so how was the coma

Shepard visiting the unconscious VS in the hospital: You really worried me. Feel better soon, we need you in this fight. I could use your help. 

My Ryder visiting comatose Scott in the hospital: Get off your ass, fuck face, I know you’re faking it. 

Scott:  …*in coma*…

My Ryder: So that’s how you want to play it. 

All-Time Favourite Ships!

From books, movies, Broadway, and TV shows!

(list not in any particular order and may contain spoilers).

1. Bellarke: Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffen from The 100 (TV)

Okay, I know I said that the list is in no particular order, but this ship is my all time OTP since I started watching The 100. And I can’t sleep at night knowing that they are not officially canon yet, even if it was pretty clear in Praimfiya that it will be endgame! So exited for their reunion in Season 5. I spend hours on end reading Bellarke fan fiction all day, every day. And Bellamy is my baby and I love his so much. And I can’t wait to see how he is after the six-year time jump on the show. Sometimes, I think that I watch the show just for these two.

2. Haleb: Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers from Pretty Little Liars (TV)

Again, like I said that this list is in no particular order, this ship would defiantly be in my top 5. Anyway, I still have to properly sit down and watch Season 7B of Pretty Little Liars so don’t spoil anything for me. Haleb in my opinion, is the best ship on this show, but I think towards the early seasons I used to ship Ezria more but when Caleb showed up with his long hair, I died. And therefore, they became my favourite ship. I remember, I put watching the show on break after Caleb left to do his own show is either season 3 or 4, I don’t remember exactly. But yeah, these two are pretty cute together and I hope it stays that way.

3. Stydia: Stiles Stilinksi and Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf (TV)

Okay, again, probably in my top 7. So, the thing with Stydia is that they dragged it out for so long that the anticipation killed me. But I love them still so much. And Dylan O’Brian is just on a different level of awesomeness (and cuteness). And Lydia, even though she used to annoy me at first, and Teen Wolf is probably not my favourite TV show, but it’s still good, and Lydia’s character started to grow on me and I need to catch up on Season 6, (don’t judge me guys, the past few moths for me have been really busy) and I just recently started to watch this show, like maybe two years ago, but still, love love love.

4. Linctavia: Lincoln and Octavia Blake from The 100 (TV)

Okay, so another The 100 ship, but oh my lord I scream every time someone mentions them! They are so adorably cute and the flyest of power couples who don’t give a damn about what people think. And every time I think of Lincoln, I just might well cry because he didn’t deserve what he got. Fucking Pike. I’m glad Octavia killed him. And the song to which Lincoln dies to, and the one where Octavia’s scream and cries are kinda muffled, it’s called Cloud by Elias, and it’s in my playlist and then I have a mini breakdown when it comes on and think of Lincoln falling on his knees in the tiny puddle and Octavia and I just cry a little more on the inside. Anyway, probably the best couple to ever exist on the show and maybe even ever in this whole damn world. They were so fucking badass together, I loved every minute of it.

5. Sciles: Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf (TV)

Okay, so this is like my favourite BROTP of all eternity. I just think that their relationship is so cute and how much they care about each other, and the hug in season 3 is my everything, ahhh, I just love them so much it hurts. And throughout the show we can see their friendship grow even though they have been friends since they were little. Damn, I wish I had a friendship like that. 

6. Chair: Charles “Chuck” Bass and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl (TV)

Ahhh, Blair and Chuck, Chuck and Blair! I don’t think anyone will ever know how happy I was when the endgame for their endgame actually happened. Honestly, I was rooting for them since Blair’s birthday episode in the first season, even when everyone was after Nate and Blair, but no, not gonna happen. I just thought that Nate was very innocent and nice for Blair. Blair needed someone like Chuck and I don’t think anyone ever loved anyone else as much as Chuck loves Blair. I love them, they are so perfect for each other, with their games. I wish I had a Chuck. Blair’s lucky. Haha.

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rozalynfrozen  asked:

Please mod make a post showing what is happening in Neo World

The room is white and bare except for a small bed in the center on which lies a young adult. Suddenly, another person appears in the room and starts calling the name of the sleeping one who begins to twitch in answer.

Hmm…*slowly opens her eyes*…Mmh…What is it?

