so i can make cartoon edits

Seen/Need to See (Cartoon Edition)

I’m making this post so I can keep track of things I watch. I can’t really edit, so watching shows is a way to pass time. Also a good way to find new content.

I will take recommendations, old and new!

* Seen All Episodes

Shows I’ve Seen (And Liked/Loved)
- Gravity Falls*
- Star vs The Forces of Evil*
- Over The Garden Wall*
- Steven Universe
- Phineas and Ferb
- Milo Murphy’s Law
- Voltron: Legendary Defender*
- The Loud House
- The Amazing World of Gumball
- Adventure Time
- Rick and Morty*
- American Dad*
- Hey Arnold
- Danny Phantom
- Futurama
- Invader Zim
- TMNT (2012)
- Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
- Avatar: The Last Airbender
- Miraculous Ladybug*

Want/Need To See:
- Lolirock
- Ever After High (I think it’s called that)
- Total Drama
- Kim Possible
- Teen Titans
- Legend of Korra

That’s it. I also have an anime list.

i was asked to do a tutorial on how i make my icons by anonymous, so here’s my super easy way of doing it. there’s no major editing or backgrounds simply because i’m super lazy and i prefer the look of clean, bright icons. i’ve only ever used this method on cartoons (voltron. i’ve only ever made voltron icons lol), so i can’t say for sure whether this method would work well with real people. just keep that in mind!

for some examples of what you can make, here’s my icons page.

please like/reblog if you try it out, and feel free to ask me any questions.

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For real, tho: Please reblog this & spread the word!  ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ ✿

Sweet Pastel Koala Halfsuit: Will be up for auction soon!

More detail on one of the 48-hour challenge suits that I recently cleaned up more.

Comes with: Mask, handpaws, armsleeves, legs/pants.
** Feetpaws NOT included! **
*** I will NOT be making any additional parts or modifications to this suit, at this time! ***

Design was inspired by baked sweets, 80’s cartoons, fairy-kei fashion.

Currently has no assigned name or gender, so it’s all up to the buyer!
Some names that have been suggested are:
Cannoli, Cupcake, Kiwi, Gummy, Sprinkles, & Kewpie.

List of details, measurements, & features can be found here:

the internship I applied for is kind of weird now I’m thinking about it

I originally thought it was just a storyboarding internship, but it turns out it’s a huge amount of stuff. It’s storyboarding, character designing, animating, editing etc

basically, the project is these guys want to get a pilot episode of a cartoon they want to produce made up so they can present it to a studio to get funding. They got us illustration/animation students on board because as they put it “we’re writers, not animators. We need hands that can make this stuff and heads that can tell when we’re being too nutty”

which basically translated to “ no, we cannot make you a 25 minute fully animated pilot with 7 people in 2 months, but we could probably give you an animatic”

So… I mean if this ends up actually becoming a show then sweet but either way I think it’s going to be amazing experience in these kinds of fields :)

Hi, so in college I’m going to be doing digital artwork for commissions, and would like a little bit of practice! So I’m doing free pieces up until August so and I’d really appreciate it if people sent me things to draw! My style is mainly cartoon and simple drawings, but I’d like to attempt semi-realistic! I can also edit faces onto different photos too if that’s something you’d be interested in! I can make profile pictures, twitter headers, tumblr headers, and lock screens, and it’s entirely free! There’s no catch other than free drawings might be used as a future example of my work, but I’ll ask before doing so! The drawing/image would be completely yours to do with whatever you’d like! Anyways, sorry for the long boring post, but please don’t hesitate to ask for a digital drawing! My skills aren’t the best, but it’s entirely free all you have to do is message!

@ladytharen replied to your post “6 movies I can watch anytime”

these are so lovely! I am amused by the inclusion of mad max as I love it but up until they get to the many mothers it’s one LONG LONG action scene :)

It is, but it somehow doesn’t feel like one long action scene to me. :) Usually I get really bored during action sequences that go on too long, but MMFR manages to hold my interest, probably partly because the editing and pacing are so good, and partly because it’s filmed and colored so beautifully. It’s a feast for the eyes! And I love the soundtrack too.

@sometimessurprising replied to your post “6 movies I can watch anytime”

oh my god, this is the first time I’ve seen Robin Hood on one of these lists! this makes me so happy!! I always get weird looks when i say it’s my go-to disney cartoon…nice to know other humans appreciate it ;)

Robin Hood has been my favorite Disney movie since I saw it in the theater when I was about 7 years old. :) It crosses my dash fairly regularly, too, so there are plenty others here on tumblr who love it! (Either that or I’m just following the right people.)

2016 End of the Year Mix

Alright guys, I’m officially doing an end of the year mix for 2016. People are already familiar with the likes of Daniel Kim and Dj Earworm, I figured its about time for me to throw in my hat. 

But I kind of want to do something a little bit different. I care very little for the Billboard top 100. So instead I wanna make a 2016 Fandom/ Shitpost/ Soundclown mix, featuring cartoons, movies, TV, videogames, and viral videos.

I need samples. Seriously guys, I might be one of the geekiest guys to ever get his hand on audio editing software, but that doesn’t mean I’m representative of all fandoms. If something significant happened this year, I wanna sample it. It can be from almost anywhere: Movies, TV, Videosgames, Youtube…. the only real rule is it has to have come from either 2016 of really late 2015 (Undertale and Star Wars are both being sampled because of their influence on 2016, even though they technically came before.

Samples I’m already using

  • Here Comes a Thought Steven Universe
  • Megalovania Undertale
  • Space Unicorn Star vs the Forces of Evil
  • We’ll meet Again Gravity Falls (rest in peace)
  • My Fair Hatey Wander Over Yonder (rest in peace)
  • OST from Pokemon Go
  • The Compilation Song The Amazing World of Gumball
  • X Gon Give it to You Deadpool
  • Overwatch (exact sample hasn’t been chosen yet)
  • OST from Captain America Civil War
  • Kung Fu Fighting Kung Fu Panda 3
  • Try Everything Zootopia
  • OST from Batman v Superman (though I’m sure I’ll regret it)
  • Purple Lamborghini from Suicide Squad
  • Theme from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Theme from Ghostbusters
  • Unforgettable from Finding Dory
  • My Guitar Gently Weeps Kubo and the Two Strings
  • Welcome to Night Vale (exact sample hasn’t been chosen yet)

Plus miscellaneous sound effects from where ever I can find them, and maybe a few drum breaks I happen to like. 

If you guys have a sample, either reblog this post with the sample in the tags or put it in my replies.


Well, in class so i’m just making some MLB edits. <3 

just look at this kitty, so happy he has two owners to love now

i can just picture him screaming internally already “ oh my god, oh my god, two ladybugs this is heaven!!” witch he actually said. ahh mon petit chaton


I’m trying to draw in a slightly more realistic fashion so I can make my character design more diverse. So I decided what’s a better way to do that then by drawing ACTUAL people?

So I drew lettherebedoodles who is a perfect and gorgeous human. Go follow them!!! They give great advice and make awesome Disney edits, and are also flawlessly beautiful. I couldn’t capture their beauty on paper perfectly, so I made sure to attach the selfie I used as a reference 😆


So I got this photo edit app today that can take away all my flaws and make me look like a glowing cartoon princess and I was playing around with it and started to feel kinda bad about my regular “before” face but then I realized dang!!! This is every magazine cover and photo shoot of a beautiful celebrity ever!!! ! except they do wayyy more and this is just a rinky dink phone app and then I realize I’m comparing myself to manufactured beauty that doesn’t actually exist even in the people where that’s all I see of them and that’s silly and absurd bye