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Oh my god that OP. She is so delusional! I googled Niall Horan and scrolled down one page and found his charity work! What really angers me is that she said Zayn was a model, a MODEL. But she can't find any information on Niall. I have no words except I am heated too. JFC.

it’s like….just take the TIME. they didn’t even want to take the time and then is getting all defensive about it making excuses. don’t tell me “only fanfiction popped up”, are you joking!?? his modest golf involvement has literally been talked about and acknowledged at least 20
times in different articles, not to mention his charity gala. it’s not that difficult to find. and if you don’t know, then fucking ask a Niall stan, they will help you.

don’t decide to make an ot5 post and then completely just overlook Niall bc you can’t be bothered to find things out. and THEN get upset when you get called out for it. it’s so lame.

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Why fnurfnur is removing her stories from ao3 & ffnet?

This is the statement Fnurfnur made at the end of “Sweat Equity”, her last fic…

This is my last fanfiction, as I am working toward a career as a novelist of original fiction. But I have wonderful memories of my time as a fic author and wanted to leave this story on a super happy note - because you all have made me super happy by reading, commenting, liking, following, or recommending this story and others.

Beginning in mid-July, I will begin taking down my fics from FFn and AO3, so if there are any you have not had a chance to read but meant to, now is the time. You can find me on fnurfnur _DOT_ tumblr _DOT_ com for questions about this or any fics, updates on my writing success (she says optimistically) and more, including a new project I am working on called The Finish Project, and my new website. Thanks again to jennagill, as well as everyone who has ever betaed for me - Lindsey, Caitlyn, Kimberly, Chelzie, Leigh, Nicole, and more that I am sure I am forgetting, please forgive me.

We wish her the very best in the future!

The other day @jonnyvroom showed me this really cool website that had examples of different cultural secular blessings and expressions of thanks and I really loved reading through them. A few weeks before he had showed me them, I was thinking about how I wanted to make it a point to say grace everyday, but I had always figured that saying grace solely had to be about giving thanks to God, but reading through those other secular graces really warmed and opened my heart. A lot of them were along the lines of “thank you to the animals that gave their lives so that I could eat” or thank you to the people who toil in fields to grow the food I am about to eat.” etc. As I’m beginning to get more in touch with my faith in a religious sense, I feel like I’m also taking my appreciation and gratefulness to all beings and forces on earth which help me to thrive more seriously. I’m really going to make a deliberate effort to sit down everyday and say “thank you to the Lord for what he has provided me with, and thank you to the earth for sustaining me, thank you to the sun for rising every morning, and thank you to the animals who have sacrificed themselves so that we could continue living, and thank you to all the human beings who work so hard to help provide us with what we need and who practice kindness and compassion and who help each other to get by, etc.” Anyways, I didn’t mean to write a novel, but I’m glad Jonny reminded me that genuine gratefulness is something that should be practiced thoroughly and enthusiastically every single day. 

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Mafia!Dazai, why u so grumpy and salty???? *sparkles salt on his hair and snickers* (My heart is very empty I'm so sorry D':)

Mafia!Dazai fell silent, his orbs flickering from the dim street light (Since it’s the middle of the night over here). He closed his eyes and heaved a sigh. “I am not grumpy and salty. I don’t put my entire trust in strangers, that’s all. I didn’t survived that long when I would be with letting my guards down. If you excuse me now, I have some business to take care off..” he said and turned on his heals, his coat slowly swaying in the oft breeze when he walked off.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert so don’t take my advice as the end all be all. This is just the timeline that I used through high school that worked for me, but it might not work for everyone because it depends on a lot of individual factors that differs for everyone. 


  • Figure out your 4 year course plan. Doing this just ensures that you can take all the classes you want to take by timing your courses to get pre-reqs done and also so that you can be sure of graduating on time. Sit down with your parents and look over your school’s course catalog and list all the courses you want to take and then decide in which years you’re going to take which ones. 
  • Find your niche. This is what’s going to set you apart when you’re applying to college. You want a lot of your extracurricular activities and awards to be in this subject to show depth. For me, my niche was art, so I did a lot of school activities and extracurricular in art as well as winning some state competitions, so it showed that I had something besides my academic record that I excelled at. You don’t need to be winning anything freshman year, but you do need to decide what it is that you’re going to hone and strengthen in the upcoming years. 
  • Join a few clubs. Freshman year is the time to branch out and find your strengths. Pick several clubs and attend their meetings and then choose one or two that you’re going to devote a lot of time and effort into and eventually become officers of. 
  • Start looking for volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood. Try to find one that you can do for years in a row to show commitment and bonus points if its an organization related to your niche. 


