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My Favourite Yuri Plisetsky Moments

Add more to my list!

10. Yuri can’t deal with all this PDA from his gay dads

Haha lol he’s so embarrassed with his dads

9. Yuri shaking hands with Otabek

Not once had I thought it would be this easy to be friends with Yurio tho

8. Yuri sitting with Otabek and having tea

So kawaii. So vulnerable.

7. At the banquet



So vulnerable part 2

5. Yuri and his pirozhki

His love for his grandfather is so pure 

P.S. I was so happy he remembered Yuuri’s birthday!

4. Yuri’s final performance

It’s like he’s realised that he will be paid for all his hard work, and he’s so happy he’s crying. I was crying too btw.

3. Yuri cheering on Yuuri, before being rudely interrupted by JJ

Like JJ interrupted right before I could get me some nice father/son moments wtf JJ

2. I want to see him skate with no mistakes.

Fucking Plot Twist

1. Otabek, Davai!

Not once, in a million years, had I thought that Yurio would wish someone luck. OtaYuri for life!

Emoji Rating: Eyes

The original and one of the best. These eyes are eyes that have seen you doin’ the nasty, these eyes are on thot patrol, and these eyes are perfect to use in any situation. My only problem is with how l o n g they are and the pupils look a little creepy. 9/10

Very simplistic. They don’t exactly get the message across and they’re kinda creepy but still cute 6/10 for effort

These eyes look like a portal to the deepest darkest part of Clippy’s soul get them away from me 0/10

The eyebrows ruin it and they look too cutesy for me 4/10

Pretty much just like the Apple ones, but blue. The shading is terrible but I’ll allow it 7.5/10


Best eyes on this list. The best way I can describe these eyes is “sinnamon roll”. They’re cutesy, but at the same time pervy af. Plus the pupils aren’t disturbing like the Apple ones so 10/10

The shading and the angle are both fucking terrible 0/10

A more simplistic version of the Facebook eyes, but they look more like they’re looking at a crumb on the floor than givin you them bedroom eyes and that’s a bit of a disappointment. 9/10


Why are the pupils so big

Still good tho 6/10




Vintage Loser is so excited to attend this year’s Mini-Mini Con! 💖 Come by the Wonderland of Americas in San Antonio, TX on Saturday, May 6th to see local artists, cosplay, panels, & more. I’ll have new items, rings, hair clips, necklaces, crystals, earrings, & goodie bags! I can’t wait to see everyone again~

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April 17, 2017

It's morning for me so good morning! The first day of holiday break! I’m actually very happy, and I don’t want it to be over :( also, here is part of my spread for the week, since this week will just be a chill week, I don’t need to do as many things, so I have more space. 

I have a test this Saturday to see if I can get into the Sophmore math classes, or at least advanced math placement. I’ve been reviewing the past 2 months, so I hope I do good! 

  • little animal stickers from [kawaiipenshop] 
The “Kawaii” Principle

As I eagerly await the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, one thing has been bothering me since the first teasers were unleashed: the character design of Baby Groot.

It looks like they tried to apply the “kawaii” or “chibi” trend, but did not understand the fundamentals of HOW that works.

This seems to be the case with a lot of Western animation/character design aiming for “cuteness” that don’t quite hit the mark. I believe some part of it has to do with a cultural background of the media needing people/characters/objects to be “sexy” rather than being “adorable” or “infantile” as it is in Asia. (The term “kawaii (可愛い)” directly translated means “possible to love”, and is used towards ‘adorable’ things that stimulate a maternal/paternal instinct)
I personally feel there is this subconscious need in Western character design to retain realistic facial feature size and distance ratios of mature adults compared to Japanese character design that exaggerates the facial features ratios of infants.

Did you feel a sense of affection and a need to nurture after seeing these pictures? It’s because we’re programmed to.

We, as human beings, have been programmed to recognize a cluster of juvenile features in infants, other animals, and sometimes inanimate (or animated) objects as something that needs to be protected.

