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Nalu Week day 6: Tattoo

“How much do I owe you for it?” He’d asked the older woman later, after Lucy had slipped from the room to join the others out in the lobby area.

Minerva had that little grin that drove Natsu and the guys around Saber crazy. It was the smirk that made it appear as though she knew something the rest of them didn’t know, “Free of charge.”


“Yeah, it was hardly any ink at all. It’s less of a tatto and more a new collection of freckles. Any idea why she wanted a constellation on her shoulder blade?”

Ink-Stained Skin, ch. 14, by wordsofawitheringwriter on tumblr  and on

Thought this would fit the day just fine! Love her writing, her stories, and this one is a must! Don’t know why, but figures she’d tattoo aquarius’ constellation.

PS: I’m having some problems with the colours of my drawings, so if you have a spare time please take a look below!

So I’ve started using my Android tablet to draw and it’s been really fun, but with this drawing I noticed that the colours on my pc are COMPLETELY off! On my screen this was all pink!

I tried to correct it… Would you mind telling me which one you like best?

I’m really sad that it’s not looking like how I actually drew it :/

Still hope you like it though!

Illness-Based rp Starters
  • "You've been coughing a lot. You okay?"
  • "What is wrong with you?"
  • "Gosh, you're burning up!"
  • "Um, hey? Anyone in there? Hello?"
  • "Ugh, just blow your nose already."
  • "My head might just explode."
  • "I think I'm gonna hurl."
  • "If you get me sick, I'll kill you."
  • "Ah-choo!"
  • "Okay, that can't be allergies. Are you sick?"
  • "Geez, you look like crap."
  • "That is so gross."
  • "Hey, woah. Don't pass out on me here."
  • "You really should be in bed, you know."
  • "I'm too busy to spend all day in bed."
  • "I'b fide."
  • "Please tell me there's some cough drops left."
  • "Do you think it's warm in here?"
  • "You're so pale."
  • "Have you eaten today?"
  • "They told me you passed out. How do you feel?"
  • "I'm not getting out of bed."
  • "The soup is probably great, but I can't taste a thing."
  • "You know, that's not helping me feel better."
  • "My nose hates me."
  • "You should probably stay back. You don't want to catch this."
  • "Are you coming down with something?"
  • "My throat feels funny."

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As a queer girl, how do i get men to Leave Me Alone. like, you're flawless and can probably rebuff them with a Look but i'm just a small town gay and also can't really tell men flirting with me at work to fuck off. basically how did you gain your patented 'how dare you talk to me' aura.

so you know how there are tumblr posts where it’s just like 

person 1: “long explanation of a thing no one cares about”

person 2: “……….anyway”

you need to always inhabit the mindset of person 2. you don’t have to tell anyone to fuck off when you just treat their flirting as though it could not possibly inconvenience you more. keep your head high and sometimes raise your eyebrows ever so slightly, like you’re barely humoring a bad magician. broadcasting disinterest is incredibly easy, you just have to keep yourself from worrying about making things awkward. you can get a lot of mileage out of not smiling. 

make it a habit, and one day you too can be a lesbian who dismisses men at bars from her presence like a gay cleopatra 

Reasons to be happy today:

  • Tim’s groceries magically appear on his kitchen table every Monday afternoon. He doesn’t really know how they get there, but he doesn’t question it because he assumes Alfred brings them by. He’s wrong (zombie squad back at it again with the aggressive care taking).
  • Number of times Wayne Industries employees have walked in on Tim power-napping on the break room couches: nine. In the past month. It’s cool. They’re used to it by now. They know to let him sleep.
  • When Dick first started hanging around the Batcave, he decided he should design his own secret fortress, but (being an eight year old), his idea of the perfect hideout was… interesting.
  • “And this is the medical bay, and this is the armory, and this is the moat with the MAN-EATING GUARD CROCODILES.” “I’m pretty sure this where I tell you no.” “No crocodiles?” “No crocodiles.” “Okay ROBOT CROCODILES.” [Bruce sighing]
  • But it’s still an official blueprint, right? Crayon drawing or not, it has to go with all the other plans. Which means it’s been hanging up in the cave for the last decade and
  • Yeah, all the other kids have seen it. And they’re keeping the tradition alive with their own designs. Tim and Jason both actually made theirs, if not quite according to the original blueprints (no movie theater, no secret tunnel to Pizza Hut). But they were close enough for Bruce to recognize them the first time he saw. Stephanie is still campaigning to get hers built.
  • And Damian, with his usual lack of chill, has not only detailed plans, but also construction estimates, a schedule, and a budget spreadsheet. Also he’s been laughing at Grayson’s original for months. (“Robot crocodiles? Really? There are more cost efficient ways to protect your hideout.” “I was eight.” “You don’t even have mechanical blueprints.” “I was eight.” “I could make them if I wanted to. For the record.” [Dick sighing] )

