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Hey, can I request a hc where tom and the reader are playing a game or smthing. And they made all these sounds like grunting or saying things that make it sound like they're having sex. And harrison is mortified hearing it, but as he went in to scold them, they're only playing a game? Thank you!



  • You and Tommyboy are very competitve
  • So monopoly is dangerous territory
  • But alas you two decided to play it on this lonely friday night
  • Haz was in the next room trying to sleep
  • “You ready?” 
  • “Let’s do it”
  • Whenever he got the advantage you would always let out a groan of frustration
  • Of course it could always be interpreted as something else
  • And whenever you got the advantage he would always scream “shit [Y/N]!”
  • Once again 
  • VERY easy to misinterpret
  • You two grew competitive and angry quickly
  • You were kicking anything in sight to let out your frustration
  • And so was Tom
  • The room shook 
  • You could hear a faint “oh my god” from the next room and a few minutes later Haz walked in looking completely mortified
  • “WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU TWO- oh you’re playing a board game?”
  • You and Tom would look at him like he was insane
  • “Yeah what else would we be doing?”
  • “Oh I don’t know but it sounded like you were humping like two rats in a wool sock”
  • Then as if nothing had happened he just turned around and walked back into the other room letting out a soft yawn
  • “Well since he brought it up-”
  • “No Tom”

sarah-the-phantom  asked:

Hey! Er... I was wondering if you could like... recommend me some married!johnlock fic. Also, this is an extra... But I want to say that I really like your blog, and it's one of my favorites (sorry if I wrote something incorrectly, English is not my mother language... Also I'm a little nervous sending this...)

Hi Lovely!

Firstly, don’t apologize for the language barrier! Your English is lovely! Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog!

Next, I’ve made a couple lists before relating to this exact thing:

As for actual fics where they’re actually married? Well, I initially thought I had none until I did this list, LOL!! I’ll also give you some of my “Established Relationship” fics too, just to fill up space! :D


A Discourse on the Inadequacy of a Duvet by guns_and_poses (T, 1,005 w. || Est. Rel., Fluff, Humour, Bed Sharing, Romance) – Sherlock keeps stealing the covers when they share a bed because he wants John to move closer to him when they are sleeping but of course doesn’t want to ask. John gets annoyed at first until he realises what Sherlock wants and is more than happy to oblige.

This Isn’t About the Bathtub by cypress_tree (G, 1,142 || Marriage Proposal) – John and Sherlock go to Angelo’s for dinner. In both of their pockets are rings they are going to propose with, but the other has no idea. John proposes first, and Sherlock answers by pulling out his engagement ring.

Bringing Colour to the World by SD_Ryan (G, 1,168w. || Est. Relationship, Sickfic, Fluff, Schmoop) – In which we encounter a sick detective, a snuggle on the couch, and a silly fairytale.

Under The Covers by berlynn_wohl (E, 1,221 w. || Est. Rel., Shy Sherlock, Anal, Fluff) – John would have liked to have the lights on and seen everything, but Sherlock was shy, so they did it this way, always.

John Was Nice Like That by hannah_baker (T, 1,307 w. || Est. Rel., Fluff, Body Worship, John’s Bum) – Sherlock Holmes may not ever sleep, but that hasn’t prevented him from having a kip on the couch with John.

here’s to love (here’s to us) by trustingno1 (G, 1,309 w. || Weddings, Fluff, Best Man Speech) – “I suggested that he ask Greg,” John says, “to which he replied, ‘Who?’,” and Greg pushes back from the table, exasperated. “I then made the mistake of suggesting his brother, to which Sherlock enumerated twenty-three reasons that that was a terrible idea.” (John’s best man speech at Sherlock’s wedding).

So, this is normal for us now? by TooManyChoices (M, 1,445w. || Bed Sharing, Tooth-Rotting Fluff, Est. Rel., Cuddles) – John and Sherlock have been sharing a flat, and a life for some time. This is a story of how the glacially slow movement of their relationship makes another agonising crawl forward another inch.

To Sleep, Perchance to…Cuddle by nerdyandiknowit (NR, 1,563 w. || Sleepy Cuddles, Fluff, Stubborn Sherlock, Bedsharing, Cuddles & Snuggles) – Almost immediately after they got together Sherlock formed this dependency on John-he could not (or would not as John believes) sleep without John being there, in bed, next to him.

