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Kaotic Koncepts: Team Dark’s Controls/Gameplay for my Game Idea

Heyo everyone! I’m back with this 2D Sonic game idea of mine, and this time I’m showing off the movesets/gameplay for Team Dark, comprising of Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and Omega! Before I go on, I just want to make a note (which will be present on all these posts): this is simply an idea for how these listed characters would play in my hypothetical 2D Sonic game. If you feel a given “move” doesn’t sound right for any reason or think it does, don’t be afraid to tell me. I’m sharing this mostly for feedback, in addition to the desire to share ideas. Just keep any criticisms constructive and said in a nice manner. Also, don’t be concerned with the numbers (Ring cost, duration, etc.), it’s the Abilities themselves I’m more concerned with. Although I guess your thoughts on whether a given ability costs too much Rings or too little would be helpful. Now then, on with the movesets!

Shadow the Hedgehog

Overview: It’s possibly the most popular character in this franchise aside from Sonic, Shadow the Edg- I mean, Hedgehog! Even after his revival in Heroes and his own game saw Shadow becoming the most polarizing character in this franchise (at least in the games), this anti-heroic hedgehog remains a strong fan-favorite. And indeed, Shadow is also a favorite of mine, though he’s low on the list and I don’t feel much passion for him, if only because he gets way more attention and love than, say, Amy and Cream. Nonetheless, I was determined to give him an ideal 2D gameplay due to the sheer potential of his moveset. In fact, Shadow was one of the major characters who inspired this idea because he never got to be playable in a 2D game and his Chaos Powers can be used to great effect!

And that was basically the idea I approached with Shadow; focus on his Chaos Powers and essentially be a flashy yet practical character. But since Shadow has been used more often than not as a “hard difficulty”, I elected to have him be a “difficult but awesome” character, having awesome abilities with great effects but they all cost Rings or come at some great price. For a “double jump”, Shadow has a short ranged teleport fittingly called “Chaos Blink” (blink being used as a term for short-range teleportation in many video games), Attack utilizes Shadow’s Chaos Spear, Ability 1 the famous Chaos Control (time freezing version), and Ability 2 sees Shadow removing his Inhibitor Rings to enter his true, most powerful state but at a very risky cost, while also giving Shadow access to Chaos Blast! Truly, Shadow is potentially the most powerful character in the game (so long you got the Rings).


-Speed Type

-Second fastest speed

-Medium durability; loses 50 Rings on damage and only able to reclaim 25 of them

-Can’t swim; good breath duration

-Able to grab onto Swing Bars

-Super Form

Move Set

Jump + Jump- Chaos Blink (Shadow taps into his innate Chaos Powers and teleports a short distance in the chosen direction. Allows Shadow to go through walls in a technical sense, perfect for shortcuts or accessing things normally unobtainable by anyone else. Costs 10 Rings)

Down + Jump- Spin Dash (You know the drill; spins in place in ball form, goes fast after charging up)

Jump (hold in midair)- Hover Shoes (Shadow activates his Jet Shoes to full power while in the air, descending to the ground at a slower rate. Has great horizontal movement and lasts forever but doesn’t slow Shadow’s descent all too much)

Attack- Chaos Spear (Shadow taps into his power and summons three spears of Chaos Energy, which he then tosses forward in three directions: straight, up, and down. Chaos Spear destroys regular/armored enemies and stuns giant ones, as well as deals good damage to bosses. In Chaos Boost/Mode, Chaos Spear is empowered, destroying all kinds of enemies and dealing greater damage to bosses)

Attack (in Chaos Mode)- Chaos Blast (Shadow channels his power and unleashes a powerful explosion of Chaos Energy, destroying all enemies, items, and obstacles on screen and dealing massive damage to bosses. Costs 20 Rings) [MAY seem OP to cost 20 Rings, but this can only be used in the Ring draining Chaos Mode, which also kills Shadow should he run out]

Ability 1- Chaos Control (Shadow’s most iconic ability, wherein he uses his innate Chaos Energy to freeze time for himself with the assistance of a synthetic Chaos Emerald. As long as Shadow has enough Rings, time is completely frozen, signified by black and white coloring, and the only things that continue to move are things necessary to advance the level. Costs 35 Rings to activate and makes Shadow lose 10 Rings per second it’s active. Can be deactivated by pressing Ability 1 again, after which Chaos Control is put on a minute cooldown)