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hey caffeine!! so my highschool has this writing contest and i really want to participate. the topic can be whatever we want (free form? style? i don't know how to say it in english lol) and i can't think of anything for the life of me. i've been looking at prompt blogs all day but nothing convinces me, and bc i always like what you write about, i was wondering if you could give me some ideas/tell me your favourite tropes or something like that. thanks for reading anyway!!!💖

WELCOME TO THE THUNDERDOME! Here’s five things that have been on my mind lately!

  • Superhero universe: Your best friend left your small town to become a hero in the Big City. But, after three years, you turn on the news and see that they’ve become a super villain. So now you gotta go take them out because of this blood pack you guys made when you were eight.

  • The Fae: Shana’s a changeling, something that the good folk in her parents’ backyard thinks should surprise her. She thinks that it might have in the old days when iron jewelry wasn’t a thing, but she’s known since she was eight and googled “Allergic to iron??????”

  • Okay, so you know that one scene in the movies where the MC learns a secret art from a master? And then the MC has to go fight the Big Bad after like a month of tutelage? What if another master of the art shows up, sees what’s going on and THROWS DOWN with the master who trained the MC? “WHAT PART OF YEAR AND A DAY TRAINING DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND??? MC HAS BEEN TRAINING FOR A MONTH!” And then they go fight the Big Bad.

  • Someone who’s got precognitive abilities that can only see five seconds into the future. They call it the “five second rule” and all of their friends think it’s about food and the entire plot is just a series of misunderstandings around that.
  • “Sorry I’m late. The five second rule doesn’t apply to late buses.”  “???Lol, you’re a crack up, of course it doesn’t apply to buses.”

  • An empath who hides their ability from the world, thinking that they’ll be ostracized for it. Then aliens land and the ALIENS are empaths and are looking for “evolutionary anomalies” that makes humans compatible with their dying species. So…romance, I guess? Or a dystopian rebel story.

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This is probably a extremely dumb question but how does one draw carefree? I am just so insanely stressed about my art and how it looks, so I literally can't even let myself doodle fun goofy things because my mental state is always telling me "that isn't art" i am just so stresssssed HOW DOES ONE NOT STRESS SO MUCH ?

no this is a really good question!! but it’s a tough one to answer because there isn’t a simple answer, like there’s not really a trick to it! but i’ll do my best to give a helpful answer!

i think a lot of this has to do with the relationship that you have with your art. i’ve met a lot of different kinds of people in art school, but there are a lot of people who feel this immense stress about drawing, and it seems like most of the time it’s because they put too much of themselves into their work! it’s this mindset of “drawing is stressful because if it comes out badly then that reflects on ME poorly.” but this isn’t true! if you find that you are taking your artwork so seriously to the point where the success of a piece is defining your worth, then it’s not a healthy relationship and you need to reevaluate it.

great artists can make bad stuff! not everything you make can be great, it’s impossible. all the fabulous artists that inspire you make ugly stuff too, they just don’t release those things into the public for you to see haha! they put out their best stuff!

you cannot let making bad things scare you away from making art and you can’t let it suck the enjoyment out of it. it’s easier said than done of course, but you have to consciously try to think differently! as you are working, you must tell yourself in your head that making something bad will not break you as an artist. if something’s not coming out great, then it’s fine! you will make something great in the future. no amount of time drawing is wasted–it’s all practice to help you improve, even if it’s happening so slowly that you can’t see it

ask yourself why making something bad bothers you to the point that it makes art stressful! are you trying to impress yourself? are you trying to impress other people? is art acting in place of self-worth? are you relying on art to be ‘that thing’ that defines you, that you’re good at, that makes you special? are your standards too high? why must every drawing be ‘art’? why can’t it just be a drawing? or a warm up? 

