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Alright, so. I have this prompt in my head and I just wanted to get it out there. A girl that is normally emotionless (you can't tell what she's thinking kind of thing) playing like board games (twister?) with Kuroo and boys of your choice and she starts getting pervy and all up on them but still keeps her poker face and they can't tell if she's coming on to them. You can write it in whatever way you like, also if requests are closed just delete this haha

Oooh yay I like this prompt! I was originally going to write for another character as well, but I really liked how the first one turned out so I’m just going to leave it at that!

-Admin Asahi

You stared ahead at the tall boy who was currently digging through his hallway closet for an old game of his. Even though it was your first time in Kuroo’s house, you didn’t seem to show much interest in it. It kind of offended Kuroo that you didn’t even glance around, but he only had himself to blame for his disappointment. He knew you preferred to keep a poker face; the reason for that… he still didn’t know. But he was hoping an exciting game of Twister would help you break out of that shell. 
He pulled the game out of the closet triumphantly and sat down next to you on the ground.
“Have you played Twister before?” he asked. 
“Yes,” you replied.
“Good, let’s get straight into it then.”
Kuroo laid the mat out in front of you and set the spinner in between you two.
“Ladies first,” he gestured animatedly.
You nodded and flicked the spinner with your finger. 
“Ah, left foot on yellow,” Kuroo commented. 
You stood up and stretched to place your foot on the closest yellow circle. You turned your eyes to Kuroo, who was gazing up at you with a strange look on his face.
“Come on, _____, let’s have some fun with this. Don’t look so grumpy.”
Something in you changed as soon as those words left his mouth. Your eyes hardened and your jaw clenched, but otherwise your face remained unchanged. It was your actions that would reveal the switch.

Kuroo glanced at you for what seemed like the hundredth time. Your face held its usual facade, but you were acting very different. For one thing, your hand was resting dangerously close to his butt for stability, and whenever you shifted positions, you made sure to brush your leg or arm or any other part of your body against him while doing so. It was so tantalizing because Kuroo knew you were acting more flirtatious than normal: he just couldn’t figure out why. Finally, after you slid underneath him to reach a circle on the other side of the mat and practically pushed your butt up against his hips, he couldn’t take it anymore. He fell backwards and landed on the ground with a low thud. You cocked your head as you observed him.
“I believe this means I win,” you commented.
Kuroo shook his head.
“I don’t get it, _____. What game are you playing?”
“Game?” You crouched down next to him and rested a hand on his chest, “I’m not playing any games.”
You leaned in. Kuroo’s eyes darted across your face, looking for the lie. When you were a mere inch from his face, your hand suddenly grabbed his shirt and balled it into a fist. The atmosphere changed in a millisecond. You leaned in close, but this time Kuroo felt tension rather than affection.
“Let this be a warning to you, Tetsurou Kuroo. Don’t ever call me grumpy again.”
You sat back on your haunches and folded your arms across your chest. Kuroo blinked at you in a daze. He shook his head to clear his mind and shot you a taunting smirk. 
“Why don’t we have a rematch? Prove to me you’re really not grumpy.”
Your eyes flashed again, but this time they held a light in them that previously wasn’t there. 
“You’re on.”

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Dad's Reaper76 with their child - I mean, with zenyatta sister doing fluffy family scenario?

I’m not really gon state if Reaper and 76 are/were romantically involved, I know it’s a popular ship and all but I’m leaving it up to interpretation. I kinda like the idea that they can’t stand each other but you slowly repair their relationship (romantic or platonic).

You’d managed to talk the two of them into drinking tea with you, masks firmly on as they sat on their knees. As you scurried around, brewing the tea, the two of them just stared at each other.

“So,” Reaper rasped, dragging his claw idly against the wood, “you come here often?”

Soldier 76 grumbled and pointedly ignored Reaper, looking around at you.

“Tea coming along?” he asked at your busy form.

“Nearly done,” you hummed, placing the teapot on a tray with three cups.

After putting it on the table you sat down as well. Picking up the teapot your poured it into the three cups and places a cup in front of everyone. Reaper dug into his pocket and pulled out a black straw. Plopping it into the cup he slid the straw underneath his mask. As the hot liquid passed through the straw with his sips, Reaper gave a tilt of his head in response.

