so hot it should be a crime


If none of yall have seen this drama I high key recommend to watch OCN Duel.

Plot: Story about Jang Deuk-cheon, a hardened detective cop whose daughter is kidnapped. He starts to chase down the suspect using the one clue he has: Two men with the same face were at the crime scene.

Key words: Clones, hot guy, crime, murder and mystery

I’m absolutely addicted to this drama and all of the characters. It’s thrilling and keeps me biting my nails in anticipation on what is going to happen to next. Yang Se Jong (the one who plays as the clones) has me already in love with him both the good clone and the evil clone.

So far the drama is not disappointing me in the slightest and for it to deal with clones in world where that makes no sense they make it work and not seem far fetched.

I never recommend dramas at all (this is my first time) but this drama is on par and should have more people watching it and falling in love with it like I am.

If you liked and seen the drama OCN Tunnel I guarantee you’ll love this as well.

The View, Gillian Anderson
  • Joy Behar: You know, before we get to the book I have to say to you, Gillian. You know, I said it to you on the break I'm a huge fan of "The Fall" which is on Netflix, you really should wat.. [watch it]*applause*. They love it! And you know, I mean, you play this sort of a hard-nosed, you know, she is a tough detective. But, for some reason, and maybe because you are so good, you manage to get that sensuality in there, that sexuality. Look at her!(pointing at the screen where they are showing Stella Gibson) She is as hot as a pistol in this (Gillian is laughing at this point) but she solves the crimes. How did you... how did you manage all that?
  • Gillian Anderson: She is a woman. We are all complicated. Am I right?
  • -The View, ABC, 3/13/2017
Not good enough

Title:Not good enough

Anonymous asked: “Sherlock x reader. The reader introduces her parents to Sherlock. They don’t think he’s right for their daughter. Until Sherlock tells them about why he loves her. It’s all very sweet and fluffy”

Word count: 766

Characters: Sherlock, you, your parents

Pairing: Sherlockxreader

Warnings: cheating?


“hi, Sherlock” you greeted your boyfriend. “hello Y/N, how are you doing?” he asked. “just work, you know” you said. “just work?” you hummed in agreement. “I heard you just got promoted to head of forensics” he smiled. “who told you? I was planning on keeping it a secret and throwing a reveal party or something like that” you laughed. “you can blame John for spoiling the surprise then” Sherlock laughed. “I was planning on telling it my parents this weekend, would you care to join me?” you asked rather nervous. “you want me to meet your parents?” Sherlock asked slowly. Crap you thought, you knew you had blown it. “I would love to” he said. “you don’t have… Wait you want to meet them?” you asked stunned. “you’ve met my parents, it would only be logical to meet yours as well” he stated. “well, mr Spock I’ll see you this weekend then” you waved Sherlock goodbye as you continued cleaning up your office. “thank you Sherlock, I’m really grateful you’ve agreed to meeting them” you said as the two of you stood in front of your parents house. “it’s nothing” he said, although you could notice he was just as nervous as you were. Your parents approval meant more to you than you cared to admit and the thought of having to leave Sherlock because your parents didn’t approve of him scared you. “Y/N dear, it’s so good to see you!” your mother said as she opened the door and pulled you into a tight hug. “I’ve some amazing news to tell you” you said once your parents were seated on the couch with a hot cup of tea. “I’ve been promoted to the head of the forensics apartment” you exclaimed. “oh darling, that’s amazing! We’re so proud” your mother said. “thanks mom and since you wanted to meet Sherlock so badly I thought that I should bring him along” you said, nervously mention the subject. “lovely to meet you Sherlock” your father said. “like wise sir” Sherlock said, shaking his hand. “what is it you do for a living Sherlock?” your mother asked. “I’m a consulting detective” he said. “I’m sorry but I’m not familiar with the job” your father said. “I solve crimes the police have a hard time solving” Sherlock said. “so you know how people think and what they might do?” your father asked intrigued. “that about sums it up” Sherlock said. “well go ahead” your father said. “I’m sorry?” Sherlock said, thrown of guard. “read me” your father said. “I’m not sure if that’s a good idea sir” he said hesitant. “come on, son. Prove your worth” he said getting impatient. “you have 2 dogs going by the hairs on your jumper. You haven’t finished your biology course in college and you are regretting it now, looking at the self thought books on biology on your shelves. You’ve got an ex-wife living close by who you see regularly without your wife’s knowledge” Sherlock said. “darling, is this true?” your mother asked your father. “this man is a fraud! I want him out of my house! Don’t you ever dare bring him back Y/N” your father screamed. “I’m sorry sir that I upset you but I’m just not like you” Sherlock said. “like me?” your father asked furious. “I’m nothing like you because I would never cheat on Y/N the way you cheated on your wife” Sherlock said. “I’m sorry your wife had to discover it like this, especially because she is much smarter than you are” Sherlock said as he opened the front door and leaving the house. “I don’t want you dating that psychopath!” your father screamed. “he’s a sociopath dad and I don’t think you have any kind of saying in this” you said, storming of. As you reached the hallway you heard footsteps behind you. “keep him” your mother said placing a kiss on your cheek as you turned around. “I will, are you alright mom?” you asked concerned. “I’m fine, go after him Y/N” she said. You stepped through the front door into the cold seeing Sherlock standing against the car smoking a cigarette. “it’s cold” he said. “yeah well you could have gone inside the car” you said. “you have the keys” he said, earning a smile from you. “I’m sorry it went like this Y/N” Sherlock apologized. “it’s alright” you said starting the engine. “is it?” he asked. “yeah, I’ve got you haven’t I? And you’re all I need right now” you said. “I love you Y/N” he said. “I love you too Sherlock”

