so i already knew that she won

Sex Sells - Luke Hemmings Smut

i suddenly felt like writing something and was inspired so i’m blessing you with this shit. (the blesser of shits aka me)


Y/N is a famous actress and after an award show Luke has a gift for her


1100ish words

Anxiety and excitement was all Y/N was feeling as she and her boyfriend sat at a circular table filled with familiar faces you’d see on TV or on the silver screen. She was nominated for her first Oscar for the best supporting actress.

She watched Jimmy Kimmel as he made jokes, cracking people up but when he said that he’ll be announcing the winner for the best supporting actress Y/N’s hands started shaking under the table. Luke noticed that her girlfriend started shaking, he held her hand and gave her a small smile. He was just as excited for her girlfriend if not more. He knew winning an Oscar was her dream and he was happy to be experiencing this with her.

“Aaaaand the winner is…” everyone held their breath “Y/N Y/S/N Congrats Y/N!” Y/N was frozen. She was so happy but she still couldn’t believe that she actually won. “YOU WON BABY. YOU DID IT. I’M SO PROUD OF YOU.” Luke was the first of the duo to react. He pulled Y/N up of her seat and hugged her. They briefly kissed on the lips before Y/N started pacing towards the stage, only stopping to hug some of her friends on the way. She also hugged Jimmy, they already knew each other since he interviewed her 3 weeks ago.

“Ah i don’t know what to say. I didn’t think i’d win i mean i was up against all these amazing women. I wanna thank my fans firstly. They put up with a lot for me so thanks for that.” Y/N chuckled “ I also wanna thank the cast. We’ve become the closest friends over the course of shooting. I already miss seeing your faces everyday. I wanna thank my family of course. And lastly i want to dedicate this award to my boyfriend Luke, for being patient with me., always supporting me and not complaining once when i’m exhausted from shooting and in a pissy mood. I love you Luke.”

Y/N got off the stage and got interviewed by some  interviewers while her name was being engraved on the golden statue. She realised that, that would take a long time and decided to return to her boyfriend.

“Congrats baby i’m so proud of you! I knew you’d win you’re so talented. And i also have a gift for you when we’re back in the limo.” Luke said as he kissed her. “How did you know i’d win? What if i didn’t win then i wouldn’t deserve the present.” Y/N protested. “I’d still give it to you baby. In my eyes you’re the winner. Even if you lost.” Y/N smiled. Luke was so sweet to her.

When the ceremony ended and they were putting their coats on Luke asked “ So do you wanna stay for the after party or go straight home?” Y/N decided that she wanted to celebrate this with just her boyfriend and they went out to wait for their limo. She wanted to spend the night alone with her boyfriend but her phone was blowing up. Her family members, friends, everyone was calling or texting to congratulate her on her win. Luke nudged her arm to get attention and pointed at the limo. She quickly said goodbye to the person she was talking to and got in the car.

“So, what is this gift you’ve been dying to give me. The one that you’re sure i’ll love?” Oh yeah Luke praised his gift until the ceremony ended which was more than an hour. “Wait a sec. Driver can you roll up the partition? Thank you and drive a bit slow.”

Luke turned towards her and kissed her roughly. She immediately responded and kissed him back. Their tongues were exploring each others’ mouths while their hands were keeping themselves busy by gripping every piece of skin they could find. Finally Y/N’s hands settled on Luke’s broad shoulders while Luke’s were pulling the front of Y/N’s red dress down to expose her chest. Thank god she was wearing a strapless dress. Luke thanked god for the second time when he realised she couldn’t wear a bra with this dress and hurried to suck on her nipples, making  sure to leave marks on her breast and collar bones on his way.

While sucking on her breasts Luke’s hands pushed the skirt Y/N’s dress up. Y/N blushed when she remembered that she hadn’t worn panties that way because she didn’t want lines on her dress. “Y/N… Did you stand on that stage bare in front of millions of people? tsk tsk bad girl. What am i gonna do with you, you’re killing me.” Luke got harder at the thought of  his girlfriend being bare up on that stage.

He started kissing up her thighs. They were both getting more excited as his head got closer to her pussy. Luke loved Y/N pussy. He thought it looked like a delicate rose. He loved to eat it, to finger it, to be inside of it. He almost liked pleasuring Y/N more than Y/N pleasuring him. Hell he probably did.

When his tongue touched her pussy, Y/N threw her head back and let out a moan. Wanting to hear more of her pleasure sounds, Luke started to lick faster and harder. He was sucking her clit and the sounds she was making was urging him to go faster, harder.

“Luke more please more.” Y/N begged and Luke couldn’t resist her and pushed two fingers inside of her. “YES YES LUKE OH I THINK - I THINK I’M CLOSE” Luke started fingering and sucking harder and ordered her to look at him in the eye. He wanted to see the look of complete bliss on her face when she came. That was one of his favourite parts of sex. That was also the reason why he preferred missionary  sex. His band mates called him vanilla but they didn’t know the reason behind it and Luke wasn’t planning on telling it in the near future.

Luke was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Y/N’s moans getting louder and quicker. “That’s it baby cum. Cum on my face. You deserve it baby. ” that quickened her orgasm and she came. Luke watched her in awe and cleaned her up with his tongue.

After catching her breath Y/N reached for Luke’s cock but Luke pulled away. “Tonights about you baby. You don’t have to return the favour. We won’t be stopping till the sun rises anyways.” They both laughed at that and Luke settled next to her holding her close while see caught her breath.

When the car slowed down they knew they were close to their apartment and Y/N stilled herself to fix her dress. She giggled “So your famous gift was an orgasm wow.” Luke answered smugly “This is Hollywood baby. Sex sells.”

