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Look I’m just gonna put this out there….

I know there are a lot of mixed feelings and opinions about this JJ Project comeback and Jackson doing solo activities in China. To be very honest, now that I’ve calmed down, it has made me anxious too. Though in the end GOT7 asked us to trust them, they were preparing us for this. Yes, some of you may not agree with this, but as a fandom we really have to put our trust in them during this time. Please do not let all of this divide us. If I’m not mistaken, this is only for the summer so we’ll see them as “7″ in a few months. So until then we really got to stick together and support them. This is a change for them. Change can be a good thing and I believe GOT7 needs time to do something like this. They wouldn’t be doing this if they didn’t think so.

So to sum it up, trust got7 because they are trusting us right now. This is really gonna be a test of loyalty for the fandom as we are seeing a change for now. So we have to stay together and support them! Also honestly, y’all really think they have those friendship necklaces for nothing? In the end it’s “7 OR NEVER”.

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I do not have a simblr so I can't ask o your other blog. But I have a question. Your two toned eyes don't work? Is there something you have to do with them?

Make sure that the package is in your mods folder. Then when you go into CAS you will want to start off picking your sims main eye color. 

The main eye color will be the color on the left side (your right) of the eye. You will need to use a default or non default eye color for this one. While the two toned eyes work with any kind of eye, they match with my eyes.

Then go into facepaint under makeup and that is where the two toned eyes are. You can find them by the thumbnail of an eye with color on the (your) left side and gray on the right. The thumbnails on my computer are acting up so you may need to double check what’s in your catalog. Choose the color you want on the (your) left side of the eye and it should look like this. If you’re still having problems, please let me know!

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about I uploaded a new form of two toned eyes earlier today. 

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Is it not acceptable to save a fic just for yourself if the fic is going to be deleted? I'm in another fandom and there's so much fanfiction from 2006 to now. but the thing is that there are so many on lj that we are always encouraged by our own version of this blog to download our favorite fics just in case the accounts get purged as so many of them do. I thought that's what everyone did? The only fandom I've been in is that one and this one and now I'm like shit is that not allowed?

We’ve answered something similar to this in the past, but I can’t locate the post at the moment. 

Most authors these days use sites like “Archiveofourown” where each content creater is aware of the “download” button at the top, which gives readers permission to download a copy of the fic so they can keep it and not lose it.

I personally have been in fandoms since I was 11, so over 10 years ago now. I was in fandoms that often had purges, and I also kept copies of fics. 

I know it’s normal in many fandoms to do this. 

The phandom in particular, however, has a huge problem of reposting. Reposting fics is what marks the difference, especially without asking permission. You should never repost or share a fic you have saved, because then the author stops having control over their own work. 

Often in fandom, reposting is done even when a fic has not been deleted, which is even less okay, and often without permission or credit. That is what the phandom has a huge problem against. 

It’s not bad to save copies of fics. Many fic authors encourage it, anyone on ao3 encourages it. If you don’t know an authors stance on saving their fics, ask them. But never repost.

- Eliza

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You know how people have been suggesting that Anti controls a giggly disease or something? I think it must be true. Laughter IS contagious, and so is smiling. When I watch Anti, and see him smiling a lot, I find myself automatically smiling back. Maybe he grins and giggles so much not just because he's crazy, but also because he's trying to make us giggle so he can take over more easily. Did any of that make sense? What do you think?

…i think this is brilliant and i think this makes a fuck ton of sense

Moannnnnn Monday

• I asked the kids how it was by d-bag and they both said he kept bugging them about July 4th. I guess he wanted them to spend the night, they don’t want to spend the night, THEY told ME that. They have always been with me July 4th and the last 2 years we’ve set stuff off with Ryan and every year before that we went to firework shows. So I guess he said something like I was forcing them to go home and it was my idea 🙄. Whatever dude, you can’t play dad a couple days a year and expect them to want to go there compared to what I do for them every single day and they aren’t babies, they see it.

