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Compared to other subjects, math is sometimes very daunting because most of the content isn’t memorization, it’s understanding and applying

Figure out what type of learner you are: this sometimes doesn’t seem very important, especially for math, but it’ll really help with understanding concepts. There are 4 types of learners: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and reading/writing. Focus your studying efforts on you type of learning and it will really help with the level of ease that you learn and study with

In class

Pay attention: should go without saying, but there’s really no way to learn easily if you don’t pay attention the first time the material is being taught to you. Engage yourself in class by asking questions and taking good notes. If your teacher allows it, recording your lessons can be helpful for auditory learners.

Take good notes: one of the best ways to engage yourself in class is to take good notes. In math you will always want to write in pencil (seriously, don’t do math in pen-whenever I try it takes 4 years off of my life). Trying to do your math notes in pen in class will just make it so much harder for you. Also, make sure to write down any practice problems your teacher does. Write out step by step instructions for the first few problems if you think you’ll forget the process.

At home

Make sure you understand: not understanding mathematical concepts is deadly, especially in higher level math classes. It’s not enough to be able to plug in numbers when told exactly how to do it, but you need to understand how you got to the solution. Learning this can be tricky, so you might need to go to a teacher or a tutor or a friend if you really can’t grasp it.

  • Memorize what you need to: this means formulas, proofs, laws, anything that you just need to know.
  • Make review sheets: I find doing this so helpful in understanding concepts. I just make a quick outline of the section with a brief rundown of how to solve each type of problem. I like to do this while looking at my textbook, but making review sheets from memory is a really great way to study. These can be as in depth as basically redoing your notes or as basic as something you jot down quickly on a notecard.

How to study: studying for math is actually not that hard compared to other subjects. To study, all you need to do is do practice problems (a lot of them). Your textbook probably provides a lot of extra problems (and hopefully a key with the answers) for you. Once you understand the concepts this is the only really useful way to study.

  • Note what you got wrong: after you’ve done some practice problems, write down every single thing you did wrong and why. It might seem like overkill but not only does it prevent you from making the same mistakes, it helps you understand why you made them. The goal is to have all the previous mistakes you made eliminated when you do more problems.

Study a little bit every day: this is the holy grail of math tips!!! Studying a little bit every day will relieve so much stress off your shoulders when it’s the day before a test and you don’t even know what it’s on. Do 15 minutes of problems a day and you will be so much stronger in math, I can almost guarantee. (This 15 minutes can be time spent doing math homework, you don’t always have to do extra!)

  • Keep practicing topics even after you move on: this is actually something I never do and I regret it every! single! time! The worst case scenario is that you completely forget something that you’ve learned before, which is decidedly not a good thing. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you by not stopping practicing something after you move on. because trust me: in math, nothing ever goes away for good.

Some more stuff

Know how to use your calculator: graphing calculators are truly a lifesaver. and knowing how to properly and efficiently use them will save so much time and stress. From not knowing how to do trig functions to incorrectly putting in scientific notation, not using a calculator correctly can also be a huge pain. Thant’s why it’s super important to know how to use it when you need to.

Look at online resources: if you don’t understand your teacher or you just need a bit of extra help quickly, looking online is your best bet. Some great math websites and apps are:

  • khan academy
  • ixl
  • art of problem solving
  • mit opencourseware:

Ask for help if you need it: going to your teacher for one-on-one help can be really helpful if you’re struggling. Tutors as well can be really beneficial when you’re having trouble. There’s no shame in having a tutor or getting extra help; do what you have to do to get the grade you want

Accidentally Touching Their Crotch

Kim Namjoon
Namjoon knew it was by accident but he couldn’t help but get hard. Your hand on his crotch for a split second was heaven. He would awkwardly laugh and shrug it off but deep down he really wanted you to do it again even if you were just his friend.

“Oh- Uh… *awkward laugh*”

Kim Seokjin
Seokjin wouldn’t think to much of it. You two were playing around and he knew it was an accident. He would probably be overdramatic about it telling you how much it hurt causing you to feel slightly bad.

“Ah Y/N, you’re so aggressive!”

Min Yoongi
I feel like he would playfully do something to you back. Maybe slap your ass a little too hard causing you to whine. He would probably get hard but also not make a big deal out of it considering you two was just goofing around.

“It’s your fault.”

Jung Hoseok
Hoseok would be awkward about it. He’d try to act like he didn’t feel anything so he didn’t make the tension weird. But by him adjusting himself and his nervous laughter, YA BOY KINDA LIKED IT.

“Ye- oh- uh-….”

Park Jimin
Jimin would try to be sexy by biting his lip but he would go back to being a cute mess 2.3 seconds later. He’d keep giggling not knowing how to control his emotions. You would kind of just give him a confused look while still smiling making him hide his face in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry Y/N….”

Kim Taehyung
Taehyung probably wouldn’t even notice it since you both were all over each other playfully­. If he were to notice it I think he would just do something like tickle you back not really having any sexual thoughts in mind at the time.

“You’re so silly.”

Jeon Jeongguk
I know for a fact he would get hard QUICK. He’s really sensitive down there so any sort of brush can honestly trigger it. He wouldn’t be able to really hide it since he always has on grey sweatpants. He would probably excuse himself to go handle his little big problem.

“I need to use the bathroom for a second..”

Always Been You - Richie Tozier x Reader

REQUEST: fuck idk if you write for IT that much but if you do could you write an imagine where richie is mean to the reader and she’s like “we used to be okay when we were young” and he’s like “that’s before you got fucking hot” or something. and if you don’t write for IT you can def do this as a mike wheeler imagine

NOTE: OKAY SO I actually had a fckn blast writing this so I pray that you love it as much as I do!!!!! It’s really long but its great I swear! And yes I do IT imagines too if requested!

WORD COUNT: 2448 (don’t let this number scare you!)

WARNING: just some swearing because well, its Richie Tozier we’re talking about here.

PLOT: Richie is secretly in love with you but he’s a dick at showing it.

Richie had been your best friend for as long as you could remember. It was the second day of kindergarten when he had approached you. You were sitting on the swings alone on the playground and he had just walked up and started talking about who knows what until the bell rang to head back inside. Ever since, Richie had continued to talk about anything and everything to anyone who would listen.

Over the years there were countless playdates, riding bikes around the neighbourhood until the streetlights came on, hiding in your backyard treehouse until your mom insisted it was time for Richie to go home and get some sleep. You two were inseparable, always by each other’s side. Eventually you welcomed new friends into your lives, a few other kids with no friends themselves, often called loners or freaks. After a while you started to call yourselves the losers club, a name that fit but in a good way.

Despite all the new friends, it was always you and Richie who would still be sitting around in your treehouse after everyone had gone home for dinner, just the two of you circling the neighbourhood on your bikes after everyone else’s legs were too tired and decided to leave. It was you who Richie always came to when his parents were gone again or his house was too loud or too quiet that he couldn’t he couldn’t stand it anymore. It was your window that he was crawling through late at night when he couldn’t sleep. It was always you.

Until for some reason, it wasn’t anymore.

“Hey Y/N, I’m hungry as hell, can you get us more snacks?” Eddie asked. The club was sitting around in your backyard not doing much other than talking about random stuff.

“Ya sure, Richie can you give me a hand?” You asked, standing up and heading to the backdoor.

“You’ve got two hands, try using them” Richie stated, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Um, okay then…” You mumbled.

Bev stood up. “I’ll help you out, Y/N!” The two of you went inside to the kitchen and rummaged around for some snacks.

“Do you think Eddie would want Tostitos or Ruffles?” Bev asked you, holding up one in each hand.

“Since when is Richie so rude?” You blurted out, bothered by Richie’s tone outside.

Bev shrugged. “Richie’s always been rude, have you not heard that trash mouth of his?”

“Okay, yeah he’s always been rude but he hasn’t always been rude to me” you responded.

Bev poured the chips into a bowl. “I don’t know, Y/N. Boys are just dumb, I guess.”

“Then why are we friends with so many?” You asked back jokingly.

Bev laughed picking up the snacks she had prepared and turned towards the door.

Back outside, Eddie and Richie were telling some elaborate story about some crazy event that apparently happened last weekend.

“And then that asswipe came out of nowhere! Practically launching themselves over the bushes!” Eddie exclaimed, acting it out as he spoke.

“And so obviously that piece of shit fucker had it coming when I decked him in the face he started weeping like the cry baby his is! And that’s why those two weren’t at school on Monday.” Richie finished explaining.

You set the snacks down on the ground in front of everyone. “No, it wasn’t,” you added, “Jimmy wasn’t at school on Monday because his sister was in the hospital, Mr. Roberts said it himself during first period.” You explained.

“Shut the fuck up, Y/N. As if you would know!” Richie spat back.

You had no idea why Richie was being like this. Sure, he always had a foul tongue but you were never at the other end of it. The afternoon went on and soon one by one everyone had headed off back home until it was just you and Richie left alone like always.

“What’s up with you today?’ You asked. “You seem off.”

“I’m fine” Richie snapped.

Your face held a frown. “Are things bad at home again?” You asked gently.

“I said everything is fine, Y/N. Back off” he said, picking up his bike off of the grass. “I’ll see you later.” And with that, Richie was pedalling away, far out of reach.

Now it was just you, left alone. A feeling you hadn’t truly felt before.

As the weeks went on, school came to an end and summer vacation had finally arrived. Things were still weird between you and Richie. You hardly spent any time alone anymore and you couldn’t help but wonder if everything was okay for him. The club was always hanging out together trying new activities other than the regular sitting around in your backyard.

Today’s activity was going to the quarry to swim and jump off the rocks. You guys hadn’t been to the quarry for the last two summers so you were excited to go back again.

Everyone had ridden their bikes and once you had reached the quarry, you all hopped off and let your bikes fall to the ground without a care.

Closer to the edge, Bev was the first one to take of her clothes, ready to jump in. “Are you all just going to stand there or are you going to go swimming?” She asked as she made a run for the edge and jumped off into the water below.

