so hyped and loud i loved it

the best parts of the green day concert in dc last night

- A person in a pink bunny suit came out to hype up the crowd and then was dragged off by the legs. idk

- Bohemian Rhapsody blasting through the speakers before they took the stage, followed by Blitzkrieg Bop 

- They opened with Know Your Enemy. Throwing some major shade at the orange man there.

- during Bang Bang, Billie yelled “I want you all to sing so loud that that son of a bitch in the White House can hear you!”

-a little speech from Billie about being tired of conspiracy theories and wanting the truth, and how people need to spread love and tolerance, not hate

- When Billie had the lights turned out during Holiday, he had the crowd chant “No Racism Zone! No Sexism Zone! No Homophobia! And No More Walls!”

- water guns and a tee shirt cannon

- “HEY-OOOOO” all night long

- 2 kids were brought up to sing and got to crowd surf. The guy who sang Longview absolutely killed it, and after Billie got the mic back, he exclaimed “You trying to steal my job?”

- Mike busted out some nice moves and legwork

- A 16 yr old girl was brought up to play guitar, and you could tell she was shy but Billie encouraged her and tried to make her comfortable onstage. She received a standing ovation and cheers and THEN SHE GOT TO KEEP THE GUITAR

- Billie had the people from Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. cheer separately to gauge how many people from each area there was and then yelled out “Wow, there are a lot of Maryland folks here” (which, hell yeah, that’s where I’m from)

- After that, he ran off stage and onto the floor area to sing and play which was hilarious to watch bc there was a bunch of people suddenly migrating over to him like chicks drawn to a mama bird, and the security guys kept going back and forth trying to get people give Billie some space and you could just tell they were really exasperated.

- kickass harmonica solo 

-they played Burnout, which I got really excited about bc I really love that song and had practiced it the previous day along with concert staples just for fun, I didn’t expect them to actually play it

- “We all come from fucked up backgrounds, but when we come together like this, we can be fucked up together!”

-Tre sang the opening lines to shout while Billie played drums, and then skipped around the stage before going back to drums. Billie smacked his butt 

- Billie pulled at a fucking kazoo while Jason played the saxophone

- little tribute to George Michael

- Billie had the crowd sing Hey Jude

- At the end of American Idiot, Billie yelled “FUCK YOU, DONALD TRUMP!!!”

- They played Jesus of Suburbia, fuck yeah

in short, it was an awesome night and I hope I remember it for as long as I live

I’m still so freaking hyped guys…

Like, I’m so used to headcanoning characters as LGBT+. It’s so rare for a canon character to come out as bi/pan, and I keep finding myself sitting back like ‘whoa, this is real, this isn’t some fanfic or fanart idea I liked. This is canon. Little kids got to see this.’ and it’s so nice.

little things i love about critical role and its players: 

  • when marisha gestures too widely/wildly and almost smacks taliesin in the face with her hand or elbow
  • taliesin aiming with an imaginary gun while matt describes his shot, mimicking the recoil when matt makes the sound effect
  • sam’s face. just. sam’s face at any given time
  • liam’s cheesy endorsements of wormwood gaming/sam’s “check out our t-shirts at, that’s” whenever whispering is happening
  • the reactions when someone rolls a natural 20 or a natural 1
  • yelling so loud they almost overload the fuckin mic when Hype Shit happens
  • “you can certainly try”
  • (someone tells matt their roll) “with that,” 
  • someone suggesting something weird or unusual and matt going “go ahead and make a…” and pausing as he tries to figure out what kind of fuckin check this will be
  • laura going “oh jeeze louise” or cursing loudly, there’s no in between 
  • there’s more i’m sure
Shut up! (Mojo Rawley/OFC)

Fandom: WWE

Rated: M for smut

While Gronk and Mojo are downstairs in the gym getting hyped for another match, Mojo’s girl is upstairs trying to sleep. When she finally has enough, she goes downstairs in nothing but Mojo’s old football jersey and tells them to shut up. Mojo is surprised and oddly turned on by his angry girlfriend.