Hina ! You are awake !


No…Sorry. It’s just me, Alter Ego…

Eh? You have a real body now?!

That’s amazing !

I don’t. In fact none of us do right now. We are in the Neo World.

What? Why?

D-Did I turn to Despair?!

No, don’t worry !

I don’t know if you remember this but…You disapeared during your last mission. You were declared dead but- *starts explaining everything*

…So now I’m in coma? That’s troublesome…

Hmm yes…Kinda…

Okay ! How can I wake up ?

S-Sorry, I don’t know. I was sent to help you and make you aware of the situation but none of us really knows how to make you wake up…

So we are stuck?

It seems so…

B-But don’t worry ! I will make sure to help you find a solution !!

I’m not worrying ! You are with me ! Thank you for coming here, being alone in such a place would have been really sad.

So let’s think about it together, okay?

Y-Yes !!

hey y'all, i’ll reblog this closer to time but here’s my annual “see ya in a month!” post. i’m gonna be at camp June 10th-July 5th without technology so i won’t be on tumblr! just so you know i’m not dead or anything. those of you who have been following me for a while know i leave every year in June, but this will be my last year (😭). don’t let any good memes happen while i’m gone lol
ALSO i’ll have wifi then so this is just for any fellow tipsters, but i’ll be at Duke TIP again in July, at East, so if it’s your first year at tip or your first year at east or if you just want to say HI I’M ALSO A TIPSTER, message me!

But I love that Chul just shuts down when Yeon Joo’s in the coma. It says so much about how he feels about her – because the last time we saw him shut down that hard, it was in the jail cell when Yeon Joo told him he was a manwha character, and he just sat there, waiting for it to sink in. 

She flatlines the first time, and he just stands there, numbed, like this situation doesn’t compute. And with each progressively worse piece of news, he shuts down further, until the moment he comes to the house and Soo Bong asks him about Yeon Joo and he turns to him with this dead expression, like there’s nothing there behind his eyes.

I love his almost robotic tone as he lists what he did to try to save her. “I took her to the comic, I took her to a hospital, then we had to move to the hotel because I couldn’t explain the bullet wound”, like if he logically explains each step, at some point in the explanation, her death will start to make sense to him. 

I love that it lasts until he talks about how she woke up for a brief second, and then… we see in flashback that he just comes to life at her eyes opening. Suddenly his eyes and his face are so expressive, up until her eyes close again, and then we’re back in the present and Chul’s fighting his tears so hard he can’t even say “she’s dead” out loud, he has to whisper it. 

And this is when he already has a plan to bring her back. It makes so much emotional sense to me that he doesn’t sob or break down. He cannot fathom a world where Yeon Joo dies, it’s a reality that can never sink in as an unchangeable fact to him. She can’t die. She’s his happy ending.

Lee Jong Suk, man. Just. Lee Jong Suk. 

This is the most unemotive character I’ve seen him play, and yet he still manages to break my heart. Like, what is that.


every westallen scene ever (19/?)

anonymous asked:

Kurt Cobain, suicide or murder and why?

I personally believe he was murdered. By who, I have no theories.

He had three times the lethal limit of heroin in his system according to the toxicology report. Even for a hardened drug addict like himself the amount of it that was injected intravenously would lapse anybody into a coma in seconds, so how he managed to even pick the gun up, let alone shoot himself (not even with a small handgun that would be easier to aim) directly in the head is completely beyond me. Dr. Randall Baselt of the Chemical Toxicological Institute stated that Cobain’s heroin level was “a high concentration, by any account.” He also argues that it would be physically impossible for Cobain to pull the trigger himself. A medical examiner on the case also claimed that his heroin intake was “alarmingly high, even for an addict.” and was also “Three times the amount a lethal amount”.

Also, Cobain was trying to clean up his act and was detoxing in the months leading up to his death, therefor his tolerance was lower. Forensically, I just don’t believe it’s plausible…

anonymous asked:

So... I want my feelings to be hurt. So can I please get a very very angst scenario or headcannon for lance and his s/o?