A Metaphorical Gesture by cyparissus (T, 1,578 w. || Marriage Proposal, Fluff) – “Sherlock, are you–” the words die in John’s throat and he has to swallow and start again, “Are you asking me to marry you?”

and yes I said yes I will Yes by Mithen (T, 1,662 w. || Fluff, Humour, Est. Rel. Marriage Proposal) – Sherlock has deduced that John is going to propose to him, and he’s ready to accept. If only John would actually get around to it…

Biggest and Best by Sexxica (E, 1,815 w. || Est. Rel., Dildos, Sherlock’s Size Kink, John’s Giant Junk) – John Watson has a huge cock. Sherlock wants it inside him. Part 2 of Tumblr Ficlets Gone Wild

The Marriage Proposal Negotiation by Goddess_of_the_Night (G, 2,161 w. || Dev. Rel., Possessive Sherlock, Insecure Sherlock, Fluff, First Kiss, Post Mary) – Sherlock hasn’t ever really done anything the traditional way, so of course it wouldn’t bother him to propose to John even though they’re not even dating. And the fact that John is already on a date with someone else when he decides to do it? Tedious.

You Know, The Old Saying by songlin (T, 2,248 w. || Wedding, Marriage Proposal, Fluff, Engagement) – “Marry me. I need to have you forever.” Unrepentant husbands!Johnlock fluff.

In Which John is Attractive and Sherlock is Angry by kim47 (T, 2,382 w. || Fluff, Est. Rel., Jealous Sherlock) – Sherlock’s reaction to finding out that everyone wants HIS John, and how he told them to piss off and get their own Watson.

Unwanted by 221b_hound (T, 2,436 w. || Est. Rel., Wedding Rings, Asshole Exes) – In the jewellers to collect their wedding rings ahead of the Big Day, an old friend of John’s spots him. Well. I say ‘friend’.Sherlock isn’t jealous. He’s possibly a little bit grateful. That doesn’t mean Lydia Templeton isn’t an idiot. Part 19 of Unkissed

Let the Sun Fade Out by nothingislittle (E, 2,711 w. || Fluff & Smut, Praise Kink, PWP, Obsessed Sherlock, Bottomlock, Heart-Tearing Love) – “He could warm the sun itself, Sherlock thinks, could heat their flat with just his presence, could brighten the room with one dazzling smile or just the sparkling in his eyes. John is everything, he’s beautiful and he shines, he’s everything.”

Extraordinary by queenoftrivia (G, 2,860 w. || Fluff, Marriage Proposal, Morse Code, Est. Rel, Violins) – Sherlock’s deduced that John’s going to Italy to buy him a violin. Even the greatest detective alive makes a few mistakes.

Engaged by lifeonmars (NR, 3,146 w. || Marriage Proposal, Fluff, Holmes Family, Song Fic) – Sherlock did not believe in marriage, but he wanted to be married. He found this something of a surprise. Part 2 of Damage

And as the seasons change, I love you more by Teatrolley (NR, 3,219 w. || Fluff and Angst, Est. Rel., Marriage / Proposal) – A year in the lives of John and Sherlock, essentially.

Unmissed by 221b_hound (M, 3,235 w. || Est. Rel., Pet Names, Insecure Sherlock, Worried Sherlock) – John enjoys a good brawl during a case, and Sherlock begins to worry - when they retire, will John get bored? Will John get bored and leave. But even if John isn’t a genius about cases, he knows a thing or two about Sherlock’s panic attacks about them as a couple. With only four days till the wedding, he’s not about to let Sherlock continue with this misplaced notion that John will be bored in retirement. Part 20 of Unkissed

Straight Shooter by nefariosity (E, 3,249 w. || Est. Rel., Light Dom/Sub, Military Kink, PWP) – Sherlock has a military kink. John indulges him.

Bagged & Tagged by Regency (T, 3,339 w. || Drunken Confessions, Fluff and Crack, Marriage Proposal) – A very inebriated John devises a clever means of proposing marriage to Sherlock. Unfortunately he’s forgotten all about it by the next morning.