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I'm trying really hard to stay positive about Lena not being evil but her arc is so similar to Morgana's. Both sweet girls who only wanted to help but the show kept putting them through awful stuff until they couldn't take it anymore. The basics are the same, Lena is right now in the same place Morgana was before 2x10 and what made her turn? One of her closest friends betrayed her, leaving her completely alone and someone took advantage of that. 1

The only thing she has left is Kara and there’s no reason for Lena to hate her. Until she finds out that she’s been lying to her all this time about being SG. That she doesn’t trust her, Lena doesn’t really know her. Here comes Lillian. That’s why there hasn’t been a reveal! It all points to this and I’m so attached to this character that I really don’t want this to happen. I was trying to think positive about evil Lena. Katie would be amazing at it, it will be different, she would kick ass.2

It would still ruin her character forever, even if there’s a redemption arc. A luthor can’t recover from that. Nobody would ever trust her again, she would lose her company, everything bad she does will still be there. And the worst thing is that it would just prove that everyone was right, all luthors are the same. Lena ended up becoming what she was afraid of. The luthor name won. She wants to be good, to help but she can’t because genetics make her bad and a luthor in a super show has to be.

I’m so sorry for sending you this. It’s just been driving me crazy and I needed to let it out. I know you know as much as me about what’s gonna happen and we will just have to wait but it feels good to just have someone who understands. I already lived through it with Morgana but I knew it was gonna happen and I wasn’t as attached with her being good as I am with Lena. After all the suffering she’s been trough she just deserves to be happy.

Hello love, first of all, there is never a need to apologize for voicing your thoughts here. I am more than happy to be an outlet for you. 💗

I do want to add to this though. I have had a lot of the same thoughts regarding Morgana vs. Lena in the past and we aren’t the only ones. I am not sure if you ever read my post comparing the two characters and their narrative trajectory. Writing all of that out helped me come to terms with different ideas that showcased why Lena and Morgana are not on the same path. At least not exactly. As you said, there are similarities.

For me, the biggest contender to push away from this line of thinking lays in the notion betrayal. Right now, Lena has Kara and Kara promises that she will always be there and always protect her. Prior to episode 2x10 of Merlin, Morgana has already started her descent because she had already placed faith in someone that meant to do something evil. She was satisfied with the initial idea of Uther’s death because she had her reasons for wanting him dead, despite that he was canonically good. She was already against him. Any evil plan to see Uther killed, Morgana saw as a benefit to herself. At this point, Lena does not have that wish for anyone.

Morgana was used by Morgause just as Lillian has attempted to use Lena and Rhea will attempt to use her. However, Lena knows that Lillian is evil and will most likely find the same about Rhea quickly.

For Morgana, Merlin’s actions were definitely a last straw. She was already becoming lost with nobody good to turn to for help with her secret. Merlin’s actions pushed her further. He tried to kill her for the greater good, but also because he didn’t believe in her. He kept a secret instead of helping her. He took a coward’s path to ensure Morgana’s demise. That is a dark and blatant betrayal. When lining it up against Kara’s lie, the two are not fairly comparable. This is because Kara’s intention has not been to hurt Lena, or sacrifice her for any reason or betray her trust. Instead it was to keep her identity safe, and realistically speaking, keep Lena safe as well. Imagine what would happen to both of them if Lillian was aware that Lena knew Supergirl’s identity. More opportunity for exploitation on her part.

Another realistic point – Supergirl and Lena are not necessarily friends. Stay with me. Don’t yell at me. Splitting Supergirl and Kara Danvers, Lena and Supergirl have a strong rapport and there is a layer of respect and trust. They have worked together and saved each other. But there is not a deep connection like the one Lena and Kara share. Lena has not opened up to Supergirl in the same manner she has to Kara. So there isn’t necessarily a strong sense of duality insofar where Lena should feel an incredibly strong sting of betrayal. Despite the necessary lie, Kara has never failed Lena and Supergirl has always been there for the rescue. Every time Kara has confronted Lena with a hard truth, she has proven to be understanding when she is aware of Kara doing what she must.

So if there is an emotional reveal, I don’t think it would be that dramatic in the sense of Lena feeling betrayed and it leading to her being a future big bad. I think Lena would be sensible enough to understand why it had to be done. She would recall that in whatever form, Kara has always been there. I will not pretend that it wouldn’t have any sort of strain, but I think they would work through it as they do. If Lena were to begin an evil descent, Kara would be the one desperately holding on to bring her back. Morgana, sadly, didn’t have that.

I will not be completely naive and say that Lena going evil would never happen. Should it happen? Absolutely not! For various reasons, including those you mentioned. I just continue to fight against the idea of that being the reason why. We’ve lived through it once, and I would prefer not to see it again.

Kiss Me Again

Title: Kiss Me Again

Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Reader, Implied Beronica , Hermione Lodge x Fred Andrews

Warnings: Maybe some cursing, implied smut.

Summary: Reader is best friends with Reggie Mantle but the truth is, she’s wanted to be more for a long time now. She’s seen him with countless girls throughout their friendship but none of them, unfortunately, have been her.
So, when Reggie is finally single again, she sees her chance and takes it. Along with the help from her best friends Betty and Veronica, of course.

A/N; As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you all enjoy! (Requests are closed for the time being).

You watched as Reggie played his football game, cheering him on louder than any of the others.
Reggie was your best friend and you were always supportive of everything he did and vice versa. It had been that way since Kindergarten when the two of you first met.
You were sure that day had been the best day of your life.

After the game you watched as Reggie took his helmet off and ran up to greet you on the bleachers, smiling his bright smile as he did so.
“You did it!” You gleefully declared, laughing as he picked you up and spun you around once before setting you back down.
“This is great.” He agreed, “Hey, you wanna come down to Pop’s with me and the guys to celebrate?”
As much as you were tempted, you shook your head. “This is your night. Go out with the guys. I’m probably just going to hang out with B and V.” You shrugged before giving him another big hug. “I’m proud of you.” You whispered before pulling away and running down the bleachers.

That was your problem, every time you had a chance to tell him how you really felt, you chickened out. Besides, you were okay with the two of you being best friends. You didn’t want to ruin that because there was a chance you were hopelessly in love with him.

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Shape of You

WARNING: NONE, This imagine shouldn’t contain anything which could hurt you

Posted on Instagram: 26th of February, 2017


Justin’s POV: I dropped my car keys on the kitchen table and took off my jacket. “Y/N, I’m at home baby” I yelled but got nothing back. Maybe she was out with Esther or something, I thought, but then I saw it running down the stairs to me

“Where’s mami?” I asked it which made Esther just tilt its head like it would have been asking, what I was talking about

I walked up the stairs and looked around. The door of her office was closed which meant that she wasn’t there because she usually likes to keep her door open when she works. I still looked in there but nothing. Just darkness and empty room.