“Tastes of despair,” you smiled at his deadpan tone.

Soldier 76 picked up his own cup and just pushed it against his mask, tea pouring down his chest. You jumped forward, napkin in hand and started wiping the hot liquid off.

“Isn’t that hot, Mr 76!?” you exclaimed and Reaper just chuckled.

“Incredibly,” his tone stayed neutral, and you grabbed another napkin as the first one was soaked.

Satisfied that you had gotten most of the tea off, you sat down. Finally taking a sip from your own cup you sighed with relief. Leaning back Reaper and Soldier 76 raised their cups in a toast.

Some things Percy probably does because he’s a New Yorker
  • He talks really, really fast 
  • Like some people just stare at him not knowing what he said because he strings his thoughts and sentences together rapidly because c’mon he lives in Manhattan where everything is high pace 24/7
  • He talks really loud! His voice carries over well. He’s so bad at like talking softly. And people can often hear him from like a mile away lmao 
  • Annabeth jokes that she could be on the other side of MSG at a Rangers game and still be able to hear him 
  • He basically lives off of pizza, bagels, and bacon egg and cheeses. Like he’s always stopping to get a slice or pie at his local pizzeria, or at his bodega to get bagels before school or something like that
  • He’s very proud of being a New Yorker. Like we tend to be proud to be from New York, I don’t know it’s just a thing that we do (except when we complain about it all the time)  
  • Anything that is north of the Bronx, he considers Upstate New York (even though it is not. Bitter about it) 
  • The dude can weave through crowds so fluidly. He is a master of evading people barreling down the sidewalks
  • He walks really fast! In New York, if you don’t walk fast everyone hates you.  
  • He is really good at doing things with other shit and noise going on around him. Construction is everywhere, always making a lot of noise, so he’s used to it and it doesn’t bother him as much
  • He can drive a car, but he lives in the City. It is a hellish nightmare to drive through there and to get out without possibly dying in the process. So he’s not the greatest driver in the world. But he can parallel park easily. 
  • He jaywalks like it’s his fucking job. He fears nothing when he needs to get somewhere (ahem, late to school)
  • He curses a lot. Every other word that comes out of his mouth is some kind of swear (except in front of his mother)
  • He has his favorite sports teams (Mets, Jets, Rangers, Knicks) but he usually supports all New York teams (except Buffalo, way too up north and he forgets about them a lot)

first of all here’s yuuri’s serene unsweaty face 2 seconds before viktor opens his horrible mouth

umm viktor kissed his skate on international television meaning yuuri’s boot ≥ gold medal > silver medal I see right through you viktor. only the best of the best can touch that mouth #standards

oh no. yuuri knows exactly what’s coming you’re in public don’t do this,

where’s that leg going viktor… MEANWHILE PEOPLE ARE JUST STARING…

there’s no gold medal to kiss but I still intend to put my mouth on something, can you think of some other exciting place I could put it? also I’m standing between your legs while you’re bending over backwards and my huge ugly coat is conveniently shielding our crotches btw?

viktor has No shame so yuuri always takes it upon himself to have enough self control for the both of them. is it viktor’s mission in life to make yuuri’s job as difficult as possible? signs point to yes

please he’s pouring sweat… he’s struggling. viktor has no mercy.

Impossible Year

32,032 words
amazing art by @hamabee 

an ode to my love for annabeth chase
inspired by the song impossible year by panic! at the disco

shout out to @percyyoulittleshit and @falloutside for organising the @pjohoobigbang and inspiring me to write my longest one-off fic to date, and thanks to @spooky-son-of-rome for betaing, and to @percyyoulittleshit and @lililibird for being honorary betas and fab cheerleaders, i love you all

and thanks to @hamabee. hannah, i honestly couldn’t have done this without you. from the very idea of it through to individual scenes and just general support, none of this would have happened without you. your art is absolutely incredible, your talent is endlessly inspiring and i can’t thank you enough for coming on this months-long journey with annabeth and i. i love you.

It starts and ends with this: “Together.”

Annabeth stares at Percy, and Percy stares at Annabeth.

They’re searching for something that they aren’t even sure exists anymore. They’re so unrecognisable now that they’ve started to forget who they were, before.

She feels his fingers twitch in hers, registers that she’s probably holding his hands too tightly but acknowledges that she doesn’t want to let go just yet. She’s sitting in his lap, their hands clasped between them, and both of them are crying.

She knows that he doesn’t want to let go yet, either. Because once they let go, it’s done. They are done.

Annabeth takes a deep breath, one that rattles her very bones, feels her heart beating wildly in her chest, feels her stomach churning and her mouth going dry. She licks her lips.

Percy watches, and she thinks about kissing him. You know, to say goodbye.

Instead, she closes her eyes. She counts to ten, and then she tells herself to be brave. She opens her eyes.

Gods, he looks as sad as she feels.

Which is part of the problem - maybe the whole problem, actually. Together was what had gotten them through Tartarus, what had given them the strength to claw their way out and then to keep on fighting through everything that had come after.

But they’re out, now, back at camp and physically safe and yet all they seem to do is keep dragging each other back down there.


“Not anymore.”

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  • Shiro and Keith are neighbors in an apartment complex
  • Keith sometimes sees his cute neighbor out on his balcony watering his potted plants
  • Keith’s cat sometimes crosses over to Shiro’s balcony and meows until Shiro lets it in
  • Keith has to keep going over to ask for his cat back
  • Shiro doesn’t mind because the cat is cute and Keith is cute
  • Eventually the cat stops showing up so Shiro goes over to ask if something is wrong
  • Turns out Keith fosters cats until they get adopted and that one just got adopted
  • He’s talking about his new cats and Shiro is zoning out a bit and staring at him
  • Shiro: “You’re cute”
    Keith: “What”
    Shiro: “UhhHHh… They’re cute. Your cats, I mean.”
    Keith: “Oh, I thought you said – um, never mind. Yeah they’re really cute”
  • The shelter Keith fosters from gets a sudden influx of cats so Keith takes a lot of them home to make space at the shelter
  • Keith is overwhelmed with cats, Shiro comes over to help out
  • Keith gives Shiro a key to his apartment so he can stop by and refill cat food and give them any medications they need
  • Pidge: “You gave him a key to your apartment? This is a pretty serious relationship”
    Keith: “What, no, we’re not even dating”
    Pidge: (raises eyebrows)
  • Shiro comes in one day and Keith is asleep on the couch, worn out from work, covered in sleepy kitties
  • Shiro feels that gut feeling and realizes he doesn’t just think Keith is cute – he’s in love with him

Context: I’m currently playing in a pathfinder game, run by a friend, as an investigator and just unlocked the “Run Like Hell” feat, which lets me burn my investigators luck counters to get extra movement speed.

when we left off from the previous campaign, the party had just come across a town besiged by goblins. the goblins were now charging out of the city at us.

DM: Ok, so what are you guys planning to do?

Me: i’m gonna hop on Alejandro (our sentient horse companion)

DM: Ok, since you’ve never riden him before, im just gonna say he can move as if it was you with a base move of 70, and if you ride into anything directly in front of you, you auto kill it

Me: *stares* …Can I still use my feats while im riding?

DM: Uh, sure?

Me: Cool, how far out is the closest goblin?

(the goblins were placed in an advancing line about 90 ft out. There were 6 goblins total. the line they were standing in was 30 ft wide)

Me: *thinks* Alright, cool, I’m gonna burn 3 luck counters to add 60 ft to my move speed.

DM: Wait what?

Me: *Proceeds to charge at and auto kill every goblin within one turn of movement*

DM: *stares* Good news guys the siege is over!


The rest of the game was just me on the horse and the party strategically walking single file behind me to insta-kill anything that moved. Needless to say we got through the day’s playing a lot quicker than previous times.

Newbie heroes having trouble keeping a lid on it; or alternatively another idea that came from a conversation with my sister
  • Marinette: hey Alya, still having trouble getting an interview with Volpina
  • Alya: actually could I talk to you about that, I may need you to film that for me
  • Marrinette: ok but why
  • Alya: *checks to make sure nobody's listening* because I can't film myself
  • Marinette: *deadpanned stare* ... really?
  • ---------
  • QueenBee: oh my god this is so exciting, I'm getting to hang out with my BFF Ladybug
  • Ladybug: um, we just met
  • QueenBee: no, you guys save me all the time. you come by my hotel and we take selfies
  • ------
  • Ladybug having a sit down talk with QB and Volpina: did your kwamis even mention keeping your identities secret or do me and Chat just get that rule?