In Nomine by Atiki (E, 3,517 w. || Est. Rel., PWP, Anal, Domesticity, Love Confessions, Sherlock Loves John, Overwhelmed Sherlock) – “Alright?” John asks gently, planting a kiss on Sherlock’s left collar bone, smoothing a hand down his chest and belly until it rests in the soft trail of hair below his belly button. John’s smile is all soft and warm. His hand feels tender and solid and real. A soldier’s hand. A surgeon’s hand. A lover’s hand. Oh. “John”, Sherlock gasps. And that’s where it begins. Written for a prompt on the Kink Meme: The only word Sherlock says during sex is “John”.

Rumpled by WhimsicalEthnographies (E, 3,601 w. || Est. Rel., Insecure Sherlock, Fluff, PWP, Proposal, Bottomlock) – Then, halfway through a documentary on river otters that neither of them was paying attention to–how could John, with a gangly, limp consulting detective practically purring in his lap?–Sherlock suddenly bolted upright, looked at John with a perplexed expression and a crinkle above his nose, and blurted, “Marry me.” Part 4 of Longitudinal Cohort

Happy anniversary by Salambo06 (E, 3,772 w. || Est. Rel., Vulnerable Sherlock, Wedding Anniversary, Anal, Texting, Lingerie) – John inhaled deeply, feeling his cock pulse under the silk gown, and he let his eyes travel on the lean body in front of him. Sherlock was kneeling on the bed, their bed, and the picture had been taken so John could perfectly see his bare chest and pelvis. But what mattered most, what made John harden rather quickly, was the pair of panties Sherlock was wearing in the picture. Black, string over each hip and laces that outlined Sherlock’s erect cock barely hidden under the soft underwear.

Equine Arse Anonymity by Kayjaykayme (E,  3,834 w. || Est. Rel., Public Sex, Coming in Pants, Humour, Halloween, Hand Jobs) – Sherlock needs to speak with suspects at a fancy dress ball. He chooses a couple’s costume for himself and John. It is logical, practical and well thought out. John doesn’t agree and exacts sweet revenge.

Love and Hair Dye by WhimsicalEthnographies (E, 3,920 w. || Est. Rel., Body Worship, Self Conscious John, Voyeurism, Idiots in Love, Smutty Smut) – Self conscious John decides to cover the greys on his head, and the colour isn’t what he thought it would be. Now he’s more self-conscious than ever.

Let me be the wallpaper that papers up your room by Teatrolley (NR, 3,966 w. || Est. Rel., Two Idiots in Love, Fluff, Domestics) – Four seasons in the life of Sherlock and John, really.

subterfuge isn’t subterfuge if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing by scullyseviltwin (T, 4,157 w. || Est. Rel., Fluff, Anniversary) – The entire idea was ludicrous, and terrified John a whole hell of a lot.

Fine Print by mistyzeo (E, 4,224 w. || ACD Holmes || Est. Rel, Retirementlock, Glasses, Oral, Hand Jobs, Bees) – Holmes needs glasses, but he’s too much of a stubborn arse to go get his eyes checked. Watson is used to bullying him for his own good. The glasses have unexpected but not unwelcome consequences for everyone.

Keep Each Other Company by orithea (E, 4,600 w. || Est. Rel., Threesome, Self-cest, Time Traveller Sherlock) One Sherlock is demanding enough. Two of them are impossible to resist. Part 3 of The Time Traveller’s Flatmate

Unforgiven by 221b_hound (M, 4,721 w. || Marriage Proposal, Victor Trevor, Jealous / Protective John, Jealous Sherlock, Sherlock’s Past) – Sherlock’s latest case is for his ex boyfriend, the brilliant and handsome Professor Victor Trevor. John is not too happy about that. But things aren’t what they seem, an old friend of John’s is involved in the case, and John has a few surprises up his sleeve. Also - a proposal! Part 16 of Unkissed

What Happens in Vegas (is legally binding in the United Kingdom) by  moonblossom (E, 5,051 w. || Accidental Marriage, Friends to Husbands to Lovers, CSI Crossover, Fluff & Porn, Bathtub Sex, Hand Jobs, First Time) – When a case sends the boys to Vegas, John comes out of it with a bit more than he bargained for. Part 19 of Prompt Fills, Remixes, Works inspired by others

Midnight Plowboy by weeesi (E, 5,399 w. || Est. Rel., Fake Vintage Gay Erotica, Anal, PWP, Roleplay) – “Does it feel like I’m sure?” John whispers into Sherlock’s ear. Sherlock swallows again.

