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I’m late to the “only straights ship Karamel”  party, but let me tell you something.

I’m probably aro/ace and I don’t ship easily. I have like 10 ships I absolutely adore, some I like and freaking gazillion of NOTPs. I can easily find problematic traits in every ship. I’m the first to point them out. I prefer friendships and platonic relationships over romantic things. Like, ugh, give me a real friendship and brotop and I’ll squeal like a happy pig. Romance? MEH. I’ll roll my eyes so hard that I’ll see the insides of my skull.

The point is, when I ship the couple has to be, at least for my standards, extraordinary. Karamel? Holy shit, my asexual ass will happily sink with this ship and nothing is going to stop it.

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“ let’s just kiss already. ” for Rose x Cullen for DWC :D

tAww my bebs. I’m just drunk enough to have forgotten how the alphabet works (couldn’t find Whip It in my husband’s carefully organized DVD collection), so it’s time to start writing.

Rose/Cullen for @dadrunkwriting

The chess game is dragging out longer than they usually go. Rose sits with her chin propped on her fist, elbow on the table, staring at the board with barely concealed boredom.

Cullen doesn’t seem to notice. He takes his turn with the confidence Rose has come to expect from him, moving his rook across the board for no reason she can easily determine.

She frowns a little, adjusting her hand so she can bite down on her pinky nail so she can think.

She hasn’t won a game since their first one together, and it’s starting to get… irritating. She sighs heavily.

“Cullen?” she glances up at him from under her eyebrows, poking at her knight with the pointer finger of her free hand.

His eyes flick up to meet hers, eyebrows raising. “Hmm?”

“Can we just… kiss already?” To her credit, her cheeks don’t heat at the question the way they might have once.

Cullen’s do. “I, ahh…” he stammers out part of an answer, moving to rub at the back of his neck. She moves when he isn’t paying attention, and smiles up at him. “I don’t, uhh…”

“If you don’t want to, that’s okay,” she says, then leans back. “It’s your turn.”

Cullen barely glances at the board before moving his next piece. “It isn’t that I don’t want to…” Rose moves again as he’s pushing through an excuse. “I just… there are a lot of people in the garden.”

She motions for him to take his turn, and he does. She takes hers, putting her in position to put him in checkmate in just another move.”

Cullen rubs at his stubble with his fingers, rasping across his face as he stares at Rose. His face is still a little red, but he makes the move she wants him to. “Perhaps after this, we can return to my office…”

He trails off and stares blindly as she moves her bishop into position, pinning his king into its square. 

“Checkmate!” She tries to keep from gloating, she really does, but she can’t quite manage it.

He glares at her for just a minute before his face breaks out into a smile.

“Well in that case.” He stretches his arm out to her, and she lets him take her hand and pull her around the table to his lap.

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I just find it uncalculated that, no offence to LBT, if she's hiding in London than only really close people would know about and trust that they won't make this information slip so easily. Unless her team lets the information out? I can't believe Karen mumbled it off mic but in front of people watching.

i think the point is that perhaps they were not aware its a deep dark secret. And to be fair, maybe it isnt a deep secret, maybe its just a fact that people in Taylor’s life have known and yet have not felt the need to share with the public. I mean even Bobby Bones knew that Taylor had written Better Man when it came out and he didnt blab it for what, 3 weeks?, until he interviewed them on his show and was like ok yeah i knew that. The point being people in music circles and celeb circles know things, and it doesnt always make it out to public knowledge. 

And maybe , to me, and i love LBT, they dont just seem like the type to keep up on gossip and such, at all. So i highly doubt they would actually ‘know’ if its a big ‘deal’ that she is there. Like i said, celebs travel all the time. And truthfully, one has to admit, to your average person, its not a big deal to most people if so-and-so is in london (or NY or Paris or wherever).  Im going to see friends in a little bit, half of them are Taylor fans, ones who would go to her concert, buy her music. But they dont have blogs or keep up on her. I can bet you a bazillion dollars that if i said “so did you know taylor’s in london” they would be like "yeah? so what?” 

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So you're going through some classic writer's block eh? I suggest listening to Message to Bears on YouTube, especially their albums Folding Leaves and EP 1. The former of which easily reminds one of GF and OTGW. Their music is exquisite and perfect to listen to when admiring the beauty of nature without attempting to write anything, but it can possibly inspire you to find a way to break the writer's block by feeding the imagination.

