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Guess who bum rushed this just so they could have something out for the first anniversary of Stardew Valley? That’s right, me. I can’t believe that I completely spaced the date! 

This game literally changed my life and gave me the drive to draw again and to push myself to improve. If it wasn’t for Stardew Valley I wouldn’t have improved as much as I have over the past year and I wouldn’t be finding as much joy in creating art as I do. I may have moved on and not draw as much Stardew as I used to, but I still love this game and the characters so, so much! Once I get all of my big midterm projects out of the way this week, I’ll probably draw a proper commemoration picture. For now, have the trio enjoying some good gaming time!

Also, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve drawn chibis. I gotta start drawing them again.

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justice for cheese hair tag by @wackysimmer  

rules:  make a sim look good with EA’s classic cheese hair color. more info

I was tagged by @inquisitive-simmer, thank you! I had a lot of fun making her. I have a problem with making random sims, I can never throw them away! So she’s going in my game, but to be honest, I’m probably going to change her hair and hair color when I go to use her. :X

I tag: @pixeltrashcan, @something-wicked-sims, @budgie2budgie, @mwgaybachelor, @selaronosims, @suebarr753, @simsomedia annnnd @youifyouwanna - do it or don’t, I still ♥ you!

Chase, Alexander Hamilton x Reader


Word-count: 1,320 (I can’t write drabbles for shit.)

Warnings: Lowkey–midkey cursing. The usual.

Note: Day one of the #hamwriters Write-A-Thon! Hello there! Day one was AU, so I did something I’ve been wanting to do for so long and combined two of my great loves. I had actually been planning this for a while, and it wasn’t meant to be a Write-A-Thon entry, but I just decided why not? We’re celebrating the same thing (1k followers holy shit I still can’t believe it). 

This one is kind of dumb. It’s platonic-meets-angst, which for some reason I really dig writing why. I might write a sequel just to balance it out, but who knows? 

So let us all collectively pray to the gods that I get through this week with consistency, because the lord knows I can be flaky as shit. 


The halls were empty in this particular area of the castle, which you didn’t exactly understand as to why it was so (it was a perfectly good corridor), but now it served as an advantage. When you were running from Burr, Jefferson, or Madison (or in this case, all three of them), the more secluded a space, the better.

You couldn’t exactly recall how and why you got yourself into this predicament, but you knew, however, that it had something to do with that pile of Transfiguration assignments that you may or may not have turned into practice dummies for your Charms homework. (Turning inanimate objects into canaries.) The pile of Transfiguration assignments that may or may not have belonged to three certain people, namely Jefferson, Burr, and Madison. And you may or may not have done the aforementioned Charms practice on purpose, with full knowledge as to whom the aforementioned pile of Transfiguration assignments belonged to, but it wasn’t like you were about to answer those questions now, were you?

Your frantic walking slowed as you neared the end of the corridor, finding what you were looking for in the first place; the tapestry. Merlin bless whoever thought of installing that thing. Even if it was dodgy old Slytherin.

Ignoring the hammering of your pulse in your ear (for whatever reason, you couldn’t begin to fathom), you wrenched aside the tapestry, steeling yourself for roughly five hours of solitude as you waited out the relentless search party that was no doubt hunting for your blood by now.

Only to find that the space was already occupied.

“Hamilton,” you said, surprised. The seventh year looked up at your abrupt appearance, eyes wide in surprise. He appeared to be reading something. An eyebrow went impossibly high up your forehead. “What are you doing here?”

“Studying,” He was not lying; a cursory glance around told the story quite clearly. Books and tomes were lying around in assorted piles, and crumpled bits of parchment littered the ground not occupied by what looked like half the library and Hamilton himself. “What are you doing here? “

At his words, you remembered the very reason why you had to go into hiding in the first place. You shoved him aside, nearly sending a nearby stack of tomes asunder. Hamilton cursed, loudly, and you shushed him.

“What the bloody hell are you doing?” he asked, his glare sharp and had you been a lesser woman you would have backed down from the force of that thing, but you were you and Alex was Alex and you knew him well enough by now (six years in the same house and with relatively same group of friends would do that to you) to know that while he would probably skin you once this was over, he was for the most part harmless.

You gave him a look. “Hiding,” you said, like it was obvious. This only angered Hamilton further, and he was about to speak again, but you heard the distant rumble of footsteps and slapped a hand to his mouth, effectively silencing him. “Not exactly the time for questions, Alex.” you said, voice barely above a whisper.  “I’ll explain when we are out of relative danger.”

