so hungry and thirsty

the signs on a roadtrip

aries Pep Squad - Makes sure everyone is awake for all the good view spots, keeps everyone entertained with car games.

taurus Extreme Napper - Somehow manages to sleep through everything, clutches onto their own bag of potato chips the entire ride.

gemini DJ - Playing all the music faves directly from their massive music library on phone, and won’t stop singing along too.

cancer Documenter - Insists on capturing every single moment by camera, doesn’t want to miss a thing.

leo Chill Cruiser - Has all the funny stories to tell everyone along the way, knows small fun facts about each stop.

virgo Navigator - Map in hand. Planned out all the bathroom breaks and good tourist stops along the route, and speed at which the car should be driving at.

libra The Tour Guide - Points out all the interesting cafes, monuments and museums, choosing spots that will be fun for EVERYONE.

scorpio Meditator - Doesn’t really know what’s going on / not much say in the itinerary, but is internally capturing/appreciating the whole scenic drive.

sagittarius Drive-Thru Diva - Insists on stopping at all the fast food stops, complains about lack of bathroom breaks as an excuse.

capricorn The Driver - Trying to focus on the road, despite all the fun going on behind them (though they wouldn’t really trust anyone else to drive).

aquarius Tiny Bladder - Usually found in the backseat just having a good time, but every once in a while will delay the trip for everyone to use the bathroom.

pisces Snack Surveyor - Holds all the good snacks, drinks and candies to distribute so that no one is ever hungry or thirsty.

Moon of Fire Part i (Sastiel Sequel)

Sastiel is a fic inspired from Rowaelin’s child and Feysand’s child being mates. Thank you to @dorianthekinkymf for reading this first part early, and giving me her amazing support, and for @dr-woodsprite for the title inspiration! And also to the girls who have done beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful Sastiel edits, @cassianandfenrysaremyboyos @readinglikewildfire @thebookdiviner @poseiodn @dorianthekinkymf I love you guys so much a thousand thank yous!

If you haven’t read A Court of Fire and Dreams:
Check out Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V.

Moon of Fire:
Part i, Part ii, Part iii, Part iv, Part v


Darkness covered Seraphine.
She was delirious, sprawled on a wooden floor, a wild raging pain deep in her head. Though her hands—bloody, shackled.
Despite this, a bigger problem was at hand.
Below her, a circle similar to the one drawn by Amren and Feyre at the House of Wind was slightly visible in the dark.
I came alive when I met you she had said to him, before she was to go back home to her family. To Terrasen.
Now, bars surrounded her from all sides. Wooden walls caved her in. She was trapped, her powers, her fire non-existent.
Not again, not again, not again. Seraphine forced her mind to calm, but she didn’t feel in control of herself anymore.
A corner of the cloth covering the wagon was pulled back. She stared at a wild eyed man, his eyes the colour of blood, wearing strange clothing she had never seen before.
“Got somewhere else to be, princess?”
He laughed as she said nothing.
“Didn’t think so.”
The man tried to grab her through the bars, laughing maniacally, and she felt now, that the tunic once owned by Kastiel was too short to be worn here.
“Don’t try anything funny,” he spat at her.
Seraphine had been so sure that her family needed her here, that they were in danger. Now she didn’t know what to think.
She swallowed her fear, listening intently at the sounds outside. The rustling of never ending trees. The breeze of fresh grass. Horses, being tended to. Though her powers were gone, her fae hearing weren’t. They must have been at an outpost, her capturers taking a break and resting the horses.
Near silent footsteps approached the horses at the front of the carriage, murmuring gentle words to the animals.
Seraphine was drawn to their tender voice. She crawled towards the edge of the wagon, tearing out a small piece of cloth from the bottom of her dress.
She takes a deep breath and pushes her hands through the bars and the cloth, towards the horse tender.
“For anyone in Terassen,” she whispers to him, dropping the piece. Seraphine didn’t know if he caught it, or if it simply landed on the ground.
The horse tender was about to make a sound, about to speak to her, before he was yanked heavily back. He yells in fright, a commotion breaking off as Seraphine hears the sound of skin pounding on skin.
The doors to her wagon opened, blinding her with bright daylight.
“What did you give him,” the red eyed guard yells.
Seraphine crawled to the back of the wagon, making herself into a ball. She was weak, she had no powers, she was not strong enough to escape into the heart of what could only be Oakwald Forest.
“I said,” the man yells, grabbing Seraphine by the shoulders and shaking her. “What did you give him?”
Seraphine said nothing.
Red eyes were the last thing she saw before the pummel of a sword knocked her out.


The journey through Oakwald forest left Seraphine’s mind in tatters. Her cheek lay on the cool wood, trying to clear her mind. She couldn’t tell how many days had passed, how many hours she had spent in the darkness of her wagon. The men forced her a drink, which suppressed her strength and powers. If they were travelling to Oakwald Forest, then there was a high chance that they were headed to Terrasen—her home. She snickered at the thought of these men bargaining her for whatever it is they desired from her court. Did they think they would make it out alive? The thought made Seraphine warm with joy. Going home didn’t seem so bad now.
Her heavy lids threatened to close again, just before she sees in the corner of her wagon, a flower, the moon illuminating it through the covers. She crawled towards it, her sodden tunic dragging through the markings on the wooden planks. She picks up the delicate blue, almost silver thing, pressing it to her face, inhaling the familiar scent—moonflower.
She swore she could hear giggling in the far distance.

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They can't find their s/o in the middle of the night because she's in kitchen.

Jin: He wakes up in the middle of the night, feeling nothing instead of you in his arms. He panics at first and stands up from his bed, but smile when he hears something from the kitchen. He would not think about something els and probably know that it’s you. So he goes to the kitchen and his smile lighten up when he sees you eating a snack. “Yahhh jagi, you can’t eat that by yourself.” And with that the both of you have food in the middle of the night. But he probably the one who wakes you up because he is hungry.

