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Could u do a request of MC finding out one of the RFA members was someone that she or the other hated each other for just a misunderstanding and how did they eventually get along by explaining whats going on? Thanks ^^! A small scenario would be great for this.

I really need to learn how to do small :p Hope u still like this ^^

RFA and MC  with a rough start


  • He was at this club with some actor fellas
  • He was heading to the bathroom, when this tipsy girl bumped to him
  • “Tipsy” was being kind, she could barely stand, he held her and helped her sit on the floor, looking around if someone could help him, she looked like she was about to pass out.
  • “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” you showed up of a sudden, wrath in your eyes.
  • “I was… I was just helping her. It’s not what you’re thinking, lady. I…” he tried to explain, but he knew what this looked like, he would probably think the same… but you looked at him like you were disgusted. Did he really look like someone to take advantage of a drunk girl? Like… a rapist?
  • You helped your friend get up and took her away from there, from him. He wanted to help you two to find a cab. “You’ve done enough for tonight, pervert!”
  • And you already knew it was a misunderstanding, your friend was conscious enough to explain to you the whole ordeal, you wanted to go back and apologize, but you were already in the cab.
  • He would probably have told you the same he’s telling now: “There’s nothing to apologize, I know how guys are and you couldn’t possibly know. Your friend was lucky she had someone like you to take care of her, babe!”


  • He was playing LOLOL, facing this rival team.
  • His crew ended up losing this round
  • His team fellas were pretty conformed, but he was sure this one user was using a cheat code
  • He confronted the user on a chat where both teams were hanging out and talking shit through the headsets, and the user, with a very teasing and girly tone, didn’t deny…
  • “Bitch!” That’s the first time he uses this word, that’s how PISSED he is!
  • “I’m still online, asshole.” And you turned it off. Ohh! Were you mad? Well, so was he, but he felt like a prick by offending a girl like this.
  • Yoosung immediately recognized your voice and apologized a million times when you two met. You giggled, it was no biggie, girls are called worse things in games like this, and… you really cheated…
  • “I KNEW IT!” he said, matter of factly. “So, uhm… can you show me the code you used?”


  • C & R was having this event outdoors.
  • She was working backstage
  • You were also working, but to the company responsible for providing food.
  • You didn’t have a name tag or anything that could identify you as someone from the staff, so she assumed you were one very lost guest
  • You protested as she tried to politely remove you from backstage, but she kept saying that without identification, you couldn’t be there. She thought you were just another woman trying to reach Jumin…
  • “Fine. I’ll go! You’re just as incompetent as everybody in my department. Good bye!” Oh my… did you just quit your job? Apparently, you did, as you walked away from there, she could read the company’s name on the back of your shirt… ohhhhh
  • Well, you hated that job, their incompetence of not even giving you proper identification (like, one that didn’t involve you pointing to your back all the time) was just the tip of the iceberg.
  • She still apologizes, she just had to look at your back! That whole scene could be avoided. You apologize too, it’s pretty obvious now you don’t think she’s incompetent at all!
  • She shrugs and just hugs you: “So, before you helped me quit my bad job, I helped you quit yours?” Yeah… something like this…


  • It was a business party, he was talking with this old man
  • “Okay, business aside. Have you met my sweetheart, mr . Han?” the acquaintance asked Jumin. “MC, sweetie… come here!”
  • Oh, you are… young, very young! Too young to this guy, actually. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Han. Daddy, can I get you anything to drink?” you turn to the old man. Daddy? Gross, have you no shame of saying things like that in public?
  • You  and Jumin bumped into each other at the bar a little later. He’s still a little uncomfortble from what he heard before…
  • “Hope daddy isn’t being too insistent on that deal, Mr. Han. Be patient, okay? He can be a little of a control freak, but he’ll give in if you act nice.” you smile sweetly, there’s that word again… you have no chill, do you?
  • He judged you silently for the rest of the night, even when you weren’t close to your… “daddy”. Ugh… he hated women like that, he was glad you were taken, otherwise his own father could show up to snatch you away any minute, you were just his type…
  • It took him a while to recognize you, he was probably a little tipsy that night, it took you to start call him “daddy” for him to remember… “He really is my father, Jumin. Like, the man married to my mother.” You laughed, he wasn’t used to feel this embarrassed, was he blushing?
  • You just laughed, this was funny because your father was trying his best to set you two up that night, okay, now Jumin is definitely blushing.
  • “I mean… you see the irony in all of this, don’t you… daddy?” “MC, please…” he’s red as fuck, you broke him!