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Bad Girl (Cisco Ramon x Reader)

Request: Hey, I really enjoy your fanfictions and I wanted to ask if you could write one with Cisco x Reader where she says that Len Snart is kinda hot and he gets really jealous? It would also be awesome if Snart played along but not really necessary (just a bonus if you would not mind too much) Thank you if you could do this! 💫 - @mxryxn

A/N: Here’s the first fic queue’d up, hopefully it shows up. But I really had fun with this one, and I really liked how this one turned out, too. I like the idea of the reader and Snart being little snark friends even if they’re not dating. Thank you so much for requesting this! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. As a reminder to everyone, my requests are always open!

Word Count: 727 words

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BTS as high school teachers


  • the hot english and philosophy teacher
  • clumsy teacher that always breaks 3 pieces of chalk in the attempt to write on the black board
  • also is administrating the schools library and tends to stay there to correct appers and grade tests and he tends to stay there for too long and overwork himself and Jin regualrly leaves him tiny treats and baked goods there


  • The music teacher
  • he acts cranky and stuff but he lowkey looks out for the students like he will scold his students with a little slap on the back of their heads but “subtly” throws them a piece of candy in their lap when they are nervous before a test or smth
  • yoongi is also coach of the basketball team Bulletproof Wildcats


  • art teacher, he’s bubbly and a little all over the place but he just wants his students to have a good time and show them that their creativity has no limits, And being a bit all over the place with his paints and brushes, and classes like he comes in and goes:
  • okay guys today we’ll continue with our landscape studies” 
  • and the whole class is like:“uhhhh Mr. Kim we started on abstract sculptures last time”


  • the home economics and drama teacher that is sassy and won’t take shit from students who don’t take his class seriously
  • and he’s about to flip a table everytime Taehyung or Kookie sneak in to steal some fresh cupcakes
  • What do you mena a teacher can’t play the lead role in a school musical?


  • the new gym teacher who gets super competative with his own students
  • Omg Mr Jeon NO dodgeball
  • Buckle up motherfuckers it’s dodgeball time” 
  • but him getting super awkward when he catches the girls giggling and swooning over him
  • since he is the new teacher
    Tae is the one he kind of connects with first and the one who shows him all the fun you can have at school
  • like Tae goes “hey, should I show you around?
    Uhh…I think Jimin sshi already did that
    ah, so you got the boring tour
  • and everyone thinks Kookie is shy at first but the more time he spends with Tae the more they just become partners in crime and a pain in the ass for their colleagues


  • biology teacher and leader of the musical group
  • you know making choreographies for musicals and stuff
  • Hoseok also helping the cheerleaders with their choreo bc he can
  • stupid biology puns/ jokes
  • Why can’t the mitrochondria walk into the powerhouse? BECAUSE IT ALREADY IS A POWERHOUSE HAHAHAHAHA” why is no one laughing
  • works together with Jin in the musical production


  • the headmasters hot assistant
  • yoongi calling jimin stupid for always being so nice to everyone even if they don’t take him as seriously as they should and how he lets the headmaster step on him and jimin gets flustered and is like “ahh, no it’s fine don’t worry” and leavens and yoongi whispers “but i do worry about you” when Jimins gone
  • a cute giggly bean
  • but for some reason is the only one Tae and Jungkook will listen to once in a while
Gerfra Week - Day 1 : Culture/Food

In France, one of the stereotypes about germans is that when on holyday, they wear sandals with socks in them ! And we are very confused :  why would you choose to wear sandals if you are cold enough to need socks ? And if the weather is hot and you want your feet to breathe, why do you put on socks ? Or are we missing something ? So many questions …

Not to mention, of course, that it is a crime against fashion and should probably be illegal ! (But we still love you)



­­Summary: You are Oliver’s younger sister and you are in a secret relationship with Leonard Snart.