I lay in bed listening to my boyfriend and his friend Gronk get hyped for about an hour. Mojo had a big match tomorrow night, and Gronk was here to give Mojo his infamous hype up. Ever since they posted that one video on Instagram, this was a regular ritual for every big match. I wouldn’t mind it as much if they didn’t do it this late. Suddenly more yelling and another smack against Mojo’s chest echoed all the way upstairs. Trying to drown out the sound, I threw the blankets over my head, but it didn’t help. “Damn it, Mojo!” I groaned throwing the blankets off. Swinging my bare legs off the bed, I fixed Mojo’s jersey I was wearing and head downstairs.

The sound of their ritual was getting louder and louder the closer I got. Gronk and Mojo were screaming like crazy. I walked down the stairs to see both men jumping around screaming, “LETS GO BABY!!! LETS GO!!!” Their screaming was annoying, but the sight of my boyfriend shirtless wasn’t a bad view. All across Mojo’s chest was red marks from Gronk’s slaps, and his face was red from screaming. Finally I had enough, “HEY!!!” Both men stopped jumping around and looked at me standing on the stairs. Mojo’s eyes scanned my entire body, and his stance was tense from all his hype.

“Can you two shut up?!? I’m trying to sleep!!!” I growled.

Gronk took it upon himself to answer, “Sorry, girl, but we gotta get Mo-”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah get Mojo hyped. I don’t mind that y'all do that, but not this fucking late!!!” I yelled.

“I’m sorry, baby,” Mojo said.

“Do you two have any idea what time it is?” I nearly yelled.

“Not really. We lost track of time,” Mojo answered almost sheepishly.

“Damn, girl. Chill out,” Gronk added.

I glared at him, “Just…ugh! I’m going to bed. Keep it down.”

As I headed upstairs, I heard them talking about something. I didn’t pay any attention to it because I was fuming. Throwing myself onto the bed, I didn’t bother to throw the covers on my body. Off in the distance, a door opened and closed followed by the sound of heavy footfall walking towards the bedroom. “Baby?” Mojo asked as he walked. I didn’t answer. I just rolled onto my side. I heard him shuffle around before he spoke again, “Have I ever told you how hot you are when you’re angry?” His voice sounded strained, and I turned over and saw his tense form standing at the end of the bed.

My eyes ran over his muscles all the way down to the giant bulge in his sweat pants. I had to admit he was incredibly hot right now, but I was still angry, “I’m still mad at you.”

“I know, baby,” Mojo said.

I could tell he wanted to ask for something, but he kept quiet. The thought of having angry sex with my hot, sweaty, and hyped boyfriend sounded great. The dirty thoughts wouldn’t stop and Mojo’s heavy breathing were wearing me down. “Oh fuck it!” I said jumping up and throwing myself on him. My legs wrapped around his waist and my arms wrapped around his neck. Our lips met in a hungry, passionate kiss.

Mojo groaned into my mouth as I gripped his neck tighter. Mojo shoved me up against a wall and started to grind his hard against my core. I moaned and gasped as he sucked on my neck. “You know we were live streaming when you came down there,” he groaned, “All my fans saw how sexy you looked in my jersey.”

“What they say?” I asked before I moaned.

“They thought you were sexy as hell,” he growled, jealousy in his voice.

One of his hands came up and grabbed my breast. “You’re my girl! Ain’t nobody allowed to say shit like that about you!“ he growled. “Oh my god just shut up and fuck me!” I moaned. Mojo suddenly threw me on the bed and practically tore the jersey and my panties off. I saw a wet patch on the front of his sweats where he had been grinding against my soaked panties. I watched Mojo grab his dick through his sweats, and I involuntarily rubbed my thighs together. His hands roughly spread my legs apart, and he quickly kneeled down until his mouth was over my pussy. “You’re hot when you’re mad!” he growled. I arched my hips up closer to his mouth, but he held my hips down before taking a long lick up my core.

“You suck!” I whined as he teased me.

“And you swallow,” he smirked.