I walked in front of the door of our bedroom and noticed a messy pile of clothes over the blanket. I smirked myself and walked in the room. I had a strong feeling of that where she was

And I was right. I found my beautiful girlfriend standing in our bathroom half naked in front of the mirror. The view was breath taking. I hid behind the door and looked carefully in so she couldn’t see me

She was such a pleasure to my eyes. Her hands caresed her hair after she opened her ponytail and let them fell over her shoulders. She looked stunning. She started open her bra and I felt how my heart beat got quicker

Suddenly she raised her gaze on the mirror again. I was too slow to get in hide before she noticed me peaking behind the door. I revealed myself. I didn’t feel even embarrassed even I should have done that maybe

Just a big smirk just landed on my face, I wanted it or not

“Pervent” she screamed and wrabbed quickly her towel back around herself. I chuckled and walked closer to her. I put my hands over her naked shoulders before I kissed her cheek and looked her through the mirror

“Will you take a shower?” I asked and she nodded slowly. Before she opened her towel and dropped it on the floor. She walked in the shower and closet the glass door of it after herself

I sat edge of our badtub and followed how she opened the shower and how water wet her body. She grabbed her shampoo bottle, poured some of it on her hands. Her hands started rub it slowly on her long hair

It almost looked too sensuel for me to watch her that I was scared that I’ll get a boner soon. I bit my lip and hid the groan which slipped out of my mouth before I moved closer the shower

I opened the glass door and moved my hand inside. I met her back and it made her shiver. “Do you mind if I come shower too?” I asked but I didn’t wait her answer but pulled off my clothes quickly and stepped in with her

The shower was a bit too small for two people but I didn’t care. She didn’t let me to interrupt her actions but she opened the shower again and washed the shampoo off her hair. That view of her made me groan lowly and move my hand over her

This time it touched her lower back. She turned around and looked me asking but I could tell that there was a little wink in her eyes. “Don’t let me interrupt you, baby” I whispered to her ear and sent shivers to her body

I liked how big effect I had always had on her. She didn’t turn off the shower but let warm water run free against her just perfect, tanned skin. She looked like an angel when water drops shone over her skin

She grabbed the sponge and put some shower gel on it before she started wash herself. From her shoulders to her toes. I stepped farther and just admired her and her soapy body

Suddenly she turned around and handed me her sponge. She looked me asking. I caught her hint. She turned back and I started wash her back. These moments were my favorite ones. I ran the soapy sponge over her back from her shoulders to her lower back

I let the water ran against her back when I squeezed the sponge. Somehow that turned on me more than nothing for a while. She giggled when she noticed my excitiment too. Now if when, I felt myself embarrassed

“Sorry” I whispered before I continued my work like nothing would have happened. Stay calm Justin, don’t think it too much, I told to myself and tried calm my racing mind. It was harder than I thought

I adapted her shapes, those perfect shapes of hers. Her hips were just suitable to grab when the moment demanded it. Her waist was just suitable so I could wrab my arms around it. Her ass.. her ass was something which maybe many women were jealous of

I handed her the sponge and she thanked me with a kiss on my lips. She didn’t seemly see how hard time I was already having around her. She wrabbed her arms around me and looked me deeply in my eyes. How this normal and innocent thing like having a shower would make me crazy like this?

I would have wanted to do nothing but push her gently against the wall and push myself fully inside her. Increase the list of places where we had already done it. In the kitchen, at her parent’s place, in the bath tub, in the class meeting of mine.. the list was endless

“How was it at work?” her sudden question returned me back to ground from my thoughts. “Stressful” I sighed and looked away. I didn’t like to talk about those things at home. I liked seperate the work and my private life from each others as much as I could. I didn’t brought work things at home or vice versa, my private life things to work

“Let me help you then” she said and moved her hands over my shoulders. She told me to turn around and I did. I didn’t have any idea what was in her mind. Her hands touched soon my shoulders and she started rub them slowly

“Baby..” I started and looked down. “You don’t have to.. I didn’t mean that you-” “Shh.. just relax” she whispered and continued her action. Her little hands moved over my shoulders like she would have been a professional on that work. I groaned low when little by little all tenses on my body started lose up. I felt free

“You’re too good for me, Y/N” I mumbled lowly and closed my eyes. I wanted enjoy it as much as possible, when it was still possible. She said nothing back but I knew that she liked that comment of mine. She liked it when I complimented her, no matter where or about what I did it

Those things just came almost automatically out of my mouth because they were the truth if something. I felt myself so lucky when I had her. I had won the race and got her as a prize which nobody could take from me. She was mine

I opened my eyes and turned around. “Thank you” I kissed her. She kissed me back. “No problem, anything else I could do for you?” she asked. Her tone was way too innocent on that point

She knew what was running in my head but I decided contain those wild thoughts of mine and save them on next time, on better time. “No” I mumbled and turned the shower off when the water started already get colder

We stepped out of the shower and I handed her towel to her. She wrabbed  it around her body and smiled to me. I wrabbed mine around my torso and followed Y/N out of the bathroom

I took the last view of her and her body before she moved to her wardrobe. I breathed deeply in. There lives an angel in same house with me

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“Why did I marry you?” - “It took a lot of convincing.” For rebelcaptain because I'm just trash and those prompts are wonderful

Thank you anon for this prompt, I secretly wanted to do this one!! :D After being bombarded with beautiful, heart-wrenching HD Rogue One gifs all weekend, I needed to write some fluffy, awkward bed-sharing to rectify the hole in my heart, so hopefully you enjoy :) sidenote: this one was 500 words before editing, then somehow became over 1k after? wtf??? whO AM I.

on ao3 too cuz read more’s sometimes suck a butt on tumblr.

“Kaytoo, what’s going on?” Cassian ran a hand down his face, “Why aren’t we moving?”

“After some diagnostics, it appears that someone has tampered with the ship’s left engine,” Kaytoo flicked through screens on the ships dash, looking over at Cassian, wide-eyed n the co-pilot’s chair, before adding, “Nothing that can’t be fixed.”

Cassian’s left arm was already through the sleeve of his parka when Kaytoo stood to block his exit, “I can fix this myself, Cassian.”

