so i assume this is how he is everytime he enters their dorm


Jimin x Reader

Word count:3140

Summary: You have everything in your life planned out ever since you’re in high school. But life is such a playful little shit, she pulled you into the world of the ‘untouchables’, if she wasn’t cruel enough, you’d became the favorite of your least favorite person, Park Jimin. (Or is he?)

Warnings: cursing 

Themes: Fanfiction, OC, 

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“Ugh.” you responded to the loud ringing of your phone. You tried to locate it using only your sense of touch until you found it.

“Hello?” you answered without looking who’s on the other line.

You groaned when you heard a very familiar voice. – your mother’s.

“Hello, mom.” You greeted the other line.

She tried to conceal her worried tone with a simple nag about your waking habit.

[Y/N, it’s past 7, you have a class at 8 starting next week. You don’t want us visiting you there because of tardiness, right?]

“Mom, it’s only Saturday. And yes, I won’t be late. I have more than enough alarms here already.” You stopped talking and walk towards your door and slowly open to let the noise of a busy hallway reach the other line. Then you pressed your phone again to your ear.


[Alright, I am convinced now. Have you met your roommate yet?”]

You answered a ‘yes, she is nice.’

but a short flashback played on your head.


It was your first day in the busy streets of the city, your parents rented a van for the convenience and ‘safety’ of your trip. You were wowed by the beautiful infrastructures that greeted your eyes, different establishments that are close to each other. After a couple of hours, you finally reached the dorm that you’ll be staying at.

You’ve settled already but your roommate was nowhere to be seen. You occupied the left side of the room because there’s a police tape fencing the right side with a note that says:


Your parents left and it’s already dark so you decided to sleep early.

Several hours to your slumber, you heard someone’s in your room. You panicked. 

You tried to slowly open your eyes trying to adjust in the light source that you only have which is the lamp post from afar. Then you heard somebody curse. You immediately open your bedside lamp and you saw a someone’s back, wearing all black which made you scream. The ‘entity’ walked towards you and flicked your forehead which made you realize that it’s not a ghost. But a breathing human being.

“Nice to meet you too. I’m Z.” She extended her hand and you looked at it like it was some kind of alien limb. She sighed and took the initiative to get your hand and slightly shake it. She returned to her side of the room and you decided to sleep, leaving your lamp turned on.

When you wake up, your roommate was not there and haven’t returned yet since then.

You returned form that flashback when your mother suggested that you try to make friends as early as possible so you can enjoy school more. You’re about to sigh when you heard your dad’s voice on the background, you smiled.

[Honey, how are you?]

“Dad! I’m fine. How’s the store?”

“The store’s fine dear. Don’t worry. Have you adjusted? Did you explore the area already?” he asked continiously asked.

You answered each question properly and you told him that you plan on exploring the vicinity of the school so you’ll know the whereabouts of different places. When you told him that, your mom suddenly spoke, giving you reminders like turning off the lights when not being used, unplugging your phone’s charger, making sure that the tap’s not leaking when you close it, and such. Your father on the background added locking all windows and doors everytime.

You just said your “yes” to all of those reminders.

[Honey, we called just to check okay? I hope you have fun there.] your mother said. You heard your father shouted, [NO BOYS Y/N!]

You let a soft chuckle.”Tell Potchi I miss him.”

[Will do love.] your mom responded.

After the exchange of ‘i love yous’, the other line was disconnected. You stood up, stretched and decided to get ready for your ‘exploration’. You made sure that every reminder of your parents was followed. You checked everything before leaving. When everything’s okay, you head out.

You left your small, cozy hometown  with a dream of becoming a (your dream profession). Your parents disagreed at first but of course, they knew better. So they’re doing doing their best to pay for your expenses now that you’re in the city. You’ve been here for two weeks and since Its the last weekend before the start of the school year, you wanted to familiarize yourself on your new home for the next couple of years. 

It takes 10 minutes of walking from the dorm to the school. You now calculate the time it’ll took for you from your first class from your dorm. After an hour, you have familiarized yourself with the campus buildings, what classes and what room will you enter, you figured out that your first class, which in the farthest building from your dorm will take another 15 minutes.. You typed notes in your phone so when the time comes, you can get back to it later.

You decided to check the nearby establishments to check where you can eat, or hang out. You passed a chicken restaurant, several fast foods, then you found a cozy looking coffee shop. As you open the door, a bell chimes and automatically, a greeting came your way.

A handsome barista whos holding a cloth and a cup looks at you with a smile.

You can’t help but to be a little embarassed but you managed to respond.

“Hi.” You decided to sit down on one of the stools near him. You looked at the interiors of the cafe’. A mixture of metal and wood. Blacks, browns, whites and occasional pink things. Pink is not really your color but it somewhat compliment the place. Your concentration was taken away when the barista spoke.

“What can I get you?” he asked your way. But the benefit of the doubt in your system is present so you assumed that he’s not talking to you. You looked around until you realized that it was you he was talking to.

You blushed.

“Uh, a large iced mocha, please.”

“Coming right up.” He said. As he create your order, he started talking to you.

“You’re new.” He said simply, with a small smile on his lips, he glanced at you.

Your surprised reaction was a giveaway, so he responded again.

“I know my customers. The regulars and the new ones.” He said.  “…Freshman maybe?” he continued while blending your coffee.


He just smiled at your response.

Several minutes has passed, your order’s now complete, he placed your order in front of you but with a little extra. You noticed that he added a small plate of marshmallows. You looked at his direction with a confused look. He’s now cleaning the blender and other utensils he used to make your coffee.