Word Count: 569

Warnings: none

Gender-neutral Reader!

Check my bio for the inbox status.Rules and fandoms I do and don’t do!


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llorstel  asked:

How about interaction between ulaz or someone from the blade of mamora and Coran and learn that you do not want to be on his bad side.

He had grown up from the creche being teased that he did not show anger as a true Galra should. Galra anger ran in hot, loud bursts, like the gunfire they were taught to wield at such young ages. Galra anger exploded, taking everything around it.

His anger was sharp, cold, like the knives he preferred. Like the Blades that had called to him. 

And yet…

Their Dequrikantha allies had been sold out by one of the weapons-runners in the base. So many refugees had died, even pups, and the filth hadn’t even had the grace to own up to his crime, trying to blame his secondaries up until Coran had pointed out the amount he’d been paid for his treachery. 

And then the perkele had the gall to start laughing.

That cold edge of rage had risen up in him then, and he had reached for his sword, only to freeze in surprise when he saw a small, needle-like blade seem to sprout from the Dequrikanthan’s forehead just a moment before he fell to the floor, lifeless eyes staring at the ceiling.

“Sorry about that. Lost my temper.”

Blinking, he turned his head to his mission partner. Coran certainly didn’t look like someone who’d just lost his temper, readjusting the unseen holster in his glove with all the casual poise of a noble fiddling with his dress garments. He looked like-

And Ulaz inhaled sharply as the realization came to him.

If his anger was steel…

Then Altean anger was ice.

Klance Week Partners in Crime


“Wow. The blue one is so, hot!”

“Like I know right?! He has that whole badboy thing going on ya know?”

“The galra should just hand him over to me. I’ll treat him waaaay better. Wink”

“Did you just say wink?”

“Hey ladies! What’s going on over here?” The guy speaking had a dark blue hood over his head, leather pants, no shoes, and strange.. things on his face over his eyes.

“Oh nothing just talking about the hot badboy blue paladin!”

“I ship him with the red paladin.” A second guy had shown up. This one word a purple crop top, had a green-ish jacket over it, had a blue scarf wrapped around him head, and darker strange things over his eyes. His companion in blue had a shocked look on his face and was stuttering “M-mothy?! Why would you say t-that? D-do you even know what th-that means?”

One of the alien girls pulled out a magazine. “You know what I see it!”

The blue guy looked at her just as shocked “W-what do you mean?!”

“Well you know blue and red are such pretty colors. And they always protect each other. And they have many great quotes. One galra soldier interviewed said that the blue paladin said ‘we did it. We are a good team.” in a really low sexy voice. I believe they are totally in love.”

“Just like that one Earthican couple! What was it? Connie and Blyde?”

The strange blue man’s companion was now chatting with the magazine alien about how cute the the blue and red paladin were together. The blue man looked like he was about to have his mind blown up. “Mothy,” the blue man forced out, “Let’s go. Shall we.”

Mothy looked at his companion with a pout. But sighed and stood up and followed. The alien girls dispersed off to most likely write fanfiction about the Paladins on that site Zumblr.

“You have no idea how to stay under cover. All that blue? It is a wonder we weren’t caught.”

“I swear to god Keith you better tell me what that was back there or I will restrict your knife privileges!”

“I meant what I said. the red paladin and the blue paladin would make an amazing couple.”

“I ee-uh… Whaaa?”

The red paladin kissed his blue paladin. “Night Shaprshooter.”


“Night Mothy you son of a bitch.”

anonymous asked:

Any tips for finding a squat? Me and my girlfriend are about to be out of a place to live, and don't have time to find a new apartment or roomates. Tips for someone who's never opened up a squat?