So what is this cluster of juvenile features?
After looking at many pictures of human babies, animal babies, and animated characters that evoke a nurturing response, you will start to see a pattern: larger head-to-body ratio, bulging cranium, large eyes set wider apart, dilated pupils, shorter snout, ears being farther back and set lower on the skull than in adulthood, smaller jaw, and smaller, pudgier legs and feet. This is what the “kawaii” and “chibi” styles are rooted in.
Not ALL criteria have to be present in the cluster to elicit feelings of affection.


The placement and sizes of facial features for Baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (“GotG2 Groot”) resemble something closer to an adult than a baby, compared to how he was at the end of the first film.

Dancing Baby Groot from the first film (Dancing Groot) has more infantile features that stimulates our subconscious maternal/paternal instinct programming: larger head, bulging cranium, large eyes set wider apart, larger mouth which visually translates to meaning a smaller jaw, and facial features all placed lower in the face than the design of GotG2 Groot:

GotG2 Groot was given a look of more constricted pupils, eyes closer together, longer distance between the eyes and mouth, and a much smaller mouth. Even with his body, although they gave GotG2 Groot a larger head compared the length of his body than Dancing Groot, GotG2 Groot has wider shoulders and enlarged hands/feet which point to later stages of human development:

If they purposely did this to show that time had passed between the upcoming film and the last film, I can kind of buy that, but this design still doesn’t strike me as “adorable”.
If they were aiming to be a hit with kids from just character design and not the whole character as I suspect they were (because c'mon, Groot was precious even when he was as tall as a tree), they went a little too realistic for “kawaii” and ended up borderline “creepy”.

Rough sketch of GotG2 Groot with a few more of the juvenile features thrown in.
Despite everything I said so far, I LOVE Groot and I am very excited for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2.

Now, let’s apply this “Kawaii Principle” to humans.
Ever wonder why you think a 42-year-old man aka Misha Collins is “adorable”?
See how many traits mentioned in my list of “juvenile features” you can spot, especially when he’s lined up against Jared and Jensen:

Misha has more juvenile features which up the “adorable” factor compared to J2, who have more “adult” features.

See how Misha’s bone structure is a bit rounder than Jared and Jensen’s?
Misha also has large eyes that are set wider apart, a shorter distance between his eyes and mouth, and ears set a little lower than J2.  Misha’s eyebrows also start a little farther from the bridge of his nose, accentuating the distance between his eyes.

Think I cheated by using a picture where Misha is making a cute face?
Do you know WHY you feel he’s making a “cute” face? As in, what it is about this facial expression or “body language cues” that make you interpret it that way?
Misha, consciously or not, is using a cluster of body language cues like the Eyebrow Flash, Eye Widening, and ‘Looking Up’ Cluster that all translates to “I acknowledge you, and I am non-threatening”.
Misha’s unique understanding and use of body language, especially for Castiel, was what made the character seem unsettling and otherworldly… but that is a whole different post about body language waiting to be written.

I hope this post was comprehensive enough to help you understand WHY you find things adorable, and that knowing this will help you when you are making your own “kawaii” designs. 

You unconsciously recognize the similarities of the distinguishing traits of human babies in clusters and apply them to other things you see because it is hardwired in our brains to protect and nurture our babies.

hello! I am tempest shadow and im the daughter of sombrah and I have edgy hair so sharp i don’t even need a weaopon cause i can cuts you with it. I am evil because of my cursed horn but I want 2 be gud so I broked it off so i can be good. I can stilll doo magic tho and WILL DESTROY my enemies if they hurtz my friends. My armour is made from the crushed bones of my enemies and give me super special kawaii desu powers so I can fly even tho I don’t have wings. I am more op than all 5 alicorns COMBINED and I have defeated tiredk and discord and now they want to be my special somponies but I’m 3 cool 5 them. everyone loves me and twilight wants to be my student but i’m too busy trying to stay in control of my shadowy demonic powers. I am also kinda insane and have multiplies personalities and sometimes i want 2 murder ponies but its a gud thing my mom, the fusion of twilight and luna, taught me how to be good and never give into the the hate and anger that the luna halfof my mom did. I can also turn into anything like chrysalis and chrysalis is gay for me. i am also related to nightmare moooon and can move the sun and moon and when there is an eclipse (which i cans make XD) i turn into my super saiyen dark form. i am immortalz but I haz been reborn many times in the past because my dark side took over and i had to sacrifice myself to save the world from myself and that is how I got this scar. I am half vampire (the kind that sparkles) half werewolf, half minotaur, half cerberous, half ghost, half mermaid, half bat, half dragon, half fairy, half demon, half cat, angel, half goddess, half zebrah, half alicorn, and timelord. My eyes change colours to match my emotions and i have purple blood so i am a royal and i am bffs with equius. I have conquierred a lot of plannets but i am a good ruler and am nice to all my sujects and everyone loves me. I am pokemon master and my starter was mewtwo. i am pretty much all powerful cause my power level is OVER 9000 but I am just a regular pony. will u want to be my friedn?

kawaii-milky-mobu  asked:

What if.... Hmmm.... *gasps* Age swap AU.... (For the sake of seeing puppy Reigen and adult doggo Mob! :3)

YES MY CALLING HAS BEEN ANSWERED.. I’ve been waiting for so long for an age swap AU ask and now I have an excuse to draw stuff for it~

Reigen was that puppy who was in that lanky awkward stage for the longest time. He had that one ear that wouldn’t stick up and he’d ask Mob “Can you use your psychic powers to hold my ear up? Please??” 


Nyeeeee lol so I decided to try doing an adoptable OvO

So this here is Custard cake ~~ ! If you would like this smol as your own, $10, it’s first come first serve, so e-mail me at (Bear in mind this is kind of an experiment lololol;; it’s my first time doing this ;v;) She’s currently available!

You may change the name and make small changes to her design, but no more than that! Do not steal this oc pls and thank u uvu

If people like this idea of me doing adoptables, I will do more bc I love doing it omg

Custard Cake has been adopted by @askdarlingadelaide! Thank you very much for buying ~ Also, people seem to like me doing adopts, so I will do my best to make more kawaiiness in the future!!! *>v<*)/

🌼 There’s Peach&Daisy again, the friend princesses 🍑

I know I draw them too much but when I have an artblock (and this time it hit very hard :/) I only can think about drawing them with a new aesthetic. So… there they are! Wish Nintendo made more interactions between them (they are supposed to be super friends after all 😅)

My boyfriend and I are obsessed with Over The Garden Wall and I finally found enough time to make a little fan gif for it! I had so much fun making this that I kept animating more and more! Can you spot all 18 or so things that move? c;


also posted on my ao3

Oikawa Tooru and Iwaizumi Hajime. Friends since childhood, lovers since high school. They’ve always been by each other’s side, even now, when they’re both in college. They’d both agreed that it’d be easier to room with each other, but rooming with the flambouyant Oikawa meant signing a contract that - somewhere, maybe it was in the terms and conditions - meant that Iwaizumi had agreed to little to no sleep at all.

Oikawa Tooru [ 10:58PM ]: Iwa-chan, are you awake?

Oikawa Tooru [ 10:59PM ]: I can hear your sheets moving but i dont know if that’s because you’re moving in your sleep or because you’re awake.

Oikawa Tooru [ 10:59PM ]: Well, anyways, i was thinking about something.

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:00PM ]: i swear to God, Shittykawa. I have an in-class assessment tomorrow.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:00PM ]: I had a brilliant idea for my writing class and i want to tell you.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:01PM ]: oh. Sorry.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:01PM ]: Good night, Iwa-Chan

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:02PM ]: if i wasn’t so tired, i’d go to the bathroom and puke. Don’t send me love hearts.

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:02PM ]: Good night, Oikawa.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:02PM ]:

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:03PM ]:

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:03PM ]: i can hear you laughing, Iwa-chan. The screen divider isn’t sound proof :’)

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:03PM ]: Shut up, Shittykawa.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:03PM ]: you were the one who was trying to muffle their laughs!

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:04PM ]: So mean, Iwa-chan.

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:04PM ]: so annoying, Oikawa-chan.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:05PM ]: Good night, Iwa-chan

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:05PM ]: May the aliens look over you and protect you

“Oikawa, don’t you even message me. I saw the light of your phone.”

“Okay, fine, I won’t message you.”



“I need to sleep, ‘Kawa.”

“What happens to love? What even is love? And what happens to it-”

“Oikawa, please.”