  • He was on a mission on this host club.
  • His target was a guy who worked for the government and was dealing with a lot of confidential information regarding the national forces.
  • You are one of the hostesses, the guy asks for your company. Well, this is a host club… but this is troublesome for Seven, ugh… he needed the guy alone.
  • So he goes in your way and tells the guy he saw you first. “That’s… not how it works, sir.” You say politely. “Really? Not even if I buy his drinks and ours?” Wow, was he that interested in your company? You weren’t sure, but your boss told you to stop being stupid and going with the ginger guy.
  • Well, you should have stayed with the first guy, this one was boring, he wasn’t asking for any booze, he just ordered Dr. Pepper and stared at his phone the whole time. You tried your best to talk to him and be nice and all he told you was: “Don’t need to be nice to me, I’ll still pay you, don’t worry.” He wasn’t even looking at you…WHAT A PRICK!
  • “You know, when I saw you in the CCTV and figured who you were, I was really embarrassed, but I… wanted to take the opportunity to finally be a little nice to you…”
  • “And look how that turned out, huh?” you were obviously referring to those days at Rika’s apartment… shit! Are you still mad?
  • “Of course not, silly! I’m just joking! And truth be told… it was my best fee ever! That guy drank so much he threw up at my colleague’s dress! So… you saved me from that one.”
  • “Well, I… got a good fee for that mission too…” you two give a high-five.

Australia fooled itself thinking Tony Abbott was the evil villain but as gross as Abbott was, the real villain in disguise was actually Malcolm “so-called progressive” and his Coalition cabinet.

The Fair Work Commission have just increased cuts to Sunday and Public Holiday penalty rates. They’ve cut Newstart making it harder for younger people to survive. Under the coalition government, housing prices have spiked to be well above 700k+. Did I mention that the unemployment rate for young people is pretty high?

We can talk about their social and foreign policies too but it’s clear that they’re slowly trying to gut welfare through their economic ones.

What happened to “Jobs and Growth”, Malcolm? Or were jobs and growth only promised to the elite and to corporations?

Just say you hate poor people and go.

Sorry if u didn’t want me to turn this into klance but I am lol

> Lance is the dumbass merman who gets way too close to the shore despite his family telling to stay the fuck away from the shore.

>Keith can not swim to save his life. He does not like water, he hates the beach, he’s never had a pool in one of his foster homes and public pools gross him out.

> So of course, he gets dragged into going on a beach trip for shallura’s wedding with the entire crew bc his life sucks

>only Shiro knows about the whole fear-of-water thing (it’s not a fear!!) so he promises Keith he won’t have to go anywhere near the shore

> Keith, ofc, ends up getting dragged by Pidge to the cliffs above the coast “there were sightings of the woman in white here, Keith! Are you a cryptid hunter or not?” He goes bc he refuses to back down from anything

> he falls into the surf. The water is calm/deep enough that the fall doesn’t do much, just knock the wind out of him, but he can’t s w i m

> poor Pidge is like freaking the fuck out bc holy shit she KILLED KEITH

> Lance. Oh my god. He witnessed the whole thing, bc he’s stupid and was too close to the beach and was people watching again.