“Excuse me… I didn’t order this?” you called his attention politely.

He smiled again, he replied “It’s on the house. Consider that as a welcome gift.”

“Thanks.” You started enjoying your food.

When you’re finished you stood up and went to the counter which is a few steps away from your seat.

“How’s the coffee and mallows?” as he presses buttons on the cash register.

“Delicious.” You smiled.

He smiled back. He handed you your change and you smiled at him and said

“Uh, thank you for the mallows again..” you looked at his nameplate which reads Jin “..”Jin.”

“See you soon. I hope you’ll be one of the familar faces this year.”

Then you left. You added that coffee shop to your ‘must visit regularly’ place in your head.

A couple of hours passed, it was already 2 in the afternoon and you felt your feet getting tired. You’ve managed to ride a bus from the nearest shopping district without getting lost and you mentally tapped your shoulder for that. Now you’re riding  a bus to your dorm.

When you reached your dorm, you greeted it with an “I’m home”, you held your heart due to shock when someone responded.

She flicked your forehead again making you realize that it was your roommate. She guided you to the small living room for you to sit down, giving you a chocolate drink. She plopped down on the single seater couch, lazily turning towards you.

“When will be the time that you won’t either scream or almost die because I tried greeting you?” she asked flatly.

You felt embarassed so you looked down muttering a ‘sorry’ and it actually sounded like a squeak.

She chuckled.

“I’m kidding. So yeah, let’s formalize this thing. Hello. My name is Z, it’s my third year in this school, a major in childhood education and minor in psychology.”

You looked at her, quite impressed in her chosen field 

“Oh, i’m Y/N I’m a freshman taking up (your course/ dream course). You shook hands.  You looked at her, she’s pretty. she’s wearing a black tank top with a band’s logo and an acid washed shorts.

“Ooh. Good choice. So, I assume you’re trying to familiarize yourself with the school and other places right? Okay. Let me give you my own discovered shortcuts and shit. Oh before that wait. Lemme order take-out. Don’t worry, it’s on me. Whaddya wanna eat?” she asks casually.

When you didn’t respond immediately, she stepped outside and ordered.

While waiting for food, she told you her ‘rules’ regarding the use of stuffs around the room. She was the one who basically brought almost every utensil in the kitchen and she bought stuff for the bathroom. She assured you that whatever’s on your side of the room will be kept untouched until you have permission to do so, same as hers. Right after your agreement, there’s a knock on the door and it’s food.

While eating as to what you consider early dinner, she let you see her handmade map of the university area. She let you sign first an ‘agreement’ that you will not tell anybody these secret shortcuts or it won’t be convenient anymore.  And you agreed.

You’ve learned a lot in the hours spent with Z, and you actually think that she’s really nice. You’re both watching Iron Man movie when her phone buzzed.  She immediately ran towards your shared bedroom and when she returned, she brought with her her guitar case, a duffel bag and zoomed towards the door. She locked it behind not looking back as if you didn’t exist. You just let an ‘oh well’ in your head, trying to focus your attention back to the movie.

You accidentally dozed off, when you checked the time, it’s already 10 in the evening and your roommate Z, hasn’t returned yet. You felt a pang of hunger so you decided to go to the convenience store since it’s the nearest establishment from the dorm.

You bought one of those tasty looking packed food that’s microwaveable and of course, your favorite ‘convenience store’ hot dog on a bun that you can only taste every once a month (or maybe two) because the nearest convenience store from home is about 30 minutes away. By bus.

You left the convenience store while eating a strawberry flavored yougurt ice cream.

You returned home but still no sign of Z.

You just watched TV again, now animated movie ‘Up’ is on. After the movie, you returned to your room and noticed that Z left something on your desk.

A note that contains her phone number and several chocolate bars.

You smiled and kept the note, you’ll save that tomorrow.

Your entire Sunday was spent in preparing your things, planning what will you wear for tomorrow, packing stuff in your backpack. Checking and repeating such for about a hundred times just to ‘make sure’ that everything is okay and you only have to wait for Monday itself.

You paused and let yourself relax. You don’t need to make this a big deal. It’s just first day of school.

So you exhaled slowly.

You remembered Z’s note so you quickly got the note and dialling the number. The first few tries were directing you to voicemail so you decided to check on her through text.

You wasted your last day of vacation in watching random anime and movies. Night came and a call from your parents made you smile and face palm at the same time. It’s actually a video call and it’s your dad.

“Hi, hi.” You greeted him.

He asked you again basic things and you tried to be as normal as possible, avoiding eye rolling and sighs.

Your dad says goodnight and passed it on to your mom. You shared what you did yesterday morning with an exception with the encounter of a handsome barista. Then your mother finally said that she misses you a lot. You returned her worries by assuring her that you’ll take care of yourself and will be in touch often. You ended the call and continued watching some more. You tried waiting for Z until 10PM but she didn’t showed up so you called it a night and sleep.

You woke up annoyed because the sunlight is in your face. Then you suddenly sat and checked the time.


“SHIT!” you literally screamed and rush towards the bathroom for a reaaallly quick shower. You managed to do that in just 5 minutes. You ditched your ‘planned outfit’ and wore jeans, shirt, and sneakers, grabbing your backpack along the way. You took your time in locking the door but rushed towards the elevators for the first time because you are running late.

You checked your watch for every second spent in the elevator, counting down how many more minutes you have left before making a negative impression not just to your classmates but with your professor as well.

You now jog towards the university when you saw a hughe number of students same as you, entering the school premises. But almost all of the students you see are just chill. While you’re panicking. Now running towards the  building  of your first class when you saw a flash of red approaching you.

