so i can get around to playing that too :3

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i'm so happy you're getting into rick and morty! i love your art so much, it's beautiful!

yeah me too! kinda wishing I had started watching earlier this season but oh well

thank you so much!! <3

Anon: i can’t believe you got into rick and morty! i love your art so much this is awesome! aaaaaah! have you tried playing pocket mortys yet?            

I can’t either tBH (it’s the complete opposite of stuff I’d get into usually hahah)

and I got the app but I haven’t tried yet! I’ll get around to one of these times


no thANK YOU! I’m glad to hear that


Before and After Sim Tag by @soft-almond

i was tagged by a few people (i think) soft-almond included to do this tag so here it is :^D don’t make fun of me too hard i know it’s bad 

these aren’t my oldest sims but i had pull out my old laptop to get them so they’re pretty old. their names are calvin and daisy, calvin was a doctor and daisy owned a cute lil garden shop (this was around the time gtw came out can you tell) and i played them for a really long time and i think they had 3 kids idk

i feel like everyone i usually tag has done this already so if you wanna do it, just say i tagged you :)


Bee bought me some clay and armature wire as a belated birthday present! I was so excited for the weekend so I could play with it! Bee requested our problem husky Elliel hehe
Her features are a bit too rugged and somber so I wanna brush it up soon

This took around 2-3 hours, I’ll see if I have the energy to pick it up again tomorrow

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Oh my! I'm so in love with your characters! I love you made a profile page for them! THANK U! I wanted to ask (if u don't mind) how was the incident when Makkachin sat on Milo that now he dislikes dogs? How old was he? I'm really sorry Milo but I can't stop thinking about it as an hilarious thing! Also, I can imagine Yuri or Otabek laughing at the whole thing at first (until they realized Milo got really scared, then they got angry -as the apprehensive parents they are!)

ahahah well probably little milo (he was 3 years old) was already pretty nervous around a dog as big as makkachin, but mamoru played with him with no problems so he tried to get close to him too. but makkachin got excited and literally rolled over him. he wanted to play! but soon milo realized he couldn’t move nor get away with the dog on him and he got very scared, he started to cry so loudly!!
yuri and beka of course don’t blame the poor makkachin, he only wanted to play. but from that moment on milo was scared of dogs.
he’s also scared of little onigiri even though he’s way way smaller than the late makkachin. it’s hilarious to see his reactions when the pup tries to get close to him  

thank you so much for the kind words ♥

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What do you find to be the creepiest thing about playing BATIM? I know for some, it's the atmosphere. For me, it's the little things, like the cutouts subtly moving around, or the creepy 'haha's scratched on boris's straps (and that GOSH-DANGED PROJECTOR CLICK). And, I mean, who DOESN'T get startled by Henry's unnecessarily loud voice in the quietest of moments (lol maybe that's just me)? But for you, personally, what creeps you out the most when playing the game, if you get creeped out at all?

Oh, I get plenty creeped out.  Anyone who’s known me for a while will tell you I’m a complete and utter PANSY when it comes to horror – my fascination with BATIM is pretty unusual in that regard.

The creepiest thing about the game for me is a combo of the atmosphere and the suspense.  Sure, I get startled and will absolutely scream when there’s a sudden loud noise or jumpscare, but I can get over those pretty quickly – it’s one and done, y’know?  What REALLY gets me is the waiting game, not knowing what’s gonna come at me next or what to expect from the game.  Apparently Chapter 3 will be introducing some new mechanics, too, so it’s not like I can even take comfort in knowing how to deal with the stuff from Chapters 1 and 2.

The fridge horror, like realizing what must have happened to Sammy, doesn’t scare me as much as it does fascinate me, so really it all boils down to how much the game can make me paranoid of what’s coming at me next.  It did a damn good job of that in Chapter 2, so whenever I get around to playing Chapter 3, y’all will probably get a good kick out of my reactions to it.

But the “haha’s” on Boris’s straps?  I’m not sure I see what you mean here, Anon.

Life update + Xochitl is 1 month old [05-05-2017]

Hello everyone, I am back with pretty much just another “Life update” post. But as you can probably imagine, then life is obviously busy with a newborn, and three older children. We also had a little “health scare,” since I suddenly became quite ill, and have been so for about a week now. Fortunately, I’m starting to feel a lot better now, and none of the children have been affected by it, and Sam is also at his best, health wise. Xochitl is also 1 month old (and 3 days), and although she’s still little, and will stay as so for a while more, we all know how fast kids grow up these days, so we’re really doing our best to enjoy every second!

Eliana and the twins are also doing amazingly, and they have all warmed up to Xochitl at this point. They adored her from the start, but their love for her have really grown since last month. Tomás and Miguel can still be a little too wild around her, but they have become much better, and they understand when we tell them to be more gentle when they “play” with her. It has also become a lot easier for Sam and I to handle all of the children at once, more or less. So we haven’t really experienced any bigger attention-seeking temper tantrums for quite some time now, which is a huge plus. It could really get very stressful.

Overall, then we’re doing really well. We hope you’re all doing well, too!

Official Opening

“Ugh. Why another SaveWOY blog?”

I know that’s annoying for some of you but bear with me.. I made this blog for multiple reasons.

1) It’s my own blog so I can do what I want with it (and accidentally mess it up if that happens since I’m bad at coding and working with themes)

2) I was a bit too nervous to play around with the other SaveWOY blog since it’s technically not mine and I might mess it up.

3) It’s a sideblog so I can manage it easier than having to log out of Peepsqueak to log on to SaveWOY and go back and forth.