  • Start taking AP classes if you can. If your school offers them, take them ASAP so that you aren’t overburdened junior year. If not, you can still study some at home like AP Music Theory if you’ve been playing an instrument for a while or AP Macro/Micro since those are pretty easy. 
  • Run for office in the clubs you’re most passionate about. Colleges are really big on leadership because it shows that you have initiative and are actively engaged in something instead of just being passively involved. 
  • Get one or two of your SAT IIs out of the way. It’s usually a good idea to take them in whatever subject you’re thinking of majoring in, but you don’t have to. If you’re thinking of applying for a special program like 7 year med programs, they usually require a biology and chemistry SAT II test.
  • Start studying for the SAT/ACT. This usually starts later in the year but you should definitely start preparing by the time summer rolls around. Plus it’ll help you on the PSATs as well. 


  • Take as rigorous a course load as possible. Colleges want to see that you’re challenging yourself, but only do as rigorous as you think you can handle. There’s no point in taking all AP classes if you’re not going to do well in them. Take higher level classes in courses that you think you would be able to do well in if you put in maximum effort. 
  • Take some AP tests. If you’re already taking AP courses, then this one’s a no-brainer, but if your school doesn’t offer them, try to study one or two subjects outside of school. 
  • Take your SATs/ACTs. Stay calm and breathe. Remember to get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast. And if you don’t like your score, you can always take them again. 
  • Take the rest of your SAT IIs. It’s usually a good idea to have at least two SAT IIs under your belt if you’re applying to very selective colleges, so if you didn’t take any sophomore year, this is the time to take them. 
  • Ask your teachers for recommendations. This is usually around May or June. Make sure that they know you well and that they like you. 
  • Start visiting colleges and thinking about where you want to apply. Over spring break or during the summer, go and visit some colleges to get a feel for the campus and see what you like. Do you like big schools or small? City or suburbs? Sports culture? What kind of learning requirements do you want? What about research opportunities, or teacher interaction? 


Meeting Brendon Urie Nashville Show


So I met Brendon Urie today.

So I get inside finally and I’m like behind where they take the photo, btw I’m like one of the first ten people to meet him. Anyways I get in and all of a sudden I hear his voice talking to the people he’s meeting. And I BREAK DOWN and start BAWLING CRYING and everyone is like oh holy shit, and all of a sudden I’m NEXT IN LINE TO MEET HIM and the worker is looking at me smiling and says “just take a deep breath and hold it for three seconds, here let me walk you in.” And he walks me in and I am still crying and feel like a little girl and I turn the corner and THEY ARE ALL JUST STARING AT ME AND ALL LOOK SO SWEET AND SMILING LIKE OH GOD THIS GIRL IS CRYING and I shake all there hands and the whole time I’m just STARING at Brendon and he is so beautiful and angelic and his eyes were staring at me so sweet and looked like these big deep puppy dog eyes and his face is so clean and shaved and he says “hi!” and I just stare at him crying and laughing and so I turn to pose and take the picture and I say “hi I’m Rachel” and I could barely speak and I have my fucking arm around Dallon and fucking Brendon Urie and then I took the picture and had to go. I said goodbye and Brendon was so enthusiastic the whole time and so sweet and smiling and said bye and our hands TOUCHED again as I left and he Looked at me Again AS I LEFT and I came out bawling crying.





and that was my meet and greet experience. (Btw his hands were SO soft.)

Back to School Tips

I do not begin classes until August 22, but I know a lot of people start back like the first week of August. I wanted to upload some tips for y’all that would hopefully help you throughout the year! 

These tips are what have helped me throughout high school, so I am just sharing with you what has helped me.


  • Do not spend ALL of your time studying. It is good to have some time to hang out with friends or go see a sports game. 
  • Take breaks. Do not sit down and try to study for six hours straight. It’s unhealthy, and your brain will probably get exhausted. Try studying for twenty to thirty minutes and taking a small ten to fifteen minute break. [
  • Spend less time on subjects you excel in and more time on the subjects you struggle with. It is sometimes hard to study all of your classes in one day. Spend, for example, twenty minutes on a subject you do well in (like for me, it’s English), and forty minutes to an hour on a subject you struggle with (my struggle subject is math).
  • Make flashcards. I know flashcards do not help everyone, but if they help you, make them. I sometimes make flashcards just to write the information down so that I can remember it.
  • Write it down AFTER class. It is unrealistic for me to write down all of my class notes; however, I do write down equations, vocabulary, and things I found important in each class. If I have an upcoming test, I like to write the information out simply because that helps me remember it.


  • Don’t stress yourself out. You do not know what the test is like unless your teachers tell you, but that is no reason to freak out. Most teachers usually have a format that they generally put EVERY test in. Figure out that format so that you’re familiar with the test set-up at least. This will take a lot of the stress off of you.
  • Breathe. Do not get too anxious about a test and start (again) stressing yourself out. One bad grade will not ruin your high school career.


  • Use a planner. If you can remember all of your due dates, kudos to you. However, if you’re like me, you sometimes forget because the teacher does not remind you every day that you have a paper due in two weeks. This helps to keep track of long-term assignments and study schedules.
  • Do not be pressured to make an A+ on every paper. This is unrealistic. I have felt this pressure to do this for a while, but honestly, it isn’t worth it to throw away my mental health for an A+. I constantly have to remind myself that it is okay to not make an A+ or even an A sometimes.
  • Focus on yourself a few times throughout the day. This can be just a five minute reflection on your mental health and stress levels, etc. You do not have to spend hours focusing on yourself, just as least five minutes occasionally throughout the day.
  • Make a study schedule. This makes studying so much easier. I do this each week, focusing mainly on one or two classes a day and putting smaller time slots in for other classes that are going to be my main focus another day. I will upload my study schedule in August to show you what I do when I am planning my study schedule.

The main thing is to make sure that YOU are happy with what is happening with your studying and grades. The only person that can define what is good and what is not is you. Do not make yourself sick worrying about school. Set aside some “me time” where you’re not studying or flipping through a textbook or anything school related.

BTS as shit my sister has said and done
  • Seokjin:
  • Me:Who the fuck eats at 1 in the bloody morning!?
  • *Her:I do apparently so stfu! *stuffs her face with garlic bread and spaghetti @ 1:25 am*
  • Yoongi:*to our brother* Hey Bro?
  • *Bro:Yeah? *is playing COD*
  • *Her:I love you and all but can you please TURN THE VOLUME DOWN !? I AM TRYING TO TAKE MY DAILY 30 MINUTE NAP! IF I HEAR YOU SAY 'WHY IS THAT IDIOT NOT RELOADING HIS GUN' ONE MORE TIME I AM GOING TO PUT YOU IN THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL! *lays back down on the sofa as she wraps herself like a burrito*
  • Hoseok:*wins Mario Kart* *doing Naruto run around the house* *stops in front of TV just to scream in pure happiness*
  • Namjoon:</b> *accidentally breaks the faucet in the kitchen* Why do I always break things? Why is the world mean to a beautiful creature like me? Why did God give me this gift of breaking the important shit?
  • Jimin:*tries on the dress I bought her* I am not really a fashion kind of gal but DAMN SIS! You really know what defines my ass and my boobs! Look how big my butt looks in this dress! DAMN
  • Taehyung:*before Finding Dory* Why are we watching this? This is so fucking childish! *after Finding Dory* That was beautiful! I want to re watch it! Wait for me Dory I will come for you! *Imitates Dory's Whale imitation the whole ride back home*
  • Jungkook:(We went to a Catholic school that had a really strict uniform rules for example white socks are not allowed) *mumbles rather loudly* Screw this Catholic School with its fucking uniform rules. You know what? I will wear white socks tomorrow! Let's see what they think! I am a rebel! I will sin! I will make God cry because I am so bad! White socks will be my power! *evil laugh* #rebel
Not Cut Out For This... [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

~ Imagine when the reader finds out she’s pregnant, and Daryl is worried he’ll take after his father. ~

Hey guys! Sorry it’s taken me so long to post this, I’ve been so tied up with things that I haven’t found time to sit down and have a good writing session. Hopefully you guys like this, tell me what you think and feel free to send me any requests!

- requested by @mylittlefandomfanfictions


“I think I might be pregnant… In fact, I know for certain that I am. Maggie can tell, Carol can tell, and I’m showing all the signs. What do you think?”

I can’t get the sound of her voice out of my head. She sounded so pleased, and not a shadow of doubt was evident in her tone which scared me, and has been scaring me since she told me four days ago. She expects me to be happy, she expects me to be jumping for joy and preparing things like everything’s normal, like I’m normal. It’s not that I don’t want children, and it’s not that I don’t want to have them with her, it’s because I can’t trust myself. How can I be a father? How can I look after someone else and constantly be there for them when I can’t even take care of my own issues properly? How the hell do I teach a kid to speak out about their problems when I can’t even do it myself?! Talk about ‘practise what you preach’ - I’m a definite let down for that particular motto.

My father treated me like I was a burden, like I was insignificant. Nobody knows pain until someone who should care for you, walks up to you and strikes you down, mentally as well as physically. Kids are supposed to look up to their parents and feel a sense of safety around them. I never felt that with my dad. He made me feel like everything would be better if I was dead, that his life would be less of a hell-hole if I didn’t exist. There is nothing worse in the world than feeling as if you’re ruining someone’s life by just living yours.

I haven’t been able to speak to her since she told me. I can’t physically bring myself to tell her how I feel about the whole situation. It’s not like I’m worried about the Walkers or every other son of a bitch that’s trying to make this world a living hell, I’m more worried about myself and how I’ll react. I don’t want to be an abusive mess who speaks to his kids like animals. I don’t want to lay a hand on my child and make them suffer, but I can’t help but imagine it happening, and not just once. I simply don’t trust myself, I’m not worthy of being a father.