“Kay, this is a two person job and you —“

“Two person, yes. But one droid.”


“Cassian, you haven’t slept for forty-two standard hours.” The muscles in Cassian’s jaw twitched, poised to argue but Kaytoo continued, “Jyn, forty-seven.”

Cassian glanced over his shoulder, finding Jyn staring blankly at the ship’s floor. Her hands were folded loose in her lap, still bloody and bruised where she’d refused to let him waste a bacta patch. He wasn’t sure if it was the low light of the ship or Kay’s correct analysis (he was stupid to think otherwise, of course it had been) but he found that thick, black circles pooled beneath her eyes and her skin had lost its’ flush. She hadn’t slept at all over the course of their mission, just as he hadn’t.

She looked tired, exhausted, haunted by something much more than just the lack of sleep, and knowing Jyn, she wouldn’t allow herself to sleep if he didn’t give it a try as well.

He turned to face Kaytoo, who was already making his way out of the ship, and sighed, “Alright.”

“I’ll wake you when I’m finished,” he answered simply, as if expecting no other response. “Now sleep, before I enforce the security subroutine.”

Their ship had no supplies for sleeping, much less the room. Floor space was minimal — not to mention disgusting — so the bench beside the engine room would have to do. Cassian gathered a spare poncho from underneath the pilot’s chair and made his way to Jyn’s side.

She remained silent as he slid carefully beside her, her gaze still fixed on the floor. He took the poncho in both hands and fanned it over her lap, patting it down along her front as he curled himself onto the seat next to her. When she let her head fall to the beam at her side, a contented noise escaped her throat, and he let his own shoulders relax.

“What’s wrong with this piece of junk,” her words were lazy and soft, as if she were speaking to herself.

“Kay’s fixing it,” he whispered, low against her shoulder, stealing a corner of the poncho for himself. “He said we should sleep, while he does.”

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  • Me: Oh!! Riverdale returns tomorrow! Maybe I should watch the last episode just so I get in the mood!
  • Person: But you've watched it yesterday already.
  • Me: So?
  • Person: Don't you think it will be a little... useless?
  • Me: Oh my... You're right.
  • Person: *surprised* Am I?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Person: *thinks- oh, she's changing...* Good. Then, what will you be doing now?
  • Me: I'll watch it all over again! There are still more than 24 hours until the next episode, and only one episode won't be enough!! There won't be enough Bughead moments!!
  • Person: ... I knew it.
Background Character (I know everyone will do this guy, but what the heck, I like him)

Danny couldn’t believe Vlad had convinced his parents to make him go to this party. Without them. He’d said it would be a great opportunity to meet people, gain connections in the business world even though Danny was fairly certain that was a world he would never be a part of. 

“Daniel! Here, I’d like to introduce you to my godson. Daniel, this is Walter, my secretary and his son, Wesley.” Vlad tugged them to look at each other, his fingers digging into Danny’s shoulder to keep him there. 

“Pleased to meet you.” He lied. “I go by Danny.” He reached out his hand and Walter shook it. When he offered it to Wesley, the boy didn’t raise his hand and narrowed his eyes. Danny let his hand drop and returned the glare.

Neither of the adults were paying them any attention any more. Seriously, why even make Danny come in the first place.

“Well, Vlad, why don’t we let the kids talk and we can go… discuss things…” Danny glanced over at them, confused about Walter’s tone of voice. It almost sounded like– Walter’s hand was suspiciously low on Vlad’s waist and the way Vlad was looking at him…

Seriously!? Vlad was gay? He’d spent this many years threatening Danny’s dad and going after his mom and he was gay? 

“Fine.” Wes crossed his arms and continued to glare at Danny, who chose to glance at his watch. 

“Please try to get along with him.” Wes didn’t even look at his father as he nodded, which apparently was a signal that the two men could leave. Good riddance; maybe now Danny could take the opportunity to escape…

“You would be friends with Vlad.” Wes was no longer looking at him, instead glaring off into the rest of the party where everyone else was nearly twice their age.

“I am not friends with that fruitloop. He’s threatening my parents.” Wes finally looked back at him, for the first time not looking menacing, just surprised. “Why are you here?”

Wes glanced away form him again, this time more uncomfortable and upset than than angry. “Because he’s fucking my Dad." 

Danny glanced away as well. "Ouch.” There was an awkward silence as Danny tried to think of something to say. He shouldn’t be thinking of ways to make the boy feel better; he made his life hell on a regular basis… Still, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. “He’s been going after my mom for years.”

“Seriously?” Wes was looking at him again, the first hint of camaraderie shining through… Maybe Danny could make Wes into a friend… He already knew his secret and it might be nice to have someone besides Sam and Tucker…

“Yeah, totally desperate. He knows she’s happily married but he won’t leave her alone.” Something in Wes’s face told him that was the wrong thing to say… Oh, damnit, Wes’s mom had died, hadn’t she?

“Well, at least he never won…" 

"Yeah…” They fell back into silence again, voiding each other’s eyes, this moment lasting even longer.

Finally, Danny got sick of waiting. "So… If you don’t like Vlad… why do you hate me so much?“ 

"I don’t hate you. I’m just pissed you won’t admit you’re Phantom.” Wes was still looking away, but now looking more angry than sad, so Danny took that as a positive. At the very least that was something Danny knew how to deal with.

“Why do you even care?”

“Because everyone thinks I’m crazy!” He turned back to Danny, snapping, and throwing his hands in the air. He was finally done posturing. “Hell, half the people I talk to think I'm Phantom and I’m blaming you to try and cover it up. It’s infuriating!”

“That’s seriously it?” Danny stared at Wes, dumbfounded. "You’re trying to ruin my life because of your reputation? Which you ruined in the first place?“

"How would telling a few people at school ruin your life?” They were maintaining eye contact, actually getting somewhere in their rivalry… Except Danny couldn't believe how oblivious someone could be.

Danny looked away before he snapped. “It wouldn’t because no one believes you anyways.”

“Oh come on! Just show one other person and I’ll leave you alone, I promise!” Now it was Wes who was begging for eye contact.

“There’s nothing to show!”

“You know I don’t buy that crap.”

