so i cant wait to see what happens between them in season 4

Ships and Songs

Along with my own personal explanations, this is for the lovely little anon who requested to know about my favorite gays!

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Why Lelouch is Alive

A 7 yr late theory by Sylar

Lelouch is, in fact, alive.  I don’t care if the writers came out today with a definitive answer as to his fate. He’s alive dammit.


The laws of how Geass works are actually rather explicit.
By examining the events of the series, contextual clues, and understanding how the damn magic eyeball works, you have no option but to accept that Lelouch survived the end of Code Geass and, is, in fact, alive and well. 


That is, the CODE users of the Geass world.

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Klaroline fanfictions rec!

Wildest Dreams :: Caroline Forbes was living two lives. There was the one with her family and friends where she was just a simple student, and there was the one where she was an escort. Everything was simple, she met with her rich clients and earned money to pay for college. But her life changed the day she met her new client to her list. What happens when Klaus Mikaelson becomes more than a client?

The Little Blonde Salvatore  :: AU/AH. The Salvatore’s and Mikaelson’s are rival Mafia families. Caroline has lived a sheltered life protected from the dangerous world her family live in, until one weekend in New York with her best friend changes her whole life. For better or for worse.

The Mikaelsons :: Just a few years after turning into a vampire Caroline is transitioning again. What is she becoming now? Only one family knows the answer… SMUT, serious lemons, Klaroline OTP, and a bunch of Caroline crackships like Carlijah and Koroline for some OT3 sexy goodness as well. Pre-The Originals, AU from season 4 of TVD.

A Series of Firsts :: There’s a first time for everything. (AU/AH)

Love me twice  :: Kyra has the perfect parents, they are beautiful and strong and they both love her so much that she couldn’t possibly choose between them, the problem is that mommy and daddy aren’t married and live in different houses. She was the result of a steamy night but if it’s up to her, Kyra will not rest until she sees Klaus and Caroline as a real couple. AH/AU meme

Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness  :: Caroline Forbes is a bubbly and bright, charasmatic pain in Klaus Mikaelsons ass. She pops up everywhere he goes, work, home, the gym… There really is no escaping her. He really wouldnt mind that much, but he thinks hes going insane… Because… Well… Shes dead. Klaroline supernatural AU.

A home for Caroline  :: Caroline lost everything, except her golden heart. Klaus is a rich, selfish man, who thinks he has it all. One night their worlds will collide. A story about struggle, love and art. AH Klaroline.

Sweet child of mine  :: An untouched tumbler of bourbon, a heart that hasn’t beat in a thousand years and nothing to do but wait. Caroline is fighting, Klaus is frozen like stone- the discontented wail of a newborn child pierces the grey morning and there’s no rulebook for this kind of thing. Klaroline; set post season 4.

Just Another Face in the Crowd  ::  Caroline’s fresh start in New York City has not gone according to plan. Thankfully she has an interview at Mikaelson’s Auction House. Klaus is the director of security for his family’s business. What will happen when a woman desperate to keep secrets and a man determined to find the truth behind the lies meet? AH/AU.

Within These Hallowed Halls  :: In freshman year, Caroline Forbes had her whole life planned out. But that all changes the day Liz dies, and her life is turned upside down. Her dad is back in the picture, and sending her to boarding school. In California. So never-been-out-of-Virginia-emotionally-unstable Caroline uproots her life, along the way meeting the devilishly handsome, but total jackass Klaus Mikaelson.

Paradise-Circus :: Klaus takes Caroline on a trip, but he’s the one to see the world.

His Bride :: AU. She is a wolf princess. He is the Original Hybrid. A contract based marriage it is. For her it isn’t easy to embrace her new life and that too with someone like him. Can the wolf girl be able to wrap her man around finger?

On The Corner of St Ann and Bourbon :: His new life in New Orleans is by no means problem free; Klaus has got witches to deal with, a King to de-throne and a baby on the way. But Caroline’s got problems too, and she needs Klaus’s help.

Rent me your hand :: Caroline Forbes, a desperate drama major, meet Niklaus Mikaelson, a painter and womanizer in the need of a fake fiancee. He asks her to play that role and to break his heart by leaving him at the altar. Depressed, his family won’t use the word ‘marriage’ ever again. That’s what he thought when he hired the blonde tornado. But that’s not what happened.

Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me! :: Caroline Forbes is a strong and confident woman, who is not afraid to show what she desired. But that night, what she desired was to get laid. So she did. She chose a stranger, who turns out to be her new boss.

I Will Always Find You :: Nine hundred years ago, Klaus met his true love, Caroline, and promised no matter what, he would always find her. Seven hundred years later, he is determined to keep his promise. Rated M for sexual content.

Lovers of the Past :: Like the pharaohs of the time, their love has only been marked down by an inscription on a tomb wall, which signified their importance, their love, and their curse. Now, two archaeologists are about to discover that love can transcend time, especially when they are forced to relieve an event they don’t remember from a time they never lived in, or have they?

My Top 5 Anime of the Year

I’ll count down even though everyone probably already knows what my top one is LOL

5) Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu 

Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

I love historical dramas, especially ones that really do a great job capturing the culture. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is about the story of two Rakugo (a form of Japanese Verbal Entertainment) artists. It’s the tale as old as time that is the fight between talent and hard work. 

This anime does not cut corners on the scenes that focus on Rakugo, which is a good and bad thing. Good, because, I mean, that’s what the show is about lol, but bad because since Rakugo can get pretty long, most of the story development gets pushed back. In fact, the original story line (which is considered the present) kinda gets completely forgotten until season 2 was announced to remind people that there was a present setting LOL 

That being said, I can’t wait to see how the past and the present will finally connect.

4) Mob Psycho 100

Originally posted by rouge-cerise

I originally wasn’t even going to watch this show, but I got super curious LOL If you’re thinking like I was how this was just going to be another One-Punch Man, ITS NOT. While there are reoccurring themes (overpowered main characters, ESP, sibling rivalry, etc.) I can’t help but think I actually like MP100 more than OPM. There’s more of a character growth happening in MP100, which is something I love in a show. Having super cute pure characters is also a definite plus for me haha. Also, even though the art style isn’t as defined as OPM, it certainly has its own charms with animation level very close to OPM as well. 

3) Boku No Hero Academia

Originally posted by yurionice

Another show I wasn’t going to originally watch (I usually don’t bother trying to keep up with Shounen Jump shows) but I really love every single character in this series and wanted to see how the anime would do it justice. And boy it did. The music, the colorful art style, and most importantly, its tribute to American comics are all so amazinggg. Another reason why I don’t usually follow Shounen Jump animes are because the quality tends to be lower since the series don’t really need much to get viewers. Studio Bones does a fantastic job maintaining the quality in every episode and I cant wait to see the next arc soon >__<

2) Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (ERASED)

Originally posted by tuxedo-dork

Honestly, this would have tied for the number one spot. Everything about this show was obsessively addicting. I was on my toes every minute worrying about the sake of each and every character LOL. Although I will admit the culprit was kinda obvious (although I think that may have been intentional? Like the plot wasn’t really about finding the culprit but about the main character figuring himself out) seeing how the main character breaks down each and every scenario is so intriguing (and kinda cute since he’s a little kid ahaha) 

However the reason why this is number 2, is because of the ending. For people who have read the manga and seen the anime, they’d know that the anime cut out an entire arc to ensure that the show would finish in one series. Granted, there wasn’t enough content for them to make two full seasons, but I would have really been grateful for maybe a season and a movie TuT

1) Yuri!!! on Ice

Originally posted by asparagusoup

Yuri!!! on Ice isn’t just a sports anime. This is a sports anime that has also focused on diversity, lgbtqa, and young adult themes. 

To break it down, not once did yoi cheat on their homework, you can tell they clearly did research on about ten different international characters (a lot of whom were probably based on real people.) While there were a lot of extra characters (but I mean that’s expected in anime) none of them were stereotyped at all by their ethnicity. In fact, you see that a lot of the ice skaters already knew each other due to the fact that they’ve shared rinks with one another, thus showing that all of them have a broader view than most people. 

Yuri!!! on Ice is also the first sports anime that did not queer bait whatsoever. There were a lot of concerns with this show seeing as there are a lot of sports animes where there were many chances for a queer couple to appear and yet all the scenes were either considered as a joke or only “as friends.” While only the main couple has been confirmed (everyone else are kinda minors LOL) who knows what we’ll see in season two ^___^ 

Another great factor is the fact that the main leads are older characters. YURI IS MY AGE LIKE HES CONFIRMED ONLY A FEW WEEKS OLDER THAN ME. And whats so great about this is that we rarely get to see through the eyes of a young adult in an anime (or any form of media really.) While there is a lot going on in the plot, the main leading question was basically, what is Yuri going to do next? Being a young adult is all about wondering what on earth are we doing next. No longer a student/kid and still stumbling around working/adulting, we’re in this weird uncomfortable limbo with more questions than answers. In fact, it was even nicer to see that Viktor, a 27 year old, was also wondering about what his next steps in life were going to be. This anime is so beautifully twined together, I hope it can also open new doors for more groundbreaking shows like it TuT



I’d like to see TVD follow through with and do justice to the Steroline storyline. 

This is what TVD S6 told us about Caroline with regards to her feelings towards Stefan:

- She feels deeply for Stefan; probably more than she has felt for any of her previous ‘loves’.

- She has no control over the way Stefan makes her feel.

This is what TVD S6 told us about Stefan with regards to his feelings for Caroline:

- He feels the same way as Caroline does.

- He too feels vulnerable and out of control, because that’s what falling for someone is.

- He is a patient man.

- He is willing to wait till she is ready.

- He wants it to be perfect. (Although there’s no such thing as perfect timing. He can realise that along the way I suppose)

What I want is for TVD S7 to keep all of the above in mind while narrating the Steroline love story. 

-I want to see Stefan want to wait, at the same time have his moments where he feels out of control. I want more from Stefan, I want to see that he loves her. 

-I want to see the romantic side of Stefan, ‘cause its canon that he can be romantic. I want to see the writers put an end to the “Caroline loves Stefan way more than he loves her” criticism. 

-While Steroline stans and meta writers have delved deep into Stefan’s psyche and interpreted his eyes and expressions and actions as he loves Caroline deeply, one cannot expect the average TVD viewer to go to such lengths. So, yeah, I’d like for TVD to make it clearer. I’d like TVD to give Stefan more dialogue when it comes to Steroline. 

- I want the writers to give Steroline the love story they deserve and not worry about whether it will over shadow any other couple on the show.


This guy is by far the most talented (male) actor on the show. I’d like to see TVD showcase more of his acting skills. I want Stefan Salvatore to have a storyline that is not just about his love interest. I want more Stefan-Lily interaction. I feel both these actors (Wesley and Wershing) are so good at what they do - their dynamic is something I really want to see on screen. I really want to see them try to outwit each other. To me more than Damon, Stefan is the best bet at tackling Lily. 

Stefan seems to be the most stable person on the show right now. Yes he’s waiting for Caroline, but apart from that, his life is in order… I want him to take the lead in tackling villains. His Hero-hair needs to not just grow… it needs to freaking SHINE. 


I don’t want her relegated to just a love interest. She is so much more than that. I want to see her kick some ass. Elena’s parting words to her was to take care of everyone. I want to see her not just take care of her own grief and pain, but I want to see her take on the bad guys with the rest of the group and not be pushed to just being Stefan’s lady love. 

I want the show to maintain and continue with Caroline’s reservations against Damon. I don’t want to see her suddenly becoming bffs with him..  - that would be so OOC. If the show wants Daroline to have a better relationship, they can do that by making Damon actually apologize for his past offences against her. Without it, I can’t really see a Daroline friendship forming TBH.


Its great that the show wants to give more importance to the brotherly bond of the Salvatore brothers. But lets face it, Defan hardly interacted in Season 6. Damon had ZERO problems with deciding to take the cure without so much as a heads up to his brother. While Stefan grieved for his brother, once he was back, there were very few brotherly moments between these two to imply that the whole show is about the love between the brothers. 

SO to suddenly jump to OMG WE ARE BROTHERS AND WE LOVE EACH OTHER TO THE END OF THE WORLD AND BACK, would be difficult to digest. Maybe the show can lead up to it, but not start season 7 off with it. Know what I mean ? Because right now, I don’t believe Damon loves Stefan as much as Stefan love Damon. So if you want the show to be about Defan - make me believe that Damon loves him just as much and I will happily jump on board the Defan train.