A speeding car was in front of you. Fear took over your senses.

You froze.

Suddenly somebody grabbed you from behind, making you fall on your butt. The speeding car blared it’s horn and sped up. You looked around, nobody seems to be paying attention to you or the incident. You then realized that whoever did that saved your life. You remembered that you’re running late so you ran again, forgetting the shock that you have.

You’ve reached your classroom, a few minutes earlier than you expected. You’re actually late. But as you peeked, several students were inside the room already but still no teacher. You entered the room. you chose to sit in the left side, choosing to be in what you think the ‘middle’ part of the rows. Not in the front, not at the back.

You let out a sigh, trying to calm your nerves after that cardio and ‘almost accident’.

You were distracted by a fit of high noted giggles and the room was suddenly filled by a strong scent of sweet – smelling perfume. They were seated at the back, two rows from you to be specific. one seat apart from each other. You find this weird. They were spritzing a bottle of that perfume everywhere. Then you overheard them talking.

“I can’t wait to see where would Jimin sit.”

“Like he’s gonna choose you.” The other one said.

“Yeah yeah whatever.” She replied.

As the minute passed, the vacant seats in front are now occupied. Even at the back.

Then someone entered, you assumed that this is your professor. A few minutes into the introductions, she was called so another round for chitchat.

You noticed that nobody was seated beside you on both sides. Not that you mind but it kinda felt lonely. You observed the people in front of you starting making friends.

Again, you were distracted by one of the girls at the back.

“He’s here, he’s coming.” One on the farthest left said.

“Girls, behave normal okay?” one holding the perfume earlier said.

You faced front, still no sign of your professor so you started pulling out your phone. You texted Z in the hopes that she’ll reply and that she’s okay. You sent a short message to both of your parents, completely oblivious of what’s happening around you. You heard murmurs and such then you saw someone opening the door in the front, earning gasps and squeals at the back. Someone entered your classroom, he’s wearing a gray hoodie sweatshirt. You don’t actually see his face. He went infront, looking for a seat. You don’t really mind so  you continued typing your message to your father when you realized someone sat beside you. When the message was sent, you shoved your phone in your bag.

You slowly looked to your right, nobody’s there.

You looked in front, still no teacher, and that’s the time you looked at the person to your left.

His hoodie covering most of his head, for a second you’re suspecting he’s bald. But what surprised you was that  he’s already looking at you, with a smirk on his lips.

So you just looked in front.

You saw his smile grew wider through your peripheral vision.

Your teacher returned and started collecting your class cards again.

In the middle of the discussion, he tried passing notes to you.

You declined because you’re serious about what your professor is saying but he keeps on doing it until you accept that piece of paper.

You unfold it and read:

I think you owe me something.

You were surprised but you fight the urge of responding until the professor ended the discussion. As the other students leave the room you returned the piece of paper into him.

“I don’t understand, what are you talking about?” you questioned him.

He stood up, and smiled at you. In a swift motion, his lips were on your ear. And wisphered: Walk inside the pavement. Be careful. Then he ruffled your hair and left.

You stood there in shock because of so many things that happened in  that short span of time.

You slowly made your way to your next class not knowing that there are several envious pairs of eyes staring at you, witnessing what happened between you and that boy.



First of all, thank you for reading. 

 It took me tons amount of courage to post this. I am new to this but sooo many writers inspired me to write, and several people convincied me to push (post/publish) this.  This is my first fanfic so yeah I hope y’all stick around and enjoy it. Please let me now your thoughts! My ask/DM is open.


Jimin x Reader

Word count: 5970

Summary: You have everything in your life planned out ever since you’re in high school. But life is such a playful little shit, she pulled you into the world of the ‘untouchables’, if she wasn’t cruel enough, you’d became the favorite of your least favorite person, Park Jimin. (Or is he?)

Warnings: None

Themes: Fanfiction, OC [possible additions of other themes on later chapters]


The lines inside the brackets [] are either phone conversations or text messages. 


Your second and third period were a breeze. Both of your professors from those subjects used humor to gain your attention which made you felt comfortable. Sure, you don’t have friends yet but you’re hopeful that eventually you’ll have one.

Lunch time came and you saw a cafeteria nearby. Surprisingly, there are more vacant seats than what you expect. You chose to eat a meal with rice. You decided to seat on the farthest table from the door.  You were eating silently when a bunch of male voices overpower the sound system the cafeteria has. You didn’t paid any attention to them you just continued eating. When you’ve finished your lunch, you checked your phone. A couple of messages from your parents are waiting for you to read but not from Z.

Your parents were asking a selfie of you eating. So you took a picture of your empty plate. You were about to leave when you heard saw someone entering the cafeteria.

“YO JIMIN, HERE!” one of the boys from the ‘noisy table’ caught the person’s attention.

You decided to leave the cafeteria to visit more of the school’s facilities like the library, study hall, and computer room since you only have classes in the morning. You placed the empty tray on it’s proper place and headed to the door but you bumped into someone.

“Sorry.” You responded.

“ I don’t accept.” The other person replied.

You looked properly to the person you bumped. It’s your classmate from the first period, now the hoodie of his grey jacket doesn’t cover his head, you know saw his hair. And it’s in silver.

“Oh, it’s you. Sorry.” You said flatly. You were about to exit when he blocked the door.

“You don’t owe me an apology. You owe me something else” he said with a smirk.

You tried to recall your encounters with him and you are sure that the first was at class.

“How am I supposed to owe you something? I don’t even know you.” Your growing annoyance is evident.