Danny’s eyes snapped to Wes’s, letting them flash green"Fine. Let’s say I am Phantom.“ The way Wes’s eyes widened was ridiculously rewarding. "I show your friends, they believe you, you get to say ‘I told you so,’ and then what? You really think they’ll keep their mouth shut? It’s easy to ignore one kid but get a group? That’ll warrant some kind of instigation.”

“So what? Paulina loves you. She’s got your picture in her locker.” He was arguing, gesturing out to something that wasn’t there. Danny was beginning to realize he had an odd habit of waving his too-long arms. “They’re talking about having a 'Danny Phantom’ day in your honor. People love you. How does that ruin your life?” He was stepping closer, trying to push his point. 

“You know, my parents want Phantom dead.” Danny paused, letting that sink in as Wes backed off. He looked away, suddenly wanting to hide as he continued withe the confession. “They’re always talking about what they’re going to do to him when they catch him… And not everyone loves him. Have you seen the Red Huntress? She’s shot to kill more than once if you watch the news. You think she’d stop if she knew where he lived? And you’ve met the Guys in White. They run experiments, you know, publish papers. A few of them are up online. You should look it up, it’s pretty interesting… How they tear ghosts open, take bits off of their cores… But you don’t really care about that do you? You’re just pissed because everyone thinks you’re crazy…” He turned to go, practically shaking in anger, and muttered under his breath “I don’t even know why I defend this town…”


Lily and Chris both got up and dressed as quickly as possible. They made calls to every family Alison knew, but so far no progress. The Grace’s came over from across the street to help.

Spencer: Chris and I could go around the block again as soon as Cameron comes back. She probably won’t be far.

Lily: I’ve called the Andersen’s, the Moore’s, even the Becerra’s. None of them know where she is.

Lily buried her head in her hands.

Lily: It just seems like we’re already running out of hope. We don’t know where she could be.

a female youtuber i follow posted a video about how another male youtuber - who had already made a literal hate video about her - broke her phone and basically assaulted her when she tried to joke with him about the situation

and of course because the male youtuber is super popular, the comments are entirely “this whore is a liar!!” and “if she had hit him, he wouldnt be crying about it in a vlog!” and similar sexist youtube content

i made one fuckin comment bc i felt so livid and have anxiety just bc i knew it would get shit responses but like, a big trigger for me is an argument that cant be won. i start to feel extremely cornered and trapped and feel horrible. that seems vague, but its literally just when someone refuses to listen to you, talks over you, doesn’t allow you to have a point of view, expresses opinions as fact. being in conflict with people like that - even when i know i’m right - gives me panic attacks and i hate it and ugh.

but i want to leave the damn comment for the fellow females who agree with me

To Protect: Chapter 2

He protected her from gossip.

When Kagome first approached him at school—and what a surprise that had been, seeing her in the halls along with all the rest of the new first-graders—he was keenly aware of the other students watching them.

“Inuyasha!” she cried, sounding surprised and pleased as she weaved her way towards him through the throng of kids. “You come here too?”

The chatter and buzz in the hallway grew noticeably quieter.

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1220) I feel as though I’m not accepted cause I’m young. My best friend has already told me she doesn’t accept me though we have been best friends for 5 years. I’m 15 and I knew I was a lesbian when I was around 10 and I was actually obsessed with this girl. I loved her. But I’ve only just come out and even though apart from my best friend I haven’t had bad experiences I’m scared that people won’t take me seriously. Also I’ve never been in a relationship. Neither boy or girl.So I don’t know what to do

Pretty Bird Pt. 19 | FINALE

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BTS members: Min Yoongi

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Words: +8k

Summary: You are Big Hit’s newest trainee, and you have the luck to be tutored by BTS. But the thing is no one asked them before installing you in their dorm. They’re mad, but you’re stronger than you look.

N/A: Guys, this has been a wonderful journey. I have learned a lot and I feel that a lot of things changed over the six months I spent working on this series. I want to thank you all for reading it, and loving it and waiting for me whenever I was blocked. I have changed a lot since Chapter 1 and now it’s over. I really can’t wait to see what comes next.

I said there would be 20 chapters for Pretty Bird and I wasn’t lying. I’ll a proper post explaining what I want to do, but I really want you to send the scenes, or moments you would like to read about from this universe, and the lives of this characters. It could be from the time period we covered on the series or the future. I will work on your suggestions and somehow manage to write an epilogue! I really want you to be a part of this somehow…

Thank you so much for reading and spending this wonderful six months by my side :)

Please come to my askbox and cry with me, because I now feel conflicted and insecure, and honestly… sad. I hope this doesn’t disappoint you.

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Your whole body was afire.

Every bone and muscle and fiber of it hurt.

Every inhalation was a stab. Each exhalation a suffocating agony.

You heard a whistle coming from your labored lungs, strained trying to provide oxygen to the battered vessel that was now your body. Your mouth was dry, your saliva seemed to have turned into sand and your lips were broken and sore where the breathing tube had been in contact with your skin.

You were in an unknown room, immersed in darkness except for the little, blinking lights that came from your side. You tried to turn your head to look, but your neck was stiff, so you laid still. Your eyelids felt heavy, as if there was a mysterious force trying to bring them down, to rock you to sleep and made you vanish in that nothingness you now feared more than death itself. The unpleasant scent of disinfectant and over bleached sheets overwhelmed your senses.

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In Utero: Missing Scene Challenge

Okay, so this is my first attempt at fan fiction, after being a fandom lurker for almost a year. Believe it or not, I actually wrote this like a month ago and honestly thought it would never see the light of day, but then @2momsmakearight‘s Missing Scene Challenge popped up and I figured, what the heck.

I just had a lot of thoughts about when Scully actually told Mulder that he was William’s father (because there’s no way that she never gave him any confirmation, let’s be real), and this little thing resulted from that.

Also, I’m sure someone has written something similar to this before, and that’s probably where my inspiration came from; if that’s the case, my apologies!

He places the key in the lock, surprised that it still moves counterclockwise with his wrist. As if he doubts that his key would still work. He knows he should knock, but at this hour, it’s useless: the person on the other side of the door has long been asleep. As he twists the knob and pushes the door open, he sucks in a breath. Nervous. He’s nervous. He thinks, this is how someone must feel during their first breaking and entering. He’s not breaking, and it wouldn’t be his first time anyway; he knows he’s welcome to enter whenever. At least, he used to be.

As he gently swings the door closed behind him, he realizes that he is making a mistake. He should not be here, she does not want him here, or she would have told him so. He tries to push those thoughts aside as he toes off his shoes and quietly shakes out of his jacket, hanging it up on the hook on the wall next to the door. He lines up his shoes directly underneath his jacket, knowing she would be upset to see them in the middle of the floor when she woke. He takes a step towards the hall and freezes, thinking he should just turn around and walk away. She would never know he had been here if he were to leave right now.

His movements are on autopilot now, contradicting his thoughts. He tries to redirect them, but he’s finds controlling them to be difficult. Don’t do it, he thinks at first. But then he takes another step. Just go, go to her. He follows his feet, and in a few silent strides, he is at her bedroom doorway. It’s opened just a crack, which is odd. She usually sleeps with the door completely shut. It must be because she’s constantly getting up to use the bathroom, he presumes. It can’t be comfortable having something persistently pushing against your bladder. No, not something, he corrects, someone.

He pushes her door open slowly and stands at the entry for a few moments, taking her in. She’s curled on the left half of the bed, resting on her right side with her left hand clutching her swollen belly. She takes up more space now than she used to, but he reminds himself that there are technically two people in that bed, not just her. She’s sleeping heavily, and he sees the deep rise and fall of her chest. He takes a quick glance at the clock on her nightstand. 2:23. He hesitates for a moment, thoughts of doubt filling his mind again.

But then he sees her sigh heavily and let out a whimper, as if afraid. A tear silently falls down her left cheek, escaping her closed eye, and her grip on her abdomen tightens. In an instant, he is gently crawling into the bed behind her. He feels her sink into him as the mattress dips with his added weight. He rests his left hand over hers, the one that’s protecting the life inside of her. She starts at his touch, gasping as her eyes go wide. He removes his hand, hovering closely so that he still feels the warmth radiating from her skin, but enough to lose the physical contact that leaves him slightly empty.

“Go back to sleep,” he whispers into her hair. “I’m sorry I woke you.”

“Mulder?” Her voice is groggy, and he detects a hint of bewilderment, but he recognizes the underlying relief in her tone, as well.

He puts his hand over hers again, stroking it lightly. “I just…” He’s at a loss for words, distressing thoughts invading his mind again.

She turns over to face him, awkwardly, due to her protruding stomach, and when she’s settled, he wipes away the streak of wetness her tear tracked down her face. His touch is delicate, as if he’s afraid she might break from too much contact. She doesn’t lean into him, just simply closes her eyes again. It didn’t used to be this way, he thinks. The last time he remembers her crying in her sleep, she was dying from her cancer. His thoughts now flood with memories of sleepless nights on his end, watching her cry as she slept, holding back tears of his own. He wonders now if she had just as many of those nights during his absence. You were actually dead, he thinks, it was so much worse for her.

He wonders what made her cry this time. You, jackass. You’ve caused her so much pain. How can you be so selfish, wanting the child she’s carrying to be yours? You don’t deserve her. You don’t deserve that child.

He lets out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. He’s about to ask her what she was dreaming about when her eyes flutter open to meet his. Ashamed, he plants the direction of his gaze firmly on the strip of bare skin peeking out below her pajama top. When he finally shifts his eyes back to her, he sees the look on her face, as if she’s grappling with what’s going through his mind. She’s concerned over his thoughts, and he’s wallowing in them. Yeah, I really don’t deserve her.

A few minutes pass, and his gaze has returned to her stomach. His thumb traces a path just below the hem of her shirt. He speaks so quietly and it’s not quite a whisper, more like a sigh with almost unintelligible words. “I just have to know. Is this my… am I going to be a…” He can’t finish his sentences, and he’s not sure if he truly can’t find the words, or if speaking them means she’ll give him an answer he’s not ready to hear.

She keeps her eyes focused on his face, pleading silently for him to meet her gaze. She sighs and grabs his left hand with her right, placing it fully on her abdomen just below her belly button, letting her fingers slide between his. They keep their palms flat against her stomach, feeling her skin radiate against their combined touch. “Mulder,” she says, “I want you to tell me a story.”

He looks up at her, their eyes locking on each other once again. This time, he keeps his hazel, blue-green eyes even with her ocean blue ones. Despite the perplexing expression he knows his face embodies, hers is calm, the corners of her mouth even slightly turned up. He’s not sure why she’s avoiding his question, but he obliges and begins to speak.

“Have I ever told you about how I became a Yankees fan?” She shakes her head, carefully propping herself up slightly on her left elbow. Their hands remain gently pressed against her skin. “Well,” he continues, “It was just over a week shy of my sixteenth birthday when the Yanks began their ’77 playoff run. I had always liked baseball, despite the fact that no one else in my family did. I played for years, too, which you knew already.” Her smile grows slightly.

“But I had yet to feel truly connected to a professional team. So I sat down and began to watch that seasons’ playoffs. The Yanks won the ALCS in five, and Game 5 was a nail-biter. They were down 3-2, but in the top of the ninth, they got three more runs. It was incredible, coming back from behind like that! Anyway, the World Series began two days before my birthday, and Game 1 went into extra innings…”

He stops his rambling when he feels movement beneath his hand. He looks down at where his hand meets hers, and is conscious of yet another distinct movement a few seconds later. Her hand hasn’t moved, and neither has his. He looks back up at her with wide, curious eyes, tears threatening to break the surface. Her smile is blissful and her eyes show contentment; he realizes this is the first time she’s smiled at him like this since he returned.

“I wanted the baby to know your voice, just in case…” her smile fades, and her breath hitches. He knows what she cannot bear to speak, in case I never came back.

“The baby knows my voice? How?”

She lets go of his hand and sits up cautiously. She turns to the nightstand at the side of her bed and opens the drawer, revealing a portable CD player equipped with headphones. She turns back to him and lifts her shirt slightly, placing the headphones on each side of her stomach. The player comes to rest at the top of her stomach just below her breasts. She switches the player on, turning the volume up slightly, and presses “Play.” She places her hand on his head, encouraging him to move closer to her stomach near one of the headphones, faintly hearing his voice emitting through the speaker.