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Suga: He shifts in his bed trying to find you, but he fails. He sits himself in the bed probably yawn looking cute as hell. He gets up from the bed knowing where you are because he knows you like to get hungry or thirsty in the middle of the night. So he just goes to the kitchen and smile a little that you are standing there in his shirt and cooking a little snack for yourself. He would just walks and hugs you from behind, and rests his head in your shoulder, and gets sleepy all over again. When you eat, he will be sitting next to you, asleep.

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J-Hope: He wakes up a couple of minutes after you wake up because he feels something shifting. After that he will follow you to the kitchen without you knowing it and sits himself down in the chair waiting for you, when you got your food and turn around you see him smiling up at you. He let you sit next to him and you guys talk, he keeping you a company. And let just say that sun shines early in that morning.

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Rap Monster: You shift in his arm trying to get away because you are hungry, but he won’t let you go. “Jagi, what’s wrong?” and you tell him that you’re hungry. He unwrap his arms around you and get up as you get up. He will follows you behind, and when you guys arrive in the kitchen, he would help you cook something. And he would hugs you every now and then.

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Jimin: He wakes up in the middle of the night and realize that you’re not with him in bed. He panics and think that you leave him in the middle of the night while he was sleeping. He has a teary eyes just to think like that. He would call your name, getting louder each time. He stops when you answer him and he immediately walks toward your sound. He hugs you tightly and makes you wonder. But he then tells you what happened, and you just hug him. He’s so afraid that when you eat he still holds your hand tightly, still afraid that you will leave him.

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V: He wakes up in the middle of the night. Something smells good and he know what’s going on. He immediately walks towards the kitchen, and his smile lighten up as he sees you dancing when you cook. He would join you and dance, and becoming a cute puppy. When you start to eat he would opens up his mouth, wanting you to feed him. You end up feeding him because he ask you to, and you can’t resist his smile.

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Jungkook: He wakes up to sounds on the kitchen, he would think that there are robbers, so he would be all cautions but let his guard down when he sees that it just you. “I thought that you are a robber! I could hit you with something!” But then he said that he’s hungry so you make him a food. When you finished cooking, he’s asleep in the table. You sit next to him and said that the food is ready, but he will not wake up, and you end up feeding him while he still half asleep.

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Now and Forever

“Who are you?” Pike asks finally, and the woman smiles and her hair is fire, and her dusty dress is a robe of blue and gold, and her eyes burn through to her core, and Pike gasps and stares up at the glory of a goddess.

There’s been some talk about Pike’s divinity lately. It’s good talk. I approve. Title from “Coming Close” by Philip Levine.

Sarenrae, the Dawnflower, the Healing Flame, the Everlight, Lady of Temperance and Goddess of Righteous Retribution, claims Pike Trickfoot on a bright day in late summer, when the air smells like wheatgrass and the sun turns a lazy arc overhead.

The high, hot days of summer blow into Westruun with a baking heat, the kind swept aside by the winds that dance across the wide central plain of Tal’Dorei until they eddy against the bulwark of Gatshadow and the protruding branch of the Umbra Hills that cuts south into the grasslands. It is a time to be outdoors, to run along dusty roads and laugh loudly and fly with the freedom of the warmest months, especially for little gnomish girls who ought to be studying. Pike has lessons aplenty, but she cannot bring herself to put nose to desk or quill to parchment, not when it’s this bright out, not when the morning breeze beckons.

She slips out early, waiting for Paw Paw to be called away by an ailing neighbor, and once he goes she sets aside books and prayer and slips out the door, a lithe, light-footed child. A hint of the night’s crispness clings to the morning air, yet to be burned away by the day’s heat, and she breathes it deep as she wanders through the northern temple district and towards the town’s center, already bustling and vibrant.

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Survivor (Jason Todd x Reader) | Part Two

Not a Request.
Warnings: Angst? Mild anxiety. Comfort and reassurance. Some swearing.

You’re not sure what’s going on. You can’t tell what’s real and what’s not, because everything feels floaty and surreal- like you’re in a dream. A very strange dream, that makes you feel as though you’re under water. You can hardly pick up the sounds that are happening around you. They’re voices, you’re sure, but you can’t focus enough on them to find out what they’re saying. Not entirely, at least- only bits and pieces. Pieces such as: told you so, should have noticed, not your fault, and it’s going to be okay. You try your best to focus on the words in order to figure out what the conversation is about, but you’re so tired. You allow your mind to pull you into the abyss of unconsciousness instead.

You wake up to the sound of machines beeping, the tingly feeling of being numb, and… bats shrieking? That can’t be right. You open your eyes, planning on seeing what the hell was going on, only to find that everything was dark- you couldn’t see anything. Upon this newfound knowledge, you begin to panic, and the beeping fastens its pace.

Rushed footsteps make their way to you, and before you’re even able to process what’s happening, a blindfold that was apparently tied around your eyes is removed, and you’re met with the face of the man who saved you. He looks more concerned now than when he found you underneath the piece of stone, and that does very little to help you calm down.

“Beep,” is the only word you’re able to force out, shakily.

It takes a second, but realization dawns on him.

“It’s just the heart monitor!” He’s quick to assure, gesturing to your left where the machinery was. He takes your trembling hand in his, and forces his expression to soften. “You’re safe, Y/N.”

He repeats the words, each time full of gentle sincerity and reassurance, until you’re able to fully relax, and you lean your head back onto the medical bed you were lying on. He slowly removes his hand from yours, and glances over at the machinery you were hooked up to. The remaining concern he held was then completely let go at whatever was on the screens, and you felt yourself calm down even more.

The hero looks back at you with a gentle smile. “How are you feeling? You scared us pretty bad back there.” He continues when he sees the look of confusion on your face. “You blacked out a few times.”

“I am,” You begin, pausing to think. “I’m alive. Sorry to change the subject, but where am I?”

“Batcave. That’s kind of why you had to wear this,” The man raises the blindfold up to his masked eyes, before peeking just over the top of them as he continues. “Batman didn’t want you to see where we were headed if you became conscious on the way over.”

