so humbled and flattered

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Your Iwaoi rulers of day and night au is the most beautiful thing I've ever read in my entire life. I love it so much, I would read it to my children ❤

Oh oh ohhh, sweet anon, this is the sweetest praise. I really really like this AU and I am really really happy you enjoy it, too. I want to give a witty reply but I am too hyped and flattered to do so. Please accept my humble thanks for such a nice message. Thank you so much!! ˚‧º·(´ฅωฅ`)‧º·˚

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you are one of the smartest, most open minded and amazing people i follow +incredibly talented and beautiful. I've been following you for years and i honestly look up to you more than anyone here. This world needs people who are able to phrase some issues as well as you do. I hope you're having a great day! Lots of love and respect <3

!! Wow !! I have no words this is so humbling and flattering !! 😱❤️ Years ?! Thank you so much ! When it comes to discussions… particularly on emotionally charged subjects I find it’s usually most effective to speak in way that educates as opposed to belittles

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You're the patron saint of conscious meta. like your meta is so self aware, it's amazing to see you process the character through your very personal lens that you don't pretend is everyone's pov/fact. your writing and thoughts really have encouraged me to be more self aware about how I perceive.

Anon, you have me completely speechless and so moved. Thank you so much.

It has never ocurred to me to write those metas as anything else but my own perception of things, since i hardly even see them as metas, i guess. Theyre just me rationalizing my way through Arrow and the characterization of varying characters, so that i can write my own stories better. Be as true to the characters as i can be. So in a way, its so concious because its totally self-selving 😅. I generally assume nobody is listening - keeps me grounded lmao.

Honest though, im glad that they served some purpose other than that. And im so flattered and genuinely humbled that you got something positive for yourself out of my rambles. Thank you for this message.

So this happened and I can’t stop crying

Katie is my favorite Power Ranger, Time Force is my favorite series and Deborah said she loved it. I’m so incredibly humbled and flattered. 

I’m a mess and I wasn’t ready but oh boy, I needed this after the last couple of weeks I’ve been having. <3

Life is bizarre and beautiful and always reminding us that we never know what simple actions we take can spread out and have ripples we never even know about. I recently was told by @questuniversitycanada that one of my poems was chosen as the official quote of the Class of 2016, and as such was carved into a plaque and planted with a brand new tree at the end of the year ceremony. They told me it now sits next to a Tennyson quote, last years choice. I am so beyond flattered and humbled, and I am also in awe of the gorgeous backdrop to where these kids go to school. Thank you @questuniversitycanada so much for this honor.
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So, I recently hit 2k followers which is literally mind blowing to me. For someone who only started properly blogging about a year ago this is incredibly humbling and flattering, so I wanted to do this follow forever to say thank you to the people who make me happy to be here. And thank you all with the help, likes, comments and reblogs . Without you guys filling up my dashboard with your boundless love, talent and enthusiasm, I wouldn’t really want to be here, so just… thank you!

I love you guys


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So yesterday was the Black Mass Premiere and I had the one of the best premiere experiences by far with one of my utmost favourite actors; Johnny Depp. I was extremely lucky whilst he was signing to get a few moments with him and tell him just must I love his films and him in everything and he was so flattered and humble the whole time and thought we were mad for camping for him but touched all the same. He said some extrmely kind things to me that really meant a lot to me and despite the madness of the premiere just really made the effort to spend those moments with me and he even rubbed my shoudler twice, overall this entire experience was just so overwelming and made me cry tears of joy. I was very lucky to have a friend of mine capture the moment on camera for me so I can always treasure It. p>

So it went a little like this :
Me : johnny you are such an inspiration to me
Me: I camped out since yesterday morning so I could see you
Johnny : ahaha, you are mad
*touches my shoulder*
Me: you are my inspiration and I love your movies
Johnny: * touches shoulder * you are my inpairation * smiling at me *