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I'm really impressed with Undrrverse. I've tried animating and it's really tough! With something like Undervse on your resume, I bet you'll get picked up on by some big network that'll recognize your epic ness. Except don't ditch us for stardom yet! (I mean if you're doing it, I'd watch any show you started, but I want to see Underverse through!) can't wait to see you on Cartoon Network or Disney XD!

Wowie… my own series on tv ;.;
That’d be a big goal…thinking about that scares me so much tho.

Just a quick little edit of the EA dress which comes with CL, into a cute crop top. I’m assuming someone’s already made something similar so I do apologise! Comes in 15 of the original colours, plus my palette (36 colours), so 51 colour options in total!! <3

🌞 Info 🌞
Comes in 51 colours
All LODs
Does have a custom thumbnail
🌞 Credits 🌞
EA for the original mesh
🌞 TOU 🌞
Please feel free to recolour, I can’t wait to see your beautiful recolours
No paysites and do not claim as your own pls
If you want to recolour, please don’t include the mesh
🌞 Download  Links 🌞


As usual, if you use this top or any of my creations, I’d love to see them in your game and reblog your posts, so use the tag #playwithlifesimblr <3

you know i’m not even upset about the hug anymore. i’m upset because i’m seeing so many people hurt because of it. i can deal with my own hurt and disappointment but i can’t stand seeing people so heartbroken. that’s what makes me so angry. that because of the crap they pulled, so many people are hurt once again, and many people feel so disrespected and stepped on because of that hug. because it was supposed to be something happy. because it was supposed to be something meaningful. because it was supposed to be that “swan queen might never happen but at least we got a hug” moment for us. because it was supposed to be our consolation, something we could all happily remember even if swan queen doesn’t become canon. but adam and eddy took that away from a lot of people. so now instead of seeing people happy, i see people disgusted, angry, sad, and heartbroken. as if queerbaiting wasn’t enough to do the job. how cruel can you fucking be?

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You are seriously???? One of the kindest people in the world, you earn nothing from translating the chapters, except some occasional hate comments, and that stuff takes a long time to do, you could easily don't give a shit about us poor motherfuckers who can't afford chapters and you willingly decide to use your free time to do translations. Are you a gift from god or something because really I'm speechless at how kind you are

I grew up as a low income kid so I understand some of the struggles. If there’s something I can do to help like translating for a period of time, I’d do it 🤗


“Whether you like it or not, he’s my son and I won’t be getting rid of him like she did!” 

“But you don’t even know if he’s actually yours! Be sensible, Hunter, what if this is some kind of sick joke!” 

“Think what you want, but Elsa isn’t someone to do something so malicious” 

“So you’re saying you trust her!” 

“Of course I trust her, she’s not evil, she’s just an idiot!” 

“I can’t believe you’re defending her, she’s trying to ruin us!” 

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how do you make the sparkles fall behind the image? like only on the background

hey, love! so i’ve been asked this a lot, and i finally have a day off so below is how i end up with something like this: 

(the psd used in this example can be found here)(i save my sparkle gif from here) (this is more to show how to remove the gif from over the model, a tutorial for how to use the gif in the first place can be found here)

this might get a bit wordy since i can never manage to keep things short, and since this is a little bit more complicated than the usual ‘sparkle’ effect, i’ve added a few pictures along the way to help but please feel free to ask any questions!

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This is another Raven and Paul episode, so uhh, i expect something light-hearted or fucking frightening, whichever comes first. I don’t think there’s going to be much lore this episode since last one had plenty of it.

If not else the similarity between Amethyst and me is that our rooms are basically junkyards for any kind of thing you can ever imagine, but you get used to the smell and it starts smelling quite pleasent. I don’t understand people with clean rooms, i can never find what i need when the room is clean.

“Garnet, how do you fix a train that can’t hear?”

“Pearl, please tell me you aren’t planning to-”


“What, aren’t you on track with my train puns?”

“Come on, Garnet, come ABOARD THE PUN TRAIN!

“Please leave this temple immediately.”

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Hey, sorry to ask this, but how can I draw PoC characters to have more true-to-life traits while still staying within my own style? I'm a white girl, so obviously I excel at drawing Scandinavians (my own culture) more than any other ethnic background. Are there any constants, or near-constants, I should keep in mind when drawing a certain race? I'd hate my PoC characters to just look like a Scandinavian with a different color palette. But also, I don't want them to look like stereotypes.

Uuuh. Oh god see I can’t draw worth a damn but I think the best thing for you do to would be to like find other artist who are drawing stuff and take a look at how they do. 

For example I typed in drawings of Asian people and got this:

So I think just some research and maybe shooting us a message if you find something questionable would be the best way to go.

Followers any suggestions?

mod v

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"The basic supertype doesn’t actually do a lot of what people think it does" Isn't that good reason to rework the rules so it is the basic part that makes there be no limit, and then use that to make other cards types using it? I know changing the rules is probably something you guys try to avoid.. but that doesn't mean you can't do it, especially if the change is to make it in line with what most people think it is

Every Rules Manager I’ve brought that up with has a response that starts with “That’s not a good idea.”

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If you don't mind me asking, how did you get amazing in lineless art? I'm still a newbie artist, and that style is very difficult for me, so I really admire you art proficiency! Sorry to bother and thank you very much!

Ahh thank you!! I find lineless particularly easy and fun since you don’t have to fill lines, it’s ok to get it a bit different from your initial sketch, try to not box yourself a lot!

If you don’t do it already use different layers for each color/shape if you’re afraid to ruin something

I also feel it particularly concentrates a lot on color picking because it has no lines to differentiate what is what, or making an appealing combination can also be a bit hard! A really good idea is to study about contrasts, saturations, its temperatures and everything related to color

If you want palettes to practice with @color-palettes is a really cool place to pick combinations from, theres always something to learn from the limited color palette challenge o/

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I was wondering if you use markers in any of your art, and if so, what kind? Do you have any tips you could give, too? I recently got some but they seem to take some skill to use.

oh I love using markers! markers can be used for anything!

complete illustrations, comics ,sketching ,graffitty, drawin somebody’s wall or mirror XD I can only recommend what I’ve used, recommend something I haven’t try would be liying X3

I use “Touch” and “Neopiko” markers for me are the best brands from what I’ve used by far. I use “Touch” markers for quick pics and/or sketching becuse their price is lower than neopiko.

I ONLY use neopiko for full colored illustrations and in very rare ocassions because they’re expensive and I’m not sure when I would be able to get more lol but their colors are soft and blend nicely :)

COPIC are good I gess but I prefer neopiko because are cheaper than copic and the results arethe same (at east for me hahaha) I think the only difference is in some colors opic has that neopiko don’t but nothing you can’t get by convine colors.

both brands come with a pen nib and a brush nib but touch come in hard brush nib and soft pen nib, both are great!also they allow you to create newcolors by convining like the traditional yellow+blue=green

I never use the blender because I don’t like how it sees in the end I preffer to blend with a lighter color, for example when I blend zim’s skin I use the palest yellow I have to blend between greens, using this methot you can also get a secondary light! my only advice is to experiment and drawa lot with them! because we all have diffeerent color goals but most importantly have fun!

I love tarot decks based on books, TV shows, etc. but I’m kind of tired of seeing the villains cast as the Devil or the Tower. It’s easy to stick the villains in the “spooky” cards, but heroes too can be obsessed with something (see: so many revenge stories) and I think these projects seldom take the opportunity to show heroic characters at a point where they’re not in a good place.

The reverse is also true: the Magician can be an amazing creative force or a con man, the Hierophant is the upholder of tradition, and how often is “tradition” and institutions the Hierophant represents used to oppress people? How often do we see corrupt religious institutions in media?

IDK it would just be nice to see a little more creativity in this regard.

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It's been awhile, but I never stopped wondering about it, so I was hoping you might have more info. At one point, I saw some dean/cas and jensen/Misha (or was it just j/m? I can't remember). Anyways, the posts mentioned Bob singer (the producer) in not a very favorable light - I think 'homophobic troll' was used once. I remember the posts definitely had something to do with cons. Do you know what the story is there?