“I think it’s better if we sit down and talk this over a drink? Perhaps, coffee?” he coolly replied.

“No, thank you. If you’ll excuse me, I have tons of things to do.” You pushed him to the side, so you managed to open the door and left the cafeteria.

That place is now off limits to you.

The library of this university is impressive. It occupies three floors of one of the oldest buildings built. As you observed, there’s a wide range of books from classics to the popular titles were available. The second floor’s dedicated for research. And per session so it’ll be fair to all of the students.

The third floor is where the archives are.

After you’ve explored the first floor, it’s time for you to go home. You just enjoy the different structures of the buildings from old ones with intricate designs to the newly built ones. Until you reached the gates and finally your dorm.

You went straight to your room to check if Z’s around but she’s not. You start to worry. But it was washed away by the flashbacks of what happened on your first day as a college student.

You were supposed to be late.

No, you were supposed to be in a hospital too, if it wasn’t for that person who pulled you.

Then you realized something.

Could it be that savior of yours was that silver haired boy? You tried to recall his name,

Was it Jim?

You tried brushing off the thought by watching TV. But in the end, your thoughts wander towards that boy in your head until you fell asleep.

You woke up in the aroma of meat being fried. You slowly sat down and settled for a bit. Assuming that the one whos cooking is Z.

You felt a sense of relief when you saw her smiling at you.

“’bout to wake you up. Had a long day?” she probed.

“Quite.” You lazily responded.

“Wanna talk about it?” she questioned.

“Okay, I guess.”

The two of you talked about what happened to your day, in between your narration of events were Z’s comments.

“I want you to be careful. Not next time but everytime. You’re lucky somebody was concerned enough to save your ass.” She said while dipping beef on soy sauce.

“Do you have an idea who is it? I mean have you seen that person?” she questioned while looking at the TV.

You shooked your head. “No, i didn’t saw anybody. But I have someone in my mind, still not sure though.”

She shrugged.

Now you think it’s your turn to ask her.

“Um, I’ve been texting you, and calling you you haven’t responded to them. I’m kinda worred.”

She sighed and looked at you.

“Sorry, my celphone’s dead for two days. It fell and the screen smashed. Thanks for worrying.”

“Don’t you have classes?” you probed further.

“I do. But I have the same professors since freshman year. They’re boring. And every first day of classes is boring for me.

The dinner ended there and you volunteered to cleanup. After doing so, you get ready for bed, trying to avoid being late again.

Z offered her food for you to bring for snacks but you declined politely. You watched for a bit more then went to bed.  

You woke up before your alarm, you felt like you won a million dollars.  You glanced at Z’s bed and she’s not there. You planned on eating toast for breakfast but Z left a nice breakfast, plus tons of snacks for you to bring at school. You smiled at her generosity and mother-like nature.

Now you can take your time preparing for school. You wore what was supposed to be your outfit for yesterday.

As you entered the school’s premises, you remembered what your classmate told you so you walked in the innermost part of the pavement until you reached your first class which is (subject which requires application of skills example, a lab subject ). As you settled yourself on the third row near the windows, you entertain yourself by counting what seems like ‘couples’ as they pass by.

You again smelled the familiar sweet scent from yesterday. They occupied some tables at the back.

Once again, each table is beeing filled as the time passes. You don’t want to know if your table was the least occupied. So you continue entertaining yourself by looking outside. You  heard squeals from the back you looked at them and you saw why.

The silver haired boy that you called ‘Jim’ was approaching. But this time he’s not alone. He’s with two other boys which you assume are his friends. One with a brown hair, and the other is fire truck red. He took the nearest table available and occupied it. You returned into daydreaming when your professor came in.  As the discussion starts, your focus is on the teacher.

Then he decided to group you by two’s. Half of you wished to be partnered with anyone else except those girls at the back and ‘Jim’. But half of you wants to be partners with ‘Jim.’

So tables were shuffled, you pushed your thoughts away and you focused on what’s happenning in your class.

“Mr. Park, choose your your table.” Your teacher commanded ‘Jim’. You tried to avoid watching him. But as soon as you look at his way, your eyes met. And he let a small smirk form on his lips.

He chose the table where you previously occupied.

“You’ll be partners with Ms. Y/L/N.”


Was it just your imagination? You looked at everybody trying to convince yourself that maybe there’s another person with the exact same name as yours. When nobody’s reacting, you then looked back to your professor, still indenial. He nodded that it was you. Half of you felt a sense of relief, half of you felt annoyed.

You approached your table, not saying anything.

Two of his friends were called next and to your dismay, they decided to sit with you. Now you don’t have a choice but to sit closer with your lab partner.

When everybody has settled down, your professor called your attention to spend the remaining time getting to know each other because that group will last for the entire semester.

“Hi. I’m Taehyung, Kim Taehyung. Pleased to meet you.” The handsome boy with red hair said, extending his hands at you. You responed with your name and shook hands with him, earning a cute, boxy smile from him.

“Yo, Jeon Jungkook.” He fist bumped with you.

“Hi, Y/N.” You replied.

A hand slowly showing in front of you which made you look to your right.

“Hi. I’m Park Jimin.” He smiled.

Oh. So it’s Jimin. You mentally corrected yourself.


“Nice to finally meet you, Y/N.” He replied, offering his hand.

You shook his hand briefly and that’s it.

You’re trying to not mind him because Taehyung decided to switch seats with Jungkook so he’s now sitting beside you.

Your focus now was on the projected topics that you’ll be covering the entire prelims and now highlighting your syllabus when Taehyung poked your arm. You turned your head in is direction, your sight bouncing from the board to your syllabus.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N…” Taehyung said.

