed off before I had anytime to reason with her. Looks like I now have an obsessed stalker who wants to see my relationship fail for no true purpose. I slowly walk towards security so as to not draw attention to myself, and ask them to lead me behind stage earlier so that I could “rest”. More like hide from an awfully dedicated fan. A few minutes later the boys finished up and proceeded to run off stage. Normally at the end of each show I attended I would hug Grayson despite his sweat and overly rushed manner. But when he picked me up and spun me around he automatically realized something was off. “Y/n you better tell me what happened.” He demanded as his chest heaved and his arms tensed. I sigh before explaining the predicament. At each pause his face softened and he moved in closer to me. “I am going to tell them” he mumbled and involuntarily clenched his jaw. “Tell who? What?” I ask leaning into his much larger frame. He chucked, “If you let me finish then you’ll figure out.” I give him a soft smile and a little nod to tell him to continue. “Ethan and I are going tell the fans that we are off the market.” He said while wiggling his eyebrows. I push against his chest and begin blushing profusely. “Are you sure?” Gray then laid his head in the crook of my neck and murmured a small “Yes, lovebug” before sucking on a small portion of my neck. “Baby don’t do that, people will see” I gasp out not really wanting him to stop. He grumbled out something indiscernible
before pulling away and admiring his mark. “That’s the point” Grayson repeated. His hand then slipped into mine as he pulled me out onto the stage. He made a motion towards the sound people to turn his mic back on and at that point the fans took notice and begun to rush back
into the venue. Ethan then also ran back on stage to see what the commotion was. “Hello Beauties, I want you to meet my lovely girlfriend!” Grayson exclaimed pulling me into a huge embrace. Ethan looked aghast before motioning for his girlfriend to also join us, and stating that they were dating as well. The crowd went absolutely insane and almost instantly the notifications and follow requests flooded in. Once safely in the hotel room Grayson held me tight and ignored all the different social media post regarding our relationship and just enjoyed the time out of the spotlight.

I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing (Dean Ambrose x Reader)

I seriously cried writing this. This was a request from my Shield sister @i-kneel-for-king-loki based off of I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith, one of my all time favorite songs hands down. I’m quite proud of it. ALSO, this is my first time actually going into someone’s head and narrating a fanfic from their point of view. I liked experimenting with it, so please tell me if you liked it! Enjoy! Warnings for swearing

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Thank you, Dean

Originally posted by dahliasheng

Pairing: DeanxVirgin!Reader
Word count: 1,470
Warnings: Oral (reader receiving), smut
Author: Brittiny

Part 1 of Consequences

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Dean asked you, his green eyes locking with your Y/E/C eyes.

Licking your lip, you nodded. “There’s no one I trust more, Dean.” You smiled.

He chuckled. “I’m surprised you didn’t ask Sam.” He pointed out. “I mean, you two are close.”

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Summer air and burning desire

A soft breeze ruffled her golden hair, reveling the curves of her face, and a tiny smile was playing on her sensual lips, making her entire appearance to have a some short of innocence.
Tarquin was pointing toward the sunset, talking about his love for the kingdom that was under his eyes. She admired his dedication, the way he was trying to become a better leader for his people.

“ It’s a pleasure to have you in my home. ” he turned his attention toward her, meeting her rich brown gaze, who was putting at shame every other beauty . She flashed a huge grin, nodding with a royal elegance, keeping her frame steady.

“ I assure you that is a honor to have the opportunity to see your home so close. ”

She was well aware of her role, and her duty to her own court. Sweet talk and doe eyes, a little seduction, but not to much… just enough to tease without hurting anyone.

Hurting him.

Azriel was sinking in his own thoughts, leaning on the opposite railing, watching the waves crushing on the shore. Of course, his relaxed position was just a facade, his shadows swirling gently around his frame, shielding him and whispering every word, every sound that Mor was offering to Tarquin. He said to himself, that it was a way to inform his High Lord, that he was doing that for the good of the mission, but deep down his heart was just craving to know, to understand the reason behind every smile that Mor was eager to give for a worthy man.