It depends where you live honestly but id walk/bike/drive around your town/city extensively looking for buildings that seem abandoned (boarded windows or doors, large stacks of mail, chained padlocks on doors, long running graffiti, broken windows, signs on doors saying foreclosure etc) writing down addresses and looking them up on the beuro of finance website to see what’s good with them. Bank owned buildings or buildings owned by singular people who aren’t easily contacted and haven’t been consistently paying taxes are best but not crucial. find an entrance if you can enter through a window, basement back door, easily you should do that but in some cities such as New York the style many houses are built in and the way they structurally protect abandoned buildings from east entry for scrapers is very difficult so you might need to cut whatever kind of lock off the front door
And immediately change it. Depending on what kind of lock it is you need either a large pair of bolt cutters or an angle grinder bolt cutters for
Pad locks/chains angle grinder for dead bolts. Beware that breaking into a house like this is heavy crime and a pretty hot thing to do so be aware of your location and don’t do anything you could take the consequences of. Once you get inside first things first is you want to put your own new lock on the door changing locks is p simple but it dosnt hurt to watch some videos online about uninstalling and installing locks on a door. If there’s a back door only use that entrance and barricade the front because the less people see you entering the house the longer your house can run. For the first couple weeks while you just start living there and understanding the neighborhood and everything limit your entrances to once a day late at night if possible so once you leave the house in the morning/afternoon you are out for the rest of the
Day. You can relax about this once you’ve been there longer but it’s important in the early stages to keep the time you are going in/out to an
Absolute minimum. Also if the windows aren’t boarded its smart to black them out with contractors bags at night so that neighbors/police don’t see the extreme sketchiness of headlamps going off in an abandoned building. That’s just some basic stuff Off the top of my head but I’d suggest you look up some squatter recourses and pick yerself up one of the many squatters handbooks that exist and read that shit thourgholy cus there’s a lot more important info than I said here in regards to actually living in a squat but here’s some basics for cracking a house. Best of luck

delcatty-ex  asked:

Why are people so hot for slavery...???

They think punishment works, that people should just be isolated in a dark cell and making license place for decades instead of trying to rehabilitate them. AKA the thing that actually prevents more crime from occurring.

I understand where the sentiment comes from, but it’s not right.

Anyway. Stop making edits with flower crowns on ted bundy. Stop making columbine lock screens. Stop writing Dylan and Eric imagines. Stop fucking romanticizing those cruel sick bastards or otherwise lessening the severity of tragedies and horrendous acts made by them. Stop pretending they’re characters you can write about, stop saying ERIC BABY HES SO HOT 😍stop doing the shit that makes murderers seem less monstrous than who they were. They’re all burning in hell and should be. I am so sick of some of the people in tcc that do that. Not fucking okay.

memomemofish  asked:

ok so um i absolutely love your The Triangle Murders AU and I think it's amazing and somebody should write a fanfic out of it and also i think your view on an older dipper looks alot like wirt and also they’re both really really hot ok bye

I think someone actually made a fanfic based on this?? but I can’t seem to remember the name uhh anyway it was hella good

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Gom+kagami+takao playing basketball shirtless with their s/o

omfg /fans self/ YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME imagine aomine omg fck

AKASHI: Akashi had never been ashamed of his body so, when he stripped down to just his basketball shorts on the court, he did it with confidence. You gawked at him for a second, the ball dropping from your hands and rolling away. He smiled at you with ease, knowing exactly what he was doing. “Damn you, Akashi.” And you knew that you wouldn’t even be able to get past him with those goddamn abs of his.

AOMINE: His large frame plus those Greek god abs made a terrific and absolutely distracting combination. You couldn’t help but stare as he ran across the court, his back muscles contracting and his arms practically pulsing. Afterwards, he walked over towards you, wiping his face with his shirt and could not let your staring go by unnoticed. He smirked, “Like what you see?” You called out, “Ahomine!” before hitting him with a bottle.

KAGAMI: Despite his amazingly, perfectly toned body, Kagami wasn’t one to brag about his appearance. Your eyes followed him as he dashed across the court, as he dunked the ball into the hoop, and as he threw up his fist in joy. Dear God, that kind of body should be a crime. “You look really hot,” you bluntly said and he blushed. He turned absolutely red and started stammering, “Well, I think you’re hotter and you know, I’m not comparing you to me because we’re different but you’re hotter.”

KISE: “Ehh, ___-chi, are you staring?” Kise teasingly wiggled his eyebrows at you. He poked your side when you refused to face him because you were too embarrassed. Kise was ripped and that so wasn’t fair. “Kise,” you groaned when he continued to poke you. “I bet you look better than me when you’re shirtless,” Kise grinned brightly at you and you blushed, smacking him.

KUROKO: Although Kuroko’s muscles weren’t as defined as the other Generation of Miracles, he was still incredibly fit and of course, you loved that flat stomach of his and his smaller shoulders. Kuroko blinked a few times when you became unresponsive because you were too busy staring at that ‘V’ of his. “___-chan, are you alright?” He sounded concerned but deep down he knew and was happy of what you were thinking of.