You ran to the edge and looked down at Bev in the water as she resurfaced. “How cold is it?” You yelled down.

“Not cold at all!” Bev replied.

You took a few steps back and started to take off your clothes, first your shirt than your shorts.

“Holy fuck” Richie gasped, just loud enough for you to hear.

You looked up to see him staring right at you. “What’s wrong?” You asked looking down at your body. “Does my swim suit not match?” You said confused.

Richie blushed and quickly looked away. “Nothing. I didn’t say anything.” He insisted. He threw off his shirt as fast as he could before running to the edge and jumping off.

You waited a few seconds before following him into the water. You hit the water, the height being just enough to make it splash sting before resurfacing. You looked back up at the cliff and watched as Eddie and Bill jumped off together.

All of a sudden the water started splashing around Eddie and you could hear him crying out. “My shorts! My shorts!” he said as he hit around the water.

“Shut the fuck up!” Richie yelled from beside you.

“I can’t find my shorts!” Eddie cried again. Everyone began laughing and you could see Bill reaching out in the water in front of him, picking up Eddie’s shorts and waving them in the air.

“Oh, you m-mean these?” Bill asked joking around. He quickly swam away from Eddie and the smaller boy yelled out after him to give them back.

Everyone was having a fun time in the water, swimming around and enjoying themselves. Eventually Mike had an idea to play chicken. You chose to be a spectator at first, watching as Bill was on Mike’s shoulders and Bev on Stan’s. You, Eddie, Ben, and Richie cheered them on, you rooting for Bev. You could hear Richie yelling for Bev to ‘beat that son of a bitch’ from beside you.

Ultimately after a few minutes, Bev had managed to knock Bill off of Mike and into the water. You volunteered to go next as you climbed onto Bev’s shoulders. Richie decided that he would fight you and chose Mike as his base. Eddie counted down, yelling ‘fight!’ as loud as he could.

Bev brought you close to Richie and you reached your arms out as he tried to knock you down. Minutes passed and you were sure that you were going to win until Richie practically punched you in the neck, shoving you off of Bev and into the water.

Your resurfaced as fast as you could, rubbing your nect where you had been hit. “What the fuck, Richie?” you yelled.

“What? I knocked you off fair and square!” Richie said back, confused as to why you were mad.

“You didn’t have to fucking punch me in the throat!” You exclaimed. You could hear everyone around you go silent. Now you were the one with the trash mouth. “What the hell is wrong with you lately?” You yelled as you started to swim away, wanting to get out of the water. “I can’t fucking breathe.”

You made your way to the rocks and climbed your way out of the water and back up to your clothes. Back in the water, everyone was running their mouths at Richie.

“What the heck happened?” Bev asked, confused as ever.

Richie closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “I didn’t mean to punch her, I swear.” He said. “She ducked down as I was about to push her chest, I swear! I would never hurt her like that on purpose!” Richie claimed.

“Well, I think you already have…” Eddie said solemnly.

Richie sighed, knowing that he had fucked things up with you. “I’ll go now.” He said before turning to swim to the rocks where you had just climbed out.

You had wrapped yourself in your towel and sat down on a nearby log trying to steady your breathing when you heard the bushes start to rustle. Richie appeared from behind them, water dripping from his hair onto his body. He picked up his bag and pulled out his towel, wrapping it around himself before approaching you.

“Can we talk for a minute?” He asked as he stood in front of you.

You rolled your eyes and ignored him.

“I’ll take that as a yes” he said and sat down next to you on the log. “I’m really sorry, Y/N, I really am. I would never mean to hurt you like that. I had got caught up in the moment and acted too fast, I would never hurt you intentionally.” Richie pleaded.

You turned to face him and crossed your arms across your chest. “Okay so you didn’t mean to hurt me physically but you meant to hurt me emotionally all those other times though?” You asked with a biting tone.

Richie scrunched up his face in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“You’ve been nothing but shit to me for the past month, Richie!” You exclaimed. “You snap at me, you’ve been rude to me when I’ve done nothing wrong to you, and you won’t shut that goddamn trash mouth of yours ever!”

Richie sat there, knowing exactly what you meant and looked down away from you not saying anything.

“You basically won’t talk to me anymore and act like you hate me!” You added. “I miss the way things used to be. We used to be okay when we were young. Better than okay. We used to be great when we were young.” You sighed.

Richie was playing with the corner of his towel. “Yeah that was before you got hot.” He chuffed under his breath.

“What?” you asked.

“You’re fucking hot okay?” Richie blurted. “We used to be great but then you grew up and look so fucking good now and I don’t know to act around you anymore, okay?!” He practically shouted.

Your jaw dropped open. “You think I’m hot?” You asked him, confused as ever.

Richie looked away and into the woods. “Nah, you’re better than hot, you’re beautiful.” He said. “But I’m an idiot who has been such an asshole to you lately so I don’t blame you if you hate me for the rest of eternity or whatever.”

You placed your hand on Richie’s leg, making him turn to look at you. “I don’t hate you, okay?”

“You don’t?” Richie asked with a frown on his face.