“You can’t distance yourself from her, it’s not fair. You have to go through this together, I hate to say this but you’re being incredibly selfish.” Maggie said to me, trying her best to sound understanding but it didn’t work very well. I have to give credit to her for attempting to reason with me, but I don’t know how I’m supposed to speak to Y/N. I’ve ignored her for most of the week, if I go see her we’ll either argue or just stare at each other in silence. I can’t bear an awkward silence, but I absolutely hate arguing with her at the same time. This is never going to end well.

“I can’t, I haven’t even seen her and I can already sense how much she hates me.” I groaned, kicking dirt around on the floor, digging my foot into the ground. Maggie tapped my shoulder, making me look up at her. I sighed at her sympathetic expression… I hate being pitied.

“Daryl she doesn’t hate you, you’re the father of her child.” I shuddered at the word father, before pulling away from Maggie and turning to stand opposite her.

“I’m not going to stand here and watch you feel sorry for me. If you’re all so desperate for me to talk to her then fine, I will…” I walked straight past her towards Y/N’s house. Without knocking, I opened the door and went inside to find her sitting in the kitchen with a glass of water.

“You know Daryl… I’m aware this world is chaotic at the moment but since when does that mean you can storm in here without knocking?” She sniggered, not even looking up at me and paying attention.

“Do you want me to try again? Perhaps I’ll walk outside and restart this whole conversation, I’ll knock and you’ll welcome me in like we’re in a little domestic household…” I replied sarcastically, standing opposite her as I leant against the kitchen counter.

“You couldn’t be more of an asshole if you tried, d'you know that? Here’s me thinking you were here to apologise…”

“Well if you gave me a chance to speak you’d know I was here to do exactly that,” I said, walking around to stand beside her, taking one of her hands in mine. For a moment I thought she’d pull away and insult me in some way, but she squeezed my hand right back and looked me in the eyes, “I’m here to tell you that I’m going to support you. I ran away when you told me because I was scared. I don’t want to be a shitty father, this world ain’t exactly utopia right now, and I don’t want to add to it by treating you or our kid like crap. I want to be a good dad, but I’m just… I’m terrified.” She gave me a look which showed every ounce of sympathy she was capable of. Part of me cringed on the inside at the thought of her feeling sorry for me, but I can’t stop her. She knows what my dad put me through, and she still kicks herself over it to this day.

“Daryl, you’re nothing like him…”

“You don’t know that Y/N! Nobody can predict that! I am going to ruin that kid’s life because that’s what I’m used to!” I pulled away from her, letting go of her hand as I backed into the fridge, standing against it and shaking my head in disbelief of her words, and in fear of myself.

Her whole facial expression seemed to sink as she gazed at me. I tried to force my eyes to focus on another part of the room but I couldn’t see past her painful glare as she searched for the right words to say to me. She’s been trying so hard to understand me ever since I explained my childhood to her, but we’ve mostly just chosen not to bring it up to avoid any upset or irritation on my side. I know she has more questions, I know there’s still so much she wants to know about my life but I just can’t tell her. I don’t want her to picture me as a kid with bruises, a kid who felt misunderstood and was constantly afraid that everyone he came across was going to hurt him. I don’t need her torturing her own mind by seeing that when she closes her eyes at night.

“Daryl, I know I’ll never know the whole story, but I need you to know that just because scientifically you possess your father’s genes, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be anything like him when this baby is born. I watched you cradle Judith when she was born like she was the most precious thing in the world, and from that moment on I knew you’d be a good father, I just knew, don’t ask me how. I don’t care if we struggle, I don’t give a damn if we have a few hiccups and you feel uncomfortable at first, because we will work through it together, like we always do. I honestly couldn’t think of anyone better to have a child with, I am so happy that I’ll be able to share this with you Daryl…” She walked towards me, placing a hand on my arm and squeezing gently. I wanted to pull away and argue, but I knew I couldn’t. I can’t break her any more by thinking of a comeback to everything she says. I hate to admit that she kind of has a point, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling completely petrified of the whole situation. I looked her in the eye and offered a small smile, nodding to show my acceptance of her words. She pulled me in for a hug, and I could physically sense her every emotion in the sensation of her arms wrapping around my back, it’s like I could feel each individual thought and feeling she had for me and it somehow settled me, “We can do this…” She whispered, propping herself up on her tiptoed and kissing my cheek softly. I kissed the top of her head, making her giggle quietly, sending a spark of warmth and complete adoration running through my body.



*Time Skip - 9 Months Later*

“Is everything alright?! I just got back, is she okay?” I rushed towards Glenn, running through the door, not caring about it slamming behind me. I immediately heard wails and cries coming from Y/N, as she cursed and shouted sentences that made no real grammatical sense.

“Maggie and Sasha are in there with her, she’s been like this for a couple of hours, I’m not sure if they’re making any progress.” Glenn explained, as he signalled toward the room they’re in.

“Has she asked for me? I should’ve got back sooner…” I asked quickly, desperate to go in there and support her.

