so hype for all the ink art

Zarkon would be proud.

Lotor however realises this is giving him a bad rep and bans their social media.

(Anywhay season 4 is probably out now and I almost missed out getting a pree-celebration post done. Managed to pull through in the last 3 hours.)

Inktober - Day 20

“Squeeze” was a hard prompt to come up with something for until I saw an adorable mimikyu video and about died. ;w; <3

I’m so hype for Sun and Moon, it’s all I can think about lately.. >3<;;;

Markers, Colored Pencils, Ink, Ect. <3

>>> Sorry this post is late! I was super tired yesterday and I lost myself in watching Markiplier’s Undertale Stream… before I knew it, it was far too late to get started on a daily drawing, so I finished this one today for you guys! ^^


Since I’m getting SUPER HYPE for Inktober 2015, decided to repost/share some of my faves for last year’s inktober. I actually reached 1000 followers during last year, so hopefully I can pull off a measly 250 more for 4k this year! I still like these ones so I hope all the newbies here do too! <3

Going to go way harder this year now that i’m out of school for sure. 

[1/16] I know I promised 20

ktsaurusr3x requested a spider so here’s a Erigonidae (a subfamily of spiders). This spider “balooned” his way into my room, and as the biologist I am, I caught it and wanted to release it. However it was late and very cold so I let him stay in his jar, but the next morning he was dead D:
His death will not be in vain, I used his 3 mm long body as a guideline for this drawing :D

ktsaurusr3x, Thanks for the support!

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