•I had fun with dude on Saturday, but I don’t see much happening. We had a blast, but with him being on the road all week and he’s not a good texter and I neither of us being a phone person, not talking much doesn’t work for me.

•The person in charge at work over the weekend screwed up a huge order that I have to fix today and I’m getting bitched at about it.

•I’m trying to cut down on coffee, I haven’t had one today. Too many points I’d rather waste on other stuff.

•My wedding anniversary is coming up. Funny how you randomly remember it. 2 years ago I realized it on the plane to go visit the ex boyfriend. My aunt and uncle got married a month after us and are still married which kinda blows my mind since we both married for not love. I got married cuz I was knocked up with the girl, they got married because they are older and marrying for each others company really.

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After reading the faq Iknow how you guys found your cosplay name, but would you have any advise to other on finding theirs? My boyfriend and I have separate cosplay names but want to find something the will tie the two of together, so if you have some advise on how how to go about our situation that would be wonderful! Also have a nice day :3

Here’s some advice I’ve given before! 

-Pick something you can search & use as a hashtag.  
This one is weirdly important. If you want to find pictures of you from cons the easiest way to do it is search your username. Especially if you gave all your photographers your business card. We have ‘Aicosu’ saved in the search on ALL our media. We know when new aicosu content pops up ALL the time. It also helps that this is not a name for anything else. When you search Aicosu you only ever get us. I’d stay clear of fandom names for this reason. Having a unique words almost ENSURES that you can have it on any socialmedia too.(and pick something not close to anyone elese name. like you dont want to be “laicosu” ahah, or “Messica Bigri” Or “KamuiCostumes” ) 

-Something easy to say/Easy to write.
Make sure its not super hard to remember or write. Because when you run out of business cards you dont want to stand there and wirte MsFluffbutextremecospalooze2k15/facebook. I know when I write down ‘Aicosu’ they will find us no matter what social media search in.

-Something you wont hate in 5 years.
If you end up cosplaying this long, you may not end up liking that video game, that show, that etc for that long. I’ve met a lot of cosplayers 6-7 years into their hobby and they are stuck being known as NarutoKistuneCosplays and they had a bad experience with the Naruto fandom and their old Naruto cosplay pal and they cant drop their name.

-Something you wouldn’t be afraid to put on your resume.
No lie, cosplay has gotten me more jobs in my life than school ever did. I put my cosplay experience and awards on my resume all the time and it ALWAYS comes up. Especially since I have a costume focused career, its important that my name seems presentable or even like an industry. Theres a big difference between KagomeCupcake Cosplay and  something like ‘Hype Cosplays’

-Your name if you can.
I had a discussion some time back about using real names in cosplay with some professional cosplayers and companies. I highly recommend doing it if you plan on working cosplay as a potential income source (and dont mind merging it into your regular life). Companies respect names more, and it turns you into a iconic face more than just being famous for certain cosplays. Theres more that would go into this. If your name is too common is may not work, or too long etc. Or if there are two of you, hah!

Hope this helps you!

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Calling it now. Toothless's love interest is a pink night fury with eyelashes and lizard boobs.



I think she had something to do with a special event in the httyd online game but holy shit can you imagine…… the surprise elusive mate is this bad bitch right here

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Do you know what Teenietot, Sibtot, Caringtot and Teeniepet is? I just stumbled over a blog and found some positivity posts for those, but I have no idea what it is!! The blog description said "no ddlg/kink/nsfw/cgl allowed" so I assume it's something like age regression, could that be? ouo

From from I can tell the teenietot com is made up of non-sexual age regressors! They don’t support any kink coms and are supposed to be entirely sfw.. but you know how newcomers tend to use labels incorrectly (crosstagging). So I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few people who claim to be a teenietot who are actually in kink. Generally speaking it’s just a form of age regression and I believe teeniepets are pet regressors and caringtots are sfw caregivers (as in they literally just care for that person!!!!). If any teenietots wanna clarify this or add on, feel free! 

