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It’s a miRACLE I was able to kinda remember the date for this before asking, since I absolutely suck without reminders and had to dig back in my old pictures to find a doodle I made around then for you last year- buT THIS IS FOR M’ LOVELY FRIENDO @sesescorner’S BIRTHDAY

I seriously gotta say how frickin proud of you I am for overcoming (and continUING TO OVERCOME) all the things that you have since I’ve gotten to meet you ;;__;; Plus its awesome you’ve got some projects of your own that you can get your head invested in and give you something fun to work on. :,D I’ve felt really honored n’ happy getting to call you my friend, and I can firmly say that’s been for at leaST A YEARISH OR MORE NOW >:,,,D

You’ve helped me overcome a painfully huge amount of my own social anxiety in a lotta ways you dont (and already do) know about :,,> and it has been sO much fun whenever our timezones/schedules line up that we’ve been able to play games together or brainstorm, or even just chat ;;v;; alSO making up characters with other peeps has been something I’ve always wanted to do for ages, so getting to mess with ideas for Gekko n’ Pari has been fun as heck, and I’m excited to see wherever it is any new goobers we make end up going.

You’re a phenomenal artist with all sorts of adorable characters and fun ideas, and just a beautiful n’ awesome person in general; I can’t wait to see where you go in the future. :,,,D

I love ya lots dude, here’s to hopefully many more years of bein’ friends with each other <333 N’ I hope the rest of your day’s a really nice one~ 


HonoUmi phone backgrounds  (♡˙︶˙♡)

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another ‘his’ sneak peek

I desperately gasped for air as my throat tightened up, struggling to breathe as I looked down at the blood that covered my shirt and hands, my stomach beginning to erupt in an excruciating pain as my head felt like it had been hit multiple times. I staggered forward slightly before my knees buckled and I dropped to the ground, my vision turning black just as a pair of hands caught my fall.

@un-eclair-puis-la-nuit asked:  Fili/Kili 1C please? :3

 To which I reply with this, from THIS art meme!I do hope you like some squishy, soft Durin’s my friend! I apologize for how late this is, but I really hope you like it!  There are oodles of anatomy issues and ALSO WHAT ARE HANDS. This was really fun to do, and thank you so much, friend!

I like how Kili came out quite a bit, but I’m not really too sure what is going on with Fili’s arms. (They might be tenticles???) Fili came out too big, which always happens when I draw two characters in pictures it seems…

Send me two characters and a pose!


jiyong’s precious cute face♡

@squidne-y I’m not sure if sharing my experience helps, but I was put on anesthetics! I basically wasn’t there for the procedure at all, and before I knew it I was in a wheelchair being taken to my mom’s car! Being nervous is a given, and I’m not telling you to just not be nervous. My advice to you is to try and occupy your mind as much as you can before it happens. Thinking about the procedure does no one any good. I tried my best to occupy my mind instead of thinking what it’s gonna be like because like I said, it felt like it was over in seconds and I experienced none of it.

Honestly, I feel like the recovery might be worse and take longer but at that point you’ll just be home recovering and eating jello and ice cream. There’s going to be pain once the numbness wears off, but you’d be done with all the oncomfortable-ness of going to a dentist’s office and such!

human by dodie clark is about dan and phil, pass it on


trying to feel INVINCIBLE – an asl brothers fanmix

01 awolnation – kill your heroes | 02 smallpools – dreaming | 03 foster the people – houdini | 04 woodkid – iron | 05 greek fire – top of the world | 06 kings of leon – the immortals | 07 snow patrol – give me strength | 08 fall out boy – immortals | bonus sarah slean – the disarm suite


Dear goldsilvers, happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you will like what I put together for you; I tend to make mixes rather on the sad side, but I tried to keep this one as happy as possible - I actually don’t want to depress anyone on Valentine’s Day. Also, I’m glad I could finally hit the follow-button, your blog seems to be really cool!

anonymous asked:

PLEASE!!! Write more about the date! like what will happen? will He Tian make a move?

aaah, oh my god, okay, let me think!!!! alright, so, i think their first date just ends like that, with guan shan kissing he tian, so to see what happens next we have to go to the second date???? second date it is, then!!

(warnings: fluff, some mentions of sexual stuff, still long as hell someone pls stop me. also, im not completely satisfied with this?? mostly because i couldn’t decide how far i wanted them to go and i don’t know if i managed to keep them IC)

  • so, at the end of their first date they had agreed on going on another one but didn’t make any specific plans for it, and guan shan feels like he has to be the one to bring it up this time around
  • he spends the first couple of days trying to come up with ideas about what they could do, where they could go, but he’s not sure what he tian might like
  • and then his mom tells him that she is going to be out for the weekend visiting some relatives, and he thinks that maybe he can invite he tian over since guan shan is always at he tian’s place but he tian has never seen his house
  • he is not sure about it at first because the two of them……alone………in his house…….he doesn’t want he tian to get any ideas, you know?? but he also would like to spend an evening just the two of them, without worrying about other people, so he settles for that
  • now he only has to ask, which turns out to be the hardest part
  • he doesn’t want to do it via texts, because it feels too much like cowardice, and if he tian did it in person he can do it too, so he decides to ask him the next day at school
  • there’s only one day left before the weekend comes, so it’s now or never, but every time he tries to talk to he tian alone he always gets interrupted by zheng xi and jian yi, or by some of the girls mooning over him
  • the fourth time a group of girls cuts him off while he’s talking to he tian he just stomps off angrily and retreats in some isolated part of the school ground
  • he tian finds him there some time later (from time to time they go there so he tian can smoke and they can be alone in peace) and asks him what’s wrong
  • “is it because of the girls? don’t tell me that you’re jealous” “fuck you, you wish”

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Evolution of Bechloe

Merry Christmas @maplebon!

4k of Gratuitous Zarry porn, featuring a collar. That is all.

They don’t even know.

It’s the best part, really. Or, Harry amends, when Zayn glances up at him with one of his fond smiles, almost shy under his lashes except for how it’s not, one of the best parts. But the thrill of it is a lot of it. The fact that they don’t know.

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