4) It uses my email address so I’ll get notifications and stuff.

5) I can pump Peepsqueak full of fanart, shipping and fanfiction and not have to make it strictly SaveWOY related now. It can be a more relaxed WOY blog.

This blog is mostly finished, just got a couple more small things to polish off (link a few more blogs and projects tomorrow) but technically it’s ready to go. I’ve been working on it non-stop all day!

I hope you’ll give this blog a follow if you’re still interested in supporting the SaveWOY campaign. I’ll try to keep the blog tidy and as updated as I possibly can!

If you notice any problems with the new blog please let me know using the ask feature!

3 am Rainstorms

Lafayette x  reader

Modern AU

Author(s): Laddie

Words: 1067

Warnings: Rainstorms, fluff, being cold, peer pressure (kinda), dancing, badly translated french nicknames, cuddles

“Laf it’s raining!” You jumped on Laf’s sleeping body, much to his protest.

“(Y/N),” Laf rolled over checking the clock, “It’s 3 in the morning. Why did you feel the need to tell me it’s raining?”

“So, we can go play in it.” You tugged at his arm, attempting to drag him out of bed.

“No, it’s too late. You’ll get a cold, (Y/N).” Laf pulled you back in bed.

“But we never get to play in the rain.” You pouted.

“(Y/N)…” Laf gave you a stern look, putting his arms around you.

“No it’s fine, I get it.” You laid down in defeat.

Laf took one look at your face and knew what he needed to do. He was up and out of the bed faster than you thought was possible. He rummaged through the closet, grabbing two of his sweatshirts, two coats, and two pairs of rainboots. You watched him curiously, not understanding what he was doing. He turned back to look at you, with an eyebrow raised he tossed you one of his sweatshirts.

“If we’re doing this you’re going to bundle up.” Laf smiled, as you gleefully hopped out of bed.

“Thank you!” You pulled Laf into a tight hug that he gladly returned.

“Anything for you, ma amour.” Laf kissed your forehead before turning to put on his sweatshirt.

The both of you bundled up in sweatshirts, a coat and rainboots. Laf attempted to put more layers on you, but you would run away. Sighing in defeat, he let you stick with just the layers you had on. He prayed that you wouldn’t be catch a cold.

“Come on, Laf.” You sprinted as fast as you could out into the rain.

“The rains not going anywhere, mon ange.” Lafayette couldn’t help but chuckle at your antics.

“Let’s jump in puddles.” You grabbed his hand in yours, taking him from puddle to puddle.

You would splash in the small ones until there was barely a puddle left. Luckily, the rain boots kept your feet dry and warm. You began running out of puddles, when you saw the most beautiful puddle in the whole world. It was giant and you could feel it calling for you. Lafayette followed your line of sight and began shaking his head.

“(Y/N), that puddle may be too deep.” Laf warned, but it was too late.

You jumped in creating a huge splash. The water reached almost as high as the rain boots you had on. Lafayette, being the poor bystander, had been soaked from this little jump. He glared, as you laughed at the cold and wet french man in front of you.

“I’m sorry! I know, I shouldn’t be laughi-” Lafayette cut you off with a big splash of his own, soaking you.

The two of you laughed. You had both been drenched from head to toe. Laf pulled you out of the puddle and into a hug. You shivered, clinging onto him in hope of warming up. Lafayette was also shivering, trying to pull you tighter and closer to him.

“Mon ange, you look cold. Let’s go inside.” Laf started leading you towards the door.

“Wait,” You stopped walking with him. “I don’t want to stop playing.”

“You’re drenched. I don’t want you to catch a cold.” Laf fretted.

“Just a little longer?” You begged, hoping he would break.

“(Y/N),” Laf sighed, “fine. But only a little longer! You need something to warm you up soon!”

“Yay!” You ran around, beginning to spin around.

Lafayette watched as you twirled and leaped, dancing in the rain. You swung around lampposts and splashed in more small puddles. You stuck your tongue out, catching little raindrops in your mouth. You felt his eyes, as you continued to dance.

“Are you going to keep staring? Or are you going to join me?” You smiled at Laf, holding a hand out for him to grab.

Hand in hand, the two of you twirled and danced in the rain. You splashed him, once again, with a puddle. You giggled running away from him. He chased you, dancing as he went, you doing the same. You’d twirl around a lamppost and he’d copy. It became a fun game of following the leader.

You began to feel out of breath when you felt his two strong arms around your waist. He lifted you off the ground, spinning you in the air. You giggled, letting yourself relax as he put you on the ground once more. He spun you, so your faces were inches apart.

“It’s time to go inside, ma moitié.” You could feel his warm breath against your face.

“Okay.” You smiled, glancing between his eyes and lips.

He pulled you in for a soft kiss. His lips were warm and soft, a nice contrast to the freezing rain and wind all around you. He softly rested his hands on your cheek, deepening the kiss. You tugged at his sweatshirt trying to pull him closer.

The rain fell heavily on the two of you, making you soaking and freezing. You were definitely going to get sick, but you didn’t think you’d regret it. The moment seemed to be taken straight from one of your favorite romantic books. It was so cliche and perfect, you didn’t want it to stop. You didn’t want to stop feeling the warmth of his lips against your. Unfortunately, a clap of thunder thought differently.

“Let’s go inside.” Laf pulled away, much to your disappointment.

“Okay.” You shivered, heading in the direction of your apartment

The two of you got inside and quickly changed into something warm. You snuggled up against Laf in bed, wrapped in dozens of blankets. The two of you were still shivering, but were too exhausted to find anymore blankets.

Laf wrapped his arms around you, nuzzling his nose against yours. You giggled lightly, pushing the curly locks away from his face. You quickly got comfortable, legs entangled with his. You had moved your head to his chest and he had moved one of his hands to rest in your hair.

“Thank you for playing in the rain with me tonight.” You whispered.

“Anything for you, (Y/N).” Laf pressed a kiss against your forehead, “Goodnight.”

You fell asleep with a smile on your face. And much to Lafayette’s dismay you would wake up in the morning with a cold.

It’s Luh Bitch - Derek Luh Smut

Request: can you do a smut with Derek. Like you’re friend drags you to a release party for Derek but you don’t know who he was and you guys hit it off and he takes you back to his place. btw love your blog :)




I was lounging on the couch munching on my spicy doritos in my rolled up black nike sweats and white sports bra watching netflix. I was having a pretty chill night besides all the text messages my best friend Emma was sending me. She was begging me to go to a party for some rapper who I don’t even know the name of. 

I was just getting to the super scary part of my horror movie when the doorbell rang causing me to throw chips everywhere. I was scared out of my mind so I grabbed my softball bat and started inching towards the door. I swing open the open ready to swing but to my relief its Emma. 

“Woah! Watching horror movies I see?” Emma giggles an walks into my living room with a large duffle bag. 

“What’s in the bag Emma?” I question raising my eyebrows. 

“Oh its what you are wearing to the party.” She says giving me a ‘Duh’ look.

“Emmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa, I don’t want to go to a party.” I pout. ‘

“Well you are sure as hell not sitting around here in chips and watching stupid movies.” She says gesturing around the room. 

“They’re not stupid.” I say crossing my arms. 

“What ever you say, now come on.” She says grabbing my hand dragging me up the stairs to my bedroom. 

Emma had to be losing her mind because she dressed me in a maroon lace crop top with hell of a lot of cleavage, black ripped skinny jeans and maroon heeled boots. She straightened my hair and did light make up because she knows I’m not in too lots of make up.

“Your joking right.” I say looking my outfit in the mirror. 

“What you look hot, your ass looks great.” She says smiling and slaps my butt. 

I roll my eyes and grab my phone and we head back down stairs out to her car. As we drive to the house we sing along to all our favorite music. Emma put on one of his songs and he isn’t bad, I really enjoyed his music. 

We pull up to the large house and see drunken people running amuck, in the house and outside in the yard. 

“This is going to be thrilling!” Emma squeals. 

I laugh at her excitement and we head inside. The stench of alcohol and weed fills my nose, but its nothing I’m not used too. Emma some how tends to frag me to a lot of parties so I can be her glorified babysitter, but not tonight. If she was going to drag me from my evening I was going to drink the night away. 

About 3 drinks and 2 shots of strong vodka later I was feeling my buzz. I walked around the living room with a goofy ass smile on my face, when ever I get drunk I am the nicest goofiest person ever, according to Emma and my other girl friends. 

They started playing Derek’s new track and it was really good. I started dancing when someone came up to me. 

“Enjoying the music?” The stranger asked.

“Yeah, this Derek guys is nice to listen too.” I grin swaying my hips.

“Well thank you. Allow me to introduce my self, Im Derek Luh.” He says reaching his hand out for me to shake.

“Oh my god! Your the guy singing. I thought your last name was produced ‘Luh’” I say giggling and reaching out to hug him. 

He chuckles and hugs my body and he was hella muscular. “It’s Luh (Loo) Bitch.” He says singing along to the music. 

I laugh, “Perfect timing.” I sing as we walk over to one of the empty couches. 

Derek and I really hit it off, we asked for like an hour about random things just getting to know each other. It must have been the vodka talking because I leaned in and captured his lips with mine. He immediately kissed back grabbing my face and slipping his tongue across my bottom lip. I granted access and his tongue took dominance over my mine. 

We pulled away after a few minutes catching our breathes. He smiled at me and took my hand into his. “Let go back to my place, only if you want to.” He smiles sweetly. I nod my head and he guides me through the living room saying some thank you and good byes to people as I wave goodbye to Emma, she gives me a wink and a huge smile. 

I roll my eyes and he calls and uber, his arm wrapped protectively around my waist. I placed small kisses on his neck and I found his sweet spots causing him to moan out and grip my waist tighter.

“If you don’t stop now I won’t be able to wait.” He says through gritted teeth. 

I smirk and continue to suck on his neck leaving little love bites as I go. He grabs my chin and lifts it up so I am looking him in the eyes. He smashes his lips on to mine as the uber pulls up. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist, we climb into the back seat not disconnecting from each other. The only time he did is when he told the driver he would doubt the amount as long as he didn’t look back. 

Derek started sucking on my neck causing me to moan he slips his hands underneath my crop top squeezing my breasts. I start to grind on to him feeling his hard on underneath his jeans. The driver clears his throat letting us know we are at our destination. 

Derek picks me up bridal style and jogs to his front door. Struggling with the keys I giggle and take them from his hand opening the door with ease. He tells me to go upstairs and strip and he will be up in a minute. 

I squeeze my legs together for some friction and run up the stairs, finding his bedroom. I take off my shirt and wiggle my skin jeans down my legs. Bending over to take them off. 

“Damn mami, your ass is fine.” A shirtless Derek says walking towards me spinning me around pulling me into his chest. 

“I can’t take any teasing.” I pant as he leaves open mouth kisses along my chest, unclasping my bra and letting the straps fall from my arms to the ground. 

He picks me up and gently lays me on the bed taking off my panties and his pants. I give him a questioning look and he takes off his jeans and has no underwear on. 

“I don’t like to wear underwear.” He shrugs and I laugh. 

I was not surprised by his size, he was mouth watering. Derek spreads my legs open slowly and positions itself over me. I trace his small California tattoo and budda tattoo. 

“Your perfect, you know?” Derek whispers before placing a small kiss on my lips. 

“Back at ya Luh.” I say purposely pronouncing his name wrong. 

“Your going to regret that.” Derek says with a smirk. 

In one movement Derek fully thrusted into me giving me zero time to adjust. I scream out Derek’s name as the pain turns to pleasure. My eyes were rolling to the back of my head just feeling him inside of me and listening to his grunts. 

I could feel my high approaching and I could barely control my moans. 

“I-I’m going to cum.” I pant out.

“Me too.” He moans out. 

I hit my high and relate all over him and soon I feel him shoot his load into me. We ride out our highs and he collapses next to me. I snuggle up to him and he traces small circles on my back.

“I don’t want this to be a one time thing.” Derek mumbles and runs his fingers through my long hair. 

“What are you saying?” I say sitting up with a smile. 

“Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?” Derek asks with a grin spreading across his face.

I nod my head and jump into his arms kissing him. 

“Round two?” He questions raising an eyebrow.

“I want top.” I say straddling his waist. 


Im doing my requests, so I can get my Requests back open for you lovely people! 

Sorry if I’m terrible at smuts. 

anonymous asked:

hi!! sorry, i don't know if you've already talked about this or answered a question similar to this, but do you take commissions? just curious, your art is gorgeous. have a nice day uwu

Hi there! Thank you so much Anon! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ unfortunately I do not do commissions, going to be super busy soon with the holidays and then online classes starting next year. But I’ve been getting quite a few people asking if I sell my work so I’m starting to seriously consider selling prints hahah… I have never done that before though, so I’m a total noob. Going to have to take some time to figure out how to set up a shop XD Hope you have a nice day too guys!

ANSWERING ALL ASKS HERE (I’m so sorry for the delay, I need to stop letting asks pile up >_< thank you all for sending these to me, I love talking to everyone)

Hey there guys! <3 Thank you so much for your comments!! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) And thank you all for asking! @randompriest​ and @thepianohasbeenthinking no worries at all : ) YES it’s totally ok to use my drawings for headers/covers so long as there are credits! @tehddybear​ YES definitely fine to repost anywhere that isn’t Tumblr or DeviantArt as long as there are credits ~ <3 and @yngiell YES that’s 100% ok with me! Waaahh that tribute video sounds really awesome ~ If it’s not any trouble for you I’d love to see it when it’s done!

Hello there Anons! Thank you so much <3 I use Photoshop CS5 for both lineart & coloring and a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet. I’m saving up for a Cintiq though hahah *broke af* BUT anyways, I started drawing with photoshop back in… Gosh. High school? so I guess I’ve been fiddling around with this medium for 8 years but never seriously got into it until college. In that case I’d say it took me about 3 ish years to really learn how to color digitally. ALTHOUGH I don’t consider my work very polished, I have way too much to improve on still >_<

Hey Anons! And no worries (I might make a FAQ soon hehe). No I do not have a twitter at the moment, but in the future I might consider it! : ) I’ll let you all know if I do end up making one though! <3

*whispers* I luv you too. heh. Thank you so much! ;A; I’m so glad my drawings make you happy, and I hope you have a fantastic day yourself! 

*HUGS* ヽ(≧◡≦)八(o^ ^o)ノ

Ahhh thank you so much! I’m sure you paint beautifully! *o* It’s really just a matter of getting comfortable with the medium and to be honest I still struggle with it to this day haha. It’s really amazing how much you can do digitally, it’s so much fun! Just play around with it every day and you’ll start to find effects you really like ~

Awww THANK YOU ANON! :)) I’m really happy you like my work! It makes my day to hear this.

Noooo don’t cry! Thank you so much for your kind words ;A; 

Heh. Did it work?

Ahhh thank you so much! ・゚・(。>ω<。)・゚・ It’s so fulfilling to know my drawings bring you and other people happiness (or any other kind of emotion). It’s just such an encouraging thing to hear as an artist ;__; 

Thank you so much for your kind comment! >////< I’ll keep working hard to improve! 

Thank you thank youuu~! ;A; Your icon is so cute btw ahhhh

Ooo tough question haha. There’s just so much I WANT to do but I’m not sure I can make it. To be honest I pretty much went around all these years with just the vague knowledge that I wanted to draw for a living. Once I found out what you do in Visual Development for entertainment such as video games and movies I just fell in love with it. I’m still pretty stuck in that “anime” style and my portfolio isn’t up to par with the industry.. BUT I’m working on a personal style every day and maybe one day I’ll be able to work in that field. In the far future. Haha. My work is nowhere near good enough yet. And animation lately… It’d be amazing to be in animation too. Extremely disappointed I couldn’t afford to go to California to learn it. Even though I got in, tuition was just too much ugh. 


Thank you everyone who sent in asks! I’m sorry I always do it in batches but I didn’t want to spam everyone’s dashboard. If you have any pressing questions you can always pm me! Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday! I’m going back into my YOI withdrawal mode hahah TT___TT their duet still physically hurts me. And long haired Yuuri is my new obsession. Love you all!