When you’re done writing, you kept your things on your backpack then faced him.


“Where are you from? I bet you’re not from here.”  He stated cooly.

“Well, yeah I came from (your hometown, province even, or a place you call home that’s far away from the city)”

“Oh, I’ve never been there before. But I bet it’s beautiful there.”

You noticed Jungkook, whose busy on his phone glanced at you then leaned in.

“Because you’re beautiful.” Taehying winks.

You cringed at his remark but can’t help but smile.

“Indeed she is.” Said by Jimin.

“Oh, there you are, Jimin. I didn’t know you’re still here.” Taehyung flashed a teasing smile.

“Of course I’m still here the class hasn’t ended yet has it?” He glared at Taehyung. You were now being entertained by Jungkook who watches dubsmash.

“Y/N, what’s your next class?” Taehyung called your attention.

“(most hated subject).”

“Is that Mr. Yoo’s class? Room 503 Kang Building?”

“Yes. How did you know?” you asked.

He reached for the inside pockets of his class card, showing it to you.

“Classmates.” He smiled.

The idea of knowing that there’s a familiar face on your next class is something good to look forward to.

You smiled back.

“How bout you kook, you have another class same as us?”

Jungkook showed his class card and you have the same lecture class with him on this subject.

You’re kinda hesitant to ask but you turned into Jimin, one of his hand under his chin, looking outside. You slightly tapped on his arm. He doesn’t look at you so you poked his arm. Then he looked at you.

“Um, do you have another class the same as ours?”

Slightly frowning, he removed one of the earphones and answered, “What?”

Taehyung interrupted and responded for you,

“She’s asking for your class card, dummy.”

Jungkook laughed and Jimin faced Taehyung.

“Seems like you’re not making an excellent job in keeping her entertained?” he looked at you, he showed you his class card. You saw most of his class were all majors and he only have three minor subjects. In which you’re sure you’re classmates.

Taehyung was about to retaliate when your professor ended the first class.

You immediately stood up to transfer to the next building for your next class when Taehyung caught up with you.

“Shall we walk to class together?” he asked.

“Yeah, okay.”

You glanced at towards the now deserted classroom and you didn’t see either Jungkook or Jimin behind.

The walk from your next building was sure long if you’re not with Taehyung. The funny thing is that almost every student you bump into, knows him.

You’re kinda curious but you’re gonna keep those questions piled in the future.

When you reached your classroom, he opened the door for you. You smelled that familiar sweet scented smell and you know for sure that the girls from your previous classes were present. You looked at the seats and yes. They are there.

And they are looking at you with sharp eyes.

You brushed it off. What would be the reason they would do that right?

Taehyung called you and he already found a seat for the two of you. You really don’t want this subject.

“Are you excited?” he asked showing his signature boxy smile.

“About what? This subject?” ugh I hated it.” You sighed.

“Really? This subject is fun though.” He pulled his phone from his jacket. He’s now busy.

You also checked your phone, a message came from Z. And it says:

[From: Z

Ayo! Decided to buy  a new phone.>///<

Good luck on your studies!

Stay away from handsome boys with colored hair.]

You frowned at the last sentence of her text and looked at Taehyung’s direction who’s still busy with his phone. You replied with a short thank you  message.

After a few minutes, the professor came in and the introductions began.

That subject felt like forever. You really hated it so much, you wanted to drop it but it’s a required subject for a freshman like you.

You noticed Taehyung’s waving at your face. You’ve probably daydreamed too far.

“Yeah? Sorry.” You responded

“Oh there you are. You suddenly went into a daze. You really do hate the subject don’t you?” he stated, a smile on his lips forming as he stood up and stretched.

You just tilted your head slightly to say yes.

He smiled at you and handed you a piece of paper.

“If you’re having trouble understanding the subject, here’s my number. Call me anytime. As in anytime, ill help you.” He reasuringly said.

You appreciated the generosity of this boy and smiled at him.

You walked together in silence until you both exited the building. You were about to speak when he asked.

“Do you still have classes?”

Before you even answer, a car stopped in front of the two of you. You frowned at the loud music that can be heared even the car is shut.

“Oh, gotta go. See you in class.! SAVE MY NUMBER!” He said as he waved goodbye to you. You continued walking until you reached the last class you have.

That subject is the second most boring class you’ve had. Because the teacher just introduced himself, collected your class cards, and let you do what you want until dismissal so you just wasted your time looking at the window, watching other students passing by, or sitting on the nearby benches, creating scenarios in your head. Then you heard a familiar voice that’s about to pass by.

That loud voice definitely belongs to Taehyung. You waited until you finally saw his fire truck read hair. He’s with Jungkook as well as  several other boys and then Jimin.

You just remained there, looking as they pass by. But jimin stopped. He looks like he was texting someone. Within seconds you saw something flashing. He looked at your direction and he successfully made eye contact with you. Then he smiled at you  and walked away.

You realized he took a picture. You don’t want to assume but you  started to feel nervous. You don’t really want your pictures to be taken ever since you were young.

You wanted to run after him. You just want to ask. If it’s your picture he took. You became conscious of the time. As your dismissal draws to a close, you felt more anxious.

Exactly thirty minutes after Jimin took a picture, your class is now finally over. You walked as fast as you can. When you’ve left the classroom, you began dashing towards the service elevator.

You began running again towards the direction you saw he took. You stopped half way, thinking where could this person be, of all places. You checked on the cafeteria where you bumped into him. He’s not there. You doubt that he’ll go to the library but you still checked, just in case.

You’ve checked every place you can think of until you remembered Taehyung’s number.

You looked for it inside one of the compartments of your bag. After you’ve fished it, you just stared at it for a bit, contemplating wether you’ll gonna do it or not.

There’s nothing wrong in asking him right? They’re friends anyway. You thought.

Your hands began to sweat as you hold your phone, ready to dial the number. You don’t understand but a bit nervousness made your hand shake a bit. When you completed dialling the number, you pressed the call button and exhaled slowly. Then your heart started to beat a little faster than before when you heared the other line ring. You waited until it directed you to voicemail.

You sighed. You decided to go home but your phone blared your ringtone that made you almost drop it. Taehyung’s calling you back. You swiped to answer the call.

[Hello?] the other line said.

You frowned. Despite the loud music on the background, you’re certain that this is definitely not Taehyung’s voice.

“Is this Kim Taehyung’s number?” you responded. You heared the other line chuckled at your question.

[Maybe, but may I know who’s calling Taehyung?”]

“Can you please just give the phone to him?”  Your patience starts to lessen by the second.

[Hang on.]

You heard him shouting Taehyung’s name. You heard him responded an annoyed ‘what’.

[Yeah?] Taehyung finally, on the other line.

“Taehyung? Sorry to bother you, this is Y/N.”

[Oh, Y/N, having problems already?”] he teased.

“No, I have something to ask you.”

[Anything.] he responded, his tone assuring.

“Do you know where Jimin is, Park Jimin?”

You heard he cleared his throat a bit.

[Oh, JIMIN? You wanna know where JIMIN is? Yeah, I know.]

Your senses heightened up upon hearing what Taehyung said.

“Can you tell me where he is?”

[Yeah,he’s beside me. Why?]

You frowned, fighting the urge to facepalm at his statement.

“No, no, I wanted to ask him something,”

[Wanna ask me something? Meet me.]

That’s what you really wanted to happen. So you agreed immediately.

“Okay, where?”

[I’ll text you the address. It’s near the school.] he responded.


[See you soon, Y/N.]

Then he hanged up. As soon as the call ended, you recieved a message with the address. You moved as soon as you’ve read it.

You typed it in the maps app that you have and started following the directions.

A few minutes passed and it led you to the familiar alley of the food establishments.

You walked until you reached the coffee shop you visited a few days ago. And your phone notified you that you’ve reached your desitination.

It brought you at the coffee shop and a familiar voice greeted you.

From the outside, there are customers but you noticed that almost all of them are at the barista’s counter. A few students who looked stressed already were on the plushy chairs typing while drinking or eating sweets.

You entered and a familiar voice greeted you.

“Welcome! Oh hey.” He’s wiping the counter this time.

“Hello Jin.”

“Feel free to choose seats.”

You chose the table at the furthest right from the counter, the one beside the window, so you can see if he’s approaching. You sat there quietly. You texted him that you’re already there.

a reply followed.

[From: 0xxxxxxxxx

Look to your right.]

You saw that grey hoodie again, covering his head. You’re surprised that he got there first.

You stood up and approached him.

He looked up, a small smile was about to form on his lips.

“Please have a seat.”

So you did. You looked at the table to avoid his gaze.

“Shall we order first? What do you want?”

“No thanks.” You replied.

“Come on, my treat.” He tries to convince you.

“Wait here.” He stood up and walked towards the counter.

You noticed that all of the customers followed him with their gaze. Even the ones who seemed busy earlier enjoys watching him.  

Some gasped at his presence.

And you find it funny.

He returned with a smiling face.

When he sat down, he removed the hoodie from his head, again, showing you his silver locks.

“To what do I owe this meeting?” He started.

You suddenly at a loss for words. You don’t want to assume and you don’t want to embarrass yourself but you are quite certain that he really did took a picture.

So you glanced at him, fixed your gaze to the table napkin placed in front of you.

“Um.. did you just—uh..took a picture of a tree earlier?”

You looked at him, his lips now in a slight pout, you think he’s trying to hide a laugh.

“What tree?” he feigned ignorance.

You sighed and try to recall what happened.

“Well, you passed by with Taehyung and Jungkook on the building that I’m at, and I’m guessing that you took a picture of a tree near the window where I am? Uh you saw me I think.”

When you looked at him, he was already  looking at you, listening attentively.

You felt blood rushed to your cheeks, you avoided his eyes because for sure, he’ll notice that you’re blushing.

He got his phone and pressed or probably typed something. And he showed it to you.

“You mean this?”

You leaned closely and saw yourself, looking directly at whoever took the photo.

Jimin retreated his stretched arm and placed his phone away.

“ I did saw you. That’s why I took a picture.” He leaned back.

“What do you mean?”

His answer was interrupted when your order arrived.

He orderd Americano for himself and Mocha for you.

Which made you a bit surprised he knows your preferrence.

“So where are we? Oh, yeah. Picture.”  I saw you daydreaming right there. So I took  a picture.”

“Please delete it.” You uttred.

“Sorry Y/N but no. I’m keeping it.” He teased.

You looked directly into his eyes.

“Why? That’s me on that picture, not you.” Your patience is starting to dissipate.

“Exactly hun, it’s because there’s you in it.” He teased.

“The more you have to delete it!” your patience now gone.

“No.” He stood up and walked away. He threw a salute to Jin and disappeared. You quickly followed him. You stopped to wave goodbye to Jin and run. You saw him walking towards a dark alleyway. You run towards him.

“I’m not done talking to you why did you leave!?” you shouted at him.

“I considered this date is over.” He stated.