Anon, I went and found Folding Leaves on YouTube because of you and it’s amazing!!! Perfect for me, because I get distracted by music with lyrics but not a lot of instrumental music suits me. Thank you for such a thoughtful recommendation–I think it’ll really help me!

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Hey!:) Can you give some advice for a soon-to-be teacher? I had a pretty rough teaching week, I can't seem to connect with the kids and I'm pretty sure my mentor think i'm awful at it.:( Needless to say I lost all motivation for the remainig weeks. i didn't have this kind of problem in my previous assignments, so i don't know what to do.

hey hi hello, fellow crazy person! :DDD

okay, first off what subject are you teaching? like, it’s really easy for me to connect with the kids since I teach languages, and so I can use what the pupils like in my lessons as examples (I used the minions to teach grammar to 11yo last month, they loved it, and my mentor used Ronaldo with his 14yo last week, they loved it too). learning what they like and what makes them click can go a long way tbh

I also find that praising helps building a relationship with them more easily. I remember when I first introduced class rules to a difficult group, one of the girl got really excited about being able to gain house points for good behaviour, so I used that during the following lessons. like “good work [name], keep going for some points” or just like “hey everyone, don’t forget that you can win points, I know at least [name] is all about that!” which worked in the long term cause it helped them get really competitive and most of them were getting friendlier with me so I would give them points

also, don’t feel afraid to ask your mentor about it. (s)he has been teaching the kids for a while and knows more about them, so (s)he can tell you what to do to connect with them, be it a learning game they love or a subject they’re particularly interested in. and tell them a bit about yourself. I’ve found out that kids love it when you tell them about what you like and who you are (reasonably of course) because then they see you as a person and not just a teacher

and it’s just one week. I’ve had terrible weeks where I was the crazy lady crying alone on the tube on my way back home, and the week after was better. also depends on the lesson you’re teaching. sometimes the kids don’t care about the lesson, which makes them not care about you either tbh, it’s nothing personal, they’re just bored


“It’s only a nightmare and soon we’ll be set free….”

SWEET BABY KWAMI IT’S FINALLY DONE. I’ve been working on this all month, easily totaling 30-35 hours of work from start to finish. Each of the 51 psds had to be sorted, the layers compressed, and then turned 3D and animated. IT WAS A LOT OF WORK.

Original comic by @tides-miraculous


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Hey! I'm a new Chris Evans fan. And I often come up to some phrases like "left boob", "meatball", "language" what's the meanning of those and what key things I need to know about him as a fan that i can't easily find on wiki or some source like that.


so the left boob thing, he always grabs his left boob when he laughs. “the left boob grab” i was going to post gifs but someone made a compilation video of his left boob grabs.

Meatbeall comes from when he called himself a fucking meatball in this interview

Language” comes from a line in The Avengers Age of Ultron 

some other things…

Chris has an adorable dog named Dodger who he adopted while he was on set filming the movie Gifted

he is obsessed with the patriots…

and also space/nasa

and all things disney

he likes his beard

he is passionate and active about politics 

and supporting Christopher’s Haven which offers apartments for families of children with cancer 

he did a series of videos called “Getting Inside Chris Evans’ Head” where he spoke openly about anxiety 

he’s just pretty great


Black History Day 3: Cab Calloway.

Cab Calloway was groundbreaking as one of the first African-American musicians to be prominently featured on film. His work with the “Betty Boop” cartoons (as seen above) was legendary because it was basically the grandfather of what we know now as motion capture animation. They recorded Cab singing and dancing (dancing which included an early version of the moonwalk so take that Michael Jackson) and they TRACED HIS MOVEMENTS FRAME BY FRAME to translate them into the character he was playing. None of that unitard covered in ping-pong balls mess. Painstaking frame by frame tracing to capture his motions. You can watch full length versions of the Betty Boop cartoons featuring Cab Calloway pretty easily. I think they’re all on YouTube and they’re in the public domain so they’re easy to find and download. The names of the cartoon shorts are “Minnie the Moocher”, “Snow White ”, and “The Old Man of the Mountain”.
So go watch them now and appreciate a hard-working black musician who pioneered the jazz genre and was a key player in animation advancement.

Fairy Tail 522-523 Gray and Gruvia Thoughts (Spoilers)

I debated whether or not to post my thoughts since I’m super tired. But since it’s quite a hard chapter for Gruvia shippers I decided to add my small cents. 