He started to eat me out faster, making my back arch off the mattress. Mojo’s calloused fingers gripped tightly to my thighs to keep my legs open. “C’mon, baby. Cum for me,” he groaned. His beard scratched my skin as he sucked on my clit, sending me over the edge. “Mojo!” I whined. He licked me until I was squirming with over-stimulation. I watched as he pulled away, licking his lips and messing with his sweats. I sat up, impatience and need fueling my actions, and pulled his sweats down. “No time for that,” he growled shoving me down. Mojo laid on top of me and snapped his hips roughly against me. I cried out feeling him stretch me, and I dug my nails into his back.

“You still mad at me?” he panted.

“God yes!” I growled.

Mojo started moving at a rapid pace making me moan and cry out in pleasure. My fingers dug into his tense back muscles, “C'mon you can do better than tha-AH SHIT!” One hand gripped the back of his neck while the other held his flexing bicep as he sped his pace up and pounded into me harder. “You’re so fucking hot when you’re like this, baby!” I moaned. He suddenly picked me up and pinned me against the wall. My back ached from it hitting the hard surface, but I didn’t care. He fucked me deeper, and I thought I was about to fall apart. “That better?” he growled. My nails dug into his biceps as I gasped and moaned like a pornstar. Mojo’s hand suddenly came up and pulled my hair, exposing my neck for him to suck and bite on.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum again!” I cried.

“Not yet you ain’t!” he groaned as he stopped moving.

I whined in protest, “Mojo! Please baby.”

I tried to move my hips for me friction, but he held me still, “I thought you were still mad at me?” I could feel the smirk pressed against my neck, satisfied with himself that he was winning, “Say you love me, and I’ll let you cum.” I groaned in frustration followed by a whine of need. “Please baby,” I whined, urging him to move. Mojo shook his head no, “Nuh uh, baby. Say you love me.” I might have been mad at him for keeping me up, but I couldn’t be mad at him forever. “Alright. I love you, baby,” I finally said. He smirked as he suddenly began to pound into me senselessly, “AH FUCK!”

The sound of his grunts and moans in my ear pushed me closer and closer back to the edge which I was dying to fall over. I wrapped my arms around his neck and forced his lips against mine in a rough kiss. He bit down on my lip, causing a moan to escape me. Suddenly, I felt myself shudder around him and scream my release into his mouth. Sucking on my lips and pounding into me, Mojo helped me ride out the rest of my high. Releasing my mouth from his, I felt him suddenly pick up again, “My turn.” A smirk was plastered across his face as he worked on his own orgasm.

I moaned and whined as he moved at a fast pace. It was almost so pleasurable it was torture from how sensitive I was from my previous release. “Cmon, daddy. Cum for me,” I urged, raking my nails down his muscular back. “AH F-FUCK!” he came inside me and pressing me more into the wall. His mouth kissed the side of my neck as he panted and held completely still against me. I held his head close to me letting him relax. Mojo suddenly pulled out, picked me off the wall, and walked to the bed. My back met the soft bed as he set me down, and the mattress dipped as he laid down, wrapping his arms around me.

Laying my head on his chest, I heard him sigh in satisfaction, “We should have angry sex more often.” I giggled, “Keep me up at ten o'clock at night, and we might.”

“I’m sorry we annoyed you, baby. I’ll stop getting hyped,“ he apologized.

“No, don’t stop being hyped! That’s the only reason I’m dating you!” I teased.

“Oh, so you’re only with me so you can ride the hype train, is that it?” he teased.

I laughed and hit his sweaty chest, “Yup!”

We both laughed as he laid on his side to look at me, “I love you, and I’ll keep it down in the middle of the night. Unless we’re fucking. In that case, Imma be loud as hell.” I just laughed and pecked his lips, “I love you too.”

Dangerous Woman Tour Full Review (Including Full Song-By-Song Breakdown and Videos)

Helloooooo here with my Dangerous Woman Tour Review. It’s ridiculously long so I made it a “Read More” post. Please reblog if you read, because I put a TON of effort into this and therefore would like to spread it to as many people as possible to make this worth it lol. This review includes my opinions on basically every aspect of the show, as well as a song-by-song breakdown and lots and lots of videos. Let me know if you have any questions, I can answer anything!

