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1,2, and 5 for the simblr questionnaire:)

1. least favorite expansion pack?

into the future hands down. it was really pointless in my opinion and the exact opposite of the kind of gameplay i enjoy, so i was actually really sad for that to be the final goodbye to ts3, when i felt there was so much more to be added.

2 - answered! 

5. skill you never really play with, but would like to?

hm, maybe the science skill. 


Another Fantasy Illust assignment! This time I chose Dishonored 2, because I love Emily and Jessamine. Kinda wish there was more of them interacting together in the game, but that would just make me cry more, so…

hope and legacy // let’s go crazy

supercat valentines day fic rec

Just a small list of super cute fics for your reading pleasure because I miss Cat Grant and it’s valentines day (feel free to add your favourites too).

Flowers by SupercityCarnival

Kara likes flowers, and Cat likes Kara.

Practice Makes Perfect by fictorium

Changes the conversation between Kara and Cat at the end of 1x12 slightly. If Kara’s going to be bad at dating, well clearly Cat is going to be the one to fix that. Professionally (except not at all).Obviously Kara dating Adam is mentioned, but trust me not in any way that’s going somewhere.

Bring Me To Life by OfEndlessWonder

Soulmate AU. Everyone on the Earth is born with their soulmate’s first words on their wrists. Everyone on Earth except for Cat Grant, that is.

Secrets and Truths by sultrysweet

Kara unknowingly drinks truth serum and has an extremely honest conversation with Cat after hours. (Day 6: Truth Serum)

thank you’s and jellybeans by red_streaks

“Kara, what would you do if I kissed you?”

She turns to face Cat so fast that the jellybeans in her hand fall to the couch. Neither woman notice. “What?! I-I would…” Faint? Die? Can Kryptonians faint? “Um, say thank you?”

Subtle Hints by sultrysweet

Kara keeps finding notes on her desk and her “admirer” is definitely not what she expected. (Day 7: Secret Admirer)

If You Only Knew by OfEndlessWonder

Fake Dating. Cat needs a last-minute date to her ex-husband’s wedding… who better to save her than her assistant?

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Can you share some bts blogs? Hobi and yoongi biased please

“who are your fave mutuals? or blogs i guess? i wanna follow more people”

hobi biased 

@hobiswife @hobshine @hobisbi @jhopesavedmylife @jhoe @lilhobi @hobiue @gothic-hobi @h0bi @yoongimlm @gayrapline @biyoons @hobisunset @j-hope @hobisgf @angelbabyhobi @honeysts @yoonseoksbff @hobischeeks @bi-hoseok @4hoseok @glowyhoseok @hobislesbiangf @hobilesbian @hobisnovia @hoseok1e @springdayhobi @jhopesfatgf @blackhoeaesthetic @hobiwlw

 yoongi biased

@sprngday @jeonggukl @21stgirls @memesyoongi @ilysmyoongi @5obi @yoongi-exe @mangosuga @thanksbtsformylife @yoongn @sugasprincesa @2nep1nk @bangtanbf @2suga @eeukyang @iamyoongisgf @pinksweateryoongi @192171 @bitterstan @yoongissoftgf @itsequality @yoongimoon @yoongs-bitch @ilobyoongi 

just great bts blogs in general!!

@foryoubybts @kthksj @akmv @narutouncle @j1ngkooks @snapbacktaehyung @rapgodjjk @yoongistiddybres @actortae @gjungkook @gunaimfire @1004angelic @nnochu @a1yu @jiminsglo @jinhope @guitaristjin @cutejin @fadedlovebywondergirls @taegrl @transgirljimins @lie @fauxlove @ydaegu @iloveseokjin @4begin @outro-wings @tofuthot @btsjimln @kthsbff @kimtahyung @moonkissedjimin @nottoday @lgbtae @taesgrl @jeongkug @lilac1995 @colonizedrice

My favorite things from voltron s2: 

  • Lance’s cow 
  • “It’s farting!!” *laughs* 
  • Allura is a Druid?!? (I’m not 100% sure that’s what that was but I hope so) 
  • Shiro gaining full control of the black lion and fucking stealing the bayard back 
  • Keith made a joke while inside the stomach of a giant planet-devouring monster
  • Everything Coran did 
  • Pidge the paladin of nature hates the outdoors 
  • More backstory for Shiro and Keith (little as it was but what can you do) 
  • Allura being a badass with her staff and just in general in the last two episodes 
  • “I’m Keith I’m so emo”
  • The snowball/space squishy goo fight and the entire decontamination scene after 
  • Keith refusing to give up in the Blade of Marmora trial 
  • The red lion has apparently adopted Keith as her son 
  • Keith and Allura’s new friendship is so?? Precious?? 
  • Hunk being super supportive of Galra Keith 
  • Hunk is apparently Gordon Ramsey 
  • Lance dominating on the ice/underwater world did you see him I’m so proud of him 
  • Also Lance the “sharpshooter" 
  • Pidge not knowing which bathroom to go in 

 Things I didn’t like: