so i am the doctor


sky above me
earth below me
fire within me

Asexuals and Aromantics are interesting enough people to carry stories. I am so sick and tired of tv writers and writers in general and people in society thinking that just because someone doesn’t experience sexual or romantic feelings, they don’t lead interesting lives. Our lives are just as interesting and fulfilling without crushes and dates and making out or having sex or whatever. We can still tell a story. We aren’t broken or boring or whatever other lameass excuses you have for excluding asexual characters from your stories. We are people that deserve representation. And I don’t mean coming out arcs or self discovery or shit (which I wouldn’t mind), but you can have a character in a story. Make them ace or aro or both and thats it. It isn’t hard. Its not like they don’t care about people. Aces and Aros have friends. Friends they love and care about deeply. They are just normal people. They aren’t a soulless robot. They aren’t the villain because they don’t have sex or a romantic partner. I’m so fucking tired of this shit.

an taehyung apple a day keeps the doctors away ✨

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I think the one nice thing about loving River Song is that she can’t be taken away from us

she was killed off in her first episode and it was the ones AFTER that that made us fall in love with her and because of how her story is written we will only ever get more of her

she is one space wife that can never be taken away or diminished and you know what I really fucking need that today


// A R S   P A R A D O X I C A

major characters ; dr sally grissom - anthony partridge - chet whickman - esther roberts


au: Oswin Oswald manages to evade Dalek conversion long enough to be saved by a strange man who calls himself the Doctor and his two best friends. She joins them in their spaceship in order to fulfill her dreams of seeing the stars. (aka an au where Oswin doesn’t die)

Some lazy Sunday afternoon sketchy Ten/Rose smooches for you all. :)

when you think about all of the burned episodes of Doctor Who that may never get recovered and all of the wonderful acting that’s probably lost forever