Relative dang—“


The footsteps were a lot closer now, and among them you heard voices.

“Where the devil has that girl gone now?” Burr.

“Agrippa only knows.” Jefferson. There was a thud and a yelp of pain. “Buggerbuggerbugger, what in the name of?—“

“Thomas, stop kicking the shit out of things.” Madison. You stifled a laugh.

“Boys, she’s not here.” Burr said, ever the voice of reason. “The essay is due tomorrow, and if we start it now, we’ll get it done by morning.”

There was running again, mingled with the sound of Jefferson’s complaints, and when the last patter of feet left, you felt yourself begin to breathe easy.

“Fucking hell,” you mumbled, rubbing at your forehead. That caused you more stress than it should have. “Remind me never to cross those lads again, Alex.” you said, getting up and dusting off your skirt. “As fun as it is, I don’t think I can survive all this unnecessary anxiety.” You threw Alexander a wink, and threw aside the tapestry. The halls were clear, and you were free.

“Just a minute,” You heard a frantic scrabbling and then Alexander was on your tail. “What the hell did you get up to now?”

“Nothing extreme, don’t worry your old head Alex. You know I value it so; who else is going to drudge through my Potions essay?” you said flippantly, waving a hand in his general direction. Alex was taller than you (not by much, mind, but still), but you were the faster one, and you chuckled at how he struggled to keep up.

“’Nothing extreme’; that’s bullshit and we both know it.”

You were a bit of a prankster, some would say. (Others would call you rabid (those others namely people like Jefferson and Burr and Madison), but who gave a rat’s shit about them? No one, really.) And no one knew better than Alex, who, while for the most part went along with your oftentimes elaborate schemes, held himself with a propriety that warranted the occasional wariness. You knew it was all for show, and he knew it was all for show, but Alex was a good actor, and what kind of actor didn’t go along with the precedent?

“I turned their Transfiguration essays into birds for Charms.” you said at last, sick of the game already. You were both nearing the Great Hall, and the smell coming from it meant that dinner was finally served. “Happy?” You faced him for the first time since the alcove, eyeing the stacks of books in his arms without pity. That was something he could deal with on his own. (Had you been in a kinder mood, you would have helped him, but boy, could Alex grate on your nerves.)

Alex looked indignantly impressed. “You’re most definitely daft in the head, but damn, you can be absolute genius sometimes.”

You grinned, grabbed a few of his books. He was forgiven. For now.

“He’s leaving in a few weeks,” Rebecca said, causing you to look up from your Astronomy homework for the first time in two hours.

You raised an eyebrow at your friend. “Who is?”

“Alexander.” Rebecca looked at you plainly, and you knew exactly what she meant. But you weren’t going to say that.

“So?” you said, returning your eyes to your star chart, where you had been labeling constellations. It was due in three days and you had only just now started.

“Don’t act dumb, Y/N.” Becca said, rolling her eyes. “You know what I mean.”

“I really don’t,” you said, not looking up, but the tone of your voice pretty clearly getting the message across. I don’t want to talk about it.

But Rebecca was almost as stubborn as you were. “Be that way, fine. But the next time we go into Hogsmeade and he’s got his arm around another pretty girl, don’t bitch about it—“

“Stop, Becca. Stop.” you said, slapping your reference book closed. Rebecca barely even flinched. “I know he’s leaving. A lot of them are leaving. We’ve had this conversation enough times. Stop.”

He was graduating in two weeks, no doubt with top marks, if his test scores were anything to go by. He’s leaving. Him, and Lafayette, and John, Hercules having long since left, being a few years older than the rest of you.

He was leaving in two weeks. You’ve spent six years—the first two brushing shoulders and the rest wreaking havoc together—getting to know him and getting known by him. That was enough.

He was leaving in two weeks. There was no time to entertain silly little crushes when you have to say all your goodbyes.

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February Fan Fic Rec

So this one got out a little earlier that I want… but here it is again, with more fics, and as always, sending love to each writer.

Time for a Story -Listen with you heart by @smkkbert —> I only have to say “Oliver speaking Russian”

Restless by ArrowGirl20 —> Set post 5x10, you should read it!!!

Ghost Fox Goddes versus Susan Williams by @wherethereissmoak —> Felicity found something that Susan Williams may use againts Oliver, so she saved the day in the only way that Felicity smoak can do it.

Wait by @adiwriting —> Felicity hasn’t been sleeping so Oliver take care of that.