> he keeps an eye on Keith and when he realizes ya boi can’t swim thats when he fuckin goes and rescues his stupid ass

>lance doesn’t really know what to do. He’s not supposed to be near humans. But he doesn’t want to just leave him by himself (and this one is really pretty wo w)

>Keith ends up waking on a rock with the sexiest fucking lifeguard looming over him

>it takes longer than Keith would like to admit that the “lifeguard” staring at him has gills, and webbed fingers. And a fucking blue and gold fishtail.

> his first words to lance are “merman. Holy shit. Does that mean Bigfoot is real too?

> lances first words to Keith are “what the fuck is a bigfoot”

> after the aftershock of “holy shit, merpeople are real” they immediately start bantering. “Why did you go to the water if you can’t swim?” “Why did you save me if you aren’t supposed to be around humans?”

> eventually he takes Keith back to the beach. When Pidge finds him, she starts crying. It’s very touching, until she punches him for scaring her.

>Keith comes back everyday for the rest of the week. They meet at a secluded tidepool. They swap stories about mermaid and human culture, lance talks about his family and Keith talks about the one he’s made of friends.

> On the second to last day, he introduces everyone to lance. Pidge freaks tf out and has a million questions, hunk and lance immediately become bros, Allura and Coran are fascinated and Shiro is just….of all people to pine after Keith picks a fuckin merman. Keith is happy and Shiro likes Lance, so he’s okay with it.

> on the last day, Lance kisses Keith.

> Keith comes down to visit every break, every long weekend, every opportunity he has. Lance is always waiting.

>He surprises Lance during summer vacation when he comes back being able to swim. He’s still afraid, clinging to Lance, but he can swim with him.

>they aren’t really sure what their future is, but they’ll make it work. They have faith in them.

This is so gross. Like its inappropriate to reveal this to your idol. And i feel JB can read English too. So that just makes it even awful, that fans have the guts to go walking around like this in front of your faves. Because you couldn’t stop sexualizing your idols. If you think you are gonna act like this when you meet your idol, don’t even meet them. Its a form of harassment thats not meant for any public situations. Just imagine how uncomfortable they are if they can understand it. Keep that to yourself.
Credit to @yujinators

Day 6: Five Times Darcy Wasn’t Invited to a Stark Party

And One Time She Was

Another story I’m actually quite happy with. The ending could use some work, but I got down the majority of what I wanted to here.

The title says it all - Five + One fic about Darcy getting left off of Stark’s guest list even though she’s friends with most of the team. 

Word Count: 2810

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*whispers burner-swapssssss* (I still have 0 ideas what I think Red looks like so I took some of my fav. headcanons that I’ve seen around and made something up. TuT) (Jacob stays on their side to balance numbers and because I wanted his dynamic with Abraham!)

Where Deluxe is a peaceful and orderly (but not too orderly) city in the sunshine and Motorcity is all but owned by a Ms. Kane whose belief in complete personal freedom extends to crushing any attempts at establishing a police force or any form of enforced order.  If anybody signs on with Kane Co., protecting them becomes her personal interest and any slight or injury toward them will be severely punished—in extreme cases, by Kane Co.’s continuously-smiling right hand man or the highly experimental bots turned out by her one-man R&D department.

Actually I have so many thoughts and a lot more drawings so I’m gonna do a readmore, hold up.

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The thing about UFC is that trash-talking has become a part of it (it’s considered more of a sport than a martial art after all). It’s all a business and it’s a way for people to purchase the $60 fight the night of. What I’ve noticed about Ronda is she doesn’t get aggressive with opponents unless they give her a reason to. 


People like to paint her to be this horrible, egoistical person, but I don’t think that’s true.

She works for an industry that makes contenders literally fight to stay relevant to keep their job and status - how many people abandoned Ronda after her first loss is an example at how fickle UFC fans can be.

 Ronda has done so much for female athletes throughout the years, and people shutting her down for her show of confidence is honestly gross. It seems others can get away with boasting, but as soon as Ronda opens her mouth she receives so much hate. It’s a publicity stunt that everyone seems to take too seriously. I’m not saying that everyone must be a fan of her, I was just stating that when someone claims they’ve become depressed and have contemplated suicide (especially given their history), it’s not a time to mock the person and make jokes about how they “deserved it.”

I will always be a fan of Ronda, and I will continue to defend her.


Comebacks against homophobia

-“The thought of two guys having sex, it just makes me sick!”
Well the thought of your fat ass plowing some chick doesn’t get me off either.

-Homophobe: Adam and Eve, not Steve!
Me: its homosapiens not heterosapien 

-dude: “Two girls kissing is gross.”
you: “You may want to rethink your orientation, because it’s very common for straight guys to dig it…”

- “thats so gay”
You: Yes, it is happy, thank you.
Homophobic person: What?
You: Well, you meant happy, didnt you? Because, nothing about _____ points to one’s sexual orintation.
Homophobic person: (Im stupid and confused now)
You: (walk away)

- fuck you nasty dyke !
Don’t be mad just because I don’t love you back.”

-Homophobe saids something:
“It’s funny how gays can spot other guys in public!” or “Your gaydar is very good. 

-Why don’t you like girls? 
Im allergic to nuts

does someone else know something too? Then leave a comment below and maybe I will use t for the next one :D 

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Halo~ I just got Twitter and I was just wondering if you had it if you could give me a list of good people to follow please?

ooh sure! i follow a decent amount of people on twitter but my list is pretty practical because i mostly use twitter for kpop updates, aha but that should be fine right?

the holy grail of any kpop fan who wants to sell their soul and fully dedicate themselves to surrounding their life around kpop

  • kpop_stream »
    believe me when i say i followed this person and i aint never been the same since… this person basically tweets with the schedule and lineup for music shows and gives stream links and everything and they are a literal lifesaver when your favorite group is actively promoting. but good lord please use caution if you like a lot of groups and you have no sEL F CON T R OL and you’re up late and ajdjsjgfh

all bts fansites aka pictures

    this should be self-explanatory but it is a twitter account that lists all the fansites available for bts right now, and in their list they also have one by member. so maybe follow a few or subscribe to a list or look through them and see which ones you want to follow exclusively! very very useful

the rest under the cut because this is gonna get long but if you’re looking to know exactly what’s going on with bts in general, this list is perfect for you because you’ll never be in the dark!!! (you’ll probably wish you were though for a majority of drama so i try to weed that out)

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how is the expanse??? the pilot was free on itunes a while back and i finally watched it to kill sometime in the airport the other day. i thought it was really beautiful and clearly has that good bsg political scifi vibe to it, but how much of it ends up being that new XO's manpain over the death of his goodhearted gf? i can only take so much dude angst before i burst into flaes.

okay I’m actually going to answer this publically because I too had a ping on that radar that tells you “this narrative is going to gross masc yawn-town” throughout the first few episodes and I want to categorically say it gets better. (and I want everyone to watch this show.) 

by the end of season 1, I found myself completely sucked in and pleasantly surprised because while this is not All Your Feminist Dreams Are Answered In Space™, it’s a good show and an interesting world, so I dived right in and read all of the novels and as it currently stands: holden’s manpain isn’t particularly prominent in any of them. he is (sadly) the only continuous narrating character (each book is told from multiple perspectives) and what happens to the canterbury does irrevocably change his life and propel the story forward, but it’s not the main focus at all. 

in fact the overall story of the books has only barely begun as of the end of season one of the show: it covers about halfway through the first book. and it certainly does have its issues with girl in the fridge syndrome but more in respect to julie mao and detective miller than holden, outlined well here though the review contains spoilers for the first book. as in: in the books, julie skirts being a character that exists solely for miller’s hard-boiled angst. I think this largely derives from the use of the noir genre, which is sad because the way the series plays with genre is fun: it’s just really hard to write a feminist noir detective story without completely gender flipping the archetypal roles. but imo the show, so far, has done a better job of having her exist in her own right as an interesting character.

