so i can destroy you tbh

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when I saw that post I started crying, I've been having a bad night and I've been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember so I felt even more like I'm failing at life while everyone else gets to their goals but then I saw how proud you look with what you've accomplished and i thought fuck it, I'm fucking proud of you. destroy everyone who makes you feel like you don't have the right to be proud of yourself. you're amazing and I wish i was as motivated as you <3

looks like it’s been a night of crying for both of us tbh

getting to personal goals takes a lot of work, and sometimes even when we feel like we’re ready, we’re not

i’ve been there

idk what’s different this time, but somehow it’s working - i’m sticking to it and achieving my goals faster than i thought was possible

you’ll get there

i believe in you

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Taking a break from all those breeding and finally got the time to finish off Battle Tree. I’m taking days off work for New Year too! Yay!

Happy Holidays to everyone! :D
I know it’s a bit late but… oh, well!

I’m done with Super Singles for now. I’m gonna continue to Double and Multi after New Year.

Oh, my Dragonite destroyed Red’s whole team solo, twice, on normal and super single. I’m a bit disappointed tbh.

It’s still amusing tho how silent Red can be.

I also love how he just stand there waiting for us after his defeat, and then shoved all those Mega stones to our face without saying a word… Like, I imagine his face totally saying “Don’t say anything, I know you want it”.

And I just encountered Guzma, ma boi!
He’s levelled up to the title Pokemon Trainer. I’m so proud of him.

You can also scout Guzma and take him as your partner in Multi. I’m totally taking him when it’s time to face Red & Green.
(Still hoping to encounter him with his Golisopod tho)

If only our character can squat like him too!

I’ve also scouted Grimsley, Anabel, Colress, Mallow, and Cynthia along the way. I’m playing Moon, and I heard Sun has slightly different characters that you can scout… Is that true? Well, I haven’t seen Kiawe and Plumeria so far, even tho I’m sure I saw someone encountered them in Battle Tree.

I’m still trying to beat Wally! His Magnezone… it destroyed my team and broke my chain twice yo wtf

Sturdy + Magnet Rise + Bright Powder literally NOTHING hits it. That’s just dirty. Totally unfair.


For anyone wondering/needing help. Here’s my Battle Tree team for Singles:
(level them to at least 50 because it’s the cap for BT)

Adamant Dragonite @Choice Band + Outrage
(this set generally solo OHKOs everything that isn’t a wall or doesn’t resist it, only problem is Dragonite is pretty slow and weak to ice)

Timid Tapu Koko @Life Orb + Thunderbolt
(backs up when Dragonite is down)

Timid Gengar @Gengarite/PoisoniumZ + Sludge Bomb & Shadow Ball
(fairy killer and speed backup if Outrage fails)

**Mentioned moves are mandatory, the rest is your call. All mons preferably have perfect IVs/Hyper Trained & fully EV trained.

Episode 8

One more week, and one episode closer to the final. We finally get to see one of the most important episodes: the official competition between Yuuri and Yurio. To add more drama, the episode is set in Russia, home country of both Yurio and Viktor.

So what can we expect from this episode? Lots of drama, probably. 

Let’s watch it!

[If you’re curious about the previous mega-posts, feel free to read them here:

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4  Episode 5  Episode 6  Episode 7]

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  • playing bastion: ah what an immersive and innovative game! truly the writers are masters of their craft to create such a poignant and inspiring story! this game is a masterpiece! a shining example of video games as an artistic medium!

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Listen. I know that Jin has like 1 sec in the mv ,but in the group shots you could spot him sometimes and listen to me, JIN IN LEATHER PANTS IS SINFUL. Like did u see his thighs????? I mean the leather pants. His legs look so good. He actually looks so freaking good, like damn son you rocking dem leather pants. Actually, the leather pants line in this mv is just rude and disrespectful and I don't need such health hazardous things in life. My body can't handle all this rudeness.

OKAY BUT YES!? those legs in those jeans istg prince jin back at it again with those disrespectful looks tbh that’s the reason why bighit is hiding him from all mvs and songs, most people are not ready to be DESTROYED by royal prince seokjin

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can u recommend me good taekook fanfic pretty please the only good ones I can find on ao3 are either written by you or by mindheist lol

nbskjdf i guess it kinda depends what you mean by “good” cos standards differ for everyone,,tbh i havent read plot-based fic from this fandom in a long time, like if u need roy/ed or ereri fic i’ve goTCHU but the ones i rec will probably be a bit older so u might have read them, but

sugamins is rly great, they write a lot of yoonmin but taste of ink is taekook and it destrOYED me, i haven’t read everything they’ve written but based off what i have read i would totally recommend everything (according to my friends house of cards especially is An Insanely Great Time) but these r pretty popular so you mightve read them nshsfjgngkj, and nikkumeul, aeterisks, neptune_scar wowoashely, lethallergic, monsterplaza (aesthesiae) are like pretty much exclusively taekook writers and theyre pretty popular, ginforink has written some taekook, LISTEN THERE’S SO MUCH TAEKOOK IN THIS FANDOM OK idk what kinda fics ur looking for but i hope this could kinda lead u in some direction nhdfkgfhsj