“She asked where you were a while ago, and she’s yelled your name a few times. I’d go in there now if I was you.” I instantly pushed past him, flinging the door open to see her lying down, red-faced, sweaty and gasping for air.

“Where the hell have you been?!” She practically screamed at me, milliseconds before her face screwed up as she wailed in pain, her skin turning redder by the second as Maggie calmly told her to push. I pulled up a chair and sat beside her, grabbing her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“I was on a run but I’m here now,” I spoke quietly as she panted, before pushing forcefully once more. She gritted her teeth and grunted loudly as she gripped my hand so tightly her knuckles turned white. I wanted so badly to kiss her forehead and tell her how well she was doing but I didn’t really want her to punch me in the face. I stroked the back of her hand softly as Sasha encouraged her to push one last time. She reached over, clasping my hand between both of hers as she gave one last push, before the sweet sounds of our baby crying erupted into the room.

“It’s a boy!” Maggie announced, as she cradled him in her arms, wrapping him up in a towel and swiping it carefully across his head to clean him. Over the crying and the chorus of shushing from Maggie and Sasha, I looked at Y/N and smiled. She pulled me in for a weak hug, kissing my temple. I felt something wet hit my cheek, and turned my head to see tears falling down her face.

“Y/N… Why are you crying?” I cupped her face in my hands, running my thumbs along her cheeks to wipe away the tears. She shrugged then smiled, planting a kiss on my lips.

“I’m just so happy Daryl… And I’m so glad you’re here.” She whispered, taking my hand in hers as I sat back in my seat comfortably.

“Would you like to hold your son?” Maggie asked. Y/N looked at me and asked me the same question with her eyes. I panicked inwardly for a moment and worried about doing something wrong.

“I’m sure Mom wants to hold him first…” I joked, pointing at Y/N.

“I’m whacked, I need to sleep. Hold him Daryl, please.” She gave me a pleading look, as she quite literally begged me to accept him as my own and face my fear of becoming a father. I gulped and nodded, before opening my arms. Maggie smiled at me, slowly approaching me as she laid the sleeping baby boy down in my arms. I took a deep breath as I stared up at the ceiling, hoping and praying one last time that I’d be a good dad. I looked down at my son and I almost felt tears coming to my own eyes as I watched him curl his tiny fingers. I heard the soft breaths coming from his nose as he slept peacefully in my arms. I glanced over at Y/N who was passed out also, her mouth open slightly as she snored quietly. I couldn’t help but smile at the image of mother and son sleeping at the same time, breathing in-sync with one another.

Maybe this won’t be as hard as I thought.


Thank you for reading! This isn’t as long as some of my others because I simply didn’t know how to add onto it! I like the way it ended though so it’s fine. I hope you all liked it!

emm-ey: Could you do a scenario were the s/o of the guys is taking secretly funny photographs of them and they discovered it wanting revenge 7u7.

(Waaaa! I’m so sorry I haven’t updated in so long! I hope you guys can forgive me! There may be mentions of nudity in Ayato’s section and a little bit of sexual innuendos in both Shu’s and Reiji’s… Who am I kidding? All of us love it! *insert lenny face* I hope you readers enjoy this!)


Your lover was looking at your phone blankly. Your face grew redder and redder by each passing second as he scrolled up and down the contents of your albums.

“Let’s see,” he mumbled to you, “there’s me sleeping with a moustache, me sleeping with a kink shaming paper on my face, me sleeping and wearing a bra and panties over my clothes, me with hearts and rainbows all over my body, me with clown makeup and a wig, me with-”

You covered your face with your hands with regret. “I get it,“ you said mournfully, “I took stupid photos of you while you were half-dead and I’m sorry. I promise to delete them!”

“(Y/n),” he looked at you pointedly, “sorry won’t cut it in this instance. You know what I want.” the blond stared at you hotly, as though he were undressing you with with his intense blue eyes.

Smirking, you matched his gaze. Curling your arms on his shoulders, you whispered into his ear, “oh? I’m really sorry,” you trailed sweet kisses all over his neck, “I’m afraid you’re going to have to tell me what you’re thinking…”

“I want you to dress up as a sexy cucumber and let me take pictures.”

You stopped unzipping his pants and stared at him with wide eyes. Your mouth dropped when he glared mercilessly at you.

“What? Screw you! I’m not doing that!”

“Sorry. Would you prefer being a sexy carrot instead?”

“Why the hell would I want to do this, you lazy pervert?!”

“(Y/n), you drew dicks on my face with eyeliner. With Laito of all people. I need a little compensation here, woman!”

“I hate you. Fine, I’ll do it.”

“If it makes you feel better, you’re a sexy cucumber.”

“Open your mouth one more time and I swear I’ll shove Yuma’s cucumber up your ass.”


