so i

principal: we called your aunt

Peter: fuck

principal: she didn’t answer

Peter: oh nice

principal: so we called Mister Stark

Peter: but he’s been dead for months-

principal: too bad

Peter: what’d he say

principal: Tony’s coming

Peter: what

*a chill wind blows*

principal: Tony’s coming

—- gardenGnostic [GG] began pestering gallantTargetshooter [GT] at 19:39 —-

GG: hi gramps :) im in my italian 101 class right now until 7. im glad you got my letter and i excitedly await your response! is texting hard?

GT: My dear only life is hard

Okay. Listen. 

I hear a lot of shit on Tumblr when it comes to learning writing in school, and how “teachers didn’t tell me how I could break these rules” and “teachers gave me all the grammar rules, and told me never to break them, and now I break them all the time! Teachers were wrong!”


We weren’t. 

Listen. I get it’s a trend on here to beat up on teachers because you’ve become enlightened past them or whatever, but I need to explain something to you. 

In order to break grammar rules, you first have to know grammar rules. 

We’re so strict in school when it comes to grammar because if we weren’t, you wouldn’t know how to properly break the rules later. 

Oh yeah. That’s right. I said it. Properly break the rules

But how can you possibly properly break rules! That doesn’t make sense!

Except that it does. Because in all of your creative writing rule breaking, never have I seen you mix up subject/verb agreement. You still manage to capitalize names. Commas go in their correct spots. You’ve actually managed to italicize important sections and even cite your work. You space your paragraphs out between subject and dialogue. You have transition sentences. You’ve used conjunctions and contractions. 

English teachers probably taught you many of these rules. 

I get that it can be frustrating to learn most of your creative writing from high school or college, but our job as teachers is to teach you the rules that you need to know in order to use creative writing later. 

At the end of the day, you still have proper structure, and that’s worth a damn lot more than breaking some feeble rule like “don’t start a sentence with but, because, or so.” 

I would love an extra three years to be able to show students how to break rules! But I just don’t have the time, money, or resources. So until you learn from other institutions or on your own by reading, I need to at least provide you with the structure and grammar rules you need to successfully write enough to break the weaker rules. 


Rant over. 

Teacher out. 


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘The Other Thing’

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Happy Oumasai week MONTH!

Kokichi needs a kiss from his fav detective 24/7

hiiiii, friendly reminder that you’re all MORE than welcome to have a differing opinion than me, and i’m happy to hear about it! but it gets a little tiring when my entire inbox is full of constant disappointment about where the story is going :( having an open line of communication with you guys is so rewarding and helpful when it comes to writing (there are a lot of things i never would have considered if it weren’t for an anon pointing them out), but it can also be overwhelming when there are sooo many people who are outspoken about how disappointed they are with my story :( but i also want to say thank you all for being so respectful and kind about it!! 💖

i am far too easily mowed down by big dogs to ever have one even though i want one (mostly for mobility work as an SD), but for most of my life i HATED small dogs i would scoff and be like ha! you’d never catch me with a small dog! (this was honestly just because so many of them are untrained b/c people see them as props but i didn’t think like that at the time) and then i was there when knockout was born and i was like. fuck. i can’t hate small dogs now that i am soulbound to this miniature wyrm capable of going 500mph. and then when she died i was like what the fuck, i can’t have a “big dog”. because what you have to know about jack russells and anything with even one drop of jack russell in it, is that no matter how small they are, they are the biggest dog on the planet

Five Minutes More: Trailer

I am so excited to announce my new fic, Five Minutes More! This came about through one single message in the group chat and I honestly had no idea how much I’d fall in love with it.

I’m actually gonna dedicate this to the beautiful @sleepyeyedstyles who has helped me so much today with not only ideas for the fic but she saved my ass when the trailer didn’t work out. I owe my life to you! 💕

Something about her entranced him. Maybe it was the way her eyes sparkled in the sun that still sat high in the sky above them. Maybe it was her smile which instantly warmed him or the way she tried to straighten her shirt and brush down her trousers. Or, maybe it was the way she seemed approachable. Whatever it was, he suddenly felt like he needed to know her.


When you meet the love of your life only to be separated by war and all you want…is five minutes more.