“What’s on that CD?” he asks, voicing his confusion with the first of many eager questions.

“Old recordings of some of our case files. Conversations you had with the Gunmen. They didn’t always turn the tape off, you know.”

He glances up toward her and sits up fully, slightly baffled, but hanging on her every word.

“When I told the Gunmen I was pregnant, they compiled anything and everything they had of you speaking. They put it on a disk and gave me this,” she lifts up the portable player. “They told me that they read somewhere how by 24 weeks, a baby’s hearing is developed enough that they begin responding to sounds and voices that they recognize, which I already knew. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it first.” A tear escapes her eye when she closes them and sighs, trying to collect her thoughts. “We decided it would be a good idea for the baby to have something, especially when he got older, so that he could hear his father’s voice whenever…” She trails off, her gaze dropping, and he doesn’t need her to finish.


She casts a glance his way and smirks. “Technically, I don’t know what it is. But I think it’s a he. I want it to be a he.” Her voice grows smaller as she continues to speak.

“You could always find out, Scully.”

She gives him a wholehearted smile, but she sounds dejected when she utters, “I didn’t want to find out without you.”

When their eyes meet again, they both soften. He takes the headphones off her belly and pushes the CD player towards the foot of the bed. He cups her face and plants small kisses on her forehead, nose, and cheeks before settling on her lips, leaving them pressed together longer than he anticipated. When he breaks the kiss, they settle back down on their sides, facing each other. He takes her right hand in his left, placing it on her belly.

“When’s your next appointment?”

“Thursday.” She pauses, hesitates even, but begins again. “You could come, if you want. We could find out, if you…”

“I want.”

The baby kicks again, and he thinks he’s never seen a smile so exquisite on her face. He props himself up slightly and turns onto his back. His right arm goes around her shoulders, pulling her as close as their child will allow, and she nuzzles her nose into his neck.

“We’re having a baby, Scully.”

“Yeah, Mulder. We’re having a baby.”

Her eyes close slowly, taking only minutes to fall back to sleep. His thumb begins rubbing her stomach, soothing both her and the life they created. He listens to her breathing, and when he thinks it’s deep enough, he whispers, “So, kid, on October 18th, 1977, the Yankees won their 21st World Series…”

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"Well first of all, make sure he eats something," she said. "But you're a doctor. You knew that already. He likes pomegranates best. And peanut butter and jelly sandwiches," she said. "He gets nightmares often, bad ones, so whenever whatever it is that you had done to him wears off, he's not going to be able to sleep. He won't let himself until he's completely exhausted. It'll be even worse now, after going through Tartarus a again." She pretended not to notice the way Will flinched at the word.

She continued on. “I know that Nico can be hard to deal with sometimes. I know he can be stubborn. Exceedingly so. But if you just give him patience and persistence, he’ll come around. Sometimes he just needs a gentle shove in the right direction.” Reyna got the feeling though, just from her short conversation with Will, that he was just as stubborn as Nico. Maybe it would be good for him to go up against someone who wasn’t going to back down. Reyna hoped so. “You just have to understand everything he’s been through, but don’t let it hold him back, because he will try to let it.” Will nodded, biting his lip for a moment before speaking. He seemed to be debating with himself whether or not he should ask what he wanted to know. “Do you know what his real name is?”

So I wrote a fic based off this really cool idea by @cindersart (make sure to check out their blog!) love hearing from you guys, I read all your comments, so make sure to let me know what you thought! I had originally posted a longer version, but switched it to the shorter one. If you want to read the original let me know. p>

Thalia missed her best friend.

She sat in the shower stall of cabin one, cool water pouring over her skin. A rag was tossed aside, laying in defeat. She couldn’t get the stupid words off her skin no matter how hard she scrubbed.

This sucked. Sure, she had planned on getting tattoos as soon as possible. But they were supposed to be things she decided on. A sleeve depicting the night sky, moonlight cresting behind swirling clouds. A lightning bolt on her left wrist. Maybe a Panic! At The Disco lyric on her ribs. But not this. These weren’t even tattoos. They were deep, dark pink scars.

“TS <3’s KG” was carved on her upper thigh. “Chris was here” diagonal on her back. A poorly drawn manticore on her lower stomach. Those were the worst. She didn’t mind the “Bring her home safe” on her wrist. And the “Thank you” on her hip was okay too. She felt like that one was addressed to her. Thalia supposed it could be worse. There weren’t any spelling errors, which was a miracle considering demigods had been the ones carving into her wooden flesh.

But then there was the one that bothered her the most.

“Family, -L” was carved the deepest, just under her left collarbone.

She prodded at that one once more. “Luke,” she whispered to no one. “Where are you?”

Thalia had asked for him soon after she had woken up. Annabeth was holding her hand, and she looked to the boy named Percy with a pained expression. “Annabeth, he’s not…?”

“No. He’s not dead.” She heard someone else murmur “might as well be.”

“Where is he?”

“Thalia, there’s time for explanations later. Let’s get you into camp. You can go to your cabin and clean up, rest up a bit. We’ll meet in the big house this afternoon before dinner to discuss everything.”

And here she was, two hours later, still in the dark. This wasn’t fair. Luke had been hers for years.

Thalia got out of the cold shower, toweled off, and put on some clothes Annabeth must have left out for her. A black tee shirt and jeans. Thank the gods she didn’t leave her one of those bright orange shirts.

She started rummaging around the cabin. There had to be one-

A golden drachma was sitting in the bottom of one of her dresser drawers. Perfect.

She walked back into the bathroom, started the shower, and tossed the coin in with a shaky hand. “Oh Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, accept my offering. Show me Luke Castellan.”

Her heart was beating out of her chest as the picture began to take form. He was standing with his back to her. Even without seeing his face, he looked so much older. His blond hair was cut short. His shoulders had broadened out. She had been gone a very long time.

“…Luke?” She said tentatively.

He turned around quickly, startled. His mouth hung open. “Thalia?”

“Oh my gods Luke,” she said, unable to hold back a few tears.

“You’re real? I mean you’re really here? Alive?”

“I mean, yeah?” She laughed. He smiled at her. “Luke, where are you? I’m at camp, why haven’t you come to see me? No one’s told me anything yet. I don’t even know how long I was a tree.”