When I read the chapter I was pissed then very sad because I remember Gray promising Juvia an answer after the war, thus giving her and us hope, while knowing what his trump card was. This can easily be taken as a screw you to be honest. And that he never really was going to offer Juvia a future. I re-read these chapters tons of times and even went to read 453 again to find some solace. Why? Because Gray was shown genuinely happy when he was thanking Juvia. When he asked her to let him focus. There is no way Gray was leading a woman, who he knows loves him so much, to just be a jerk. Nope, that is not who Gray Fullbuster is. So then what the hell happened?

This happened:

Yup, this is true. He tried to kill his friends, both Juvia and Natsu. He also injured Erza when she tried to stop them. And if you’re questioning how this trauma has affected him well here you go:

He feels he has lost the right to be part of his family. For so long he has had the weight of those who sacrificed for him. He has felt unworthy and even tried to kill himself. But he decided against it for his loved ones. But this time he was the one causing the hurt. He was so pissed that he was willing to kill Natsu. He hurt Juvia physically even if it was against his will. It was his body, his mind that was controlled. And in his mind he thinks he doesn’t deserve to be with them and maybe even loved/cared for.  So what can he offer instead of the pain he feels his existence causes? Well he thinks its peace and for Natsu, his best friend, a chance to live:

If you look at his expression he is content because he truly believes what he is doing is for the best to protect his friends. This time he was going to go through with it because he found a way to save everybody while sparing the pain his sacrifice would cause. He loves his friends so much and seeing how he hurt them was the final straw:

Poor Gray, not so long ago he was telling Lyon how far he has grown to only be slapped with reality when tested. Gray might have beat Invel’s ass but the winner was Invel if you think about it. He messed with his mind enough to break him by going after two of his most precious people: Juvia and Natsu.

Back to 453, I think when Gray promised Juvia his answer he meant it. Yes he knew of his trump card but it was more of a last resort he didn’t think he had to use.  Here is the crunchyroll translation:

He says he has a secret plan. It could be his trump card or not.  Then he adds both Zeref and END. It seems to me he wanted to fight two enemies not just one. Unless his plan was to get them both in the same location to perform iced shell don’t know how he would have gone after the other if he was non-existent. Another interesting thing is Gray was set on destroying/killing not sealing. And as Zeref stated he wasn’t going to kill him; only temporary stop him. Another thing to consider, he was with Juvia up till the battle with Invel. Do you honestly think he would have kept/let Juvia by his side to watch him end his life. Nope, he isn’t cruel.

Again this seems more like Gray’s desperate measure to protect thanks to what he has gone through during the war. This wasn’t plan A. Just like Juvia who learned blood make. She learned it in case something were to happen to Gray. It was a last resort for her as this iced shell was for him:

This chapter tells me Gray is still in need of help. He needed Natsu punching and begging him to live. He needs someone to love him more than he does himself. But more importantly he needs someone to help him forgive himself. This is where Juvia will come in. She will be his rock just like when he cried on her. In case you haven’t noticed Juvia wasn’t anywhere near. Coincidence? Hecks no! Mashima purposely left her out for a reason. Gray could never hurt Juvia so for this angst to happen she needed to be out of the picture.  I doubt we’ll get Gruvia anytime soon but when we do it will be emotional. 

Ethereal Glow Highlighter
This subtle highlighter reflects light to create a soft, glowing effect on the cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin. I’ve been working on it for a little while so I really hope you like the end result. The colour options range from light to dark and cool to warm so there should be something to suit most skintones. It can easily by layered over other highlights and contours as a finishing touch.

- Brand new highlighter for your sims
- Light relecting properties
- 15 colour options
- Three category options
- HQ mod compatible
- Custom thumbnail

Please tag me @alainavesna if you use it so I can reblog.

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  • yuuri: please be my coach until i retire!
  • victor: i wish you’d never retire
Imagine if the first one to find out Ladybug’s identity...

…is Chloé Bourgeois. 

I can easily picture Alya finding out; I swoon at the thought of Adrien finally knowing. thelastpilot has given us an extremely spot-on characterization of Nino finding out who LB is. 

But when it comes to Chloé knowing, a part of me hesitates. Because I honestly don’t know how she’d react to that. She LOVES her some Ladybug, but absolutely cannot STAND Marinette. How does a person reconcile that? Will she like Ladybug less? Or stop altogether? Or will she stop being awful to Marinette? It could go so many ways! 

Imagine Chloé realizing that the girl she was secretly jealous of, the kind Marinette who made friends without money or fame or threats, the girl that Adrien seemed to enjoy being around, THAT girl was ALSO Ladybug? Who was loved by all of Paris? Including herself? 

Would her jealousy just get worse? Would she hate Marinette more? Try to sabotage her because no way can she have it all. She can’t be this popular pretty girl in school and ALSO a super hero. She doesn’t get to be so close to Adrien in school AND have him gawk at her as Ladybug. It’s just so UNFAIR. 

But then imagine Chloé knowing that with all the YEARS of harassment and rude comments  she’d subjected Marinette to, LB STILL saved her life. Multiple times. Marinette let Chloé call her a friend when she was behind the mask, even knowing she’d got back to school the next day and hear the mayor’s daughter throw insults at her. 

Maybe that is what, once and for all, stops Chloé’s reign of terror. Kinda

Imagine the class’s reactions when Chloé starts asking after Marinette’s health. Suddenly feeling guilty and realizing the girl might be falling down a lot because she has bruises or broke something in a fight or GOD what if she has the flu? 

Imagine Marinette’s skeptical reaction to that, and Chloé’s nonchalant “Well don’t think I actually CARE or anything…just don’t want your nasty germs getting all over me Marinette Dupain-Cheng!” 

Imagine Tom and Sabine’s bakery suddenly getting it’s debts paid off, courtesy of the mayor. Imagine them getting invited to cater at high-profile events and galas in Paris. Suddenly business is booming even MORE than before. The Dupain-Cheng’s don’t have to worry about money anymore. 

Imagine Chloé suddenly asking Sabrina to do two sets of geography homework. “You know…just in case I lose one or something!” But she knows an akuma attacked late last night and there’s no way Mari had time to do hers. 

Imagine there’s an akuma attack, and all their classmates wonder where Marinette is, and Chloé distracts them with a “Who cares about her anyway? She probably tripped and got herself locked in a closet somewhere. Let’s just go!” 

Imagine her purposely being late for school (she makes Sabrina do it too) as well so that the teacher leaves Marinette alone. Because if Marinette is in trouble then so is Chloé, and who would dare give the mayor’s daughter a tardy, and “We’re not late, the rest of you are just early!” 

Imagine that Chloé Bourgeois still pretends to be the stuck up rich brat everyone knows her as just to keep Marinette’s secret safe. 

Imagine her actually wanting to be Marinette’s friend even MORE, but feeling super embarrassed about everything between them and not really knowing how else to be. This is all new for her, and she’s never been really good at making friends. ;) 

And she thinks maybe that’s what she deserves for treating Marinette so terribly. Maybe she doesn’t deserve to have her as a real friend. But she’s definitely going to do what she can to help.

She IS Ladybug’s number one fan after all. 

ok so i know unstable moods/emotions are a symptom of bpd, but does anyone else experience unstable hobbies/interests?? like it’s really rare for me to play a video game or keep up with a tv show or do some other miscellaneous for more than like a week. it just all switches??? so often??????? like i’ve just noticed so many of my friends have a general hobby that they do consistently but for me it’s just……..hard?? i just can’t watch an entire show on netflix, or complete a game, or finish a drawing, or finish a book, or find a unique hobby that i stick with or ANYTHING. i just get too bored too easily and i’m always like………rushing around finding new things to do and honestly it’s a bit tiring

Do you know that feeling that you get when after being abandoned and feeling like shit about yourself your entire life you finally find someone who can easily see the real you? someone who makes you feel like they’re worth it and keeps surprising you with how much they care about you?

Since you’re not used to that kind of attention you’re just like:

and they go on, they keep surprising you with how much they DO care about you.

So after a few years or maybe even a few months you realize how much you’re in love with them and how much they mean to you that you’re just like:

“ Fuck it, I can’t do anything about it”

So you accept it.

That’s Sasuke.

And those are his feelings towards Naruto ( A.K.A Light itself)

So I see a lot of ‘two types of the signs’ posts, and while I’m not really that sure about them because I think that’s less important than the way placements interact with each other, I thought it would be interesting to do one that’s a bit different than usual: optimist / pessimist rather than introvert / extrovert. Okay!

Aries Pessimist: Is negative about everything. Not a big fan of teamwork. Gets angry or upset easily; finds it hard to control their emotions. Takes offence quickly. Needs a lot of love and adores being complimented / admired.

Aries Optimist: Think of a lot of new ideas very quickly and is always completely convinced that the current one is perfect. So excitable. Can be a bit of a messy worker. Laughs all the time. Can be arrogant.

Taurus Pessimist: Is a bit of an Eeyore sometimes. Doesn’t trust easily. Worries a lot about financial matters in particular. Is a saver rather than a spender. Goes over ideas repeatedly until they’re totally perfect.

Taurus Optimist: Is very sure of their place in the world. A hard worker. Loves to treat themselves. Thinks every relationship is going to end in marriage. Can be a little shy, but will soon become incredibly friendly.

Gemini Pessimist: Low self-esteem so is always changing and doesn’t like to be very honest about their true self. Worried all the time. Lots of nervous energy. Good at masking their feelings but hates doing it.

Gemini Optimist: Very excitable. Talks faster when they’re happy. Most things bounce off them. Rushes off to new opportunities without finishing their latest project. Trusts everyone, but can be untrustworthy themselves. 

Cancer Pessimist: Very weepy and emotional. Is always scared people won’t like them. Intensely protective of those they care about and worries about them all the time. Is hardly every honest because they’re scared of getting hurt.

Cancer Optimist: Can be child-like. Often very naive. Thinks every new relationship / friendship is much better and more significant than the last. Falls in love very quickly and is hardly ever afraid to admit it. 

Leo Pessimist: The most insecure person you will ever meet. Puts way too much store by what others think of them. Obsesses over what they’re wearing to the point of unhealthy. Short temper. Easily offended.

Leo Optimist: Is generally a very confident person. Gullible and naive, but in a charming way. Very generous. Trusts people way too quickly. Loves everyone else, but loves themselves too and is hardly ever afraid to show it.

Virgo Pessimist: Worries way too much about everything. The voice of doom in a group project. Can have unhealthy habits which may be eating related. Works really, really hard; needs very much to be appreciated.

Virgo Optimist: Hard-working; things tend to turn out right for them. ‘Adopts’ new friends and looks after them. Likes to motivate others. Is shy about new relationships, but once in them is very positive.

Libra Pessimist: Can be ‘fake’. Likes other people more than they like themselves, and never does anything for themselves. Very creative, but is meticulous about new ideas and harsh on themselves.

Libra Optimist: The sort of person you want as a group leader. Creative and generous with ideas. Likes to look nice and is generally pretty confident. Is always determined in relationships; wants to make them work out.

Scorpio Pessimist: Is afraid that someone they care about will get hurt, so is very protective. Can be defensive and doesn’t let barriers down easily. Is always predicting the downfall of society. Doesn’t trust easily.

Scorpio Optimist: Good at hiding it when they feel scared or sad. Tends to have a pretty thick skin. Loves change, because they know it’s always for the better. Tends to work hard at projects they believe in.

Sagittarius Pessimist: Doesn’t believe the world is a good place. Always changing their mind because they don’t believe in themselves. Runs away from things. Actually feels guilty for being a pessimist.

Sagittarius Optimist: Believes in luck and thinks they have lots of it. Can make the best of any situation. Always laughing. Looks forward to the future so much that they are sometimes discontent with the present.

Capricorn Pessimist: Is an eyebrow raiser. Has a don’t-fuck-with-me walk. Probably doesn’t believe in love. Is always, always, always negative. No exceptions. Thinks no-one is going to succeed. 

Capricorn Optimist: Works insanely hard for what they want and knows how much they deserve. Generally very confident. Ambitious. Takes a long time to fall in love, but when they do, is convinced it will last forever.

Aquarius Pessimist: Hates anyone and everyone. Is the most contrary person you’ll ever meet. Is disgusted by mainstream culture. Makes disparaging comments. Incredibly snarky and probably actually really smart.

Aquarius Optimist: Believes that the world can be a good place and will work to make it one. One of those people that get inspiring novels written about them. Understands people quickly. Usually pretty confident.

Pisces Pessimist: Gets trodden on because they don’t think they’re worth standing up for. Can be whiny or weepy. Insecure and constantly changes the way they look and act because they expect people to dislike them.

Pisces Optimist: Falls in love so quickly and never learns no matter how much they get hurt. Adorably naive. Thinks everyone is beautiful. Trusts people insanely quickly. In love with the universe.

Note: Some of these are more favoured by traditional astrology than others - for instance Aries is usually expected to be optimistic.


just a really short comic of Ariel getting her legs from Ursula but to be with Moana. I can see her doing it just so they can easily be together instead of persuading Moana to be a mermaid with her because she would dislike separating Moana and her people since she cares about them and is the only future chief (Ariel is pretty important back at her home too but she has like dozens of sisters to where she feel as if they can take her place). With Moana finding out about this and Ariel loosing her voice, she’s worried of the consequences this might bring. An angry powerful sea god who would want his daughter back putting her people in danger, and her people reacting negatively to an odd outsider. I can see the two work things out, and despite what consequences they might face, they’ll still spend fun times with each other.

Common (And Misunderstood) Spiritual Tropes

Are you seeking radical awakening? Do you suspect personhood to be a shallow reflection of the depth within your actual Being? Have you undertaken a spiritual path? 

Then the following are elements you may want to consider and of which you should be wary. 

  1. Don’t Seek. While coming from a place of dharmic intent, this piece of wisdom can actually be disadvantageous. It hints at the effortlessness behind spiritual awakening but at the same time can be easily coopted by the ego. If we shouldn’t seek, then why bother meditating, contemplating, and being mindful? The best way I can re-orient this wisdom is as follows: If you do not seek you will not find but you will not find as a result of seeking. The spiritual path is not easy, it is natural. Naturalness can be difficult for those of us who have lived identified with our egos for so many years and potentially lifetimes. By all means, seek enlightenment. It is perhaps the only sane thing we might be after in this lifetime. 
  2. Don’t try. This follows on the heals of “Don’t seek.” In some spiritual philosophies, effort is seen as being contrived, trying too hard at something that is natural. Enlightenment is natural, as natural as a flower growing up through concrete and unfurling before the sun. But effort is often required–especially in the beginning of the path and sometimes until the very end. Meditating requires effort, mindfulness requires effort, overcoming our habitual energies requires effort. This comes from our desire for liberation. While worldly desires are, for the most part, a source of pain and illusion, the desire for liberation is what will keep you on your path. There is no such thing as having too strong a desire for liberation. What matters, though, is that you seek liberation in a fruitful manner. Meditation, mindfulness, and self-inquiry have been demonstrated to be invariably fruitful throughout the ages. 
  3. Don’t desire. This follows naturally from the previous point. The things we desire are harmless but it is our desiring mind that can be harmful. Often we are told that we must be desireless. This isn’t always so. We can work toward whatever it is we desire in this world but if we wish to remain sane and at peace, we must be ready to accept the results of our efforts, whatever they may be. In this way, you can work towards whatever it is you like without being attached. When attachment forms, confusion and suffering follow. The exception, of course, is our desire for liberation. Again, we must surrender our expectation for the results of our path, for we truly don’t know how it will turn out. We don’t know what enlightenment is like, we have only had tastes during rare divine moments. But it is the desire for liberation that ultimately leads to the extinguishing of all desires and the revelation of bliss, the sweetness in everything we have experienced and sought. 
  4. You are the body/there is no body. This particular point is rather funny. If I share wisdom about how you are not the body, people will inevitably comment that the body is sacred and part of the divine. If I share wisdom about how the body is a gateway to the formless Self and how to honor and use the body, people will comment how we are not the body and that such is dualistic thinking. The Avadhuta Gita nailed it when it said: “I honor my body as though it does and does not exist.” So let’s put this to rest: Inhabit your body fully, feeling every inch of your body from your toes to your fingers to you groin, chest, head, and back. Feel all of it at once. Then, focus on the feeling and let go of any identity regarding that feeling. Forget gender, forget name, forget shape and appearance. Just feel your inner body as one seamless whole. Drop human form. This is the point in which the dualism of being the body and not being the body falls away.

Keep these points in mind. Practice meditation. Practice mindfulness. Practice contemplation. Practice self-inquiry. Read spiritual books by self-realized humans. Seek liberation from illusion to realize your Real Self beyond and before birth and death. 

Then you shall enjoy the divine and fathomless bliss that is your nature and primordial inheritance. 


Like, we hardly ever see het couples get even ONE reason as to why they are in love. Not even one tiny bit of context as to what they have in common to make sense of it. No, we usually just get, oh I find her/him attractive and so we have sexual tension. That’s IT. And everyone immediately and easily accepts that shit. But, when two men need each other MORE THAN ANYTHING. Have saved each other’s lives again and again starting in episode ONE. Would die for each other. Sacrifice being together to make the other happy if they think it’s what the other one wants. And everyone can’t see the possibility that there might be more to their relationship? THAT is why this happening is making fucking history.