“Don’t you dare say you love me” Pt.2 -Nate Maloley

Chapter 1

*One Year Later*

(y/n) POV

I decided to leave Nate. Some girls thought I was crazy but hey if you saw the love of your life and bestfriend fucking each other in your bed, you’d probably leave him too. I let him keep the house and I decided to move about 20 minutes away. Nate got weekend visitations, but been on the Skaterade Tour for about a month now, and he should be back in time for (y/d/n)’s birthday party on Saturday at around 4p.m.

Originally posted by maloleykush

It was now Saturday morning and I decided to make pancakes for the kids. We were having having her party at the local park. (y/d/n) literally insisted, I tried suggesting other place but she had to have her way. I wouldn’t care it we had it there or not, but it’s the first place Nate had our first date. A picnic lunch and swings, the perfect date i’ve ever been on.

The kids and I got to the park about 30 minutes early so I could decorate and stuff. “Mommy, can we go play”, they both asked. “Yes, but don’t get dirty”, i said put the streamers around the little gazebo. Then my phone went off, indicating someone just texted me. It was Nate.

Nate- “Hey, I’ll be at the party today”

You- “K”

Nate- “Present ideas?”

You- “She’s your daughter too, you should know what she likes too”

Nate- whatever 

You- (read at 3:39)

(y/d/n) came running up to you and you squatted down to her height. “Mommy is daddy coming to my party”, she asked. “I think so baby”, you said. “Mommy don’t tell anyone, but that’s my birthday wish, for daddy to come to my party and come back home”, she said whispering in my ear. I just smiled at her cute little chubby face.

Family and friends started to arrive and (y/d/n) was so excited to see Nate’s parents. “Grammy and Papi!”, she screamed with excitement. She embraced Nate’s parents and kissed all over them.”Happy Birthday sweetheart”, they both said to her.  Then all I see is a sugar filled little boy tackle Monte. “(y/s/n) how is my favorite boy”, Nate’s father said. “Good Papi, lets go swing!”,he exclaimed. “All right, all right”, Monte said. I smiled and saw the joy written all over their faces. Just as I was about done putting all the chips out, I felt a hug from the behind. It was Kami, the sweetest lady ever. “Hi, honey how are you”, she smiled. “I’m good, how about you and Monte”, I asked. “We’re good, Stew got into the state of Nebraska”, she smiled. “I haven’t seen him in so long. How is he?”. “He’s good, he’s thinking of proposing to Carrie soon”. “Wow, I remember when they started dating”. “I remember when you and Nate did too, you to were so cute together”. “Oh Kami, you’re funny”, I chuckled. “You think Monte and I could take the kids tonight”, she asked. “Sure, actually yes please. I have a date tonight anyways”, I said raising my eyebrows up and down. “Get out of town! Who is it”, she asked excitedly. “His name is Shawn”, I smiled at the sound of his name. “I’m glad your happy honey”, she smiled. I could tell she really wasn’t. I mean me and Nate were together ever since junior year of highschool and finally got married after 4 years of dating. “Thank you Kami”, I said kissing her cheek.

“Okay everyone time for the pinata”, I yelled. A flood of kids ran over toward the gazebo. “Okay, okay (Y/d/n)’s first”, you smiled. While tying the blindfold around her eyes, I look around for Nate. He’s nowhere in sight. “Okay baby swing away”, you said. “Alright, (y/d/n) swing it baby!”, a familiar voice called out. (y/d/n) took off her blindfold and saw her prince charming. “Daddy!”, she cried out. “Daddy’s back”, your son also yelled and began running to Nate. They both tackled them, making Nate lose his balance and fall onto the ground. I couldn’t help but giggle. That’s when you saw a blonde figure out of the corner of your eye. You walked over to the kids and Nate, and helped him off the ground. 

“Hey Nate”, you smiled. “Hey ba- I mean (Y/n)”, he said stuttering. “Who’s your friend”, I asked. “Oh this is Rebecca”, he smiling. “Nice to meet you Rebecca, I’m (y/n)”, you said extending your arm. “Whatever, Baby when can we leave this lame ass party”, she said rolling her eyes. “Woah, watch your language, c’mon kids lets go get some cake”, I said taking the kids hands.

Nate’s POV

I was super ass late to the party. And I was bringing Rebecca my “girlfriend” as she likes to call it. She was just some random groupie with a huge ass, I just used her to try to get over (y/n) but no one could do that. And now I thought I’d use her to make (y/n) jealous. I walked toward the gazebo seeing (y/d/n) about to swing at the pinata. “Alright, (y/d/n), swing it baby”, I yelled. That’s when (y/n) eyes caught mine. My God, she hasn’t changed. She look hella good. “Them shorts, damn lil mama”, I thought. “Daddy”, I heard two little shrieks. I saw the two out of the three loves of my life running toward me. “Hey guys”, I said loving on them. “Hey Nate”, (y/n) said. “Hey ba- I mean (y/n), I stuttered.”Who’s your friend”, she asked. Was she jealous? Was this working? “Oh, this is Rebecca”, i said. “Nice to meet you Rebecca”, she said extending her arm. “Whatever, Baby when can we leave this lame ass party”, Rebecca said. “Woah, watch your language, c’mon kids lets go get some cake”, (y/n) said. 

“Rebecca, I told you you didn’t have to come. These are my kids.”, I said. “Fine”, she said storming off toward everyone. “Nate, I’m so glad to see you”, my mom said kissing me. “Hey mama”, I said. “Daddy, daddy I have to tell you a secret”, (y/d/n) said. “What’s up babygirl”, I said sitting down and putting her in my lap. “You can’t tell anyone but my birthday wish is for you to come back home”, she said smiling at me. When she told me this, I made eye contact with (Y/n). She just smiled at me. I can’t believe I hurt her like I did. I can’t believe I let her go. 