You blink a few times, before sitting up slowly. “Batcave?”

Red Hood only smirks, tosses the sight-obscuring piece of cloth onto a nearby table, and stands back up- which brings your attention to the few bandages on his right arm, and the large bruise that appeared to have swallowed the entire limb.

He offers his left hand, “Care for a tour?”

You stare at the hand for a few seconds before looking up to his face, and find yourself amazed at how you didn’t notice the medical cloth that was taped to his right ear. You accept his hand and he slowly helps you stand on your feet.

“You’re hurt,” you say, quietly.

“I’ve had worse,” is his simple response, in a tone entirely carefree, and he leads you out of the medical portion of the cave.

You’re sure your eyes had never been so wide before, you weren’t sure what you were expecting, but it certainly wasn’t this. A giant computer, an even bigger penny, and a freaking dinosaur? What kind of hideout was this? You startle out of your amazement by the sound of an angry voice.

“Red Hood,” Batman booms, his tone causing you to flinch. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Giving our guest the grand tour,” Your savior responds easily, not at all sounding perturbed.

“They should be resting.”

He hums as he looks at you, obviously considering if you were well enough to be up and about, before shaking his head, “Nah, I think they’re good, B.”

“Ja- Red Hood,” The Dark Knight pinches the bridge of his nose with an aggravated sigh. “We agreed-”

“We agreed that on patrol, I’d peacefully abide by your terms. Patrol’s over, Batman. Besides, I think you owe our friend here a little look around after keeping them blindfolded this whole time.”

The older man definitely looked ready to retort, but with a sharp exhale, he moves past the two of you, and towards the computer. “Fine. Don’t touch anything.”

“No promises,” Red Hood smirks, obviously enjoying his ‘victory’.

It takes a few minutes, but he actually does show you around the place. You didn’t see any entrances or exits, but you supposed that was probably intentional so you wouldn’t find out where this cave was located.

Biting your lip, you quietly speak, “Mister Red Hood?”

The man seems caught off guard by your voice, and he nearly trips over his own feet. He clears his throat multiple times with a small blush of embarrassment. “You- you don’t have to add a ‘Mister’, just Red Hood is fine.”

“Why am I here?”

“Well, you were hurt and-”

“Yes, exactly, so I don’t understand why I was taken here instead of a hospital.”

He seems to be contemplating what to say, before he shrugs. “I kind of demanded it?” Upon your look of shock he’s quick to add, “N-not for some weird, creepy reason or something, just because uh– we-we don’t have all the facts! We have very few facts and evidence on what happened, so I mean, I thought it’d be safer if you came here! Better to be safe than sorry, y’know?”

“Oh,” You say, a small smile and a raised brow adorning your features. “Thank you, that’s very considerate.”

He’s suddenly very awkward, and in an attempt to save himself, he leads you back to the medical bay, “You should probably get some more rest. Oh, and you’re probably hungry and thirsty, so I-I’ll go ahead and- uh, get some for you. Some food and water, I mean. While you– rest.”

“Okay,” You say, laying back down.

The man backs up as he repeats the word to you, and due to him not paying attention, he trips over his feet, slips out the word ‘shit’ as he hits the floor, and before you can ask if he’s okay, he quickly books it out of the room.

You blink in confusion when you hear a thump, and then another. Concerned, you get up and sneakily peek out, and see Red Hood hitting his forehead against a wall repeating the word “stupid” and the phrases “fucking idiot” and “smooth, jackass” over and over again. Feeling sympathetic, you head back to medical bed and decide you’ll pretend none of this ever happened.

ill save you right back

requested by @stawmay12

so. this ended up a lot longer than i had intended. i had feelings. so its long af. like 2k+ words.  

and yes. the title is a total skam reference. come at me. 

au in which 10k saves the reader

There aren’t supposed to be miracles in the new world. There aren’t supposed to be gallant acts of heroism and the saving of lives that were meant to be lost. There aren’t supposed to be happy stories, there definitely aren’t supposed to be happy beginnings, or happy middles, or happy endings.

And yet, somehow, you found one. Maybe the last miracle in existence.

That miracle’s name was 10k.


You stare at the wooden plank stretched across the roofs, the thin splinters everywhere, the way it’s so light it shifts with every gust of wind.

It’s your only way out. The door to the roof, holding back a throng of Z’s, will break. The door is already splintering. One strong blast of wind and the wood will topple into the crowd of Z’s waiting below.

There are no more choices. There is no more time.

Taking a breath, you step onto the ledge, and then onto the wooden plank.

It creaks, and you keep your eyes straight, refusing to look down into the Z’s that you know are stretching their hands to the sky, hoping to pull you into their waiting mouths.

You take another step. Then another. Then another.

You’re sure you’re going to make it across when it snaps. There isn’t even time to react. One minute you’re up high, the next you’re falling into grimy hands.

You kick out, thrashing, keeping your limbs away from their mouths, looking around desperately for somewhere to hide, some way to survive.

You see the dumpster, only a foot away, and grab onto it with slippery fingers, dragging yourself beneath it.

You feel teeth close around your pants, but it doesn’t break through the skin; you pull your leg beneath the dumpster before the virus and it’s host find purchase.

And there you wait. For the Z’s to forget about you, for them to topple the dumpster, for you to die. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

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Kismet: Chapter Two

Thanks for the lovely comments, enjoy chapter two!

Title: Kismet

Pairings: Karamel Sanvers

Chapters : 2/5

Previous Chapter: 1

Next ChapterL 3

Chapter Two

Mon-El opened his eyes for the first time in two months to find himself lying on a metal bed in some kind in a cold, clinical looking room. His last memories of sitting in the pod, clutching the necklace that Kara had given to him, that had belonged to her mother, came flashing through his brain and caused him to jolt upright in the bed. He panicked and felt his neck, instantly calming down when he realised that the necklace was still there. It was the only thing he had left of Kara and he wasn’t about to lose it without a fight.