The man lost his fiancé in the middle of their wedding ceremony and his unborn twin babies. I felt the finale did not do justice to his storyline. While Elena being cursed to sleep is….devastating… what this man went through was far far worse. I don’t even know how he can get over something like this. 

SO I’d like to see I-don’t-give-a-rats-ass-about-anything-anymore-Alaric. No filter. No care if he lives or dies or who he pisses off in the process.

What I don’t want is to see him put Damon’s problems before his and behave as if Elena becoming sleeping beauty is the worst thing that has happened in Mystic Falls. Damon can put aside his problems to help his friend Alaric through this. Alaric needs Damon’s help more than Damon needs his IMHO. 

But hey, this is just me….


I get how Damon going back to his Season 1 self would be entertaining, but I also feel it would be character regression for him to go from - the guy who chose to save Bonnie’s life over Elena’s (the good guy in comparison) to a complete role reversal to embody his former evil self. ….

I say, give him his reckless moments… but stay true to the evolution of his character. Remember 5x20 - Damon to Elena “  Despite every nerve in my body wanting to break something or hurt someone or do all the wrong things for all the right reasons, I’m holding it together the best I can, for you.” 

His girl will wake up eventually, and when she does, I’m sure she would like to see the man she left dancing in the middle of the road - the guy who chose to save her best friend, and not some evil douche-bag… 


More please. More Bonnie-Damon dysfunctional friendship and more Bonnie-Caroline bonding. Also since Bonnie and Stefan were in fact friends in the beginning of this show, I’d like to see that rekindled to an extent. 



anonymous asked:

Can you share your fic rec from the periscope hangout the other day:( i thought i had written them down but i cant find anywhere! :) pretty please? And Are you posting that somewhere? I was watching but had to go take a shower and when i came back you were gone:(

Y’know, I’ve been meaning to and I keep forgetting. So let’s do it! 

Allison’s Periscope fic rec list, Plus the stuff I left off cuz I suck:

Outlaw Queen:

Fester by whasupwhereitis (My favorite image of Regina in all of canon or fanon is in this fic, you guys. And you should also read her stories Could You, and Secret Admirer, Forbidden Love and basically ANYTHING Natalie writes because it’s all gold)

Not Guilty by htoria (This is one of, if not my absolute, favorite OQ fics ever in existence, and if you are not reading it, you are making mistakes in your life)

Ethics and Morality by whitebuddah0524 (If you know what is good for you, you will also go to Tiff’s fic master post and read all her various one-shots and such for this verse - and everything else she does - including a smutty Skype session in the E&M verse that is maybe one of the hottest things I’ve read all summer)

Pulse Points by lala-kate (Also, Hindsight, and anything in the Her-verse)

Compulsion (Hearts and Guts) and Misrule by black-throatedblue (Compulsion… is hands-down my favorite 4A OQ fic in existence, and I left Misrule open in my browser for weeks bc I couldn’t bear to close it – y’all know how I feel about the missing year.)

Woman by ninzied (and all the one-shots she did in that verse for OQ week, and also everything she has ever written ever)

Boy by RealmofPossibility (An oldie but goodie that should be required reading for every OQ fan)

Storm Surge by tripp3235 (What if The Evil Queen had met Robin Hood - how would they have changed each others’ lives if they’d met before the curse?)

The Reconstruction of Regina Mills by jadeddiva (An absolute gem of an OQ AU that gives me heart eyes all over the place every time)

All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten by broadwaybaggins (Seriously, you guys. Read this. Read it now. It’s adorrrrrable and sweet and romantic and wonderful)

Unspoken by shinyredcape (Bury me in the ground, and slip this fic in the coffin with me, I love it so damn much – Robin came over during the first curse, and others may not see the Evil-Queen-Turned-Mayor for how she really feels, but he does and he offers her comfort from afar in the best and most precious of ways) 

Madame President by repellomuggletum15 (This fic has the OTHER hottest thing I’ve read all summer. Yowza. And it’s gonna be soo goooooooood you guys)

Surrender to the City of the Fireflies by writtenndust (An A++ AU fic that you should be reading because it will make you feel things in your heart)

In the Darkness by emily31594 (If you only read one post-season-3 finale fic, let it be this one.)