After everyone was done singing to (y/d/n) she blew out her candles and made a wish. The rest of the party went on and she open presents, played more games, and ate some cake. Everyone was about to leave, so it was just me, (y/n), my parents, the kids, and Rebecca. “Mommy, can we go play before we go home with Grammy and Papi”, she beggd. “It’s getting dark baby, ask someone to walk y’all down there”, (y/n) said. “Rebecca, will you take them”, I asked. “Umm, no its okay, I’ll don’t wanna make her do that”, (y/n) said. “No, it’s fine”, she said. 

(y/n)’s POV

Now it was Nate, his parents, and me cleaning up. “Kami, come help me clean up the plates and cups around the park”, Monte said while winking at Nate. Oh Lord they have something planned. “So (y/n), have you been seeing anyone lately”?,Nate asked. “Um, yea actually”I smiled thinking of shawn. “Do you mind me asking who it is”, He asked. “His name’s Shawn”, i smiled. “He good to you”?, he asked. I looked into his mud puddle eyes and gulped. “Yea, Yea Nate, he’s really good to me”, I said. He nodded his head. That’s when I heard a sharp scream come from the swings.

“Mommy, mommy help! I’m bleeding! There’s blood, Owww!”, (y/s/n) screamed. Nate and I started running toward the playground. Nate had longer legs so he got there a little faster than me. “Rebecca What the Hell, I told you to watch them!”, he yelled while picking (y/s/n) up and holding his head. “Sorry I was on Instagram”, she said nonchalantly. “Leave, right now”, he yelled at her. Nate handed me by baby. “Mommy, it hurts”, he hiccuped from all the crying. Looking at his head, I analyzed that he needed stitches (lol @shawn). “We need to go to the hospital Nate”, I said worried. “Hey hey hey, look at me baby. It’s gonna be okay. I’ll drive you okay”, Nate said calming me. “Mom and Dad, take (y/d/n) back to your house, we’ll come there after the hospital”, Nate shouted from my car. We got into the hospital and they took (y/s/n) to get stitches. You then called Shawn to tell him that you had to reschedule. 

13 stitches. My poor baby’s head. We put him in the car seat and drove to Nate’s parents. As we drove he fell asleep. “Thank you Nate, for taking me and comforting me”, you said. “If I wouldn’t have fuck up, this wouldn’t have happened. (Y/n) I miss you”, he said while putting his hand on my knee. We were now parked out his parents house. “Nate, don’t”, you said as he got closer to your face. That’s when yall’s lips connected and you felt the sparks. The same sparks you felt in junior year, on your wedding day, and now.

Mark as a bf

My bias in NCT is Ten actually. But who can resist the other member? /cough. Sooo yeah and this random imagine happened. And english is not my first language, I’m sorry if I make some (or many … I hope not) mistakes.

Beware of long post also awkward grammar/words everywhere. Enjoy!

Mark as a bf 

  • Has so much $w@g but is actually a clumsy fluff-ball
  • Full of shy and awkward gesture toward each other at first and second weeks after he asked you out
  • Becoming more comfortable after that
  • Too comfortable tbh
  • You throw him a very lame joke and he literally laugh his ass off over it
  • Scratching his cheek in awkwardness when you don’t get his joke
  • “Jaehyun hyung said that was a funny one.”
  • “…maybe we have different taste in jokes?”
  • Copying your favorite meme faces and take a lot of photos of them. Like this one:
  • Post them in your instagram with caption “Deeerrrp.”
  • “I’m the best at it Minhyeong-a. Deal with it.”
  • “Nah, I’m better. You know that.”
  • But you take lot of good photos too
  • “I’m using this for my lockscreen (Y/N)”
  • “Whaaat? Wait, I look so lost in this picture. No, Mark. You gotta use this one.”
  • Make rap lyric about you
  • He raps it when you two are on a date
  • “What do you think?”
  • “That was cool! Is it really about me? I sound like a very nice person.”
  • “Yea because you are.”
  • Lot of pecks
  • Idk why but I see him calling you randomly, and when you turn around he takes the chance to peck your lips. Or cheek, whatevs
  • Then hiding his face between your neck in embarrassment 
  • Blushing mess
  • Pinch each other cheek often
  • “You’re so squishy I like it.” /pinch your cheek
  • “Lwe mwe gow~” /try to pinch back but fail
  • Automatically befriend with the other NCT/SMRookies 
  • He gets anxious when you look way too comfy with them. Especially the older members bc you had ever said you like older boys or the younger members, it’s up to you :3
  • “I don’t know you have soo many cool seniors and friends?”
  • “You don’t need to know about them.”
  • “Eeh? Why?”
  • “Because I’m afraid you’ll fall in love with them.”
  • “Aw, no way. I love you Mark~”
  • I think he prefers same-age girl so you can play around often
  • “(Y/N) let’s play a game.”
  • “Suddenly? Oookaay.”
  • “GOgi koroke, goGI roke, g-”
  • “TENG! MY CHANCE!” /finish fabulously
  • “Nonono I can do this! GOGI ROKE GOGI ROKE G-”
  • Lots of study date
  • He whines nonstop when he can’t solve a problem
  • Almost turn into a movie night date
  • “It’s due tomorrow. We have to finish this right here and right now.”
  • “You make me so mad~”
  • He doesn’t like to see you upset so you rarely fight
  • But-
  • “You hang around with Donghyuk too much lately.”
  • “Yeah why?”
  • “Stop it.”
  • “He’s my friend. And yours too. Why can’t we hangout sometimes?”
  • “You KNOW what I’m talking about!”
  • “You think I can read your mind? Obviously I DON’T know because you didn’t tell me!”
  • “Then what’s the use of your smart brain if you can’t nderstand what I’m talking about!?”
  • “Whatever. I’M SO DONE WITH YOU MARK.”
  • That was your first fight and Mark doesn’t know what to do
  • Wants to check how you’re doing but his pride prevents him
  • Look away when you pass by at school
  • Sit far away from each other at class
  • Take glances everytime you aren’t looking
  • And finally you decide to approach him first
  • He looks perplexed when you sit next to him at class. With pouty face. 4 days after the fight
  • “I’m sorry for everything Minhyeong-a. I should have just explain everything calmly, but instead I-”
  • “Nope. It’s actually my fault for being a dumb. I’m sooo sorry (Y/N).”
  • You two talks excitedly after the make up, your teacher decides to make you solve some math problems in front of the class
  • Both of you sweating nervously. But you’re happy so it’s fine. I mean it
  • He may looks mature but he also acts childish sometimes. You rely onto him in so many occasions but there are times when he relies on you
  • More importantly, he takes care of you well
  • “Thanks for being with me (Y/N). You are the best.”
  • “Aw, thanks. My Mark is jjang too!”