Over My dead body by @adiwriting —> Olicity High School AU, with Tommy..

Time for a story-Made for Loving you- by @smkkbert —> I only have to say Bruce and Oliver in the same room!!!!

Olicity bed time story by @smkkbert —> In this one the Green Arrow asks to Overwatch to work with him, but she has an special power that didn’t allow her to touch people… Can this one be a long fic please??

Time for a Story -Through the eyes of a child- by @smkkbert​ —> It’s here!!!!! the Emmy first day at school.

20 Missed Calls (5x13) by @wherethereissmoak​ —> After the city hall shooting, Oliver has 20 missed calls but they are not from his girlfriend.

It’s on the (Edge of Emotional) by weonlyliveonce  —> Mayor Queen had everything under control until he meet Felicity Smoak.   Can this one be a long fic please??

Olicity One Shot by @laurabelle2930 —> An Olicity encounter.

Behind the Glass by @geneshaven —> This fic is just beacuse we like to suffer.

Return to Me by @yespleasehawkeye —> Oliver trying to get Felicity back.

Time for a Story-Proposal No2 by @smkkbert —> Felicity tells Millie a bed time story….

A soul for a soul: new hope by @millennialfangirl —> Fic based of 5x16.

Band-aid Solution by @wherethereissmoak —-> Post 5x14… An conversation between Oliver and Felicity.

Time for a Story - All you need is love by @smkkbert —> 200th chapter!! wowo congrats!!! and you MUST READ IT…

  •   WIP

In my daughter’s eyes by @smkkbert —> So here It is, the sequel from the best mistake 

My Compass by @adiwriting​ —> Felicity and Oliver have been best friend since 1st great, but now they have to be apart. (this will be a mini series)

Displaced by @writewithurheart —> Oliver desappears for 5 year and then he came back, found a different team Arrow.

Every Life has a Moment by @laurabelle2930 —> The Queen Family became Felicity’s new home when her parents died, and she had been friend with Oliver since them. But now this can change between them.

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A superhero Learns to Fly Chapter 8


Nathanny: “So this is some kind of portal? Hidden in the sculpture? That would be very wise to do but not so original. Sixamians did it lots of times.”
Primrose: “You can say that this is a portal but don’t get too excited. It’s… Something more complex and it’s nothing really pleasant to your body, believe me.”
Krystyn: “I can’t wait to feel how my body is crushing into pieces.”
Vivilly: “Well, it’s hard to say if it’ll do so… This magic is different than the one used in Sixamians’ portals.”
Vea: “Can’t we just meet The First? We can talk about portals the other time.”
Jou’heel: “Ah, impatient fox… That’s how I remembered you.”
, she looked at him with obvious hatred in her eyes. “But you’re right, you should meet The First as soon as possible.”

He drew strange signs in the air and it became thick in this very moment. It meant only one thing - portal activated.

I just want to make a disclaimer before I receive anymore disrespectful anon messages. A p*rn bot account has stolen my pictures, deleted my captions and replaced them with provocative language and a link to a website which I can only assume is chock full of viruses. There are many, many bots popping up that follow you and rip personal pictures from your tag and upload them for their own selfish gain. It is now more important than ever to block these any suspicious-looking accounts and do not interact with them. It honestly makes me ill to see this happen to so many people.

The use of my photo as above is not something I have consented to. Nor is it something I will ever consent to.

This is very upsetting to me, so I will do a better job blocking all p*rn bots I come across and I urge you to do the same!

Stay safe and alert, angels!

anonymous asked:

Hey do "soba" mean something? srry i'm curious

Soba is Japanese for noodles, specifically buckwheat or any thin noodle. Wikipedia link.

The general term for noodles is “men,” so you can see why no one uses that. I don’t know how trustworthy this is, but apparently: “soba (そば or 蕎麦) is the word most Japanese would say if you ask them how to say noodles.” Source.

And since we’re on the subject, udon and ramen are both types of noodles. The reason I didn’t name it Ramen is for similar reasons I didn’t name one of Hanzo’s Raiden like I kinda wanted to. It just brings to mind images of instant noodle packages (and cyborg ninjas). Udon is for thick noodles.

Soba also means stove in other languages. Isn’t language a blast? (Another fun fact: while Hana’s name means “one” in Korean, her nickname, basically means “two” in Russian.)

marvelhpaprendice  asked:

"Don't call me that" and "Could you be any louder?"