All the Flavours, Cherry and More by cwb (E, 6,274 w. || Est. Rel., Lip Gloss, Lingerie, Birthday Presents, Insecure Sherlock) – Sherlock feels a blush rising to touch his cheeks, more sensual than uncomfortable now that he knows John isn’t disgusted by him. No, John is responding exactly the way he had hoped.

Abatement by WhimsicalEthnographies (E, 6,816 w. || Est. Rel., Retirementlock, Fluff, Sherlock’s Self Esteem, Grumpy Sherlock) – “What’s wrong with you? You love the cottage,” John glances over to the passenger seat, then quickly turns his eyes back to the road. Driving was still not his forte, but considering Sherlock still couldn’t properly bend and lift his new knee enough to press and release the clutch, he had to make do. Not that Sherlock hadn’t tried to argue his way into the driver’s seat. “I love the cottage for a week or two, John. Don’t be deliberately obstuse,” Sherlock grumbles, sinking further in his seat. Well, as best he can with a four-week-old knee replacement. “And that’s all we’re going for, love,” John says out loud. But what he’s thinking is, shit. He knows.

Caught In The Act by ShirleyCarlton (E, 7,009 w. across 6 stories || Est. Rel, Voyeurism, Character POV’s, Mastrubation, Switchlock) – This is a series of six scenarios written from the points of view of six different people as they accidentally walk in on Sherlock and John having sex.

Beg for Mercy (Twice) by Solitary_Endeavor (E, 7,060 w. || Est. Rel., Bottomlock, Bearded John, Edging, Rough Sex, Idiots in Love, Canon Compliant) – Sherlock hasn’t left the flat in four days, the itch of impatience beneath his skin too great to allow him to suffer interaction with any human being who isn’t John. This is probably a mercy that goes both ways, as he’s driving even himself mad. Sherlock supposes there is a lesson to be learned here about having himself to blame, but of course he blames Mycroft.

Christmas by WhimsicalEthnographies (E, 7,673  w. || Worried Sherlock, PWP, Drunkeness, Christmas, Est. Relationship) – John feels a lump rise in his throat, and it hits him, again, that this beautiful, infuriating creature is his. Completely, one-hundred percent his.

With This Ring by Quesarasara (E, 9,121 w. || Est. Rel., Marriage Proposal, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Idiots in Love, Embarrassing Hospital Visits) – Sometimes even the best of plans go wrong. And sometimes wrong turns out to be exactly right.

the first day of forever by darcylindbergh (E, 11,850 w. || Est. Relationship, Domestics, Light Angst, Insecurity, Emotional H/C) – “I’m going to marry you,” John murmurs with against Sherlock’s smile, and they both giggle in the joy of it. “We’re getting married.”“Yes,” Sherlock says, just to hear himself say it out loud. “We are.” A June wedding. Part 4 of things fairy tales are made of

And if you say the word, I could stay with you by CaitlinFairchild (E, 12,842 w. || Domestic Fluff, BottomJohn / Topping from the Bottom, Fluff and Romance, Dirty Talk, Proposals) – What Sherlock thinks is, On the day I die, be it in a dirty alley at forty or in my bed at eighty, the last thing I will remember is tonight, the way you looked at at me on the snowy pavement, cheeks pink with the cold, breath puffing in frosty white clouds, your heart in your eyes and snowflakes in your hair. I will remember that single perfect moment in my life, that moment I knew I had everything I ever wanted, and whatever happens next, I will die content. What he says is simply, “Marry me.”

Your Eyes in Darkness Glowing by tamed_untranslatable (E, 14,686 w. || Est. Rel., Case Fic, Hotel Sex, Bottomlock, Anal, BJ’s, Porn With Feelings, Homophobia) – Sherlock gets roped into a case in Moscow on his brother’s insistence, but finds that he can’t do it without John.