“This behaviour is completely unacceptable. I will not tolerate this tomfoolery. I cannot believe I have been subjected to such juvenile actions. I feel as though my body was offended and dirtied, thanks to you. (Y/n), I shall have to capture your phone until you have learned from the punishment you are having now.”

That bastard was smirking and you knew it. “Stop being so melodramatic,” you hissed with a blushing face, “it was just one picture, Reiji! One. I will not be humiliated just because you’re being a total drama queen!”

“A fine lady like you should have enough decency to respect another’s privacy. I could honestly sue you for this but I won’t because I’m such a good person.” The bespectacled boy responded sarcastically.

You cheekily grinned despite your current situation. “How could I resist?” you purred, “you had a big yellow beak and some duck feathers growing all over your body. I’d have been crazy if I didn’t capture that precious moment.”

Silence,” your lover all but commanded you. It was hard to get scared of him when his cheeks were getting as red as yours, “it was a minor and seemingly miscalculation during the process of experimenting. I had no clue it would backfire.”

“Your forgot to carry the two.”

Reiji glared at you. Without missing a beat, his frown curled up into a haughty smile. “I hope punishment is to your liking, (Y/n).”

“Bastard. It was either this or you chop off all my fingers… I chose the obvious opinion.”

“I seem to be enjoying this more so than I had initially expected. Now, mewl for me, pet.” 

Biting back a snarky remark, you got back on your knees and fruitlessly tried to pull down the short skirt of your tight maid outfit. “Meow,” you glowered viciously,  “is the tea to your liking, master?” you almost groaned.

“My bad. I seem to have spilled all this tea on my lap, pet. Would you like to lick it off for me?”


“How dare Chichinashi take ugly photos of Ore-sama!” He barely held back an enraged pout.

You raised a brow and grinned, “so you admit you’re ugly?”

Obliviously, you had left your phone in the open while you were showering. That sneaky asshole had somehow opened your phone out of sheer boredom and looked through your pictures. Safe to say… he wasn’t amused.

“You dared me to eat all that Takoyaki! You never said you were gunna post it all over the internet! I would’ve tried looked hella cooler if you told me first!”

“You stuffed at least fifteen pieces of those balls of squid in your mouth… I’m not even mad. That was amazing!” You pinched his cheek and giggled.

He raised his chin up proudly. “Of course Ore-sama is amazing! You probably just took that picture so you could show of to your friends, right?” 

“Sure,” you snorted, “that’s exactly why. Can you get out of my bathroom now? I’m still kinda… indecent as of this moment.” The two of you seemed to have forgotten your current state of undress. Your body was dripping with water and your hair was still somewhat soaked with shampoo.

“Ne, Chichinashi,” the redhead’s eyes lit up and he smiled evilly, “Ore-sama has an idea!” His orbs glazed all over your naked body, committing every curve and every bite mark to memory.

Ayato licked his lips with a wild hunger that wasn’t unknown to you. “Heh. Ore-sama is liking what he’s seeing… would Chichinashi mind if I find ways to… keep this image with me forever?”

You bit your lip; to which he took as you teasing him. “Don’t you even dare do what I know you’re thinking, asshole!” You saw him open the camera of your phone.

You have never thought that you’d have to run around your house naked with a narcissistic sociopathic pervert chasing you. 

anonymous asked:

Brett, you rock. Do you ever get stuck trying to draw a certain thing that you haven't really drawn before? And if so, what do you do? I'm on a page in a kids book I'm making and there are these angry dogs but they keep looking doofy, not slick and cool and angry. should I take a break or just draw more dogs until my hand falls off?

Yes of course I get stuck.  We all do.  Anyone saying otherwise is selling you something (said in my best Man in Black from Princess Bride voice)

I take breaks.  I think about the actual problem.  Is it the visual representation of the “idea” that’s giving me troubles?  Is the idea itself not conveying what it needs to read?  Is it composition?  SO I try to not just take a break but analyze why I am not breaking through the problem.  It makes it easier for me to manage.  

So for you, break down why are they goofy to you.  The shapes?  posture?  the overall composition? isn’t scary enough?  etc.  Then start solving the problems.  

Just don’t be afraid to get rid of large amounts of work and build a new fresh foundation.  When something doesn’t work and we keep going over and over it to avoid losing work, sometimes that just ends up as polishing a piece of dog poo…..It may look pretty but underneath…it’s still a poo. 

 Hope that helps.


I’m Trying To Study

“baby stop it I have to study” the pencil that was once in my teeth quickly came out as I titled my head to smile at him, as much as I didn’t want to feed into him. I really wanted to have perfect grades this year and I am doing perfectly fine but occasionally Nate wants to distract me whether that be by constantly asking me to go to the studio, surprisingly innocent sessions or just to cuddle. But I seriously need to put my foot down.

“ you’ve been studying all day, take a break little ma” he quickly flipped me somehow, so instead of him being next to me he was under me and I was forced straddled him, I leaned back while making a pouty face and wrested my hands on his chest as his long legs pressed against my back making him smirk.