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Lena should become a villian...I know that might turn you off but listen. She finds out Mon'el is using some sort of alien tech to mind warp Kara into loving him and she puts him down with a kryptonite bullet, but as he dies he destroys the device so that no one will believe her only Kara does, and she lets Lena escape, Lena returns to stir up trouble and Kara arrives to stop her, but it all just a cover until they can prove what Mon'el was doing.

tbh all anyone needs to do at the deo is to ‘misfire’ w a lead bullet at mon-el,, no need for lena to be evil

Pros of dating me:
-I will cuddle you 24/7
-and also kiss you a lot too
-you can play with my hair I don’t mind
-you get to see me in my undies, they’re lacy hell yeah
-I will always be happy to go to wherever you wanna go tbh
-I share food so you can have my other pop tart
-I’m really cute!!!!
-I’ll call you babe or some other silly nick name
-you can grope me bc you’ll have my consent
-I’ll hold your hand like all the time
-I’ll fight you if you ask me to
-I will fight and destroy anyone that tries to hurt you

-i whine a lot
-and rant a lot
-I cry easily please don’t hurt me or yell at me
-i might or might not fawn over your pets in excess
-I’m annoying sorry

I’m an overall 10/10, tbh so I’m accepting boyfriend/girlfriend applications !!!!

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(I won't spam you too bad, so it's not overwhelming.) Okay, saying that Will is just putting on an act, why do you think he is? Do you think he's weaker than Ford/The Twins, or do you think they have something he wants first? Maybe he's waiting for the right moment so he can destroy Bill and be the most powerful demon?

Destroying Bill would be the last thing on his mind, tbh. The only time he would even think that would be because Bill is being an annoying little shit that day, moreso than usual. That said, I don’t think Will is weaker than Ford or the twins, he’s just really naive and got caught off guard which resuted in him getting captured. But saying that Will is still trying to bring the apocalypse, then I think he would try to be proving himself to Bill, because Bill doesn’t think he can do it (not really realizing that Will is more than capable of doing so).

–Mod Reverse


Loki Oberyn Banana, you were named after a Norse god, a Dornish prince and a yellow fruit. This post is in your honour, for you are officially no longer a kitten, even though you still can’t meow or scratch. Mommy loves you for always helping her study, for destroying her Pharmacology textbook (the most poorly written thing she’s ever seen tbh) and, most of all, for bravely protecting her from a wasp by eating it. Happy 1st birthday, my love! :3

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i know and it sUCKS, like i really adore his friends tbh and i love spending time with them, he’s very fun to hang out with, but i think i might back off for a while just so it’s like. You have to earn me lmfao I am not a toy you can play with. I’ve put way too much effort out there. I need to see he actually cares lol

So the reality of my life is:

Things are just not going to get better.

I really don’t want to die for a lot of reasons, but right now I don’t have much to live for besides not making other people sad and not running up a hospital bill I can’t pay if I attempt suicide and fail. And, you know, never being able to get insurance again when they destroy the ACA. Which I knew they’d do someday anyway.

I have no drive to write or create jewelry anymore, and I was never very good at either tbh.

I’m not making any more money at my business and have no idea what else to do to make that happen.

I have zero interest in meeting people offline or in taking up a new hobby that I’ll just suck at and that will cost money I don’t have.

My mental health is worse than it’s been in years thanks to America being America.

I hate where I live and feel no connection to it.

I don’t know what to do anymore, and it seems like I say that daily and nothing happens.

Hell, I don’t even have any interest in fandoms I like anymore. 

I’ve tried and failed to make a go of life now since I was seventeen. That’ll be 20 years this August.

I don’t know what to do anymore, and I’m so tired.

BTS: Realest OTP Group [NAMJIN]


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JUST LOOK AT THEM. (btw they’re saying hi~)

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OLDIES (grandparents tbh but i love them)

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this ship existed even BEFORE debut of BTS i say!

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the ‘we-cant-dance-line’

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and namjoon’s so tall that Jin could rest on his shoulders peacefully

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I can totally see them having a cook-night-in and joonie destroying the kitchen ^^ (cue sexy bgm)

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doing same things again!

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/jungkook voice/ im done

you know who i’ll be posting next ^6 and im saving the best for the last ^^

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Alycia, Eliza, Clarke, Lexa, Jatan Rottenburg and Me.

Mkay, fuck you, Maggie.