Not Broken, Just Bent by queenoflocksley (If you read only one post-season-4 fic, let it be this one)

I Will Find You In the Darkness by fiadorable (Oh but also read this one, bc it legit made my cry and I don’t cry at fucking ANYTHING)

Absolutely anything by desperationandgin - I was gonna try to pick one, but I cannot find yer damn master post, and also who can pick just one???

Absolutely anything by daggzandarrows but especially this smutty one-shot she wrote today wherein she said she’s not good at smut because she’s a dirty liar who lies.

And I would be a terrible, horrible, no good very bad friend if I did not tell you to be a better person than I and read The In Between by outlawqueenluvr

Honorable mention for my actual favorite OQ fic of all time, The Sweet Taste of Poison by startraveller776 which is no longer available online. My heart may never recover from the loss.

And in the non-OQ categories:

Swan Queen:

Safe and Penance by sgtmac7 (Both of these are really character pieces at their core, but are slow burn SQ fics as well, and they will sear themselves into your soul and never let you go)

The Collar by littledragonflyson (SQ AUish - Regina never cast the curse and ends up trying to retrieve Emma from the Land Without Magic and gets a lot more than she bargained for. I am obsessed with this Queen Regina. She is a boss ass bitch and a fierce queen and I loveeeee her)

So Does This Make Us Both the Other Woman? by coalitiongirl (This is the first SQ fic I ever read, and it was the first time I went “wait, hold on, there is something to this whole Swan Queen thing…” I have vivid memories of trying to sneak time to read it in between all the happenings at Spooky Con last year.)

Honorable mention for Political Sound Bites by heartsways, which I love love love but which does not appear to be online anymore much to my deep and unending sadness…

Hunting Queen:

A Heart and a Half by SinisterScribe (Wherein Regina cannot bring herself to crush Graham’s heart and this author proceeds to own all of ours instead. I am obsessed with this fic. I love this fic. This is the fic that outlawqueenluvr and I will ALL CAPS text each other about when it updates.)

Magic in the Air Itself by SinisterScribe (Because who doesn’t love Christmas?)

Phew! Okay. There we go. Allison’s Periscope Plus Rec List.

Speaking of Periscope, I think we’re going to do another Periscope Party later this week – perhaps Thursday night, 7pm? 

anonymous asked:

You cant explain everything about Beth and Daryl you know. How about the fact that he wanted to stay with her all by himself in that funeral house? That's practically a redneck wedding. He wanted to live with Beth and everything that comes along with that. Carol was off wondering the countryside and he was swooning over Beth happier than ever. It stings doesn't it. When Beth comes back that will be revealed to Carol and neither she or you are gonna be able to take it.

Hi there “friendly”,

I am sorry that you find my Daryl and Beth “explanations” so troublesome and rest assured my blog or my posts are not nor have they ever been meant to focus on explaining the basic concept of that particular “relationship” in any sort of direct way. 

This is very much a CARYL blog and everything that a label like that entails - meaning that I post articles, quotes, opinion pieces, analysis posts, discussions, debates and questions that address Carol and Daryl individually and in turn “together”. 

When Daryl and Beth are indeed addressed here it is to either answer or respond to questions such as the one you sent in or if a parallel involving Season 4 comes into play because whether you choose to acknowledge them or not, there are some significant parallels there that connect Daryl and Carol during the time they were separated. 

Daryl was accompanied by Beth and Carol by Tyreese and the girls in 4B and while they were obviously going through their own personal experiences, Daryl and Carol were also connected through those journeys by the story the writers chose to weave by creating overlaps in what was going on.

“You cant explain everything about Beth and Daryl you know.”

Since it seems as if you’ve read my posts involving this then you’ve seen that when I do bring up Beth it’s never in the context of her individual relationship with Daryl but more as a reference to the situation which is reflected by a similar circumstance in what Carol was going through at the time. 

I try to look at the overall situation and point out the parallels in Carol and Daryl’s story because CARYL to me is about the journey to the destination and the moments that are leading them somewhere. From what I can gauge from your message is that your way of watching is more about isolating the scenes themselves and thereby your conclusions are limited to a particular event. There is nothing wrong about appreciating the interactions that way BUT you can’t begrudge me or anyone else who watches by connecting the dots in between.
It’s not so much that I am “explaining it away” but more about me taking into account that there are instances outside the funeral home that reflect what happened inside it. 