Luke didn’t say anything for a minute. “Thalia, I’m not at camp.”

“Oh gods, are you on a quest? Are you safe?”

“No, I’m not on a quest,” he struggled with his words for a moment, until his eyes settled just above the collar of her shirt. “What’s that on your skin?”

“Oh. All the carvings people drew on me left scars. I think I know who this one is from.”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize you’d ever come back, let alone that you would and it would leave a scar.”

Her heart felt like it would explode. He looked so concerned. Gods, she missed him terribly. “It’s fine. I like that one, and I can live with the others. But you didn’t answer me. Where are you?”

Suddenly, there was a bang on the door. “Thalia? It’s me,” Annabeth’s muffled voice carried through the door.

“It’s Annabeth. I’ll be back in a sec-” she turned to look at him.

“I’m sorry,” he said, and disconnected the image.

“What?” She asked, but he was gone.

Annabeth let herself in. “Hey. The meetings going to be at the big house in twenty minutes. But I thought I should swing by to see you before that for a bit.”

Annabeth walked to her, giving her a smile. It was a little bit sad though. Why was that?

“You’re so beautiful,” Thalia said to her. “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown. You don’t look that much younger than me now.”

“Thank you,” she was quiet for a moment, until she surged forward, giving the older girl a tight hug. “Gods, I’ve missed you so much.”

“How long was I a tree?”

“About six years.”

“I’m 18? That’s unreal. I don’t look 18,” she laughed. Annabeth did too, but it had that hint of sadness again. Thalia didn’t want her to be sad. She didn’t want to acknowledge the bad news she felt was coming. But before she could say anything else, Annabeth said “I need to be the one to tell you the truth.”

“The truth about what?” Though she already knew her reply.

“The truth about Luke.”


Everyone kept saying today was a day of celebration. They had won the war. There was an enormous feast at Camp Half-Blood, and an even larger fire afterwards.

Thalia didn’t go to the fire. She walked past her fellow sisters, cloistered together on one of the benches, straight for the Zeus cabin. She knew she belonged in the Artemis cabin. But there was something she needed.

She walked into her old cabin. The low lighting felt very cold tonight. There were still a few of her possessions scattered about. She walked forward to the dresser. Placed in the top left drawer, there were old pictures of hers that Annabeth had saved, and pictures from her year at camp and semester at school. She ruffled through them, until she found it: a blurry Polaroid of a blond fourteen year old, hand stuck forward towards the camera. His grin wrinkled the long, white scar that marred his face. His shaggy blond hair hung in his face. He had his right arm wrapped tightly around a twelve year old girl, pulling her in closely to him. She had a small smile on her face as well, and was looking up at him lovingly. Written in scratchy handwriting was “Luke and Thalia, Aprel 15.”

Thalia stared at the photo for a long time, before suddenly clutching it close to her heart. Sobs racked her body worse than any other time she could remember. She wept for the family she had lost. And for the first time, she began to regret her decision to accept immortality.


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one of the dumbest arguments against reysky has got to be Rey wouldn't be affected finding out the Kylo is JUST her cousin because /I/ have cousins i don't care about so why would Rey? Like sorry that YOU don't think cousins is an important familial relationship but YOU don't speak for everyone. Many people are very close to their cousins. And Rey who's been waiting her whole LIFE to find family? How Rey is going to react to her family's history is one of the things I'm most looking forward to.

“Rey won’t react to finding out Kylo is JUST her cousin!”

As opposed to…finding out he’s some stranger who wants to kill her friends? She already knew that. Like…what is the alternative supposed to be here, exactly? Rey would react much more to having an evil cousin than nothing at all, lol.

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"...Im gonna be honest Steph, I dont know how you can use magic. Or reletively trust it." Harley glanced at the walls of books, the floor of trinkets and baubles that just held an aura of something off. "You have to trust the limits set by these people from thousands upon millions of year ago." Curious eyes finally settling back on the magic wealder "I just..what keeps you from just fucking all the rules?" She knew what she would do. "Would you bring anyone you lost back?"

Well…the consequences could be terrible if I didn’t follow the rules so…I won’t try something that could hurt others. I…already hurt too many people in the past, I don’t want to hurt people again.

I really wanted to bring loved ones back, but…no. Such spells require very heavy prices…and…things normally get worse


Meg’s corset was incredibly tight, or so it suddenly felt like it. His hands which paused their movements burned her skin. Meg had only done this once before and she was no expert even as she tried to convince herself otherwise. “It’s fine, sugar.”

Her own words made her cringe, but she had to do it. He couldn’t know how scared she was.

“If you don’t want to go through with it, I won’t make you, but know you can trust me.”

They were standing so close Jack could feel the girl’s body heat through his clothes, smell her perfume or soap or whatever was different than his own grime and ink, and his already-thundering heart sped so fast when the breath of her words hit his skin he was tempted to forget he’d ever stopped to think.

But this was wrong, and he knew it.  Hadn’t Pop raised him to respect all women, because they were all somebody’s mother or daughter or sister, no matter how they made a living?  Hadn’t Medda told him about the conditions some of her girls had escaped?

Hell, Medda’d escaped it herself.

But hearing those words–”you can trust me”–even if he didn’t believe them…

Well, that was what he wanted most, wasn’t it.  Maybe if he’d had somebody to trust he wouldn’t be here right now.

But he was there, though despite how close they were he wouldn’t meet her eyes, and finally he just asked, “…What’s your name?”

Pink Perfection

Before I came here
Pink and I were meant to be
Then a new person appeared
Well not completely new, you see
Time shook her to the core
Some things happened, I’m sure
First of all
She stopped playing with dolls
She still giggled and cried
But the rules she wanted to abide
She feared much
She let the guidelines become her crutch
Pink was no longer her fiancé
But blue like the sky in the day
Gone was the little girl
Who just wanted to twirl
She got hurt too,
Which you probably already knew
She wanted to be perfect
So much so that she cried
Because the rules became too strict
And that perfect girl lost her stride
Pink perfection is what she heard
And all the rules blurred
For she had given up pink, she declared
I promise I won’t be perfect, I swear
Blue is a better color anyway.