Do the sexy love with: Alycia

Sacrifice myself for: Clarke

Kick: Lexa (so she can destroy me ass, I’d gladly take a retaliation hit)

Take to prom: Eliza

Abandon in jurassic park: Jatan (though tbh I’d watch his ass get eaten)


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Can I ask for a quick tutorial/explanation of how you styled that Keith wig? I want to get an understanding of how to do it before I destroy a 30.00 wig to make my own Keith wig, you feel me?

omg, tbh i do’nt have any idea how to style a wig ;-; I just used scissors while it was on a Styrofoam wig stand and clipped the front bangs to be shorter, then tried “layering” the sides and back so that it wouldn’t flare out so much, I used barrettes to flatten down the choppy bits that i fucked up on

this is the wig I bought, I’d recommend looking up wig-styling vids so you don’t freak out like me (also put a towel down on the floor when you’re cutting the wig for god’s sake)

Easy solution to the WOY ep The Void

Sylvia: We can’t stay here Wander. We’re going back.

Wander: Aww but Syl, this place is so cool! Why would ya wanna leave!?

Sylvia: You know, if we stay here forever you won’t be able to help people.



Wander: *eye twitches but keeps his cool* You’re right, this place wasn’t that great anyways. Let’s go!

Twitter stans: The tumblr stans are SO extra!!!! You can’t drop a pencil without them getting triggered tbh……. fucking sjws. Omg and they attack any and every single girl that Calvin interacts with
Tumblr stans: let us view our shitty edits in peace.
Idubbbz: /makes a satirical video roasting Calvins content and his chin.
Twitter stans: OMG NO CALLY BOOBOO!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!! IAN YOU’RE A PIECE OF SHIT FUCK YOU OH MY FUCKING GOD #CalvinWeLoveYou!!!!!!! o3o ;3; don’t cry bb Cal we’re here 4 u…
Tumblr stans: Ian you wild but you right tho!!!!

Shit my friends say meme

I just want to turn into Godzilla and destroy cities tbh.  ❞

❝ I’m attracted to Darth Vader what does that say about me as a person? ❞

❝ My guts do smell. ❞

❝ But I won’t do crack. I draw the line somewhere. ❞

❝ I made someone explain star wars to me so can we be friends now.  ❞

❝ I said I don’t want to SEE peen.  ❞

❝ I have proof that you loved me before you met me. After that it all went downhill. ❞

❝ You were pretty wasted.  ❞

❝ Your salt gives me life to be honest. ❞

❝ You can’t have my soul. I have draw the line. ❞


❝ i’m trying to be nice to you so shut your whore mouth before i shove my dick in it.  ❞

❝ I side eyed her so hard i became a hammer head shark. ❞

❝ Pans are very sexy but i’m more into bowls.  ❞

❝ Because he’s a sugar bun and you are the devil ❞

❝ I’m literally so astonished that i didn’t even remember that i wrote as dinosaur. ❞

❝ Spill that tea gurl.  ❞

❝ That’s where our friendship is at. Pee hearts. ❞

❝ Can’t be a proper pirate without tea.  ❞

❝ I just debated eating my engagement ring.  ❞

❝ Sometimes I feel so dirty sporting a woody in these things. ❞


❝ Goddamn it, go fucking pee.  ❞

❝ H'okay quick break time for food and then probably to go back to sleep. ❞

❝ Turn into Reptar instead.  ❞

❝ i’m just curious bc hypmotized by ur voice.  ❞

❝ i was doing a thng that no one needs to know about ❞

❝ heyyyyy so what’s this covert thing you were doing? was it drawing penises? ❞

❝ Will you do this squad the honor of making us squad?  ❞


❝ You’re like my friend’s dog who constantly eats inedible shit ❞

who to fight: tfa edition

rey: do not fight this cutiepie do not do it just don’t, not only will she tear you apart, you will also cry at trying to hurt someone so cute

finn: maybe fight him but never catch him with a blaster bc he’s great at using those and please just don’t let rey or poe see you

poe: okay fight him if you want but let me tell you literally everyone is gonna beat you up if you do okay and he will not be intimated by you anyway so what’s the point

kylo ren: well i mean he can be an asshole but only fight him if you’re willing to be gutted and also make sure you don’t own anything in the room you’re fighting in bc damn he can destroy a room, but yes mostly just let rey fight him okay she can handle herself

hux: fucking fight this fucker just do it idk he needs to be punched just do it

phasma: fight her if you’re a stormtrooper tbh she probably works all y’all too hard

maz: no no no don’t fight her never fight her she might be small but you will get your ass dragged and regret it immediately

bb-8: no what do you mean why would you wanna fight this little ray of sunshine how dare you

snoke: you won’t even get to where is actually physically is so don’t fight him YET