“You’re my best friend, I could never hate you. So, yeah you’ve been a real douche the past few weeks but I’ll forgive you if you just admit that you’re in love with me and you’ll never be a douche again.” You said with a smile.

Richie scoffed. “I am not in love with you!” He blushed, trying to play it cool.

“Okay fine, you’re not forgiven then” you joked.

“Okay, okay, okay!” Richie pleaded. “I’ll only say I’m in love with you if you admit that you’ve always been in love with me!” He conditioned with a smirk.

“I have not been in love with you!” You insisted, knowing that you weren’t telling the truth.

“Come one, Y/N. How could you not be in love with all of this?” Richie smirked gesturing to his whole body.

“Shut up!” You laughed, your face turning a bright pink.

“Just admit you love me back, Y/N! You love me! You love Richie Tozier!” He sing songed.

“Okay, fine!” You exclaimed. “I’m in love with Richie Tozier, always have been.” You admitted.

“I knew it!” Richie shouted, jumping up with joy. “I love Y/N L/N and she loves me back!” He shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Shut the fuck up!” You heard Eddie yell from down below, still in the water.

You both laughed with each other. “See, I miss this. I miss being this way with each other” You said.

Richie sat back down beside you. “I miss it too. I promise that it won’t go away again, okay?” he said.

“Okay.” You said with a smile. Richie reached for your hand and held it in his.

“I really want to kiss you right now.” He whispered just loud enough for you to hear.

“I really want you to kiss me” You whispered back. Within a second Richie had put his lips on yours kissing you with such a passion that you could tell had been building up for a long time. After a moment, you two pulled apart and rested your foreheads against each other. You couldn’t help but smile really big.

“Get a fucking room!” Eddie shouted from the water below.

“You know what would be great?” You asked Richie.

“If we went back down there and annoyed the fuck out of Eddie?” Richie answered.

“Exactly.” You answered. You stood up and threw your towel down and Richie followed suit. You grabbed his hand standing back from the edge. You both looked at each other and nodded silently before running towards the edge and jumping off into the water below.

As soon as you resurfaced from the water, you could already see Richie splashing and attacking Eddie as the smaller boy laughed. Things were back to how they used to be. Actually, they were even better than before.

18K - Thank You!

What even? I hit 17k only a few weeks back and now I’m at 18k? I’m gonna go sob. 

Originally posted by bangtanseonyeontrash

I know I make a post for every milestone I hit and it may seem meaningless but it’s really not, I just want to say thank you because I really am thankful for every single one of you.

Seeing this blog grow over the year has made me really happy, like even after taking a break and coming black everyone was still so supportive when I returned? 

Thank you for that!

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Roy: You’ll probably just file it away so you can use it against me later.
Georgina: Roy, come on. That’s something that you’d do.
Roy: I’m offended. I don’t do shit like that.
Georgina: Really? So why did you read my diary?

She can feel the familiar heat pulsing through her blood, her cheeks tingling with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. She digs her nails into her palm.

Roy: Simple. I read it because I don’t like people I’m close to keeping secrets from me. It annoys the crap out of me. I like to know everything. That’s just how I roll.
Georgina: Did it ever occur to you that it’s not your God given right to know everybody’s secrets? That people have a right to privacy?
Roy: No. 
Georgina: Unbelievable. Roy, your sense of entitlement is just…it’s mind-blowing.

Roy raises one shoulder in a shrug.

Roy: That’s the reason I didn’t tell Joël you were going to be at the barbecue. So I could find out once and for all by his reaction whether you two had done the deed. Poor Joël, he’s an open book. The second he saw you he started shitting bricks, wondering if Anita suspected anything. Even if she hadn’t initially, one look at his face would have told her. Man, he may as well have had a flashing neon light on his forehead. You better sleep with one eye open, Georgie. Just saying.

A smile skims across Roy’s face as he manoeuvres the Ferrari around a sharp bend. Georgina flicks her head back.

Georgina: You know, it’s kind of creepy, your obsession with Joël and me.
Roy: Don’t worry. Now I know the truth, I’m over it. I’ve already moved on. Probably can’t say the same for Anita, though-

Georgina looks at the gash on Roy’s face then quickly averts her eyes.  

Georgina: So. Tell me. The truth about your marriage.

Roy arches one eyebrow and gives a theatrically loud sigh .

Roy: Okay sis, you asked for it. But I hope your seat-belt’s on tight, because this is about to turn into one hell of a crazy ride.

I’m trying to get back in the drawing groove by revamping some of my headcanons. In hindsight starting with my fav boy might not have been the smartest choice because I’m already so attached to my current facecanon haha. It was a fun though, so I wanna do something similar with a few of the other reds, too!

I also learned some stuff about painting skin that I need more practice at and blending in Photoshop which I’m totally gonna use forever. Pro tip: Edit the brush settings on the smudge tool, and you can get it to work like the blend tool on paint tool SAI. It’s awesome and totally easy to do, so give it a try!

INFJ Pet Peeves, According to You Guys:

“‘I can’t hear her’ whenever I am made to say something in front of my class.” ~@hufflepunkswearflowercrownstoo

“HOVERING” ~@decafcosmiclatte

“That slightly offended/annoyed look my friends get on their face when I don’t want to hang out that makes me feel slightly guilty but 🤷🏾‍♀️“ ~@neurodivergentblackgirl

“When someone says they’ve figured me out, that they know all there is to know about me… um NO U DON’T!That’s like the number 1 way to piss me off, I haven’t even fully figured myself out yet!!!!! - infj 💛” ~@jukedz

“•when people talk over me •when i’m talking and the other person doesn’t make eye contact with me/is on their phone as i’m talking. •when someone invades my personal bubble •when someone touches my hair •i can’t stand people who are so touchy feely. like get the fuck off me. i hate hugs. i hate any physical contact with people i don’t feel close/attached to •when my body is v v tired but doesn’t allow me to sleep •when i confide in someone and they go tell someone else” ~@minmoonyoongi

“Loud people who talk over me and don’t listen. Like I barely talk anyways, but when I do you’re just being loud and obnoxious and I don’t get to speak 😑” ~@anxiouslydepressedintrovert

“When I’m doing something in a different way than someone wants and they tell me I’m wrong even though the results are accurate (like using a simplified formula, but since its not the cookie cutter formula, I’m somehow incorrect)” ~@the-one-true-nugget

“When my shoes get wet on a rainy day, and I can feel the wetness in the socks and shoes. So gross.” ~@sandylzy

“When im talking about a really personal topic i like and people pretend that they’re intrested and respond with ‘aha..yeah..ok..’” ~@sharkdrugs

“When I describe Myers Briggs to someone and explain my type(s) and they say, ‘yeah no offense, but I could tell you’re an extrovert.’” ~@intx-t

“When parents/friends/family force you to go out when you don’t want to.” ~@theshirkitten

“When someone continually engages me in conversation when I’m clearly occupied doing something. Like, I’d love to listen to what they have to say, just not when I’m off in my own thoughts.” ~@infp-introvert-things

“Just unnecessary small talk at like anytime (more specifically when I know I won’t ever see that person again like in the elevator or on the bus).” ~@witchysmallbattery

“Being talked over and seen as insignificant because I don’t constantly talk.” ~@kitisafirmspring

“When you wear headphones to prevent strangers from making small talk with you, and they STILL try to talk to you.” ~@tisinfj

“FREAKING SMALL TALK. Seriously tho, guys. If I have to awkwardly backflip my way through another unnecessary conversation this week, I’m moving to a remote forest somewhere in China and never coming back.” @mirkwoodminstrel

“Infj - when someone interrups me when I’m talking and starts talking instead of me. I’m like: ‘But I haven’t said what I wanted to say yet.’ 😕😐😔” @mypagethoughts

“The classic ‘why don’t you go talk to people?’ or ‘why are you so antisocial?’. This is literally one of my biggest pet peeves ever as an introvert, because I don’t choose to be like this, I just am 😑” ~@fangirl-alsomaybeahipster

“Being dependent on help from other people.” ~@screaming-possum 

“So comfortable around this one person that I seem to welcome everyone. So they start talking to me all at once and I’m just like… Nope… Standing there like a robot until they’re gone and I can be comfy again with this one human.“ ~@fraeulein-eszett 

“When people ask ‘how are you?’ and then get confused when I stop, think, and give a real answer. I hate small talk. Don’t ask a question if you don’t want a real response.” ~@secularsociety 

“When I have my headphones in my ears and someone decides to start a meaningless conversation.” ~@idontfeelathome

“When you are going out with a friend and a stranger occupies them, so you awkwardly stand silent besides them.” ~@holyshitthatsabigdick

“Participation grades in school. Jfc” ~@legenderi-esque  

“When there’s a silence and someone has to say: well, this is awkward” @username020

anonymous asked:

I’m not sure if you’ve answered this before but I was curious about the science witch part of your bio. Do you mind explaining that?

Hope you don’t mind if I copy and paste from my previous posts.

In my limited experience, science witches blend empirically proven physical correspondences with metaphysical properties that we believe to be on the edge of proof. We do not have hard evidence, but we have enough compelling evidence that we can take a leap of faith and believe there is more to something than what science has confirmed to date. We also apply the scientific method to magic, so forming hypotheses, documenting results, analyzing those results are all very important. Another thing is that a lot of us believe in the power of the placebo effect. It may not be that any one thing directly causes a result, but there have been many studies showing people who simply believed their placebo (such as a sugar pill rather than actual medicine) was going to cause a certain effect actually experienced that effect. Willpower has been proven to heal, to an extent, and we try to harness that. In a way, we’re like most witches, but we just take it a step further in trying to incorporate our love of science. I, personally, like to distill my water and rose water and make herbal extracts and I’m working on distilling essential oils using my home lab equipment. I have smelted copper metal from copper carbonate that I intend to use in transformation rituals. I’m working on electroplating copper onto pendulums and pendants I soldered to help conduct energies (copper is a good electrical conductor and I like using symbolism). I believe quartz is good for transforming energies from one type to another in the way that they convert internal physical stresses into piezoelectricity. To me, science is just magic that’s been explained. Magic is science where we maybe haven’t identified the mechanism of action yet.

I’m lactose intolerant but this is really fucking cheesy…

Okay so in America it’s thanksgiving today & I’m gonna use that as an excuse to shower some amazing people with the love they deserve okay. (Also please don’t think like “oh I’m last on the list I’m the least fave..” Or something because I’m deadass doing this at random)


@ssamdominic : so you may or may not know this but you follow me on one of my other blogs scandalous and as I was deciding if I should leave or not you sent in a requst / really nice ass message for me and you are the reason I didn’t leave that blog. You are the reason I still create content even when I doubt myself… I am forever grateful for you and I will always support you because you have always supported me. You seriously are such a sweetheart I can’t even put into words my love for you.

@8bityeol : god you are fucking great.. I love you so much OML you’re just great. Your content is high fucking quality. I always read your stories when I need to distract myself from life I always can rely on your work to make my life better. you’re also the biggest Angel ever. I mean seriously how are you so sweet? I just

@wonpillily : thank you for always letting me send you pics to increase your heart rate. I love that we share such beautiful content with each other and can fangirl together. I forever cherish you!! Not to mention the fact your humor is fucking priceless..

@brownpigment : even when we go months without talking we always can just come back and pick up like we’ve been talking non-stop. I mean you’re one of those people who it’s so easy to connect with and it’s such an honor to talk to you. And ugh your works are something I always look forward too. You can’t help but love them.

@forvictorymyeverything : don’t even get me started. You seriously are my fave. I just i have no words. I love everything you do. I love your existence. I always feel so honored whenever you tag me (even when it’s on fucking biases) I just i feel like we’re in two different classes (you obviously being high class) and then you’re just like ‘let me *an angel tag this peasent (that is I) because I’m deadass just great and I love making peasants feel valuable’

@ludeere : literally as I’m typing this you’re sending me the nicest messages and I’m sobbing you’re an amazing writer please never give up on that. You seriously are so talented and pure and I just I’m really sorry I never came across your blog sooner because I’ve been missing out. You seriously just wow.. Your works blow me away & yeah I’m already an emotional wreck but holy shit they make me so emotional I just can’t function.. Like?! I literally read the Simon as your bf one and was full out ugly crying and that was a cute scenario like don’t get me started on the angst.

@day6ibnida : HOLY SHIT you’re SO TALENTED LIKE YOU LITERALLY DRAW SO BEAUTIFULLY AND I CAN’T HANDLE IT. We haven’t talked in a while because we’ve both been so busy.. I hope you’re taking good care of yourself.. Honestly I hope you decide to sell your art someday so I can buy it. Because I need that in my life. I want your drawings tattooed on me. Like they’re so great. I can’t wait to talk to you and catch up on everything..

@tinytaehyun : you believed in me when so many others didn’t. You gave me a chance when others were against it. You push me to go out of my comfort zone as a writer and I can never thank you enough for that. You don’t know how much our conversations mean to me. My whole day is made when I see you’ve responded. Time zones fucking suck but I’d stay up all night to hear about how things are going. I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve gone through and over come. #proudmom

@mybrainsamess : I haven’t really known you too long. But I am so glad I met you. Honestly you have brightened my week since I met you. I am extremely excited to get to know you even more.. you’re far too good for this work and I hope that you always have a smile on your face. (Also I just realized your url I thought it was like ‘my brain Sam ess’ and I’m just over here like is that forgien or something?)

@thecoolmrsokamura15 my lovely Peach 🍑 I am so very sorry at how bad I am at responding to you. You deserve better. I will try harder to respond to you and not be a shitty friend… but I am so thankful for you. You we’re the first kpop friend I made that made me feel welcomed… I felt accepted and that I could be honest and not be be judged. You made me feel like I belong.. i can’t thank you enough.

@soul-less23 : where do I even start with you?! You are absolutely stunning, your work puts me to tears it’s so beautiful. you’re such a kind soul. I don’t know how but you’ve helped me get over my anxiety with driving. You are seriously such an Angel I don’t even have words. Minus the fact we have a conversation about dead cats rn

Y'all literally mean the world to me and I love you so much. Like all of you are just the best. I’m so lucky to have met you.

Also I want to thank a few people who I’ve noticed in my notifs a lot lately.

@pendulumandthepoet , @foodie-for-life , @thatartsyfreak , @akr2001 , @brownskinnedbeautie I want to thank you all for the constant love and support you give my blog. I hope you know that just because I don’t know you doesn’t mean I don’t notice you and care for you. I look forward to what my future brings thanks to you, I feel like I could update paint drying and you would still support my page. Please stay healthy and happy.

The government claims they’re for the people but when the majority of us Americans are in favor of net neutrality you guys don’t wanna be for the people, but for yourself😤the U.S. government is corrupted and this is when we as a society need to come together as one. We can’t agree on a lot of things but this is something just about all of us can agree on. The students who take online courses—what are they now gonna do? College is expensive enough without having to pay for extra shit. I’m being so honest when I say that the only reason I know about half of the worlds issues—IS BECAUSE OF THE INTERNET. If you will for one second reflect on how society is and all the issues it has—then this will seem like a big deal. Without the internet, some people won’t be able to voice their opinions, they won’t be able to get in touch with others. When a terrorist attack happens, social media is the first to let me know, because it’s sure as hell not gonna be trumps stupid ass—he has twitter fingers all day but when a national crisis is going on—the bitch is silent.

anonymous asked:

Okay so about the anon who's afraid they may selfharm: if you feel like you're going to, try finding a texture that you like and just playing with it to distract yourself. If you haven't showered recently, take a hot or cold shower, maybe eat some warm soup, or draw on yourself with markers or pens. (If you do the last part, using salt + soap helps remove the ink faster.) And remember that you're not alone. I started struggling with self harm recently and it sucks because it's hard to stop.

But, the thing is that self harming can be an addiction just like smoking or drinking, and it’s hard to quit, so every day you resist the urge or fight your depression is wonderful and something to be proud of, and if you relapse, it’s okay, because sometimes a relapse is part of the healing process. Just remember that there are things, small things, big things, and things that aren’t important to anyone else, and they are all worth living for.

Oh gosh that anon was a day or so ago, sorry i’m just posting this now, so I hope they still might see this. I think I know which anon you’re talking about but I’m not sure. 

gelanomaster  asked:

Recently I had a buzz cut and thanks to that I feel oh so relieved in every way- sensory way, gender issues and executive dysfunction related to hair. But by cutting them that short (like a cm long) I can’t stim like I do normally, I tend to grab my hair at the scalp and pull when something bad happens and it’s the only stim I can do in public as I can pretend to hold my head etc. Do you have any replacement stim idea ? Thanks !

Tugging on your earlobe might be a viable substitute because it’s a similar type of motion and might be perceived as just a variation on holding your head.

Followers, any other ideas?


I have the same problem anon! I used to pull on my hair to calm down but now I shave my head to 1/8” so that doesn’t work so well.

Typically, I rub my hands over my head (sometimes with a lot of pressure) as a replacement but that’s a bit more odd looking. I just tried the earlobe thing and it felt so good. I think I just found a new stim! (Thanks Liz!)


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so we don't really know how exactly asra and the apprentice met so what if they met at a previous masquerade a la romeo and juliet (1996) and yeah ... or ya know maybe just simple "oh wassa wassa i wanna learn magic can u teach me" "sure." lmao anyways how do you think they met?

asra was homeless and telling fortunes in a little tent in the marketplace and they became friends that way. i think they hinted at something along those lines in the story?? like i know asra was homeless/traveling for a little while when he met the mc. and i think it was mentioned he used to tell fortunes from a tent or something like that.

sustisama  asked:

I don't know if you've seen "Drive-Thru", but if you haven't--it's about a dead mascot clown of a fast food establishment out for revenge against a group of young adults who had wronged him when he was still alive. Perhaps a similar scenario where it was Bobbie (the Clown mascot, Pennywise) who died & is haunting all of Derry. He targets the reader because her dad used to bully him. However, she is able to help his soul find peace (and love). Hcs please?

My new goal is to watch that because it sounds very interesting! I tried reading something about it, so I apologize if these aren’t that good,especially because I kind of added my own twist to this. Please do request some more if you’re not fully satisfied with this!

(Can we make this a new AU plz)

  • You start realizing that some of your friends start to die and you grow worried when you feel that you are being watched wherever you go
  • Eventually you learn about Pennywise the Clown and how he is the one terrorizing not just your group of friends, but Derry as a whole. And from what you can tell, you’re most likely his next target
  • You tell your dad about it and he initially shrugs it off until there comes a day in which you are nearly killed, so he tells you of the mascot’s origins
  • Days go by as you’re a bit paranoid about the clown, but you realize that you’re no longer its victim, especially because others have been attacked before you 
  • At the same time, you learn that there isn’t much of a reason to fear the clown for he was only seeking to avenge himself for the doings of others, which unfortunately included your father.
  • With this, it all becomes clear that the clown has actually kept his eye on you and only you which brings confusion. You can tell that he has a certain interest in you, but you’re not quite sure what it is.
  • One day you’re walking through the streets and you unknowingly come across a sewer drain where the clown is hiding, waiting for you to pass by before grabbing your ankle and pulling you down with him.
  • Once you’re down with him, you struggle to get out of his grip before he throws you over his shoulder and walks through the tunnels with a dark chuckle until he eventually reaches what appears to be a lair
  • He throws you down onto a mattress and holds a knife/meat cleaver which far too close to you, practically threatening to hurt you
  • “Well little doll, you’re a pretty interesting one. I’m not gonna hurt ya,I’m just gonna hurt your daddy in a way he won’t expect.”
  • Let’s just say that from there on, Pennywise is going to want to keep you in the sewers because
    • it’s a way of hurting your dad, having his daughter missing and at the hands of a guy he bullied years ago
    • and because Pennywise really does have a special interest in you that does not involve killing you. He never expected to be slightly infatuated with the daughter of one of his former tormentors.
  • He’s going to be very controlling and won’t let you do very much, and attempting to leave while he’s out killing will not end well.
  • Pennywise is not going to be very welcoming nor caring, but he’s going to have his ways of showing you that you’re his “guest”:those probably including bringing you stolen food from his former job, accessories from his victims,etc.