“ Nathan”

I said in my baby voice, but that didn’t stop him from he rolling his eyes per usual because he likes to act like he doesn’t like when I call him by his full name.

He got the point and we both moved from our current position, me back to studying,  him back to occupying himself by rolling a blunt. I tried to ignore him as I continued studying/making flashcards. I heard a satisfied grunt and quickly turn my head to see Nate blowing out the smoke and leaning his head back on the desk chair that I should be occupied in. I bit my lip because he looks so attractive. You can automatically see his muscles relax and the way he absent mindingly ran his hand  up and down his thigh before resting mid way. I would give anything to sit in his lap and run my lips across his-

“ I thought you needed to study?” A deep sarcastic voice exclaimed, I squinted my eyes playfully and puckered my lips as yet another smile made its way across my face, I bit my nail and whipped my head back to my flashcards as I kicked my legs up and down.

I was actually doing pretty great for a whooping five minutes before my eyes made their way to Nate again, he was scrolling through his phone and quickly pressed play. Music blasted to the speakers and it was Controlla by Drake. I slowly closed my books and put my flashcards in them. I wasn’t getting shit done and we both knew that from the start.  Nate closed his eyes and listened to the base hit through the speakers.

I went to the dresser to get out of my sweatpants and into my lose shorts that were honestly pretty cheeky. I started softly singing along as I picked up my phone. I knew he was watching me in a hazy glance as I waved my hips side to side and yiked as I leaned over the dresser acting innocent as possible. The feeling of Nate starring at my ass was so intense and I laughed but it quickly turned into a squeal as I felt hands grip on to my waist and pull me back and up.  He kissed my ear before whispering in my ear

                                              “Knowing I’d lie for you
                                               Thinking I’d die for you     

                                                  Jodeci “Cry For You" 

                                      Do things when you want me too

                                            Like controlla, controlla”

I almost melted but grinded on him as he gripped my hips, tightly pressing me against him….barely guiding me. As he said “ Damn lil Ma” I moaned “fuck Nate”. I was getting hella turned on but he wasn’t going to let me have it as he nibbled on my ear and slapped my ass and led me back to the chair where the sound got a little bit louder. He sat down and placed me on his lap once again. He took another hit as I continued to grind on him to the music. He flinched and grabbed my hips so fast which made me look him in the eyes “ y/n we both know your just teasing, and you know we wont be able to fix this” he caught me and attempted to go back in his calm state while tilting his head back once again,

“besides, what happened to studying? “

A smile was about to make his way to his lips as he planned to take his millionth hit. I took that out of his hand real quick and he opened his eyes as I closed mine and took a long drag only to blow it in his face and blow a circle, he grabbed my waist to pull me closer to kiss my lips as we both laughed. “ someone is a bit too distracting ( I said against his lips) , as always”

He pulled back and shrugged his shoulders as he took it back and took a hit, making sure to deeply inhale.  “ says the one who made me hard knowing damn well I have to go to the studio in five” I shook my head as I took him in again, Between him looking so at peace and the way he was drawing circles on back only to grind my ass on him occasionally to hopefully relief something I was in awe and quickly caught his vibes

“ I’m definitely staying my ass in the library next time” I smiled at him as I put out what was left and locked his lips in mine. The least I can do is help him out in the last five minutes I have.

“ Nah, I’ll make sure of it your staying your pretty ass here” I sucked on his neck as I moaned ‘ oh really?’ and began grinding on him again. I pulled back a little but he grabbed me back in to lock his lips with mine only to pull back a little and nibble on my lip. I pushed back in only to press my hand against his chest and smirk at him. “ and to think” I tapped his chest “ that I was going to do you a favor before you had to leave. I pressed my tongue against my check to motion what I was going to do as I got off of him and head to the door smirking as he stood their in shock.

“ wait baby maybe we can work something  out!-“

he quickly got up and chased after me

Maynards and Friends

Request: Can you write a Jack Maynard Imagine about meeting his family and friends for the first time? Thanks xx

Summary: You and Jack have a really great time meeting his family and you meet his friends ( added a little twist though wink wink ).

Warnings: Cursing, fluff probably, and also the fact that I don’t know anything about his family, so there is that obviously

A/N: This is my first time writing something on this account, so if you do enjoy it, please feel free to request more!

        Oh God, does Jack know that I’m nervous? Does he know that I am probably going to jump out of the car at this point? Maybe we should break up, I don’t have to meet his family, they will all hate me. “Babe calm down, you’re shaking the car.” The voice of Jack broke your thoughts as you turned your head, taking in a deep breath. You just sent him a small smile, trying to clam yourself down before you threw up. Meeting parents were probably the hardest thing, and he also mentioned that later, you would meet his friends. You have only meet Conor and Josh, since when you two were sitting on the couch making out, they both walked in. “They will love you.”

