so i basically giffed the whole video

Dangerous Woman Tour Full Review (Including Full Song-By-Song Breakdown and Videos)

Helloooooo here with my Dangerous Woman Tour Review. It’s ridiculously long so I made it a “Read More” post. Please reblog if you read, because I put a TON of effort into this and therefore would like to spread it to as many people as possible to make this worth it lol. This review includes my opinions on basically every aspect of the show, as well as a song-by-song breakdown and lots and lots of videos. Let me know if you have any questions, I can answer anything!

DISCLAIMER: my opinions literally don’t matter and you may hold different ones and that’s all good you do you

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Eric’s “good song”

absinthe-sims  asked:

What's your favorite time periode ? And flower ? Also is there some tiny little things in everyday life wich make you happy ?

ooh there are so many. i really like medieval times but thats prob bc im a nerd how reads a lot of fantasy books that take place during that time heheh. and i really like the aesthetic of the old west. like the whole saloon thing is so neat to me. also victorian, but especially the more gothic side. but basically, any historical time period is my favorite really.

tulips i think. i really love all flowers though. 🌷🌷

would it be super nerdy to say sims? bc totally sims. and running into cute pictures/videos/gifs of animals.

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Hello there ✌🏻️ first of all your art is breathtaking, you are one of my inspirations 😍 but im a begginer (like a fetus begginer, like a 'potato drawing skills' begginer 🍠) so if you dont mind, can you give me some art advice to start my journey (or emotional roller coaster) in the depths of art? Have a nice weekend (you'll need it with all these MV dropping around)

hello my dear! thank you so much for your compliments! it really means a lot to me <3

too bad that you didn’t say if you are a beginner in traditional or digital, i could be more precise in my reply :( 

in general if you don’t know anything about drawing try to read tutorials on dA about human body proportions, face proportions, how to build a face with basic shapes, color theory, composition theory etc. it’s boring but it’s worth to know basics. and all of this applies both to traditional and digital.

when it comes to traditional these tutorials helped me a lot: proportions/being accurate, drawing nose, drawing lips, hair, shading and blending. also i used to spend hours on this blog and read this artist’s art tips. (i know she’s not from kpop fandom but  she’s very skilled, experienced and her tips really helped me and oh my god look at her art… TAT)

it’s a bit different with digital. first you have to buy a graphic tablet (i don’t really recommend painting with a mouse lol), the smallest will do at the beginning (wacom tablets are great). then you have to decide which software you want to use. i love Photoshop but a lot of artists find it too confusing. you can also try SAI and Corel Painter (i started with Corel Painter 11, then moved to PS CS6).

when you start with digital i’d advice you to read/watch some tutorials on YT about program tools, using layers and layers mode, brushes settings, blending techniques and adjustments layers. @auriee showed on her blog how she blends colors, @runnxgun made a post about her favourite brushes that you might want to try (also here i answered what brushes i usually use), @kharys made a few nice tutorials about painting hair and being accurate when you use a reference photo (they made tutorials that are more useful when you use Photoshop), @eto-nani made a really nice tutorial about painting skin (this one is for SAI). 

also you might want to check these channels on YT. hours of inspiration, tutorials and tips for you: Sycra (he has a playlist with tutorials for beginners), CUBEBRUSH (nice tutorials about painting hands, folds, color theory etc), Proko (anatomy and basic drawing tutorials),  Drawing Tutorials Online (figure drawing tutorials and a lot of art students’ sketchbooks - i love watching these. so inspiring!).  

you can also learn a lot by watching process videos/gifs. these are one of my favourite channels with process videos: webang111, WLOP, sakimichan

and probably the most important advice i can give you: always draw what you see, not what you think you see (for example eye sclera is never pure white as a lot of people think and we hardly ever see the whole circle of iris because edges of it are usually hidden behind eyelids) and always draw on big canvas in digital (minimum A4 i’d say).

i don’t know what more i can tell you. just practise a lot and don’t give up when something doesn’t look like you want it to, be patient because you won’t learn everything in 2 hours. good luck my sweet anon! <3 i hope it helps you a bit and of course if you need to know something more i’m always here to try and answer your questions^^


How many million years of human evolution, and this is what I use my brain for?  >.>

After 10x17 I spent a lot of time scrutinizing Dean’s body language and and facial expressions and direction of gaze because of the whole was it flirting debate.  And one of the questions I came away with was “Dude, is Dean watching Donnie walk away?”  If you know what I mean.

After 10x18, same story.  “Dude.  Is Dean checking Cas out?”

These aren’t good GIFs so I recommend going back to the source video.  (That’s what I was looking at, these are just to illustrate the basic idea.)  The answer I came away with was “Maybe, but there’s tons of plausible deniability.”


no i didn’t fuss with the colors. he was just turning red.


“When I was trying to impress Kate I was trying to cook these amazing fancy dinners and what would happen was I would burn something, something would overspill, something would catch on fire and she would be sitting in the background just trying to help, and basically taking control of the whole situation, so I was quite glad she was there at the time.”

Talking about cooking in 2007 and in 2010. Thank you to @hernameispekka on Twitter for the first video ♡

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On a scale of 1 to Nope, how bad is "5 Nights at Freddy's"? And does the humor of the Man with No Pants (Mark) help keep your mind of the terror?


It’s really scary. Mostly because it uses a method I’ve never seen in a video game before. The whole game is basically severe paranoia and if you mess up you’re rewarded with a horrible terrible jumpscare.

Here’s some gifs of Mark on Night 2.

And Night 5.


Never Have I Ever - EXTRAS

I would have giffed the shit out of this, but it would basically just be the whole video.  No, really, the entire video is so freaking adorable.  I dare  you to choose just 5 seconds to gif.

It’s like choosing which child is your favorite.

And then giffing them on the internet.