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Boris has his eyebrows ruffled in thought, “Why am I so in love with this uncultured Doctor? Why does it have to be HIM? The most stubborn person on this planet. Does he not know of the trouble he causes me with his bright eyes?”

kjjhgsadsdfgghhjjkl I AM DYING that is almost word-for-word the Boris monologue I have running in my head half the time XDD  And when it’s not “why do I love the most stubborn idiot on the planet?” it’s “I only wanted to have a hot doctor, why did he have to come with A Family??”  Boris, you poor darling. XDD

lol i have a doctors appointment tomorrow and i am so tempted to cancel but…. i have canceled twice already (once for a legitimate ‘i got scheduled to work last minute’ reason and once for a dumb ‘i am avoiding life and don’t feel like forming thoughts’ reason) and more importantly… brain needs meds to function / i need refills / that dopamine doesn’t make itself right !!! (apparently) (see i can’t use the typical ssri puns bc #wellbutrin….but i’m sure my serotonin levels are abt -12989 too, just a rough estimate)

I am so frustrated. Once again, it involves doctors.

When I was really sick in the fall and passing out and too dizzy to stand up and all that, I was referred to a neurologist (in September).

That neurologist appointment is today. The problem was decided to be a side effect of my medication. It got fixed. I’m fine now.

I still have to go to this stupid appointment according to my doctor.

It’s in the middle of the fucking day, over half an hour away from work, and I’ll probably have to wait a lot.

We’re on a huge deadline at work, I’ve been working overtime for weeks, and I’ve had to take a bunch of time off this pay period between Mo yesterday and all of last week’s shit.

I don’t want to go.

Literally apart from that weird and unnecessary fat-shaming comment at the start of the episode I am so impressed? I feel like this is the Doctor Who I used to love. Bill already feels like a real person with real emotions and a backstory that we’re going to explore. We have the companion’s POV instead of the Doctor’s POV, which seems to work way better. Bill is ALREADY calling the Doctor out and making him a better person with the added bonus that although she respects him, she’s not fawning over him like he’s a god or something and there’s no danger of him becoming her romantic fixation and making everything she does about him. Also this is probably a small thing but Bill dresses like a normal young person and looks like a normal young person. She’s really relatable (a lot like Rose was back in the day) and I think that’s going to allow a lot of people to get on board with this show. Oh, and one last note, the dynamic between Twelve and Bill is really good and healthy and they already feel like a team. There are definitely Donna and Ten vibes as far as the whole Bill demanding respect thing and I love it. 

And she’d be standing next to me [x]

(Woo! Leslie actually did some semi-finished artsy stuff!)

For nonnie, River/Twelve in B4. Thanks for the prompt!


// A R S   P A R A D O X I C A

major characters ; dr sally grissom - anthony partridge - chet whickman - esther roberts


sky above me
earth below me
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But like can we just appreciate the Doctor’s look when Hydroflax says “false wife” I MEAN WHAT A SMUG IDIOT.— @hegaveallhecouldgiveher