What you did. || Veronica Lodge

Originally posted by twelvevo

Requested : Hi! Could you please write something with “Tell me what they did to you, please.” and Veronica? Maybe with a bullied reader but it’s up to you. Oh and could we use other prompts, too?

[A/N] : hey there! thanks for the ask anon! well not so anonymous hehe.. don’t worry i won’t tell anyone your identity and i won’t post the ask. I’m sorry i made cheryl an asshole, but i couldn’t find anyone else… oh, and yes, you can request anything but im not very comfortable in doing smut, thanks!


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Do you speak arabic??? Idk of morrocans exactly speak arabic but I'm egyptian and i can understand my morrocan friend's. So what is it lol????

our arabic is better thhan urs lol im tired of ppl saying they cant understand us tbh yes we speak arabic and we at least try to understand ur sshit do u kno how annoying it is for ur whole “community” to talk abt ur language like it’s something completely alien?????????????? 


genre: Tao CatBoy!AU
type: drabble/scenario
characters: Baekhyun, reader/Valerie
Do not re-post without permission or use in any way, this is my work.
This is the scenario 3/7 of the giveaway. Requested by @vallikesgivinghugs​ Xo, Ara~

He had not been unnoticed, he couldn’t be unseen. Yet people seemed to forget about him the moment they turned around the corner. 
He was there, watching everyone’s every movement. But he was not there either. You could feel someone’s eyes on you, you could even swear to have heard that unmistakable purr, humanly but cat-like purr. But the moment you turned to see, you forgot what you were looking for. 

But I was the exception, the exception that all tales seemed to have. 

But I had seen him not only in the night, but also in the day when he had a life like we all did. He hadn’t noticed that I knew he hid a tail and paws. He had seen me and yet my scent hadn’t lingered to him the way his meow echoed in my brain and followed me everywhere I went.

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I told a resident at a house I sub for that he was my Monday motivation to go to the gym while I assisted him with his walking, he uses a wheelchair full time and is encouraged to do 30 minute walking exercises to help improve strength in his legs. It’s very physically demanding for him and something he doesn’t look forward to at all; but can I just say that positive encouragement makes a world of difference because his pace and posture improved and HE ask to go an extra lap around the house for “extra motivation” 💕💕💕💕💕💕 my heart is so full of love and joy and I’m so blessed to be living the life I’m living 😊💕

Gift (vocal isolate - short ver. edit)
team鳳 & team柊
Gift (vocal isolate - short ver. edit)

Gift (isolated vocals) (short)
Team Ootori & Team Hiiragi

Starmyu ED song, which I tried doing a vocals isolation edit. I loved this song ever since I heard it on episode 1. Gosh help me move on with the anime ending. And well, since I didn’t have the actual instrumental, I had to use two versions of the same song so I can produce something like this. Enjoy the eargasmic blending!!!

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Hey Rae! I'm calling in my crazy idea favour ;P although it's kind of your crazy idea. Can you write a short something some for the sub pic. I have questions woman! Where did the sub come from? Why?? I also want to see madakaka bitch at each other over Madara's sub ineptitude. Thank you for gifting us with such a bizarre yet adorable scenario.

I am so sorry that this too so long to get done! I hope the hilarity below makes up for the waiting you had to do! I’m always happy to contribute a little more MadaKaka to our tiny little dinghy! 

Edit: Inspired by this picture.

“Eat it.”

“I’m going to.”

“You’re being slow about.”

“I’m going to eat it!”

“So why don’t you?”

“I’m trying to figure out how!” 

Madara glared at his boyfriend over the tiny plastic table between them then turned his glare upon the monstrosity that Kakashi had purchased for him. He had called it a ‘sub sandwich’, though Madara wasn’t sure that it truly qualified as a sandwich. For one thing it appeared to have been made out of an entire loaf of bread instead of just two slices. For another the sauce was unidentifiable and smelled funny. Was there supposed to be vegetables on it? How much meat was too much meat? 