Never-Ending Cycle by orphan_account (T, 17,211 w. || Christmas, Est. Rel., Proposal, Fluff) – Or, four times Sherlock Holmes attempted to propose to John Watson, and the Christmas Party at which he finally did. Sherlock thinks he’s a miserable failure, John is confused, Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade provide some unsatisfactory advice, and Mummy is, as always, the solution. All in a lovely, fluffy holiday theme.

About Sleep and Coffee and the Existence of Fate by Atiki (E, 17,426 w. || Fluff, Marriage Proposal, Humour, 5+1) – Naturally, John was startled when suddenly the ultimate solution occurred to him: Marriage. This was, of course, a bit of a fundamental problem rather than an actual solution. One didn’t simply use the words “Sherlock” and “marriage” within the same sentence. Not even in a hypothetical context. Five times John kind of wanted to propose to Sherlock, and one time he didn’t have to.

Achieving the Together-Coloured Instant by teahigh (E, 20,776 w. || Est. Rel, PTSD, Codependency, Fluff & Angst, H/C, Smut, Demisexual Sherlock, Experiments) – John wonders if this is how it’s going to be: A life speaking in code, because they’re both too stupid to figure out how to say, “I love you.”

The One With the Proposal by kim47 (E, 22,375 w. || Fluff, Romance, Marriage Proposal) – Proposing shouldn’t be this difficult.

a good old-fashioned happy ending by darcylindbergh (E, 32,731 w. || Christmas, Frottage, Comfort, Est. Rel., Fluff, Insecure Sherlock) – For Christmas this year, Sherlock wants to get John something special: something every fairytale deserves. Part 2 of things fairy tales are made of

Where Else Would I Be? by cwb (E, 34,910 w. || Retirementlock, Domestic Fluff, Falling in Love, Parentlock, Fluff and Smut, Reminiscing) – John and Sherlock’s five-year-old granddaughter spends the weekend with them in Sussex. Sherlock happily indulges her whims, and John takes care of them while quietly revisiting the past thirty years of their lives together.

Resistivity and Relative Charge by liriodendron (E, 41,750 w. || Synesthesia, Angst, Case Fic, Romance, Est. Rel., Homophobia, Religious Content, Victor Trevor, Mild Jealous John, Mild John Whump) – In which Sherlock Holmes meets an old acquaintance, John Watson doesn’t enjoy a trip to the country quite as much as he thought he would, and the past absolutely refuses to stay where it belongs. Part 3 of Conductivity

Bedroom Tales by Junejuly15 (M, 49,950 w. || Friends to Lovers, Through the Years, H/C, Military Kink, First Kiss / Time, Romance, Insecure Sherlock, Voyeurism, Post-TRF, Ficlets, Fluff and Angst, Fix-It Fics) – Bedroom Tales is a collection of John and Sherlock ficlets. They are set at various stages of their relationship and are in no particular order. Some are fluffy, some sexy, some angsty, there is hurt and comfort, romance and love. What unites them is that they all play in a bedroom, but not necessarily the one in 221B.

A Love with No Name Series by aceofhearts61 (G to M, 49,955 w. across 20 stories || Asexual Sherlock / Straight John, Est. Rel., Queerplatonic Relationship, Romance, Cuddling, Fluff, Platonic Romance, Domestics) – In which Asexual!Sherlock and Straight!John are platonically in love life partners.

between each beat are words unsaid by darcylindbergh, hudders-and-hiddles (T, 107,998 w. || Epistolary, Slow Burn, Friends to Lovers, Angst, Happy Ending) – On their wedding night, John and Sherlock gift each other with the things they each said when the other could not hear, the things they each put down where the other could not see: a collection of writings that illustrate the way their love for one another has grown over the years. Part 1 of between each beat

Perdition’s Flames by i_ship_an_armada (E, 63,435 w., || Treklock AU, Est. Rel, Genetic Engineering, Angst & Fluff, BAMF!John) – Sherlock would do anything to save him. Risk anything. Give anything. His money, his life. His soul. What he does, though, is change both of their destinies forever. Genetic re-engineering is the only option left. It turns out researchers underestimated the life expectancy and potential abilities of genetically re-engineered subjects. The British government and what would eventually become the United Federation of Planets, however, had not. Part 1 of PF Universe

