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The Missing Seasons

I was thinking about YOI, as I do every waking moment of my life, and I noticed something I thought was odd at first. I mean, I had noticed before but had written it off for the most part and put it in the back of my mind, but: Victor has a missing 6 seasons of skating. 

 We know from flashbacks that he was a junior world champion by the age of 16 

and that he was very well known by the age of 15/16 

(you can find a fan-translated version of that magazine here)

However, he only has 5 Senior Grand Prix medals and the same number of Senior World Champions. The Grand Prix medals at least are confirmed as consecutive in the show (but I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to extend that to World Championships)

meaning that the ages of 17-~22 are completely missing. 

(So. Do I have a point or am I just pulling out the obvious? Both.) 

 Anyway, I was running through the possible reasons for this, and my first thought was writing error, but the creators care too much about the show to make such a glaring mistake. And then I remembered a line from episode 4. A line that was brought up so casually and quickly moved past for things that were more important at the time, so I had nearly forgotten about it. 

You haven’t suffered any major injuries, and you’re younger than I am.“ I thought the wording was odd when I saw it for the first time. Victor is comparing Yuuri to himself. ”You haven’t suffered any major injuries,“ implying something kind of angsty: Victor has suffered a major injury. It makes sense. It accounts for the absent years. Maybe he had to temporarily retire to take care of it, and then work his way back up. The line from episode 4 works perfectly with that narrative. Yuuri is a major Victor Nikiforov fanboy; he would know about anything that happened to Victor during his career, so he wouldn’t react strongly to the line. 

 The only question I have left is, what happened to Victor?

Imagine all of us have two friends who have been dating for years and we just know one day they are going to get married, and then after like years of dating and posting cute photos of themselves and hanging out with everyone together, they just fall off the planet and nobody sees them together for like a year and they stop posting photos and none of us have a clue what is up with them.

And then we start hearing rumors that they got engaged and are planning a wedding, but they haven’t told anyone about it, so we are all just hanging out waiting for the announcement and the wedding invitation, but they don’t come, Instead, we get an article announcing that $80 million dollars was spent on this wedding that nobody actually knows about. Then we get a few people saying, “I heard there is definitely a wedding taking place.” Then another dude or two says, “I had to buy my tux because I’m in the wedding.” Meanwhile all us are still waiting to hear from the happy couple and are still waiting for our invitations to arrive in the mail and nothing.

Then one random day we get a video of the couple kissing at the alter and then the camera pans to the crowd and nobody is there and the groom says, “Uh, where in the world is everyone?” And we just stare at them through the screen because we know why nobody is there. YOU NEVER ANNOUNCED YOU WERE ENGAGED NOR DID YOU SEND OUT ANY INVITATIONS. How the heck were we supposed to just know about the wedding and show up for it?

That is why I do not understand this plan for Harry’s supposed album. I would love to be able to get excited for my newly engaged friends. I would love to get an invite in the mail. I would love to know when and where and how and who is involved. I would love to go buy a nice dress and a nice gift. But, alas, I can’t do any of those things because NOBODY will announce the damn thing. I don’t think it’s asking for much to at least get a confirmation that a wedding is taking place, especially if they want me to show up for it.


thANK GOSH my sis saved my ass xD i think she was amazed with how fast i gave up //buT HEY I spENT hoURS thAT i’lL neVer gET bACk
ugh gotta learn from mistakes! gonna go for something more simple next time
anyway i need to finish up hw and drawings that i started like 3 days ago oh boi so late but i really want to get this stuff done today so hopefully there might b actual art content today i dunno


I’m getting so tired of the world.
All the disappointments crush me.
I think I know the way it should be,
but there’s nothing anyone can do.
I’m trying to hope for the best,
but the silver lining’s hiding,
and I’m so damned sick of all this fighting;
I know I’m bound to lose.

No!  I don’t want to know
about the things I need to fear.
My mind carries me away from here,
to where I want to go.

I want to live in my dreamworld,
‘cause everything else feels so cold and grey.
We’re all entitled to a small escape,
so I keep running every day.
Nothing compares to my dreamworld;
the rest is hard to take.
I can’t keep hiding in my dreamworld.
My life… is fading away.

(These are some of the lyrics to a song I wrote several years ago about maladaptive daydreaming, but like most of my music and poetry, it has multiple simultaneous meanings, and is intentionally open to interpretation.)

There is no need to defend yourselves for liking Gency!

I have seen some people actually defending themselves just because they like Gency. There is absolutely NO problem in liking this ship! And there is absolutely NO reason for anyone to defend themselves!

If you feel afraid of liking this ship, there is no reason to, cause it’s NOT a problem. The only problem is the people MAKING it “scary” to like it. And they need to stop, cause the only impression I get from these people are that they are immature and can’t separate fiction from reality.

Gency is a non-canon ship (although it can be discussed, but I don’t see it as canon until Blizzard actually says it) with two grown, FICTIONAL adults. There is some aspects of this ship that for some people might seem as “problematic” (like the doctor/patient relationship, even though Ge//nji technically isn’t Mer//cy’s patient anymore) and the consent for making Ge//nji a cyborg.

For the last two points i am just going to link @darkslover post as to why these aspects isn’t THAT problematic: click. I highly recommend you to read it, it’s very well written (and not very biased) and will hopefully make an already afraid Gency shipper to see that you have nothing to be “afraid” and/or “ashamed” of. 