MIDORIMA: You smirked at Midorima when he had shrugged off his shirt. He was in the middle of the court, preparing to shoot, when you yelled out, “Shin-chan, you look super hot!” He stumbled slightly and nearly missed the shot. After the shot sunk in, he sputtered to you, “Don’t yell out embarrassing things like that, idiot!” He then proceeded to march away to hide his tomato-red face.

MURASAKIBARA: Staring back at you, Murasakibara wondered why you were spacing out. He wiped his bangs away from his face and asked, “___-chin, what are you looking at?” You instantly blushed and shook your head, muttering out ‘nothing over and over’. When he realized that you were staring at his abs, he smiled and took your hand, placing it on his stomach. “You can touch, you know.”

TAKAO: No one could ever deny how dashing Takao looked whenever he played basketball. And no one could ever, ever deny how terribly hot he looked when he played basketball. Shirtless. He noticed you ogling him and grinned brightly, “Ne, ___-chan, let’s do something fun after this!” His eyes twinkled mischievously, promising the dirty deeds to come.

Standing Ovation Ch. 1: Home Run Pt. 1

“Nec-chan, you don’t use a tablet?”

The man in black clothes sitting in the wheelchair - Izaya Orihara - calls out to the girl a little ways from him. Sitting in the pipe chair resigned for family of the wheelchair user while skillfully typing away on the laptop positioned on her knees, the girl - Nec - does not move to face Izaya and answers with just barely enough volume to speak over the cheers going on around them.

“It’ll leave fingerprints, so I don’t really like touching the screen directly. It’s fine if it’s a smart phone.”

She wears glasses above the Gothic-Lolita punk makeup with cross chain ear piercings dangling from opposite ears. She dresses in clothes with a lot of black and red ornaments as the basis, and even the laptop she uses has various disturbing stickers such as skulls and zombies pasted on it.

“My, you’re surprisingly old fashioned, huh, Nec-chan. Well even if I say that, to Sozoro-san laptops and tablets must seem like alien tools though.”

At that, the butler-like elderly man - Densuke Sozoro - shrugs his shoulders while keeping his hands behind his back.

“This is an underestimation. A long time ago, I also have used a home computer.”

“A home computer….”

The same time Izaya shakes his head in aspiration, the large uproar in the stadium echoed. The joyous voices of the people made Izaya’s skin tremble as though he received an electric shock, and without knowing why he continued to yield himself to the roaring sound with a gentle expression. As a result, he came to know the reason for the cheer only several seconds after that.

