so i can't put her head on there i:

a desert mirage 


Manon, eyes still on the beast, said, “He’s mine.”

He had saved her life. Not by coincidence, but by choice. “He’s mine,” Manon found herself walking toward the wyvern, and stopped with not five feet between them. “He’s mine,” Manon said, taking in the scars, the limp, the burning life in those eyes.

The witch and the wyvern looked at each other for a moment that lasted for a heartbeat, that lasted for eternity. “You’re mine,” Manon said to him. Perhaps he had known long before to­night, and his fight with Titus hadn’t been so much about survival as it had been a challenge to claim her.

As his rider. As his mistress. As his.


You can hate Theon all you want, but I think that after years of torture, mutilations and psychological abuse it’s pretty normal to have PTSD and escape a situation that makes him relive his trauma

It’s hard being a superbadass hero when your head is so full of demons that you can hardly look people in the eye

  • [Lauren opens the door to reveal Camila with a turkey over her head]
  • Lauren: Nice try.
  • Camila: Wait, wait, wait! [she puts a Shriner's hat on the turkey]
  • Lauren: Look, Camila…
  • Camila: Look! [she puts a big, yellow pair of sunglasses on the bird]
  • Lauren: This is not going to work.
  • Camila: I bet this will work! [she starts dancing and Lauren cracks up]
  • Lauren: You are so great! I love you!
  • [Camila stops suddenly and turns around slowly]
  • Camila: What?
  • Lauren: Nothing! I said, I said "You're so great" and then I just, I just stopped talking!
  • Camila: You said you loved me! I can't believe this!
  • Lauren: No I didn't!
  • Camila: Yes, you did!
  • Lauren: No I didn't!
  • Camila: You love me!
  • Lauren: No I don't! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
  • [Dinah walks in and sees Camila. She freaks out and runs back into the hallway, screaming]

The only thing I have to do is be happy with myself - and I am! I want to be able to eat a burger without someone having their say about my figure. I’m not particularly dainty by nature and don’t plan to starve myself to change that. Girls should accept themselves the way they are. And others need to be more accepting of us too - we deserve more respect! I like myself the way I’m and would never starve in order to look the way others expect me to. There will always be people who criticize me, and I’m a very sensitive person, but I have learnt to care less about what people think. In the past year I’ve become far more confident and now I’m happier and more relaxed than I’ve ever been! 

 reasons to love shadow moon

  • does coin tricks for small children
  • gives back money wednesday stole from the waitress bc it was the right thing to do
  • talks to cats
  • goes to see girl he might be into, sees her with her girlfriend, gives her the flowers anyway but runs away so she doesn’t even see
  • literally so many coin tricks
  • like *gets kidnapped and put into a dark room by two men* *decides to do coin tricks*
  • all this shit is happening to him and he’s literally just rolling with it
  • held wednesday’s vigil bc he didn’t want it to be anyone else :(((
  • gives money to a girl and her dog and tells her to buy dog food
  • loves his wife despite all this gotdam nonsense
  • decides by his own accord to go get his head smashed in with a hammer bc he promised a guy over chess that he would
if zootopia had a gag reel
  • Flash: ...9...
  • Judy: THD03.
  • Flash: ...T...
  • Judy: HD03.
  • Flash: ...H... *his gadget crashes*
  • Judy: *groans* I need more coffee for this scene...
  • -----
  • Gideon: Baa, baa, whaddya gonna do, cry?
  • Judy: Hey! You heard-- *her police cap slips completely over her head and she trips and falls over*
  • Gideon: ...Y'all, we'd better help her out before she actually does cry.
  • ----
  • *shortly after Mr. Manchas started going feral*
  • Judy: ...Mr. Manchas...?
  • *they open the door, finding that his tail was caught between his floorboards and he was desperately trying to get it out*
  • Mr. Manchas: ...It happened again, I know!
  • Nick: ...I don't know what I expected.
  • ------
  • Nick: ...Carrots. You saved my life.
  • Judy: Well, that's what we do at ZPD--EEEEEYAGH--
  • *they start falling, but the vines had been long enough that they were cocooned and still hit the ground with a loud thud*
  • Bogo: *rushes towards them* That--wasn't part of your act, right?
  • Nick: *visibly dazed* I'm seeing quick brown foxes jumping over rabbits...
  • -----
  • Nick: *starts petting Bellwether's head* So fluffy-- *accidentally rips off a huge chunk of her wool*
  • Bellwether: ...Still typing here. Totally not noticing you just did that.
  • ----
  • Bogo: ...You're fired.
  • Judy: What? Why?
  • Bogo: Insubordination!
  • Judy: *holds back laughter* S-sorry--I just can't--the word "insubordination" is just too funny--
  • Bogo: *looks at the camera* This is the fifteenth take. I cannot work like this--I'll be in my trailer--
  • ------
  • Judy: No, I am a cop. And I'm on the Emmitt Otterton case, and my evidence puts him in your car. So intimidate me all you want, I'm going to-- *sneezes at Mr. Big*
  • Mr. Big: ...It's all right. Many an animal gets the sniffles here.
  • -----
  • Judy: ...I don't deserve to wear this badge.
  • Bogo: Hopps.
  • Bellwether: Judy-- *forgets her lines*
  • Bogo: Bellwether.
  • Judy: Bogo.
  • Bellwether: Judy.
  • Nick: *offscreen* Nick!
  • -----
  • Nick: Look, you gave her a--a clown vest and joke mobile and two--two--two uh, what--yeah, no, sorry, I think I'm the one who needs that clown vest and joke mobile. *pokes his own nose* Honk honk.
  • ------
  • *Judy's train into Zootopia breaks down multiple times in the middle of its journey.*
  • Judy: *as the train breaks down in the middle of the polar region* Well, at least I can always stop by for some ice cream.
  • Judy: *as the train breaks down in the middle of the desert region* At least I can sunbathe here.
  • Judy: *as the train breaks down in the middle of the rainforest area* Wait, we're filming Mr. Manchas' part already?
  • ------
  • Clawhauser: *sipping loudly on his soda while Judy looks at the case file*
  • Judy: *is trying to hold back laughter*
  • Clawhauser: *unexpectedly burps really loudly* S-sorry, I didn't mean to do that--
  • Judy: *falls off her chair, laughing*
  • -------
  • Bucky: Hey buddy, turn down the depressing music!
  • Judy: *turns off her alarm clock*
  • Pronk: Leave the meter man alone! Didn't you hear the conversation? She feels like a failure!
  • Bucky: Oh, shut up!
  • Pronk: You shut up!
  • Bucky: You shut up!
  • Pronk: You shut up!
  • *they suddenly belt out Black Eyed Peas*
  • Bucky and Pronk: Shut up, just shut up, shut up--shut it up, just shut up, shut up--
  • Judy: *looks at the camera* Tomorrow's another day. Cut!
  • -----
  • Finnick: *from underneath the stroller* She hustled you-- *realizes his voice is actually high and pitchy* Wait--what--Nick, what did you do--
  • Nick: A little helium in your trailer, friend. Besides, you gotta be real convincing as a baby, don't you?
  • -------
  • Bogo: Two days to find the otter. Or you quit. That was the deal. Badge.
  • Judy: *is snickering*
  • Bogo: What now?
  • Judy: I-I'm sorry--I thought you said "baa". Like, baa baa Bogo, have you any wool? *falls in laughter*
  • Bogo: ...Excuse me while I actually facepalm here for a bit.
  • ------
  • Nick: All right, get in here. *steps back a bit as Judy goes in for the hug*
  • Judy: *lunges in for the hug and finds nothing, then falls on her face*
  • Nick: Sorry, just had t'get that out. *picks her up and actually hugs her* See, this is why we work so well. She knows my jokester side too well and just goes with it.
  • Judy: *muffled chuckling* ...I'm gonna fill your trailer with helium later, I swear.
  • -----
  • *while on the cable car*
  • Judy: ...Thank you.
  • Nick: *humming* What can I say, except "you're welcome?"
  • Judy: *chuckles* Should've never showed you that movie before filming. You've been humming it for days now.
  • -----
  • Judy: What are you gonna do? Kill me?
  • Bellwether: *chuckles* Of course not. He is. *pulls out a water pistol and splashes Nick's face* Wha--
  • Nick: *falls over, laughing* S-sorry, it was too easy--switching your gun to a water pistol--
  • Bellwether: *looks at the camera* Cue to Nick not being able to find where he hid the actual thing.
  • -----
  • Scientist: Mayor Lionheart, please. We're doing everything that we can.
  • Mayor Lionheart: Really? 'Cause I have a dozen and a half animals here who've gone off the rails--ails--ah, *stutters* Sorry, sorry, going too fast-- *chuckles* Wasn't quite my tempo back there...
  • ------
  • Bogo: *playing with the Gazelle app on his phone*
  • Clawhauser: *bursts into the room* Chief Bogo!
  • Bogo: *freaks out, throwing his phone out the window*
  • Clawhauser: ...You got another phone, right? And you still have my number on it?
  • -----
  • *Nick and the rest of the cast are backstage, taking a selfie with Gazelle and her tigers*
  • Nick: All right everyone, say, "sequel"!