Note: No characters were listed so I’m just going to use Bucky x Reader. Also, I read a fanfiction a while ago that was about Bucky calling reader princess and she hated it so I’m going to use that as her nickname. I can’t remember the fic (I think it may have been called Princess or something) nor do I remember the author, but if I find the fic after writing this I’ll be sure to link the fic.

“You can do better than that, princess.” Bucky’s voice resonated throughout the gym in time with your grunts. You were training with Bucky and the bastard hadn’t even broken a sweat yet.

“Don’t call me that.” You spoke through gritted teeth. 

“I’ll stop calling you that when you can take me down.” He smirked at you, enjoying how annoyed you were getting.

“Fuck you, you son of a bitch.” You charged at him, determined to pin him to the ground.

Your back slammed against the mats and Bucky’s metal arm pinned your wrists above your head. His face was inches from yours and you gasped, he’d only been this close to you in your fantasies. You bit your lip as his eyes scanned your blushing face.

“Something wrong, princess?” He lowered his face, brushing his lips against yours. “You look a little flushed.” He knew what he was doing and you wanted to sock him in the jaw.

“I thought I told you not to call me that.” You retorted sassily.

“But why would I stop when we both know how wet it gets you?” He moved his knee between your legs, brushing it up against your cunt. You inhaled sharply at the contact and Bucky smirked.

“The fuck are you talking about?” You tried to deny your attraction to him.

“You’re soaking through your shorts, princess.” He planted a faint kiss on your lips, pulling away when you tried to deepen the kiss. “Tsk tsk, you deny how much you want me and then you try to kiss me? Make up your mind, princess.”

Bucky moved his knee against your cunt rhythmically, building friction against your clit. Your eyes fluttered shut at the feeling, grinding yourself against him in time with his movements; a moan escaped your lips when Bucky’s lips attached to your neck. You arched your back, pushing your body against him, craving more of him.

“You like that, princess? You like grinding against my knee?” He whispered in your ear and you nodded. He was breaking down the sarcastic walls you had built up to keep your feelings towards him out and there was nothing you could do.

Bucky chuckled and slithered his flesh hand down your body, slipping it underneath your shorts. He groaned when he was met with your dripping core, entertained at your lack of underwear. You were a moaning mess as he slid two fingers into your entrance, blushing at the sounds the action made.

“Lord, princess, could you be any louder?” He smirked against your neck as he curled his fingers against your wall. “Does it feel that good? Do my fingers fuck you that well? If you continue at this volume I’m not going to be able to get my cock inside of you without someone finding us.” You moaned at his words and he laughed. 

Your walls fluttered around his fingers and he knew you were close. He moved his mouth to yours and stifled your noises as you came around his fingers. You strained against his hand, wishing he’d free you so you could touch him. He licked his fingers clean as you caught your breath.

“Mr. Barnes and Miss (Y/L/N), Mr. Rogers has asked me to inform you that he and Miss Romanoff are going to need the gym in a few and he’s appreciate it if the two of you ‘got a room’.” FRIDAY’s voice echoed in the gym and Bucky chuckled.

“Let him know we’re heading out now.” Bucky picked you up bridal style and carried you out of the gym towards your room.

“Yes, sir.” FRIDAY cut off the gym lights and sprayed a decontaminate. 

Star Wars peoples, let’s address something that's been a problem in fandom.

Can anti-kyluxers stop being trash please? Or, at the very least since I know that’s unlikely, can you take a second to learn something: THE MEANING OF GENOCIDE AND NAZIS

GENOCIDE, and what Anti’s think it is: Hux using Starkiller on the Hosnian system, 5 planets full of diverse races/the cultures of those races. 5 planets that happened to be the heart of the republic, the ones on the opposite of his war that he, as a military general, is obligated to fight against in any manner he deems necessary.

GENOCIDE, and what it ACTUALLY is: “the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.“ Now, it mentions nation, so I can hear you attacking your keyboards already with “SEE?! SEE!? He IS genocidal!!!” and let me tell you to shut up and let me finish. Hux did not destroy the Hosnian system because they were Hosnian; read: because of their nation. He destroyed them because of their political alignment. You may find this hard to believe, but that is how war WORKS.

We are given no evidence that Hux gives a fuck what species anyone in the Hosnian system is. We ARE given evidence that he is doing EXACTLY what a military leader is expected to do: he targets his enemies in a calculated mesure to eliminate them, and therefore eliminating a threat to the First Order.

now onto Nazis, everyone’s favorite word for Hux. Even for the shippers (shame on you guys for spreading this, even in a joking manner)

NAZI, and what fandom thinks it is: Hux, for the reasons stated above.

NAZI, and what it actually means: “a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” It should be OBVIOUS that Hux is not a Nazi purely for the fact that there are No Jews in Starwars, but that’s apparently giving people too much credit. Hux isn’t a Nazi because they don’t exist in the star wars universe. Are there people who have targeted specific species in star wars? Probably, even if it isn’t explicity addressed. However, I can guarantee they are called something else because of how disrespectful it would be to all those that were killed by Nazis. So please, for the love of fuck, stop using this term. It is UNBELIEVABLY disrespectful. For the reason stated above, Hux isn’t a Nazi: he isn’t targeting people for their race/gender/orientation. He is, in fact, justified in what he did. What he did was HORRIBLE and WRONG (can some people not read? I didn’t say what he was doing was fine because he isn’t confirmed to be species/racist, but thank you for trying to say that I was (: ) yes, but he is fighting a war.


And if anyone wants to say I’m just a Nazi sympathizer, kindly fuck right off. You don’t know shit about my background concerning that shit, so don’t think you know anything about me just because you’re on High Horse Of Morality and All That Is Good and Right.

anonymous asked:

hi i was just wondering: what like program of photoshop do you use (illustrator or photoshop or what) because i got photoshop (like the whole package the Big Guy all of them) (because i do so many things it's wild lmao) but i can't figure out which program to use for art because i tried illustrator but i don't know if i'm doing something wrong or just using the wrong program or what and i jsut....... help me please (also i love you and your blog if u killed me i would say thank u)

Adobe Photoshop has to be my favorite of the Adobe software packages to use when drawing, Illustrator is something i use when i want PERFECT line art! But not sketching or drawing, maybe coloring, mostly just for line art and logo design. 

My tip for using photoshop is download, buy, and test out as many brushes as you can. Until you find the set you can’t live with out!

Also I have the cheapest version of Clip Studio Paint, it’s very similar to Photoshop, but meant for illustration, comics, and manga work! 

it comes with all sorts of templates, overlays, and shading tools.

- I hope this helps!!

anonymous asked:

I know you're trying to be extra careful with no spoilers, but I wouldn't mind a guess game of some sort like you did with those 15 things. Something to keep us so excited we won't sleep on Saturday (which happened to me before ch 13).

Please please please can you do a 15 things that might or might not happen kind of thing in the future from Viktor’s fic too, because that would be so much fun! It doesnt have to be that but I just mean anything similar to get us through the waiting period.

Sorry, I could do the ‘15 things that might happen in chapter 13′ post for last chapter because I was pretty sure that no-one was going to guess the big plot twist at the end despite what I said but for chapter 14 there’s too big a risk of spoilers so I’m keeping silent so as not to spoil it

pittysaurus  asked:

📝 for Nord :V

Nord - Our favorite ticket booth worker

No one really ever knew where he came from or what he even is.
Most people at the circus were all human at some point, often turned into who they are now by the bossman himself.

With Nord it’s a little different, an experiment really. Scrag just wanted to test what he can do with his powers.
Which apparentely involve creating something living from just a part from a soul, some teeth, black magic and candy.

Yes candy since i was actually inspired by a type of candy to make him hah

This candy to be particular and yes he does taste like it but please don’t lick him

Nord is basically semi solid candy that can float due to the magic he was created with. Since he’s so tiny he uses that to make himself appear taller and wears that long coat. Also to be all spooky and mysterious. And hide the belly mouth since it scares people.
That’s his mouth btw.Not some other entity with it’s own mind.

In the circus itself he just keeps to himself mainly and counts the money. He’s also damn good at his job

willichl2015  asked:

I swear I am so tired of these Caryl shippers, they constantly go on saying "Beth is dead," "Daryl and Carol's bond is still going strong!" "Caryl is canon," "half of the Bethyl ship is dead," Let me tell you something Caryl shippers, your ship has sunk a long time ago. Just because Beth is dead, that doesn't mean people can't ship Bethyl. It's their choice. Not theirs. Plus Daryl and Carol would've gotten together, they would've done it by now.

I know, hon, I know. Most of the shippers that try to tear down Beth and bethyl fans are doing it just to get a rise out of us. They aren’t all horrid, but some of them can be down right nasty. Most, I feel, are so insecure about their own ship that they feel the need to attack ours.