Breakable by MissDavis (E, 117,627 w. || Established, Fluff/Angst, Depression, Paralysis, Happy-ish Ending) – After John is seriously injured, Sherlock struggles to figure out how to help him, keep himself sane, and maybe, just maybe, get their life back to the way it’s supposed to be. Part 1 of Breakable Not Broken

A Fold in the Universe by darkest_bird (E, 152,869 w. || Omegaverse / Prime Universe Crossover || OmegaJohn / AlphaSherlock, First Kiss / Time, Friends to Lovers, Established Relationship, Angst, H/C, Dub Con, Humour) – Alpha Sherlock and Omega John are in a relationship. Prime Sherlock and Prime John are not. So what happens when a freak fold in the universe switches one John for the other?

Unkissed Series by 221b_hound (T to E, 184,168 w. across 46 works || Established Relationship, Ace Sherlock) – Sherlock returned from the dead a year ago. John returned to Baker Street six months ago. They’ve been in a couple since then. or at least, not NOT a couple. For two smart men, they sure can be dumb. Luckily, an art thief tries to drown Sherlock, Sherlock has a fever dream and things are about to change.


2017 has been… a year. my hair agrees (rest in pieces, healthy hair). i have no idea how many selfies I was supposed to post, but have a collection of 2017 selfies (or casual candids, whatever) as @santanaddy @prettiestperrie    @theseinconvenientchristmaslights @tobeakingbesideyousomehow @wildwomanofthewoods and  @hiatusniall made me upload. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if anything, it does show a fair representation of how much I messed around with my hair this whole year and how i’m basically a different person every few months. and how many pretty places that i fell in love with i’ve been to, with many beautiful people. i’m not going to turn this into a reflection post because i don’t feel like it, but it’s been a ride.

do this if you see this and want to, and cheers to 2018, folks.

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how do you think brittana would be as parents and how do you seem them raising their children?

Hey, @estellalovespip​​!

So if Brittana do end up having kids together, I think the biggest thing about them being parents is that neither one of them will ever take having a family for granted. They both know that had any number of things gone differently, they might never even have been able to be together, let alone to get married and have children. Consequently, they are thrilled to have made it through and to have so much love in their lives, and that “We are living the dream” attitude permeates their parenting.  

More discussion after the cut.

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hey. now that we have this net neutrality thing going on, i wanna be a little bit sappy.

i’ve been watching dnp for almost seven years now, but in the phandom i’ve been for…. four years?? i’m a survivor lmao

maybe i haven’t made many friends but honestly, i have so much love for the ppl i’ve met here. mutuals, followers, the people that i follow, y'all are amazing.

this place is my escape and i’m so thankful for it. idk what to say. i love you all.

!! important !!

hey guys, i just want y’all to know if Net Neutrality is abolished, my blog will probably become dead. idk if my mum wants to pay for social media and shit, so i’m so sorry if i stop posting.

i just want y’all to know i appreciate you guys so much and thank you guys for making this blog to what it is. you guys made running this blog fun and heartwarming; we’re almost like a family, and that’s the best thing about the community on my shitty smii7y blog. i love you guys a fuckton and hope you all understand.

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that other message you got motivated me to send some of my thoughts to you. regardless of how show progresses and eventually ends, i've learned a lot from the spn fandom. reading the discussion and meta have added a lot of tools to my, uh, media analysis toolkit, if i can call it that. reading what others write about spn has really made my consumption of spn and media in general much more entertaining. it's been educational, honestly. so, thanks. :D

Hey, thanks for sending this message! <3 I sat on it a while but I have no clue how to answer except yeah, the same happened to me when I came here :P Sometimes I think all the useful stuff I know about stories I got from the internet and just doing a Literature degree gave me the tools to appreciate it… Like TV Tropes doing waaay more for my understanding of some things than creative writing classes. And then fandom helping me learn practical battlefront literary analysis… :P 

What a fun place XD

anonymous asked:

Hey, i love you so much but this has been banging on me all week, when you made the post “things more attracting than Gabriel Agretse” what exactly did you mean by “having a white feminist as your room mate.” Do you mean having white woman act like they have the same issues as black woman and acting like they are victims of racism?

basically white feminists are feminists who solely focus on the struggles of white women while failing to address the oppression faced by women of color specifically. they tend to be preoccupied with western standards and the problems faced by the “average woman” while failing to also center their activism around black women, immigrant women, muslim women, queer women, trans women, disabled women, etc. 

it essentially comes from the inability to acknowledge that, despite the fact that they are oppressed as women, they receive substantial privileges by being white. a white woman’s oppression and a black woman’s oppression are not the same, and to treat them the same does a disservice to women of color. 