I don’t have to “explain” Daryl and Beth away romantically because to me Daryl and Beth didn’t happen “romantically”. Even if there was some ambiguity perceived by some in the 2 episodes and few days they were on their own, the bottom line is that ultimately there was absolutely no “love” connection shown on screen between Beth and Daryl in Season 5.
If the “romance” factor was discussed as a possibility (taste in the air) it obviously didn’t materialize on screen at all which in essence makes it irrelevant.

“How about the fact that he wanted to stay with her all by himself in that funeral house? That’s practically a redneck wedding”

This particular point has been twisted so much and misinterpreted to such a degree that it almost makes me think that the scene you are referring to is so isolated and off-kilter that it might as well happened on an entirely different show. 

The only way your interpretation can be a positive one for TWD and for Daryl Dixons as a character, is if it’s taken out separately or portrayed by someone else.
What you are saying makes it sound as if Beth replaced everyone Daryl loved and cared for and he had forgotten all of them in just a few days and was more than happy to just settle in and play out some sitcom fantasy. That’s not the Daryl TWD fans know and celebrate. 

The only way your “version” of Daryl is believable, realistic and likable even; is if the only thing that ever happened to him was that funeral home and the only person he ever knew was Beth. 

Luckily for the rest of the fandom and Daryl loyalists, your interpretation of what had happened is not just shipping biased but also seriously skewed;

Daryl; “Maybe we stick around here for a while. They come back, we’ll just make it work. They may be nuts, but maybe it’ll be all right.”

Beth; “So you do think there are still good people around.

Daryl doesn’t say he wants to stay in the funeral home “by himself” with Beth. 

What he actually says is that maybe instead of moving on, they could stay and wait for the group whose house this actually is and see if they could “make it work” with them. Beth had convinced him that maybe the owners could be “good people” and if that was indeed true then maybe they could “stick around” and see if “it’ll be all right”. 

This wasn’t about “playing house” or some kind of marriage proposal (redneck or not) - they found a safe place, they fully expected for the owners to come back and they were willing to “stick around” and stay with them if they didn’t turn out to be “nuts”. 

Daryl Dixon couldn’t articulate or admit openly that Beth was the one who changed his mind about good people still existing…and you guys are talking weddings?

Emily Kinney said, herself;
“They never really told us what it was supposed to be… I think it was a situation where they were getting to know each other. First, they were just trying to get along at all, because I don’t think that they saw each other’s point of view very well. And then as the story went along they maybe became friends, and I do think that it started to sort of go, “Oh, what more could this be? Could it keep going into something else?” (X) 

Last time I checked - Falling In Love - comes before marriage or as you said before “everything that comes along with that”

“Carol was off wondering the countryside and he was swooning over Beth happier than ever.”

The reason why you might think me talking about CARYL parallels is me trying to explain “Daryl and Beth” away, could be because you either didn’t watch or didn’t pay attention to Carol’s journey in the “countryside”. 

If you had then surely you wouldn’t be saying she was “wondering the countryside” during 4B! 

Carol with Tyreese and the girls JUST LIKE Daryl and Beth found a house they contemplated settling in to.
Mika, very much LIKE Beth seemingly convinced Daryl about “good people”, almost talked Carol into her own positively naive mantra of “everything always works out like its suppose to”.
Carol dropped her guard with Lizzie and lost Mika JUST LIKE Daryl dropped his guard and lost Beth. Both mini “groups” left their apparent “safe haven” under tragic circumstances!
Wise words - “The signs are all there - you just know how to read them”!

Daryl Dixon was not “swooning over Beth”;

“Beth has meant a lot to Daryl. It wasn’t so much lovey-dovey feelings; she had hope in her. Hope in anyone is hard to find in this world.” (X) 

At the most “if Daryl had feelings he didn’t understand them” which is exactly what he said about Carol as well; 

“Never say never…I think if he felt those feelings before, he didn’t quite understand what those feelings were. But I think there was a part of him that was open to that.” (X) 

Daryl Dixon was not “happier than ever”. The statement you are referring to was said by Denise Huth in the commentary but not in the context you are trying to imply - Daryl and Beth were happier in the funeral home then they’ve been since the fall of the prison, which is VERY DIFFERENT from what you want to believe.

“It stings doesn’t it.”

NOPE! Didn’t feel a thing!

“When Beth comes back that will be revealed to Carol and neither she or you are gonna be able to take it.”

I honestly have no idea how to respond to the whole “when Beth comes back” thing because I don’t understand how this is even debatable - filming spoilers implied her death, social media tracking strengthened the evidence of her TWD departure and then the actual scene where she was shot in the head and lost a significant amount of brain matter kind of confirmed her DEATH.
Or so I thought! 

To reiterate the point every interview and statement by TPTB, the cast, Emily Kinney, Norman Reedus, Talking Dead memoriam, the media…new footage, new promotional material etc - confirmed her DEATH…so yeah…She’s not coming back!

Even if say hypothetically Beth does return (she won’t) I can pretty much guarantee that both Carol and myself will be perfectly FINE with that and will most definitely be able to “take it”. 

The difference between the way you seem to view Beth and the way I personally see Beth are obviously very different BUT I assure you her presence or absence is not going to affect the way I watch the show or the way I expect Carol to react to it. 

The thing is Carol to me is much more than her relationship with Daryl and my expectations or concerns about her story and her ability to “handle” anything are not tied exclusively to HIM nor are they even remotely tied to Beth living and dying. 

It makes me sad that you don’t seem to view Beth the same way because frankly she should be celebrated, loved and talked about way more without Daryl in the picture and most definitely without bringing CARYL into it.
She deserved to have her life on TWD mean a lot more than what the majority of her fans seem to be so set on perpetuating even more.

I really-really hope your expectations of 5B go beyond Beth coming back because i think that’s the one thing that we don’t even need to watch the show to know! 

I am sorry!

Sincerely - Sanja “A Non-Repentant Caryler”

~*•JMo On Emma & Regina's Evolving Friendship•*~


#1 “I think Emma’s going to be very determined to try and keep her (Regina) in the ‘good place’ in her life and to try to keep something positive between them.

It has (R&E dynamic) a really nice element of comfort & concern as well as generosity between them a little bit in the sense that Emma really wants to keep her in a good place.”

#2 TVF: Emma inadvertently ruined Regina’s love life, reminiscent of how Snow ruined Regina’s love life back in the Enchanted Forest. How guilty does Emma feel about that and will there be repercussions?

JMo: It’s a disaster. Emma feels incredibly guilty about that. Emma would never intentionally try to hurt Regina in any way. They’ve been through far too much in the last three seasons. Regina has worked very hard to redeem herself and to grow past some of the hurt and pain that has caused the evil side of her in the past. Emma respects that and admires that and she feels like Regina has really become a friend over time. She really wants Regina to be in a good place because she wants her to continue to be a good mother to Henry and also stay in a friendship with everyone in Storybrooke instead of being the adversary to everyone. So, Emma feels incredibly guilty but she doesn’t feel guilty about saving someone’s life. There are certainly repercussions but Emma is trying to find a way to stand by her decision to save Marian but also offer any help she possibly could offer to Regina in order to get her life in a good place again.

TVF: Emma and Regina have really had quite a journey. They despised one another at the beginning of the series. Do you feel Emma is now comfortable being a co-parent with Regina for Henry?

JMo: I think she absolutely is comfortable being a co-parent with Regina for Henry, mostly because I think that over the time they have battled each other, supported each other, had to fight on the same side in order to save Henry. All of the things they’ve been through, ultimately Emma has realized that she and Regina have a lot in common. They’re both women who’ve made many mistakes in their lives. Very different mistakes, but mistakes. They’ve both fought very hard to redeem those mistakes so I think Emma relates to that part of Regina and realizes that there are some things that they have in common. And the biggest thing that they have in common is that they both love Henry and they both have their backs for him. So Emma can always count on Regina to do the right thing for Henry. That’s an important thing for her to count on in order for her to feel comfortable with Regina being a good parent.

#3 THR: How does Emma cope with the guilt of causing Regina’s unhappiness?