        “I know, everyone likes me.” You say, trying to just calm yourself down with your own sarcasm, causing him to let out the cutest laugh in the entire world. He has already met your parents, and they found Jack to be one of the best guys they have seen you with, whether or not they want to admit it.

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Monsta x Reacting Studying

Monsta x Reacting and doing things while you are studying. I been obsessed with Monsta X right about now! Honestly I am about ready to do anything Monsta x they have always had my love but lately I been craving to write about them, so here I am writing a reaction about them. Also if any of you are in the mode for any kind of Monsta x story or reaction please send in believe me I will be down for anything this week!! <3 Love you all!! By the way gifs are not mine credit to owners.

~Admin Honey

Shownu (Hyunwoo)

While you are up all night, studying through your chemistry notes trying to prepare for your final exam in two days, Shownu would sit up with you each and every moment. He would never leave your side or take his eyes off of you. The whole time you studied, he would admire you and admire how devoted you are to your work. Every time you would start to doze off, he would lean over and shake you softly. “Ya, Jagi, wake up, you’re almost done.” He would make coffee for you and make snack runs for you when needed.


While you sat studying at the library, bored with your Biology book, he would sit next to you, determined to make you study. The whole time that you worked on your homework, he would be working on a new rap. He would make sure he was busy so that when you got bored and tried to use him to distract yourself, he would be busy. As soon as you were done studying though, he would gladly take you out to get dinner and spend some quality time together.

Wonho (Hoseok)

Let’s be honest, Wonho would be a hoe while you sit there and study. He would mess with you, trying to get you to forget about your test. It is still a few days away, so you can spend some time having fun. But you sat up studying while he sits next to you, bored, watching television. He would give up waiting for you to be done and would start to mess with you, kissing and nibbling on your neck until you finally cave and give him what he wants and pay attention to him.


While you sit studying for your test tomorrow, he would get sick of seeing you sitting and studying after already studying all day. He would instantly start messing with you and start trying distract you to get your attention. As you sat there looking at your computer, he would start peeking over the frame, looking at you and making funny faces at you. He would also start dancing around and playing music, messing with you until you finally cave and dance around, letting lose with him.

I.M. (Changkyun)

You honestly would probably never even have time to study other than when he is writing raps, because he would want your attention 24/7 and you would not even care because he would do anything to make you smile and laugh. While trying to study he would start off casual, just pretending not to do anything, but would start to blow kisses at you and would grab his cat ears and start to meow at you till you finally caved in and tackled him on the couch, tickling him while you both laughed.


While you are up at 12am, sitting up, studying and making your note cards for your soon-to-come exam, he would sit next to you and try to be supportive. He would try his hardest to stay up with you but would soon fall asleep, laying his head on your shoulder. Getting sick of him being there on your shoulder, you softly lift his head off your shoulder and lay it down slowly to rest on your lap, letting him sleep as you study around him.


While you sit up studying at 5am for your test coming up in a day, he would come in to the living room from the bedroom, missing you lying next to him. He would walk up to you on the couch and sit down next to you as you lay your head on his lap and stretch out, saying you just need a small break and you will be fine, but as you lay there on him drifting off to sleep slowly, he would start singing to you softly until you drifted off. Soon after, he would drift to sleep with you.

To my next love:

I am curious to know when I will meet you. Will it be a moment of recognition? ‘Oh, there he is’, my heart will sigh when I look into your eyes. Or maybe we have already met, but it will take time for us to fall in love with each other’s galaxies.

You will need to be patient, my dear. My heart has endured quite some pain, and I cannot help but protect it. It will take some time until I am comfortable with showing you my raw, bare soul. Please don’t think it’s because of you, darling.

I will need a steady hand sometimes; someone to take me back on my feet and tell me all will be alright soon. Sometimes the pieces tend to fall down all together, and I get so lost in it. Please be there for me in those moments, too. Be there for me to help me back up and hold me.

But do know that when I love, I love hard and deep. I can love you with all my soul and all my broken pieces and I will do anything in my power to hand you a little more happiness, every day again. I will care for you and hold you tightly. I will be there for you. I will want to wrap my body around yours, any moment of the day, and I will want to know about all the galaxies in your head. I will be there during your grandest defeats and tiniest victories. I will plant seeds on your skin and fill your cracks with my love.

I will, if you let me.


B.A., fragment of my thoughts, #103

to the one who will hold my heart next

Please listen up

I love to talk to you guys and everything but please give me some respect, that’s all I’m asking for. I hate it when I have worked hard on this blog and I post something that is not a reaction or scenario. I understand that you guys followed me for those exact reasons, but this is my blog. In this blog I want to be able to post what I want without having to be told to take it down or what I am doing is wrong. I don’t want you guys to recognize my blog as something negative. I am a pretty positive person, I know that we all have opinions, I respect that but you need to be aware that not everyone will agree. So next time I post something, instead of sending me hate please have some respect and come to mind that I have feeling just like you. Thank you for your time


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