so hyped and loud i loved it

the best parts of the green day concert in dc last night

- A person in a pink bunny suit came out to hype up the crowd and then was dragged off by the legs. idk

- Bohemian Rhapsody blasting through the speakers before they took the stage, followed by Blitzkrieg Bop 

- They opened with Know Your Enemy. Throwing some major shade at the orange man there.

- during Bang Bang, Billie yelled “I want you all to sing so loud that that son of a bitch in the White House can hear you!”

-a little speech from Billie about being tired of conspiracy theories and wanting the truth, and how people need to spread love and tolerance, not hate

- When Billie had the lights turned out during Holiday, he had the crowd chant “No Racism Zone! No Sexism Zone! No Homophobia! And No More Walls!”

- water guns and a tee shirt cannon

- “HEY-OOOOO” all night long

- 2 kids were brought up to sing and got to crowd surf. The guy who sang Longview absolutely killed it, and after Billie got the mic back, he exclaimed “You trying to steal my job?”

- Mike busted out some nice moves and legwork

- A 16 yr old girl was brought up to play guitar, and you could tell she was shy but Billie encouraged her and tried to make her comfortable onstage. She received a standing ovation and cheers and THEN SHE GOT TO KEEP THE GUITAR

- Billie had the people from Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. cheer separately to gauge how many people from each area there was and then yelled out “Wow, there are a lot of Maryland folks here” (which, hell yeah, that’s where I’m from)

- After that, he ran off stage and onto the floor area to sing and play which was hilarious to watch bc there was a bunch of people suddenly migrating over to him like chicks drawn to a mama bird, and the security guys kept going back and forth trying to get people give Billie some space and you could just tell they were really exasperated.

- kickass harmonica solo 

-they played Burnout, which I got really excited about bc I really love that song and had practiced it the previous day along with concert staples just for fun, I didn’t expect them to actually play it

- “We all come from fucked up backgrounds, but when we come together like this, we can be fucked up together!”

-Tre sang the opening lines to shout while Billie played drums, and then skipped around the stage before going back to drums. Billie smacked his butt 

- Billie pulled at a fucking kazoo while Jason played the saxophone

- little tribute to George Michael

- Billie had the crowd sing Hey Jude

- At the end of American Idiot, Billie yelled “FUCK YOU, DONALD TRUMP!!!”

- They played Jesus of Suburbia, fuck yeah

in short, it was an awesome night and I hope I remember it for as long as I live

Post hamilton feelings

okay so i just got back from NY today and hamilton was AMAZING! ngl i was a little afraid it wouldn’t live up to the hype, but the hype is Real y’all!! my full hamilton #Review is below and feel free to shoot an ask or a msg if you have questions or just wanna Yell with me about it, i still have a lot of feelings and Opinions. and besides for hamilton, NY in general was ofc amazing! it’s so big and loud and bright and beautiful!! the buildings were so cool looking i felt like such a tourist taking pics of all the buildings and shit but i couldn’t help it, i loved the #Aesthetic so much. i had so much good food and cocktails! we toured the morgan museum and library and it was so cool to see all these old documents and abstract art. the strand was so cool, i bought a second hand vintage aesop’s fables book and a cool hamilton themed canvas bag, i honestly could have spent all my money there. we p much walked from midtown (our hotel was in hells kitchen) to lower manhattan (west village) all day on the 31st and the rooftop party on new years eve was so cool! the empire state building was all lit up and was right there. if you got my snapchat you probs saw the pics and the following drunk snaps… there was an open bar, so i had a good time lmaoo

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prompt-”So you’re a dancer?”

Tim Drake

im writing this before a football game while top and panic! are playing and im really hype so sorry if this is trash (also i used to be a dancer and this just made me so happy to write)







Your body moved in perfect harmony with the music. Every limb stretched, pointed, and flexed. You were on auto pilot as the loud sounds of Hoizer took over your body. 

You loved this, after a long day you would come to the studio and just unwind. The pain after a long dance session was a better relaxation than any bath or nap could ever give you. The way your back and feet ached after dancing for hours was priceless. 

Today had been a hard day. Your boss was pissy and hated everything you turned into her, you had spilled coffee all over your lap that morning, and your hair was super frizzy. You wanted nothing more than to just forget the world and dance. So you did. 

Your bare feet felt amazing against the cold hardwood floor. The muscles in your legs rippled with anticipation and the song sped up into the bridge. Jumping into the air, you bent your legs towards your core and then extended your arms up to form a perfect stag leap. Landing on your feet you went back into releve and back into your regular standing posture. 

Sighing you walked towards the mirror to grab you water bottle. Before you could take a drink you were startled by a loud voice. 

“So, you’re a dancer?” Your best friend, Tim, voice had caused you turn around sharply and almost made you lose your footing. 

“How did you know i was here?” This had been your thing, he could’nt know you danced. 

“You’re really good,” He ignored your question and he walked further into the studio. 

“Tim, how did you find me?” No one knew you danced. 

“Don’t worry twinkle toes, I won’t tell anyone you dance.” He laughed and kept walking towards you. 

“Don’t call me that. Now, tell me how the hell you found me.” Your voice had gone from confused to stern in just a few sentences and you had no intentions on asking him again how the he knew where you were.

“I saw your car outside,” He slowed down his walking and stopped a few feet away from you. 

“Tim, you can’t tell anyone I dance,” Your voice was pleading as you tried to beg your friend not to tell anyone about your secret. 

“I won’t, even though i should because holy hell that was amazing, I won’t.” You sighed in relief and smiled at him before he continued.

‘Only if you teach me how to do that cool jump thing,” You laughed and moved next to him. 

“Okay so, you need to straighten your posture and place your feet shoulder width apart,”