So this was a long post, maybe for some unnecessary but i just needed to release this from my mind cause it was bothering me.
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Day 1 of Otayuri Week 2017- First Time (in this case, first meeting.)

Set in the Hear the Bells universe (and major spoilers for that fic, if you haven’t read it)

anonymous asked:

I don't know if Briller broke up or not because it wasn't explicitly stated but if they really did, isn't that kinda ooc for Bryan? He knows there's a big chance that, despite their solutions and plans for survival, all of them might only have two more months to live and like ????? Is this really a good time to be having fights or big crisis in your relationship? Would he really want to spend what's left of their time away from Miller when they were planning on growing old together last season?

I see where you’re coming from, but I don’t think any of that (the corn etc) was really on Bryan’s mind.

First, Bryan had no knowledge of there being only two months left. At the time, they assumed six. We have to assume now that he knows, even though he wasn’t in the last episode.

Second, walking away from Miller during that argument is super in character Bryan, and I’ll be happy to explain why, because I love talking about him. (You can find my original Bryan/Briller meta here, and it’s basically just about what I could discern of their relationship during season three.)

What we know of Bryan isn’t much, but we know that he is hardcore, wrapped in a puppy. I say this because Bryan, it’s safe to say, has killed. Long before Polis. He has killed because his entire station was wearing the outfits of Ice Nation - people they would have had to kill to get to this point, to have their clothes, and to survive. Bryan would have killed to save his people - something that a lot of people on this show do.

He’s wrapped in a puppy because - you have seen him, right? He just looks gentle and kind and good, and he was worried that he was the bad thing for Miller back in season two, and he rushed to Riley as soon as he saw him. Also with the floppy hair and the smile it’s just difficult not to love him okay. Hardcore wrapped in a puppy.

Keep that in mind.

Bryan will fight to keep his people safe. He’s done it before, and he did it again when he voted to set off the bomb. No, not only that: he suggested setting off the bomb. It was his idea to save the slaves. It was his idea to just plain out attack the Ice Nation to get into the station. He will do what it takes, and he fights for what he believes in: and that seems to be saving his people and keeping them safe.

If we’re splitting couples into head and heart, Miller is the head, Bryan is the heart. He didn’t let anything else overshadow his need to save his friends. He didn’t think about the water and how they could suffer in the future - he thought about the people suffering right now. He wanted to help them now.

So when he asks Miller if he thought that saving the slaves was the right thing to do, and Miller says no, this is meaningful. Not in just the sense that these people are Bryan’s people; these are his friends and family - but in the sense that this is a fundamental position of Bryan; something that makes him who he is - the fact that he’s the heart, not the head. In relationships with these sorts of people, head and heart work together - but only after having issues and butting heads because of the differing opinions (see Bellamy and Clarke).

Right now, Bryan and Miller are just butting heads because their priorities don’t exactly line up. Miller’s priorities are living in the future, Bryan’s are deserving to live right now. (You might have noticed, as I have throughout writing this, that Bryan and Miller seem to reflect a lot of other relationships back at us.) I truly think they did not break up in 4.02 (I think that was the episode), and it was a fight; a meaningful one, yes, but a fight all the same.

(Remember that whilst Bellamy and Clarke only took about ¾ episodes to get to an agreement, they only knew each other when thrown into a high stress situation, both as leaders. Miller and Bryan aren’t leaders - and their relationship before the ground would’ve been fairly simple. They’re hitting their butting heads period now because this is the first time a serious situation has come up - especially one they both feel strongly about, and one they’re not going to move on. In the Pike debacle, lives weren’t immediately at stake, and Bryan was willing to change sides. This isn’t the case anymore.)

I don’t know what they plan to do in the rest of the season with Briller, as there’s a lot of different directions they could go. But, hopefully, the writers have chosen to show them working past their issues (just like Bellamy and Clarke did back in season 1, as they do seem to be reflecting them - and I’ve spoken before about some similarities between Bellamy and Bryan) and leading them to both being saved from the radiation.

They want that future together, they do. Just because they had a fight doesn’t mean either has gone nope nada don’t want that anymore. They want that future with the chickens, the corn, the house by the lake - and whilst it’s far less likely, what with the end of the world coming, their differing opinions don’t mean that they’re going to stop being together - especially when long standing relationships, like theirs, have a track record of getting past issues.

Besides, I think there was an important line from Bryan in 4.02. When Miller asked why Bryan turned against Pike, Bryan said “I did it for you, Nate”.

They may oppose each other as head and heart, but their number one priority, I think we’ve seen, is each other.

Like Omega is so interesting bc he’s the only ai who “infects” his host. Like, he doesn’t just cohabit in a person’s head he actively changes their behavior and thought process. That’s kind of established as a Big Deal when Sigma does that to Maine but Meg’s out there doing it no problem no biggy?

God I want to know so much more about these AI but nah they had to focus on treating woman like shit and heterosexual nonsense

Good things that happened today:

- I was actually able to stay productive for like 10 hours though I still have 1 thing left to finish

- while lab was hell we finished it only an hour after lab time ended

- my lab ta asked if anyone needed an internship for the summer and i said yes and he said he’s turning one down but he thinks they’re pretty desperate for an intern and he will pass my info along so !! It may not turn into anything but this is about as much as I’ve tried for an internship so I’ll see if they contact me later

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