  • Lance’s s/o ends up getting being taken as a prisoner by the Galra for several months. 
  • During this time s/o is put into a comatose state from various factors.
  • When the paladins get s/o back they are forced to put s/o into the pod that Sendak was put in to retrieve s/o’s memories so they can find how s/o got into a coma so they can get s/o out. 
  • While s/o is in the memory retrieval pod the only voice that can make s/o’s memories come out is Lance’s.
  • When Pidge is sorting through the retrieved memories they’re not about the Galra, but about Lance and s/o’s happiest moments. 
  • S/o never wakes up. 
She’s his something...

So…I wasn’t on Tumblr for S1 and this gif is from A*row 2x19 before TF premiered, so there may have been discussion about this already but…

This is the first hint that we get that there’s something between Barry and Iris, right? Felicity walks away believing that Barry had “moved on” from their little flirtation. But, how does Cisco know? Barry is in a coma. So there’s no opportunity for the lingering looks that F*licity, Ol*ver, Joe, and Eddie pick up on in S1 leading them to believe Barry has feelings for Iris. Cisco saying she’s “his something” is based on Iris’ actions; whatever Iris said or did while visiting Barry at Star Labs when he was in the coma. Right? Besides Joe, Cisco was probably the first person to know that Iris had feelings for Barry. 

What say you? 


Black Strip

AU - Soulmate Hair Color

Relationship: Strangers to Friends to Lover

Character: Jason


Gifs: Found on Google.


A black strip of hair stood out from my own h/c; it was an unruly piece of hair which had to say something about my soulmate. I remember the day when I watched the black strip in my hair turn to h/c. It was April 27th. I was standing in front of the mirror getting ready for a date. My hair was in a ponytail all for the black streak, smiling I looked myself over then I saw it the black started to fade to h/c. I felt my heart drop; my soulmate was dying, I rushed over to my phone and called my date. If he didn’t answer or if someone else, then I knew.

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Requested by definitelydivergent a long ass time ago. I’m so sorry I hadn’t filled this request sooner, I just couldn’t figure out how to write it. 

“So, Barry’s in a coma, and who called you?” I asked, sitting on the train next to Felicity, who was texting my older brother Oliver. She looked up before turning her head to me.

“It was Joe, he said that we should come see him before he wakes up, which we hope is soon.” Felicity smiled softly, going to respond to my brother’s new texts.

“If you don’t stop flirting with my brother, I swear I will strap both of you to chairs and have you eat a nice, romantic dinner.” I laughed, looking down at my phone also. Thea had texted me, asking how far we were from central city.

‘Chill little sis, we are only maybe a few minutes away.’

‘Fine you loser. Call me when you get to S.T.A.R. Labs.’

I looked up to see we were pulling into the train station soon after, and I stood to grab my backpack as soon as the train came to a stop. Felicity grabbed her backpack as well, and we made our way off the train and to a Taxi.

When we had arrived at the address, Joe and Iris stood outside, waiting for us. I greeted the two with tight hugs, before following them into the massive lab.

As we made our way to what they called the “cortex”, I looked around at the high tech equipment, in complete shock. I liked to tinker, but damn, whoever was the engineer at this place was a fucking genius. 

As we stepped into the cortex, I saw Barry laying unconscious on a gurney off to the side, his readings stable, which calmed my nerves. I rushed over, taking the seat next to his bed, and sitting down.

“Hey Bear, it’s (Y/N). I hope you can hear me, cause, I’ve heard people in coma’s can still hear. What’s it like being in constant darkness. You will have to tell me everything when you wake up, which I know you will. Everyone in Star City is worried for you. Only Felicity and I could come, but everyone is thinking of you.” I laughed sadly, looking at my best friends limp body.

“Um,….Hi.” A voice said behind me, and I turned my head to see a man. He had long, black hair, and deep brown eyes. His face lit up with a captivating smile as I stared at him in shock for a moment before responding.

“Hey, sorry, I was just checking up on my best friend. My names (Y/N) Queen, and you are?” I asked, holding out my hand for the man to take.

“The name’s Cisco Ramon. Are you by any chance related to Oliver Queen?” He asked, taking my hand and shaking it.

“Mhm. He’s my older brother.” I smiled out, grinning up at the guy. I then looked at his shirt. 

“Ooooo you like The Princess Bride! That’s my favorite movie ever.” I asked, hope gleaming through my eyes.

