so i can only comment on how terrible this writing is stylistically

Period pains (5SOS Imagine)

Being 5 Seconds of Summers stylist was my dream job! Being their friend was a privilege. Sure they annoy me and try to make my job hard but I love them. They TRY to refuse to wearing some of the outfits I put together saying it isn’t ‘punk rock’ enough for them. I’m sorry but if you are going to a ball you have to wear a suit and tie.

That is just one of my many struggles. Michaels constant dying of his hair is another. Does he not realise I plan in advance. I need to make sure his hair doesn’t clash with his clothes or I will get the blame.

Don’t get me started on the ripped clothes. Jeans, I don’t mind. I’m actually a fan of ripped skinny jeans but cutting hole in shirts on purpose, not so much. Cutting holes in your shirt will not stop you sweating but it will make you look like you can’t afford to buy new clothes. Which I can assure you they can because I am the one who buys them countless new tops yet they remain with the price tag on them.

Really though I can’t complain. I get to spend all day everyday with four of my best friends. They make me laugh and smile constantly.

Really I shouldn’t complain but I’m human so I shall. Today was horrible. I was on my period and the cramps inside my stomach were ripping me apart. My back was aching and my painkillers were just not kicking in.

“What about this leather jacket?” I asked mickey, holding up the jacket. He shuck his head barely looking up from his phone. “Seriously? What’s wrong with it? I have showed you five different jackets and none of them are good enough.”

He continues to go on his phone, oblivious to my existence. “Michael! This is the last one.” I show him a denim jacket. He quickly looks up, shrugs his shoulders and looks back down.

“Fine, you know what I don’t care, you all can wear what ever you want.” I storm off. I swing open the door but am blocked by a pair of broad shoulders.

“Whoa slow down (Y/N), what’s wrong?” Luke tries to stop me leaving.

“Don’t touch me!” I dodge him, stomping out to the tour bus. I know I’m over reacting but I couldn’t be bother being patient today.

I went to the back and curled into a ball.

“(Y/N)?” I hear Luke call my name along with several footsteps but I ignore them.

“Who pissed in your cereal this morning.” Mickey comments.

“Piss off.” I throw a pillow at him. “Your such an asshole.”

“Whoa someone is on her period.” Calum laughs.

“I actually hate you all right now.” I burst into tears. I couldn’t help it; I turn over trying to hide my face.

“I was only joking, I’m sorry.” Cal puts a hand on my shoulder but I brush him off.

The TV is turned on and a blanket is wrapped gently around me. “Are you going to let me join you on the couch?” ash asks. I cautiously scoot over making room for him and laying my head on his chest.

“Where are the others?”
“They went to get food.” He hands me a controller and the Fifa logo flashes on the screen.

“Ash you hate Fifa.”

“Yeah but I like you.” He smiles. “But that doesn’t mean I will go easy on you.”

“You don’t even know how to play.” I laugh, clutching my stomach at the pain. “Don’t make me laugh, it hurts.”

After half an hour of playing the boys return. “We brought ice cream and chocolate.” Calum shouts. “I’m really sorry (Y/N).”

“Its okay, I suppose I can forgive you because you brought food.” I smile thanking him.

“I also won you this teddy in the claw game thing.” Luke hands me a dark brown bear.

“Thanks Luke I love it.” I stand up to give him a hug. “I’m sorry for snapping at you earlier.”

“We can all have our bad days.”

“I’m going to take a nap but thanks guys for all of this. I love yous.”

I was about to hop into my bunk when mickey stops me. “Do you want some company?” He asks shyly. I stay quiet only nodding my head.  He climbs in first and I follow.

“I’m sorry for being a dick earlier, you know I’m an idiot.” He wraps his arms around my body gently.

“Even though you were being annoying, I shouldn’t have snapped at you so I’m sorry too.” I close my eyes, snuggling into he chest.

“So you don’t hate me?” He holds his breath.

“It’s going to take a lot more than that to make me hate you or the others for that matter.”

“Good because we would look terrible if we lost you.” 


I feel like someone should write a bad spinoff about roommates Subconscious and Inner Goddess living together in the metropolitan city that is Ana’s brain

Subconscious is the bookish, small-town girl still blinded by the city lights and Inner Goddess is the sultry, wanton mistress of the night