John Coltrane watercolor by Maggie Umber, suggested by @bluemonkwrites and @ochregerde


dear john: we are trying
to hold a peace that crumbled
like dead leaves from months ago
i stare out windows
from my cliched cave
just so i can remember the direction
the sun once was
it’s cold in my office
and the energy it takes
to make another cup
sits in my pocket
in case i need to dodge a bullet

something tells me
that as it was for you
the early sleep is coming

until then
i run through the 12 keys
of the love supreme motif
trying despite this twisted spine
to stretch and flex against
the demons of dependence and noonday

meet me john
in the spaces between
confusion and resignation
and sing a psalm for us

–Michael Neal Morris @bluemonkwrites

So smol goat (aka Argania) is a bit of a creeper. I dunno if it’s just because of her personality, or if it’s a bit of brain damage as she did come in to my work 5 weeks ago having likely taken a glancing blow from a car and had/has neuro issues or what but she just stares at you. From across the room. Staring. She’s doing it right now. It’s actually creepy. Every now and then she bleats at me demandingly. I can take an across-the-entire-room-here-at-work photo as proof.

Creepy smol goat is creepy. I love her so much. But so creepy. Go lay down you creeper.


I better see some HANDS!!!
Alec my man touch his leg it’s fine, touch his torso; come on you saw them abs, touch his neck or face bc magnus need some genuine love and care for once.
Magnus!!! My main man Magnus get up in there. Go head put your hand on that torso, bc you saw them abs mutable times already bc Alec can’t keep his shirt on, touch his neck and that beautiful deflect rune. Touch him bc he never got to be touched before.
OR both of you can do it bc that’s your future husband right there waiting for your love.

Do you think the other Imperial pilots talked about Bodhi behind his back? Not like bad things, more like

“oh shit, here comes Rook with those stupid doe eyes of his”

“have you seen the lashes on him? who the hell has lashes like that?”

“I lost to him the other day ‘cuz I couldn’t stop staring at his face”

“I just wanna touch his hair, man. just once”

“okay, he’s getting close. everyone act cool”

So yeah, what I’m saying is Bodhi was the most beautiful pilot in the Empire and all the other pilots had crushes on him.

Imagine: Having to wear a dress for a Job. When Dean sees you he can’t help but stare.

“Oh c’mon Y/N, we need to get going!” Dean all but shouted.

“Aight, I’m coming… Just, don’t laugh at me please” you replied.

“Why would we-” Dean started but was cut off at the sight of you.

The boys asked you, well forced you, to wear a dress, a skin tight one, only to impress the vampire at the bar so that you could allure it and soon enough get out of the bar, where Dean would show up and chop off its head. 

“Oh God this is embarrassing” you mumbled to yourself.

“Woah Y/N, you look gorgeous” Sam told you, smiling at you.

“Uh t- thanks Sammy” you blushed and smiled back.

Then you turned your head towards Dean’s direction, he was staring at you, eyeing you up and down, licking his bottom lip every once in a while.

Thing, that got you blushing even more, you glanced the floor, not daring to look at him.

But soon enough, you found some courage and broke the silence which filled the room a few minutes ago.

“So Dean, what do you think?” you asked, a smirk on your lips.

“I- uh- hot… I mean… fuck uh” he stuttered, fighting for words that somehow, couldn’t be found.

You giggled at his ‘answer’ and instead turn around so that he could have a better view of your… well ass.

At that Dean gasped, his eyes widening.

“I take that as a yes” you answered chuckling.


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REQUEST: Hey i just read all of your fics hehe and i really like your writing! Can I request a very protective demon!tae fic pls? Doesn’t matter if fluffy or smutty thank you so much x

GENRE: Demon!au, Supernatural, smut(to come), slight angst, i have to make this fluffy of course

He was never supposed to meet her, but when he did, all he wanted to do was to keep her.

(PT3/??) - PT1, PT3

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Reblog this if you ship bechloe

I mean lets be honest how can you not? just look at them to be honest Brittany and Anna have made their characters who they are, they have built up such a strong chemistry together that it just flows off on to that screen and off screen, no wonder they one best chemistry award i mean hello?

the chemistry between Brittany and Anna though is so commendable because if the chemistry wasn't so strong between the two of them there wouldnt be any bechloe and there is!!! 

i find it so strange how they just shoved Anna and Skylar as (Jesse and Beca) together as an on screen couple even though them as actors had no chemistry together what so ever where as you can just feel the chemistry between Anna and Brittany, that is why it comes off so well on screen. 