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Reasons Why Bebop & Rocksteady RULE OOTS
  • Yannow, our very first look at them you take em seriously.  They’re all chained up in the back of a high security vehicle, ready to be escorted to prison.  Rocksteady’s all grim and that ultra close-up on Bebop’s profile is sinister as fuck. These guys are dangerous! They’ve done some serious crime and now they’re gonna do some serious time. Why else are they being transported with the Shredder? Just the three of them?
  • Then they both sigh in relief he’s shackled up away from them. Okay, they’re knuckleheads. Dangerous knuckleheads, maybe, but knuckleheads all the same. <3
  • Rocksteady’s all fangirling and Bebop’s just supportive af of it. How many times has he listened to Rocksteady sigh and swoon over the Shredhead? Now the moment has come and he won’t let his man miss his chance.
  • That POP on BeBOP is cute af
  • omg they just slide right into a little banter easy as pie and holy shit they’re already having a fucking great time! you can see straight away nothing amuses these guys more than each other and they don’t give a damn if everyone else around them is baffled or bewildered. 
  • “My man!” “My man!” o m ggggggggggggggggg (●♡∀♡)
  • they can’t fist-bump so they foot-bump. Nothing will stop these guys showing their physical appreciation for each other! they’re in love and they don’t care who knows it!
  • wait, their truck is being bombed? explosions all around? mayhem and chaos and possible imminent death? Time to PARTAAAAY! they are all into it and loving every minute. This is the shit these guys live for and you can’t help but revel right along with them. Can you imagine when these guys first started dating? Say what you will, but they sure know how to show a fella a good time. ˉ̶̡̭̭ ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ ) ˉ̶̡̭̭
  • They might not be that bright, but they know an opportunity when they see one.
  • And there’s some serious satisfaction in watching them bash the snot out of that bland, banal excuse for Casey Jones. or was that just me?
  • “Heeeeey, my name is Be BOP!” I LOVE that moment cos it really shows these guys are mad, bad and dangerous to know. That’s a nasty kick to the face and it’s done in a nastily gleeful way. The fun here is they’re so much damn fun but… you really should take ‘em seriously too. They’re bad guys. 
  • “Hi”. Ditto this moment. He kicks that cop right out the damn truck into the middle of a highway.
  • And the next thing you know, they’re sitting around laughing and toasting each other over it all. Make no mistake, these boys love what they do - especially the nasty bits.
  • Also, it’s so fucking adorable they just go right back to their favourite bar, no disguises, in broad daylight. Dweebs. <3
  • Every single damn thing about them is so boisterous and unrestrained and flamboyant and it is a beauty and a joy forever.
  • Bebop deathstaring the barkeep and cautioning him against making eye contact. It’s hilarious cos it’s hard to take him seriously, but the ironic part is the barkeep probably should…
  • ROCKSTEADY’S WISTFUL LITTLE DREAMY MOMENT OMMMMMGGGGGGGGGFGGGGGGGGGG IT IS SO SWEET THE WAY HE STARES OFF IN YEARNING AND DREAMS SO BIG!  (。♥‿♥。) er… even if his dreams are to start a major crime syndicate. it’s still cute af!
  • And Bebop is right on board with it all, spinning the dream into an even grander fantasy. We know they’re way too incompetent to ever get their shit together and make it happen, but they’ve got each other’s backs all the way. These two would stick together to the bitterest of ends.
  • The way Bebop polishes his knife is hot, shutup. 
  • They’re so very scared of Shredder and it’s so very cute.
  • Look at these dweebs; they’re thrilled to be on board with the big bad Shredhead. Look at his digs, they’re schmick af and what was that he was saying about ultimate power? They’ve hit the jackpot this time! 
  • Looming in the back looking all beefy and badass. If we didn’t know they were such utter dorks, they might even be intimidating.
  • Kids in a candy store, messing around with Baxter’s undoubtedly super expenno and very important equipment. No matter where they are, or what they’re doing, these boys are focused on fun, fun, fun, the messier and naughtier the better. That childlike charm jars oh so deliciously with their thuggery and viciousness. <3
  • AND THEY LOVE IT! Instantly, completely, wholly and unhesitatingly embrace the ever loving fuck out of that shit.  I did NOT expect that, but it makes them all the more delightful. They’re ecstatic, amped up on the new power throbbing through their veins, thrilled by their new bodies. They completely accept each other’s new looks as well, laughing together as Rock squeezes Beebs’ shoulder, not grossed out or put off in the slightest, affirming how strong and deep their bond goes. They’re keen as mustard to find out what all they can do, roughhousing without restraint or rancour, just love, love, love, LOVE.
  • And hey, you wanna know what? I’ve just pegged onto what makes this duo so damn appealing. It’s love. Everything they do, everywhere they go and every dream they have, it’s out of love. Love for each other, love for violence, love for mayhem, love for what they are, love for fun. There’s no hate or spite or anger or bitterness to them. Just joy and amusement and sheer, sweet love.
  • Also their reactions are just so cute. Rocksteady’s waggly ears, the kiss he blows his own dick. Bebop’s dangling jaw and flickering ears, the huge grins they give each other and, of course, the delighted MY MAN. Ooohhh, and Bebop points to Rock. 🎶I know what they’re gonna do laaa-terrrrrr! 🎶 (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖
  • “Check out my tail! Wiggle wiggle wiggle!” I die.
  • Pigging out on drums filled with spaghetti and meatballs and we can see just how easily they’ve adjusted to their new lifestyle. We all know these guys were slobs before and they’ve just embraced this opportunity to really just unleash their wild sides! 
  • Woah and if you look close, you see it now - Bebop looks upset and confused when it seems at first Rock is telling him he’s not fat! And a big smile just races up his face when Rock tells him he looks REALLY fat! Can these two get any more gorgeous?
  • But - but that means that Rock knew what Bebop wanted to hear and that kind sensitivity in his voice was to reassure his man he’s got nothing to worry about, he’s fat as fuck. OMG THEY JUST GOT EVEN MORE GORGEOUS.
  • Also that whole scene is so obviously foreplay. Slapping that belly, Bebop’s ‘blubby blubby’ sounds, the big grins, the cries of ‘my man!’ - it’s intensely erotic and if Shredder and Karai hadn’t interrupted them, this movie would’ve been x-rated.
  • Also can we celebrate the animation detail? All. that. jiggle. hnnnnnnnng.  ( ♥ ټ ♥ ☚)
  • I’m sure Rocksteady deeply appreciates the suction skills Bebop is showing off right there. *ahem* 
  • The way Beebs grabs Rock for them to charge that meteor shard together, it’s just so cute! <3
  • “Smash it” “That’s what we do!” - and you do it SO well. <3 But seriously, I love that everything they do can basically be boiled down to those two simple words. And I mean everything.
    (ie: each other’s butts)
  • “My speedo’s already packed!” - eeeeeeeee, don’t tease, I wanna see THAT! (๑ ิټ ิ) But omg all that excitement is just too friggin’ cuuuuuute!
  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHH they’re destroying the Amazon rainforest yet somehow it is so damn cute??? Bebop singing along to his tunes, the relaxed happiness on Rocksteady’s face as he joins in, their uninhibited and unrestrained joy as they live it the fuck up!
  • Oooohhhh that fistbump after they blast open the meteor is somehow sexy as fuck??? It’s just so casual, so second nature to them, swoooooon! <3
  • To say nothing of their huge, lumbering forms as they stride towards it.
  • The turtles first look at them. Lost for words. <3
  • Bebop smoothing his ‘hawk, and Rocksteady ain’t too impressed at Mikey’s dig about it either. They got each other. 
  • Their squeaks and snorts and growls and grunts are just <3 <3
  • That clothesline Beebs floors Leo with is BRUTAL.  It’s not fat, it’s POWER.
    Okay, it’s fat too. 
  • And Rocksteady bodyslams Raph like it’s no big thing. Woof!
  • “Woah, MUMMMMYYYYYYYY!” I’m sorry, but it’s beyond adorable that Rock calls for his mum when Raph chucks him across the hull.
  • That little chuckle as he climbs up behind that machine gun! <3
  • “Dude! Seriously?” That’s the closest we ever get to seeing one of them cranky at the other, and he sounds irritated more than anything else. Nothing comes between these two.
  • OMG Rocksteady owns his fuckup like a man. That is a rare thing to see. Hell, not even the tmnt are capable of doing that 90% of the time! Between this, the body positivity, and the unstinting emotional support they show each other, these guys are just about the most adorably social justice warrioring violent, ruthless villains around! ヽ(o♡o)/
  • “This pig is flyinnnnnnnng!” - it’s sheer, solid, 24 carat gold. Bebop, you chubby delight.
  • He just fell 30,000 feet out of a plane and Bebop is still laughing and rearing to go. That bellyflop is the most adorable thing ever. <3
  • Rocksteady is having THE TIME OF HIS LIFE riding that tank down the river, firing the cannon, punching the sky. That is some fine living.
  • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the way Rock catches Beebs, “thanks buddy!”, Rock’s hand on his shoulder, Beebs fixing his ‘hawk, the adoring way they gaze at each other, the fistbump, just, just, just, EVERYTHING, god, how are they so fucking perfect??? ♡✧。 (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
  • BUT HERE’S A GOOD POINT: Beebs and Rock work amazingly as a team. They don’t beat the turtles here because they’re as smart, or as skilled, but because they know how to work together and they’ve always got each other’s backs. From the start of the film that team work has been in effect and serving them hella well. It’s yet another key indication to how functional and actually healthy their relationship with each other is - at this point in the film, more so than the turtles have got!
  • H O L Y S H I T those two big fat boys on their big fat boys, help me, I’m swooning so hard the world is topsy turvy Σ_( ♡ ཀ ♡ 」∠)_
  • Bebop flipping cars easy as that. The mighty power of all that brawn. Hubba hubba. 
  • Rocksteady kicking Casey clear across the room. POW.
  • “Get over here, little boy. Put down that popsicle stick”. (✽´ཫ`✽) *panting heavily*
  • Rocksteady charging whilst Bebop follows close behind on his bike.
  • Rocksteady charging. I mean, WOW. I mean, that’s fucking awesome. I mean, I need a cold shower.
  • The looks on the faces when they realise that’s one of their own damn grenades! (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖
  • And that final “my man”, complete with the unmistakeable slap of Bebop’s hand on Rocksteady’s shoulder. Even here, when they’re outsmarted, blown up, trapped and defeated, they’re not bickering or blaming each other. They’re still just as affectionate and supportive. The ultimate power couple. <3
  • In conclusion, Bebop and Rocksteady steal a truck, steal an artifact, steal our hearts and ultimately steal the show. They’re two dangerous and vicious criminals who’s idea of a good time is destroying shit, kicking butts and crushing skulls, who show no signs of remorse for any bad deed they’ve done and yet they’re also insanely supportive of each other, totally loyal and devoted, celebrate each other’s bodies, are completely at ease with themselves and easily embrace the dramatic changes they undergo, love to have fun, work brilliantly together as a team without having a single serious squabble or fight, look out for each other all the way and are all too obviously truly, madly, desperately in love. They’re a glorious study in healthy, happy romance and light up our lives every second they’re onscreen, sharing their joy. They’re a precious, precious gift we must all remember to treasure forever, because Bebop and Rocksteady remind us all what it means to live, love and laugh like there’s no tomorrow, and thank god for that. 
Frat Boy Theo