DISCLAIMER: my opinions literally don’t matter and you may hold different ones and that’s all good you do you

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MMO trainees having a 2-years debut idol girlfriend

further - 100% my opinion and imagination. requested by anonymous.

Originally posted by vanessacwt

yoon jisung: he is and will always be your group’s (very) supportive number 1 fan. he knows all the songs, dances and even fan chants. seeing you perform and fan service to your fans, he will sometimes whine that he envies you, and he wants to debut quick. calling you or texting you, being the one crying instead of you when you get 1st place or win an award. he would be sad that you two are in a long distance relationship sometimes, so he would always send you photos or selfies of himself or with other mmo trainees. he would try to make you do lots of strange couple poses which doesn’t require each other being together. but sometimes he would get way too hyped up and shout out your name out loud or say i love you in public. he’ll quickly cover his mouth then whisper to you if he was really loud just now.

joo jinwoo: he is the quiet supporting fan. always there to reassure you that you’re doing fine, but sometimes can’t hide himself being worried about himself about his future (debut) too. sometimes he would silently upload posts of himself cheering you up with a secret code, which makes you feel all warmed up and touched. he’s going to be okay with long distance relationships, never forget to text you back with sweet words, and will be embarrassed if the other mmo trainees find out you two were texting (still he talks about you secretly). he would always help you with singing, coaching you through, or sometimes record duets with each other secretly. will always be the one who is cautious and worried about everything, and asks you trillion times if your idea of having a date is okay.

choi taewoong: he is the you-biased no.1 fan. cheering you up, hugging you, doing lots of skin-ships. he would sometimes tell you things related to you two being together. for example whining he should’ve debut with you. since he never loves or like to be left alone, he will feel very lonely in a long distance relationship. whatever you two were talking about he would randomly text you that he misses you. he would always bring along the gift you bought for him for whatever reason, and always send selfies of him and the gift together, either hugging or kissing or etc. jealous of every boys around you, always telling you how to reject other boys and try to brainwash you with telling them they’re all wolves. everything ends with it would’ve been better if y/n was with me. if he wasn’t a trainee, he might have opened up a blog all about you or following you with a huge camera.

kim jaehan: always cheering you up and always being proud of you 24/7. Whenever he is having conversations with the other trainees he would start spilling out your name saying you’re the best or better than anyone else. he is your non-hired secret bodyguard, always there to defend all the bad about you, but sometimes he makes it worse. he would secretly upload photos of you, but of course cutting you out. he wants everyone to know you two are dating but just can’t because idols. when you two are on long distance relationship, he would ask you how’s the place, or when are you coming back. he will be in a worse mood than you if you go through something harsh, tries to find sweet words to cheer you up, but in the end he would trash talk about all the people who are being mean to you. which is sort of a way that cheers you up too.

kang daniel: he would be the secret no.1 fan of you. he knows how important your role is as an idol and being revealed to the world, so he would give you a bit privacy than before. but still his eyes are always looking for you, and can’t help but smile when he sees you. he will upload secret codes or couple pose photos between you two on instagram. but always talking and bragging about you whenever he’s around with mmo trainees. he would always feel proud when he hears your compliment, but not tell about it to you. he will be fine with long distance, it’s just that he sometimes will forget you were in a different time zone. will have a breakdown if you are going through something harsh, gets nervous, and cannot focus. 24/7 his mind is on you. sees something he’ll likely to say you’ll like it or you’ll hate it. he always appreciates your life and the fans, and he will always thank the fans as if they were his fans. 

Rambly thinky thoughts about why GotG2 is one of the best films in the MCU

So yesterday I saw GotG2 a third time (this time in IMAX), and let me tell you I have Realised A Thing.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 gives me the emotional satisfaction that I expected, wanted, but ultimately did not get from Captain America: Civil War.