So– I am not a hundred percent sure about this, because I only vaguely remember hearing about it myself– but I think it was at last year’s ChiCon (maybe? Or was it JIB?) where Bob Singer joined the guys during a couple of their panels. I guess there were certain questions that fans asked that hinted towards Destiel, or to how Jensen was directed to play Dean, or how Misha plays Cas etc. but Bob answered them all with very negative responses. I didn’t watch the panels myself, but I know there was a lot of uproar about it in the fandom.

I also think that it was all during the same convention as this …

You can see Bob following Jensen and Misha around very closely, and I think that’s when someone called him a “homophobic troll” (he couldn’t stop them from almost kissing though!)

I’m sure other people can give you the specifics, but that’s all I can recall at the moment. Sorry I don’t have more for you , my dear.


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Billion dollar companies: *Make use of sweatshops*You: It’s okay because all that profit is rightfully earned by the corporation. No issue here. Those sweatshop workers need to work 24 hours a day instead of 16 and pull themselves up from their bootstraps, even if they’re earning under a dollar an hour!And that’s only an extreme example.

At what point did I ever say that? Of course it’s pretty shitty to use sweatshop labor, but what would you do about it?

It’s not something you can legislate against, and even if you could, the more effective way to help is to create competing opportunities for the workers. Give them an alternative way to earn a living so they don’t have to choose between sweatshops and hunger. If the original companies want to keep their workers, they’ll have to raise their workplace quality to match what you’re offering. 

Maybe you don’t have the means to create these better jobs overseas. Okay. So pick a company that uses sweatshop labor and give them a reason to do better. Make them become the alternative I described. Organize a boycott or a social media campaign to raise awareness of their business practices. Highlight any of their competitors who are setting a better example so that other activists can support them. 

Or you could donate to/start a charity that provides education to these areas so that the kids can reach better opportunities outside of factories one day. Or help entrepreneurs in these areas get started on their own business. Crowdfunding and microloans are great for that and you can raise the money to permanently change someone’s life very quickly. Most of these projects need less than a thousand dollars but can have an effect that lasts generations. 

Just sitting here complaining about sweatshops won’t change anything. Get up and do something about it. And if you do start one of these projects, message me about it so I can help out! 

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Hi I'm in a bad place emotionally right now and I guess I can use it to charge some appropriate sigil, the issue is that none of the sigils I've done so far, since last year, has worked. I've had a couple half work but I don't know what to do. I forget about them, I left some out where people or nature can charge them, I've put emotions in them to the point of getting exhausted, but nothing... On the contrary, things seem to be going in the opposite direction. Don't really know what to do ):

Hi. If you’ve been trying to use sigils for so long and none of them have worked, you may be one of those people who sigils just don’t work on, for whatever reason. But, just in case it helps, I’ll try giving you something to work with. There are a few reasons a sigil might not work and it’s hard for me to tell you which one without being the one using the sigil. Here are some reasons a sigil might go wrong and what to do if you think that’s your problem. Trust your instinct.

  • Your focus may not have been strong when charging the sigil. Were you distracted? Were you focusing on the sigil working and not actually the intent of the sigil? Find a quiet, comfortable spot, maybe meditate for a few minutes if that helps you and try again. Try to keep everything but the sigil out of your mind.
  • The sigil may not have gotten enough energy. The longer you charge a sigil for, the more energy it has to work. Try charging it again for a longer period of time.
  • Your intent is too specific or too broad or it might just be something a sigil can’t do. Try rewording it or finding some other way to accomplish your task.
  • The charging method may not be the right one for you or for the sigil, Are you comfortable with the charging method? Does it match the sigil’s intent? Try a different method.
  • Did you give it enough time? Sometimes sigils take a while to bring about their intent. Maybe just waiting a bit is all you need.
  • The sigil may have needed help. A sigil to become a fantastic singer isn’t going to do much if you don’t practice as well. The sigil has to have something to work with.

in general, as frustrating as it is to watch the decisions made in anime, I feel like a lot of the angry talk about it on the American side of the fandom is ultimately fruitless

we can talk about it all we want, but in Japan there’s a different culture, different working conditions, different procedures, different quirks that we can’t quite understand from over here, and they’re certainly not really listening to us about we want, so venting serves it’s purpose to individuals, but sometimes I feel like some of the venting on the American side is trying to change something in the source material, which is…kind of impossible, and we do have to accept that we can’t actually change anything in the Japanese anime industry from over here

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Can you do Shoji doing number 10 (I'm making sad art so I need to see sad art ;-;)

“Did I do something wrong? Did we not work together well enough as a team all of junior high?? You just..cut us off and moved away. Is your hatred really that deep? We were family, Satoshi. Instead of talking to us you just..vanished.

“I think I know. I’m almost sure. It was me, wasn’t it? You had to know that I never asked to be the ace player, I didn’t care about that. I just wanted to play, and I did so to the best of my ability. You didn’t voice your opinion about it so, I just assumed you were fine with it. But…I guess you weren’t. I know how much you prided yourself as a wing spiker, we had that in common.

“I would have stepped aside if it was really that important to you. I would have then, but..not now. If you really see me as your rival now, then, I’m sorry that I can’t stand aside.

“You want a battle? Then that’s just what’s going to happen. Any court we both step upon will be our battlefield, and I won’t concede to you…”

This one is important to me and I wanted to do something like this for a long time. I got a bit carried away, I wasn’t planning on it being this detailed. I didn’t want to do anything super sad, though I could have tbh lol But I really like the idea of this rivalry these two have. Whether or not they will eventually resolve their issues with each other I don’t know. But it will be great for character development~ ANYWAY lolol

Two more prompts to do. I may draw some more later on, but right now cramps are trying to kill me and I am eternally grateful for my heat pad pressed against me atm lol In the meantime, I hope you like this angst I’ve created.

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Hi ☺ I was wondering if you knew of any easy but long lasting spells for the protection of just one or two rooms? Also just wanted to say I love your blog! Its so sweet and light and its really helped me learn and grow! Thank you so much :D

Hey there! Thank you so much; you are so wonderful😍

I would recommend check out my Witch’s Black Salt Post for sure! The salt is cheap and easy to make, and a jar of it blessed with the intention of protection will do wonders for you!
You can use the black salt -or regular salt if you choose- in combination with my rendition of a homestead protection spell which I posted here.

Something else you may consider for long term effects would be a little bag or jar of dried herbs such as Rosemary, Bay, Black Pepper, Basil and Clove!

Both of these can be made small enough to conceal if you wish to remain inconspicuous. Much love to you!

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Is there a way I can banish a spirit from a place I don't live in/visit regularly? There's a spirit in my friend's brother's room and apparently it doesn't like other things living in that space. They used to have hamsters that lived in that room, and one of them died suddenly and they don't know why (I suspect the spirit had something to do with that) and my friend says that whenever they go into their brother's room they feel a sense of dread. Can I do a long-distance spirit banishment?

There is ways to do long distance spirit banishment, although I’m not an expert on them and haven’t practiced them myself, so I don’t know how effective they are.

rachel bloom has compared rebecca to a “stone in a pond”, “having a ripple effect” on the people she encounters in west covina. she approaches her crusade for happiness with a vigor that can’t help but shake up the lives of the people around her. usually these changes rebecca indirectly causes in people have little effect on her - see paula’s choice to go to law school, darryl coming to terms with his bisexuality, heather deciding she wants to do something with her life and valencia rejecting the life path she’s carefully cultivated for herself over ten years. josh and greg are the exception to this. rebecca inspires them to make life changes and she ends up worse for wear because of these changes. so where does that leave rebecca? is she the woman who is consumed and invaded and spit out so some fucking man can evolve? 

i’d argue no. i don’t think crazy ex-girlfriend works along those gender lines. the show has a made a point of having josh and rebecca use similar language in their love life (”you love me?” “i love that about you.”) to denote a sameness in their mindsets about romance. some shows treat their female characters as a means for salvation for the male characters (think mon-el) and expect the audience to root for a couple that so blatantly is meant mainly to prop up the man. but in crazy ex-girlfriend, both men and women place their responsibility for their happiness on an idealized love interest. personally, i can’t hate josh after all the shit rebecca’s pulled. 