Well, it’s complicated. “Emma can’t apologize for saving a life, but it’s not her plan to mess up Regina’s true love,” Morrison says. “She’s trying to toe the line. She’s trying to prove that she truly is Regina’s friend and that she truly wants what’s best for her, but also protect Marian.” Juggling a vengeful Regina won’t be an easy task for Emma and that becomes an ongoing season-four thread. “Ultimately, Emma is trying to keep Regina in a good place in her life. She’s worked so hard and come so far from her villainous mindset that it would be tragic, in Emma’s eyes [if she returned to that] because she’s become Emma’s friend,” Morrison says. “[Emma]’s going to spend time fighting to prove her friendship and fighting to keep Regina in a good place.”

#4 TVG: Can Emma keep her friend from reverting to her Evil Queen ways?

JMo: Emma really does appreciate her friendship with Regina and she does want to protect Regina’s relationship with Henry and help her stay in a place where she can continue to be a wonderful mother to him.”

#5 She’s trying to figure out how to maintain a friendship with Regina.

#6 “There is this moment now where obviously, Emma wants to try and protect Henry and Regina’s relationship but she also wants to protect this friendship that Emma and Regina have built over all this time.”

#7 TVL: Adam and Eddy said there will be an Emma/Regina-centric episode, kind of a deep dive into the status of their dynamic.

JMo: Yeah, yeah…. There’s an episode where they definitely start to talk about it. I don’t know if “talking” is really what’s happening, but they start dealing with how complicated the situation is, basically. They definitely start addressing the fact that Regina’s frustrated and feels betrayed, and Emma’s continuing to hold her stance that she’s not going to apologize for saving a life but she’s also trying to figure out how she could help in the situation. So there is a whole episode where they really start to… I don’t know quite how to articulate it. Because it’s not like they “duke it out,” and it’s not like they talk it out, but they start dealing with it.

#8 ITV: Emma really wants Regina to get a happy ending. What are her next steps in trying to achieve that?

JMo: I don’t think Emma honestly knows. She’s just going to keep trying things. There’s no clear solution to this problem. She can’t apologize for saving a life and she can’t feel like she shouldn’t have saved someone’s life. That’s just a fact. Beyond that, she obviously would never have wanted to intentionally mess things up for Regina. She’s just going to keep trying anything she possibly can to be there for her, to support her, to try to encourage her to do the right thing, to offer whatever help Regina might possibly want. She is just going to continue to try to prove that she’s there for her and she’s going to be a true friend.

ITV: Regina wants to find the author of the book, and the producers teased that Regina and Henry (Jared Gilmore) would be on a mission together this season. Will Emma be suspicious of them spending time together?

JMo: I don’t think so. We’ve worked so hard to come to a place where Emma really sees that Regina is a good mother and if nothing else, she will always do what’s best for Henry. She will always fight to protect Henry. As far as I know, and I haven’t been told differently, Emma is just going to be happy to see Regina embracing being Henry’s mother again and really connecting to him in a way where they’re fighting for a positive ending instead of a negative ending.

#9 Emma has enjoyed Regina’s friendship because she’s the only person who she could relate to in having powers. You’ll see Emma fight to prove that she wants to have a good relationship with Regina.

#10 The show started with the conflict between Emma and Regina and their growing, changing relationship. There is an episode coming up where they explore that, taking off on the idea from the premiere that Emma believes she has to bring everyone their happy ending, including Regina. “We’re all capable of both” good and evil, Kitsis said. There has been growth with both characters, and they’re going to grow this year as people.

“Obviously, Regina and Emma have come a long way together from season 1” Morrison agreed. They have a lot in common — both have made mistakes, struggled and wanted to find the better versions of themselves. Until Elsa arrived, Emma only had Regina to relate to when it came to her powers. “You’re going to see Emma really fight to prove to Regina that she wants to be her friend.”

#11 Henry’s moms will be exploring their friendship this season. “They have a tremendous amount in common. They’re women who have both made mistakes — very different mistakes, but mistakes — and have struggled in their lives and wanted to find the better versions of themselves. I think they’re both fighting for that in certain ways,” Morrison said of Emma and Regina. “She connects to Regina and has enjoyed her friendship. Until Elsa arrived, Regina was the only one she could relate to with powers and help her in the past. That is a way they have connected that no one has been able to do in the past. Emma will prove that she wants to be her friend.

#12 Jennifer Morrison says she thinks that Emma and Regina have come a long way since the beginning of the show and that Emma connects to Regina because she understands her. She also says that you will see Emma fight to prove to Regina that she wants to be her friend.

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