Mor let a laugh to escape from her throat, she placed a hand on Tarquin shoulder, making a step toward him, and pushing her hair on one side. Her bare back was now the new view for Azriel, who didn’t try to fight the desire in his hazel storms. He noticed the shy, but full of lust glances coming from Tarquin, he was sure that Mor knew that as well. He swallowed and closed his eyes, the scene was making him dizzy, but he was there before. He witnessed how every male was charmed by Mor, how they were at her feet, but even after all this time the reality was still painful to watch.

Someone came closer to him and disturbed his reverie, his eyes blocked by an attractive woman.

“ Umm - Sorry.. I just thought that you need company. Nobody likes to be alone. ” Cresseida spoke, twirling a lock of hair between her fingers.

“ I’m fine. Thank you for your concern. ” his tone was polite, but emotionless, his entire body was more tense than a moment before, when he was almost caught off guard. Something unusual for him, but this mission was a challenge, having Mor under his eyes, and knowing that he was unable to touch her like he always wanted was driving him insane.

When Morrigan faced her friend, she was surprised to see him talking with someone, with a woman. She didn’t let that to affect her, but the change in her behavior was obvious enough.

“ Is everything okay? ” Tarquin searched her face with worry, and she shook her head, giving him one of her signature smile.
“ Yes. I am just a little cold. That’s all. ” her eyes were on Azriel, she began to bite her lower lip, and when their gaze met, she wanted to run toward him, to cage his handsome face between her palms, and kiss him.. Kiss him without consequences, with no rush, for all the time that she couldn’t do it.

Azriel was unreadable, his expression blank, and she wanted to hear what he was saying to that girl. She hated that feeling, that she was desperate enough to even consider a kiss…

“ Morrigan - the man next to her said slowly and she let Azriel to escape from her view.

” I want to show you something. “ he offered his hand and she didn’t question the gesture, wanting to be far away from Cresseida and her attempt to seduce the man that she was loving more than anyone.

She waited for Az to see the gesture as well, but he didn’t turn his head. She wanted to scream in frustration, but she was a queen and her job was to be in control.

Always in control, even if that was destroying her from inside.

@shadowsinger-mor I hope is good enough.

Met With A Zap, Chapter 8

TITLE: Met With A Zap


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Darcy and Loki meeting for the first time. They instantly dislike each other and are constantly at one another’s throats in arguments. Darcy even ends up using her taser on him at one point. Others around them get fed up of being stuck in the middle of their pranks and arguments. But eventually, Loki finds himself falling for her sassy mouth.


I woke up with a killer headache. Idiot I am had forgotten to close the curtains so the sun was shining in and nearly killing me. I groaned as I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

‘Shit.’ I hissed as my head throbbed. That was some hangover. I couldn’t even remember much about the night before. Especially after having a drink with Loki… Shit. Loki. How long had he stayed for…. fuck. There was someone. In. My. Bed. Next. To. Me.

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“Other people fucking suck,” Levi declared. “I hate the vast majority of them, and you’re one of the few exceptions.”

I shrugged. He wasn’t wrong.

“You barely know me,” I pointed out.

A pause. “Do you remember what you said a couple days ago on the bridge?

I shook my head, eyes still closed.

“I asked you what you were thinking about, and you said you were tired of everything and just wanted to sleep.”

“Ugh,” I groaned at the memory - what a fucking dramatic thing to say. “I remember.”

“I didn’t say so, but I heard it, Eren. I know what you mean. I know how it feels. I won’t pretend to know exactly what you’re going through, because one, I don’t, and two, it’s none of my business. I just…” I opened my eyes in time to see his meet mine. “I know it’s shitty to feel alone on top of everything else. Don’t feel like you’re alone, okay?”

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