After being utterly blown away by CATWS I went into CACW expecting All Of The Feels, but instead I got a bunch of dudes displaying the emotional maturity of concussed teaspoons, the most forced and pointless No Homo “"romance”“ to date, and a dull af colour palette that not even Chris Evans’ glorious biceps could brighten up. Plus a bunch of explosions and snappy oneliners, but that’s a given.

But mostly it was just a bunch of people getting into trouble and falling out because they just Would Not Talk To Each Other. And an ending to the friendship between Steve and Tony that didn’t really have that much of an impact ‘cause while we’ve seen them working together we’ve never really gotten to see them hang out, just the two of them, and actually be friends, so that big, dramatic end fight didn’t have the impact it should’ve had. And poor Bucky, who should’ve been the central character of the film, was barely more than a McGuffin who starts out just wanting to be left alone and ends up just wanting to be left alone to the point where he chooses to get frozen again. Hmph.

GotG2 on the other hand? WHOA.

HERE BE SPOILERS! (And I’m on mobile so no readmore for you)

They talk to each other. The “unspoken thing” between Peter and Gamora is still developing, in a way that feels a lot more natural than the Steve/Sharon thing. And there’s not really any room for superfluous, awkward romance when the film is dedicated to familial relationships, like Gamora and Nebula, who get a really good arc to themselves (Bechdel Test pass! And Mako Mori Test pass, for Nebula).

The whole Peter/Ego/Yondu thing is very well executed, ‘cause you can see how much Peter wants Ego to be the father he always wished for, but as soon as Ego reveals what he did to Meredith he’s dead to Peter. And Yondu won’t ever win any Father of the Year awards, but given his backstory it’s not really a surprise that he isn’t very good at the whole parenting thing, and I’m pretty sure he never expected to love Peter like he did. But he did right by him in the end, and actually told Peter that he thought of him as a son, and now I am verklempt.

The whole bit with Yondu, Rocket, and Groot escaping and taking back the ship? Fucking PERFECT. An excellent balance of humour (the toe!), genuine emotional beats, and 110% sheer, awesome badassery. And I love that they picked a song that on its own is kinda meh, but the way it builds along with the action somehow makes it the perfect choice. (This whole sequence has become my favourite part of all MCU films, can you tell?)

And the upshot of Rocket and Yondu’s bonding? Is that Rocket realises that he actually has a family, who won’t leave him behind no matter how much he tries to push them away. Emotional development for the acerbic asshole, woot!

Basically, GotG2 neatly sidesteps the thing that usually happens to the second film in an ensemble cast franchise. The thing where the first film shows the gang getting together, and the second film drives them apart, without there being any intermediate that shows them actually working together and enjoying each other’s company. GotG1 shows them becoming a crew, GotG2 shows them becoming a family. And I love that it’s Drax, aka the only one who’s actually had a family of his own, who defines their relationship out loud.

Of course, it’s quite probable that the expectations I had before seeing CACW and GotG2 has shaped how I feel about them. With CACW my hype was through the roof, simply because CATWS was so damn good, and CACW is a capably made film considering how much plot they had to cram into it. But beyond my initial squee at how they’d actually pulled it off there was just… Meh. It didn’t feel like it had the depth of CATWS, and thus didn’t invite me to explore it further through reading and writing fanfic.

Going into GotG2 I expected a fun, colourful romp through space, but not much else. And then I saw it and the Feels hit me in the face like a sledgehammer. And after a third viewing it still holds up; even though the ending isn’t exactly happy happy I still come out of the theatre grinning like a loon and feeling awesome. It’s not quite on par with the feeling Mad Max: Fury Road left me with, but of all the MCU films this is the one that comes closest to it.

And that’s just about as high praise that I can give.

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Hiii I'm new to the fandom. I'm having a hard time remembering names (struggles) and I was wondering if u can describe each member's personalities? Thxxxx

sure thing ! (welcome to the fandom!!)