So as Thanksgiving winds to a close here for me, I just want to say that I’m truly thankful for all of you guys!

In the short time that I started this blog, I have gotten nothing but love and positive responses from all who read and enjoy my work and I feel VERY grateful to be able to use what little I can do to bring a smile, a tear, SOMETHING to you all. I’m literally so astounded. Even now, I’m having such a hard time believing that anyone reads the crap I put out lol…

But I’m thankful for all of it. I hope I can continue to make you guys happy or entertained, even if it means writing scenarios where y’all get dicked down by potato boys. I do it for y’all and I’m enjoying it lol

Happy Thanksgiving ☺️💖

Happy Thanksgiving! Since it’s a holiday of gratitude, I wanted to share all the thanks I have for my system. We survived so so much together and I couldn’t have made it to where I am today (alive, with a wonderful business, girlfriend, and friends) without them all. 

Bael, thank you so much for your strength. You always step in when I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, emotional, or scared and I can’t do something I have to. Maybe it’s concealing emotions or handling something intensely painful, but you’re always willing to help out. Your self-sacrifice is really noble and I’m truly grateful for it–especially now that I know you listen to your own limits too. I feel like you always have my back, not just as a protector but also as a wonderful friend. 

Sion, I sincerely appreciate how unique you are as a person. You’re so different from the rest of us and I love it. You bring such a calm, steady energy to our system and your mental strength is unparalleled. I know you sometimes feel weak and overwhelmed and that it’s tough for you to experience this, but you’ve done so well to learn how to handle it in constructive and healing ways. I’m really proud of you. I know you have stepped in to do some things no one else could and, although I don’t know much of your trauma story, I’m grateful for all you helped us with. Thank you for watching over all of us. 

Little Arien, thank you for the bright light you bring into my life. You are the sweetest, silliest, most creative person I know and your charm is so exciting. You’re unbelievable friendly and compassionate. Also, you say the cutest things! The way your mind works is such a charm and, honestly, you’re my favorite little kid in the whole world. I love having you in my life–from your shyness when meeting new people, to snuggling your stuffed bear Anthony every night, to random comments throughout the day. (And, btw, I’m sure Halo is grateful for you too! That pup loves you hehe.)

Ava, I’m so grateful for your softness. You are the most gentle energy and, although I have yet to get to know you very well, you’re a beautiful part of this system. I’m grateful for even how reserved you are, taking the time to sit safely within our internal world. We’ll keep you safe and, when you feel like coming forward, know that we all have your back. 

If any other DID/DDNOS systems want to do this gratitude challenge, I’ll reblog the posts you make as long as you tag me! Let’s build beautiful gratitude for our dissociative multiplicity. 

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hey void, i came out to my family as genderfluid today but they think it's part of being a 20-something and discovering yourself instead of a real gender identity. they're willing to use my name but not my pronouns (except my mother; she's going to try) and it really hurts to be brushed off like that. do you have anything to offer opinion-wise?

I’m sorry you didn’t receive such a good response from coming out, I know that brush-off can really hurt. Especially from loved ones and close family. 

I find it so silly that people are so quick to shrug off gender identities, or anything at all that comes down to our identity and expression, as a phase or as some sort of identity crisis. They act like it’s a bad thing to try to discover yourself. It is a real gender identity but it also IS part of discovering yourself, because in a binary world where we are only initially given the option of “boy” or “girl”, it does require learning about and discovering yourself in order to realize your gender does not fall into one of those two rigid categories. If you have a decent relationship with them and can have a conversation about it, I’d suggest trying to relate it to something they’re familiar with personally. Perhaps another aspect of their identity. Or remind them how their own gender identities are important to them too just as yours is, because most cis people don’t think about it at all since their identities are normalized but nobody likes to be misidentified and disrespected. 

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writer anon again!!! how did you insert a link to your masterlist in your blog description?? (PS: is it obvious i'm new at this whole writing blog thing)

It’s okay to be new! To add mobile links to your description, you need to use HTML code:

<a href=“http://LINK”>NAME OF LINK</a>

In the settings where you Edit Theme, you will insert this code in the “Description” block. You should do this from a computer.

Some tips: 

  • I recommend modifying web address so they start with “http” instead of “https”. On a computer, the address will automatically change back to “https” because Tumblr is secure, but on mobile devices an “https” hyperlink can get stuck and have issues traveling. I don’t know why, but it’s something I’ve noticed over time.
  • If you want to move your links down to a new line, add <br> after it. 
  • Setting up links can be time-intensive depending on how many you have, so I recommend saving your HTML code in another location so you can copy and paste in the future as you update your hyperlinks.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Every time you change your mobile theme or icon, all of your links will be disabled and it will go back to being text only. When this happens, you’ll have to repeat the process to fix your links.

Hope this helps!

im sorry but i have no straight explanation for “deep fears that the world would divide us”