the story does a great job of weaving together the individual plotlines of unrelated individuals into something that builds and builds until they all intersect: miller on ceres, holden and the ex-canterbury crew on … a number of spaceships throughout season 1 (vagueing to avoid spoilers), chrisjen on earth (who isn’t actually introduced until the second book so her show-story is completely new and I love her, heart eyes), fred johnson, julie mao … all the characters are going to cross paths, and the way in which they do is so fun to watch, but that continues beyond the somewhat contained story of the first book. 

and that’s the real reason you should watch: it’s just getting started. I promise, there are so many awesome characters we haven’t met yet who I desperately want to see on my television: anna volovodov, lesbian methodist preacher. elvi okoye, nigerian space science queen aka actual interstellar biochemist aka my DREAM. and bobbie draper, babin’ martian marine. 

again, no spoilers, BUT chrisjen avasarala + bobbie draper + crew of roci + cold war thriller in space = the second book, so it’s only going to get better. the third and fourth books were my favourite so far - lots of philosophy on belief systems and what it means to exist and colonize new worlds and That Usual Sci-Fi Stuff but without a lot of the Convenient Science Magic that characterizes earlier space opera. 

tl;dr: minimal manpain, what manpain there is takes second seat to the more important stuff, lots of badass ladies, mostly woc. yes, books are written by men, which inevitably sometimes shows, but mostly in a very tolerable way and so far the show has improved the gender dynamics which were already a solid B+. in summary: the expanse is a lot less centered on interchangeable white guys as it seems like it is going to be in the first 6 episodes.  

ok lets talk about the otp with supernatural beings bc hALLOWEEN IS COMING

  • “(im a vampire and) i apologize i don’t mean to be rude but you’re leaking from your pad/tampon and you haven’t noticed yet (because it hasn’t had the chance to but i can smell it and i know this is gross and i dont wanna suck your tampon or whatever bc wtf) but im giving you a heads up bc i don’t want you to get embarrassed especially since we are in public”
  • “we are both ghosts that are in the same house and we are territorial over it and for almost 100 years we tried to kick eachother out but we are both too stubborn to leave so we just sucked it up and accepted it until a big family moves in and they are annoying af and we are two bored and fed up ghosts so we try to scare them away and its actually hilarious at first and its the most fun we’ve had in years (the spirit board wAS THE BEST ONE i mean they were just screaming to get fucked with) and i think we are starting to like eachother now but oh shit they are bringing in priests??? dude we aren’t demons pls dont try to vanquish us???????”
  • “im a witch (in training) and i accidentally turned my prom date into a toad and now im sitting in my house with all my books out trying to turn him back and iM MISSING PROM and if my parents find out i used magic even by accident i would be so grounded and you’re my annoying neighbor that is a warlock and i know you know so much more than i do on this since you’re out of training and i rlly need your help and i dont want to ask it bc you will hold it against me forever but im desperate so im going to call you and i know ill regret this later but i need my prom date to not be a toad so ill deal with it”
  • “im a werewolf with anger management issues and you’re my psychiatrist (who still has no idea what i am) and i rlly hated these sessions at first but then i realized i started liking you and i know you feel the same or atleast are willing to fuck me bc i can smell your arousal and its really fucking hot”
  • “im a 400 year old vampire who is too afraid to ask you on a date so im trying to impress you with my historical facts (bc i obviously lived it) while in the museum but i don’t seem to be getting much anywhere and im rlly nervous bc youre rlly beautiful and yeah i know this whole forbidden love shit with the whole immortal and human thing but dating is harmless right?? and besides im not gonna rip your throat out from the thirst of your blood this isn’t twilight im offended at the shit in that movie who the fuck shimmers??? i cant even talk about that abomination but i can control myself im not an animal i’ve been around for hundreds of years- and yet im still terrified to ask you on a date.. im a pathetic vampire just love me pls im lonely and dead inside. literally.”