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Title: Ten Second Car by safferpenn
Pairing: Harry&Louis & Liam&Zayn
Word Count: 14k
Rating: Explicit


“How is it today?” Harry replies, smiling so his dimples pop out.

“You’ve been coming in here for 3 weeks, and you always ask how the ham and cheddar is. I can tell you, it was shit yesterday, it was shit the day before & guess what Curly? It’s shit today too.” Louis smirks, as he finishes, purposely not making eye contact with the beautiful curly headed boy.

Harry just stares at him, wide eyed and completely endeared with this sassy boy. Is that flirting? Harry’s sure it is. And where did that nickname come from suddenly and why does it make him feel so weird.

“I’ll take the ham, please.”

“Suit yourself, Curly.”


AU in which Harry goes undercover to catch illegal street racers robbing rigs and instead falls in love with the bad guys brother.

Based off of The Fast & The Furious (2001) in which Liam is basically Dom, Louis is his brother, Zayn is Liam’s boyfriend, Niall is their right hand man and Harry’s undercover and in love.

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Jin: *Pretends he didn’t hear you right so you have to repeat it*
“What the hell did you just say?”

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Namjoon: *This is when daddynamjoon comes in* (I can’t believe I just wrote that I’m so sorry )
“Anytime princess~”

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Yoongi: *Stares at you in disbelief*
“You what?”

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Hoseok: *Hurriedly takes you into the bedroom*

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Jimin: *Does his signature lip bite with the wink*
“And how do you want me to do that?”

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Taehyung: *Holds his blushing cheeks and smiles at you*
“I mean if you want to…”

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Jungkook: *Laughs, thinking it was a joke*
“Haha you’re very funny Jagi.*

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Hope you enjoyed!!!! <3 ~Savannah~

“I can’t believe you called me hot while on stage.”

Jensen just smiles and leans himself back onto the couch in the green room. “Well … I would’ve said ‘flaming’ but that wouldn’t have come across right.”

“No, it wouldn’t have” Misha huffs while busying himself with a bag of chips and not bothering to look back at his troublesome costar.

“Then I thought about saying that you are the fire in my loins, but I don’t think that would’ve been an improvement.”

Misha stops fussing with the chips a moment so he can stare up at the ceiling in exasperation. “My god …”

“Or … I could’ve said you were a hunk of burnin’ love.”

“Okay, you can stop now.”

“Would 'Smokey, the gay bear’ have been better?”

Misha can only roll his eyes before tossing the chips back onto the table, quickly turning around on his heel a second later and making his way towards the door.. “I’m walking away now.”

“My little firecracker?”

“I can’t hear you!”

“The spark in my heart?”

“You need mental help!”

“The warmth to my … uh … okay, I don’t think I got anymore.”

Misha groans with relief as soon as he opens the door to the hall. “Finally!”

Jensen just laughs, grabbing a pillow off the end of the couch and chucking it at Misha’s head before the guy has a chance to leave.

“Hey!” Misha yelps, turning back to glare at the other man– frustrated and fed up.

But jensen just shrugs and gives him that million dollar smile. “ I told you 'hot’ was the better choice.”

Misha may agree, but that doesn’t stop him from shutting the door again and running over to tackle Jensen as he slouches all cool and collected on the couch; because now, Misha has the sudden urge to show his friend all the other ways that he can start a fire.

i miss your smell
i miss your smile
i miss your hands
i miss your hair
i miss your stomach
i miss your voice
i miss that feeling when you are laying on me
i miss these weird minutes we are like just staring at each other for too long
i miss your kisses
i miss your eyes
i miss you telling me what you love about me cause you know i can’t see that beauty in myself
i miss how you are coming into my room and just throw yourself on my bed
i miss your face, the face you make when you feel embarrassed when I tell you fell asleep again and i was just weirdly staring at you cause you look so peaceful and cute when you sleep
i miss your hugs
i miss the little things
these little things always made my day and my life a little brighter

I miss you