Admittedly, and quite obviously, Carol and Daryl have had far more interaction over the course of the show, but I think their reactions to each other compared to Daryl’s actions and reactions with Beth are drastically different and more potent. He behaves differently when he’s been with each woman, and his interactions with Carol have changed a lot, especially in the last season or two.

For example, you’ll notice he never hugged Carol before Beth showed him it was okay to open his heart and show his emotions. Now he’s given plenty of hugs, and not just to Carol, but none of them are anything more than friendly “I’m glad you’re okay” hugs. So when they rub it in our faces, that’s something to keep in mind. They’ll see what they want to, regardless of what we might point out to them.

My best advice is to just block and/or ignore them. Engaging them only adds fuel to the fire. Take care.

Hi guys. Sorry I’ve been kind of MIA on here lately- I’ve been going through some recurring health problems these past few months that have really been draining my energy and overall spirit. Tomorrow I’ll be going to the doctor’s office yet again, which is something that has become pretty normal for me lately (unfortunately).

It’s nothing life-threatening, just very uncomfortable/painful, and no matter what I/my doctor’s do, nothing seems to help. Not only that, but it’s pretty much zapping my quality of life and leaving me very anxious/depressed/drained. So please just send me a kind thought or prayer, if you can. I could really use all the help I can get right now 😞

anonymous asked:

Can it be our names? Can the name be made up? Can the name be half real and half fictional?

haha well the name should be accurate to the character - a white british eighteen-year-old boy. aside from that… go wild i guess! suggest what you want! but keep it reasonable lmao. i do have the right to say no to your suggestion if you suggest something that just wouldn’t work or was inappropriate. and the name should not be one i’ve used before, obviously haha

i did assume CLIC Sargent would include the full character description that i provided them, but they didn’t. so here’s what i gave them:

This character is a secondary character, though still has an important role in the novel. He is a white, British, eighteen-year-old boy. He is eager to appear cool and on-trend, and is overly friendly in an attempt to make connections with others, though this just makes him appear slightly fake, generic, and almost like he’s lying about something.

This character has formed a close online relationship with a girl named Juliet, and in the book, they meet in real life for the first time and become even closer… until things get complicated. The book’s first narrator, Angel, who is Juliet’s friend, doesn’t trust him and finds him annoying.

Every time I have to write out the plot of Myst IV: Revelation for something on the Archive, I get angry. Both the backstory and the stuff that happens during the game are so immensely, incredibly terrible:

Sirrus and Achenar want to use a magic Freaky Friday machine to possess their dad so they can pretend they’re him and convince all of the people in the Ages of Myst to do their bidding, despite that being wildly out of character to anyone who knows Atrus even a little bit. Then, 20 years later after that plan went tits-up, Sirrus has the genius idea to try it again, only this time, the 40-year-old man who easily pegs everyone’s sexy-creep-o-meter within 10 seconds of meeting him is going to pretend to be his 10-year-old sister, who he’s only known for a few cumulative hours, tops, so that he can trick his dad into teaching him The Art. And Atrus will never suspect a thing (okay, that part is at least remotely plausible, because Atrus is dense as a chunk of nara sometimes).

Who looks at that and thinks “yeah, that seems like a good enough idea to throw 5 million dollars at”?

anonymous asked:

antis: oh no someone jacked it to anime characters or a fictional ship or a drawing of a weird kink because it feels good to them and hurts no one, this will totally alter my life permanently and is now my problem even though it has nothing to do with me so now i have to go defend my fragile ideas of morality, psychology, and sexuality by telling this person they're gross and evil even though i have no right to and this wouldn't affect my life at all if i had just used X-Kit

antis: how dare you jack off to something that only resembles my abuse and not acknowledge that i think you condone that so i can make you look like a bad guy and feel validated for my hatred and obvious misinformed and closed-minded judging of others.

~ Mod Filth

crystalthedragonqueen  asked:

Wait so was Keith confined to a wheelchair for old age or something more sinister?? You can't just put a detail like that and not expect us to think the worst?? GAHH Why did you do this to me! (love your stories by the way


It’s because of old age. :’D Don’t worry. It’s not because something terrible happened or that he got into an accident. Time was Keith’s enemy.

And thank you! That last ask made me cry cause I’m a sap like that. T^T

I have now scrapped and rewritten this same chapter four times and am now debating a fifth do-over. (I keep the edits in a separate folder in case I want to use something from one of them.) I know what I want to happen, I can picture it all clearly in my mind and where I want it to go from here, but when I try to write it this chapter is fighting me every step of the freaking way. I’m so amazingly frustrated right now.