The smirk on Kakashi’s face was nearly unbearable, driving Madara to reach for the ‘sub’, both hands hovering over it for a few moments of hesitation. How was one supposed to hold these things? It looked as if it might fall apart the moment he picked it up. 

He settled for slipping both hands underneath and balancing each end on the flat of his palms. That went well. It stayed together alright and didn’t immediately dive for the floor. So far so good. The next question was how he was supposed to actually eat it and that was what had prompted him to stare at it for so long before. 

Kakashi snickered again and Madara huffed. Well, he would never succeed if he didn’t try and there was no time like the present. Besides, he absolutely would not give Kakashi the satisfaction of thinking him afraid of something so simple as a sandwich. 

His first bite was alright, if a little tasteless. He nibbled dubiously on one end, getting barely more than a mouthful of bread. His second bite was an unmitigated disaster. He could feel the innards of the sub sliding away from his questing teeth and his hands instinctively tried to clamp down and keep everything in place. The hand closest to his face was okay, it merely rerouted some of the ingredients back towards his mouth. The hand supporting the other end, however, had different results. 

Little bits of meat and vegetables dribbled over his hand to sprinkle down on the table and floor. The sauce squished out over his fingers with a disgustingly oozy feeling. Madara made eye contact with his boyfriend and scowled, his teeth still stuck in the bread. 

Kakashi was dying. Not laughing out loud at the sight before him was the hardest thing he had ever done in his entire life. Uchiha Madara, scourge of fire country, evilest evil to ever evil, could not eat a sub. It was quite literally falling to pieces in his hands while he fought to tear a too-large bite out of the bun.

Madara, on the other hand, didn’t think any of this was funny. Once he freed his teeth it took him forever to chew through the overly stuffed bite he had filled his mouth with. It disgusted him that it tasted good, He wanted to hate it. He wanted to tell the man across from him that it was the worst food he had ever eaten. 

He also wanted to know what sauce was on this because it was delicious

“I hate you,” he grumbled as soon as he was able to.

“Worth it!” Kakashi declared, one hand pressed tightly to his mask to hold his laughter inside. 

“Very worth it,” a small, rough voice chimed it from below. 

They both looked down to see Pakkun peeked his head out from under the table, a piece of half-eaten salami dangling from his mouth while he chewed on it. As they watched the tiny pug finished his morsel and ducked down to snatch up a fallen slice of cucumber. 

“Is he supposed to be eating that?” Madara asked. 

“No. He is not.” Kakashi reached down and grabbed Pakkun by the scruff of his neck, depositing the ninken in his lap. “You know that stuff is bad for you Pakkun.” 

The dog harrumphed and Madara thought about doing the same while he eyed the slowly collapsing sub in his grasp. The taste was much better than he had assumed it would be but he wasn’t sure it was worth listening to Kakashi laughing at him again. 

He was distracted a second time by something butting up against his shin. 

“Oi, keep eating! The rest of us are hungry too!”

He and Kakashi looked down again, this time to see several more heads peeking out from under the table. Shiba and Bisuke were playing vacuum cleaner with the vegetables Pakkun hadn’t had time to grab. Uhei was glaring up at Madara like him pausing in his attempts to consume his meal was a massive offense. 

Madara closed his eyes and despaired. Has he really survived the Fourth Shinobi War for this!? 

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i started reading homestuck but then totally forgot, i didn't get very far, i got to the part where the one guy uses that disguise to fool his dad??? idk should I keep going?

I would

I was actually thinking about doing streams where I read homestuck out loud in a stream so you can view it

Like for fun or something

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so you know what i am thinking.... you kno how there will be masks in the finale? it makes sense if it's twincer because i'm sure spencer will be the 1st person to find out who AD is and time wise it might be such a long process to film troian as two different people in one scene so therefore they use masks, which are probs just other actors for AD. this saves the budget and time and it also drags out the mystery and the suspense of AD even longer ... something marlene loves to do 😂

I can’t say I disagree. This show is reaaaalllly cheap in terms of production. That green screen of A driving into the sunset…….

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I'm not all that plugged in to the fandom besides your blog, so it's always interesting to hear about the "fanon" versions of the characters. Like I've NEVER thought of kirishima as being hurt by Bakugou. To me he even seems to get a kick out of the way baku is? So like if he ever (for some reason because like you said I can't see it being intentional????) attempted to/did something to hurt kiri I would expect kirishima to genuinely laugh it off and be like "yeah whatever blasty" yknow?

Well, depends on how close to home Bakugou would hit with the attempt to hurt I guess? The only instance of Bakugou being “rude” to Kirishima in the manga that I can remember (do correct me if I’m wrong here) is him calling Kirishima “shitty hair”, and Kirishima set him straight on that immediately -  “my hair isn’t all that different from yours and I happen to have a name, use it”, so for sure that’s at least one canon way in which he reacts to Bakugou’s general level of every day rudeness

Laughing it off is also something he’s done in canon, though it was more Kirishima making fun of him and Bakugou telling him that he’d kill him and Kirishima ignoring him and keeping on laughing - so if it’s just riling each other up and normal bantering and poking at each other, laughter is a canon reaction too

But like, Kirishima’s got his insecurites and problems, right? And there are things he probably wouldn’t be okay with Bakugou saying - like, for example, not that Bakugou would, like this is the most ooc thing I’ve ever had Bakugou do in an hypotetical scenario ever (sorry son), but say he makes fun of Kirishima’s quirk/calls him weak, Kirishima would actually be hurt by that, you know? Even though he’d instantly know that Bakugou doesn’t actually believe what he’s saying, I don’t think he’d just laugh that one off. Cause those are actual things Kirishima thinks about himself, and at the moment what keeps those thoughts at bay are Bakugou’s reassurances about his strenght, so having Bakugou himself telling him that he’s weak would be a low blow for him… in that situation I think he’d tell him to go cool off somewhere he can be a dick by himself and maybe come back when he’s ready to have a civil conversation about what’s actually making him act up

Anyway Kirishima being quietly hurt and pretending everything’s fine is just something I can’t see happening considering how loud he is about his opinion whenever someone does anything that goes against his moral code, really

dinners with dad (or, forced attempts at parenting) // a queen sugar fic, part 1


about… Micah could do without these forced attempts at bonding with his dad. But, if he has to go, maybe he can use them to learn something. How to be a better person, or maybe just how not to act when you betray your whole family and ruin everything. + read on ao3




Davis grinds his jaw so many times that he can hear the crunch of his own teeth. They’re fine — the teeth — he knows they are; Charley had always insisted that they keep up with their dentist visits and family oral hygiene. Can’t be smiling to millions with a smile anything less than perfect. Unless it’s something cute and genetic, like a little gap that could have the fans going wild or something. She always thought about twenty things at once. And she’d tell him all that stuff too, usually in bed, or over some long phone call while he was in the gym. Now he listens to music when he’s working out, or podcasts when he just misses hearing someone else’s voice. It’d sound pathetic if he said out loud, so he mostly just doesn’t talk about his work outs anymore. Doesn’t talk about much other than the lines Miriam gives him to tell the press. Stuff like, I’m really focusing on the game right now, or I hate the way everything went down, and all I can do now is try to move forward, or Charley’s fine; she’s taking some time with her family right now. Her other family. We’re still — we’re not officially in divorce proceedings yet.

“You’re doing the thing, Dad.” Micah glares up at Davis for a second before dropping his eyes back to the menu. “Wear your nightguard or something. It’s hard to think.”

Davis grinds his jaw again. “I am wearing it. You’d know if you ever took me up on my offer.” Which he’s given at least ten times since officially agreeing to move to New Orleans. “Stay at my hotel a night or two.” Davis ducks his head to try and catch Micah’s eye, but the boy’s stubborn. “I’ve got great service out there. Five star chefs in the kitchen.”

“I’m good at Aunt Vi’s.” He flips over his menu. “Thanks though.”

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