“Are you kidding? It’s only the greatest movie of all time!” Cisco laughed, throwing his arms in the air. I let a laugh escape my lips, which seemed to bring a brighter smile to his face.

“I think I’m gonna like you Cisco. What other nerdy awesomeness are you into?” I asked, standing up. In my heels, I was his exact height, but I was definitely shorter.

“Oh you’ve only scratched the surface. Follow me.” Cisco grinned, taking my hand, and leading me past everyone, and down the hall. I heard there laughs as we left, but I didn’t care, I was having fun.

—- 6 Months Later —-

“Okay Barry, the Meta’s up 3rd street.” Cisco said into the microphone, as I laid my legs on his lap. Barry was out catching a new Meta, and Caitlin was out sick, so it was just Cisco and I.

Soon after Barry woke up and discovered his powers, I moved to Central City and began helping Team Flash. Cisco had become my best friend in those 6 months, and now, he and I are literally inseparable. 

“Alright Cisco. I’m on it.” 

Cisco leaned back in his chair, allowing me to stretch my legs further across his lap. He just laughed, laying his arms over my legs, and smiling over at me. I smiled back.

As few minutes later, Barry sped back into the cortex, a triumphant grin on his face. 

“Good job Bear.” I praised, throwing up two thumbs up towards my friend. A thank you left Barry’s mouth as he quickly changed out of the Flash suit and collapsed into a chair next to Cisco and I. 

“Good job team!” Cisco laughed, giving both Barry and I a high five. 

“I’m gonna go home, do you guys need a lift.” Barry asked, standing to his feet.

“Nah, Cisco and I are gonna go back to his apartment for movie night. Thanks for the offer though.” I laughed up at my friend, as he rolled his eyes. 

“Oh yeah. Friday’s are Movie nights.” Barry laughed out in realization. Cisco nodded, and I just glanced between the two.

“Alright Cisco, let’s go. There’s popcorn and The Avengers in our future.” I said, throwing my legs off of Cisco’s lap and standing up. Cisco did the same, grabbing my bag.

“Night guys.” Barry said, smiling, before he zoomed out of the cortex. 

I walked with Cisco down to his blue smart car, and hopped in, getting ready for a night of movies and late night conversations.

—- Later that Night —-

“I just can’t believe she’s dead.” Cisco said, head on my lap. It was 2 in the morning, and we were discussing the death of Plastique. Cisco was still pretty shaken about it, cause he did develop feelings for the girl in there short time.

“Cisco, you knew her for maybe a week.” I said, running a hand through his soft black hair.

“It was the best week of my life.” 

“I thought the best week of your life is when I took you on a trip to Disney World for a week.” I snaked back, grinning down at him. 

“Fine, Plastique was the second best week of my life.” Cisco laughed out, looking back up at me.

I laughed down at him, continuing to brush my fingers through his hair. When I opened my eyes, he was staring up at me, complete calm, and an emotion I couldn’t describe dressed across his handsome face. We had moments like this a lot. Where we would just stare at each other in complete and utter calm.



“Do you know how amazing you are?”

“What do you mean Cisco?” I giggled lightly, a blush dancing it’s way across my face.

“Do you know how amazing you are? Do you know how you can put any guy you meet into a trance? Do you know how brilliant you are? Do you know how badass you are? Do you know?” He said, locking eyes with me.

“Cisco?” I asked, my face reddening even more.

Suddenly, Cisco reached one of his arms up, pulling my head down so my lips connected with his. Soft and quiet, we kissed.

He sat up, never breaking connection with me, and bringing me closer to him. He pulled back softly, allowing me to breath.

“I love you (Y/N) Queen. I just realized what I had been feeling since the day I meet you.”

I loved writing this. We need more fluff in the fandom. Especially Cisco fluff.

#41: While You Were Sleeping (1995)

IMDB plot summary: Ticket collecting romantic pretends to be engaged to an unconscious man but can’t fool his brother.

Is this an accurate plot summary? Well, yes, but when you put it THAT way it sounds kind of dumb.

We’re back! After a few weeks off, it’s time to dive into my all-time favorite Christmas movie. No, not Love Actually (I like that one just fine, but there are MORE than enough smart/funny articles about it on this great world wide web of ours). Not Serendipity (I hate that movie but I also love it and have seen it twice). Not You’ve Got Mail (but only because I’ve already written about it).

