so i became a flying type


Alolan Eeveelution Concepts:

  • Vaporeon (Water / Ground)
    • It’s body is made of cells similar to water molecules. When it was introduced to the fairly sandy waters of Alola, it’s cells changed to match the sand to maintain it’s stealth, gaining the ground type.
  • Jolteon (Electric / Steel)
    • Due to the frequent tropical storms of the region, it gained more power by absorbing lightning strikes. By gaining the steel type, it’s body became a natural lightning rod, pulling in more electricity.
  • Flareon (Fire / Rock)
    • Found at the Wela Volcano Park, at the top of the volcano, Flareon adapted to it’s surroundings, gaining the rock type to blend in better, looking like magma and stone when necessary.
  • Espeon (Psychic / Dragon)
    • When brought to the Alola region, it was revered as a sacred icon because of it’s connection to the sun. A combination of the constant praise, as well as the excessive solar energy it absorbed, it’s true dragon potential was brought out.
  • Umbreon (Dark / Poison)
    • When threatened, Umbreon’s skin can seep a poisonous sweat. Upon entering the Alola region, as a result of always being on edge because of the new environment, combined with the unknown number of natural predators, Umbreon entered a constant state of seeping toxins.
  • Leafeon (Grass / Fighting)
    • To adapt to the Lush Jungle, Leafeon had to learn how to fend for itself, no longer the top of the food chain like in it’s home in Eterna Forest. It became more aggressive over time, gaining the fighting type to survive.
  • Glaceon (Ice / Flying)
    • Finding its place at the top of Mount Lanakila, it learned to adapt to the high winds and thin air at the insane altitude. As a result, it gained the flying type and became the living embodiment of a blizzard, whipping up winds and snow to cloak itself.
  • Sylveon (Fairy / Ghost)
    • It can read it’s trainers auras and feelings. Because of the heavy connection to, and respect for, the dead in the Alola region, it gained the ghost type, serving as a conduit between the living and the dead.

@nyolofinwe​ said: manwë made starlings for varda; that’s why they’re so plentiful! he loved her so much he was just like, all of these are for you

and maybe I had to write that:

“But… what are they?” Varda wondered, looking at the tiny flying creatures. As she watched, they all seemed to turn, following the lead of one, shaping wondrous figures in the air that fascinated her with their transience. There it was a circle, but now an arrow that became a wave in an instant.

“I have called them starlings, my love,” Manwë replied, satisfied as he watched the small birds fly hither and yon, but always forming constellations of a sort – just the type of bird Varda would like, he thought. “Starlings-”

He forgot what he wanted to say in the heat of her kisses, flitting like starlight through his mind, but it didn’t matter: far below, the starlings would continue to dance for her, mimicking the much slower dance of Varda’s heavens.

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Headcanons about Teba and his wife, Saki?

This is so pure and I love them.

??? I had something so long typed for this and it’s gone???

Okay. Trying again.

  • Saki is a fabulous healer, as such this is in part how she became close with Teba
  • Saki is a fabulous cook, often making menus for the week to share with her family so they know what to expect. 
  • Teba is a kind husband, a fun yet stern father and all around the perfect family man- his wife is his life
  • Teba took Saki flying once when she hurt herself, this is when they fell in love for real. A funny turn of events the healer being hurt and helped by.. him
  • Teba and Saki are always willing to host others in their home, beautifuly hospitable 

~Mod Zelda

I have a Pokemon fan theory

Alright. So, my theory is about the fossils in Pokemon. They are all rock type.

Got me to thinking, maybe in their prehistoric eras, they weren’t rock type. Maybe the solidification of fossilization just caused them to become rock types when they were revived it became apart of their DNA that they couldn’t shake it off, and that some of them were different types instead of rock type back in their prehistoric age. 

For example, Aerodactyl is a dragon egg group, and is rock/flying. Maybe back before it was fossilized it was dragon/flying instead. 

I’m just thinking some lose their rock type, and some replace it with another type, back before they went extinct, and that it’s fun to think what other types they could’ve been. Maybe Cradily was water/grass? Who knows?

What started out as a sketch became a collaborative project between me, the PS Art Room, smogon forums, and the fakemon creators over at /vp/, so the advice has been appreciated. It’s a frilled pinwheel lizard that evolves into a kite dragon. I considered making it dragon/flying in the beginning, but seeing how it could be made into grass with little to no effort, I went with that since that typing is much more rare. And as a small trivia, the swedish language has the same word for dragon and kite (drake), which is part of the reason why I wanted it to gain the dragon typing upon evolving.

Names comes from Pinwheel + Weed, and Reptile + Kite.

Notable moves: Leaf Blade, Power Whip, Giga Drain, Energy Ball, Air Slash, Acrobatics, Tailwind, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Tail, Whirlwind, Defog, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Swords Dance, Roost

I have words about Mystic Messenger

I was gonna post this earlier but Tumblr mobile ate it.

I stayed up entirely too late last night playing through the end of 707’s route and the secret endings and the following is a summary of my thoughts about the characters, characterization and the overarching plot line. I didn’t expect to get so involved in this silly lil game but other than a couple criticisms I absolutely ADORED playing this game and the world within its text. :3

Below the cut cuz long and SPOILERS.

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[ENG] 160709 Seungkwan’s Twitter Interaction With Fans

Opening Tweet: [17′s Seungkwan] Today’s Seungkwan day!!!!

Fan: So pretty.
SK: CARATs’ editing skills…

Fan: Coolpis in the morning?
SK: *laughs*

(T/N: Wordplay on DK’s line “I who used to need a morning call in the morning”. Because of way ‘call need’ (col pilsu) is sang very quickly in the song, it sounds a lot like Coolpis)

Fan: (attached picture)
SK: What is this *laughs* Please delete it immediately.

Fan: Simple’s currently playing on my handphone.
SK: You who’s streaming SEVENTEEN’s song is pretty.

Fan: Even though we’re separated, it’s my dream to meet you. Please remember that my love is eternal!!!!
SK: I’ll remember.

cr: jia & kass @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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Tough Bitch (n.m.)

| Requested by tattedskate: can you do an imagine where Nate finds out more about your past . ( you were bad and got into fights a lot ) then one day you get into a fight in front of him , your friends and his friends ? 😁😇


“So, you used to be this cliché bad girl type of thing?” He asked me. I chuckled and nodded. “Tell me more.”

I harshly swallowed, thinking back to high school. It was a dark time for me. All those years were simply terrible. All because I didn’t have the right friends. My friends back then would skip class to smoke pot just outside the school area, they would beat the shit out of people if they didn’t listen to them or what so ever.

“It’s literally too much to explain at once.” I chuckled. “But I would start in sophomore year. I started hanging out with these people who were your typical bad ass squad. I thought they were ‘cool’. So one time in… Biology or something, we talked and actually became friends…”

“And we started hanging out, they were the reason behind my firsts. My first kiss, my first pot, cigarette, first time having sex. All those things, just because they said ‘it would be fun’. FYI, I was 15.” His eyes widened a little.

“Yeah, uh. I can remember this one time, when I first beat the shit out of this girl. She was… She was your typical white girl, trying to act all getto. I told her that she needed to calm her ass for once, and suddenly she started yelling in my face, I don’t know what was up with her, but I just told her to calm down. Then I of course responded to that, and before I knew it we were laying on the ground, pulling each others hair.”

I bit my lip. “And it happened many times after that, with different people, different stupid reasons.” I sighed.

“Babe, you seemed like the type to never hurt a fly when I first met you.” I smiled at him.

“That’s what I wanted. I didn’t want people to look at me and think ‘oh, ew. She’s a thug.’ so after I dropped out of high school, I became your local holy Maria.” He laughed after I finished my sentence.

“I won’t ever judge you, just because you told me that. You know that right?” Nate said as he intertwined our hands. I nodded at him and sighed. “Thank you for telling me this.”

— 2 weeks later

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