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You were extremely uncomfortable with the scene around you. There were people passed out everywhere and it was as if you were wading through and ocean of Solo cups; beer cans and glass bottles. You had no idea why you were there- wait, you did.

You were supposed to see your stupid classmate about a stupid assignment for a stupid class. Said stupid classmate was the President of a stupid fraternity filled beyond capacity with even more stupid assholes who liked to throw parties and pull pranks.

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“I know God makes no mistake. But he must have been drunk when he made Gertrude’s personality.”
“Well, books can’t fly and neither can babies.”
“Is it even more funny if I tell you it came from the front?”
“How are you eating right now?”
“Try saying no to these salty parabolas.”
“Ain’t no bitches going to hunt no ghosts.”
“Oh my gosh, did you hear that thing? It might be a ghost…no it is a bird.”
“You want to use the bathroom? There is a perfectly good bathroom upstairs at Starbucks.”
“It is not about the end result, it is about the journey.”
“I thought the floating hot dog implied a ghost was holding it.”
“An aquarium is a submarine for fish.”
“I don’t have a cat. I have a dog named Mike Hat.”
“Whatever they are no one should have to encounter that type of evil. Except your girls.”
“I am joining the club.”
“I can borrow a car from my uncle.”
“Stonebrook theater. There is a goat on the loose.”
“This music is so terrible it is making him angry. Play something gentle!”
“Charge the lights. Create the vortex. Break the variables.”
“Why are you pretending to catch ghosts?”
“That man went through the wrong door.”
“If it is a crime to look good, guilty as charged!”
“If the cat is out of the bag, you can’t put it back in.”
“Please don’t be like the mayor in Jaws.”
“I don’t drive to Chinatown.”
“I don’t drive wackos.”
“I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts!”
“Who is the flying beef cake?”
“I feel like the slime is after me personally.”
“Forgot about my new toys.”
“I guess he’s going to Queens - he’s going to be the third scariest thing on that train.”
“Why am I operating the untested nuclear laser?”
“It’s 2040. Our president is a plant!”
“You guys, this is exactly how I pictured my death!”
“Sorry. I can’t buy you another one.”
“That’s where I saw that weird sparking thing.”
“Do you have any idea how many federal regulations you are breaking on a daily basis?”
“Okay, room full of nightmares.”
“Whoa, nobody called for a Clark Kent strippergram!”
“I’ve heard terrible things about you.”
“Ma'am, can you tell us where you got the world’s tiniest bowtie?”
“It’s really easy sit there and be the naysayer when you don’t actually do anything.”
“Safety lights are for dudes.”
“Okay, but we’re talking about relocating. No one’s being killed here. Right?”
“I’m just gonna go ahead and take off. How about that?”
“Come out, come out, wherever you are…”
“Booyah! Emphasis on the boo.”
“Is it the boobs you don’t like? Because I can make them… bigger.”
“Okay, I don’t know if it was a race thing or a lady thing, but I’m mad as hell.”
“Charge the lines, create the vortex, break the barriers.”
“I’m not good in a fight.”
“It’s on books on tape, too. Only, I know how to read.”
“Well, that thing is having the time of its life.”
“The hat is too much, right? Is it the wig or the hat?”
“I will kick the unliving crap out of you, and you, and ESPECIALLY you!”
“That stuff went everywhere, by the way. In every crack.”
“Oh my god, you killed a pilgrim!”
“I would have used aluminum but I’m crazy.”
“I’m smelling both electrical discharge and isotopic decay.”
“It smells like burnt baloney and regrets down here.”
“We just gave a ghost a nuke, we should probably run.”
“I’m just looking for a reasonable ratio of wontons to soup, this is madness!”
“I’m sorry you’re having a soup crisis.”
“It’s always the sad, pale ones.”
“We like him, despite his many, many frustrating quirks!”