“Please delete the damn picture already! And this is not a date!” you almost shout.

He faced to your direction, now approaching you.

You were surprised when he leaned towards your face, you automatically closed your eyes.


You slightly pushed him away from you.

“Go home hun, it’s already dark. Walk inside the pavement.”

He walked away from you. While you, still annoyed at him, managed to release a growl

“Wait until I get a hold of that damn phone, Park Jimin!” 

You returned home, still annoyed so you let out again another growl. You went straight to your room. There’s no sign of Z.

You prepared mac and cheese as your dinner. You slumped on the carpeted part of the living room near the coffee table and you’re so annoyed still, you banged your right hand on the table.

You texted Taehyung

[To: Taehyung

Taehyung, Y/N here. I HATE YOUR FRIEND!!!]

A reply was sent to you immediately.

[From: Taehyung

Can you specifically name this friend? ]

[To: Taehyung

Who else, PARK JIMIN!!!!!!]

[From: Taehyung

May I know why?]

[To: Taehyung

I know this is a bit childish but he took a photo of me, I asked him NICELY to delete it but he doesn’t want to.]

Then another text message appeared but this time, it has an attached photo.

[From: Taehyung

You mean, this? *smirk emoji* ]

He sent a screen cap of the thumbnail from his camera roll.

[To: Taehyung

You’re not Taehyung aren’t you?]

[From: Taehyung

*wink emoji*]

[To: Taehyung

May I know who are you?]

Another photo message was sent to you.

[From: Taehyung


You saw a photo of jimin, winking.

[To: Taehyung


You immediately deleted his number.

To your dismay, you threw your phone to the sofa.

You cleaned up and prepared to go to sleep.

The moment you wake up, you heard something broke. It’s already 5:30AM

You brought with you your pepper spray just in case.

It was Z.

“Watch out! You might hurt yourself.”

She just laugh, stench of alcohol and kimchi overpowers her perfume.

“Whoa you’re too drunk.”

You helped her changed her clothes and into the bed.

You also changed her clothes.

You’re worried about her so you tried cooking hangover soup for her.

After doing so, you get ready for school.

You dropped by at the nearest convenience store to grab hot dog on a bun and yogurt milk for breakfast.

You settled yourself on one of  the tables, you saw Taehyung entered and he’s alone.

A bit of annoyance rise into your system. Though he’s taller than you, you managed to grab him by the back of his shirt.

“Ow, ow, whoa.” He exclaimed

You dragged him towards the table you’re occupying. He sat down. You did as well, facing him.

“You!” you exclaimed.

He flashed a very playful smile at you.

“Good morning to you too, Y/N-ah~. How did the date with Jimin went?” He replied sweetly.

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you? And it’s not a date!” your voice a bit loud.

“Care to share what happened? And please, lower your voice.  We’re not the only ones here you know.”

“I don’t care. Answer my question.” Your voice gets a little bit louder.

He sighed in defeat.

“I don’t wanna do it but I have to. I’m sorry, okay? I really am.” His face became serious.

You wanted to be careful this time but you have this feeling that he is being sincere.

“To compensate, I’m not just going to help you via phonecall, I’ll tutor you even. Please forgive me Y/N-ah, please…”

“Why did you do it?” you questioned him.

“Y/N.. I have to. You’ll know soon enough. Can you forgive me? Please?”

You breathed slowly, and noded.

He flashed his boxy smile at you and you can’t help but smile back at hiim.

“That’s more I like it, oh, may I borrow your phone? I’ll put my real number now.”

You unlocked your phone for him.

He dialled his number and called it. He fished his phone from his pocket and handed it to you.

“Is that your number?”

You looked at the screen and confirmed it.

“Do you want to walk to school together?” he casually said.

“I don’t know. I have a class at Kang building.

Oh,  I have a class there too. Third floor. Let’s just eat while walking shall we?”


He bought two doughnuts and a large sized coffee for himself while you munch on your hotdog. He asked again about what happened yesterday and you just gaved in and told him everything.

He laughed so hard it irritated you so you smacked his arm.

“That’s not even funny why are you laughing?!” you said while throwing your trash.

“Sorry.” He continued laughing.

“I think I’m starting to hate you.” You stated.

He stopped laughing in an instant.

Now it’s your turn to laugh.

You run to the building’s entrance but he caught up soon and ruffled your hair.

“C’mon let’s take the elevator. We just ate breakfast.”

There’s only the two of you inside and you started fixing your hair but he’s touching it again.

“Taehyung, stop. Seriously. And it’s your floor.”

“See you later, Y/N.”


You went straight to the female washroom to properly fix your hair.

You proceeded to the classroom and saw Jungkook waving at you. So you make your way to him.

He actually saved a seat for you.

“Heya, Y/N.” He smiled at you.

“Hey. I thought you’re on a different class?”

He sighs, as if he was stressed, he looked at you.

“I dropped it and I transferred into this class. I don’t like the professor.”

“I see.”

The both of you watched again those funny dubsmash videos, when he asked something out of nowhere.

“Y/N can we take a selfie?” he innocently suggested.

“Uh, I don’t really like taking pictures of myself though. I’m sorry.”

“C’mon, just this once? Here, i’ll add many filters and effects. Please?”

How much you declined, you know he won’t stop so you just agreed.

He scooted closer to you, you managed to take a whiff of his shampoo. Manly with a sweet scent.  

“Smile Y/N! Ready, 1, 2, 3.”

He really did add a filter, you’re a bear and he’s a bunny.

“Thanks!” He smiled at you .