  • a nerd
  • TheQuietOne (hes not tho, not rly)
  • apparently possessive? (according to jinyoung)
  • very caring and thinks before he acts 
  • coco’s dad


  • oh boy where do i begin
  • hes everyones dad. idc who u are hes your dad
  • beautiful. oh my god, & he knows it
  • hes a really good leader (according to him, there’s no member that doesn’t listen to him)
  • a loser??? sometimes im just boy wtf you doing?? he looks lazy but hes actually hardworking & an angel
  • sleeps a lot like boy same


  • LOUD !
  • so, so, so caring and thoughtful & just generally nice to everyone he interacts with?
  • i mean, he translates all his instagram captions into 3 languages. what an angel
  • knows a lot about the world & social justice in general
  • very thick
  • has friends in almost every other group like?? everybody loves him how could you not


  • “i’m your mom”
  • petty as fuck like he literally never lets anything go
  • he likes to read and play piano 
  • kind of quiet ish too like mark?? i feel hes just not as outspoken as some of the other members
  • a gentleman
  • i love him hes so pretty


  • hes my bias so this might seem,,,,biased (LMAO)
  • if you were wondering if the sun could be personified, wonder no longer!!
  • hes loud. his laugh is loud. he sings loud. so much noise
  • very hardworking
  • so cute?? ppl say hes unattractive but theyre wrong?
  • coco’s mom


  • brace yourselves
  • “how do you know i’m not big?”
  • dabs so much theres a petition to change his name to “dabdab”
  • hype as fuck and wears heels that could kill someone
  • chopstick legs
  • i gotta stress this more…hse a meme ok a gd meme lsoer
  • i love him


  • dancing queen young and sweet only 19
  • tall as hell & seems like one of the older members but hes the maknae
  • sometimes he tries to be sexy and i & all other aghasaes drop dead
  • actually really cute and funny hes a loser i love him
  • please give him more lines

Heelwork left, right and block (walking “-” in front of me) and a few older tricks.
Heeling with his face straight to me is still in work but he gives his best ❤.

In fact his heeling on the right side and in block is better than on the normal left side.
We had worked on straight walking and not pushing the human and it worked but he is walking strong in “/” position again.
He slams me, jumps up but he recognizes it when he walks to fast and brakes (this is really good work from the little boy, it shows that he still takes care of me and the tempo).
And he seems kind of hyperactive, barking A LOT and loud.
If someone has tipps to stop strong barking, I would love to read it ❤.
I know that it is my fault, maybe I am to hyper too when we train and push him to hype?
I have tried to calm him but it does not work.

And I got the tipp to throw the toy behind me when I reward so he will learn to walk more straight.
Because I throwed the toy in front of me he was expecting it and this is why he maybe walks like “/”.
We will work on it.

But beside this he is so super lovely, I am really proud of my little fluff ball 💕.

140408 B.A.P US Boom Party Baby NYC

I am finally ready to just rant about B.A.P man
This is more like for me because I don’t want to forget what happened but please don’t feel shy to read this looong post
FYI this is gonna be a combination of what I wrote directly after the concert and what I’m writing now post concert daze/depression

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I feel so much more validated, oh my goodness! I don’t have much else to add to the hype around L is for Love, other than solidifying the fact that representation is, has, and will always matter.

I already loved the Loud House, and Luna always one of my favorites. God bless those writers.

porptal-reference  asked:

Who's Luna loud

she’s the 3rd oldest sister from the loud house and the hype is bc today a new episode (l is for love) came on and all the sisters gave love letters to guys they liked but the last one was luna and she gave one to a girl named sam!!!
this isn’t first canon lgbt character on the show, (the others are clyde’s dads, harold and howard mcbride) but it’s really great because she’s only 15 and it shows young girls watching that it’s ok to like other girls and i’m so happy this is so good i was crying for 10-15 minutes after i saw this episode okay

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I saw the movie again after like 7 years and I’m in love with it all over again. It’s so sweet and wonderful ;-; idk what other scenes I could draw tho :0 the whole movie is amazing!!