you need to distance yourself from your work. your relationship with art needs to be more casual! that doesn’t mean you can’t be passionate, but you cannot be dependent or obsessive about it to the point where you no longer love it and it becomes a source of stress for you. it’s kind of like relationships with people in that way! you don’t need more stress in your life!!

you also need confidence in your work. i don’t know if you make art as a hobby or if you would like to make it your career someday, but in order to enjoy it as a hobby or to be successful in your career, you NEED confidence! you need to feel confident that you make good work and that if you make something bad it doesn’t rip you apart because you can just try again another day and you can make something great!

i’ve honestly never felt this immense stress about making art that you’re feeling, but i can understand it in a different kind of way. art would become less enjoyable for me the more of a perfectionist i let myself be about it. so i taught myself how to loosen up (which is a separate topic) and how to stop caring so much! i told myself it doesn’t really matter. who cares!! i told myself i’d make something i liked more another day and had the confidence to believe it. i looked at artists that i really loved who didn’t work so tightly and they embraced fluid stuff and things that don’t have to look like highly rendered masterpieces. 

i’m trying to give you things to DO in order to change your mindset, but it’s not really that simple. like i do think that a lot of it is you CONSCIOUSLY trying to think differently, like thinking of more positive things when you catch yourself thinking negative things, but i also think this is something that takes time to change! it’s a very personal process that no one can tell you how to go through. gaining confidence in your work can take a long time for some people and you can’t just flip a switch to make it happen. as you grow and develop i think it will become easier!

i really hope this could be of some help to you!! let me know if you have any questions and i’ll add more to this if i think of anything else :o

EDIT: another helpful thing is to put up work that you are proud of around your workspace!! seeing things that you made that you still love and are proud of will help remind you that you CAN make great things and if you did it once you can do it again :) 

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Funny story, the moment that made me start shipping K18 was Krillin dying. It was really early on in my finding out of the series. I know it was early on because I was just finding out that Krillin died multiple times. I found a video of all the times he died...but one really struck me. The last one. When 17 kills Krillin in GT. This ask is short so I can't describe: The way 18 crawls up to her dying husband and tears, reaches for his hand and tells him she loves him. That was a powerful moment.

Yes, it was and it kills me EVERYTIME I watch it, even if I have seen it so many times! It’s just SO sad to see how distraught Eighteen is. Let’s break it down, shall we?

I mean, look at this look when Seventeen shoots his beam at Krillin.

And then when he falls and she and Marron run up to him.

And oh gosh, when she keeps shaking him, yelling at him to get himself together even though she probably already knows it’s too late…

…and then coming to terms with it that he’s gone, there is nothing she can do.

Seeing Eighteen cry like that really tugs at my heartstrings. And then we flashback, which is a nice ttouch but I wish they had shown us a little more than the generic things we already know, it would have made this scene even better in my opinion.

And then the tears finally overflow….

Anger starts to set in and she starts directing her attention to her brother.


All the while screaming at him to “Give me Kuririn back! GIVE HIM BACK!!” (Japanese Dub)

It’s so heartwrenching…..T_____________________T

Then after making sure Marron is safe, she confronts her brother a second time but he overpowers her…

Afterwards, we see her struggling to stay conscious long enough to make it to where Krillin is…T_T

But she reaches him, and we can see the relieve if only just for a moment.

Finally, she quietly tells him she loved him before finally giving in and blacking out.

And anyone who says this scene didn’t do anything for them is a LIAR. Because how can this NOT tug at your heartstrings? Even if you don’t ship these too, this scene was so emotional…..

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anders cares about people: when you meet the injured soldier (?) in awakening he says "he looks beyond healing magic, maybe a shot of whiskey for the pain?" and looks genuinely concerned that he can't help him out hes so good honestly

I really love how caring he is in Awakening.  I think a lot of people think of Awakening Anders and remember all the snark and jokes but he cared a great deal even then.