“-after you stop loving someone? If Rose and Jack stop loving eachother, what would happen to their love for one another? I think love is like… water. It’s always the same. Evaporation doesn’t change the water - the water is just in a different form. So, does that mean that love changes after you… fall out of love?”

“Look here, shittykawa. You’re going to be quiet and let me sleep, for both my sake and yours. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to ruin that pretty face of yours, would you?”

“So, you admit that my face is pret- Iwa-chan, don’t throw your book at me! The pages will be damaged!”

“Good night, Oikawa.”

“What about your book-”

“Good night.”


“Good night.”

Oikawa Tooru [12:00AM]: Morning, Iwa chan!

“You little shit, let me sleep!”

“You weren’t asleep yet?”

“No, because you’re humming of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ is annoying.”

“Annoyingly beautiful? On pitch?”

“Annoying. Fullstop.”

“Hey, Iwa-chan, do you think the aliens get lonely?”

“Oikawa, for the love of each and every god in existence, you’re a 21 year old man in college, not a 7 year old.”

“I’m just asking, sheesh.”

“Good night.”

“But do they? Are there different races of aliens?”

“Oikawa, I will strangle you if you ask another question about aliens without changing your course to an astronomy one.”

“So mean, Iwa-chan.”

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:47AM ]: isn’t It weird how 12AM comes before 11AM??

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:47AM ]: so time goes 12-11AM

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:27AM ]: and then 12-11PM

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:28AM ]: why doesn’t it go 1-12AM and then 1-12PM?

Oiakwa Tooru [ 12:29AM ]: who ever designed the concept of time is stupid

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:29AM1 ]: Iwa-chan I’m having a life crisis right now

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:37AM ]: I tried to search it up but it seems like the concept of time was changed over the years

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:37AM ]: so i don’t know who actually created the concept of time

Iwaizumi Tooru [ 12:38AM ]: I can and will not hesitate to block your number

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:38AM ]: That won’t stop me from talking to you :P

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:40AM ]: Iwa-chan?

“Are you awake, Iwa-chan?”

“…what’s that smell?”

“Mac and cheese!”

“Oikawa, what the hell? It’s almost 3 in the morning and you’re having mac and cheese?”

“Do you want some, Iwa-chan?”

“No. Let me sleep.”

“Okay, Iwa-chan.”

“Night, ‘Kawa.”

“Don’t you mean… 'Kawaii?”

“Shut up, Shittykawa.”

“You aren’t you when you’re hungry. Want some mac and-”

“Shut up, will you?”

“So mean, Iwa-chan…”

Oikawa Tooru [ 3:59AM ]: I slept for almost one hour. It’s a miracle.

Oikawa Tooru [ 3:59AM ]: Mac and Cheese?

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:00AM ]: more like snack and miracle

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:00AM ]: okay sorry Iwa-chan.

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:09AM ]: I was thinking

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:09AM ]: I know I can be annoying

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:09AM ]: and a pain in the ass and I just wanna say sorry

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:10AM ]: for a lot of things.

“…you okay there, 'Kawa?”


“Don’t you think it’s a bit late to apologize, Shittykawa? After all these years?”

“mm… sorry, Iwa-chan.”

“I’m just kidding. Hey, are you crying? ”

“N-No! Why would you suggest that?”

“…Are you sure you’re okay, Oikawa?”




“You know I love you, right?”


“No matter how annoying you are.”

“I know.”

“Okay. Get some sleep, then.”

“Good night, Iwa-chan.”

“Good night, Oikawa.”

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:12AM ]: I love you too, Iwa-chan

so lately i wasn’t feeling very attached to rowangoat… so i decided to redesign them. i feel like i can really express my individuality through them now
their heart pendant acts like a moodring! their hair can be any color ^ o^ they really like rainbows and anime!!! they’re kawaii ^____^
i also decided to turn them into a species!!! :3 they’re called “sparklegoats”!!!!! (like “sparkledogs”!!!) customs start at $450 if you’re interested ^ o^ they’re goats with floating wings and rainbow designs on them!!!! the bigger the wings the rarer! they can have tattoos, halos, heart designs, but no dark colors!!
i’m really happy with this new rowangoat, they’re a lot more unique now!!!!

Daddy message #72

Daddy sends me messages every morning before he goes to work: so I can wake up knowing I’m loved. Ive been drawing alot lately and he is so encouraging of it.

Daddy: i love you. you are more creative than you think you are. its like your beauty that you refuse to accept when i say it. I wish you would see what i see in you which is the ability to do anything. i love you. have a wonderful day.

BTS Reacts to You Being Kawaii AF

Hey guys! So, I’m going to try and get both of the posts for this request done today. I have two more requests left after that, although I encourage you guys to request anything you want to see! (I DON’T OWN ANY OF THE GIFS OR PICTURES USED IN THIS POST, I FOUND THEM ON GOOGLE!)


    Anonymous:  BTS and Big Bang react to you being Kawaii AF

This reaction will be based around you randomly doing something super cute. I figured that would be the best way to go about it because it’s something we can all relate to.

1. Jin

     Jin would be over the moon. We all know that Jin loves super cute things, so when you did something cute, he would be extremely excited. He would stop whatever he was doing (yes, even eating) to rush over to you. He would take your face in his hands.

    “That was so cute, Jagi!” Jin would press soft kisses all over your face, a bright smile on his face.

2. Suga

     Suga’s reaction would vary depending on whether he was around the other members. I see Suga as someone who would secretly love his girlfriend being cute. If he was around the guys, he would let the moment pass without comment.

    If you were alone, he might let a small smile grace his face. His reaction wouldn’t be as big as someone like J-Hope, or Jin, but he would be happy. He would hold you close, cuddling with you.

    “Who knew my Jagi could be so cute?” One of his hands strokes your hair as your head lays on his chest. He presses a kiss to your forehead.

3. J-Hope

     As expected, J-Hope would immediately squeal. He wouldn’t be able to contain his excitement, rushing over to you immediately. He would wrap you in a tight, rocking from side to side. He would most likely still be emmitting squeals the whole time.

    “That was so cute, Jagi! You should be like this more often. It suits you well,” J-Hope gushes, his smile looking big enough to crack his cheeks.

4. Rap Monster

     Rapmon would be the most unsure of how to react. It’s not that he doesn’t find you cute, he just isn’t sure what to do about it. A few things crossed his mind (I’m sure you know what I mean ;)) but they’re hardly appropriate. He would settle for giving you a sweet kiss.

    “How can one human hold so much cuteness?” He would mutter to himselg, pursing his lips in thought.

5. Jimin (I love this gif!! Ahhhh!)

     Jimin’s face would turn bright red, the blush taking over his face. This little bean would become shy, probably thinking about it for most of the evening. Any time he thought about it, he would grab your hand or pull you closer to him. You wouldn’t think much of it since Jimin really enjoys skinship.

    “Aish! Why are you so cute, Jagi? It’s distracting,” Jimin’s tone would be jokingly frustrated as he presses a kiss to your temple.

6. V (Awkward V is best V.)

     V would go super 4D. He would become super excited, rushing over to you grab you and spin you. His signature boxy smile would take over his face, causing you to laugh. He would attempt to make some sort of aegyo at you, starting a cute facial expression battle that would last for weeks.

    “See? I can be cute too, Jagi. We’re a cute couple!” V would say, making an extremely derpy aegyo face at you.

7. Jungkook (Memekook)

     Jungkook is the other one that I feel like wouldn’t be sure how to react. Considering most of us think he only knows how to properly communicate through memes, he would be unsure of how he’s supposed to react. He would love how cute that moment was, and he wouldn’t want it to go away, but he wouldn’t know how to express this. He probably wouldn’t verbally react to that moment. Instead, he just pulls you close and kisses your cheek.

    “I love you, Jagi,” Jungkook would say quietly, a small blush enveloping his face.

I hope you guys enjoyed! I’ll get the Big Bang reaction up as soon possible! Inbox me any requests you have!

anonymous asked:

Hiiii i was wondering can you suggest me some new favorite blogs or some people you follow that deserve more attention? I really need some new bloggers to love c:

hello lovely anon !! sure <3 i can recommend some of my favorite blogs to you !! some of these are my mutuals, and most of these blogs have some of my favorite content !! 