I’m fucking livid. Amazon did not tell me when my “free trial” of the student prime membership was up, and just up and charged me over fifty dollars - it’s why my balance was off recently. There was no email, no nothing to tell me “hey you’re free trial is up we’re going to charge you over fifty bucks to keep this thing for the next year.”

And since I didn’t know it was technically over, I made purchases, so they won’t give me a full refund according to their T&C.

I had to fucking GOOGLE for their customer service number.

But thankfully, my call was mostly successful. I won’t get the full refund, but it’s only, like, four dollars less, and that’s perfectly acceptable to me. I won’t get that money for about five fucking business days but that’s going to seriously help me out, money wise.

But yeah. I’m pretty pissed about that, overall, and not fucking likely to go for a prime membership anytime soon after THAT. Grrr!

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How do I make friends on Tumblr? I'm shy and don't know how.

I feel u m8, tbh many of the friends i’ve made on this site have been the ones that initiated our conversations so as a fellow shy person i’m v lucky! But honestly i think the easiest way to make friends here is to comment on their posts or message them about one of their posts and strike up a conversation about a shared interest.

e.g. “hey i saw you’ve been reblogging a lot of [show] recently, what did you think of the latest season?? i thought-” this almost always works in my experience. 

And! a super important thing, especially for us shy folk, is to remember that friendship is a two way street! It’s easy to think “if they really wanted to talk to me, they’d message me first” or to stop replying in fear you’re bothering them or something. But truth is, they can’t read minds and if you never initiate a conversation (even if you really want to talk to them) theres a possibility this will come across as disinterest.

So tldr; find a common interest as an opener, or even send a meme? and give as good as you get as far as conversations go.

hey. hey. stop scrolling for a sec.

breathe. you’ve made it so far this year. you’ve gotten through so many things that you thought you wouldn’t, and you’ll continue to get though this, whatever it is. i know you can. i believe in you, and i’m so, so proud of you. i know it probably seems impossible, but it’s going to be ok. it’s going to be ok.

breathe in, breath out. and just keep breathing. we’re gonna get there.

Tips for animal crossing pocket camp

Hey this game is coming out this month so as someone who was impatient and got it early here’s a few tips for when you start playing!

First and foremost, SAVE YOUR LEAF TICKETS. They are incredibly precious and I made the huge mistake of spending all of mine early on. The only thing I would recommend buying with them right away is an extra crafting slot.

-Don’t waste them on crafting things that only take 3 minutes. I’m at a point where some of the crafting takes several days, trust me, you can wait a few minutes.

-don’t use them to buy honey or fish nets. They are just absolutely not worth the amount of tickets they cost. If you’re looking for a rare bug or fish you will most likely find it if you just look around for a while. I generally leave an area and come back until I find what I’m looking for.

-don’t use them on the quarry. just don’t. not worth it and you can use the quarry by requesting that friends help you.

-you are probably fine using them on calling cards or request tickets though because these things will help you complete more villager requests which help you level up and gain back tickets anyway.

-save your tickets for things like special furniture (some furniture gives you characters like KK and Tom nook) or special paint for your RV. These things cost a shitton of tickets and you will never save up enough if you spend them on other things.

Next, bells aren’t as important so you can be a lot more lax with them but you should still try to be smart with them.

-remember that you can craft stuff any time you want, but things like specific clothes and furniture from nooklings are only going to be available at certain times. You don’t want to go shopping and find a shirt you love only to find that you’re out of bells. I usually try to have at least 3000 bells on me at all times just in case.

-don’t try to repay your ok motors loans all at once, the expansions don’t really even give you that much more room so it’s better to just hang on to your bells until you have a whole lot to spend.

-if you need to, sell your extra request items as cheaply as possible in your market box. They’ll most likely sell quickly and you’ll still get more money than just instant selling them. don’t try to sell them for more than the cheapest amount or no one will buy them.