It’s been a little while since I’ve played, but some things I remember include:

  • If you tell him to run when you first meet him, he comes back to help you because you need help.  You know, despite the fact that this could finally be his big break.
  • He keeps Pounce regardless of what you tell him because “it would be cruel to just leave him here!”
  • He is constantly yelling out for all possible survivors in Vigil’s Keep to get to safety
  • The bit you mentioned (anytime he can’t heal someone he always looks really concerned - see also DA2 when he can’t bring Pol back for Merrill)
  • It’s so, so, SO damn easy to get his approval up to +100 simply by being nice to him because he’s so starved for friendship
  • But if you manage to be a piece of shit person he will up and leave you because he wants no part in that
  • He approves of saving Amaranthine because there might be survivors in there

He is so caring AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

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Hey there I'm back with another WCIF question, sorry!! But I really really love the braids you used for your latest "GORGEOUS" sim. And I'm sorry if this has already been asked, I'm using my phone and can't navigate freely, but could you give me a tip on how you edit your pics, or just tell me how do your sims look so good, the quality of the pictures is amazing. Thanks ❤

You can find the hair here
Thank you for always sending me asks 💖And I already answered my edit tips here


I remember when you scolded me in Junior High. You said the same thing. It was right after we got crushed in a practice match before the tournament. I figured we were destined for failure in the real tournament. “Even if we’re not confident that we’ll win, even if other tell us we don’t stand a chance, we must never tell ourselves that”. End quote. 

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Hey, you know what? I think this is amazing. I'm shocked really. So very shocked and jealous. You are great. I can't even tell you how inspired I am now. Your art, your stories, I can't match it in a year. The post below this one is right. You did amazing art, and look how it's grown. I'm happy that I saw the change, and that I could follow this amazing blog. Stay strong, because as we all know, you are amazing, and you will blow us all away with your amazingness.

I can’t even understand why you are so kind with me making me feel extremely loved and lucky. I’m so happy you think this of me and my art and oh man I get always emotional when I read something kind and sweet as this message. Thank you so much for making me feel that the effort I put in is worth it. And for making me feel loved as I’ve never been before. I really am so lucky ;-;

Overseen at Shinichi Kudo's phone screen
  • Conan: Shinichi-nii-chan! Thank you for the help in the recent case, Kogoro-occhan solved another mystery, and the criminal confessed to their crimes!
  • Shinichi: It's fine, kiddo. Thank you for helping me participate in this, although I'm so far away. You're really useful.
  • Conan: I'm always happy to help Shinichi-nii-chan! Oh, by the way, looks like Ran-nee-chan is about to call you soon ^-^
  • Shinichi: Wh... why do you think so?
  • Conan: Sonoko-nee-chan teased her and she became completely red! And she also was searching for the phone...
  • Shinichi: Don't she have mobile with her?
  • Conan: She forgot it at home ^^
  • Shinichi: Crap, she's really calling. I'll talk to you later.
  • Conan: Tell me what she'll say!
  • Shinichi: ...
  • ...
  • Conan: So, how was it?
  • Shinichi: Like hell I would tell.
  • Conan: She doesn't seem happy...
  • Shinichi: Does she?
  • Conan: Ran-nee-chan looks upset and frustrated. Did you say something bad to her, Shinichi-nii-chan?
  • Shinichi: That's none of your business.
  • Conan: That's so bad, Shinichi-nii-chan... Ran-nee-chan only seems to worry about you, and she always feels so lonely, although she tries to hide it. Why can't you be more soft to her?
  • Shinichi: None. Of. Your. Business.
  • Conan: Ran-nee-chan doesn't deserve it...
  • Shinichi: ...
  • ...
  • Conan: Hey, Shinichi-nii-chan...
  • Shinichi: ?
  • Conan: Shinichi-nii-chan, are you going crazy?
  • Shinichi: ...
  • Shinichi: Why do you think so?
  • Conan: Because, Shinichi-nii-chan, you see, I don't exist! And you're using two phones right now to send messages to yourself... Do you need help, Shinichi-nii-chan?
  • Shinichi: ...
  • Shinichi: Shut up.
  • Conan: So rude, Shinichi-nii-chan...
  • Conan: Well, talk to you later, Shinichi-nii-chan. I'm off to comfort Ran-nee-chan. At least I am the one who's close to her and actually can comfort her.

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Dear AV. I'm in the middle of fertility treatment. I've been told today there are complications which mean we prob can't progress with our transfer. We only have 1 embryo. And now I'm oversharing. I identify w Scully SO much in seasons 7-8. Could you write a little drabble about how shit it all feels, how scared she is that her one shot won't work, how her body is tormented w hormones but her mind won't rest? Thanks, and I'm really sorry for oversharing. Just needed to tell someone.