“Okay…where the hell am I?” he questioned even though there was nobody in the room to answer him. As though sensing that he was awake, the door to the room opened and a green skinned, blonde haired humanoid entered the room, dressed in a shade of purple that clashed with his skin but Mon-El wasn’t about to comment on the alien’s fashion sense in case it was hostile. For all he knew bad people had found his ship and captured him.

“Hello Mon-El of Daxam”, the green man greeted, immediately putting the Daxamite on the defensive and wondering how the hell it knew his name. “Welcome to Earth, the 31st century”.

Mon-El stared at him, stunned. “What?!”

“This must be awfully confusing for you, no doubt. I will answer all questions that you might have”.

“Okay…but first who are you and how do you know my name? What do you mean it’s the 31st Century? That’s not possible”.

“My name is Brainiac 5 and I am an android from the planet Colu. I know of you, Mon-El because of your place in Earth’s history along with Supergirl. Your ship fell into a wormhole that took you to a thousand years into the future”, the alien answered calmly and in a monotone as though all of this was perfectly normal. Mon-El gaped incredulously at the android before leaping out of the bed that someone had laid him out on while he was unconscious.

“Okay, I can’t be here. I need to get back to my own time. And if I’m on Earth then I’m going to be dead at any moment”.

“Do not worry about your lead allergy, Mon-El. The atmosphere was cleared hundreds of years ago and even if it wasn’t, Alex Danvers created a serum that would provide a Daxamite with immunity to lead”.

Mon-El froze, surprised by this revelation. “She did?! But how? And why would she bother when they all thought it was impossible for me to return?”

“Hope, I presume”, Brainaic-5 responded. “And in case that any other Daxamite should need it”.

“I hope not. The rest of my people were not so good”, Mon-El frowned.

“So you say. Are you hungry or thirsty for any refreshments, Mon-El? I can send for something if you like”.

“No, I just want to get out of here. If what you say is true then I need to get back to my own time, to Kara”.

“I’m afraid that is currently impossible. The wormhole has closed. However we are working on a way to send you back but it will take time. In the meantime, our team are interested in offering you a place with us”.

“Your team? What team?!”

“The Legion of course”.

Back in the 21st Century

“Kara, you look beautiful. Now stop complaining and help me get into my dress”, Alex ordered. It had been six weeks since Kara’s unexpected pregnancy reveal and today was the day that Alex Danvers was going to marry the love of her life.

They had eventually found a dress that would both flatter and accommodate Kara’s changing figure but today she was feeling extremely self-conscious especially since she was at the awkward stage of her pregnancy where she looked like she had overindulged. However, Alex didn’t care about her sister’s issues. She needed help to get into her dress or risk being late to her own wedding.

Seeing the look on her sister’s face, Kara quickly dropped her own issues and at super speed, zipped and fastened her sister into her long white gown. “You look gorgeous, Alex. Maggie’s going to be left speechless”. Alex’s eyes filled with emotion as a large, dazzling smile stretched at her lips.

“I’m so happy, Kara, I didn’t even know that I could be”.

At Alex’s clear joy on her wedding day, Kara felt her hormones kick in and her own eyes begin to water. “Nobody deserves this more than you, Alex”.

“Except you”, the brunette immediately responded, putting a hand on her sister’s bump. “I wish that you could be as happy as me”.

“I am. I mean I wish Mon-El was here so badly but this baby was an unexpected gift and I couldn’t be happier about it.  A part of him is still with me and I get more family. I’m thrilled”, Kara insisted as her lips quivered at the mention of Mon-El.

“I love you, Kara. I’m with you all the way, you are not alone”, Alex vowed, hugging her sister.

“I know, Alex. Now let’s forget about me. This is your big day, let’s enjoy it”.

Alex and Kara along with Alex’s other bridesmaid, Agent Vasquez, rode in a small limo to the fancy hotel that Alex and Maggie had booked for the wedding.  Eliza was already waiting for her daughter’s outside when they pulled up along with J’onn and Winn. “I can’t believe my little girl’s getting married”, Eliza gushed, immediately fussing over her eldest.

“You look stunning, Alex”, J’onn complimented with an emotional smile on his face.

“Damn girl, you clean up good”, Winn added and received a slap on the back of his head from J’onn.

Alex hugged each of them and beamed, practically radiating with happiness. “Thanks guys. Let’s go inside, I don’t want to keep Maggie waiting”.

The group went inside where Winn and Eliza went to take their seats. Even though Alex wished that her dad could have been there that day, she was happy to have J’onn walk her down the aisle.

The music started to play and Agent Vasquez walked through the doors to the event room, shortly followed by Kara. Kara vaguely registered the beautifully decorated room before her eyes landed on Maggie who was waiting for her bride at the front, dressed in a stunning black tuxedo style gown. Next to her was Maggie’s best person (as they had been calling Kara and Maggie’s friend) and the audience was filled with various DEO and NYPD colleagues.

Once Kara reached the top of the room, the music changed and everyone stood up as Alex entered with J’onn. Kara had a watery smile on her face throughout the entire ceremony as she watched her sister marry the love of her life. As the two kissed after exchanging the rings, her mind involuntarily went to Mon-El and wondered what he would have looked like had he been here to see it. Happy, undoubtedly and inevitably extremely handsome in a suit. Her heart ached at the thought and she forced herself to push him out of her mind, not wanting to ruin Alex’s day with her melancholy thoughts.

Describing how you feel in Italian

Tip - Drop the final vowel of the adjective and add -issimo/-issima/-issimi/-issime to the stem to make it a superlative; e.g. stanco, stanchissimo (tired, very tired). Remember that adjectives agree with the noun or subject they refer to both in number and grammatical gender in every position.

  • sono felice/contento: I’m happy
  • sono triste/giù: I’m sad/down
  • sono stanco: I’m tired
  • sono stanco morto: I’m dead tired
  • sono agitato: I’m nervous
  • sono esausto: I’m exhausted
  • sono emozionato: I’m thrilled/moved
    sono offeso: I’m offended
  • sono confuso: I’m confused
  • sono innamorato: I’m in love
  • mi sono innamorato [di qualcuno o qualcosa]: I fell in love [with someone or something]
  • mi sono fatto male [la mano/gamba, etc]: I hurt myself / I hurt my hand/leg, etc.
  • sto male: I feel unwell / I’m in pain

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  • ho fame: I’m hungry
  • ho sete: I’m thirsty
  • ho caldo: I’m hot
  • ho freddo: I’m cold
  • ho il raffreddore: I have a cold
  • ho mal di testa: I have a headache
  • ho una sete/fame!: I’m so hungry/thirsty!
  • ho un caldo/freddo!: I’m so hot/cold!
  • ho una fame da lupi: I’m so hungry (lit. I have a wolf’s hunger)
  • ho paura: I’m scared
  • mi hai spaventato: you scared me
  • mi hai ferito: you hurt me
  • mi hai offeso: you offended me
  • mi hai stufato: I’ve had enough (lit. you bored me)
  • mi fa male.. la testa/lo stomaco/la gola: My head/stomach/throat hurts
  • mi fai/fa/fanno paura: you scare me / it scares me / they scare me
  • mi annoio [molto]: I’m [very] bored
  • mi dispiace: I’m sorry
  • mi sento.. male/bene/agitato/stanco: I feel.. unwell/good/nervous/tired

can we talk about cereal for a second? it’s a food, right? but then like it’s kind of a drink too? because… milk, i guess. and you can drink it afterwards… anyway, despite both of these things i’ve noticed a theme after eating a bowl of cereal, which is that i am still both 

  1. hungry
  2. thirsty 

so what the fuck 

  • Me: ok insomnia. We've had our meds, some milk so I'm not thirsty, a biscuit so I'm not hungry, I've been to the loo, there's water here if you start coughing, gaviscon if you get acid indigestion, my iPad is full charged, and my phone, we have headphones on with asmr videos, and we've had a sleeping tablet. Let's do this!
  • Insomnia: hey remember what you said to that person in 1994? Do you think they're still upset?
Indecent Proposal - Chapter 7

Read from the beginning

Read Chapter 6

Reader’s POV

I woke up the next morning, and at first it was weird being in someone else’s bed. I opened my eyes and looked over my shoulder to see Jared sitting in the bed and scrolling through his phone. I sighed a little and rubbed my eyes.

“Good morning sleepyhead,” Jared said and chuckled.

“Morning,” I yawned and rolled on my back raising my arms to stretch. The cover was spread only over my knees, and the rest of my body was bear. I’ve always been a restless sleeper, so I hope Jared didn’t feel like he was sleeping through an earthquake.

“Well, I guess you’re pretty comfortable, huh,” he looked at my body and smiled. What I didn’t realized is that my shorts was all the way up, looking like I only had my underwear on, and my shirt barely covered my boobs, slightly showing off the bottom part of them.

“Oh shit!” I gasped and pulled the cover all over me.

“That’s OK, I don’t mind,” Jared was being smug again.

“Yeah, but I do… ugh…” I covered all over my head and huffed under the sheets.

“You should really get out under there, or you’ll suffocate,” Jared said and nudged me a little.

“I can’t I’m embarrassed,” I almost squealed. Jared kept silent, but I could feel him smirking. I peeked over the cover and saw Jared occupied with his phone, not paying attention to me.  “I should get up and dress, we have a long day ahead of us” , I said as I slid off the bed and ran into the bathroom.

After I’ve freshen up I got out and picked out the wardrobe for the day. As I was getting my jeans and black blouse, I looked at Jared hoping he’ll go to the bathroom so I could get dressed, but he just laid on the bed.

“Aren’t you gonna go take a shower,” I said as I looked at him, taking the blouse out of the suitcase.

“I already did. I’ve been up for quite some time, ” he answered not taking his eyes off the phone.

“Oh…OK” I said and walked towards the bathroom again. I couldn’t dress in front of him.

“You do realize I’m gonna have to see you naked eventually, right,” Jared asked and I immediately froze. I took a deep breath and gulped.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons for an autistic keith? Im autistic myself & keiths a very relatable character & it would be really interesting to see how other interpret him!

Oh heck yes, nonny. I love the idea of an autistic Keith; there are so many possibilities to it and it can fit so well with his character! (I may or may not have accepted it as personal canon.) Since autism so wide and varied, I’m aiming for general autism headcanons rather than any one specific kind of autism (like Asperger’s).

  • Autism is largely defined by difficulties in social interaction and communication, both of which Keith seems to struggle with. He’s a loner out on the edge of the desert, after all, and got kicked out of the Garrison for discipline issues (read: probably started a fight). He didn’t seem at all worried about being isolated from the rest of the world and even seemed a little miffed that these strangers tagged along with him when he rescued Shiro. He didn’t originally want them there. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit either if Keith was a loner even as a small child and seemed disinterested in the world.
  • A lot of the ‘duh’ stuff is not ‘duh’ to him. It doesn’t register to him that when Pidge’s tone of voice changes or her fingers start twitching that she’s exhausted and he should be careful about what he says, or that when he says something that he really means, it pisses Lance off. He doesn’t censor his words or thoughts when he speaks them and it can slide right past him that often times those are fighting words. And he doesn’t actively try to do it; it just doesn’t register to him. Why shouldn’t he say what he’s really thinking? Shiro picked up on this really quickly when he first met Keith, as did Hunk. Both of them usually help him realize when he goes too far or when he misses a subtle social cue.
    • (My brother is the same way. He doesn’t realize that if he makes a joke that’s super blunt and rude, people are going to get mad at him. He kind of feels like the whole world is constantly mad at him for being himself. I would imagine Keith feels exactly the same way every time he gets into a fight or in trouble.)
  • Hunk and Shiro help the others realize that they need to be more explicit and honest in what they say to Keith. Lance struggles the most with this since sarcasm is his shield and weapon against the world and his own emotions, but he does give it a try for Keith’s sake. He’s slowly getting better. They don’t mention it to Keith but the change in the way they talk to him is noticeable and it helps him handle and adjust to the group better.
  • Public school was a nightmare for Keith. There were so many people and so many noises that it became too overwhelming and he shut down. He’d pull his hoodie up and lay his head down on the desk to try and block out the world, or put his headphones in and turn up the volume so he could drown out the noise. His teachers didn’t understand why he would ignore them in class or why he would suddenly detach himself from everything. It was all he could do to make it through school some days. It got somewhat better at the Garrison since there weren’t as many people and it wasn’t so loud.
  • Keith keeps a lot of his thoughts and feelings to himself. Combine this with his disinterest in the world, it can lead people to think he’s arrogant or rude. In reality, he doesn’t know how to share his thoughts or emotions very well. He’s not like Lance, who’s always bubbling to the brim with emotions and energy, or Shiro who’s able to express himself clearly and accurately in a few sentences, or Hunk with his huge heart and great empathy. They get stuck somewhere from his brain to his mouth and it can frustrate him to no end. He usually ends up bottling everything up until it explodes, which doesn’t help his social situation. Shiro and his parents helped him realize that fighting could be his physical outlet for these frustrations, hence the reason he trains so much.
  • Keith knows some sign language from when he was a child. He didn’t speak for a long time and became frustrated when his parents didn’t know what he wanted, so he would scream or hit them to try and convey his message across. They realized that he was trying to talk to them so his mother taught him basic signs like “hungry”, “thirsty”, “tired”, “scared”, “listen”, etc. He was so excited the first time he signed “hungry” to his father and he understood. He could finally talk to the world and be understood. (His speaking abilities eventually came along.) He’s kept those signs throughout the years and the rest of the lionsquad learns them, which actually becomes super helpful when they’re out in the field or they need to make covert conversation with each other while visiting foreign planets. Pidge picks up on it the quickest and they have full-blown conversations.
  • Keith could talk for hours about flying and flying dynamics. He knows pretty much everything he could get his hands on about aerodynamics, weather, aeronautics engineering…you name it. It was the subject he excelled at most in school. As a child, he about made his parents’ ears bleed from how much he talked about it, but intense teasing and bullying over the years and their death taught him to not talk about it. The one he talks to it about the most is Shiro, and he’ll become a completely different person. His eyes will sparkle and he’ll wave his hands around and make grand gestures as he talks about plane designs or wind speeds; it’s a rare side of Keith that not many see and Shiro loves to see him break out of the mask he’s placed on himself.

Danny Phantom/ Attack on Titan crossover

in which Danny is trapped in the Thermos for aaaaages, until the world changes. (good battery life lmao) 

And he’s finally able to escape when the battery/energy for containment runs out. 

When he comes out of stasis, the entire world has changed. 

He doesn’t have any real applicable survival training for -actually lost in the wilderness forever- so he changes into his ghost form to avoid starving to death. 

But since there’s no real source of ambient ectoplasm like his ghost form is used to, he ends up having hunger pains (ghost huuuunger)

He comes across a small Titan and it attacks him, so he attacks back, and BLASTS it apart. Ghost hunger kicks in and surprise! Titan blood isn’t steaming away because it’s hot… it’s steaming away because it’s cold

Dry Ice cold - enough to burn your skin. 

Formed from a weird type of ectoplasm~ 

So Phantom goes preditor-mode at Titans, and eats them/drinks their blood to survive, becoming more and more feral the longer he goes without meeting real people + having to fight for his life all the damn time. 

Trying to sleep in human form just makes him remember how friggin hungry/thirsty his human body is, so he just stays as Phantom. 

I dont know how long exactly he’s out there, but long enough for his hair to get awesome and flowy because long white hair makes creepy stares 7x creepier. 

Sooo he ends up stumbling across an Expedition, and follows them all sneaky-like because hey! Humans! Awesome! 

but they all speak German and he’s been slipping into ghost-language after being alone for too long so he can’t even eavesdrop.  (hello armin you’re so cute when terrified)

someone spots him  and he immediately goes invisible to avoid being attacked. 

The humans ARE NOT HAPPY with this, because now they think there’s tiny titans running around invisible and they could be attacked at any moment aaaaahhhhhhh paranoid night! 

And at some point they’re attacked by an actual Titan and Phantom mostly-invisibly shreds it, then starts eating because he’s friggin hungry after trailing these guys for so long. 

That one agender character with the crush on Titan physiology ends up going nuts over Phantom, delighted it can actually (sorta) talk and react with humanoid sentience. 

Also - a creature that preys on Titans! 


• “ You volunteered? Why?! ”
• “ What do you think the arena will be this year? ”
• “ I scored a(n) [INSERT NUMBER BETWEEN 0 AND 12]. ”
• “ Teaming up with the Careers? Great! I’ll arrange your damn funeral. ”
• “ Is that parachute for you? ”
• “ I’m so thirsty/hungry… ”
• “ MUTTS! ”
• “ Do those birds look familiar to you? ”
• “ Don’t. Move. A muscle. ”
• “ How many tributes have you killed? ”
• “ I’m out of arrows/darts! ”
• “ You know… There’s rumours of an uprising in some of the districts. ”
• “ Are you out of your mind?! Keep that stuff to yourself! They’ll have you shot if you win this thing. ”
• “ Did you bring in a token from home? ”
• “ You have any family? ”
• “ All those victors. You don’t think about being one, you just think about… the odds. ”
• “ I miss the food. ”
• “ What did they make you wear for the March/interview? ”
• “ I’m not sorry. There can only be one winner!
• ” Why the hell did you save me?! “
• ” Beats me; maybe you’re growing on me. “
• ” You killed him/her with a parachute. “
• ” Where is he? Where’d he go?! “
• ” I’m not here to save you. “
• ” I love you! “
• ” Did you get anything from them? From the Capitol? “
• ” Let’s set up camp here. We can hunt for food in the morning, but not now. It’s too dark. “
• ” I’m… I’m dying… Aren’t I? “
• ” No, no, no, you’re fine, you’ll be fine. “
• ” WAKE UP! Wake up, you selfish bastard! Don’t you dare leave me here alone! KEEP YOUR EYES ON ME! “
• ” You got someone back home? A beau, as good ol’ Flickerman would say? “
• ” You can’t leave me up here! DAMN YOU! Get your ass back and let me down! “
• ” Let’s make a pact. Don’t let them kill me. You hear? Don’t let the Careers do it. You gotta promise me you’ll do it if it comes to that. And make it quick. “
• ” I’m pregnant! 25 tributes, huh? “
• ” My mother thinks you’ll win. “
• ” Stop talking about winning. We both know we’re not walking out of this alive. “
• ” Think about your district. Tell me about your district. “
• ” Don’t move! There’s a trackerjacker nest above you! “
• ” You moron! Lemme go! “
• ” You’re my ticket to the top. Don’t worry. You’ll be dead once I find your partner. “
• ” I can’t kill you! “
• ” Win for both of us! “
• ” My mentor is probably too high or too drunk to give a shit about my survival. “
• ” My escort wants me to get tattoos on my butt if I survive. I… I really don’t know if I have it in me to survive if that’s what’s waiting for me. “
• ” It’s gonna be okay. You’ll win, I know it. And one day you’ll tell your kids and your grandkids about me. Right? That’s reward enough. Tell ‘em about the girl/boy who almost won your heart. “
• ” No. I’ll tell them about the girl/boy who already won it. “

Scorpio Sun - Libra Moon - Scorpio Venus - INFP

You rely a lot on other’s opinions and evaluations of you and this often leads to you having trouble being true to yourself. You tend to adopt the attitude and behaviour your surrounding defined for you rather than deciding who you want to be yourself. The powerful influence of your friends and family could be an advantage when it comes to decision-making but it also prevents you from occupying your mind with matters that solely concern you.  Your personality is a perfect blend of diplomacy and strength of will, so you definitely know in which situations you should be assertive and which circumstances demand open and frank stating of your ideas. Working while maintaining freedom is very important to you, because you best function when your thoughts are not restricted and you can delve into what you really love doing. Added to great creativity and a nature that adores beauty, you possess a strong sense of what is wrong and right which you use to assure that every person receives the same chances and possibilities. For you, knowledge is the key to everything, so you never stop searching and finding, hungry for information, thirsty for explanations, even with the mythical and inexplicable. You never lose a kind of childlike wonder, seeing your world through rose-tinted glasses and with a mind full of dreams and promises. You are never just in one place, never just doing one thing and everything surrounding you bares a fascinating beauty for you. Sometimes you retreat entirely into your imagination, while, at other times, you are fully invested in the real world, trying to change it to the better.  Your ideal relationship can be best described as passionate, deep and consuming. Your partner has to give you their everything in order to be with you: dark secrets, deepest fears or greatest dreams because you truly believe that only complete understanding can bring commitment and deep-reaching emotions. Naturally, it is really hard for you to find the right partner but once you fall in love, there is nothing holding you back. 

-requested by anonymous

BTS reacting to you fasting Happy Ramadan!

Bts reaction to their fasting girlfriend Happy Ramadan everyone ❤



He would be very supportive of you and while he does not fast he would still be the person most excited for suhoor and iftar.

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He would be very supportive and would try and join you in fasting, for support if you wanted but no doubt would end up missing a few suhoors from over sleeping. 

“What? Its already sunrise? oh no”

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Rap Monster:

He would be very interested and caring, making sure you eat good foods to last you through out the day. “Make sure you eat complex carbohydrates like barley or beans”

“Namjoon i know what to eat, i do this every year …chill”

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He would be very supportive, especially whenever you’re struggling 

“im so proud of you y/n! You can do this”

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While he doesn’t practice Ramadan at all he would be extremely happy to help for preparing the meals for Suhoor and Iftar and would be well known and loved through out your community

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Would be the most curious, the first time you fasted while with him he would be asking a lot of questions, it may be a bit annoying but he means well.

“You do this every year?”, “How long is Ramadan?”, “Don’t you get hungry or thirsty?”

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He would be so supportive and helpful! Honestly he is the sweetest boyfriend ever, he would educate himself on Ramadan so much to the point where hes ending up telling you things you didn’t even know

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Some summary required


Our cannibal copes with the loss of his great love the same way men do.

He buys himself a big motorcycle.

But this is not a pleasure trip.

Hannibal is following his next victim; so he’s tired, hungry, thirsty and he doesn’t want to be annoyed.

Unfortunately, Dimmond doesn’t feel the same way. Among a few hundred people at the party, he spots exactly the cannibal in the room, and he goes boldly meet his destiny.

Dimmond is safe for now. Hannibal has his dinner to prepare.

Hannibal kills Fell and his wife to take their identities.

Hannibal and Bedelia are in Italy now. People are really rude and killable, so nothing new. But, let’s face it, the real problem is that Hannibal is upset because he can’t see Will.

And he won’t see Will for a very long time so brace yourselves, killings are coming.

Also Dimmond is in Italy.

Dimmond is invited for dinner, so Bedelia can meet him.

At one point, when it’s clear that Dimmond is aware of too many things about them, when it’s clear to Bedelia that it’s not that kind of party, when it’s clear that Dimmond doesn’t smell of dogs and cheap aftershave, when it’s clear that Hannibal is not amused anymore… And it’s Sunday…

Hannibal takes Dimmond to Palermo.

And arranges him like a heart for Will.


They found this note on the heart.

My Cute Little Ortolan, is your wound healed yet? How many more months does it take to come here? You’re taking your time… I’m bored. Nobody makes cannibal jokes here, nobody sends maniacs to kill me and there’s no one who makes puppy eyes like you do.

You’re mad at me, I know.

Is it because I said Winston smelled? I take it back.

Is it because I didn’t want to come to that kennel with you?