No, my favorite is WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING. Despite the totally crazy-sounding premise, this is a movie that fundamentally understands just how sad and lonely the holidays can be for some people. It’s every bit a dramatic, unbelievable romcom, but underneath that whole “dude in a coma” thing, there’s a heartbeat of sadness and longing. Which, obviously, I’m into.

But first, let’s discuss that crazy plot, because how many romcoms effectively use comas? Not enough!

So our girl Sandy works for the Chicago transit system. She’s lonely, which we know because of the voiceover that begins the movie, where she tells us that both of her parents are dead. We also know it because her boss asks her to work on Christmas since she’s “the only one who doesn’t have a family.” And we also ALSO know it because she has a cat, which is romcom shorthand for Lonely Lady. 

But what she DOES have is Peter Gallagher, whom she sees every day as he gets on the train. What 1995 woman could resist those eyebrows, that swooping hair, that giant coat? Despite not knowing him, Sandy’s in love. She’s also sort of a hero, because when some young punks push him onto the tracks (truly a nightmare!), she JUMPS ONTO THE TRACKS to save him. It’s intense! 

When she goes to check on him in the hospital, there’s (of course) a misunderstanding and everyone thinks she’s his fiance. Including Peter Gallagher’s lovely family, members of whom include Peter Boyle and a young Monica Keena. They’re so wonderful and welcoming that Sandy sort of feels like she has a family again when she attends their Christmas celebration. 

Until Bill Pullman shows up. 

Look at how suspicious he is! He KNOWS something’s up, but guess what? He falls for Sandy in like .5 seconds because who wouldn’t? And as for Bill Pullman himself…well. We, the viewers, fall in love with him the instant he walks (grunts) on the screen. He can build furniture! He wears a reversible jacket (practical)! He walks Sandy home! He only communicates through growling! He’s like a combination of Danny Castellano (in a good way), Luke Danes, and Channing Tatum in Magic Mike (furniture building, not stripping). He may not have Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows, but he does have the swooping hair and like ten times as much personality, and not just because he’s not in a coma. 

Obviously their love is a complicated one, since Sandy’s fake engaged to his coma brother. But this is a romcom. Things work out, there’s a proposal, and everyone ends up happy.

But it’s how they get to the happiness that makes this movie so special, because everyone in this movie is insanely likable. There are no real villains, not even Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows. Even though the movie is built on an unrealistic misunderstanding, everyone plays it like it’s normal. They all love each other! Sandy gets a family! No, YOU’RE crying! 

I actually don’t really like the ending of the movie (what can I say, I wanted a more dramatic proposal with more Bill Pullman growling), but thank God everything ends up totally perfect for Sandy because I don’t think I could handle her facing even a single disappointment. She goes from being so, so sad to having a new family, a new husband, and a chance to fulfill her dreams. Also she probably has a lifetime supply of handmade chairs. 

But the movie never shies away from her sadness. It’s clear that the holidays aren’t a great time for her, even as she tries to get a Christmas tree up to her apartment and get in the holiday spirit. While You Were Sleeping doesn’t hit me as hard as You’ve Got Mail or Sleepless in Seattle, but it still captures a realistic sense of loneliness. And because we know how sad Sandy was, it makes her relationship with Bill Pullman about more than just falling in love. It’s about finding a family, creating a new life, opening yourself up to new experiences. It’s about a life lived alone in an apartment or a toll booth versus a life lived in crowded rooms, foreign countries, and Bill Pullman’s expertly crafted rocking chairs. While You Were Sleeping does what the best romcoms always do…it shows that love isn’t just about falling down in the snow or dramatic proposals. It’s about the hope and belief that you deserve the life you want. 

Stray Thoughts:

-According to IMDB, JAMES SPADER was considered for Bill Pullman’s part. James Spader! Steff himself! Can you even imagine what might’ve been? Something a hell of a lot creepier, that’s for sure. 

-But obviously no one could play this part but Bill Pullman. He is quite possibly my favorite romcom lead ever. He growls all of his lines. He wears the hell out of those dad jeans. I mean, if I were a lonely Chicago woman who was fake engaged to Peter Gallagher and his eyebrows, I’d fall in love with Bill Pullman, too. 