Anon, I’ve been thinking of you a lot. I hope you are well, and that this is what you were looking for. All my love.

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I’ve always hated the “I killed this person to avenge someone, but I didn’t bother to verify their guilt” trope. And I just realized this is also why I hate that so many people do not verify sources or consider a bigger picture before they throw themselves on the angry, righteous dog pile. Because Othello kills Desdemona over lies and we elected Cheeto Voldemort.

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Hey, I can't tell whether women like Madonna and Nicki Minaj choosing to hyper-sexualize themselves to sell music is “pushing society’s boundaries by expressing their sexual freedom” or “contributing to society’s problem of objectifying women as sexual objects in order to sell a product”. So, which is it?

I think it really depends on how the women doing it view what they’re doing.

Are they doing it because they feel they have to to be accepted or successful? Is their manager forcing them to?

Or, are they doing it because they like how they look? They’re comfortable with being overtly sexual?

Feminism is really about choice. Some women feel most empowered being more “risque”, others don’t.

It is a tricky subject with lots of gray areas. But I guess I would say you’d have to look at the woman’s reasoning and freedom to be doing or wearing what she is.

I don’t think I could say in general “women who don’t wear a lot of clothes and adding about sex are/aren’t feminists”.

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If she learned that women legit lust over her, first she would blush for sure in this cute way, when she blushed when this random guy shouted at her "Hillary, marry be baby!", and then she would start to verbally diminish her physical appeal. Was she really open about it, she would come up with zillions of things that are wrong about her body, and seriously, if she started to do that in front of me, I would just, not very politely, start to roll my eyes at her. You are beautiful, Hillary!

It really drives me a little crazy that she just refuses to accept compliments about her physical appearance, like the “you looked beautiful today” email and then her “sorry that’s wrong” reply. Sometimes I just want to take her hand and look into her eyes and tell her just how truly gorgeously stunning she really is and she better start accepting it because I speak only The Truth.

The Hillary marry me baby guy had the right idea. I wish there had been more moments like that really, she gets so much negative stuff screamed at her she deserves to hear the positives and be reminded just how beautiful and loved she is too

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Hey there! I'm new to bts and was wondering how can i tell them apart. I can tell rap-mon from the rest because he has that hard look if you know what i mean but everyone else is hard to tell. I know so much about them already just can't tell em apart! Thanks!

Watch all the old Bangtan TV videos / Bangtan Bombs from the beginning up until now. In a way, they look really different because they’ve grown up a lot since then. Tae is SO TINY and Jungkook is so SMOL if y’all know what I mean haha. Those really early videos really show their youth. You might have an easier time telling members apart that way. Or, by watching, you’ll start to really connect with members and their personalities for whatever reasons, and that alone might help you learn their face a bit more. Also, fancams might help. Fancams of performances but also fancams at fansigns, when they’re in a more natural state. Hope that helps! If anyone has any tips, please leave them below~
- Kristi

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I'm the ONLY slytherin I know and 90% of other people are gryffindor or hufflepuff so they're all emotional and loud. How do I not be brutally honest and tell them I'll cut their tongues out if they don't shut up or stop being dumb? (Seriously though I can't stand it. Help a serpent out)

I have no idea. I’m extremely blunt and can’t really control what pops into my head. I clash a lot with my hufflepuff friend for some reason. He’s the only puff that annoys the hell out of me. Super annoying XD Man idk just like give them looks that works for me XD

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we have to enter a birthdate in our registers for anything that you have to be 18+ to buy, but we only have to ID on alcohol and tobacco so unless you look young we'll just ask. i can't even tell you how many times a day someone buys children's medicine and is *SHOCKED* at it. "my BIRTHDAY???!? for KID'S cough syrup??!!" yes joanne even though it's intended for kids' consumption it's still a DRUG that an ADULT needs to buy and administer appropriately. just tell me your birthday already

I think it started being monitored more closely about 11 years, maybe 12 years ago. I remember because no one was allowed to sell it for a while and I had a really bad cold, so no medicine to get through it. They put it back on the shelves after they figured out what to do about the problem(used to make illegal drugs), so now you have to be IDed and you’re limited to buying 2. You have guys like this to blame. -Abby