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BTS reaction when their Idol s/o faints while performing at an Award Show ? (But their realationship is still a Secret)

BTS Reaction To Their Idol S/O Fainting While Performing@Award Show(Not Public)

(A/n:I’m start putting NP if their are any request that want them not being public NP standing for not public lol simply because typing it out takes to much space)


When you first fell, he would laugh thinking that you were just having a little bit too much fun and had miss slip, but his laughter would soon be cut short when he saw that you weren’t getting back up to finish the performance. He’d become concerned when he saw your band members look at you and had even stopped the music to help get you off stage. He would instantly go into his motherly mode and would want nothing more then you rush over to you and make sure you were alright, that you had enough food/water, but seeing as no one knew about the two of you he couldn’t only making him hurt more and wishing you guys relationship wasn’t a secret.


He wouldn’t care, that you guys weren’t public, so what if people started to talk, think differently of him or whatever the moment he saw you faint he was going up on stage to get you and take you back to the dorms. Fortunately since they had stopped the performance which made it easy for him to get to you. “You really should be more careful jagiya…” he’d whisper carrying you off stage,after getting you home he would send a tweet out confirming rumors of you guys relationship, only because he wouldn’t risk something like this happening again and him not being able to take you because he had no relation with you.


He would shocked, and angry, as someone who choreographs a lot of dances he knew how important it was to stay hydrated, and to never over work yourself and force things that could strain your body in a very uncomfortable position. When you had told him about the dance and even showed him small parts of it, he had told you to ask for a different part in the song,but your manager and had said no. Their wasn’t much water on stage for everyone causing you to blackout some in the dance before actually fainting. That’s what had made him so angry even though you couldn’t change the dance their wasn’t enough water for anyone!But it had so happened to have been you his jagiya “who in the world makes such a hard dance and doesn’t give out enough water!”

Rap Monster:

The two of you were trying to keep your relationship on the down low, doing whatever you can to get little to none interaction. After all no one knew that you guys knew each other and it would be odd to suddenly start hanging out, right? When he was watching you he couldn’t help the bad feeling he felt in his stomach watching you sing and dance, your face had looked rather pale and even if most wouldn’t catch it, your tempo overall was just a few beats behind everyone else. So when you had fainted in a the middle of the performance it had all made sense to him, you were dehydrated!Pushing his hair back letting out a sigh, he’d excuse himself from his group heading backstage to meet you and convince your manager to him take you home, hopefully without having to say that you guys were dating and that’s why he knew you.


He would feel bad, like super bad and a little bit guilty, he had knew you weren’t feeling all that well for some time now, but he didn’t to much into it, and when he saw you faint on stage in the middle of your performance it’d proven his point that the moment you had told him about feeling ill he should sent you to the doctors. He’d want nothing more than to run up on stage and take you away back to his dorms,so he could watch over you until you felt better, but he knew he couldn’t do that he couldn’t risk getting caught and letting people know you guys were dating it was too soon and with what just happened he couldn’t have to worrying over what fans would say.


It would take a little while for him to process what had just happened, simply because he was getting into it, he was dancing and lip-singing to your part getting super hyped and you had looked like you were having fun so he wasn’t really expecting something like that to happen. One minute he had his eyes on you watching you get the crowd hyped and rapping a versus and then the next he saw you on the floor he would think it was apart of the dance at first “is this apart of the dance?” he’d ask out loud that was util he saw it was taking you quite some time to get up “why isn’t she moving hyung?” “should I go up to get her?” his eyes getting super wide while he stood from his seat.

(a/n: I love this gif of taetae he is so precious and those eyes are like ahh the kill me)


When it was your groups turn to light up the stage he couldn’t help,but be excited to see your solo dance in the song, as it came near to the end of the song you had did a spin,but shortly fall down afterwards,your band members looked at you worried when you weren’t getting up,which made jungkook very worried “why isn’t she getting up?” he’d ask his hyungs, jin about to explain,when your manager and some other guys came out taking you away on a stretcher, his eyes were glued to your seemingly lifeless form “where are they taking her!” he’d say a little to loudly standing up,he was going to follow your manger until he realized it’d look odd following you since no one knew the two of you were dating. He’d be super upset, that everyone performed and went on like nothing happened, but also sad that you had fainted.

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