Btw ii still can’t figure out how to put credits under the pics/gifs. I’ll just list them here: google~ | stazzerr | mvpshawlost | meekokohaku | chokemewinwin | luhns

Hope you like it guys! I didn’t ruin his image…right? Press like/love or reblog and give me your feedbacks please if you want to but i really hope so:3

Let me tell you about a show...

called Speechless.

It stars Minnie Driver and it’s about a family who has a special needs son. Here are the great things about it…

1) It’s funny as hell. I have laughed out loud multiple times while watching.

2) It’s realistic. They’re struggling to make ends meet. The mom’s overprotective and feisty. JJ is played by an actual actor with cerebral palsy. His character isn’t a saint. He’s quite funny and torments his younger siblings from time to time. His siblings get upset by how everything revolves around their brother but are also understanding and supportive of him too. The mom and the dad have a great dynamic. The mom’s the sun, but the dad’s the moon - the light in the darkness.

3) It’s moving. You’ll laugh but you’ll choke up from time to time too.

Please start watching this and creating GIFs so I can reblog!

Wonwoo Crossing 🌺

a/n: I’m not sure if you guys can see it, but just imagine Wonwoo playing Animal Crossing (New Leaf)

Originally posted by ftwonwoo

Wonwoo x Animal Crossing New Leaf headcanon :))

