so i also made this

I drew a boyfriend for my boy [x]

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-stares like a creep at ichimatsu for 10 minutes-

Ichimatsu: ….


I tried doing the apprentice thing with the profile from the game. it looks so off in my style but yeah i had fun

thank you so much @4-18am for the blank template!!

do not repost or use in any way.

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Lucky, what's it like being royalty? How do you plan to balance (no pun intended *chuckles a bit*) your royal duties and your Kyuranger duties?

this goddamn crew

Hey y’all,

With the most recent tumblr update to mobile apparently completely decimating the tumblr careers of every artist and creator on this site, I figure this is as good a time as any to issue a reminder that reblogging the work of artists you admire on this website is arguably the best way you can support them.


some of my favourite moments from S21E02 (cause trust me there’s even more than this) contains spoilers for the episode obviously so if you haven’t watched it yet go do that now!!!


“El, are you there? El? It’s me. It’s Mike. It’s day 352. 7:40 PM. I’m still here. If you’re out there, say something. Or- or give me a sign, I won’t even, I won’t even say anything. Just, I want to know if you’re okay.”

 (Stranger Things, 2017)


Phil checking Dan out.


@ that couple of people that have been writing for my favorite bnha crack ship: I dunno what I did to deserve it but thank you and bless you

It’s okay, I miss home too.


Couple of assorted haikyuus

I said I was gonna do it so I actually did it this time. Here is a list of my personal favorite (the best) covers that Panic! At The Disco & co. has done. the numbers are links to other versions/videos, let me know if I made a mistake anywhere this was written out pretty late.

I will probably add to it as time goes on.

Here is a playlist of these covers.