Ability 2- Chaos Mode (Shadow removes the rings on his wrist, which are actually inhibitors limiting his innate Chaos Energy, and gains access to his full power! In Chaos Mode, Shadow’s always at top speed, his jump height is increased, and gains invulnerability to enemies. Hazards are fair game though and Shadow will still drown. And unlike all other abilities, Shadow WILL die if he runs out of Rings in Chaos Mode. Costs 45 Rings to activate and depletes 5 Rings per second. Can be deactivated by pressing Ability 2 again)

L/R + Ability 2 ([potential] Partner Mode only, as the partner)- Chaos Rewind (Using his Chaos Powers to manipulate time, Shadow rewinds time by 4 seconds. When this ability is used, Shadow and his partner are moved to the position he was in 4 seconds ago and all other statuses are reversed, such as the loss or gain of Rings and the destruction of enemies. Very useful if you fall down a bottomless pit or lose tons of Rings from something stupid. Costs 15 Rings, has a 15 second cooldown, and can easily put you in a bad position just as much as it can save you)

L/R + Jump + Jump (after collecting all 7 Chaos Emeralds)- Super Shadow (Shadow absorbs the Seven Chaos Emeralds and his black fur turns gold as he becomes the almighty Super Shadow! In this empowered state, Shadow moves at maximum speed and is invulnerable to all forms of damage, which also enables him to destroy any kind of enemy he runs into. Shadow’s Attacks are also empowered and costs no Rings, although he can’t use any of his Abilities, not that you’ll need them. Requires 50 Rings to activate and depletes 1 Ring per second, upon running out Shadow returns to normal)

Rouge the Bat

Overview: Next up is the thief out to steal Knuckles’ jewel (and his heart), Rouge the Bat! Rouge is yet another favorite of mine, being middle or so in the list, due to her badassery, complex personality, and overall being a truly cool character (her design may or may not play into things as well). I have to say, I’m surprised that Rouge is a somewhat controversial character and faces derision. Of course, this is the gaming public we’re talking about (and they no doubt are paying more attention to Rouge’s appearance than her overall character)…

Anyway, coming up with Rouge’s gameplay was tough at first, but after an idea from @benignmilitancy, it became a breeze. Rouge in this game idea would return to her “roots” as a “clone” of Knuckles, although she’s a Speed Type rather than a Power Type (I know Rouge has always been a Flying Type, but because Flying Types in this game are supposed to be poor at combat and Rouge has powerful legs… A compromise had to be made) and so Rouge is much faster than Knux and a better jumper. When pressing Jump twice, Rouge glides forward with her wings instead of using them for true flight, but Rouge is able to flap her wings to gain air while gliding. As you might expect, Rouge makes use of her powerful legs when attacking, and her first Ability has Rouge doing what bats do best: screech at a mega high pitch, which actually allows Rouge to detect things ahead via echolocation. And for Ability 2, Rouge uses a device I made up for her, the Ring Attractor, which is basically a temporary Electric Shield minus the actual shield. Rouge also naturally bypasses security lasers, cause she’s that good at stealthing.


-Speed Type

-Sixth fastest character

-Third highest jump

-Can swim; good swimming speed, swim stamina, and breath duration (she is a trained spy)

-Can’t roll or jump into a ball

-Medium durability; loses 60 Rings on damage but can reclaim 30 of th

-Naturally able to pass through security lasers due to experience with them

Move Set

Jump + Jump- Wing Glide/Bat Climb (Rouge spreads her wings and glides forward at a fast rate. Rouge descends very slowly and she’s able to gain altitude by flapping her wings, which is done by pressing the Jump button mid-glide. Unlike Knuckles, though, Rouge doesn’t have any spiked fists to hit enemies with, so gliding into them will damage her. Upon gliding onto a wall, Rouge will cling to it and climb up and down at a steady pace. To cancel the glide, simply press the Attack button)

Down + Jump- Quick Sprint (Rouge runs in place as she gathers speed for a sprint. Essentially Rouge’s version of Amy’s “Giant Step” but without the leap and faster momentum)

Attack- Dash Kick (Rouge dashes forward while delivering an incredible kick with her powerful legs and feet. Destroys non-armored enemies and deals great damage to bosses though Rouge will get damaged from kicking the hazardous part of an enemy. Dash Kick can be used twice in quick succession for a two-kick combo)

Ability 1- Bat Screech (Rouge let’s loose a “sonic pulse” that travels forward from her position, allowing her detection of enemies, Rings, Item Containers, and hazards off-screen ahead via arrows and stunning any enemies it hits, as well as granting Rouge temporary vision in dark areas via echolocation)

Ability 2- Ring Attractor (Rouge activates a brand new device for thieves, the Ring Attractor, which does exactly what the name suggests. The Ring Attractor functions exactly like the Electric Shield except for the protection against electricity and also works underwater. However the Ring Attractor only lasts 15 seconds. Costs 40 Rings and has a minute cooldown)

E-123 Omega

Overview: Up next, the semi-heroic walking weapon of mass destruction that Eggman was foolish enough NOT to use, E-Series 123 Omega! Omega has always been an awesome character to me; he’s essentially a robotic tank with numerous weapons and countless ammo, and has the personality to suit. Although the interesting thing about Omega’s personality is that he doesn’t lust to cause mindless destruction, and indeed he’s not mindless at all. Omega only seeks the destruction of Eggman’s creations and has a very logical mindset. I honestly don’t understand the relative dislike for Omega with all that in mind. I understand if people prefer Gamma, but I don’t see why Omega deserves dislike because of that…

Anyway, as with Big, coming up with Omega’s gameplay wasn’t easy due to his overall character not fitting the standard Sonic norm, but I managed to come up with a very interesting gameplay for him that should hopefully work with traditional 2D Sonic gameplay. That idea is for Omega’s Attack and first Ability utilize “Mods”, which are the different weapons Omega makes use of in the games: his claws, machine guns, missile launchers, and flamethrower, with Ability 2 changing between them. Other than that, Omega uses his rocket thrusters to hover into the air like in Sonic 06. He may not be the alpha, but this Omega is certainly the strongest to exist!


-Power Type

-Super durable; loses only 5 Rings on damage and can reclaim them all

-Second slowest in the game

-Lowest jump in the game

-Can’t swim; infinite breath duration (on account of not needing to breathe)

-Can’t roll into a ball; can jump into a ball though

Move Set

Jump + Jump (hold)- Rocket Hover (Omega sets his rocket thrusters to maximum and momentarily hovers into the air. Provides good horizontal movement but not much height nor does it last long, being 6 seconds max. With the Flamethrower Mod, however, Omega’s Rocket Hover lasts 9 seconds and gives more height thanks to Omega using the flamethrowers for extra power. Omega can use most of his Attacks while hovering, except for the flamethrower)

Attack- Mod Attack (Omega attacks ahead of himself with the currently equipped mod in his arm. Claw Mod has Omega dash forward with a powerful slash from his claws, which gives a good boost of speed. Bullet Mod has Omega shoot a constant stream of bullets that doesn’t end until he presses Attack again or the Mod ability itself runs out; Omega still moves and can jump/Rocket Hover while firing and the bullets destroy all kinds of enemies, though tougher enemies need to be shot at for a few seconds. Though Omega suffers a speed penalty and loses 5 Rings per second when firing with Bullet Mod. Missile Mod has Omega fire a single but powerful projectile that explodes upon contact with anything, destroying any enemies, Item Containers, and other destructibles in a huge AoE at the cost of 15 Rings. And finally, Flamethrower Mod has Omega shoot a stream of fire for as long as Attack is held down; Omega still moves and can jump while using the flamethrower and the flamethrower destroys all kinds of enemies, though armored enemies require a bit more time to be destroyed. Though Omega can’t use Rocket Hover while using the flamethrower, suffers a slight speed penalty, and loses 10 Rings per second)

Ability 1- Mod Ability (Omega makes use of his various mods for non-combat purposes. Claw Mod has Omega spin his claws into “drills”, which can then be used to destroy breakable walls similarly to Knuckles [given that Omega can’t roll into a ball to do this, it’s very much necessary]. Bullet Mod has Omega shoot a bullet at the nearest Item Container or other things of interest, even if they’re behind walls and other obstructions. Missile Mod has Omega jump into the air and quickly fire a missile below himself, which then explodes just underneath the robot and launches him high into the air, but at the cost of 30 Rings and a 10 second cooldown. And Flamethrower Mod has Omega use the flamethrower as a makeshift jet, aiming it behind himself and using it to push himself forward and move at a greater speed. However, Ability 1 needs to be held down for the entire time and Omega loses 10 Rings per second) 

Ability 2- Mod Change (Omega switches between the various mods built into his arms: Claw [the default Mod], Bullet, Missile, and Flamethrower, which changes up Omega’s Attack and Ability 1. Each Mod outside of Claw can only be used for 30 seconds, after which Omega cannot use that Mod again until switching)

What started out as a sketch became a collaborative project between me, the PS Art Room, smogon forums, and the fakemon creators over at /vp/, so the advice has been appreciated. It’s a frilled pinwheel lizard that evolves into a kite dragon. I considered making it dragon/flying in the beginning, but seeing how it could be made into grass with little to no effort, I went with that since that typing is much more rare. And as a small trivia, the swedish language has the same word for dragon and kite (drake), which is part of the reason why I wanted it to gain the dragon typing upon evolving.

Names comes from Pinwheel + Weed, and Reptile + Kite.

Notable moves: Leaf Blade, Power Whip, Giga Drain, Energy Ball, Air Slash, Acrobatics, Tailwind, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Tail, Whirlwind, Defog, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Swords Dance, Roost

I have a Pokemon fan theory

Alright. So, my theory is about the fossils in Pokemon. They are all rock type.

Got me to thinking, maybe in their prehistoric eras, they weren’t rock type. Maybe the solidification of fossilization just caused them to become rock types when they were revived it became apart of their DNA that they couldn’t shake it off, and that some of them were different types instead of rock type back in their prehistoric age. 

For example, Aerodactyl is a dragon egg group, and is rock/flying. Maybe back before it was fossilized it was dragon/flying instead. 

I’m just thinking some lose their rock type, and some replace it with another type, back before they went extinct, and that it’s fun to think what other types they could’ve been. Maybe Cradily was water/grass? Who knows?

I have words about Mystic Messenger

I was gonna post this earlier but Tumblr mobile ate it.

I stayed up entirely too late last night playing through the end of 707’s route and the secret endings and the following is a summary of my thoughts about the characters, characterization and the overarching plot line. I didn’t expect to get so involved in this silly lil game but other than a couple criticisms I absolutely ADORED playing this game and the world within its text. :3

Below the cut cuz long and SPOILERS.

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>things i want to see as a pokemon:</b> <p/><b></b> -anemoe<p/><b></b> -peacock/peahen (imagine espurr/meowstic but peacocks)<p/><b></b> -a chicken who specializes in eggs (like chansey+blaziken)<p/><b></b> -water type turkish van (because they can swim unlike other domestic cats and make them mix with turkish angora and give heterochromia,some vans have heterochromia too)<p/><b></b> -fire type bunny starter<p/><b></b> -a fire/fairy or a fairy/dark type<p/><b></b> -more spacey designs<p/><b></b> -more pokemon who have unusual colored fire (like green or blue flames)<p/><b></b> -more ghost/fairy types<p/><b></b> -more eeveelutions,i want ghost or flying so bad<p/><b></b> -MORE GHOSTS i love ghostsdhdhsvshdh<p/><b>things i wanted which became an actual pokemon idea:</b> <p/><b></b> -origami (kartana)<p/><b></b> -grass type bird starter (rowlet line)<p/><b></b> -a which (mismagius or delphox)<p/><b></b> -glitchy pokemon (porygon-z,not missingno lmao)<p/><b></b> -a spaceship,not a dragon or smth a literal spaceship (plane worked too) (celesteela)<p/><b></b> -a ghost/fairy type (mimikyu)<p/><b></b> -grass type eeveelution(leafeon)<p/><b></b> -a swan and a parrot(chatot and swanna)<p/><b></b> -scottish fold pokemon (espurr line)<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

anonymous asked:


Hmm, favorite team? Damn, umm…

I would go with:

Greninja (This guy is a glass canon, but he was always my first pokemon to send out in Pokemon X. With the Protean ability this fucker can became four different types mid battle! A great way to keep the opponent on their toes. :P)

Mega Venusaur (My first pokemon ever was Bulbasaur in Pokemon Blue, so Venusaur has a special place in my heart. This big guy was my ‘fairy killer’ in X, and in it’s Mega form it learns the Thick Fat ability, making it harder to knock out with fire and ice attacks.)

Talonflame (It’s pretty fast, and doubles as a way to hatch eggs faster with it’s Flame Body ability. Before Sun and Moon, this was the pokemon I would use for Fly.)

Sylveon (A decent counter to Dragon types, and I really like the design they gave it.)

Aegislash (My beautiful, annoying to deal with, baby boy; this guy has saved my ass both in game and on online battles. It’s Shield and Blade form is a clever use of switching forms in the game, and with Shadow Sneak it can really piss some people off. XD)

Weavile (Fragile, but if you’re careful this guy, it’s speed can be the meaning between winning or losing a battle. I breed mine in X to know Ice Shard and Pursuit, which is a cool little surprise to those that don’t know it can learn those Egg Moves. gehehe)

Tough Bitch (n.m.)

| Requested by tattedskate: can you do an imagine where Nate finds out more about your past . ( you were bad and got into fights a lot ) then one day you get into a fight in front of him , your friends and his friends ? 😁😇


“So, you used to be this cliché bad girl type of thing?” He asked me. I chuckled and nodded. “Tell me more.”

I harshly swallowed, thinking back to high school. It was a dark time for me. All those years were simply terrible. All because I didn’t have the right friends. My friends back then would skip class to smoke pot just outside the school area, they would beat the shit out of people if they didn’t listen to them or what so ever.

“It’s literally too much to explain at once.” I chuckled. “But I would start in sophomore year. I started hanging out with these people who were your typical bad ass squad. I thought they were ‘cool’. So one time in… Biology or something, we talked and actually became friends…”

“And we started hanging out, they were the reason behind my firsts. My first kiss, my first pot, cigarette, first time having sex. All those things, just because they said ‘it would be fun’. FYI, I was 15.” His eyes widened a little.

“Yeah, uh. I can remember this one time, when I first beat the shit out of this girl. She was… She was your typical white girl, trying to act all getto. I told her that she needed to calm her ass for once, and suddenly she started yelling in my face, I don’t know what was up with her, but I just told her to calm down. Then I of course responded to that, and before I knew it we were laying on the ground, pulling each others hair.”

I bit my lip. “And it happened many times after that, with different people, different stupid reasons.” I sighed.

“Babe, you seemed like the type to never hurt a fly when I first met you.” I smiled at him.

“That’s what I wanted. I didn’t want people to look at me and think ‘oh, ew. She’s a thug.’ so after I dropped out of high school, I became your local holy Maria.” He laughed after I finished my sentence.

“I won’t ever judge you, just because you told me that. You know that right?” Nate said as he intertwined our hands. I nodded at him and sighed. “Thank you for telling me this.”

— 2 weeks later

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[ENG] 160709 Seungkwan’s Twitter Interaction With Fans

Opening Tweet: [17′s Seungkwan] Today’s Seungkwan day!!!!

Fan: So pretty.
SK: CARATs’ editing skills…

Fan: Coolpis in the morning?
SK: *laughs*

(T/N: Wordplay on DK’s line “I who used to need a morning call in the morning”. Because of way ‘call need’ (col pilsu) is sang very quickly in the song, it sounds a lot like Coolpis)

Fan: (attached picture)
SK: What is this *laughs* Please delete it immediately.

Fan: Simple’s currently playing on my handphone.
SK: You who’s streaming SEVENTEEN’s song is pretty.

Fan: Even though we’re separated, it’s my dream to meet you. Please remember that my love is eternal!!!!
SK: I’ll remember.

cr: jia & kass @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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