He haven’t retreated to his side, and still near you, almost leaning to your right arm. Not that you mind but you’re sure that the girls at the back does.

You just pretend that you’re texting somebody when Jungkook speak again.

“Y/N, what’s your number?”

You asked for his phone and he handed it to you. You dialled your number and his phone number registered to yours.

“This is your number?”

He looked at it and noded.

You saved his number. And the professor came.

This subject is your second favorite. The professor was very smart and he gives an insight that you all understood. He tries to explain your future projects in a manner that you won’t feel pressure and that what makes the discussion light. He dismissed you five minutes early, gaining approval from everybody.

“Let’s go Y/N.”

You followed Jungkook out, when you checked your phone, a text message from Taehyung caught your eye.

[From: REAL Taehyung

Y/N-ah, where u @?]

[To: REAL Taehyung

Just finished class.]

Jungkook’s phon rang and he answered it right away.

“Yeah, Just finished class. Yes, she’s with me. Yep. Yep. Okay.”

“Who’s that?” you probed.

“Taehyung. He’s asking where I am and if I saw you around.”

“Why? I don’t know.” You’re free right?”


“Great. Come with me, let’s hang out for a while, yeah?” he offered.

“But I wanna go to the library.”

“Do that later. You have a lot of time for that.” He insisted.


The two of you went to the coffee shop, you noded politely at Jin. Taehyung was already there. as you approached him, you saw a somebody else is with him.

For a moment, you forgot that they are friends with Jimin. But you’re not there because of him, you’re there because Taehyung invited you.

“Wow. You’re really here Y/N-ah.” Taehyung smiled at you.

You smiled back at him.

“I’m still free so yeah. Might as well hang out.”

Jungkook placed his bag on the chair across Taehyung which left you with an option to sit to the chair across Jimin.

You felt that they’re doing it on purpose. But you don’t say anything. You still sat there.

“What do you want, Y/N?”

“I’ll go with you.” You offered.

“No, I insist, stay here. What do you want? I know what they like so, how about yours?”

“Iced Mocha please, thanks.”

“Okay.” Wait here. Kook, you come with me.

Silence fills your table when Jimin cleared his throat, as if he was telling you he’s there. He’s wearing a black hoodie jacket this time.

You don’t looked at his direction. But you got your phone. You sent a text to your parents to assure them that you’re eating properly, and texted Z as well.

You’re just browsing your phone’s built in dictionary when Jimin grabbed it from you.

“Give it back.” you said flatly.

He smiled at you, and mouthed a “No”.

“I don’t have time for this.”

You don’t wanna deal with this so you grabbed your bag and was about to leave when you bumped into someone.

It’s Jin.

“Whoa, easy. Is there a problem… what’s your name?” he questioned with a worried tone.

“I’m Y/N, well,um, we’re okay.”

“But you look upset what’s the matter?” he probed further.

“Nothing really.” You managed to smile back at him.

“I saw you last night, you haven’t touched your coffee. I thought you didn’t liked it that’s why I’m visiting your table for feedback.”

You felt a bit of guilt so you placed your bag back to the chair and said

“Sorry I’ll give you feedback later.” You sit back down.

“Thank you, enjoy your stay.” He retreated.

You placed your bag between  you and Jimin just to block him from your view.

You just sat there, staring outside. Taehyung and Jungkook came back with trays of ordered food.

He placed your mocha and a plate of cinnamon roll and those strawberry filled marshmallows on your side, you placed your bag behind you.

“Enjoy everybody. It’s on me.”

“Thank you.” You replied.

Jungkook scooted again closer to you, now watching random funny videos that he could find.

You giggled with him on the last video he showed when Jimin ordered him.

“Let’s change seats, Kook.” His tone a bit serious.

Jungkook hesitated for a bit but he moved anyway.

You focused on eating.

Jimin didn’t fixed the chair so he’s sitting close beside you,  your arms almost  touching.

So you rest your arms on the table.

Taehyung called your attention about your day and all so you two had a proper conversation. Jungkook listens and gives comments from time to time while Jimin remains silent.

“Excuse me, it’s mom.” Jungkook walked  outside and answered the call.

Taehyung went to the washroom.

“Y/N.” You looked at his direction, he’s handing your phone to you.

You slowly get it and shoved it in your bag. You continued eating.

In your peripheral vision, you can see that he’s enjoying watching you eat.

You can’t resist so you faced him.

“Don’t you have anything else to do? Watching someone eating is kinda rude you know.”

He let a full blown smile at you.

“Oh, I can watch you eat all day.” He replied.

He really enjoys teasing you.

You smacked his harms a lot of times which earns a chuckle from him.

You growled.

“Jerk!” you leaned back on the cushioned chair now sipping your coffee. It really calms you so you finished what’s left in one go.

When Taehyung returned you asked him if you can go you said your thanks and write your feedback on the counter, said your thanks to one of the other baristas there, waved at Jungkook then went straight home.

As usual, Z’s not there, you went straight to the bathroom to shower. It might cool your head down.

When you finished taking a bath, it did make you feel a lot better, with the help of the lavender scented Z offered you to light whenever you’re stressed. As you checked your phone, there are a few messages from your parents, and a thank you message from Z., Taehyung and Jungkook. You’ve replied to all of them telling you’ve returned home safely, and you’re okay.

You loceked your phone and when it light up, to your horror, your lockscreen wallpaper is a picture of Jimin, posed cutely. You sighed in defeat as you stared at it.

“Fine, if you want me to play your game, i’ll play it.”

You placed your phone on your desk, and try to find some sleep.


Please imagine that his hair is silver. The lockscreen wallpaper of Y/N