Same, Bill.

Romantic comedy cliches: Opening with narration, opening with a shot of a city skyline, a love triangle, a lonely woman, a man who needs a push to pursue his dreams, a woman with a cat, deceased parents, almost kissing but being interrupted, falling down and almost kissing, a wedding, a loud/overbearing family, a misunderstanding.

Is this a good movie? This is a sweet, charming, perfect movie. 

Did I like this movie? WHAT DO YOU THINK? I love this movie almost as much as Sandy loves Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows.

Would I watch this movie again? I own this movie and I watch it all the time. 

I won’t be posting over the holidays, but I’ll be back on my weekly schedule again in the new year. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and may you all find your very own Bill Pullman (or at least a sweet reversible jacket). 

Dearest little bro,

Goedemorgen! That’s ‘goodmorning’ in Dutch, in case your polyglot phase from the 40s didn’t survive all those blackout blood benders (say that five times fast). It’s about 5 AM here - Bon and Ric are passed out like the useless mortal creatures they are (apparently seventeen shots of Johnnie Walker is considered a lot for them - how depressing. This trip was supposed to make me feel better.)

Hold on, I’m going to get them to write something.

–alright, just tried to wake the witch up and she literally started sparking so. Nevermind. Ric might be in a coma (ha - see how I’m joking about comas? So well-adjusted) so that’s a lost cause.

I’m running out of room, so I’m not really sure what the point of this postcard is.

I’m okay. I guess.

Just wanted to let you know that.

You know, ‘cause otherwise your brood might get so deep you’ll make a new tectonic fault line and then there’s all these earthquakes and shit we’ll have to deal with and they’ll mess up your hero hair and I know how that upsets you.

Welp, Bon just hiccuped and set the curtains on fire so that’s my cue.

Be good, Steffy-kins.


Anonymous asked imagineblackveilbrides: Can you do one were CC gets jealous? I love your blog btw!!♡ <3 thank you!

Finally was the day! You were going to Warped Tour as a surprise for your boyfriend, Christian Coma. You missed him so much since he left, and it had been like 2 months, you couldn’t resist any longer without him.

You decided to watch the concert since you were a huge fan of the band before you began to date CC. And then, when the concert ends you’d meet the love of your life. 

The concert went amazing like always, they get off of the stage and you went to all the bands were relaxing before or after a show. 

You suddenly saw Ben Bruce, from Asking Alexandria and you greet him. You guys knew each other because you always would go around BVB and hang out with them and etc. You guys chatted what it felt like hours, you always have fun with Ben, he is a really nice guy. But then, maybe Ben was a little confused around you. He was acting all flirty and he was hugging you too much. 

You don’t know how but an not so happy Christian Coma appeared and Ben left. “What are you doing here?” CC said, without any expression of liking the surprise. “I came to give you a surprise and spend some time with you” you said smiling. “Well, you can go back to your house because i don’t want to spend any fucking time with you anymore, (Y/N)” He shouted and then, you could feel and hear how your heart broke into pieces. “Christian, wait” you said running behind him. “No, don’t touch me” “Please” but you knew you couldn’t do anything so you just walked away.

You sat in a chair with Jinxx and Jake, talking about what happened earlier while Andy and Ashley were talking with CC. After a couple of hours a sad Christian sat with you and apologized. “It’s okay baby, let’s forget about it” You said with a smile as you leaded CC to the BVB bus. 

You guys spent the night in his bunk doing all the things you missed since the band left your city. 

“Wanna go watch some bands play?” He asked. “Sure!” You reply. 

You went to walk around the Warped Tour enjoying bands, meeting with some bandmembers friends of CC, but he never took his hands off of you. He was super jealous but you didn’t care, in fact, you loved the way he was so protective when another boys were around. That was so lovely for you. 

“Hey man!” Ben said. “I’m sorry about what happened earlier, i was drunk as fuck and…” “It’s ok, not big deal” CC said, Ben smiled and left. Then, CC grabbed you by your face and kissed you rough, you know it was because Ben was around there, that was CC’s way to show you were of his property