josh is one of the few main characters (by main characters i mean the characters who are usually main players in the a-story, meaning rebecca, josh, greg and paula) who hasn’t identified something that makes him feel like “glittering is exploding” inside him. the things that make the characters feel like glittering is exploding inside them are the things they use to temporarily distract themselves from their discontent at the expense of their well-being as a whole. when we met josh, he’s in a shitty relationship with a woman who upholds domesticity as the most important thing in a relationship and doesn’t value his happiness and needs outside the context of their relationship. josh was in a rut with valencia and had likely been tempted to cheat on her before (greg laments the fact that every girl he likes has a crush on josh and father brah calls him out on his habit to “run to the nearest pretty girl” which means it’s likely that josh was flirting and encouraging girls even if he never technically strayed from valencia before rebecca). rebecca encouraged josh to break out of this rut by pursuing him in her own desperate attempt to keep that glitter feeling going. josh is drawn to rebecca because he believes that she is the thing that’s missing in his life. he quickly breaks things off with her at the beginning of s2 only to come back to her after anna leaves him. josh remembers how much rebecca adores him and how good that feels and gets back together with her for that instant gratification. he thinks he can keep what they have going by forsaking the leg work of being in a relationship and proposing. on the day of the wedding, he realizes the mistake he’s making and he seeks instant gratification in a different place. father brah describes how he felt “at peace with his decision” to become a priest and josh craves that feeling so he leaves rebecca at the alter for priesthood. josh is in a tailspin. he doesn’t know what he wants from his life, he only knows when he is dissatisfied from it. he lands on the first thing that can distract him from his current woes.

greg is different than josh (and most of the cxg characters) because he knows what he wants that will lead him to fulfillment. his involvement with rebecca allows him to identify his alcoholism (his “glitter” vice) and finally realize that he can break his patterns, to see that he doesn’t have to wallow in his cynicism. rebecca does the classic romcom airport confrontation but in this moment, there’s little romance in it. this is very much a “villain in my own story” moment in which rebecca tries to tempt greg to stay in west covina, which greg considers to be a purgatory. there’s no maliciousness to this on rebecca’s part - she has her own happiness to consider. but so does greg.

and then there’s rebecca “glitter” vice - josh. josh being in this position for rebecca actually prevents her from having a functioning relationship with him. in “a boyband made up of four joshes”, rebecca fantasizes about josh being her boyfriend/therapist but she is fundamentally unable to reveal the ugly sides of herself to him in fear of losing him, and by extension, the glittery feeling. in fact, this issue extends beyond josh. we can forget how guarded rebecca is because she is so shameless in her actions but the reveal of the existence of robert reminds us how deeply internalized she keeps things. we didn’t know about robert. paula didn’t know about robert (and surely paula thought she knew everything about rebecca). naomi lies to josh about who robert is and warns him not to mention robert to rebecca. naomi doesn’t believe communication is important in between rebecca and her soon-to-be-husband; she believes josh has no right to know about rebecca’s past and that he’s more likely to leave if he knows about her. rebecca surely must believe this to be true (not just with josh, but with everyone in her life). and in the end, it isn’t robert that drives an unreparable tear in between josh and rebecca - it’s the lack of communication (and notably, the women in rebecca’s life stay by her side after she shows herself at her most unhinged).

rebecca’s quest for fulfillment runs in contradiction to josh and greg’s. or, more accurately, rebecca thinks at different points that josh and greg have a significant place in her quest for fulfillment when they’re actually obstacles to her self-actualization. but even though josh and greg aren’t the answer rebecca is seeking, their choice to leave her comes with a direct blow to rebecca’s mental state. josh and greg don’t have a responsibility to put rebecca’s happiness ahead of their own but they both leave with little sensitivity to how their actions affect rebecca. greg gleefully waxes poetic about how terrible his relationship with rebecca was to her face. josh leaves rebecca on the alter

tl;dr what i think is great about crazy ex-girlfriend is that each character is equal parts selfish and sympathetic. crazy ex-girlfriend is a MESS of different character motivations and they all implode in on each other. in both rebecca/greg relationship and the rebecca/josh relationship, both parties share blame to escalating the relationship to the breaking point.