I frankly can’t think about other reasons behind your grudge.

I love you.

See you soon.


Slave Training-Training Day One

All night long the five slaves were kept in strict metal bondage and kept gagged, blindfolded, and deaf being continually edged all night long. At 8am, we released them. All of them were completely disoriented and collapsed on the floor.

“All right bitches, up!” As my associates and I smacked them with a riding crop as they were on all fours. We binded they wrists and elbows together with leather straps. We put collars on them and attached them to leashes attached to the ceiling. For the first 3 days, the slaves would be deprived of food just like they would be deprived of sleep. The only thing they would be given would be would be white bread and water served in dog dishes. The slaves were forced to eat with their mouths like animals. Most of the slaves were so hungry and thirsty that they were willing to subject themselves to the indignity.

Only Lillian was defiant.

“Eat up bitch, you got a long day of training today” said Chloe.

“Fuck you! I’m not your fucking dog!” Lillian defiantly answered.

“Listen cunt! You’re gonna eat!” Yelled Chloe.

Chloe then took the remote to the chip implanted in the slaves the night before. Chloe push the button which gave Lillian a nice jolt.

“Are you gonna eat?”

“Fuck you!”

Chloe turned the voltage up a bit and pushed the button again.

“Aaaaahhh!!!” Lillian screamed.

“I can turn it up some more” said Chloe

Lillian finally decided to eat. However, unlike the other slaves who were getting to the point of being broken, Lillian was still very defiant and we knew she would be tough to break. Of course it will be a lot more fun training her.

After the slaves were finished with breakfast, we brought each one of them to a gynecologist office we set up in the facility. They would each be strapped down on a gynecology table. A defrocked gynecologist(he was stripped of his license for groping and fondling his patients) who we hired to examine the slaves would measure them, weigh them, and checked them in their pussies and assholes to see if they been fucked in both places. All of them were pretty stretched. If any of them were virgins, their would be a no penetration order as if they were virgins, they would command top dollar at auction time. However none were virgins so the only thing we wanted to make sure was that they couldn’t experience orgasms. But we could fuck them in all three holes. The doctor was also allowed to do so as well.

After their exams were finished, we brought the slaves to treadmills. We put them in latex bodysuits and and hoods and in ballet boots. We handcuffed their hands behind their backs and their ankles and a chain connected both sets of cuffs. A harness would keep them from falling but if they rested on the harness which was attached to a wired butt plug, they’d get a few volts of electricity. They were kept on there for three hours. Britney, Lillian and Lucinda all a few times made the mistake of resting and got zapped. Bruce, Rick and I relaxed while Sydney, Chloe and Tara gave us blowjobs. And then Sydney forced forced both her slaves to eat her pussy.

After three hours we decided we were going to work individually on the slaves we acquired. Britney was put in suspension bondage hung from a spreader bar by both her wrists and ankles. Completely exposed and vulnerable. Mistress Tara put a harness ball gag on her and clamped her nipples.

“Look at you. Hung like the piece of meat you are”. Osbserved Mistress Tara.

Mmmmphh, mmmmph!! Moaned Britney under her gag.

Tara started stroking Britney’s hair and gave her a kiss.

“You and your friend are a couple of pea brains. Im gonna fuck you up” as she slapped Britney in the face and yanked on her hair.

Then Mistress Tara took a riding crop and started whipping her pussy.

Mmmmmmppphh!!! Britney cried under her gag. Britney’s cries of pain got Tara wet. Tara was dressed in a red leather corset with red garter stockings and red high heeled sandals, stripper heels. Britney was completely naked. Tara was a combination of sensual and sadistic.

Tara then took a pin wheel and rolled it over her nipples and pussy lips. Was very painful for Britney. But then Tara felt Britney’s pussy and it felt damp.

“Ooooh, I think someone’s enjoying this”

“Mmmmmph mmmmmph!” as Britney shook.

“Yeah I think you love this.” said Tara in a very seductive voice.

Then Tara began licking Britney all over and Britney started moaning. Then Tara removed Britney’s gag and made Britney lick her pussy.

“Mmmmm” moaned Tara.
“You got nice tongue skills”.

To be continued.

anonymous asked:

Do you ever forget to eat or drink for a long time? I did this once and fainted in my music lesson at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, no. There’s a reason I say “unfortunately”.

Hunger and thirst are sensations that make my body freak out if I’m unexpectedly prevented from eating or drinking for an unknown period of time. Literally saying “We’ll have a break in 5 minutes” can make a difference between me being patient and me having a meltdown.

One of the ways I know I have a fever is I have zero appetite. 

There was also my massive burnout in December where I didn’t have the capacity to respond to hunger or thirst unless someone put food in front of me or handed me my water bottle with the lid off. So anytime I got hungry or thirsty, I had a meltdown. I could not think through opening the lid of a water bottle and I could barely get a fork to my mouth without an outside source telling me “take a bite”. 

I literally had to write “take a bite” on paper and put it where I could see it when I sat down to eat dinner. It was a prompt to move my fork or spoon between the plate and my mouth. I taped notes to my water bottles that said “Unscrew lid, drink” to prompt myself through getting a drink. Then I had another note on my dresser (I faced it when I curled up on my bed) that said “drink water” as a prompt to reach for the water so I wouldn’t dehydrate.

I’m having another burnout now, but it’s not a huge one. I can do things although they’re harder to do than what’s normal to me. Sometimes I have to have my mom take the tops off my Yoplait yogurt cups and get a spoon out of the drawer because I’ll get stuck on which silverware is the right one to eat yogurt with. (Logic knows it’s a spoon, my brain gets stuck on seeing butter knives, forks, teaspoons and tablespoons. Choice overload, blah!)

Burnout sucks balls, man. Also it’s really ironic that I get stuck picking out physical spoons because my mental spoons are hiding from me. :P Finding humor in my situation / difficulties helps me deal with them, that doesn’t mean I trivialize burnouts or don’t take them seriously.

LOL that became a ramble. Sorry! ^^;