so i changed that shit

i’m quite disappointed in the tour dates for rep tbh. i’m in a privileged position where i live somewhere that’s definitely getting dates, but for the people that don’t live in the countries on the list??? this sUCKS. i get the concept of wanting to do a stadium tour and sell out as many as you can but in doing so, taylor’s neglecting a massive portion of her fan base and it’s not fair. asking or expecting people to travel internationally for a concert is wrong and is depriving so many loyal fans who have saved for months the opportunity to attend. i’ve supported a lot of taylor’s decisions, but i can’t get behind this one


ultimate glow up
[the first two are from today and the third is from 2016!]

You’re tearing me apart, Lisa! - Tommy Wiseau, The Room. 

There you go, the reaction gif you’ve always wanted.

haven’t actually played OW since the Halloween event ended, but I’m a little tipsy and have spent this entire week sick and playing Pokemon in my PJs while I watch Scrubs so I need a change of pace

so let’s see how this goes, post-updates


 he’s all talk
he’s already spent like three slots bedazzling that biker jacket he hawked off kravitz


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)

I love these talented boys so much!


One day i will manage to draw Madison in a consistent style…that day is not today


This is simultaneously the best and worst thing I’ve ever drawn