-don’t list extremely rare fish or bugs in your market box, they will not sell (way too expensive for something you don’t need often) and you can’t get them back. hold on to them or instant sell them for fast cash.

And here are some misc things…

-do not sell your crafting materials. It is not worth it to sell them and you will be mad and frustrated when you go to make an amenity and don’t have enough materials. Only sell your materials if you don’t have space for them.

-Try to keep your request items stocked up. It makes it much easier to complete requests quickly. I try to keep at least 5 of each fish, bug, etc. on me just in case.

-make as many friends as possible! add people who are hanging out at campsites or look around on tumblr for people who have posted their friend ids! unfortunately you can’t actually play with them but they can help you with the quarry and timed goals and buy stuff in your market box.

-make sure to talk to the animals at your campsite often, they “refresh” (become able to level up friendship and give you items) more often than other campers

and last but not least, very important:

-don’t try to play it like a regular video game. pocket camp is an app and is meant to be checked a few times a day. if you play it expecting to be able to play it constantly like a real video game you will probably give in and end up spending a bunch of real life money just to keep playing.

I just need enough of you to dull the pain, just to get me through the night until we’re twins again


Hey everyone! So, I know finals week is nearing the most of us and I, for one, try to seek out the best study habits and routines during this stressful time. So, I thought, I want to help my followers get the most out of finals season. I know it could get distracting because the Christmas season is upon us, but hold on. You have made it this far and you are too good to give up now.

1.       Eat a Healthy Breakfast. A healthy breakfast will help you not stay hungry throughout the day. If you have a morning class, the worst thing for you to do is to do a test on an empty stomach.

2.       Exercise. This may sound like a cliché, but exercise will help you relieve stress during this finals season. I personally try to exercise thirty minutes a day on an indoor bicycle. But there are all kinds of exercises that a person can do. Take a walk for twenty minutes, go to the gym with a friend. Keeping active will keep your mind sharp because you are taking time out of your day to release those endorphins.

3.       Get Plenty of Sleep. I know this sounds like another cliché, but sleep rejuvenates your mind. Sleep also helps you reorganize information that you have stored in your mind. Many would recommend 7-8 hours of sleep. I know many of us work part-time, or full-time, even. Do your best when it comes to sleep.

4.       Be Prepared. Follow your instructor’s guidelines, what sort of test your test will be, what your professor is looking for in your papers, how much time you will be given. Make sure you have all your proper materials, Scantrons, pencils, pens, bluebooks, paper, etc. The worst thing to do is to not be prepared.

5.       Do Everything in Advance. Do not wait until the last minute. 

6.       Chew Gum While Studying. I cannot do this because I currently wear braces, but studies show that if you chew one flavor of gum while studying and chew a piece of gum with the same flavor during the exam, then you may recall the items on your study materials and jot them down on paper.

7.       Essays Are Not Your Enemy. Contrary to what you may think, essays are the chance for you to express everything you know. Try to be as thorough as you can for essays, but these questions/prompts are to help you show to your teacher/professor your brainpower.

8.       Your Memory Is a Tool. Use It. I have gotten to the point of my education where memorizing long pieces of information is a second nature to me. Use flashcards,, or any memory tools that will help.

9.       Study with a Friend. If you and a friend are in the same class together, then it may be to your benefit to quiz each other, seek help from one another, do everything you can prior to your exam.

10.   Take Breaks. Take a break occasionally. Hang out with friends, watch a movie, watch a favorite show, draw, exercise, dance, listen to Taylor Swift’s new album, reputation, eat healthy foods, like fruit, granola, breakfast bars, etc. Do something that you enjoy and that is productive.

11.   Give It Your All. This is your chance to show your professor that you know this material. Do not be afraid to go walk out after you finish that exam feeling like a badass.

12.   Be Creative. Everyone has their own method of studying, style of writing. A person can use a variety of methods of studying, flashcards, handmade study guides, word associations, etc.

13.   Do Not be Late. No “buts.”

Finals can be stressful. But there are many things that a person can do to prepare. These are just a few suggestions that I would have to everyone. This list is not conclusive. Many items are based on my own personal experience. 


Happy Studying and May the Curve Be Ever in Your Favor!

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