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so for rosemary, even years into the relationship, kanaya sometimes has moments where she's like "I Can't Believe My Wife Doesn't Have Horns" because she just grew up surrounded by people who, y'know, had horns. And so sometimes she'll hold rose's head in her lap and just feel through her hair the parts that SHOULD have horns but don't. Rose loves it because it's another example of her wife's little eccentricities and she just adores her s;ffasfg


*kanaya puts her hands on roses head*

How Do You Live Like This

Oh, you know, I get out of bed one leg at a time.

Rose I See How You Wake Up In The Morning It Involves Me Dragging You Out Of Bed Because You Refuse To Get Up Furthermore-

believe-that-you-can-my-friend  asked:

Okay I loved the OTP questions and I know you are going to deliver them perfectly Anna, so I couldn't stop myself from requesting five of them: 11, 15, 16, 17, 19. (I literally wanted to request all of them but I'm sure you'll get a ton of messages so eventually all are going to be answered with your wonderful ideas and I can't wait to read them!!) Sorry for requesting so maaany!!🙈

Anything for you, Vera dearest! A bit of sin, a bit of angst, and some babies - everything you love! Hope you like them. Sorry mobile readers, I had to put this under a cut, it gets a bit long!

11. Who loves the smell of their partner’s perfume?

“Jug- ahh, we’re… we’re going to be late,” Betty breathes tilting her head to give Jughead more access to the graceful slope of her neck. He chuckles against her skin, running the tip of his nose against her smooth skin, inhaling her scent deeply. She’s utterly intoxicating.

“It’s your fault for putting this perfume on,” he murmurs into her neck, voice low and gravelly with his arousal. “How am I supposed to resist when you just smell so good?” he hums, peppering light, teasing kisses across her collarbone.

Betty’s legs weaken, and she’s thankful that he has a strong, steadying arm locked around her waist else she’d be a puddle at his feet in a matter of minutes. She can feel heat pooling between her thighs and she tilts her hips to get his leg to press between them. Jughead grins at the action, nipping lightly at the sensitive skin of her pulse point before latching his lips there and sucking.

Betty lets out a sinfully loud whimper, pressing closer to him as he works to form a blossoming bruise against her flawless complexion.

“People are gonna see…” she complains halfheartedly as he sucks harder.

“Good,” he growls possessively, fingers tightening at her hips, eyes darkening to that deep shade of azure that is certain to soak her panties every time. “If you smell this good, I wonder what you taste like…” he muses with a heart-stopping smirk plastered over his features, sinking to his knees, eyes on hers all the while.

“Oh my-” Betty doesn’t manage to complete her sentence, voice failing her as his head disappears beneath her dress.

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My therapist said putting things into words, like a trauma, is supposed to help take the intensity of the trauma away or something (I don't remember exactly what she said.) So, on Friday I told her something that happened to me but it's Sunday and I still feel awful. I don't feel better at all, I feel scared because I haven't thought about that event in a long time and now I can't get it out of my head. Am I doing something wrong? Does therapy really work?

your therapist is correct that expressing things can help decrease the intensity of the emotion related to them. that’s because by stopping avoiding the thing, you remove some of the power the Thing has, decreasing the amount of negative emotions you experience related to the Thing and the amount of work you put into trying to avoid the Thing. however, you usually can’t just express the Thing once- you’ve got to do it over and over until you stop having strong negative emotional reactions to it. that can take anywhere from an hour to a year or more, and is unlikely to happen in a single session. 

during that time, you’ll usually experience what’s called an extinction burst. an extinction burst happens when you stop reinforcing something. in this case, the reinforcement is typically goes like: think of Thing -> feel bad ->avoid Thing and thoughts about Thing -> feel better -> continue to avoid Thing and thoughts of Thing. The avoidance is the reinforcer. But when stop reinforcing, and so stop avoiding, we confuse the system. The system in this case is your body. Your body notices that you did not avoid the Thing, and thinks “what is going on? they didn’t avoid the Thing! Maybe if I increase the alarm bells, they’ll avoid it like I want them to.” so then your negative reaction to the Thing increases- your symptoms get worse. This happens for a little while- minutes to months depending on the issue -and then it stops. Your body realizes you aren’t going to reinforce it anymore, and it stops raising the alarm bells, and your symptoms decrease. 

so no, I doubt you’re doing something wrong. but when you decide to express things in order to take away their power, you’ve got to have a good plan for how you’ll manage the extinction burst. That usually means lots of coping skills and self-care and self-monitoring, so that you can do the hard work of getting rid of your avoidance without being overwhelmed by the extinction burst. if you’d like to pursue this, I’d talk to your therapist about getting a really good plan in place so you feel more comfortable with your treatment. take care! 

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something with tracer and/or Pharah (separate) where the reader has a crush on them and shows it by always visiting them while they're working, bringing them coffee and snacks etc. one day reader says "so, are you and your boyfriend gonna do anything this summer?" so pharah and tracer respond that they don't have a boyfriend, and are actually interested in women. reader then says "oh well maybe you should gimmie your number wink wink " SORTY IF THIS MADE NO SENSE;; ty!

This is so creative! I love it!

Tracer -
After an exhausting mission in Oasis, the team had some down time before they were scheduled to leave. That meant you and Lena were lounging around the gardens, just chilling and eating snacks.
“Ready?” You ask.
Lena opens her mouth in response, and you throw piece of popcorn. You both cheer when she catches it.
“Alright let me try!” She says. She throws a piece at you, but it hits your nose and bounces off. Giggling, Lena asks to try again. She scoops up a whole handful and just throws all of at you.
“No fair!” You laugh. You respond by throwing a handful of popcorn at her. This leads to a full blown food fight until you’re both laughing so hard you can barely breathe. Your fun is interrupted by both of your phones telling you to get back to the ship because it’s time to leave.
“This was so much fun!” Lena says. “We really should hang out more.”
“I always figured you were busy with a boyfriend.” You answer.
At that, Lena cracks up laughing.
“What?” You ask, confused.
“Love,” She says between laughs. “I’m so gay! I would never have a boyfriend!”
You smile. “Then maybe the next time we hang out it should be a date.”
“I’d love that.” She replies with a big grin.

Pharah -
“I brought snacks!” You announce as you step into Pharah’s room. Things have been absolutely crazy lately, so the two of you decided to have a little movie night to relax.
“I have wine!” Fareeha replied. This was gonna be a great movie night - snacks, Fareeha, and wine. She pours two glasses before the two of you settle down on the couch.
“Thanks for inviting me.” You say sincerely. You found it a bit odd that she invited you of all people. Fareeha was so stunning that nearly every agent of Overwatch drooled over her.
“Why do you sound surprised?” She questioned.
“I don’t know. I just thought you would invite one of the many boys who always hit on you.” You answer.
Fareeha chuckled. “They’re not really my type, if you know what I mean. I’d date you before any of them.”
“Well,” You say with a smile. You slide over closer to Fareeha until you’re cuddled against her. “This is a date now.”
She smiles and puts an arm around you. “I am more than fine with that.” She places a light kiss to your head as the movies starts. This was gonna be a great night.

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Can we talk about Director Sanvers for a minute cause like, I have this OT3 prompt in my head and it's like, nightly ritual of Person A playing the piano and their partners sitting on the couch listening? And like Person B's head is in Person C's lap and C is playing with B's hair?? Which of our babies do you think would be in each role?? (also no pressure but I love this as a fic idea and can't write it myself so feel free to take it)

Friend, we can always talk about Director Sanvers for a minute. And now these ideas are swirling around my head so I’m giving you some thoughts/headcanons not quite in fic form from the subway (while giving myself carpel tunnel typing on my phone probably), so here goes:

I think Lucy Lane is our piano player/person A. Alex can sing, though unlike Kara “I put the kara in karaoke” Danvers, she’ll kill you if you mention it in public, but I see her skipping piano lessons in favor of staying out and surfing a little longer. And I think Maggie appreciates both of her more musical girlfriends and will rock out on an air guitar and sing along loudly with the radio but is not at all musically gifted. (Is that a self-aware self-insert? The world may never know…) But I can see Lucy having learned piano while taking dance classes growing up just to desperately try to be as good as big sister Lois who was always getting recognized by teachers and dance instructors for her achievements (then secondhand through the “Oh, you’re Lois’ baby sister!” comments she got at the start of every year) and, dammit, Lucy wanted to show that she could do it too and just as well, if not better, even if she was several years younger.

Now partners B and C could go either way. As much as the existing Director Sanvers (and Sanvers) stuff would seem to make Alex person B, thanks to a lovely prompt from @sarcasticallyinspired that I haven’t gotten to yet about the headcanon that Alex and Lucy enjoy playing with Maggie’s long hair because she has so much more of it than they do, I’m making her person C. 

I think Maggie would make them all tea. Alex used to drink coffee to stay up far later than was advisable catching up on medical journals and trying to stay abreast of new developments and trends in the field, but Maggie has insisted “there’s really only one good reason to lose that much sleep at night,” so she makes them herbal tea instead; Alex loves it, but she won’t admit it. Whenever Lucy travels for work, she brings them back a new tea to try.

While Lucy plays, Alex will hum along if she knows the song. Maggie adores it, but she’s careful not to make too big of a deal out of acknowledging it because the first few times she did, Alex got embarrassed and stopped, which was the very last thing Maggie wanted. Now they’re all more comfortable around each other, but Maggie still pretends like she can’t hear the melodious humming, and Alex pretends like the small smile pulling up the corner of Maggie’s mouth is caused by literally anything else.

After days of working the night shift or having to pull doubles or be on call for long stretches of time, Maggie often falls asleep–something Lucy and Alex both tease her about even though they find it beyond adorable. Whenever this happens, Lucy plays longer than she normally would to make sure that Maggie is sleeping soundly enough for Alex to carry her to bed without waking her. This is why they only start their nightly ritual already in pajamas now (because pulling off those impossibly tight skinny jeans was next to impossible, and every time they tried, Maggie would wake up, still half-delirious from sleep, and wiggle her eyebrows and ask if they were trying to start something and to make sure they were going to finish it, thank you very much).

The first time it happened, it wasn’t meant to become a ritual. They’d been out with the full gang of Superfriends when Kara said something about most of the group being really musically talented, then looked over expectantly at Lena and Maggie to see if they had anything to offer in the way of musical talents (or if they’ll be the silent additions to @performativezippers‘ Anonymous Zippers band). Lena shrugs; even though her days in boarding schools left her with basic proficiency in a few instruments, she’d never call herself particularly talented at it. Meanwhile Maggie’s like, “Uh, yeah, of course I can” because she’s a cocky shit, and her girlfriends love the bravado. Only this time they call her on it–they want some proof. So she insists she’ll show them at home (she’s got some joke all lined up about being able to play their bodies perfectly and make them sing, which totally basically counts as being musically gifted). But Kara wants everyone to see, so somehow they end up with an impromptu talent show of sorts in their living room, and Kara and Winn do a duet before Winn tries to rap with James laying down a beat in the background that gets them booed off their impromptu stage. Next up is Lucy who just shrugs and sits down at the piano (shh, I know one doesn’t exist in the current apartment, but the new place they’ve rented to fit all of them and Lucy’s extensive wardrobe, plus all of Alex and Maggie’s leather jackets has one…let’s go with it), and Maggie finds herself shook at just how good she is. Then Alex joins in singing, and Maggie bows out of their musical competition as gracefully as she can before even trying. She only gets her way out of some of the teasing (they can’t let her live it down completely) by promising to be the best fan they’ve ever had. So now every night she gets their tea and sits excitedly on the couch, cheering and clapping and acting as Lucy’s own personal hype-woman before they settle down to listen. 

Anywayyyy hope you enjoy! I’m at my stop now, so I’ve gotta go before the tourists catch me. 

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My girlfriend is the perfect height that when we hug she puts her face in my neck and gives it little kisses and I can cradle her head while she hugs my waist and her eyes are so blue and her eyelashes never end and her nose is long and straight and amazing and her laugh is so beautiful and her voice is deep and lovely and her hair is so soft and she's so smart and just so kind and she's my best friend and I love her so much holy shit I'm so gay and I can't wait to just always be with her

Wow this is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever read? This is so detailed and I can feel the love pouring out of this. I hope you two are able to always be together someday soon.

Just Another Day

Character: Negan (The Walking Dead)

Word Count: 2,294

Prompt/Summary: ‘I love you’/Pre-Apocalypse AU domestic fluff; Negan’s daughter tells him something that happened at school, and adorable-ness ensues.

Warnings: None.

Written For: Ana’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge

Note: Shameless self insert; set in the same ‘universe’ as this fic I wrote a while back because I had a lot of fun writing that one. I might make like a little series of various one-shots involving this AU because I honestly love writing it.

Tagging: @such-a-common-girl, @negans-network, @jdms-network, @hawtdiggitynegan, @fuckinjdm (Want to be added to/removed from my taglist? Send me an ask!)

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I remember that time I find out how Plath died. Right after reading The Bell Jar. I googled it. Out of sheer curiosity. The first image; of her legs sticking out of the oven. Scared the hell outta me. I couldn't sleep for several days. I never read any of her books after that. Can't bring myself to, knowing that she died so horribly.

…I am unsure whether this image is even real? I mean the actual oven image. It floated around on flickr several years ago but I never saw a proper source, just this black and white image and underneath something along the lines of “Plath with her head in the oven”, blah. The circumstances are real. Surely, the concept alone can be quite traumatizing to the eye. But there’s certainly way more to Plath than the way she chose to put an end to her life and Idk, I suppose I cannot relate to you at all in this. She’s a glorious poet and her work (especially her poetic work but also her diary work in my opinion) is of immense value. You perhaps need time to process this & read her at some other point but…well. Don’t let an image, conceptual or not, prevent you from reading this woman. She was a fine woman and a fine writer.

okay but so far we’ve got

  • Olaf jumping off a cliff and being totally OK afterwards
  • Olaf popping his head out or on reverse still be able to talk
  • Marshmallow having his leg cut and still be able to move
  • Olaf standing next to a fireplace
  • Olaf being scratched by wolves
  • Olaf putting himself in a goddamn sauna and being still 100% OK

at this point i’m pretty sure that Elsa not only basically creates life but also creates immortal beings 

Hesiod entertains his dear wife and queen with song after a long morning. Despite her fatigue, Arête sings along with him.

Haha, look at these two adorable, totally doomed saps. And you don’t even know them yet.

I’ll make this brief because if I said more about them, I’d be spoiling even my own part of the story. Instead of a king being in charge of Valla, Arete is in charge (because more power to her please and also tighter plot), and Hesiod married into the family. Hesiod’s profession is similar to that of the aoidos, and has a wide range of talents from epic poetry to writing love songs for his wife. Azura would have loved them both.

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Who are some good fanfic writers with nice blogs I can follow?

That’s a good question. I’ll give you a list, but since I don’t know precisely what sort of fics you’re looking for I’m not sure if this is precisely what you’re looking for (for instance I wouldn’t want to recommend Bluepulse fics to someone whose NOTP is Bluepulse), but the following authors are ones I really like and hope you’ll enjoy.

  • @weirdnonsensefandomstuff (She focuses a lot on Scarab Love or Bluepulse/OT3.)
  • @hookahpop, although more specifically their writing blog @creativityflowfics (I know hookahpop’s DC work most, so I don’t know much about any other fan works.)
  • @mr-mustache-penis (A fantastic author and currently in Voltron hell.)
  • @necromancy-enthusiast (Everything I’ve read from her has been fantastic, though as with hookahpop I’m more familiar with her DC work.)
  • @who-even–are–you (I’m currently reading a 22+ chapter fic written by them and it is destroying my heart in the best way possible.)
  • @coredesignixandnekonee (Has written some really good fics, but tends to post a LOT, so you may want to look more specifically at @tamlins-stories-and-poems for their work.)
  • @crashtacular (Does fantastic work, though I’m only really familiar with his DC stuff, and succeeds in absolutely soul-crushing his readers. Might be best to look through his [Ao3] though.)
  • @abirdaplaneaqueer (Also writes some fantastic Bluepulse OT3 fics. Her work is golden.)
  • @parvumautomaton (Primarily does needlepoint, but the fics they’ve done leave one hell of an impression.)
  • @windona (Absolutely fantastic fics.)
  • @insuffera6le6itch (If you want La’gaan-centric fics she is the best source for them.)
  • @kaerwrites (If you have any interest in Dragon Age fanfics, I can not recommend them highly enough.)
  • @puddingmcmuffin (Has written some absolutely fantastic fics, and the source of the Turtlebug ship– Zarkon/Reach Ambassador.)
  • @crawling-through-ashes (Sooooo much Bluepulse, and it is glorious.)
  • @sounddrive (If you like Transformers then you can’t go wrong with her work.)

I know that there are more I could throw on this list, but I’m drawing a blank. I hope you find this list helpful though. n.n

A little drink because honestly, who isn't thirsty?
  • AFD!Velvet, stepping off of a club's stage after her set, ushering for another drink from the bartender, speaking to herself: Oh man the only way I won't look stupid and shaky on stage is if these keep coming...
  • AFD!Ruby, barging her way through a loud and crowded floor to stand in front of Velvet: Velvet! Velvet! That song was amazing, you wrote it all yourself?
  • AFD!Velvet, looking at the young red-clad girl in confusion: Uhhh...Yeah, wrote it all on my own. Did a lot of the music for it too. I'm sorry, but who are you again?
  • AFD!Ruby, awkwardly laughs and rubs the back of her head with a big smile: Oh! Right, I'm Ruby Rose, I actually live in the apartment above yours, I guess we've never really talked personally.
  • AFD!Velvet, covering her face in embarrassment with one hand and putting the other on Ruby's shoulder, speaking in a quick panic: Oh god oh god I'm soooo sorry, I should've known. I'm so sorry. I've just had a drink before every set to calm my stagefright and just. Oh goodness. Maybe they're all catching up to me.
  • AFD!Ruby, with a small laugh: Hey that's fine! I can't even imagine! But hey, I really love your music! Maybe we can jam together sometime?
  • AFD!Velvet, letting go of Ruby, her expression turning into happy surprise: You play!?
  • AFD!Ruby, with a giant smile and a thumb pointed towards her own chin: You betcha! I've been playing guitar for years, and I dabble in a few other instruments! I'm currently going to school for music! If you ever want to play just come on upstairs sometime~!
  • AFD!Velvet, taking her requested drink from a bartender, and then turns back to Ruby with a smile: Hey that sounds like a blast! I'm definitely up for it, but my next set is about to start so I've gotta jump back up on stage. We'll swap numbers after the show Ruby!
  • AFD!Ruby, stepping back and giving a prompt wave: Sounds great!!

anonymous asked:

All I can think about is Anya trying to put together a crib once raven is pregnant and she's trying her hardest to prove she can do it herself without the help of her genius girlfriend but things just aren't going to plan. It makes her feel a little insecure because like if she can't even put together a crib how is she supposed to take care of her girls

Anya having a moment where she’s so soft and vulnerable and just lays her head on ravens a shoulder and murmurs “I couldn’t do it.”

And Raven just smiles and kisses her and mutters “that’s why we’re a team, idiot” and Anya grins because she and Raven complement each other so well