  • names himself Wonwow; gives himself the “original” character face because he was only answering the starting questions honestly
  • names his town Twilight Town (possible kingdom hearts fan??)
  • the town hall is to the left of his town, and Reese’s recycling shop is to the right
  • the river cuts the town in half horizontally
  • places his house next to the town hall and constantly checks up on Isabelle
  • definitely puts in the “keep town beautiful” ordinance
  • is a massive hoarder !!!
  • the first couple of months, his house is filled with plants and unnecessary furniture (like a storybook, or a giant chess piece)
  • has more furniture than he needs??? the main room has a bunk bed that he doesn’t have the heart to let go….
  • once he gets the second story to the museum, one of the rooms is dedicated to just plants :))
  • he visits the plants everyday and speaks to them one by one
  • the same goes with the flowers around his town; waters all 500 of them every day <3
  • when he shakes the trees for coins or the two special furniture, he lets the bees sting him
  • forgives them immediately after; applies medicine that he always carries around (for emergencies!)
  • another room on the second floor of the museum is filled with cute animals he finds
  • that includes: snails, beetles, an angel fish (yknow the see through one omg), a squid, SEAWEED
  • his character always holds a balloon; alternates between the bunny shaped one and the heart shaped one :’))
  • is still up at like 1 in the morning trying to catch beetles in order to pay off his dEBT
  • always manages to scare the golden stags…
  • sometimes goes on the international server and meets cool people
  • probably writes their names down and hopes he sees them again :D
  • sometimes he sees people talking about seventeen and hits them with:
  • “carat, lucky in my life <3″ (he really puts that heart there too, awww)
  • picks up dandelions and blows them after whispering his wish
  • he looks around his shared room before he makes a wish so the members don’t tease him the next day (awwww)
  • when there’s a meteor shower, he makes wishes too!
  • writes letters to his villagers AT LEAST twice a month
  • always adds a heart at the end (<3)
  • eventually gets rid of the majority of his things
  • his house is nO LONGER CLUTTERED
  • he doesn’t actually get rid of his things though
  • he forces Mingyu and Hoshi to get the game too, and gave them his stuff as “gifts”
  • this boy really can’t let go of anything (like me lol)
  • builds the Roost Cafe as soon as it’s available as a public works project
  • memorizes all of his villager’s coffee orders
  • sells the coffee beans Brewster gives him (he feels reALLY GUILTY THOUGH)
  • one day he receives the cafe uniform and is so touched???
  • he sets his ds down for 10 minutes, his hand clutching his heart
  • changes into that outfit whenever he works at the cafe
  • his dream villagers are characters that he thought were cute or would be a great addition to his town!
  • includes (but not in a specific order): Merengue, Beau, Coco, Kid Cat, Zucker, Lolly, Marshal, Fauna, Ankha, and Genji~
  • (Hoshi fell in love with Genji <3)
  • loves his current villagers all the same though!
  • doesn’t have the heart to let go of moving villagers!!
  • even if he doesn’t like them or they aren’t his dream villagers, he always debates whether he should let them go or not… 
  • after 8 months of playing, he finally has all hIS DREAM VILLAGERS!!
  • he adores them all, but never forgets his past villagers (he really misses Curt and Rolf…. </3)
  • lowkey thinks Coco has a crush on him… (he secretly loves it… <3)
  • never misses a villager’s birthday
  • “Merengue’s birthday is coming up, omg what do I get her???!?”
  • when his villagers invite him over, he always accepts and stays at their house for at least an hour so he doesn’t feel rude (WHAT A SWEET BOY)
  • since his town is now considered perfect, he’s able to build the big flower clock!
  • he places it right in the center of his town :)
  • his score at the Happy Home Academy is always SUPER HIGH
  • strongly believes in the Feng Shui approach
  • probably has half a billion bells in his ABD in 6 months….
  • his goal is to create all of the flower hybrids
  • is SUPER close to getting the gold roses
  • doesn’t want to disable his “keep town beautiful” ordinance so his flowers could wilt though…. ㅠㅠ
  • eventually caves in and NOW HAS GOLD ROSES
  • always participates in the tourneys (bug catching or fishing)
  • always places first….
  • collects mushrooms during mushroom season
  • definitely creates fairy rings (Woozi appreciates it winkwink)
  • refuses to run around his town AT ALL TIMES
  • he doesn’t want to accidentally trample over a flower and destroy it!!!
  • doesn’t like Mingyu and Hoshi visiting anymore
  •  >:((
  • they’re constantly running and just
  • “What was that hyung? Step on your flowers??”
  • Mingyu is just constantly trying Wonwoo smh
  • although~~ he sets up paths in between rows of flowers so he can have natural worn down paths (due to grass wear yknow? ^^)
  • brings his 3ds eveRYWHERE
  • “oh, we’re having a break? time to check on Mary and the gang”
  • Mary is his favorite flower… she’s a golden rose right in front of his house
  • has a lot of respect for the working npc’s like Isabelle, Nook, Reese, etc.
  • posts on the town board (thingy) every week like
  • “have a good week everyone! be safe always and talk to me! also no running!! -from Mayor Wow”
  • yea, his nickname is Mayor Wow lol
  • his house mirrors an actual house
  • the back room is a kitchen, the second floor is a bedroom, the main room is the living room, the side rooms are probably like a game room and a guest room
  • his basement is filled with all his awards from the tourneys smh (I’m jealous)
  • Mingyu LOVES his kitchen
  • it’s so wonderfully laid out omg
  • Mingyu just wants to live with Wonwoo now
  • Mingyu finally gives up knowing he can’t live with Wonwoo
  • but claims the kitchen is his whenever they visit Mayor Wow’s town
  • absolutely HATES Gracie’s Fashion Checks
  • but does them anyway so he could finally upgrade to the T&T Emporium
  • his character wears those circle glasses, a totoro sweater, and like normal jeans and shoes
  • simple yet dashing might I include
  • at first leaves his hair brown (the standard hair color when you start the game)
  • then over time does all sorts of colors like he starts his hair dye experience with black cause thats what his hair color is and then shifts to like red, and then auburn, and even light purple!
  • he’s tried all of the hair colors~~
  • his favorite and current hair color is deep ocean :)
  • absolutely loves seeing the leaves on the trees change colors
  • likes the cherry blossoms the most
  • he also loves the winter <3
  • he always stays up late to see the aurora
  • walks around his town admiring the decorated pine trees~
  • he swears its not an obsession!!
  • but here he is, playing animal crossing at 3 in the morning when his schedule starts at 8
  • eventually convinces all the members to get the game too!
  • every Saturday they have an animal crossing day, and alternates visiting each other’s towns :)
  • Mayor Wonwow brought everyone together :))
  • awwww, imagine playing with him *dreamy sigh*

a/n: This was so looooong, but where are my animal crossing and kpop fans at??!? I can just see Wonwoo rolled up in a blanket playing this ^^ (lowkey his town already sounds better than mine and i’ve been playing for a year OTL) hope you all enjoyed~!

underrated glee 3/ ∞

1. List Your Academic Goals

Before you go back to school, list your academic goals and how you plan to achieve them. Ensure that your ideas are realistic but you can also aim high, if you want to. It’s just nice to know where you are and where you want to go.

2. Set Things up the Night Before

It really helps in the morning, for when I’m groggy and tired, when I set out things I’ll need - outfits, lunches, gym stuff, school bag, makeup, etc. - the night before, before I go to bed. This generally just means that I forget less things in the morning and I can usually sleep a few more minutes or do something else.

3. Start to return your Sleep Schedule to School Time a week or so before

I do this every year, and it usually just means that I’m more refreshed and awake when I finally get back to school. You can also play around with wake up and sleep times to ensure you’re waking up as refreshed as possible.

4. Sort an Organisation System out

You might need to play around with this, too, especially when you get back to school, because it’s nice to have something set down and prepared for yourself.

5. Get a List of Materials you need and get them

I always make a list of stationery, books and other materials I might need and then I get them together before I get to school so that I know I’m completely ready for school. 

6. Create a Rough Schedule

You have to make sure to schedule breaks and downtime too, not just homework and studying. 

7. Know the Syllabus

I like to make sure I know the syllabus for my courses and what’s expected for me for each one because I think it makes things easier for you and ensures that you know what you’re in for, essentially.

8. Find out what type of learner you are

Use this knowledge to study accordingly and make your learning the most effective it can be.