@2dwife - more on irl japanese/food/anime/figurines aesthetic,, very cute blog ! @iiv @nyeo @azu-nyaan @pantsu-jpg and @milkait as well as @uwaa && @userlvl are very much the same/like/similar to 2dwife’s blog and i love all their content. they are doing an amazing job and i definitely recommend you check them out ; w ;

i also love @fairynectar !! they have some really cute pink/vintage/lolita clothing aesthetics and i really love their blog ; ^ ;

@kitsunebis - one of my favorite blogs !! they mostly post pastel aesthetics, sort of like 2dwife’s, + alot of love live edits !! all their work is so pretty aaaaa, you should check them out if you like love live !! - v -

@miuroko my ABSOLUTE favorite anime gif blog, han ds d o wn <3 <3 <3

i also make sure to check out @meido-kafe daily,, they have so many cute girls in cosplay/cute clothing so if you like that then you should check their blog out !!

@yuki-teddy is a very soft, delicate, and pretty pastel vintage clothing blog which i love with all my heart p le a se

@coquettishcatgirl has also very recently become one of my favorite blogs !! they reblog many pink things & lingerie, but can be nsfw sometimes so dont follow if you dont want nsfw things c: @hentaidollie is also very similar to their blog !! but is also nsfw at times so please be careful - but both of their blogs are very lovely and i definitely recommend !! 

the rest of the blogs i am about to list are very similar to mine so if you enjoy the content of my blog then please check out the rest of these perfect blogs !! <3 

@kittenjpg @paleandsleepy @palekitty @fuwaprince @plummu @usagifactory @pinku-moon @enchantella @tiredkitsune @pink-loli @yanmkn @anqel-cakes @nyamilk @nekofairy @dollyful @cyaruby @nyanpng @kawaii-miunicorn @@lazy-gudetama @pinktsun 

those are just some of my favorite blogs !! i might give you more if i remember more, but those are the only ones i can think of that i always check daily and remember off the top of my head ; w ; i hope this helped you anon !! thank you so much for your question and have a lovely day <3 <3 <3 ~

Tag game for your candy

This is for your candy. Fill with what your candy could answer. 

Tag more than 6 followers you want: @zurysalvatore, @fairywale, @yunkinodrabbles, @luxxesitacdm, @lalaykiara2, @kaengolazerei, @marmita-tuga, @zombiefromfinland, @sandy-kawaii, @moonlightmcl, @candylovu, @sweet-pendragon, @foxie-monster, @moonlightcandy,  @sponsoredbyroxy, @mizariomi, @captainlavellan, @zauniagardienne, @chibi-liz05, @januszix, @zensandlerme, @druundev-mcl, @mcl-alegria, @eldaryanna, @rosalyas, @fayrelynn-trinity, @mclhumor, @itsmochabinch

Full name: Vanessa Frontier Aurillac (Neshaa) 

Gender: this feels like any beginning of Pokemon’s game “You are a boy or a girl?” meh, I can’t really choose this time can I? Damn. I’m girl! 

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Crush (and why): Armin. He never fails to make me laugh and has something in his smile… he always says what he thinks and I really like it

Favorite Color: red wine or light blue. 

Favorite band/singer: Paramore

Favorite Food: Anything with pasta and cheese

Last movie watched: Back to the future I

Describes yourself in five words: joyful, lazy, carefree, loyal and dork.

First Kiss: My first kiss was with a girl, she was the daughter of one of my father’s friends. She was not from my group of friends, but for a long time she was one of my favorite people in the world. We were pretending to be married and I just… kissed her. We should not be over 11 years old.

Make a Wish just for yourself: Please dear god, let me get good grades in school tests/exames, because last year I was awful and this year needs to be different.

Today’s clothes:

You don’t need to participate if you don’t want to, it’s just a game ^^

Cutie Sans

Omg lmao;; a good night sketch.. im srsly so tired;; >u<

well.. I need to sleep >u< good night !!

Im still not sure.. about the style.. but we will see <3 

(Im happy abouut my sans skeleton etc etc improvement the last days)

Requests are open,

u can request me via the ‘’Ask me anything’’ option

I need to practice .. and need more Ideas ~~ xD
so .. i will try to draw every request xd