so how's your school life


Happy Birthday Elichika!


@sojustifiable well hello! I know that I’ve been bugging you these past days and now here I am! Some SoMa! It just suddenly took me that I really wanted to draw them so yep! Here I am and here they are! Some Maka in lab coat and goggles and slouchy Soul with headphones!


Me and the boyf 🙈 

Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately. Midterms are slaying me rn but I’m so pumped for the bts comeback. I preordered all 4 of the albums and now I’m broke but I gotta support my boys 💁🏻 I tag @jehbum @tuanstrash @mingenious @skullhongs @rapsae @busanie @taeost @sugakookie @justonetae and @vikooks 

As always you do not have to do this if you don’t feel like it and sorry if we don’t know each other too well^^ If I don’t talk to you that often I would love to get to know you and you all have wonderful blogs(: